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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  November 10, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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i love chalk and erasers. but change is coming. all my students have the brand new surface. it has the new windows and comes with office, has a real keyboard, so they can do real work. they can use bing smartsearch to find anything in the world... or last night's assignment. and the battery lasts and lasts, so after school they can skype, play games, and my homework. change is looking pretty good after all. ♪ change is looking pretty good after all. the captioning on this program is provided as an independent service of caption max, which is solely responsible for the accurate and complete transcription of program content. cbs, its parent and affiliated companies, and their respective
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agents and divisions, are not responsible for the accuracy, or completeness of any transcription, or for any errors in transcription. >> jim:the first one was just a short throw to thomas. he would get 70 yards after the catch. 74 yards in all. to open up the scoring in this one. this is exactly the way denver wanted to draw it up. get that late first half touchdown and then receive the third quarter kick. >> phil: what john fox likes to do. it suits their offense perfectly, too. in case they get that situation and they took advantage of it. >> jim: trindon holliday. brought down about the 22. there was some opportunities in that first half for san diego. got in the red zone and missed a
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fieldgoal, made a couple. but unable to push it across. >> phil: they were hoping the hold denver to fieldgoals but not themselves. think about this way, denver used the bye week they used it well. wanted to get their offense going a little bit faster and find more ways to get the football do t.o. demaryius thomas at the end of the first half we saw that fast offense. with a big first half. >> jim: moreno. he picks up eight yards. just fourth rushing attempt of the game for the broncos. manning had five incompletions that's all. and three touchdowns. giving them 32 on the season.
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second and two. again it's moreno bouncing off the line and chugging along for another five. you think john fox is able to sit back and of course, again, we know he's recuperating, he was released from the hospital on friday, he's in his charlotte home. >> phil: he wants to be here no matter how he feels. i know how he feels it's like a player being injured. >> jim: there's a catch by virgil green. >> phil: i just wonder, did he text or did he call somebody at halftime to maybe -- sometimes you and i talk about this. what you see at home sitting on the couch sometimes you can see things that coaches don't see in the game or announcers or whatever. i think he probably did have a little communication somewhere at halftime to the coaches.
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>> jim: second and six. he spoke to peyton yesterday on the phone. that's good for the first. and right at the 50. >> phil: there's so many options built in to this offense, it's a run play and it's a screen to the back side. he takes advantage of it. nobody is covering wes kill welker, the coverage is off he gets a blackout side by thomas. and picks up a first down. takes talent and put a really unique and awesome -- you can say that about this denver offense. >> jim: the rookie gets his first handle. and he powers ahead for four. in talking to john fox we mentioned it on "the nfl today," his first interview after being released from the hospital he talked with us also night. our whole team, you, lance, mike arnold. very good spirits, feeling really good about the recovery
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process. anxious to get back to denver in hopes that there's a chance he might be at his denver home by next week end. now to eight weeks expected recovery before he's on the sideline. second and six. another first down to the 35. it was interesting hearing john talk about how he had this issue with a valve in his heart and he's known about it for years. he was born with it. >> phil: not only that, after the surgery, what did he say, i feel so much better. of course you can understand it when your heart works better it's going to make you feel that way. had a lot of energy before this surgery, imagine what he's going to be like now. >> jim: he had only 54% blood flow through that artery. before the surgery. which came on monday in charlotte. first down and -- that was donald butler who had a great
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chance to take it the other way. thomas keiser helped influence that errant throw. >> phil: gets a little pressure, peyton manning. this is the play. it's a late hit. he got plenty of time to see it. it's what they called -- i said it, it's coached pagano defensive coordinator calls it the route. they have done it, it start with marvin harrison he through it so many times to him in indianapolis. now he's continued that trend here in denver to all the wide receivers. >> jim: longers they have had the football of any one drive. more than three minutes. demaryius thomas. to the end zone. what a move by thomas. they execute those screens so well. especially to the wide receivers. it's the blocking of the wide receivers and offensive line they have tremendous timing, they get outside make the blocks. watch it as they fake. look at chris clark goes out there, wes welker gets a block.
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that's a nice job by chris clark just engulfed the tackler. demaryius thomas how about that. he loves these screens, he says when the football is at my hand that's when i'm at my best we've seen that here today. >> jim: that's a three touchdown game for thomas. last player i believe to catch three touchdowns for a bronco is back in our studio, shannon. demaryius thomas. four catches, 80 yards, finds the little crease and takes it home for the third time today. [ female announcer ] you know things will always change. so you need an airline that can change a ticket without charging a fee. an airline that does more and asks less. where you need to be is just as important to us as it is to you. hassle-free ticket changes. just one of the many little things we can do to roll with you. if it matters to you, it matters to us.
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if it matters to you, it matters to us. >> jim: aerial coverage is provided by metlife. and the three touchdown receptions ties the denver record. yes, it was shannon sharpe ten years ago almost to the day. november 16th, 2003, against san diego. shannon had three touchdown game. >> phil: demaryius told us his legs are rested. i believe him. >> jim: this one bounces in to the end zone through the back and it's 28-6 san diego will
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take over at the 20. >> phil: let's look how they get this touchdown. they so many things to point out when somebody is in the backfield that doesn't belong there, look out he comes out. here goes the coverage, he gets a blitz. let's see that part of it. then i want to you watch the left tackle and the offensive linemen. and also look at the wide receivers down the field. decker, wes welker, pin their guys and look at these big guys. that makes defensive backs, they see offensive linemen coming full speed you have to get out of the way. when you move, demaryius takes the cut. they go untouch for the td. >> jim: from the gun. and five-yard completion to gates. they had a kneel down, chargers did right before the half. do you think last time the unit was out here trying to move the football they were inside the red zone down 14-6. of course missed the fieldgoal
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after a sack. now it's 28-6 as you see woodyard shaken up on that hit with gates. how fast it can change. time out on the field. honestly, i'm a little old fashioned. i love chalk and erasers. but change is coming. all my students have the brand new surface. it has the new windows and comes with office, has a real keyboard, so they can do real work. they can use bing smartsearch to find anything in the world... or last night's assignment. and the battery lasts and lasts,
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so after school they can skype, play games, and my homework. change is looking pretty good after all. ♪ change is looking pretty good after all. >> jim: san diego home to so many of our men and women serving in the navy and marine corps and just want to say today is 238th birthday of the united states marine corps, honor of veterans day, every point scored during the 32 salute to service games league will donate $100 to each of the nonprofit partners, the pat
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tillman foundation, uso and wounded warrior project. join the salute go to you see the station close by here. second and five. ten tackles for woodyard. mathews about a yard shy of a first. paris linen has come in at linebacker in place of woodyard. san diego offensive line has to push backwards trying to protect philip rivers. king dunlap is out, he's had two concussions this year. that's been a little bit of a problem. jeromey clary goes to left tackle. working on his neck.
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>> jim: third and one. rahim moore came over the top and made sure that gates did not get the grab. >> phil: excellent time, that was excellent by rahim moore. i said it wrong. d.j. fluker went to left tackle, clary went to right tackle. which he was last year. >> jim: third time in this game that chargers have been stopped on third and two or shorter. safeties will considerable hang time at the 20. it's 51 yard punt. huge game for demaryius thomas. as broncos have scored 21
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vo: great gifts, like the lg g2 at your ultimate holiday showroom. best buy. >> jim: back here, jim nantz, phil simms and all the crew. we wanted to send along our best to one of the great members of our cbs sports team for some five decades, bob welsh is recovering after recent surgery. we're hoping he'll be back with our golf team. he's recuperating right here in the san diego area, we love him. we're so proud to be his
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teammates. so many of the great shots through the years. first and ten run. monday ball getting a little work after moreno started the second half with two carries. ball now with three handles. >> phil: the san diego defense, let's find out what you've been doing is not working the style that's worked against this offense not a whole lieutenant but it's the pressure. >> jim: the fake. down the sideline. looks like the chargers have it. tourek williams. looks like butler may have recovered it. it is donald butler with the recovery.
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>> phil: timed the snap count perfectly. that's what is important. top of the screen, williams gets around chris clark that time. donald butler back in the line up, one of the players who can make plays to help you win. peyton manning did not feel him that close you see chris clark, john fox, what did he say, he's the best back up tackle in the nfl but good timing by williams. >> jim: how similar did that look to the robert mateys of peyton manning in indianapolis h? >> phil: almost add identical. you see the quarterback getting hurt, but really the throwing arm. you saw peyton manning, always worry about his arm. he got hit, fortunately for them he's not hurt. >> jim: short field for chargers. it's been a long time from the 11. brian mathews picks up five.
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>> phil: they block it perfectly. you can block everybody perfectly but the free guy, the safety, rahim moore came up in there, tough and aggressive and stopped it. >> jim: i see wesley woodyard right in the middle. the captain missed a little bit of time, shaken up back out there. this is the first time in 63 possessions san diego starts a drive on this side of the 50. second and five. waited for the signal. gave it to them from seven yards out danny woodhead. >> phil: really unbelievable catch. good read by philip rivers they designed this play to through to woodhead he looks like that time, he is in for the touchdown.
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nothing down, reaches in and he was almost caught off guard how quick the football came and how hard it was thrown by philip rivers. jim, once again we've seen him make a lot of good catches and runs in new england he's continuing to do it here. >> jim: woodhead now with 51 catches on the season. novak adds the extra point. all set up by the stripped sack by williams. recovered by butler. then rivers finds woodhead for the score. lcome to the gallery. how do you react when you first see this? it looks kind of like a dancer? reality check: some 4g lte coverage maps don't really look like maps. seems like maybe... a bunch of berries. this one feels more empty. what do you see here? clearly a picture of the united states. check the map. verizon's superfast 4g lte is the most reliable, and in more places than any other 4g network. i should switch to verizon immediately.
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but every time he's come over this year...we've won. i love you, ramsey. [ male announcer ] bud light. for the fans who do whatever it takes. i love you, ramsey. >> jim: chargers haven't had many short fields because they haven't forced many take-aways. they were last in the league coming in with take away points. they got seven this time. >> phil: last in the league in negative plays by their defense. >> jim: holliday. kicks it in gear, contact at the
6:23 pm
24. 28-yard return, fifth lost fumble of the year for peyton. again, from the back side blindsided, not that time against jacksonville. but in washington there were a couple that got away. of course today a moment ago, didn't see williams coming after him. >> phil: when somebody different is in the backfield this time it's julius thomas in there. wide receivers go back there. >> jim: moreno did not squeeze between a couple of players and it is set back two yards. >> phil: good job by laurence guy getting it in the back field.
6:24 pm
>> jim: you see king dunlap going to the locker room, starting left tackle for the chargers. second and 12 -- moreno. >> phil: te'o on the tackle. he said what a difference from college to the pros. the information, learning all of it. number 50, reads it pretty quick this time, he said he's getting the hang of all this now. understanding and reacting much faster than he did his first couple of starts. >> jim: third and three. >> phil: on the job training. >> jim: looked like he stepped back, are they going to give him the forward progress for four and a first. julius thomas. >> phil: good point, jim. as he catches the football.
6:25 pm
he moves backward himself. >> jim: you might want to challenge that. because you could get him off the field if you're san diego. >> phil: i don't think you can challenge forward progress that's where they marked it where he caught the football. had he not made the move op his own. >> phil: he had it easily. >> jim: second and six. that time andre caldwell trying to get in the reception department drops that one. now third down coming up again for denver. >> phil: just to clarify, not challenge forward progress, that
6:26 pm
is a decision and adjustment. see if they keep -- they played pressure defense they are having success. got it now where defenders are close to the wide receivers. >> jim: third and six. shareece wright was on the coverage as peyton was going back to demaryius thomas. >> phil: well done by the san diego defense. demaryius thomas good job of staying with the play because even though he's covered well by shareece wright he stops the interception. eric weather was there waiting for the catch. >> jim: keenan allen will be back to receive the britton colquitt punt. aaron brewer will snap it back.
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[ male announcer ] ask your doctor today >> jim: the down ton skyline of san diego. the chargers trailing in this one, third quarter. scored the last time. defense just held the broncos. flags are out right on the snap. the ball is thrown incomplete. in the direction of eddie royal. >> referee: offside. defense, number 95 lined up up the neutral zone. five-yard penalty. repeat, first down. >> jim: these two quarterbacks today are high energize no matter where you see them on the field, in your production
6:30 pm
meetings. >> phil: everywhere. this is who they are. they want to be in charge. i think this offense, both of them perfectly run the same type. they want to go out there make audibles, tell everybody what to do. philip rivers has blossomed he has had terrific career but this offense is awesome for him. he -- >> jim: on first and five. mathews for just a yard. >> phil: jim, you said something when both quarterbacks come in to talk to us each week before the game. philip rivers and peyton manning, they even talk fast. and they're moving -- philip rivers his leg shakes the whole time. >> jim: he's nervous with you sitting there. >> phil: just how they are. remember, they got to do this all during the week and walk throughs and practice then they got to carry to the game. it's a lot of energy, they both have it. >> jim: second and four. show have been caught. that was antonio gates had mike
6:31 pm
adams behind him. >> phil: it's a tough catch but one you expect antonio gates always to make. and philip rivers once again a free runner coming right him he takes a hit as he throws the ball. talk about little tight ends, we've seen it the last few weeks right as they break, they get just that little push off, good separation. big opportunity missed that time by the offense. >> jim: now third and four. >> phil: the left tack earl -- tough assignment gets von miller. >> jim: first down with keenan allen. talk about philip rivers, he and peyton both two of the best that we meet with at any time this is great throw by rivers. had first and five had they walked off the field without having the chains on this drive would have been a huge let down
6:32 pm
for them. >> phil: you're right. both of them, when we talk, we meet with them, they love to just keep talking football. for you and i and guys in our business, it's a lot of fun when you meet guys like that. >> jim: he is wrapped up right away. that was von miller. next saturday the home depot sec on cbs will feature georgia and auburn. verne lundquist, gary danielson, tracy wolfson will be there. the studio crew on hand at 3:00 next week with the college football today on cbs. von miller on that last tackle. second and 11. a first down to keenan allen. >> phil: good job getting rid of the football quick, i like this by the offense.
6:33 pm
how about the left tackle, let's watch fluker, now gets shaun phillips, he gets fooled but still strong enough and such a big man that he can push phillips inside let philip rivers throw it. good job switching sides. the energy by this offense. >> jim: they sack him back at the 35. shaun phillips and von miller. phillips a long time teammate and close friend of rivers said he was hope topping get a chance to get in on his old teammate one time at least. >> phil: he got it done. why did he get back there because when you see tight ends and running backs blocking the pass rushing linebackers, if you want to call that, shaun phillips, von miller, tough situation to be in. you can't always have offensive
6:34 pm
linemen against the defense and linebackers rushing the passer from the outside. >> jim: that was a loss for ten. >> phil: game changer. >> referee: delay of game. offense, five-yard penalty. remains second down. >> jim: shaun phillips he had a big career here in san diego playing here from '04 until also year. second in team history in sacks. with 69 1/2. >> phil: jack del rio said we got him here in denver, had to learn hour way to do things, he's done it and being more productive. >> jim: second and 25. mathews unable to make something out of nothing. picks up four. another player down. i believe it's troutman the
6:35 pm
offensive lineman. his line has taken a hit with dunlap out. >> phil: he's going to hang in there. >> jim: they need him. >> phil: yeah, they do. seen it too many times this year. steelers had five offensive linemen out in the second half of the game against the jets. >> jim: third and 21. underneath for basically two yards, that's it. quinton jammer as jammer and fields the former charger. >> phil: quintin jammer number 2, this is what i like about this denver defense. i've said it they make the mistakes but here it is, third and long. no zone, no let them get yards maybe run with it. tight man coverage. put him in position where they have to punt.
6:36 pm
>> jim: there was no pressure. still able to send it down to the 20. a flag thrown in on the back end of this. darrell stuckey was flying through the air was trying to down it. >> phil: side judge with the hat off did he illegally go out of bounds, first one to touch the football. >> referee: fouls against both
6:37 pm
teams on the play. that created option for the receiving team. >> jim: there's jack del rio trying to get an understanding. >> referee: during the kick, holding, receiving team number 36. also there's foul for kicking team member being out of bounds, number 25. denver has exercised the option to replay fourth down. >> jim: that last series by the chargers they will punt it once again on fourth down after having scored previous time they had the football, that would have been really huge if they could have gone down the field and scored again. >> phil: what it was, you try to always go back and second guess, you can't second guess they just got beat physically.
6:38 pm
when that happens there's nothing coaches can do. their decisions mean nothing now. >> jim: and holliday at the 13. that decision to rekick ended up costing them six or seven yards. 49 yard punt. inside the mind of a quarterback every monday on cbs sports knelt work as phil, rich gannon, street steve beuerlein and adam shine go all through the weekend in the play of quarterbacks. here is a look at our quarterback comparison today. >> phil: there you go. both of them really playing solid football today. peyton manning, my gosh, what a solid, just another average day, 296 for touchdowns. philip rivers under much more duress, still solid, not made a big mistake keeping his team in the game. >> jim: from the 13. slip out of the tackle take it up for about six.
6:39 pm
in the last minute here of the third they're still going to hurry back to the line. >> phil: this is what they are. this is not time to think we can milk the clock. that's not how they built this offense you have to keep going. >> jim: incomplete. manti te'o who helped jar it out. >> phil: what a difference watching him today. he is near the football, around it more than i've seen him in the previous game. like he told us yesterday, starting to get the hang of it, recognizing all the plays and situations, apply it to the field. >> jim: third and four. >> phil: he likes to do those things. then he can make the proper plays for what he's expected to do. >> jim: ball up in the air, incomplete. decker was the target. cox on the coverage.
6:40 pm
>> phil: i know i got all the answers up here but if you just casual fan, if you notice when they don't have success, little pressure that time, it's late against peyton manning. but when they don't have success throwing the football it's because of this. it's tight coverage at the line of scrimmage and it carries down the field. wes welker did a good job fighting off derek cox but can't make the catch. >> jim: two straight series now they forced denver to punt. and allen will set up san diego at the 40. after 40 yard punt. you can see, monday night on cbs sports network and then wednesday night on showtime with "inside the nfl" the show the pros watch. what's wrong with tuesday night? >> phil: i got to take some time to do that research. you know i was quoting you last week on monday qb because we were talking and it was about
6:41 pm
the seven touchdowns by nick foles the first question to chip kelly, who is going to be his starting quarterback next week. i just thought that was funny, you told it and i repeated. >> jim: first down run, only good for nothing at all. of course they came back today won at green bay, foles at quarterback. >> phil: just want you to know -- >> jim: thanks for working me it. >> phil: i am listening to you. >> jim: might get one more playoff here before the end of the quarter. no. they're going to advance it over. each team with a touchdown in the third. 28-13 denver. back after this message and word from your local station. you're watching the nfl on cbs. ard to say no to the opportunity of a lifetime.
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even if it's five hundred miles away. there's a lot to figure out. new city. new job. new bank. a friend recommended suntrust. because mobile banking lets me manage my money how i want, when i want. so i can make the most of my new life. and focus on all that's ahead. with every suntrust checking account, it's easy to avoid fees and go mobile. suntrust. how can we help you shine today? >> jim: they played third quarter to a draw. denver's the highest scoring third quarter team in the league. highest scoring fourth quarter team they have scored more points in the second half than
6:44 pm
21 teams half scored on entire season. but now it's san diego with the football. to start the fourth quarter. over to mathews and not letting go the trevathan. >> phil: kevin vickerson back there not only to him a guy like philip rivers, i stalked about it has been so good at moving up in the pocket they are not allowing him to do that today. >> jim: third and eight. down the field.
6:45 pm
caught by gates. rivers dropped it in there perfectly right over the top much chris harris, junior, pick up 24. >> phil: what do you want to call this chemistry. gates, number 85 to the left. but it's only a three-man rush. ends up being a two-man rush and philip rivers, veteran quarterback, they know right away when it's a three-man or four-man rush they know when it's three they're going to have extra time that adjustment by gates was outstanding. i got to think jack del rio not going to call that defense again. >> jim: from the 34. that will go in the books as a sack for knighton who has made a couple of plays behind the line. wolfe was applying pressure. >> phil: forget jack del rio had number 94 knighton in jacksonville, they are proud of what he's doing here now. that was good work by him against troutman, rivers finally gets to step up.
6:46 pm
nobody open to throw it to. knighton in shape, making plays. look at that big body you get the ideas. >> jim: second and 13. woodhead takes it to about the 31. nate irving ends it after six. >> phil: couple times when you watch denver's defense they get blocked but linebackers are all fast indene recover to stop plays to a minimum. >> jim: kayvon webster shaken up. he's going to head to the sideline. webster the rookie out of south florida. took in the third round has been seeing his playing time increase. champ bailey inactive again
6:47 pm
today that foot not fully recovered. there's champ. two games after missing early part of the season reinjured the foot. third and seven. and a flag is out. >> referee: illegal snap. on the center. five-yard penalty. remains third down. >> jim: it's no play. the break for san diego. >> phil: i guess what they're saying maybe a false start that he faked the snap then did it. you don't hear the call too often illegal snap but it was a good break for the san diego chargers. >> jim: snapped back to him by the back-up rich ohrnbergerer
6:48 pm
not hardwick. >> phil: right tackle and left tackle now. >> jim: third and 13. the ball is caught by royal. eddie royal. >> phil: philip rivers hung in the pocket he makes a perfect throw. number 11. eddie royal they try to pass it off. chris harris makes a mistake. thinking somebody deep is going to take him, they do but just coming too fast. there's no way you can make that reaction if you're rahim moore. no starters at their original position right now. >> jim: third and 0. and goal to go. to the end zone.
6:49 pm
almost caught by gates. but they draw a flag. >> phil: was the football tipped? >> jim: denver already been flagged twice with pass interference. there you see del rio is saying, he saw what you saw. if it's against denver then san diego will be set up at the one. >> referee: pass interference, pass was tipped in the end zone prior to the contact occurring. second down. >> phil: pass interference. it is tipped by woodyard. so that negates pass
6:50 pm
interference by adams. >> jim: look at the play, gates almost even having ball change direction almost able to ream it in off the back of adams. back at the seven yard line now. second and goal. collision at the two he holds on. moore and trevathan. >> phil: what a job by woodhead. they run a little pick, rahim moore this is four down territory by all the charger fans are going, wait, we saw this last week in washington. and you're down score 28-13. you have to think -- definitely four down territory. >> jim: they have struggled every time they have had it right at the doorstep including
6:51 pm
last week against washington. time out called by the chargers. third and goal coming up, a yard away. [ bird chirping ] ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] build anything with the new toyota tundra. toyota. let's go places. ♪ the meeting's starting now, guys. ♪ good night. [ male announcer ] at&t knows you don't want anything to come between you and your new iphone.
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>> jim: snap coming from the one. two of 11 plays from the on this year they scored on. that's it. they're going to run for it. driving over the pile is mathews. they give him the touchdown on the second effort! that will be closely examined. if it holds up it's the first rush touchdown by san diego in a home game in almost a year. >> phil: tough to run right up the middle against this defense. he's in there. what a job, nice effort. he kind of turned his body and found a way to get across the goal line. >> referee: time out on the field for injured player. >> phil: moving stunning -- it's hard sometimes jim to run those type of plays against denver. >> jim: 56 at the bottom that have pile, nate irving, injured. >> phil: nate irving is the one that looks like gets in there makes the tackle. that's who they're going over.
6:54 pm
after last week was there any doubt that they were going to run that football that time at this defensive line. that stance, no of course that was four down territory. only bad thing is, the fact game management that they didn't get the right guys in there and they had to call time out. >> jim: of course too early to go for two. if you do the math on it. everybody would know you wouldn't want to leave yourself nine down if you failed so you go ahead get yourself in one possession game. >> phil: book says go for what. all books don't tell the truth. >> jim: if that's what the book says, take the book and burn it. seriously, who in the world go for two with 10:42 to go in the game. >> phil: here is why you don't think of going for two. you want to continue the game. in other words, you want to at least have the denver offense and team think about, they are only one score down we have to
6:55 pm
keep pressure on the issue. if you went for two did not get it that takes a lot of pressure off of the denver football team. i would say continue the game, make the other team make plays. >> jim: let me add that's not -- exactly a "new york times" best seller that book. because 32 out 362 nfl coaches would be kicking the p.a.t. right here that's what we're going to have. >> phil: they put that up to get you riled up. that was good. we love that. >> jim: it's a one possession game. 28-20. take a cold drink of water. ♪ ♪ ♪
6:56 pm
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or difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. the captioning on this program is provided as an independent service of caption max, which is solely responsible for the accurate and complete transcription of program content. cbs, its parent and affiliated companies, and their respective agents and divisions, are not responsible for the accuracy, or completeness of any transcription, or for any errors in transcription. >> jim:so the chargers have put up 14 unanswered. suddenly make this compelling at 28-20. a year ago they were the ones who squandered a halftime lead.
6:58 pm
holliday has been contained so far today. how about some of the early action around the league. jacksonville gets the first win of the season over tennessee. and the lions beat the bears. the bears tried to tie it in the last minute, failed on the two-point conversion. and in overtime, after seeing a 17-point lead squandered, the ravens able to beat cincinnati as things are getting very tight in that afc north. how about who would have ever imagine the st. louis would go in to indianapolis and beat them by 30. moreno for about three. i'll have to say afc west. coming in to the year everybody knew kansas city would be improved but does this division has the best if you will win
6:59 pm
percentage in football. >> phil: incredible to watch. we thought -- before the season might be the worst of it. >> jim: mark it at the 29 very close to the first. looks like it's going to be enough for one. >> phil: nice little pass rush this time by the broncos mixing it up. i mean for the san diego chargers they're mixing up their pass rushes. they are moving around and it's getting good pressure on peyton manning.


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