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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  November 5, 2013 5:00am-6:00am EST

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the southbound side of 16th street. it is completely shut down between alaska avenue and military road. there were no injuries involved in this, but it was going to be blocked throughout the morning rush hour. i would say georgia avenue to the east or to the west of the closure. let's take a live look outside, here's what it looks like on 270. there are no big brake lights and no deems coming in from frederick. everything is good, we'll take a live look one more time at the beltway at pennsylvania avenue. back to you guys. the gunman in last night's new jersey mall shooting is dead. >> police say the 20-year-old man was found in the area of a mall that was under construction with a self- inflicted gunshot wound. now the mall is going to be closed today as this investigation continues. about six shots were fired at
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9:20 p.m. last night, sending people running for their lives at the garden state plaza mall. however, it appears the gunman was not aiming for anyone, since no one else whereas injured. investigators say he fired shots at an escalator, some straight up in the air. the polls open in virginia in just under an hour in the state's hotly contested governor's race. >> when it is over pundits will be reading the results like tea leaves. delia goncalves is in woodbridge, virginia. who is up as early as we are this morning? >> reporter: i just talked to terry mcauliff's aide who said starbucks is not even open this early. it will be a long day for mcauliff and his opponent ken cuccinelli. mcauliff is coming here to this
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commuter lot off telegraph road. forget a lot of these folks who are beginning their morning commute, you can see them boarding the bus. mcauliff and his opponent, republican ken cuccinelli have been very busy as this race winds down. polls show the democrat with a lead. this all important race comes down to voter turnout. typically some analysts say if we see more tea party conservatives coming out to the polls, it could make this tighter. cuccinelli opposes abortion and gay rights, wants to cut the state income tax. mcauliff is pro choice, supports same sex marriage and would call for a task force, but vowed not to raise taxes. despite all the issues, this race seemed to be coming down to the tea party and obamacare.
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>> i oppose expanding this failure and terry mcauliff, as he likes to say, is all in. >> impediments are coming out of washington. i don't because it is the first major race between the forces and faces of the new republican tea party, a tea party whose social recidivism is outside done only by its hostility to science and technology. >> what about the president's dropping approval rating and the problems with obamacare? will that hurt you at all? >> focused on our jobs, economic development, we have big issues, sequestration here for another year, how do we replace those jobs? we are going to be laser focused on that. >> reporter: that is our peggy fox. we are hearing terry mcauliff will be here shortly.
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back to you in the studio. >> delia goncalves reporting from woodbridge, virginia. there is a third candidate getting late traction in the polls. he is libertarian robert save vise. the campaign hosted an election eve rally and he is scheduled to vote in alexandria later this afternoon. the libertarian party will automatically be included in the next election and not have to petition to get on the ballot. today is also election day in maryland. there are not any statewide races. but there are some local ones like the mayor in college park. this is the first time college park has had a competitive mayor's race in 24 years because the candidate usually runs unopposed. and american history is going to be made today in tacoma park. for the first time teenagers as
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young as 16 will be able to cast ballots in municipal elections. about 90 have registered since tacoma park city council lowered the age, back in may. jessica is in the newsroom with the headlines. good morning jess. >> reporter: good morning to both of you. good morning to everybody at home. let's keep this winning streak alive on wall street. the market rose yet again as investors found plenty to like in housing, steel and transportation stocks. steel stocks gained some ground after an upgrade from goldman sachs. checking the numbers for you the dow is up 23 and a half points to 1563. the s & p 500 was better by 6, the nasdaq better by 14 and a half. if you want to book the lowest plane tick possible for thanksgiving, you have probably missed your window. kayak says the cheapest flights
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for thanksgiving, christmas and new year's eve were found between september and october. travelocity says they expect fares to climb even higher. so you have got the time. it is time to be realistic though, about what you are going to find. peak days will be expensive. if you plan to save on the holiday travel, try thinking about thanksgiving morning. the best days will be monday or tuesday. for your return thanksgiving night friday or the following tuesday. the bottom line here, you may want to think about booking right now. if you have travel plans not only for thanksgiving but also for christmas and also for new year's eve. >> good advice. there is a scam making the rounds and the scam artist even used our name, believe it or not. we'll explain that to you,
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coming up. what you need to be on the lookout for. it is usually something you hear about, connected to young people. but now the nfl has its own case of bullying. that story is ahead. one of the hotly contested elections today, is what is over in your food. and in sports the redskins only have two days to prepare for your thursday night contest in minnesota. we'll have more on th obenshain tried to outlaw. birth control pills. rape or incest. criminals, felons shows, a month law, in bulk. instead of dictating to women, criminals. this ad.
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another chilly one out there, 50s and 40s. heavy coat weather. not as chilly this afternoon. temperatures will be moderating some. you can see highs between 55 and 60 with partly sunny to mostly cloudy skies. the 7 a forecast has ups and downs and a little bit of rain
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-- 7-day forecast has ups and downs and a little bit of rain. great seneca highway, one closure remains in place, 16th street between alaska and military road, due to a tree down. back to you guys. at 5:11, here's a look another what is new. guilty of second degree murder, eric rivera. prosecutors in miami say rivera was the one who shot and killed former redskins safety sean taylor. he was killed in a robbery attempt at his home six years ago. three defendants are still waiting for their trial. food is at the center of an election today. voters will decide whether to require labeling containing ingredients from genetically
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modified organisms. not really as cold this morning as it was yesterday. >> howard is up next to tell us when we could be going back into the 60s, at least for a little whi<
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all right. when you step outside, you will need maybe gloves and definitely a coat, because it
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is warmer, but not balmy. >> not as cold as yesterday morning. 20s on the map, three or four degrees warmer than yesterday morning. >> you can definitely feel the difference. >> light winds as well. and yesterday we hit 49, today almost 10 degrees above that and 60s the next couple of days. here's a look at your day planner on this tuesday morning. it is only tuesday. a tough tuesday. you are looking at wisconsin avenue. quiet right now, partly cloudy. partly sunny to mostly cloudy. 58 by 3:00 and that is the high for the day. look at the sunrise. got to get used to that. we have the sunrise at 6:40. this evening is mostly cloudy, lower 50s by 9:00, falling back to the 40s, to near suburbs. clouds continue to stream in upstairs from the west.
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they are coming in off the atlantic. rain no closer to us than western ohio. look at the chill all the way down. west of the continue them divide. temperatures this morning are above 50 degrees. we have low 30s in winchester, garrett county is at 30, 37 in fredericksburg, a little bit milder in the southeast. wisconsin avenue just outside here wusa. notice the flags light winds we are dealing with this morning. 41 degrees at reagan national. feels like 38. only 30, this is a dry air mess. you can see the colds here in the rockies in north carolina
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and western arizona. there is your front, minneapolis 32, chicago 51. ahead of it though, we have the southwest flow, the warmth will be brought to us. it has also taken the rain in texas and oklahoma, bringing it up into the ohio valley. for us the clouds will be the bigger concern, which will be in and out of here the next couple of days. some sunny breaks here and there this afternoon. more sunshine on wednesday afternoon. looks like it will be in the mid-60s tomorrow, and then there are the showers that we will be watching. coming real close to us by thursday morning. we had a yellow on alert up, regardless of the rain. 58 degrees, 46 tonight, 64 tomorrow with more sunshine. milder. then 62 on thursday.
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friday sun returns, blustery 55. dry and cold this weekend. highs in the 50s. turning it over now to monika. >> the only incident we have closing down 16th street and could be a major problem in the rush hour is a tree down across the roadway on 16th street southbound because of that, it is blocked between alaska avenue and military road. there was a tractor trailer involved as well. crews are going to wait until daylight to clear this up. alternate routes are georgia avenue or beach. keep that in mind for your travel plans, especially coming in from maryland. 35 to the 14th street bridge, we are in great shape. 2905 to the 11th street bridge as well. this timeout west, no problems on 66 coming in from manassas,
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the dulles toll road. we'll take a look at the american legion bridge, all of your lanes are opench andrea and mike? the issue of bullying jumps from the playground to an nfllocker room. more on the mess unfolding in miami. two games in five days
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cold unout there this morning. skies mostly cloudy. temperatures in the low 30s to the low to mid-40s mere in the district. we'll see some sunny breaks, but a lot of high clouds. don't expect much sunshine today. by lunch time, better than yesterday. low to mid-50s. again a break or two in the cloud cover. high temperature right around 58 degrees. good morning, everybody. what a game on sunday. burgundy and gold getting a much needed victory. beating the san diego chargers in overtime. talk bay confidence booster. but they didn't have too much time to enjoy it because this thursday, a couple of days away, they have another big game. the redskins have the momentum of a victory behind them.
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the payout on the back side makes it okay. >> it is kind of like the bye week. you have lee or four days off, get a chance to recover. kind of watch games on the weekend. but it is very hectic, getting ready for this game. both teams have to do it and we are used to it. don't expect to see rich which i i want doing nieto suit up in a dolphins uniform again. he is suspended for bullying a fellow teammate. he sent text messages to jonathan martin with racial slurs. the nfl is investigating. miami head coach joe philbin
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addressed the situation yesterday. >> everything we have done has been done with one thing in mind. that is to help our players and our organization reach their full potential. any type of conduct, behavior that detracts from that objective is not acceptable and 30 not tolerated. >> incognito denies any bullying and teammates have been standing up for him in his defense. less than an hour is when polls open in virginia's hotly contested governor's race. a local woman contacts us after a scammer used wusa9's name to try to steal her money. on the southbound side of 16th street, a tree down across the roadway. the roadway is blocked between sheridan and port
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good morning. welcome back to wusa9. i'm andrea roane. grab a heavier coat, once again, we are in the 30s and 40s, guys. when we only hit 49, we'll be in the upper 50s. a little bit of steam coming up, hits the cover of our camera every now and again. partly sunny to mostly cloudy conditions. 54 by noon and 57 at 4:00. high today right around 58.
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clouds continue to stream in, from the west. we have low clouds from the east and the northeast, and any showers here in inindict and ohio. they are going to go that way, not this wii. so a dry day today. just a cold one. down to 40 in baltimore and the east end. look at these teatures, manassas, winchester, 38 from reidville. and we are on our way this afternoon. 55 to 60. locally though, we are down to 36. 35 at centerville. monika? overall, generally speaking really good shape right now. northbound on i-95 usual slow spots forming right now, trying to get up into triangle. woodbridge, let's take a live look in springfield. this is basically what it looks like right up 95 not early morning commute. back over to the maps, no
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problems to report around 270 coming in from frederick and all the way toward 109, just beginning to slow down toward 121. a live look here's what it looks like in the heart of bethesda. route 410 in great shape coming in from rockville to bethesda and in toward georgetown. back to you guys. it is a race that is being watched across the country. virginians go to the polls today to elect a new governor. >> delia goncalves is live in woodbridge, virginia with more on this final day with a special guest. good morning delia. >> reporter: we all know the morning commute begins very early in northern virginia. this means a very long day ahead for one candidate in particular, who wants to be the next governor.
5:30 am
terry mcauliff, democrat here. you have been here shaking hands with a few voters so far this morning. is this more face time? how important is this last push to sway undecided voters? we know this midterm election really comes down to voter turnout. >> it is all about voters, i think coming out this morning, shaking hands, reminding folks there are stark differences on all the big issues, i have focused from day one how to create jobs, diverse identify the economy. i have talked about how we grow the economy. coming out today, reminding folks, it is an important part of the process. >> reporter: you talked about the shutdown and some of the frustration. obamacare could be a part of that. the flawed rollout there. how concerned are you that some folks, who are frustrated with both, just are fed up and may
5:31 am
be disenfranchised? >> obviously the government is shutdown. virginia was hurt more than any other state in the country. the tea party used it as a bargaining chip. the federal workers will get their money back. they were inconvenienced. the restaurant the dry cleaners, they are not going to get their money back. we cannot let it affect our government and hurt people innocently. i want to work in a bipartisan way. we have seen how many republicans have endorsed my candidacy. we have big issues, transportation as you know. i supported the transportation compromise. my opponent was against it. i'm all for doing what we can do to release gridlock. to help commerce move around.
5:32 am
i am for the medicaid expansion. this is bringing virginia's money back to virginia. why would we let our tax dollars be used in other states? it makes no sense to me. bring it home, use it here, help our folks. >> reporter: should you win this election, a long day ahead, a democrat in the governor's office, the legislature, controlled by republicans. how effective do you think you can be when the gop has such control? >> i think we have seen how we run this campaign, this is how we will govern. mainstream, retching out to everybody. as you know, republican legislators the mayor of our biggest city in virginia beach has endorsed me. the issues i'm going to focus on jobs, economic development, diversifying the economy, transportation, reforming the standards of learning, issues around teacher pay, those are nonpartisan issues. i'm going to stay focused.
5:33 am
i will veto any of this legislation that restricts women's rights. how can you grow an economy? we have to make sure we are open and welcoming to everyone. >> reporter: i want to get one last question in before we have to say goodbye. about these attack ads. we know you spent ten times more than your opponent in these ads, a lot of folks with calling them attack ads. do you think it is going to turn voters off? >> the ads we put up, there are real differences in this race. it would make the pill illegal. it is my opponent who believed the board of health could shut down the 20 women's health centers. i'm all about positive, how we grow the economy. ads are talking about the differences and where we are on the issues. my ads are up, running right now, talking about how i want to grow and diverse identify the economy. things i have fought for my
5:34 am
whole life. as governor we have to be the best, best scientists, innovators, we have to help small businesses grow. we have to recruit businesses from all over the globe, we have such assets. northern virginia, the technology, the military assets, the tours on the east coast. with the headwinds with the economy with sequestration. it is probably going to grow for another year. we cannot be fighting, we need to be uniting together to put our best foot forward to make sure we are putting our best foot forward. >> reporter: a long day ahead. we are going to catch up with ken cuccinelli a little later today as he prepares to head out to the polls. we'll have more, coming from him, at the noon newscast. right now a very long day ahead for both candidates. the end of the race is near in
5:35 am
virginia. andrea, back to you. delia goncalves live in woodbridge, virginia. you heard it is now up to the vetters now and the polls will open in less than 30 minutes. anyone standing in line at 7:00 will be allowed to cast their vote. in maryland, polling places open at 7:00 a.m. and run until 8:00 p.m. we have posted voter guides for both maryland and virginia on our website you can look up the candidates and issues and where you need to go to vote anytime you need to. a bill, protecting the rights of gays and lesbians in the workplace cleared a senate vote. it is called the employment nondiscrimination act, however the measure does face prospects in the republican controlled house where it is opposed by
5:36 am
speaker john boehner. he argues it will lead to frivolous lawsuits and hinder job creation. the administration in charge of launching is due back on the hill today for more questioning. the government website is now being taken off line from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. their applications must eventually be processed through this website. time for the latest your money report in the morning. >> reporter: jess is back with the most common scam used to steal your money. jess? >> reporter: this is incredibly common, but millions fall for it every year. they get a letter saying they have won the big jackpot. one local woman smelled trouble when a scam artist tried to use our name as part of his scam. >> i buy things from
5:37 am
publisher's clearinghouse also time. >> reporter: it was stuffed inside her sweepstakes envelope i don't she buys gadgets, and gifts for her grandchildren. after 20 years of entering the preponderance lar contest, the capital heights senior citizen said she received a surprising call from a woman, saying she was with publisher's clearinghouse and to contact a mr. michael right away. so she did. >> he told me he worked with dave sawyer, and that he would be here with channel 9news to present me with my winnings. you are the second place winner. we need $5200 to pay you a tax. >> reporter: willie always dreamed of being one of those squealing and elated winners. but she sensed something wasn't
5:38 am
quite right. she was told to wire the money to a west virginia address. she hung up and then called us. >> you within going to be here. >> reporter: willie was the target of a sweepstakes scam that is sweeping thousands of dollars from the pockets of unsuspecting consumers, all across the country. in 2012 the federal trade commission more than 98,000 complaints. the agency estimates more than one scam took in more than $11 million, mostly from senior citizens. >> the reason why they approach you is really twofold. either to get your money or to get your personal identifying information. >> reporter: even the popular sweepstakes publisher's clearinghouse has posted tips and warnings on its website to warn customers about this growing trend. >> this is your asset. this is your portfolio. and you need to protect it like you would protect any other
5:39 am
investment that you have. >> reporter: as for willie stephens, well she says she now knows what to do when the scammers come calling. >> tell somebody. before you go out and give them your money. >> reporter: how do you protect yourself from getting taken in by the scammers. says hang-up on anyone who says you must wire money for a winning. file a complain with the ftc, ask never, ever give out your personal information, your credit card, your bank information to anyone. we want to emphasize, publisher's clearinghouse is not at fault here. but it is so great she reached out to us to let us know what was happening, particularly since this person was using your name. we wanted to get it on the record too. still ahead, a military commander wants to bring some
5:40 am
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a nippy morning. 30s and low 40s this morning. as far as today, should be better than yesterday. some of the clouds reflecting the city lights on our michael and son weather camera. a chilly start, partly sunny to mostly cloudy but milder. back with your 7-day forecast in a minute. here's monika. >> reporter: no problems to report here on the northbound side of i-95. looking great coming up from springfield where the lanes are open up to the 14th street bridge. a tree across the roadway on
5:43 am
16th street. a legal fight over a local halloween display returns to a courtroom. >> last month a judge ruled silver spring real estate agent debra carr could open her event but only for two days instead of five. the county sought an injunction to shut down the haunted garden. today a judge will consider whether to ban carr from running the event next year. after yesterday's chill, howard does have warm temperatures coming up in the 7- day forecast. spring is five and a half months away, but plans are already being put in place for next year's cherry blossom festival. birthdays today. chris generaller -- jener is
5:44 am
58. she became the youngest person ever to win an oscar for paper moon. tatum o'neal is 50. and bubba watson is 35. his band just broke up, kevin jonas. happy birt obenshain tried to outlaw. birth control pills. rape or incest. criminals, felons shows, a month law, in bulk. instead of dictating to women, criminals. this ad.
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tuesday morning, howard bernstein with you, once again in the 30s and 40s, but not as chilly as yesterday. yesterday's high was 4. 54 at noon, high today 58. we are driving home with partly to mostly sunny skies. a little bit of supon
5:48 am
wednesday. this morning the clouds can't to stream in from the west, a lot of these are high, thin clouds. we have low clouds coming in from the east. the combination giving us that mostly cloudy condition and a chilly start, except to the west of the mountains. columbia and lexington, warmer air in the low 50s. 50s from the northeast on down. teens i saw in caribou, maine. 40 in baltimore at this hour, germantown is 34. waldorf and andrews 38. to the west down to 30 in manassas. that is our cold spot. outside of that michael and son weather camera, you can see the clouds reflecting the lights above the monuments. wind chill not bad. 38 thanks to a light, north wind at 5. we are talking about
5:49 am
more clouds today and tomorrow than what we had yesterday. although we had some in the afternoon, more clouds in the next couple of days. moderating temperatures, 58 today. in the 60s tomorrow and again on thursday, but thursday it looks wet. a yellow on alert day on thursday. could be here for morning commute now. behind that system on thursday, turning school breezy as we head into friday. cold in the rockies, storm systems here, big, broad area of low pressure. ahead of it the southwest flow in the upper levels of the atmosphere, bringing the showers north or bringing the clouds to the mid-atlantic, the carolinas. we are going to wait if a couple of days until the rain gets here. we'll be in and out of the cloudiness here but thursday again the wettest day. election day 58, partly to
5:50 am
mostly cloudy. 40s in town. closer to 40 in the suburbs. tomorrow 64, i think we'll see a little bit more sunshine, partly is sunny to mostly cloudy. yellow on alert with a high of 62. then on friday, we areical, breezy, 55. 50s this weekend. veteran's day with a high of 58. i have a bit of an oh, oh. inbound 66 two right lanes, four vehicles involved right before the beltway. and delays in fact stopped traffic right now from nutley street on the inbound side of i- 66. updated closure on 16th street northwest. it is blocked due to a tree down across the roadway. southbound lanes are blocked between sheridan street and fort stephens drive. your easy work around is 14th street and i was just on the phone with district police to
5:51 am
give me that closure. they are on the scene, helping traffic as well. keep that in mind for your travel plans in northwest dc. here's what it looks like on the beltway north of town. just normal at georgia avenue. westbound 495 slowing to this point. quickly back to the maps, no problems on 95 northbound, 66 on the inbound side with an accident before the beltway. i'll keep you posted. back to you guys. join us on our facebook page to answer our question of the morning. when meeting someone new, the first two things people judge are teeth and what else? clothes, grammar, or handshake? >> we agree with our facebook friend rogers, she says a handshake. loathe a weak handshake. >> post your comments and we'll have the answer in about an hour.
5:52 am
mike is downing a little extra caffeine. it was worth it? >> it was. we attended the cherry blossom lunch last flight at arena stage. 75 members of step africa will perform at the festival and we are going to be joined by nora o'donnell. next year's parade will head down constitution avenue. then wusa9 will broadcast the entire parade at noon. it should be a wonderful, wonderful afternoon. >> we had a great time. it is election day for voters in maryland and virginia. and we'll have the latest on the commonwealth's big governor's race, coming up. have you ever wondered what it would be lick if the u.s. military really had an iron man
5:53 am
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welcome back. as iraq and afghanistan have proved, the nature of warfare is rapidly changing in the 21st century. now a u.s. special ops commander is looking at an idea straight out of marvel comic
5:57 am
books to protect. >> iron man protects the world. that is exactly what america's top commandos, admiral william mccraven wants, when his men have to kick down a door. >> he has to take a position to be protected as soon as the door comes open. >> reporter: mccrave has ordered up the factical assault suit better known as the iron man suit. the idea lightweight possibly with battery power flowing through it, to give a soldier extraordinary ability to move faster and operate longer battle. former navy seal chris etch says it can make a command dough even better. >> it is going to take a seal, delta force guy and push him into a straits fork level. -- into a higher level.
5:58 am
they are ding cool things like liquid armor, that bes hardened in a millisecond. >> reporter: there are plenty of ideas, imagery right into the helmet visual display. boots that generate electricity with every step a soldier takes and flexible head to toe protection so troops n move closer to the y. >> if ey can work out the bugs and get it to where it is functional, it is going to take a group of guys that are already extremely high functioning on the battlefield and make them completely unstoppable. >> reporter: he wants the first version of an iron man suit within a year. >> wow. i bet they are warm when the temperature is 41 degrees. here's howard. functional and fashionable? >> maybe not so fashionable. >> weatherwise, temperatures in
5:59 am
the 30s and 40s. we have low clouds, high clouds, breaks, sunrise coming up in about 40 minutes. that is really really cool looking. we are going to have the mix up, 52 by 11:00. already 3 degrees warmer than where he had. 56 by 1:00, on our way to 58 this afternoon. that will be the high, a little bit closer to averaging in the low 60s. clouds can't to stream in from the mississippi valley, but the showers are lifting nor north, the clouds are blowing more east. we will be in and out of those clouds today and tomorrow as well. 30 in mass manassas, -- in manassas. let's go to monika now. >> i told you about the crash on the inbound side of i-66. right before the beltway. two right lanes are blocked,


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