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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  November 7, 2013 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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hour. >> 38 in springfield, 36 in college park, 39 in waldorph. the senate passes a bill outlawing work place discrimination. >> we have now said no more discrimination on the basis of your sexual orientation or your gender identity. >> a cherished value of freedom of expression and religion, and i believe this bill violates that freedom. >> and hashtag, twit twitter stocks sore, despite the company has never made a dime. >> old wall street has embraced the new economy. >> and speaking of soaring, a special delivery to the international space station. the sochi torch launched as a symbol of peace.
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>> all friends all over the world are keeping their fingers crossed for you. we move to a developing story. prince georges county police have a sketch of a man wanted for two sex assaults. they handed out flyers. on the afternoon of october 29th, a woman was pulled into a wooded area and assaulted. same thing happened to a second woman a short time later. there's a story that's been getting lavl us in our newsroom talking, and a lot of others too. two people raising money on a crowd funding website to make a prototype of something they call antirape under wear. >> that expression has a lot of people puzzled as well. debra checked it out as well, and it's a horrible crime that strikes someone else every two minutes. >> reporter: the creators of this antirape under wear
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wouldn't talk to us on camera and don't give their last names on their fundraising site. it's up to you to decide. this has a lot of people talking and not all of it's good, and that can be an understatement. >> are we going to wear something over our mouths so that people don't force us to perform oral sex. >> reporter: strong words about a product touted for its strength. the creators say the underwear cannot be ripped, torn or pulled down. only the wearer knows the combination. >> we want them to feel safer on a first date or a night of clubbing. >> i can see this product being a major disaster where as opposed to getting raped now you're going to get killed. >> reporter: her list of what's wrong with all of this is wrong. >> the degree of guilt and sense of shame and responsibility just increases.
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it gives a person a false sense of safety. somehow there's an assumption that rape is about sexuality, rape is about intercourse. yet we know that rape is about so much more. >> reporter: anti-rape wear spokesperson says she narrowly ska epd ly -- escaped sex attacks twice. >> it's not going to be as easy for someone to get into your pants, that's okay? it's okay for someone to drag you into a vehicle or someone to throw you against against a wall, for someone to call you names, for someone to not take your no as a no, because they can't get into your pants. >> reporter: they say woe are committed to avoid fear mongering in the promotion of our product line. one could as well claim that all products marketed for safety or security exploit fears. >> it's not going to do it.
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that's not where our money should be. >> reporter: so far, they've raised 40,000 toward their 50,000 goal. >> panties with locks. are they really making us safer? >> that's the question. and if you have to wear that, what have we come to? >> that's the thing, exploiting a woman's fear for profit? we've asked many of you on our wusa9 facebook page what you thought. barbara writes this item may well prevent rape but the culprit who is agitated because of his frustration will probably now kill her instead. here's one from melanie, she writes it puts the responsibility of rape prevention on women. should we wear these all the time? because most sexual predators know they're victims. >> anything that can deter a sex assault is worth having. great innovation. we invite to you join the conversation on the wusa9
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facebook page. here's another story with folks up in arms or maybe not. >> the government says you can say goodbye to transfats for good. wusa9's ken molestina on where the transfats are and where it's already extinct. >> reporter: washington dc has a reputation for being a healthy place, especially with all the organic options around town as to where to buy your foods. what better place to talk to about this fda plan than inside the whole foods. >> i think reducing transfats is a good idea. >> reporter: the fda's move is completely getting all the transfats from the american food supply. some companies have taken it upon themselves to remove it from their products. it's a popular idea among health conscious consumers. others don't agree with it. >> i think it's more government trying to exert more regulation
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and control. >> reporter: today's transfats are found in fried and processed foods. health officials say transfats are a health concern. they can raise bad cholesterol and are the worst for your heart. >> we can save about 7,000 lives and prevent about 20,000 heart attacks in this country every year. so that's why we think this is an important step. >> reporter: the institute of medicine tells us that transfats don't have any known health benefits to them and they say there isn't any safe level consumption for them. >> you eat the garbage, you're going to get sick. >> reporter: the fda says it will take the requirement for two months and set a timeline for the phase out. i'm ken molestina, wusa9. virginia's outgoing governor hosted the incoming governor. they both struck a cordial tone, despite of course being on the opposite side of the political
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divide. they want to work on issues like transportation and creating jobs. there is no disputing that a man with the name mark will be virginia's next attorney general, but whether his last name will be obenshane or herring, that is up in the air. check out how close this race is. the race is still fluctuating, but one is up by 777 votes. the electoral boards are dividing whether to count each ballot cast in that race. here's a headline from forbes, in the article, it states obama care lower the number of uninsured. chart 2 shows obama care does ths to lower the expenditure on health care each year.
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health gives low ball estimates. headline here, websites are continuing prices. according to the article, health doesn't give you the entire story. the website may show a lower price than what you'll end up paying, so here are three important factors that impact your final price. the first one, premiums based on your age. finally, any subsidiaries you qualify for. in case you missed it, brad paislyand carrie underwood had a little fun last night. >> hey, i think i need a doctor. >> do you have that obama care. >> obama care, what's that? >> oh, it's great. it's great. >> what is it? >> i started signing up last thursday and i'm almost done. >> for a look at these headlines and a full story, you can go to our website and check every day for the hottest health
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care headlines. could the affordable health care act actually end some marriages? one couple says they may be forced to get a divorce because they want to get health insurance. they met in '08 and met a year later so aaron could get health insurance. his wife lost her job so now they're without insurance again. >> after obama care is rolled out, we realized that we would save several thousand dollars if we got divorced. >> apparently, the couple together makes more than the $62,000 level that would qualify them for subsidies under obama care. but if they live together as unmarried individuals, they qualify for the subsidies and could save hundreds of dollars a month. the couple plans to look at every health care option they can before getting a divorce. we start in dc. police have arrested a man in yesterday's shooting of four people in northeast.
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51-year-old victor coaley faces charges of assault on intent to kill. no word on why he did it. the three men and one woman in that sooting are expected to recover. in montgomery county, this employee was arrested for bringing a gun to school. an investigation revealed steven lafferty brought the smith and wesson revolver into his office on his desk. he planned to have work done on it after school. while police were searching lafferty, they found drug paraphernalia, he's now out on bond. to prince georges, police want you to look at these guys. they have released pictures of two men wanted for three armed robberies. they were going after atms. they struck wednesday morning in fort washington. they drove away in a silver kia optima. you know we love the dumb dumb criminals. so we'll show you one guy who tried to imitate santa and get
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down a chimney. that never works out well, but we have video. >> interestingly, it never works out. >> stick around. we're just getting started. >> it's thursday and that means we have another restaurant alert. after tonight, you might think
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your food truck buys that fancy grub? they've got to get it somewhere. we spotted our dc food trucks loaded up at a virginia kitchen that was suspended for rodent violations. >> wait until you hear what he finds here on the walls. >> we start here in arlington, virginia, at what from the outside looks like a diner, but when we were here, those doors weren't even open. what was open, what looks like a large dc food truck operation. >> sir, please don't touch the equipment. sir, don't touch the camera. >> reporter: inspectors close argument's nails carry-out citing rodent droppings on the slicer. this man said they'd fixed all the violations, but to see, we'd have to wait a bit, so we did. >> hey, guys. guys, you said we could take a
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look in about an hour, it's been an hour. is that fine with you? >> we don't have no comments at this point, and this is private property. >> reporter: they did not allow us inside. on mac arthur boulevard northwest, inspectors cited palisades pizza bar for failing to venomize vermen. >> there's no certified food manager here right now. hello? i think he hang up on me. >> reporter: inspectors closed starbucks citing three violations, including a refrigerator and milk above the 41 degree maximum and no one certified in food safety. >> again, we're not allowed to answer questions. >> reporter: in soggy bottom on i street northwest, wendy's bon
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apteet and red lion, five violations, including rat droppings in the kitchen. inspectors closed roger miller restaurant citing 19 violations, including roaches and roach excrement on the kitchen walls. the owner said he'd let me in but not my camera, and while there, we saw lots of dead roaches and traps set by exterminators. but the good news, no live bugs. on lost knife road in gaithersburg, an investigation closed a store after five roaches ran out of the dish washer. >> that's a roach right there, and that's not dead. >> is that another roach there? >> reporter: the manager showed us pest control documents and said they are working on improvements. at the gallery on wisconsin
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avenue northwest, inspectors closed west wing cafe for no licenses. it was still ordered closed when we visited but we couldn't find the required health hazard closure poster anywhere. they don't indicate any action taken and don't respond to our questions. there's no placard here either, even though health inspectors require that sign to stay there until it passes reinspection and they believe it's safe for you to eat there. i'm investigative reporter russ petazik, wusa9. >> they have passed inspections and are back in business. if you want to know what establishments are being cited, follow russ on twitter or friend him on facebook. how tall is the washington monument. take a guess. what do you think. >> i don't know, 555 feet. >> you are a genius.
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a survey crew plans to find out whether it measures up or whether it's sunk into the ground a bit from the peak to the base. the number crunching will take a few weeks. never say i did not say a nice thing about you. >> i appreciate it. >> always watching, always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather. you know, derrick said this earlier, i don't know why it's going to take two weeks to crunch the numbers. 48 right now, that is the low so far today. relative humidity down there at 36%, colder and dryer air has moved in at 28. here's a look at the satellite radar picture combined. these were our showers earlier this morning. department amount to a whole bunch. a little bit of lake effect snow showers into pennsylvania. this peels out to the north of us so we're going to see clearing skies overnight and a ton of sunshine tomorrow. cold and bus stop tomorrow, temps in the 30s.
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could be some wind chills in the 20s early on. i think you'll need a jacket all day. cold and dry for high school football, plan on the 40s for temperatures and a nice start for the weekend. saturday looks sunny with temperatures close to average. overnight, clearing skies, breezy, cold and low 42. by morning sunshine, yes, but 30s and 40s and winds northwest at 10-20 and gusty. that will feel like it's in the 20-30s. 50-55 in the day tomorrow, and with the breezes it will feel in the 40s. so keep that in mind. 40s to start downtown, 46 at 9:00. should make it to 50 by 11:00 and low 50s by 1:00. but still with the breezes and will feel a little bit cooler. topping out at 53, near 60 on saturday. got the heart walk, so get to the mall, stats at 10:00, get there at 9:00.
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mr. bernstein is the emcee. ravens in town, temperatures again near 60. next seven days, we haven't changed anything. we have a nice day on veteran's day and a couple of snow flakes in the map tuesday. tell certainly be a cold stretch tuesday and wednesday and back in the 50s on thursday because it's november and it can't stay cold that long. >> is that a snow flake i see in the forecast. >> bring it. >> don't say bring it. >> bring it. >> i'm from detroit. bring it. >> minnesota's defense has official been renamed the land of 10,000 leaps. it was all rg iii in the first half. that picture tells a story of domination but did his defense let him down? we will tell you i
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now game on with dave owens live from the wusa9 cadillac sports desk. >> welcome back earlier tonight, if the redskins consider themselves a playoff team then darnit, they have to wip win
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this game tonight. here to talk about it is christine from usa today. this has been a melt down, my gosh. >> it has, dave. from that first half where everything worked, three touchdown passes by rg iii, just a magical start to the game, they come out after half time, fall flat. and all of a sudden washington's in big trouble. >> four sacs on rg iii. this guy, the picture is there. he's been neutralized a little bit, 50-60 yards. the redskins defense has done a pretty good job. if i would have told you he had 65 yards and christian ponder would be out, matt castle in, you would tell me, dave, they should be winning by 31. >> and minnesota is lousy, one victory this year. there is no reason for washington to lose this came and the fact they're close to potentially losing it, it's a
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sad statement because this is so winnable. it was there for the taking, they were playing great. and something happened, minnesota definitely played better, stronger defense in the second half. >> i love your point about rg iii. this has been his sharpest point of the year in the pocket, doing great things. >> exactly. he looked great and looked like the rg iii you want him to be. pierre garcon in the running game, and to have that nice balance with morris and the passing game. >> if they lose this game -- you don't want to get into hievl hypotheticals, but i guess you have to. but this almost signals a death nail for the season. >> it does, only because the nfc east is so bad would it not be that case, but, i mean, what a disappointment if they lose, if
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they come back and tie it here obviously, then it's overtime and it's fascinating, but washington has to win this game. this is a game you don't want to go to minnesota and lose to this terrible team. >> 34-27 is the score right now. the redskins are trying to get a late drive going here, but this would be a devastating, devastating defeat, no doubt, about that. it's always a pleasure to have you here. >> dave, thank you very much, very glad to be with you. >> before we send you to break, we have the high school game of the week. wood grove at louden valley, the high school game of the week. always great to bring those highlights to you on friday night. 9news is goi ready? happy birthday!
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wow, check out this crazy car chase. this is a white suv, looking more like a car to me, two women on the go who tried to run over a cop at a bank. they led police on a 40 minute chase over miami. you know that never works out. the driver finally pulls over, the woman was arrested. that is not an suv. i don't know who wrote that. >> it's not. >> here's a dumb dumb crook caught on camera. check it out. guy got stuck trying to shimmy down a chimney of a florida home. you could see the lone foot dangling from above the fire place.


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