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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  November 5, 2013 9:00am-10:00am EST

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and the history of mel anoma, we need to remove those, test those. >> it's time for her results! >> and chaz bono. he lost the weight. now it's time for the extra skin! >> only way to get rid of that is surgically. >>i am anxious right now. >> let's do this. it will be a 4-5 thour operation. >> chaz, come on out! á >> the results will astround you. >> in today's news in 2, don't mess with texas, conrad murray is filing a lawsuit against the texas medical board while in jail for the death of michael jackson, that's today! ♪ ♪ doctor, doctor gimme the news ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
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♪ >> welcome, we have an exciting show for all of you, let's get right to it. a store that shocked the nation when three girls escaped after a decade in captivity. here to talk about the exclusive with the first cleveland victim is our good friend, dr. phil. >> [ applause ] [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> welcome back, welcome back. >> all right, man! [ applause ] >> you know, dr. phil, we have had a lot of moments with you on our show where it's been light-hearted and we have had a lot of fun. but this story is so
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harrowing, you know more about it than any of us. that, quite frankly, this is one of the saddest decories we have -- stories we have ever talked about on our show. >> it truly is, i have to say, travis, out of doing the dr. phil show, now in our 12th year, that this one single interview changed me more than any interview i have done in 12 years. and -- >> wow. >> and the interview is with michelle knight. she - as you know - is one of the three girls taken by this monster, ariel castro. she was the first taken. she was there for the longest over 11 years. i think she was probably the most severely abused because of a lot of rage that he had towards her. and it's just ... huh, to sit down with her and she blows up so many myths about what was out there in the media about this story. and to hear this person
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talking, knowing what she's been through, was just a life-changing event. >> michelle had so much to endure over the years. she was helt captive. here's a clip from the interview with dr. phil. >> when you were down there, á was it generally in the dark? >> there was no light. no light at all. >> and you ... just laid on the concrete floor in the dark? >> well, it's kinda like being like this. because i couldn't lay down. because the pole would hold me up. >> because of the chain around your neck. were you able to sleep some . >> no, i mainly passed out from the chain being around my neck. ♪ >> wow. that's -- [ audience oohs ] >> unspeakable. >> it's just scratching the surface. understand, he put her in this basement and chained her to this pole. and the pole, you are seeing
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it right now, and he used a filthy, despicable basement. it's up north, cold on the concrete. she couldn't lay down. he has a chain around her neck that has this much play in it; he has a chain around her waist. and he has her wear a motor cycle helmet. a full helmet that comes all the way down with a mask, with the chains, and she is completely in the dark. and her eyes deteriorate across time, because for long periods of time during this 11 years, she's kept in the dark. he hit her in the side of her head with barbells and blew out her eardrums. [ audience oohs ] >> oh, man. >> the helmet, was that to keep her from yelling? >> i think in part. it was, again, a safety thing for him that she couldn't get anything over her head.
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it did muffle cries that she might have had, and so she's sitting up and can't lay down, and she's just sitting on this cold concrete. and you know, one of the things that i learned in talking with michelle, a lot of people believe her to be mentally incapacicated. her mother said she had mental disabilities in the police report or is quoted in the police report as saying that; um, that she was intellectually disabled. and let me tell you, nothing could be further from the truth. this young woman is bright; she is sharp; she is a survivor! it's just astounding to me that, instinctively, instinctively what she's telling me about exchanges she had with him are consistent with what trained negotiators
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for homeland security and fbi, use in hostage negotiations with captors. just instinctively shoe knew what to do -- she knew what to do to stay alive and keep herself moving. it's just terrible. >> it is. and she's such a survivor. she makes us all think of what you can do if you have to. and one of the things she has is a piercing, one in the nose and one in the lip now. i know she was captive for 10 years so this is something she's done since she was out. is there significance to that. >> she had piercings when she was taken and he used those to torture her. he would twist them and tear them out of her. she had to get rid of them, because she knew he would use them to torture her. now that she's out, she has done a few of those things because it's a symbol of freedom, the symbol of the ability to make a choice and
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not be punished for the choice. >> i like that. >> and how is she coping in terms of health? when you are in confinement, it's worse than confinement in a prison because she's malnourished, no natural light. so she probably has almost absent vitamin d levels, the kinds of things important for a woman of that age to develop properly. and this is something that could theoretically affect her in terms of her health for the rest of her life. >> she is still having problems. she has problems with her eyes and hearing. she went in and she guesses she was 120. she came out at 75. so, 45 pounds, a high percentage for her. [ audience oohs ] >> because she's a tiny thing. and when he first took her, he lured her to the home. she knew him. he was the father of a friend of hers. and he offered her a ride to
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social services because she was making efforts to regain custody of her son, lost not because of anything she had done; and he -- that's when he took her. and she said i will give you a ride over there. and i actually have a litter of puppies at horges would you like -- home, would you like one to give to her son? he lures her into the house. and then ... he gets her into a room and she says, i want to leave. and he said: i am sorry you can't leave. >> and he just knocks her out. and hangs her on the wall. >> and michelle told dr. phil some pretty horrific details about what went on during the 11 years of captivity. we will talk about one of the most disturbing things that happened in that home later in the show. will you stick around for that, dr. phil? and the other lesson here is one that a lot of people don't
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realize, is that, a lot of times, violence, when it occurs, it occurs with someone you actually know. in this situation, that's no different. here's a look at what's coming up next. >> announcer: coming up next. >> the thing that i am most concerned about is a discolored mole. >> a concerned sister's cry for help. >> my mother passed a few months ago from a squamous cell. i look at my sister and i have a great fear of losing her, too. >> the two lesions, they have a number of red-flag signs. >> dr. ordon gives his diagnosis. >> dr. ordon, you have the biopsy results yet? >> announcer: that's later! >> coming tomorrow. before you set foot on a plane. >> dr. sears here with airplane travel sickness tips. >> you need to see this. >> and ... >> i have wounds on my belly and groin, basically in my
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whole body. >> a doctor's housecall, and how he made his wishes come true! >> look at his face. >> all new on the doctors, tomorrow! >> and on thursday, in our dr. phil thursday, what every parent needs to know ... >> can think your kids are at home doing homework when they are, in fact, being terrorized by kids ózç obenshain tried to outlaw. birth control pills. rape or incest. criminals, felons shows, a month law, in bulk. instead of dictating to women, criminals. this ad. w
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ our next guest is the sister of our very own director, lynn, and her sister decided to come and face her health scare after they both lost their beloved mother. >> i am cami, and i am a mom and wife; i lost outdoors, i love to work out in the garden and i never wear sunscreen. and i am sisters with lynn, who directs the doctors. >> my role in our family was always to take care of her and always look out for her; she's been fighting me almost from the beginning. >> i am terrified of doctors. i don't like needles or procedures; they just, you know, make me really scared. >> my greatest fear was going to the doctor, and the end result of what will come back from, say, a biopsy. >> if i learned anything working on this show, it's being preventative, and just being proactive with your care. >> every time i fear, she -- what's that? you need to get it looked at.
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>> i am not sure what the bump on her forehead is. i told her, if you can come on the show i think we can handle it for you. >> it doesn't hurt to be touched or have any feeling. it's a bump under my skin. >> the thing i am most concerned about is, there's a discolored mole. >> doesn't bother me at all. >> my morth just pass -- mother just passed a few months ago from what started as a squamous cell, and i myself have had two malanoma's. >> i have a fear of losing my sister, too. and i hope that has some play in letting dr. ordon come to her house and work on her. ♪ >> well, dr. ordon did recently make a special trip to cami's house in san diego, to learn more about her health situation. >> >> i gotta give you a hug.
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if you are lynn's sister, we are gonna have to take care of that. you have had that a few years, right >> at least 5. going on 7 ... >> you know, something that you have had that long under the skin, we know it's benign. it's either a sebacious cyst, or a benign fatty tumor, lipoma. i would like to remove that. obviously, cami, i can see you have had a fair amount of sun exposure on the decoulette, area, this could be something, this has slightly irregular borders. any others i need to look at? >> i have the two on my back. >> there are characteristics about this mole, that are of concern. it has irregular borders and has darker components to it; it's raised. >> it may be another 10 years before we get cami, back in the doctor's office. everything they see that i want taken care of, i better
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get it taken care of. >> ease some of my easiyness, my nervousness, the biopsy results. >> we have a date. >> we do! ♪ >> so, dr. ordon, was it difficult after you went into cami's home, to convince her that, hey, it's time to actually come see me in my office. >>i mean, she's such a sweetheart. and i think it's the combination of her sister, lynn, getting me to go there; and then me, um, taking the effort to go and say ", i am here, you gotta do the right thirnings we have to remove those -- thing, we have to remove those lesions". >> and the lesson for cami, and all watching, is, yours truly, i hate going to the doctor. i always say it this way: a preventative trip to the doctor today, may save you 30 trips to the doctor tomorrow. in this case, it was time for cami, to see you.
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coming up we will meet cami, and also, dr. ordon's gonna reveal her official diagnosis, after she visited him in his office. we will be right back. >> announcer: coming up next. >> the two lesions have a number of red flag signs. >> dr. ordon gives his diagnosis. >> you have the biopsy results yet >> we do. >> i look forward to the results of this., of course i am anxious. >> chaz bono, son of sher,
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> before the break, dr. ordon made a special housecall to the director, lynn's, sister, cami, to examine a bump on her forehead, as well as a mysterious mole. >> camiadmits she's terrified of going to the doctor but after his visit she agreed to go to his office for further evaluation. >> hello, cami. you didn't chicken out. >> i didn't. >> good to see you. >> a couple of things, that lesion on the forehead is so big, someone can see that a mile away. we need to take care of that for cosmetic reasons. >> she has a natural forehead crease. so we are going to hide that incision right in that crease
9:21 am
when it heals, the way we are gonna sew it, you will really not see it. >> it is looking more and more ... like a lipoma. >> the two lesions, one on the neck and one on the back, they have a number of red flag signs. the size, the color, the borders. the changing. and a history of malanoma. we need to remove those, test those, and make sure that they're not malignant. or a premalignant lesion. >> this should real very, very nicely. >> we took a look at everything that was suspicious, it's gone and we will test it. you will be good for a while. how does that sound? >> good forever, right . >> that's right. >> and it went very well. we took care of all of those lesions that were of concern. they are gone, we will get the results tomorrow . >> bandage comes off tomorrow! ♪ [ applause ]
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♪ >> cami, now joins us. [ applause ] >> cami, you didn't leave the bandage on. >> i didn't. >> this was done yesterday . >> just yesterday. >> you look fabulous! [ applause ] >> thank you! [ applause ] >> she does have bruising around there. whenever you work higher up in the head you will get bruising and swell that will settle around the head. >> and you had two moles, removed. do you have the biopsy results? >> all of these lesions, this was a lipoma. the lesion - one of which, the two that were suspicious and i was worried about, given the history and sun exposure - was your neck and back: both benign! [ applause ] >> they have a big name, benign vascular tumor. and then we scraped the side of her nose, that was really just a bit of sun damage. so that's perfectly benign. >> great.
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>> and we worked our way back, down to the leg, there was a pigmented lesion, it turned out to be an actinic keratosis, on the back, another vascular tumor. so we cleaned her up. everything that was suspicious, we removed and it's all, um-- couldn't be better news! [ crowd cheering ] [ applause ] >> and, even better than the relief, we have lynn. >> lynn, i will ask you momentarily to take a break from your directing duties and for the record, lynn is the best director in the world and a wonderful person to boot. but, anything you want to say to cami. >> don't make me cry. >> i won't. >> i want to tell you that i love you so much, i am grateful you did this for me and for you, and i am glad you can continue to be my person through life. i wasn't ready to lose you this early; i am grateful to you for doing this and i am grateful to the doctors.
9:24 am
[ applause ] >> you know, lynn, obviously you have been paying attention to what she directs. because she's seen it so many times on this show; when to be suspicious of a lesion. >> she was right on in being concerned and wanting you to take care of that, because i was concerned, too. i was worried when i first saw the picture. i couldn't be more thrilled with the news that we got. >> thank you. >> let's hear it from cami, and lin lirnings -- lynn, and sister power. >> thank you, thank you for sharing your story. and everyone else out there, when you take care of your own health you are taking care of the health of your big sister, your parents and kids. sometimes they are just as worried as you are. so it's not being selfish taking care of you. >> chaz bono is presenting his new look after the year long weight-loss and surgery transformation.& >> coming up next. >> now, before we reveal chaz's new look, this has chaz
9:25 am
bono before. and let's see him now. >> see the results of chaz chaze and his brand-new -- chaz bono, and his brand-new body. >> and dr. phil talks about the cleveland captive, michelle knight. >> he says, i will take care of this, and he grabs a bar bell and starts hitting her in the stomach until she cramps and bleeds out. >> that's later! closed captionin is this the bacon and cheese diet? this is the creamy chicken corn chowder. i mean, look at it. so indulgent. did i tell you i am on the... [ both ] chicken pot pie diet! me too! [ male announcer ] so indulgent, you'll never believe they're light. 100-calorie progresso light soups. delicious, but say i press a few out flat, add some beef, sloppy joe sauce and cheese, fold it all up and boom! delicious unsloppy joes perfect for a school night. pillsbury grands biscuits. make dinner pop.
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we are gonna go in and remove all of that excess loose skin. i good morning in there to remost extra fat there. -- remove the extra fat there. and you will get skin tightening in the face at the same time. how does that sound? >> stounds great. okay. that was chaz bono undergoing a skin removal skin consultation. and with help of dr. ordon, he went on to complete the full-on body transformation! ♪ >> welcome to palm springs. >> thank you. >> today is chaz's big day. we are getting ready to start chaz's operation. >> he did his end of the bargain. he lost 75-80 pounds. he has excess loose skin.
9:29 am
>> only way to get rid of that is surgically. >> i am excited. i am looking forward to the results of this. but, um, but, of course, i am anxious right now. >> all right, let's do this! ♪ >> dr. chopra, and i are gonna work together. this is our so-called tandem surgery, nip-tuck. dr. chopra, will start on the abdomen. >> we usually pull this in but for you we are pulling it straight across. for all meb, this is whact -- mernings this is exactly what we do. >> we are using a modified liposuction, we are using vaser, ultrasonic assisted liposuction, and it will tighten the skin at the same time. time to say bye-bye to the neck fat . >> that's great. >> i hope i will look that much thinner without that extra skin on me. >> the first incision is now, and i am up here on the neck.
9:30 am
this is not just beauty surgery; this is gonna be a 4-5 hour operation. it will take 4-6 weeks for recovery. we are giving him an operation that fits his goals of what he wants. >> well, dr. ordon is here with his partner, dr. chopra, who performed chaz's surgery. now, before we reveal chaz's new look, let's look at chaz before and let's see chaz now. chaz, come on out! [ crowd cheering ] [ applause ] ♪ >> all right, sir. we will do a before and after to reveal the lean, mean, chaz fighting machine! [ applause ] >> and go ahead and have a seat over here.
9:31 am
>> you are used to hanging out with the two of us. right? >> this last step was one that, you can exercise and eat right, but once you have the excess skin, this is the only way he was gonna get rid of that. >> absolutely right, you can go to the gym do as many sit ups, but you will not tighten those muscles and get rid of that loose skin. the only way is surgery. >> all of that hard work paid off. duyour end of it. there was not that much fat left. and as you said, all of that loose skin on the abdomen, and then finally, a little ... you are looking awful good here. >> thank you! [ applause ] >> that neckline! >>i will say, that's the one thing when i look at you now, it's remarkable just to, even in your profile. >> and we were able to do that just with a little incision below the neck. this was not a full, like a face lift/neck lift. we tailored the operation to him, we made the incision and we got the fat traps below the
9:32 am
muscle, tightened up the muscle and redraped that and it helped with his jaw line. >> walk us through with this animation what you guys did. >> we started with an abdominoplasty. hip to hip, around the bellybutton. we identified the muscle there, and we tight end the muscle that was loosened up from the intraabdominal fat, and tightened him up. the bellybutton, in this case, we tailored this operation, to chaz. >> that's exactly right. usually when we do women we pull in the waist , but we wanted to masculinize, chaz, we pulled this in so there's no curves and we made this circular not elliptical. you got a great result and it looks great. >> is your mom coming to you now for health advice? >> we are not there, yet.
9:33 am
she's been healthier her whole life. i have only been healthy for a year, so, no, i don't think we have that anything -- going yet. >> hey, mom, you may want to headache this food choys or that -- choice over that food choys. >> drew -- choice. >> we took off the skin, but you did the hard part. >> it's amazing, i feel, my life is just, it feels completely different. so i am really, grateful! to these boys! um, and to everybody. >> absolutely, absolutely. >> and you know, it was for people to lose weight like you did, doing it the natural way over time, diet, exercise, you did the right thing. you did surgery to take care of those things that were not responding. i must say, you were a very good patient. >> the take away here is that, no matter how much weight you lose, there may be excess skin that guys like dr. chopra, and dr. ordon can help with. gentlemen, thank you.
9:34 am
and chaz, great job. [ applause ] >> thank you. >> coming up, dr. phil is back with us to share one of the most disturbing things he learned from his visit with michelle knight. >> i was hanging like this. my feet, and i was tied by my neck and arms. >> that's the craziness of a psychotic monster like this. he grabs one of those barbells and just starts hitting her in the stomach. [ audience oohs ] >> all november, check in with the doctors and on twitter, you could win $5,000, grab your phone or paper and pen, i will reveal today's check in. if you have high blood pressure like i do, many cold medicines may raise your blood pressure. coricidin hbp relieves cold symptoms without raising blood pressure. coricidin hbp.
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> starting today, and continuing tomorrow on the dr. phil show, you will see an exclusive and honest interview with one of the women held captive in cleveland for over a decade, michelle knight. here's a clip of the tragic reality michelle had to deal with while being held captive. >> so he gets you in the room, what did he tie you up with? >> one of those orange extension cords. i was tied up like a fish, anorn on - an ornament on the wall. i was tied at the feet, and my neck and arms with the extension cord going like that. >> oh, my god. so he tied your hands and feet and also around your neck and "hung you" from this rod?
9:38 am
>> yes. >> wow ... >> you know, travis, i mentioned how he lured her in the room, saying "i will give you a puppy for your child" because he knew her soft spot was her this is what he did to her when he got her in the room. and understand, he hung her like a hammock, her feet and hands were tied at the end, and then also around her neck, she has nerve damage to her hands and to her feet. based on that, and she was hung like that for an extended period of time. then taken into the basement and chained to the pole. and of course, the entire time she's thinking ... i know him. i have seen his face. >> yeah. yeah. >> did she cry at all during the interview? >> oh, yes. oh, yes. this was a very cathartic thing for her. it starts today.
9:39 am
and i want everyone, this changed me. i want it to change people. you have to watch this starting today. whatever you got planned this afternoon, change it. you need to watch this. and hear, you know, i thought i might have to talk to her in small bursts. and all. but, when she started talking, it meant so much to her, she is the forgotten one here. >> uh-huh. >> three girls were taken. three girls were rescued. two girls went home. she had no home to go to. so, she's just there. and the things that he did to her during that time, she needed to give it a voice. she needed to talk about it. >> one of the things that you and i talked about, is, repeatedly he would impregnate her and then she would take very drastic measures to basically force the miscarry. >> i mentioned bar bells. he had bar bells that she were
9:40 am
like, 3-5 pounds, the small bar bells. she tried to hide the fact that she was pregnant, because she knew he wouldn't like this. because for his entertainment, he wouldn't like it if she were pregnant, but he finally figures it out. and she says, what do you want me to do? and he said, i will take care of this. and he grabs one of those barbells and just starts hitting her in the stomach. >> huh! god! >> until she cramps and bleeds out. >> and then horrifically punished her because she had lost his child! [ audience oohs ] >> oh, my god. >> that's the craziness here. it's called "double bind" and that's the craziness of a psychotic monster like this, it's like, he's mad at her for being pregnant, causes the miscarriage, and then punishes her for losing the baby. >> but, i don't want you to think that this is an all-down-
9:41 am
situation. i promise you, you watch today, and you watch tomorrow; you will stand up and cheer for this girl at the end! this is a girl that we need to all adopt. we need to take care of. she needs help and support. you are gonna love michelle knight. >> can't wait to meet her . >> and you profiling her story will make sure she's not forgotten. incidentally, we are called the doctors for a reason, i think it's important to highlight how easy it can be for a woman who is pregnant, after she undergoes any sort of abdominal trauma, to potentially miscarry, a multitude of issues can occur, placental abruption. you can, in one fall, you know, some women don't realize this, if you take a wrong fall on to your belly, it can cause a miscarriage, and in this case, purposely inflicting
9:42 am
trauma on a woman who's pregnant, you can cause a miscarry. what's amazing is that she survived. in many cases, not only do you lose the baby but the mom loses so much blood internally, she, herself, will die. and i am amazed that she physically and mentally survived this, this is a remarkable testament. >> she's quite a survivor!give it up for her! [ applause ] >> when you hear the strength of her spirit and why she survived and never succumbed you will understand a lot about this young woman. so it starts today. >> thank you for -- [ applause ] >> for sharing her story with us. be sure to tune in to the interview of michelle knight today and tomorrow, on dr. phil. >> i have been dancing since i was 3 years old. i love it. i eat, sleep, and breathe dance. right before christmas, i -- my right side went numb and i knew something was wrong.
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ikea. professional kitchen services at a low price. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> joining us again is dr. freda lewis hal, the chief medical officer ofifieser, she's here to talk about multiple clerosis. >> great to be here, to talk about ms, it's a medical mystery, we don't know the cause, there's no cure, and over 2 million worldwide suffer from ms. >> it's a serious illness and our next guest, courtney is a professional dancer who was recently diagnosed. look at her story. >> i am courtney, and i am 25 years old. i am a professional dancer. from "so you think you can dance". i have been dancing since i was 3 years old, i eat, sleep, and breathe dance. one morning i woke up and couldn't feel my legs.
9:47 am
we are trained to work through things that are uncomfortable. i ignored it. 6 months later i had an electrical feeling down to the toes but i didn't pay attention to it. right before christmas, my right side went numb. and i knew something was wrong. so i went and got mri's of my spine, and a brain scan done. my diaginosis was relapse and remitting multiple sclerosis. >> despite having ms, she hasn't hung up her dancing shoes. welcome courtney to the show! [ applause ] can >> thank you very much. >> courtney, you are a dancer, you are young and energetic. were you shocked and surprise when you got this diagnosis? >> i was surprised when i got the diagnosis. but when i think about it, my grandmother has primary progressive multiple sclerosis. >> i used to say to my mom "i
9:48 am
have sparkles" on my arms. it was a different feeling than falling asleep. >> for starters, the symptoms are different from person to person. tell us the symptoms you are experiencing? >> i think my biggest symptom that i experienced is fatigue. i find that with fatigue, a lot of the other symptoms come into play. you know, like slurred speech and my balance is sometimes a little off . >> in addition to that, though, people who suffer from ms, may also experience weakness, dizziness, problems with balance, and coordination. loss or a challenge with their vision, and depressed mood. and 50% of people who have ms, complain from time to time of poor concentration. difficulty paying attention. and memory loss. >> and ms, does affect your central nervous system. i am explain why ... mscauses the problems is does. because á in your brain, in
9:49 am
your spinal cord, every neuron has a job. and the neurons are actually covered with a protective sheath. we call this the myelon sheath helping the neurons to communicate with each other effectively andly. in ms, your body attacks the myelon sheath and in different areas of the brain destroy it, and so the symptomps can be different for every individual. you can see on the scan that your neurologist circled two lesions. you see those white spots everyone? those are lesions of abnormal tissue in the brain that has been damaged and that scarring, it will link to the symptoms that you may express or someone else may express with multiple sclerosis. >> can you talk to us with how
9:50 am
you are coping with the illness? >> dance has been a medicine for me. >> it is great that you still pursue what you have such passion for. >> yeah. >> and physical activity is a good idea, so a good plan for federal activity can help you maintain your strength, balance and endurance. >> is there anything else besides physical activity that we should be doing >> healthy diet is so important. if you don't get plenty of rest with ms, it can exacer bate things, and even though there's not a cure, there are medicines can that help improve symptoms. regular did -- doctor's appointments. and ms, is a mystery illness. >> early intervention may help ease the symptoms and may help slow the progression of the illness. you talked about, that you have a great medical team, you should are that and know everything you can about your illness. for more information on ms,
9:51 am
visit >> courtney, the best of luck to you. >> and go to for additional information. we will be right back n. [ applause ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> coming up, breaking health news you can't afford to miss! news you can't afford to miss! ♪ "and what do you do?" "oh, i sell insurance like no one else." "oh, that's nice." "thank you." now, that's progressive. call or click today. they were the first to be verified by the usp, nature made vitamins? an independent organization that sets strict quality and purity standards. i trust nature made. nature made. the number one pharmacist recommended letter vitamin brand. (nervous) (screaming)
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[ applause ] ♪ >> audience: whoo! [ crowd cheering ] [ applause ] ♪ >> let's take a look at some breaking news stories: >> craft -- kraft, agreed to take the yellow dye out of their cheese products, after being petitioned with 348,000 signatures. an activist and mother confronted the executives about what she says are unnecessary additives. >> represents over 348,000 voices that made this change possible, has been a complete honor! we are changing the world together, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart! ♪ >> women's curves were celebrated on the runways of paris last week with the world's first plus size fashion week, size 16 or larger is considered plus side-- size, it's a marketing gimmick to target larger women
9:55 am
and encourage obesity, some say. a bmi, of 26 or over is an indication that a woman is technically overweight. >> conrad murray is accusing the texas medical board of prematurely revoking his license, he was accused in the death of michael jackson. murray claims his conviction is not final in california until the appeals are exhausted, and former patients are eager for the texas cardiologist to work again, reports say. >> and last week's shooting at a tsa check-point is a sad reminder (at the lax airport), so call 9-1-1, have the victim lie down and keep the victim calm until help arrives. it's estimated that one third of all gunshot injuries are
9:56 am
fatal, the second leading cause of death after motor vehicle crash . that's today's news in two. > one of the central tenants of today's show is that, there are so many people that can inspire and in the face of adversity, patients inspire us the most. and there are a lot of lessons we can teach as doctors, but i say this many times: our patients teach us lessons every day about staring adversity in the face and being resilient. and tell people you love them each and every day, and just appreciate your loved ones today! those are my doctor's orders, thanks for watching, for more information about anything you saw on the show today, go to see you next time! [ crowd cheering ] [ applause ] ♪
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