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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  November 8, 2013 4:25am-5:00am EST

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it's going to be a bright but brisk friday across the region. 51 by noon. look at the winds out of the west, northwest 16 gusting 20 plus. the high today only about 53. we may see a couple of spots to 55 and then back in the 40s this evening. high school football, at least the winds are going to calm down but a chilly night on the grid "ron. we've got -- on the gridiron. we have some rain in pennsylvania, new york state, ohio trying to get into the mountains of west virginia. around here we cleared out for the most part and got on the chilly side. down to freezing in manassas. low 40s winchester toward cumberland. even down south we have tappahannock at 32. they were well up in the 50s yesterday morning. and 41 currently in annapolis. it's going to be a nice day, just breezy. you'll need the sunglasses and the jackets. hagerstown and cumberland not getting out of the 40s along with winchester. 53, 54 we'll be in that range
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here in d.c. let's turn it over to monika now for your first look of traffic on this friday morning. good morning, everybody. i've been trying to make some phone calls this morning about a bunch of construction that's been going on in virginia. mark you called me or text me, e-mailed me yesterday about construction in alexandria closing off the ramp from quaker lane to get on to 395. i made tons of phone calls this morning and i can't get the information about when that's cleared up. so if you're just heading out the door, be aware of that use your detour this morning, mark. dale city to woodbridge you're fine on to 95 in lorton, newington and springfield. we'll take a live look there on the northbound side where we're in great shape. the lanes are open and the hov lanes are clearing up right now. you can see the flashing lights at the top side of the screen opening up those lines as we speak. back over to the maps and this time on the north side. no issues to report on 270 out of gaithersburg, rockville, bethesda and we're in good shape on the beltway at the
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dulles toll road. two left lanes remain blocked with construction and the ramp to get on to the westbound toll road as well. sexual assaults in the military have jumped 46% in the past year. that's an alarming rate. >> that's over 3500 victims. tara mergener reports from washington on what some lawmakers want to do about the problem in the coming weeks. >> reporter: sexual attacks on military members jumped sharply over the past year. a new defense department report says 33,5 -- 3,553 members of the military reported being sexually assaulted this past fiscal year. annual astonishing 46% jump from 2012. the study calls that increase unprecedented. it's unclear if the jump is because more victims are feeling comfortable enough to come forward because such assaults are becoming more common or if it's a combination of the two. >> what we know from victims is they don't see an opportunity for justice. they see that their command may
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be bias against them. they may favor the perpetrator. they may favor pushing it under the rug because it makes the commander look bad. >> reporter: democratic senator jill brand has written a bill to take responsibility for prosecuting serious crimes out of the hands of military commanders giving that authority to military lawyers. 47 senators from both sides of the aisle have signed on to cosponsor the bill. but others agree with military leaders who say such a change could weaken the chain of command. >> investigations will be independent but at end ever the day if we let commanders off the hook, we have never solved a problem in the military without holding the commanders accountable. >> reporter: debate on the bill is scheduled to begin later this month. tara mergener for cbs news, washington. >> the number of sexual assaults in that military report also includes assaults on civilians by military personnel. prince george's county police going door to door passed out sketches of a man
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wanted for two sexual assaults. they say he is the man who assaulted a woman in a wooded area near the 6700 block of bell crest road last week. another woman was assaulted a short time later. if you recognize that man, you're asked to call police immediately. d.c. police now have a man in custody for wednesday's shooting on minnesota avenue. four people were hit. they are all expected to recover. victor cally is now facing charges of assault with intent to kill. police are still not releasing a motive. new york city did it in 2007 and now it looks like the fda wants to ban trans fats for the whole country now. the fda's commissioner margaret hamburg said that move will represent 20,000 heart attacks and 7,000 deaths in the united states each year. trans fats are often used in fried and processed foods to add taste and texture. they're in cookies, crackers and cake m.c.i.s. the agency will collect comment -- cake mixes.
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the agency will collect comments for two months before setting a phasing out timetable. there are now signs this morning indicating talks between the united states and iran are progressing. secretary of state john kerry is flying to geneva today to take part in nuclear negotiations with iran and other countries. the last-minute decision by kerry could mean iran is close to accepting a deal to curb its nuclear program in exchange for more relaxed economic sanctions. secretary kerry will first meet with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu before heading to geneva. d.c. council members aren't the only ones talking about a hike for the minimum wage. senator harry reid says he wants the federal minimum wage to go up as well. many republicans are on record as opposing an increase. the they believe it will help
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eliminate jobs. congress last approved a federal minimum wage back in -- wage hike back in 2007. after nearly 20 years of proposals, the senate passed the employment nondiscrimination act. the bill make it is a crime for employers to discriminate against gays and transgender americans. the legislation has been introduced in nearly every congress since 1994, but the chances of the bill becoming law are slim to none because speaker john boehner has signaled he will not bring it up for a vote in the republican- controlled house. 4:32. there is a controversy brewing over maryland's so-called rain tax. governor martin o'malley signed it into law in april. >> the goal is to collect as much as $18 billion from property owners over the next decade to pay for widespread environmental projects. basically to clean up polluted runoff but as scott broom reports, the revolve against it is really heating up. >> reporter: this isn't just a
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protest. it is outright defiance. there are some counties here in maryland that are simply refusing for practical purposes to collect this rain tax. and state environmental officials are ramping up to play hardball. the warnings went out this week to defiant antitax leaders in frederick county, maryland and caroll county, maryland. collect the rain tax or face $10,000 per day fines. >> what drives you nuts is trying to get someone with answers. >> reporter: elsewhere were angry taxpayers like jodi of oweddenton, maryland. >> it was all over the map as to why i'm paying $181. he's paying $120. she's paying $200. why are they all so different? >> reporter: she's being charged triple by anne arundel county because her single family home is on commercial. >> it seems ludicrous that you could look at these houses in this neighborhood and consider this nonresidential. >> reporter: these are the roots of a growing movement to repeal the new rain tax. social media seething with rage. o'malley and his sheep are now
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taxing you and me for god's work of providing necessary rain, posted one. the rain tax supported by governor martin o'malley imposed this year after the epa ordered maryland to come up with an $18 billion solution to this. polluted storm water, overwhelming waterways like the potomac, anacostia and chesapeake bay, billions of spending on storm water management projects like these are necessary to control it. >> the rooftop, my driveway, there's a front walkway. >> reporter: hard surfaces that don't allow water to soak in are targeted by the tax but it's up to individual counties to collect and the numbers are all over the place. commercial properties will pay by the square foot. most homeowners facing a flat fee. in prince george's a minimum size home will pay $41. in montgomery $73 but in defiant frederick county, it's one cent and officials in conservative carroll county are refusing to collect the tax at all. now the showdown is on. will state officials be able to
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force the defiant counties to force their taxpayers to pay or perhaps will the legislature step in and repeal the rain tax? in maryland, scott broom, wusa9. >> polluted storm water runoff from cities and suburbs and farms is now the leading cause of the lethal algae bloom that result in fish kills in the chesapeake bay. just a note next friday is the last day maryland homeowners can legally use fertilizer on their lawns. that is part of a new law designed to reduce nutrient runoff as well. well, they call it a super typhoon for a reason. it's slamming into the philippines right now with some of the highest wind speeds ever recorded. 195 mile an hour sustained winds, gusts up to 235 miles an hour. so far four people are dead, nearly 720,000 people have been evacuated. this is the same region where a 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit last month. an employee in georgetown
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preparatory school is out on bond this morning after he brought a gun with him to work. the investigation revealed that he brought a smith and wesson revolver to his office and set it on his desk. he said he planned to have it worked on after school. the gun wasn't loaded. it was in a hollister. while police were searching stephen lafferty, they found drug paraphernalia. schools are getting praise for their scores. the district in tennessee were the only state level school systems that showed increases over the past two years in all subjects and at all grade levels. education secretary around any duncan says d.c.'s teacher accountability program is identifying great talent in the classroom but much room to improve. district schools continue to lag around the national average and the gaps between the performance of white and black students are the largest in the nation. a plan to bring a movie theater to the area north of massachusetts avenue is in the
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works. the washington business journal reports landmark theaters plans to build a ten-screen movie theater as a development plan at new york avenue and m streets northeast. the theater will have a full bar, luxury reclining seats, reserve seating and a 3-d projection option. well, the redskins looked really good as they were going into half time last night but not so good when they walked out of town. >> can't have those drives and we can't let that swing the momentum for the rest of the game. it felt like we were in control. >> reporter: rough night against the minnesota vikings despite dominating many statistical categories. >> the redskins lost to the minnesota vikings 27-34. the vikings had one win going into this game. christian ponder left with an injury. rg3, 281 yards. the loss drops the skins to 3-6 on the year, the same record they had last year before they
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finished with seven straight wins to take the division. so there's a chance. >> there is a chance. the saints have to help the skins. they've got to beat dallas sunday night. keep fingers crossed for that. it is 4:38. twitter did not disappoint in its first day of trading on the new york stock exchange. wall street as a whole a little bit different story. that's coming up in gentlemen came's your money report. >> boy, does it feel like fall right now and guess what? seven-day forecast with flakes on it. indeed.
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4:41 on this colder friday morning. skies clear for the most part. chilly now. some 30s out there.
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we're getting into the low 50s. a few may make it to 55, sunny, breezy. tonight 40s for high school football and in the 30s for most areas by saturday morning. back with the seven-day forecast coming up in just a few minutes. right now over to monika with another look at timesaver traffic. the beltway north of town looks great right now. here it is at new hampshire avenue. lanes are open. it's friday morning light at 4:41. no issues to report basically between 95 and 270 and both of those corridors look good to the beltway. mike, back to you. time for the first your money report right now. twitter, the headliner. everybody was talking about it all week. shares of twitter surged more than 72%. it started out at $26 a share and jumped to a high of $50.09. at the height of the day it closed at $44.94. this values twitter at more than $41 billion. the rest of wall street did not have such a good day. the dow lost 153 points to
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finish at 15,593. the s&p 500 dropped 23 points and the nasdaq fell 74. the c.i.a. is paying big bucks to check out your phone records. the agency is paying at&t $10 million a year for access to vast databases of customer phone records. the report says at&t provides the spy agency with call data from phone numbers believed to be connected with overseas terrorism suspects. while most of the calls in question are made overseas, some calls to and from the u.s. are included in the data hall. because the c.i.a. is not allowed to spy on americans living in the u.s., the identities of those callers remain masked. many people are expected to fly over the thanksgiving hole holiday this year. an estimated 25 million passengers will fly over the 12- day thanksgiving travel period. that's one and a half percent more than last year. the 12-day period begins
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friday, november 22 and runs through december 3. airlines are also adding seats to accommodate the holiday demand. a team from new york is asking for money to -- a teen from new york is asking for money to back an invention. not everybody is in favor of it. we'll tell you more after the break. >> if you are headed out on friday night football for high school, howard has the first alert forecast
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lots of things going on in weather, most in the philippines but here we're anticipating a little snow. >> we may get our first bout with wintry weather next week. we're talking tuesday night, wednesday period right now. it's way out there. i know we mentioned a little bit yesterday but it's way out there. no reason to freak out. oh, my god, snow in the forecast. a lot of things could happen. it might be a little more than
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that. a lot of things have to come together but six days out, we're getting some hints that at least the potential is there. i just want you to be aware of that. with that said, let's do this. friday weather time. the day planner calling for sunshine and a chilly day. we'll be 50 by 11:00. not going to get much warmer than that. 53, maybe 55 with a pretty stiff northwest wind at 15 miles an hour. gusting toward 20, maybe 25 a few times. this evening as we clear out or see the sunset at 5:00 by the way, we'll be clear tonight, winds are going to drop off and it will be 40s for high school football. 30s most areas by tomorrow morning. look how much colder it it is right now than this time yesterday. we're down nearly 30 degrees from yesterday in the tappahannock area. 26 at pax river naval air station. more than 20 in gaithersburg. down to 20 in hagerstown so a much, much colder morning. the actual temps now down to 32. it was 61 yesterday morning at this time at tappahannock.
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now 32. it's 45 in culpeper. hagerstown is 39 with 43 in easton and locally we've got some 30s and 40s. down to 35 now at dulles. germantown almost at the freezing mark and 33 along with alexandria. over at andrews and upper marlboro sitting at 37. so heavy jackets needed this morning. great visibility under clear skies at national airport. 41. thankfully the winds are light at the moment southwest at three did you no not expect that to be the case today. expect a breezy day today. wind will also be an issue. in the 50s yesterday, the dew point. down to 25 now. there goes the front that brought us the midday showers. behind it we're clear but in the mountains the northwesterly flow picking up the moisture off the great lakes and gets a little bipt of a lift when -- bit of a lift whether it hits the appalachians. for us fairly quiet. expecting the rain and snow showers to stay up in the higher elevations north and west. we noon we're sun -- by noon we're sunny, looking good. the showers continue to pull
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away from atlantic. 5:00 sunset time, clear. a nice night for the football games. a little disturbance tomorrow is going to pass well to our north. they just had a few clouds to the equation. if you're going up towards pittsburgh, philly, new york, going to be a lot cloudier there i believe than d.c. areas south on saturday. temperatures tomorrow well in the 50s with a few more afternoon clouds than in the morning. then as we get into sunday, well, we're going to have that front coming through with that system. so sunday will be another coolish day but breezier behind that front, the next one anyway. i'm notice once again we're going to turn on the lake rain and snow machine it our north and west. around here, we start your weekend breezy and cooler, 53. maybe 55. 37 tonight. then tomorrow morning we're going to be starting in the 30s and 40s. the heart walk is going on downtown on the national mall. i'm emceeing the event. going to be down there 8:30 or 9:00. the walk kicks off at 10:00.
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still time to join us. 58 on saturday. breezy and cool on sunday, 60. ravens play on sunday, breezy. veterans day looks nice. there is where things get cold and unsettled. a lot of question marks how this is going to set up but wednesday's high may not get much above 40 degrees. let's go over to monika samtani. she's going to update us on timesaver traffic. thank so you much, howard. good morning, everybody. finally friday. it feels good. traffic is good as well. dale city to woodbridge on 95. southbound 95 in newington at backlick road, there is an accident. it involves a tractor-trailer but it's all on the shoulder and again that's subpoena on i- 95. we'll take a look at the northbound side in springfield. traffic moving well, very light. both main and hov lanes. this is the southbound side heading toward newington. remember the activity is on the shoulder there. let's take a look at our maps again and this time over to the bw parkway and route 50.
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no problems to report through cheverly. we're in good shape on the beltway in prince george's county heading southbound toward the wilson bridge and into virginia and alexandria the lanes are open right now. we'll take another live look, this time on 270 at falls road. no delays yet 109 all the way down to the split. back to you guys. >> thanks, monika. two people from new york had a lot of people talking because they're trying to raise money for their new invention. a prototype of something called antirape wear. >> debra alfarone checked it out to see if it was even real or could it actually be a deterrent to a horrible crime that strikes someone in the united states every two minutes. >> reporter: the creators of this anti-rape underwear and short itself wouldn't talk to us on camera and they don't give us last names on their fund raising site but their spokesperson would answer e- mailed questions. it's up to you to do. this has a lot of people talking and not all of it is good. that can be an understatement. >> are we going to wear something over our mouth so that people don't force us to
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perform oral sex? >> reporter: strong words about a product touted for its strength. the creators say the underwear and shorts cannot be cut, ripped nor pulled down. only the wearer knows the combination. >> we want to provide a product that will make women and girls feel safer when out on a fir date or a night of clubbing. >> i can see this product being a major disaster whereas opposed to getting raped, now you're going to get killed. >> reporter: this woman heads up counseling and advocacy at the d.c. rape crisis center. the list of what's wrong with this is wong-- >> is wrong. >> the degree of guilty, sense of shame and sensibility is increases. it gives a person a false sense of safety. there's a sense that rape is about sexuality, about intercourse yet we know that rape is about so much more. >> reporter: antirape wear spokesperson says the cocreator
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narrowly escaped sex attacks twice. they believe a delay like the ones clothing can provide could frustrate an attacker and help prevent a rape. >> it's not going to be as easy for someone to get into your pants. that's supposed to make you safe? it's okay for someone to drag you into a vehicle? it's okay for someone to throw you up against a wall, okay for someone to call you a slut, okay for someone to not take your no as a no because they can't get into your pants? >> reporter: online some suggest they want to profit off women's fear. but they say one could claim all products marketed for safety or security exploit fears. >> it's not going to do it. that's not where our money should be. >> reporter: so far they raised $40,000 towards their $50,000 goal. debrale take reason, wusa9 -- debra alpha reasonable, wusa9. a warning for women during pregnancy. a new study finds expectant mothers are at a higher risk
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for serious blood clots if they're admitted to the hospital during pregnancy for reasons other than delivery. that risk remains high in the 28 days after discharge for women who spend three or more days in the hospital. london researchers suggest doctors carefully consider this information when deciding which pregnant women should receive anticlotting drugs. new research finds more than 18% of young people in the u.s. have hay fever and children in the south suffer more. climate likely plays a big role especially since temperatures and the uv index are higher in the south. hay fever is common in the spring and fall but can last year round for some. do you think men or women are generally healthier? there's a new report out that says women are at higher risk for allergies, asthma and auto immune diseases, especially as they get older. genetics still play a role in this in determining who develops these chronic illnesses but experts say improved gender-based medicine
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could help benefit women and men. it's 4:54. let's look at the facebook question of the morning. here it is. what do you think 41% of office workers list as their favorite reason for going to work? >> is it a, collecting a paycheck, b, holiday parties, c, office gossip? give us some thought and post your response in our facebook fan page. we'll share some of your answers in
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4:57 on this friday morning. clear and cold. 30s and 40s to start. heavy jackets today as it's much colder than yesterday. got up to 6 a on thursday. by lunch time 51 in town but 45 winchester. this afternoon sunny and we're going to struggle to get much above 53 or so. i'll have more on the rest of the weekend forecast in a few minutes. right now here's monika with timesaver traffic. we're making some phone calls early this morning and found out that there were wind warnings on the bay bridge until 3:05 this morning. when the winds calmed and everything cleared up. it's a good ride out there eastbound. if you're planning to head here on 95, northbound and southbound, this is in newington, you can see traffic is moving well. it took a long time to get to friday but the good thing about this week, an end to negative political campaign ads in virginia. >> did we have enough of that or what? okay. so it was a great week. we're exhausted. we know you are too but we're
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going to push through friday and it's going to be great. let's take a look back. i kept looking at the clock going... >> your chicken salad has a more pizazz than a lot of people. >> back to ovechkin. he scores! welcome back, alex ovechkin. >> saw an opportunity to fly. got my wings and tried to fly. >> finally here's something fun. mike's giggling. >> there's only so much i can say here. i have to be careful. >> i was kind of blown away. come on, man, let the young fella live, you know. stay off his back. that's ridiculous. >> that is so cool. i want to watch that story. >> it's a situp. >> what a great night, everybody, huh?
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>> good night. good morning. thank you for watching wusa9 at 5:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. >> so sorry redskins fans. boy, it looked like you were in control going into the first half. all right, they're going to win. >> takes two halves. >> yes, it does. >> glad you're us with this friday, though. >> i turned it off at half time. >> you were shocked when you woke up. >> even on the radio they said something and then you never heard the score so that was the key. >> when we were driving in this morning, listening to the radio. >> didn't hear it. not good. >> they're always fast to tell you they've won. weather wise we're winning the weather battle. yesterday we had the showers. we had the yellow alert for a little while. this day and the weekend will be dry with temperatures getting a lot colder. here's a look at the day planner on this friday morning finally friday on this long week. noontime temps only in the low 50s. yesterday we had 65. it will be breezy, too. west, north west winds at times
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sustained over 15. that means gus, potentially -- gusts potentially 25. 5:00 p.m. is the sunset time today. central pennsylvania, moving into west virginia. we're clear here. it's 37 in dulles. centreville is 35. fairfax, dumfries both 34 and generally in the mid-30s across much of prince george's county, even north beach on the bay at 35. here the three-day outlook going to the weekend. 53 today. 58 tomorrow and 60 on sunday. let's check in with monika now, timesaver traffic on this friday morning. hey, monika. hey, howard. good morning, everybody. it's friday and that means it's light outside. there are no big deals to report. i'm so happy to say. there was a crash on the southbound side of 95 and in newington over at backlick road. everything is on the shoulder. you should be fine heading by


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