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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  November 4, 2013 5:00am-6:00am EST

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over into warrenton, there has been a tractor trailer crash going on blocking route 17 southbound right at route 29. crews tell us the wrecker has arrived on the scene, so just be aware you will not be able to get through for the time being. southbound 270 is in great shape. there are no problems as you come through the rockville area through bethesda. let's take a live look outside at the american legion bridge. all the lanes are open on the west side of town. no issues to report between tyson's and bethesda. southbound 295 after eastern avenue, the left lane is closed because of a missing manhole cover. back to you. andrea and mike? thanks monika. today is the final full day of campaigning in the virginia governor's race and where the candidates are gives us some
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big clues. >> reporter: republican ken cup will be in the dc area and mcauliff is in tie isn't's corner. >> reporter: it is not a coincidence why the democrat is here, northern virginia represents a shift in what was once a very red state. speaking of red, ken will be in richmond at his headquarters. saturday he spent time rallying supporters with another republican, former maryland governor bob urlich. both candidates are using president obama to garner support. mcauliff campaigned with the president sunday, reminding voters of the 16-day government
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shutdown. obama blaming quote extremists in the republican party for the shutdown. election watchers say this tight race comes down to turnout. >> you can bring this home, you can make this happen, but you have got to make sure that everybody goes out on tuesday. >> we have a chance to elect someone as governor. >> giving women access to healthcare and possibly same sex marriage i think is a very exciting time for virginia. >> i'm at george mace son, so i definitely support everything they are talking about in terms of education. >> we must make sure that women have access to the quality healthcare. >> the women's issues they are lying about are not on ken's agenda and in fact, he has very little control over them. >> that was just one of a dozen or so supporters who were protesting outside of
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mcauliff's rally on sunday. that was at lee high school. hear more from the republicans and their candidates coming up at 5:30. mike, andrea, back to you. federal authorities are reviewing security procedures at u.s. airports, this after friday's shooting at los angeles international airport which left tsa officer gerardo hernandez dead. the shooting suspect, paul ciancia, is heavily sedated after armed guards shot him four times. terminal 3, where the shooting happened, reopened sunday. the airport in birmingham, alabama reopened last night after a bomb threat shut down operations. several flights were diverted and passengers were forced to
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wait outside. it seems like a shadow has fallen over one of the top rated high schools in louden county. there is no proof of cheating having been found, an investigation though did show a culture where administrators are pressuring teachers to have students test well. time for the latest your money report of the morning. good morning jess. >> reporter: good morning, wall street is going strong, triggered another rally on friday. and we are seeing more green arrows this morning on world markets. checking the numbers for you, the dow climbed about 70 points on wall street. it starts this morning at 15615. the s and p-5 hundred gained
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five points. it is going to be another busy week on wall street. investors have a whole plate of economic reports to digest, but the october unemployment report is released friday. and kraft foods is making a change that could show up on your kids' dinner plate. it is removing artificial dyes from its mac and cheese products. it is trying to attract shoppers who want to buy foods with more natural ingredients. i wonder if it is going to be yellow on? >> interesting. you have grown up with it looking like that forever. interesting. what do you have for us in the next half hour? >> reporter: another case of the government mishandling your money. this one might make your blood boil. egyptian authorities are on the letter for possible
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violence as the president ousted earlier this year goes on trial. that story is coming up. plus a whole lot of help means a colorado highway washed out by massive flooding will reopen today, well ahead of schedule. and ahead in sports, it wasn't super pretty. wasn't super pretty. but the redskins got yeah, oh. no, i gotta go. oh, can you make that to go? these days, nobody has time to get sick. but minute clinic makes it easy to get well. our nurse practitioners can diagnose and write prescriptions for everything from strep throat to sinus infections with no appointment necessary, so you can feel better in no time. you guys wanna go to the park? yeah! yeah! minute clinic. the walk-in medical clinic in cvs/pharmacy. now offering a medically based weight loss program.
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temperatures in the 30s, each upper 20s now. here's a look at your forecast. clear this morning, we'll have a sunny start, a partly sunny finish. chilly with highs only at 52. right about 50 in town. i'll let you know when the rain is going to return next time i see you, in a few minutes. we are going to take a look on the north side of town. no problems on the beltway between 95 and 270. actually on the east side of town we are in great shape coming in from annapolis.
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there is one issue southbound on 295. here's a look at what's new this morning. crowds gathered outside a courthouse in cairo where ousted president mohammed morsi and senior officials from the muslim brotherhood are supposed to go on trial. today's session ended moments after it began when the defendants would not stop chanting. the on the field action sunday night was overshadowed by a medical emergency. texans head coach gary kubiak collapsed. the 52-year-old did not lose consciousness but he was taken to the hospital for observations. he did not suffer a heart attack. a main road across the rocky mountains in northern colorado is set to reopen today, nearly a month ahead of schedule. highway 36 goes through the up
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to of estes park. it has been closed to through traffic since september's flooding. national guard troops have been working to rebuild the road. not quite freezing here in the district but we are skirting around the periphery of the freezing mark. >> you know the roller coaster continues, going up and down, howard joins us next with details. what can you score at t.j.maxx?
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on saturday we were in shirt sleeves on saturday, watching them put up the holiday decorations. now it feels like the holidays. >> saturday was great, did some painting. touch up. just downright cold today. we are going to struggle to get to 50 this afternoon. here's a look at our day planner. sunny skies, mostly sunny this morning, then cloud mix in the
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afternoon. look at these temperatures. 48 at 1:00, 4 at 3:00, with a high around 50. tonight we'll generally be back in the 30s to near 40s for lows. this morning's winds make for a little bit of a wind chill. dry air, a couple of patches of clouds. streaking over north of baltimore toward the upper part of the eastern shore. temperatures have dropped 28 in gaithersburg, 37 in fredericksburg, 30 in bowie and winchester and cumberland. now we have wind chilled in the mid to upper 20s in many areas, teens in the mountains with the wind chills and feels more like 20 at joint base andrews. great visibility this morning, the air is dry, it is clear.
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37 a wind chill of 30. thanks for the north northeast wind at 9 miles per hour and dew points now in the low 20s. that is a cold air mass. lu when you look at the temperatures, we have teens in the lake placid sid area. meanwhile you have a front here, storm system drawing up the warmer temperatures and they'll push some of that warm toward us over the next few days. what we are looking at really is cold air out in the west. with a dip to the west it rises, ultimately across the pacific. that is probably going to take until late thursday. thursday afternoon, thursday evening before we see that. in the short-term, clear this morning. we'll see clouds come across the region into the afternoon.
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good shape through lunch time, chilly, upper 40s and high around 5:00 with a mix of sun and clouds this afternoon. more clouds tonight and on tuesday. by wednesday still partly to mostly cloudy. today 50 degrees, morning sunshine, partly to mostly sunny this afternoon. lighter winds out of the northeast, tomorrow 57. partly to mostly cloudy. not as chilly tomorrow night, are 456789 milder wednesday 65. by thursday upper 50s with afternoon and evening showers. friday's high 52. the terrapins and the ravens home game and the skins are playing thursday in minnesota. for the most part we are in really good shape. there are no big problems to report early this monday morning on the beltway or any of the major thoroughfares with
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the exception of southbound 295 there is a missing manhole cover. crews have decided to block off that left lane for the morning rush hour instead of covering it, so it may affect your ride. and traveling southbound on to 295 after eastern avenue, you are going to need to stay to the right to get around that. let's go over to a live picture and show you what it looks like down south near national harbor. no problems to report leaving 295 and even 210 in oxen hill. this time to the west side of town 66 is fine. there is a crash in warrenton on the south side of route 17. a tractor trailer is involved since 3:15 this morning. again all the lanes are blocked. this is tip : for early monday morning, back to you andrea and mike? >> reporter: the ravens super bowl victory seems far away, doesn't it?
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>> exactly. redskins fans though have higher hopes to the second half of their season after a dramatic overtime win. coming up in sports. another look at the facebook question now, 37% of american adults have never done this. traveled abroad, moved from their hometown or going to a concert. >> facebook friend brian says he believes it is travel abroad. we'll share your comments on our facebook page and will terry mcauliffe will make an outstanding governor. it's mcauliffe who's more capable of governing effectively under mcauliffe virginia will remain open, tolerant and pragmatic, friendly to business and committed to job growth. mcauliffe has sensible business-friendly policies. he will work to bridge party divides and find common ground to move our state forward. and that's what virginia needs. for us the decision is clear: terry mcauliffe.
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heavy coats needed today. a cold morning out there. upper 20s to upper 30s. now we have clear skies, wind chills, we'll take you to 9:00. in the 30s to low 40s, sunny skies here. this afternoon we'll see a few more clouds mixing in. still quite chilly, 47ably lunch time in the district. budged up. -- bundle up. good morning, everybody. maybe it was the fact that 100 or so redskins all time greats were in attendance or controversial comments made or maybe the fact the redskins season was on the line.
5:22 am
whatever it was though, it worked yesterday. the washington redskins played hard until the very end sunday afternoon. robert griffin iii was on the game. he took risks, griffin wouldn't settle for anything less than a first down. the boy gets some serious air, does a somersault, comes down hard but he would be okay. thankfully, that kept the drive alive. it may have scared fans but it impressed his coach. >> he gave up his body, he just cared about finding a way to keep the drive going. that is what you want to have say hey, we need this play and he could have made it happen. >> he saw an opportunity to fly. got my wings and tried to fly.
5:23 am
>> the redskins won in overtime against the chargers. taking on their opponents the browns, the ravens couldn't get it done for the fourth time, snapping an 11-game winning streak. the redskins have a short turn around. they visit minnesota thursday night. that will do it for your morning sports. have a great monday. the wizards were hoping to avoid another win list start to the season. bradley made a case to be washington's go-to scorer. lebron & co. were too much.
5:24 am
wizards 5-3. those in virginia have one more full day of campaign ads to endure. we'll have more on that, coming up. president obama is going to hit the road to do some damage control about the affordable healthcare act. southbound of 270 no delays yet as you travel through gaithersburg. 55 through rockville and river road through bethese did. back with [ female announcer ] breyers.
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[ female announcer ] rich, creamy, breyers legendary vanilla. making holidays more delicious for over 140 years. ♪ love one another right now "senseless" meet the tea party ticket. together waging for over 140 years. "ideological crusades" to ban abortion even in the case of rape and incest. cuccinelli and obenshain even sponsored legislation the post says could ban birth control pills. and all three oppose comprehensive background checks to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and the dangerously mentally ill. a tea party ticket - wrong for virginia families. independence usa pac sponsored this ad. good morning, welcome back on this frosty monday morning. i'm andrea roane.
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>> wow, you can feel the bite this time. >> feet warmer needed for sure. >> we have 20s in spots. a little bit of a wind chill as well. hello november, thank you for the chill that you have facetimely brought, a couple of days late. moderation here the next few days. we'll be in the 60s here wednesday. today though we are going to struggle to get toward 50. look at the day planner, sunshine, a few clouds mixing in, especially this afternoon. 39 at 8:00. 50 by noon. some of you will stay in the upper 40s. the winds are going to run northeast at 10 miles per hour. clear skies this morning. a few clouds out to the west and i expect some of those to be mixing in during the afternoon. we are down 20 degrees in
5:29 am
frederick and gaithersburg, 1, just from 24 hours ago. 30 in winchester and cumberland. 36 in fredericksburg, and across the bay, frosty. locally, upper 20s to low 30s. monika samtani, we started off well? a couple of little issues. i'm going to start off with the one out west southbound route 17 has been blocked off at route 29 in warrenton with a tractor trailer crash. a wrecker has been on the scene for awhile. in the moon time -- meantime, closer in, no problems heading south, springfield great shape on the toll road coming in from sterling and 66 in from may
5:30 am
that's. let a look outside, and -- in from manassas. let's look outside and down to germantown, no problems. southern side of maryland route 4 and 301 incident free right now. 395 as well. this week president obama will hit the road to try to promote his affordable healthcare act. >> the government site was down, it has been plagued with problems. 48% of americans believe the government has done a poor job implementing healthcare reform. >> getting this website working so millions of americans have access to quality affordable healthcare insurance. >> they are trying to change a tire on a car going 75 miles
5:31 am
per hour down the expressway. >> the white house says it will be fixed by the end of the month. but even now some democrats are calling for the website to be taken down until it is repaired. the polls in virginia open in the governor's race in just over 24 hours. you can't turn around without seeing a negative ad in the race. delia goncalves is live in northern virginia where mcauliff is bringing in a top democrat today. good morning, who is jumping on his bandwagon this morning? >> reporter: this morning mcauliff will be joined by vice president joe biden, stumping together. workers will be busy getting ready for tuesday. and of course, that is the big night, election night.
5:32 am
his opponent republican ken cup, campaigned today and saturday the former attorney general got some help from maryland's ex governor bob urlich. the pair thanking mcauliff for campaigning with president obama. you see the republicans were highlighting a failed healthcare rollout, as well as reminding voters of gun rights and plans to boost the economy. >> a lot of enthusiasm about pushing back on obamacare i don't we are going to celebrate dysfunction and dependence and high taxes. >> i almost wish the election would go off another week because the folks are finally seeing the destructive nature. >> it is affecting an enormous number of people negatively. >> reporter: as a woman, i need
5:33 am
a candidate that i trust. i trust ken his record was very good, he prosecuted predators i can't mcauliff still leading a very tight race. andrea you mentioned those attack ads, election watchers say mcauliff has a whole lot of money to spend on those attack ads. he is spending ten times more than cup has so far. more from the democrats coming up at 6:00. >> so new, more attack ads in the next 24 hours delia? we should expect that? >> probably a whole lot more. in addition to the state wide races, virginia voters will also be electing delegates to the state house. there are also local contests in maryland tomorrow, including the first contested mayoral race in college park in 24
5:34 am
years. you can go to our website and of course stay with us for updates tomorrow night as the return comes in. jessica is in our newsroom with serious government mismanagement. >> the government's handling of your money or mishandling. millions of dollars of medicare payments have gone to dead people. a new inspector general's audit is out. medicare and medicaid paid out $23 million in benefits to over 17,000 deceased beneficiaries in 2011. 12 got more than $50,000 each. some of these cases appear to be out and out fraud, and others, the files simply weren't updated to reflect a
5:35 am
date of death. the agency is already catching heat for the central role and administering twitter will start trading at the new york stock exchange on thursday. a poll shows 36% of americans believe buying stock in the 7- year-old social media company will be a good investment. the poll finds one in five americans have a twitter account. i guess there are cases where you really can be too rich. for the second year in a row oracle shareholders have voted down a pay package for ceo larry. most of the -- larry ellison.
5:36 am
he owns a quarter of the company company. >> he thinks he deserves that pay increase. >> nasdaq has been up 30% so i don't know if i would be giving myself a pay raise. >> but if you could, you would. >> wow. still ahead, a piece of history on our set. a crux site turns out to be so rare, it has been rushed to a museum in london
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i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general,
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and i sponsored this ad for me, family is everything- as attorney general, i'll put politics aside and put families first. mark herring: endorsed by the washington post he'll crack down on sexual predators, go after scam artists who prey on seniors and military families, and protect the rights of women to make their own health care decisisions but senator obenshain has the wrong agenda. he voted to ban birth control pills and outlaw abortion, even for rape and incest victims. he's wrong for virginia.
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temperatures in the 30s, even upper 20s. a little bit of a breeze. it is chilly out here. heavy coat as well. get ready for a day where sweaters are fine, sweatshirts, anything, just keep yourself warm. we haven't had a day this chilly since april. i'll be inside in a few with your 7-day. a live look at 14th street. all of the potomac and river crossings are incident free. a science fiction thriller blasts into first place. >> based on a popular novel
5:40 am
where young geniuses are in combat. audiences say it grossed $28 million. it bumped johnny knoxville's bad grandpa into second place. las vegas debuted in third. free birds and gravity round off the top five. the dark world is poise in a huge american opening next weekend after grossing $100 million overseas this weekend. howard had his earmuffs outside. that means it is cold. >> 7-day forecast, coming up next. plus it is a problem younger cancer patients face. we look at how doctors and patients are working together to improve fertility rates after treatment. she was the mom on everybody loves raymond, act
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dress doris roberts is 88. ash actress loretta hot lips, is 77 today. sean combs is 44. matthew mcconaghey is 44. reall the star bethany frank el is 43 and celebrity chef curtis stone is 38 today. >> have a great birthday. we < obenshain tried to outlaw. birth control pills. rape or incest. criminals, felons shows, a month law, in bulk. instead of dictating to women, criminals. this ad.
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beautiful sky on the eastern horizon this morning. sunrise at 6:39 standard time.
5:45 am
a nice, sunny start. let me give you the hour by hour breakdown here, where we have 45 at 11:00. this afternoon a few more clouds, northeast winds 9, 8 miles per hour, as temperatures struggle to get just to the 50- degree mark. certainly a chilly, chilly day. this morning mostly clear skies, a few clouds in northern and northeastern maryland. we are down to 32 in leesburg, and manassas. hagerstown 2, when you factor -- 29, when you factor in the wind. feels like 26 in manassas is the wind chill all the way down to 20 at andrews. outside on our michael and son camera, again a beautiful looking sky here. 37 at reagan national, feels
5:46 am
more like 30s. really dry, humidity at 58%. we are talking about a cold start to the week, since we struggled to get to 50 degrees clouds increase tomorrow and wednesday. moderating temperatures though, by wednesday into thursday, upper 60s and showers for thursday afternoon and thursday evening. moisture coming in toward texas, the jet stream dipping out toward west. snow in parts of minnesota and wisconsin this week. meanwhile in the east, we have a cold start with 8 degrees up in the adirondacks. we will see the clouds start to come in a little bit this afternoon as we head into tonight and tuesday morning, clouds around here, partly to mostly cloudy tuesday. by wednesday still a lot of clouds and that moisture out
5:47 am
west, thursday afternoon, thursday evening. a few more clouds this afternoon than this morning, 30s tonight with near 40 in up to. 65 -- in town. the redskins play thursday night in the dome in minneapolis. good monika. >> reporter: good morning howard. if you are heading to baltimore, on the outer loop a car fire is now blocking the two right lanes, now on the beltway here, west side of town looking great. a longstanding crash though on route 17 and route 29 in warrenton with the tractor trailerrer what we are hearing is that remains blocked. if you are planning to head over to the other side of town, no problems to report.
5:48 am
a live look outside show what you i look like on the northbound sound of i-95 heading from prince william parkway. back to the maps route 50 those are fine. route 295 heading southbound after eastern avenue, a manhole cover missing along the right side of the roadway ask that lane is now blocked. back to you. nearly seventy thousand americans between the ages of 15 and 3 are diagnosed with cancer early -- each year. early detection is important. doctors say an early discussion with your cancer team is key to maximizing options. >> reporter: air force captain candice adams was 2 when she
5:49 am
was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer. >> finding out i was triple negative was worse than finding out i had breast cancer. >> reporter: 11,000 women under 30 are diagnosed every year with breast cancer. candice underwe want chemotherapy first, then surgery plus radiation. treatments that can all negatively affect fer title. >> i want to show other women, you can still be a mom. >> reporter: she can, said dr. nicole longo. as important as early detection is to curing cancer, dr. longo says early detection is key to per tilt preservation. >> it starts with you ask also with us. if we have that conversation, we know your concerns and can help identify early on whether or not you are a candidate and
5:50 am
get you to the right place at the right time. >> reporter: fertility options include a cry oh preservation as well as sperm preservation. >> there is also a third party possible. >> i spoke to captain candace adam. she found out her cancer had returned to her brain and body.
5:51 am
chemo will follow and she is looking forward to being a mommy and she says cancer doesn't know who it is messing with. >> she is very tough. here's some of the other stories we are following this morning. an investigation is underway into what caused a small jet to crash near northern bolivia. eight people died while landing in a storm. another ten people survived. news reports say the country's president has ordered penalties against the airline for the accident. terminal 3 has reopened at los angeles international airport. a gunman killed one tsa agent and wounded two others friday. authorities have only been able to question the suspect briefly. starting today people will be aloud to carry guns into public libraries in seattle. firearms were ban in libraries by a city ordinance, but last
5:52 am
year state courts ruled only state lawmakers and not cities can ban guns in public places. virginia voters will be heading to the polls starting 24 hours from now to elect a new governor. that story, coming up. plus a statue found at a london construction site turns out really special.
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off on the drinking dancing ask sightseeing. each offer your scene or have a deal for local viewers, i would love to hear from you. a london construction crew, putting up a new hotel, didn't think too much of the statue they dug up about a some ago. after all, something couldn't be more than a century or two old. >> they were wrong, it turns out it was about 2000 years old. now it is on display. becky anderson has more. >> reporter: on public display for the first time in almost 2000 years, this rare raymond sculpture was unearthed just 30 days ago on a construction site at the city of london. at the time archaeologists did not realize the significant of the find. >> to go ahead and reveal it and realize the details the
5:57 am
quality of the workmanship and the completeness of the fines was just amazing. it has been fast tracked to the museum of london, which was set inside the city's old roman walls. >> just how significant of a fine is this? >> i have been around land's archaeology for about 27 years. it was the very best piece of roman sculpture that has come out of the ground. i know the crew didn't actually believe it was real, it was so good. >> reporter: the artifact has been traced back to the first or second century when britain was under roman rule. and expebelieve would have perched on a mausoleum, reserved for the wealthiest citizens. >> reporter: who would they
5:58 am
have been? a roman family we don't really know who the person would have been, but we are guessing it would have been somebody of significant wealth and means. somebody with style and taste. >> what is something like this roman eagle worth? >> frankly if you were to sell it, where is the catalog of roman eagles to compare and contrast it? as far as we are concerned it is priceless, without value. >> reporter: only one other statue remotely like this is known to exist in the world. wow. >> cool. that is amazing. good morning and thank you for watching wusa9 at 6:00 a.m. feel a chill? it is 37 degrees here in the city. >> i'm andrea roane. and i'm mike haiduk. >> did i hear something about
5:59 am
snowflakes on the radio? >> don't listen to them. only listen to howard. >> relatively mild. i can't it should not affect the redskins. >> they are playing in minnesota. look at the sky this morning. beautiful here. 63:00 eastern standard time is your sunrise this morning. we'll have temperatures in the upper 40s by noon. a few more clouds this afternoon with a high around 50, and 47 again on the drive home. clear skies this morning, you can just see a patch or two of clouds streaking. temperatures 20 degrees colder than at this time yesterday, with the actual air temperatures right now in the upper 20s in gaithersburg, 32 in leesburg,


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