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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  November 8, 2013 5:00am-6:00am EST

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newington, springfield all lanes are open. let's take a live look in springfield where on friday morning generally speaking it looks like this towards 6:00 before things begin to load up. so you're in good shape if you're just now heading out the door and it looks pretty much like this on 395 as well heading right up to the 14th street bridge. southern maryland route 4, route 5, route 301, everything around andrews air force base to oxon hill on the beltway looks great. no problems on 295 heading north to the 11th street bridge. let's take a live look on the other side of town. here's the beltway at new hampshire avenue. no delays yet on the top stretch between 95 and 270. mike, andrea? well, it was some of the stuff that made fried foods taste so good, things we love to eat. french fries, donuts, many cookies, cakes. >> but many companies have stopped using trans fats and now the government plans to phase them out almost entirely. delia goncalves has more from our satellite center.
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good morning, delia. >> reporter: good morning, andrea, mike. i noticed, mike, you were a little excited, you had a little enthusiasm in your voice when you were listing all the foods that have trans fats. [ no audio ] microwave popcorn -- this ban the fda says is going to take some time to implement simply because the companies literally have to come up with brand new recipes. trarns fat comes from -- trans fat comes from partially hydrogenated vegetable oil and is in most fried foods and frozen pies, pop correspondent, refrigerated biscuits. in many cases it not only improves the flavors of those foods but extends the shelf life. but here's the bad news. trans fats raise bad cholesterol, lowers good cholesterol. the centers for disease control says it leads to heart disease and thousands of deaths every
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year. >> i think it's good. >> we could save about 7,000 lives and prevent about 20,000 heart attacks in this country every year. so that's why we think this is an important step. >> reporter: it's not all bad news. there is some good news in regards to trans fats. many fast food chains have already eliminated it from their fast food and the big apple did it a long time ago. there's also other good news. how has all that removal of trans fat affected our overall health? i'll let you know coming up in a half-hour. back to you. >> i'm going to put you on the spot. did your mouth water when you saw the video of those donuts? >> reporter: it looked pretty good. >> thanks, delia. see you in just a also bit. >> glazed donuts. just about 5:04. prince george's county police now say they have a sketch of a man who is wanted in two sexual
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assaults. officers handed out flyers of that sketch yesterday in the chilham community. on october 29 a woman was pulled into a wooded area along bellcrest road and assaulted. a second woman was assaulted a short time later. if you recognize this manual, police would like owe this man, police would like to get a call from you immediately. he brought a gun on campus. now an employee at georgetown preparatory school has been arrested. investigators say stephen lafferty brought the smith and wesson revolver into his office, placed it on his desk because he planned to have work done on it after school. the gun wasn't loaded but montgomery county police say they also found drug paraphernalia while searching lafferty. he is currently out on bond. well, the opening of the $1 ten million silver spring transit center is being pushed back yet again. montgomery county executive ike leggett tells wusa9 contractors have repaired everything after a series of major design and construction flaws. now all that is left is to pour a new top layer of concrete.
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but the temperature needs to be above 45 degrees for about six weeks for that to work. leggett says the county will go after the companies who contributed to the delay and he expects the facility to actually be open by next spring. >> if it warms up in time. it is 5:05. time for the latest your money report of the morning. >> jessica is in the newsroom with the headlines. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, mike, annual dray ya. -- andrea. good morning to everybody at home. twitter has the juice with the red hot ipo performance. the rest of wall street didn't have a very good day. the dow plunged by nearly 153 points. it starts this morning from 15,591. the s&p 500 was off by 23 points. nasdaq got hammered, down by 74 points on the day. shares of twitter, they were up more than 72% in their debut on the new york stock exchange. the stock sale now values twitter at more than $31
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billion. that's nearly as much as yahoo and only slightly less than craft food. now comes the hard part. the company has never turned a profit so now it has to deliver to shareholders. a gay rights victory in the workplace 20 years in the making. the senate has passed the employment nondiscrimination act. this bill makes it a crime for employers to discriminate against bay, bisexual and transgender americans. the legislation has been introducing nearly every congress since 1994 but the chances of the bill becoming law are slim. speaker john boehner has signaled he will not bring it up for a vote in the republican controlled house so we're going to continue to watch this story for you. >> what's going to be the headline in the next your money report? >> well, the economy is looking a little bit stronger. that's good news but i'm going to tell you why it could actually be a little problematic for some investors. we'll talk about that. >> jess, thank you. 5:07. one of the most powerful
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hurricanes ever recorded is hitting an island in the pacific today. we'll have more on that coming up. >> plus, the president says he is sorry regarding his part of the health care reform law and what's gone wrong with it. >> ahead in sports the redskins found themselves down a touchdown in the closing minutes of the game. could they succeed in the two- minute drill? we'll have those details when we
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temps this morning, some are more than 25 degrees colder than they were this time yesterday. heavy coats out there. it will be dry. no rain concerns or precip concerns till the middle of next week. here's a look at your forecast for this friday. expect a chilly start. 30s and low 40s this morning but sunny, breezy, chilly this afternoon. most of us are going to stay in the low 50s. 40s, though, tonight for high school football. 30s by saturday morning. back with the seven-day forecast and, yes, there's some flakes on the seven-day. i'll explain in just a few.
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right now monika with timesaver traffic. we're in great shape right now all around town. all the interstates in good shape to the beltway. once you're there no problems to report, for example here near georgia avenue. no delays on the outer loop as you head into silver spring. lanes are open on the top stretch of 495. andrea, mike? >> thanks, monika. 5:10. here's some of the things we're looking at this morning. one of the most intense storms ever recorded blasted ashore in the philippines this morning. they call it a super typhoon. sustained winds have been clocked nearly 200 miles an hour with gusts approaching 230. so far four deaths have been reported but more are expected and forecasters are predicting catastrophic damage. airports across the country will hold a moment of silence to honor the tsa agent killed a week ago at los angeles international airport. security check point operations will stop at 12:20 p.m. eastern time, the time herrardo
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hernandez was shot last week. president obama is apologizing about the problems with the health care reform law. in an interview with nbc, the president said he is sorry that millions of americans are having their plans canceled despite many assurances from him earlier that he would be able to keep them. the white house has said those forced to change plans may get some subsidies to offset the increased costs. we have a cool weekend on tap but plenty of sun. >> next week may feel like an early case of winter. howard is very excited about that. snow flakes in the <
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5:14 on this friday morning. finally friday, the weekend ahead. what can we look forward to? >> dry weather. it will be unseasonably cool, nothing too terrible. we talked about the snow. there's a little bit of chatter going on. >> i'm excited about it. >> a lot of things have to come together. this may be a very minimal thing here tuesday night into wednesday, maybe our first flakes of the season or if things come together, could be a little more than that. tuesday night, wednesday, that's the time period i'm focused on right now and it's a long ways out and a lot has to happen for it to come together. this morning a definite chill has returned. we hit the mid-60s yesterday. want to give you the afternoon day planner. we have sunny skies expected. we're starting in the 30s and
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40s. 52 by 1:00. not much warmer than that, 53, 54, somewhere in that range we should end up with the high but with winds out of the northwest and west, northwest 15, at times gusting over 20 it's not going to feel even that warm. then this evening high school football going on. by 7:00 in town 47. low to mid-40s in some of the cooler spots with winds really starting to die off here as we head toward midnight and going to be a quiet, quiet overnight period and a cold one. much colder this morning. we're down 28 from yesterday in tappahannock. we're down 20 in hagerstown and frederick and easton right now from yesterday morning at this time and 15 degrees colder here in d.c. with a reading at 41. it's 36 in frederick. 30 in manassas. fredricksburg 34. freezing in tappahannock and across the bay a couple of low 40s from easton and cambridge. on our weather camera, good visibility this morning. nothing upstairs. the air is dry. boy, the dew points have come down in the 20s. sign of the drier air moving
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in. you can see how the cold has plunged all the way down. atlanta upper 30s. it's colder in peach city there than it is here in d.c. it's 34 in lexington. that cold back into the midwest as well with chicago 31. nashville is 33. they have 30s in central alabama this morning with clear skies. you can just see just by the radar how that's moving. these winds, these west, northwest winds coming across the lake, picking up some moisture. in the colder, higher elevations the rain showers turn to snow showers from new york state in toward pa park back to ohio -- toward pennsylvania, back to ohio and michigan. around here there's hardly any significant weather moving our way. we'll get a few clouds coming toward us. this isn't going to pass to our north but in the afternoon on saturday, perhaps a few more clouds than in the morning. they'll clear out of western pennsylvania so if you're going to pittsburgh let's say or altoona for the weekend, you're going to see some clouds in the
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morning. more sun saturday afternoon and the system on sunday is going to drag a cold front through. what that is going to do is sort of kick out the winds again around here we're remaining mainly sunny. so the forecast got a chilly one today. high of 53. breezy and definitely cooler than yesterday. 37 tonight. upper 20s in the suburbs. that 37 is for national airport. tomorrow 58. winds will be a lot less south 5 to 10. seasonably cool. please come down to the national mall in the morning for the heart walk. that starts at 10:00. festivities kick off around 9:00. 61 by monday. good weather for the ravens and veterans day. this is the period tuesday night into wednesday, a strong cold front comes through. a little disturbance could be squeezing out our first flakes of the season. let's turn it over to monika, timesaver traffic. it's still early on this friday morning. if you leave now, a pretty good ride in. it is. it's a very good ride in especially on a friday morning. good morning, everybody. i'm happy to say i have nothing but good news for you here on
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66 and the dulles toll road. whether you're coming in from gainesville or manassas or sterling on the toll road all the way to the beltway. there had been construction overnight on the inner loop at the toll road and i do believe by now that is cleared up, especially on a friday morning. let's take a live look outside. on the nobody side or inbound side of i-66, you're going to be okay to the roosevelt bridge eastbound into the downtown area along constitution avenue. i haven't heard of any problems. let's go back over to the maps and this time to the other side of town. the beltway looks good. college park to silver spring. in good shape on 95. route 29 in from burtonsville, route 50 in from annapolis. let's go outside live one more time and this time inside the beltway route 50 at route 202 as you travel into the northeast corridor you're going to be absolutely fine this morning. mike, andrea? >> thanks a lot, monika. 5:19 now. redskins fans, if you went to bed happy at half time, everything was fine but waking up this morning is rough. >> we'll show you how washington fell apart in the
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second half. that's the only way to describe it coming up in sports. >> the question of the morning on the facebook fan page, what do 31% of office workers list as their favorite reason to going to work? is it a, collecting a pay cherks b, holiday parties -- paycheck, b, holiday parties or c, office gossip? >> facebook friend heather says c, gossip of course. that was my motivation to go to school, too. i didn't want to miss anything. we'll reveal the correct
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5:22. much colder out there than yesterday morning, some cases more than 25 degrees colder in the 30s to low 40s. we'll have the winds kicking up out of the west, north west at times gusting 20 to 25. as you head toward lunch time, you see the chill in the air. mid-40s hagerstown to cumberland. we'll barely be above 50 and not get much above the high this afternoon running only about 52 at 3:00. with a high of 53, maybe 54 degrees. good morning, everybody. last night was time to pull back the curtain on the redskins. hey, who are these guys? we are about to find out. if you're a playoff team, then you've got to beat the vikings, guys. simply put minnesota is bad. they are awful and they were ready to be taken out. let's head to the metrodome last night on thursday night
5:22 am
football. there's rg3 rocking it. peterson was rocking the world. an 18-year-old touchdown, early minnesota up. but then garcon makes it 10-7. griffin is hanging in the pocket like we like to see him. second half, everything went in reverse. christian ponder scrambles to get to the one. doesn't score. gets injured. never came back. adrian peterson scored on the next play. then the offensive line just dissolved. a couple of sacks by minnesota. redskins had one more shot, down the stretch. gordon can't hold on to it. drop it is in the end zone. last chance for the redskins. santana moss cannot toe tap it and wouldn't you know it. take a look at the replay there. so close and yet so far away
5:23 am
from a victory. the redskins leading 24-14 at the half. they lose 34-27 in minnesota to the 1-7 vikings. the redskins now fall to 3-5. wow. redskins lose in minnesota. that's your morning sports. have a great day, everybody. well, minnesota's hockey team was at verizon center last night. alex ovechkin scored his nhl leading 13th goal in the first period. but down one in the 3rd, marcus johann seen got the goal to send washington into overtime. then the shootout. the caps goalie -- [ inaudible ] a game-winning save. two college football matchups last night. number six baylor easily downed oklahoma. number two oregon fell to fifth
5:24 am
ranked stanford 26-20. the ducks had problems handling the cardinals' physical play. a stronger u.s. economy may actually be bad news for some of us. we'll tell you why coming up. >> the government makes a move to phase out the use of trans fats in almost all of our food. we'll see how that goes. 5:25. is the traffic going as well? here's monika. >> a highly used road for a cut through and right now it's closed down between the georgetown pike and -- [indiscernible] you want to use spring hill to old dominion as your alternate route there. we'll be back with more news, weather and
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>> good morning. welcome back to wusa9. 5:29 on this friday morning. happy to tell you that. i'm androane. >> i'm mike hydeck. i'm thinking of donuts and pizza because we're talking about trans fats this morning. i'm starving. good morning, monika. how are you? >> good morning. i'm great. >> howard, how are you, buddy? >> we can do pizza without trans fat. i think about pizza a lot. i'm with you. good friday morning. it's cold. you're going to need hot coffee or something to get you going because we've dropped temperatures in some cases more than 25 degrees from yesterday morning and it's going to be a cold, breezy to windy friday, at least the sun will shine brightly. we've got temperatures which will be climbing by lunch time from the 30s and low 40s only into the low 50s. they're going to stay there. high about 53, 54. winds northwest 15, gusting at times over 20 and back in the mid-40s by 8:00. had a little front come through
5:29 am
yesterday with midday showers. northwesterly winds this morning behind it picking up the lake effect moisture and there's the lake moisture to great the lake effect rain and snow showers. so we're just talking about the cold temperatures right now. down to 34 on the bay in north beach. 33 in bowie this morning. freezing in white oak and germantown. manassas is our cold spot at 30. your weekend looks like this. 53 today. 58 tomorrow and 60 by sunday. come back in a few minutes. i have a seven-day forecast which has a little wintry weather on it. i'll explain when i see you again. monika samtani, good morning good good morning. i have this long list of incidents and i'm going to hold my paper in my hand this time so i get all the roads right for you. first of all if you travel out of mclean, you want to know that the road is shut down it georgetown pike and burrford drive because of road work. i'm subjecting you use springfield road and take it to
5:30 am
old dom minion as your -- dominion as your alternate route. everything looks good on 66 in from manassas but at gilbert's corner braddock road is shut down east of route 15 because of an overturned tractor- trailer. braddock road is shut down compleeptly east of route 15 -- completely east of route 15. follow me at monica at -- monika at 9:00 if you need more information on that. on the west side of town we're in great shape it 270 in bethesda and heading down toward tysons corner. let go back over to the maps and this time we'll head to the inside of the beltway. no problems on 66 or 395 as you can see if you are planning to head over to the northbound side of i-95, it's just beginning to load up here at the beltway. back to you, mike and andrea? >> thanks, monika. there could be key developments in a murder case against an arlington county sheriff's deputy. >> craig patterson is expected to go on trial next month in the may shooting of jeffrey
5:31 am
dawkins. it's believe patterson's lawyer will argue the shooting was in self-defense. today the judge will hear several pretrial motions. for many years nutrition experts have rallied against the harmful effects of trans fat. now the food and drug administration has taken some significant steps in eliminating most of the trans fat from the u.s. food supply. delia goncalves is live in the satellite center with who is already ahead of the game and there's a few people. >> reporter: absolutely, mike. mayor bloomberg of new york got a lot of heat when he banned trans fats in 2006 but now he's being praised as a trend setter. philadelphia soon followed and right here at home, montgomery county in maryland became the first county in the nation to ban trans fats in 2007. and they started a healthy trend. 10 fast food joints no longer have trans fats in their
5:32 am
ingredient listing, including wendy's and mcdonald's but trans fats are still in many grocery stores including microwave popcorn, prepared frosting and marge ridge. the food and -- margarine. in 2006 companies were forced to print details of the fat on labels and it made a difference. in 2003 americans generally eight 4.6 grams of trans fat each day and in 2012, get this, it went down to just one gram. still the fda says there is no safe consumption and new york mayor michael bloomberg says restaurants actually benefited from the move. >> they did not do what some people feared and that was to replace trans fats with something that was even worse. they replaced it with something that was better. and their business is better than ever. >> trans fat has long been recognized as a significant cause of heart disease. we're taking this action
5:33 am
because we think it's time to address and phase out the remaining uses of trans fat in the diet so that we can reduce the incidence of heart disease and deaths resulting from heart attack. >> reporter: of course they say the reduction of heart attacks and removing trans fat from our diet will save thousands of lives every year. 7,000 in fact people die from heart attacks every single year so we could certainly make a huge difference with just eliminating one ingreed yejts. the fda will -- ingredient. the fda will ask for public opinion for 60 days before implementing the ban. >> because they want to phase it in and not hurt business. u.s. park police will be flying one of their helicopters in downtown washington later this morning in skies that are very much usually off limits to any aircraft. it will be taking aerial photos of the u.s. capitol dome and the other buildings for the
5:34 am
architect of the capitol who wants the images of the dome before the restoration work starts. it will be flying pet low, too, between 800 and a thousand feet. tonight local leaders will be attending a tribute to a civil rights champion. maudine cooper is retiring. she's been in public service for more than four decades. the urban league is holding a ceremony in her honor in northwest. it starts at 6:00 p.m. donations taken at the door will benefit a legacy fund in her name. congratulations to her. she's been a frequent guest here on wusa9 over the years. it is 5:35. time for the latest money report now. >> jessica is back with more consumer news. jess? >> reporter: good morning, andrea and mike. good morning to everybody at home. here's the good news. the economy grew at a surprisingly strong 2.8% in the third quarter. the bad news is wall street is now worried federal reserve
5:35 am
might cut back on its economic stimulus as early as next month. as a result the stock market had its worst day since august yesterday. after 33 record high closes this year, more investors now believe the market is ready for a pullback. later today we're going to get another check on the economy when the jobs report for october is released. sorry to tell you star wars fans, you're going to have to wait a little longer for the next iteration of the movie chan choose. delay is delaying the release -- disney is delaying the release of star wars 7, the first new film in the saga since disney acquired lucas films for $4 billion last year. disney was saying it was going to release a movie in 2015 but now december 2015. it will give the creative team more time to work on the film and other merchandise will hit the stores just in time for the holidays. the lipstick line features
5:36 am
racy names like backstage bambi and underage red and one shade went a bit too far. celebyoutard, a slang term for a celebrity who isn't very smart. critics say it makes light of people with disabilities and then they started blowing up the lipstick name on social media. since then sephora has apologized and pulled celebyoutarred off the shelves -- celebutard off the shelves. it makes you thinking what were they thinking in the marketing meetings when they came up with these names? 5:37. a holiday tradition of giving starts this weekend. we'll have details on where you can pitch in coming up. >> today's movie reviews, including a new romantic comedy starring the
5:37 am
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5:39 am
many us in the 30s. gloves and ear muffs this morning. it's a lot chillier than yesterday. our forecast is calling for a sunny day. unfortunately breezy to windy day. west, northwest winds 10 to 15, gusting 20, 25. the high only around 53. back with a sunny weekend forecast in just a few minutes. monika? there is a crash in the local lanes near route 28 in rockville where only the right sowlder is getting by. again in the local lane -- shoulder is getting by again in the local lanes. just beginning to get heavy and steady on the southbound here as you head to the point where the lanes divide.
5:40 am
back to you guys. >> thanks, monika. join us on our facebook fan page to take a guess at the question of the morning. what did 31% of office workers list as their favorite reason for going to work? is it a, collecting a paycheck, pretty popular one i would imagine. b, holiday parties or c, office gossip? >> jennifer says all three. come to work to collect a paycheck, to give towards the holiday party and then gossip about it the next day. leave your thoughts and post your response in our facebook fan page. we'll reveal the correct answer in about an hour. if you're out shopping this weekend, you'll see a sure sign the holiday season is here. >> ding, ding, ding, ding. the salvation army kicking off the 2013 red kettle drive tomorrow. 250 kettles will be set up outside the stores in the washington area. most of them will be outside giant and safeway grocery stores. some other retailers are participating as well. last year the salvation army provided help to nearly 82,000 people in our region alone.
5:41 am
a salem anniversary has holocaust survivors talking about the modern day issue of bullying. we'll have more on that coming up. >> it started with one and now more snow flakes are invading the seven-day forecast. howard has the details coming up. >> it is friday, november 8. let's see who's celebrating a birthday today.
5:42 am
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5:44 am
5:46 this friday monk. okay, we were told -- friday morning. okay, we were told don't panic.
5:45 am
just one lonely snow flake one day. now a few more days, a few more flakes. >> just chances here. look, i'm going to tell you it's -- i'm not going to elyou it's going -- i'm not going to tell you it's going to snow for sure. yes, there could be snow next week. there. i've tweeted. >> there are a lot of upsides. there are so many bugs coming into the house because the warm weather comes in. >> it's going to get cold the middle of next week. there's a chance a little energy comes with the cold and that could squeeze out the moisture in the form of snow, not rain. we're talking six days from now, five days from now. a lot has to come together. watch it. it's good conversation. no reason to panic and freak out. some of you guys just go a little crazy with the mention of snow in the forecast. sunny today, windy to breezy. we'll have gusts over 20 at times and a lot colder. temperatures only topping out in the low 50s this afternoon and with the breeze, it won't even feel that warm.
5:46 am
right now we're 37 in frederick. down to 30 in oakland. that's 24 in davis, west virginia by timberline. 34 in fredricksburg. 35 over at andrews and gaithersburg 37. locally we have a few spots freezing and below. bowie 32 along with white oak and manassas, the cold spot at 30. 36 in ashburn. outside on our michael & son weather camera, great vinlt. no problems -- visibility. no problems this morning. no precip for the next several days. currently 41. at national airport right now the winds are light. west, southwest winds at 3. they're not growing to stay that way. this will be a breezy, windy day. humidity only 55%. so there's the front that came through yesterday with the showers well off to our east. with the colder air coming in off the lakes, now we're picking up the moips tur. we're -- moisture. we're squeezing it out in the form of rain especially the higher elevations. for us we're not that cold and we're on the other side of the mountainses. we're going to stay sunny and sunny most of the weekend. a few rain and snow showers
5:47 am
still going on lunch time here well north of us. as we head toward this evening, all is going to be quiet. good night for high school football. temps in the 40s this evening. we'll fall into the 30s tonight with a few upper 20s in the cold spots. the system tomorrow passing well to our north. we'll drag some clouds our way in the afternoon and a cold front through it so that by sunday although temperatures may abdegree or to actually warmer, the winds are going to be kicking on sunday. that is going to be the difference for the weekend. breezy, cooler today, 53. 37 tonight with upper 20s north and west. tomorrow 58 in the afternoon but 40'ish, low 40s for the heart walk on the national mall. hope you can join me out there. 60 on sunday, breezy and cool. for the terps and ravens games, looks fine this weekend ivelgt veterans day -- weekend. veterans day looks good. tuesday night some flurries or snow showers or maybe something more. we'll have to watch that still in the 40s, chilly next thursday. good morning, monika. i know we have some problems already out there some against the traffic flow. there's one on the
5:48 am
northbound side of 270 right north of route 28 in the local lanes. it's a crash where at one point only the right shoulder was getting by and now we have a problem in college park as well. in fact, i'm going to go straight to our live picture from sky 9. it's a structure fire. sky 9 just arrived blocking route 1 north of route 410 near guilford. this is all in the college park area or just west of and i'm suggesting that maybe you use riverdale road as your alternate route. keep this in mind for your travel plans, plea, and i'll keep you -- please, and i'll keep you posted on this situation. let's go back to the map and this time out to the west side of town where there are no problems here from manassas so centreville on the inbound side of i-66 but in dilbert's corner, brad -- gilbert's corner, braddock road is closed east of route 15. it's an overturned tractor- trailer. back to you guys. the holocaust museum is
5:49 am
marking the salem -- marking the salem anniversary. >> when there was no civilian outcry over the rampage, the nazis went forward with the holocaust. bruce leshan spoke to some of the survivors. >> reporter: crystal knock is ?aimed for the thousands of windows broken in homes, shops, and synagogues. nazi storm troopers and civilians burned hundreds of temples, plundered thousands of homes, and killed nearly 100 jews. >> and they smashed the telephone poles through our front door. >> reporter: 84-year-old susan and two other survivors relived the terror and lit candles at the holocaust museum in memory of the victims. she remembers she and her then 8-year-old brother were excited
5:50 am
because the next day was their mother's birthday. >> we finally had fallen asleep and then all of a sudden some bricks and rocks were being thrown through the window. >> reporter: she buried her head under the blankets. >> my brother who was a year younger than i am rushed to the window and he said it was our neighbor. >> reporter: your neighbors? >> my neighbor that were throwing the bricks and rocks through the window. >> reporter: so many holocaust survivors are driven to keep talking about genocide by the hope that their voices and memories will prevent it from ever happening again. >> if you cebullying or if you -- if you see bullying or any kind of prejudice against anything, don't join the group but also don't be an onlooker. >> reporter: never again and never forget. that is the central message survivors are sounding. three-quarters of a century after the world stood by and allowed this genocide to begin.
5:51 am
at the holocaust museum, bruce leshan, wusa9. >> the nazis rounded up 30,000 jews and sent them off to concentration camps. it is 5:52. we're following what's new this morning. secretary of state john kerry is flying to geneva to take part in nuclear negotiations with iran and other countries. the last-minute decision could mean iran is close to accepting a deal to curb its nuclear program in exchange for more relaxed economic sanctions. wall"wall street journal" says the deal could happen today. the pentagon is reporting sexual assaults in the military have increased by 46% in the last fiscal year. the defense department is hoping this does not mean more assaults are taking place but that more people are coming forward to report those crimes after changing in the way the military handles sexual assaults. singer chris brown is countersuing a man who accuses his entourage of attacking him earlier this year. no charges were filed in this fight which happened outside a
5:52 am
recording studio in west hollywood, california. brown still faces misdemeanor assault charges here in d.c. for allegedly punching a man outside the w hotel last month. well, the government is taking some big steps toward getting all trans fat out of our foods nationwide. that story is coming up. >> plus, it may be friday but we're going to talk about the god, the north god that thursday is named for and find out if the latest thor movie is worth [ snapping fingers ] man: for me... it's staying fit.
5:53 am
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it's friday. that means dennis moore is here to talk about a couple of new films out today. first up the latest movie featured thor. >> some believe there was nothing. they're wrong. there was darkness and it has survived. >> think things are bad now, the world is always under assault. good to have you with us. you saw thor. >> there are elements of humor in this. if you've not followed the comic books, it's essentially the megamaniac unleashes terrible destruction and the superhero and his sidekicks have to come in and rescue the
5:56 am
world. in this case the sidekick is a god of mischief and god of evil. so funny. there's a cult built around it now. so it's worth seeing just for his humor. >> what about our stars, though, his lady interest natalie portman? >> he's sometimes as cold as -- [indiscernible] he can wield a hammer. >> okay. he looks good doing it. it's one of those things where it's going to be for young guys and not for women? >> no, no, i think it goes across the genders because of the humor i mentioned and the visuals. >> and a good villain. our next movie is called "about time ," a romantic comedy starring rachel mcadams and
5:57 am
donald gleason. gleason's character discovers the men in his family can travel in time. take a look. >> i'm tim. >> i'm mary. >> my mother's name. >> i remind you of your mother? >> could you give me one second. >> i'm tim. >> i'm mary. >> i love your eyes. >> do you? >> i love the rest of your face, too. i haven't looked further down. i'm sure it's all fantastic. >> the reviewer who reviewed "thor" loved this. gave it three out of four fares. -- four stars. you saw this. do you agree? >> if you liked "four weddings and a funeral ," "brigette jones diary ," this is the kind of quirky british humor you'll enjoy. >> is this the same rachel mcadams we saw in this other time travel movie she did? >> she has a career built
5:58 am
around time travel. >> all right. so you would give two thumbs up to this one? >> i would. if you're in for a nice date movie, this is it. >> so this is like our chick flick and if you want some action adventure, "thor" is for you. >> right, both spectrums this weekend. >> good to have you with us. >> thank you. >> we'll turn it over to mike and howard. >> she's one of my favorite time travelers is all i'm saying. >> if you haven't seen "morning glory ," what's wrong with you? >> the lovely monika samtani will join us. >> i'm going to go see "thor." i wonder why. >> he might be handsome. >> you already have tickets from fandango. weather wise, we've got sunshine coming our way in the next little while. look at the sky here as lieu at eastern hor -- as you look at the eastern horizon.
5:59 am
a good glow on the eastern horizon but it's chilly. you'll need hats, gloves, maybe even ear muffs. a lot of 30s out there now. a breezy to windy day. gusts over 20 miles an hour at times. on our way to 53, 54. by 5:00 p.m. 50 and sunsets at 5:00. monday i'll be making it a nighttime panel behind the sun. there won't be a sun. it will be a cloud or upon or combination thereof -- or moon or combination thereof. clouds in the higher elevations and rain and snow showers now. for us we're clear and chilly. temperatures have really dropped into the 30s in most areas. some 40s still especially down in norfolk but these readings in many cases are some 15, 20 degrees colder than yesterday morning. right now 34 in reston. it's 33 in dumfries. good morning, monika. good morning, howard. i'm going to start with a live look from our sky 9 right now where there's ongoing fire department


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