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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  November 12, 2013 4:25am-5:00am EST

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county now. it's 20 degree -- garrett county now. it's 20 degrees colder in pittsburgh right now. it's coming. this will be the warm part of the day. the cold front will blast through. we have a chance for rain or snow showers. even midday a pass of rain or snow shower. a peek or two of sun this afternoon. temperatures will drop and hold steady in the 30s and 40s. i know it's mild now but grab the heavier coats. you'll need them. you see this band of snow from around binghamton and scranton. just about into morgantown and garrett county. we have a little line of showers, light ones off to the south and east of washington now. garrett county seeing some of the snow showers moving in. there is winter weather advisories in the high country. maybe 2 to 4 inches of snow. around here a couple of wet streaks down south this morning. very light stuff there. temperatures are still up as we said. 51 in town.
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45 leesburg and gaithersburg. i don't know why there are salt trucks on 270. i have tweeted the state highway and they haven't gotten back to me. that seems crazy to me. grab the heavy coats. you'll need them in a few hours. >> good morning, everybody. i was pleasantly surprised at the temperature right now at least and the road conditions are great. no issues all over town. there had been construction, for example, southbound 95 over in maryland at 195 and then again near 19 # but things -- 198 but things are pretty much cleared up for the rush hour. river road at goldsboro, a pretty bumpy ride. they're tying to repave the road there. 66 is in great shape from manassas, centreville, fairfax. the toll road from annandale to springfield, the lanes are open. right now no delays a to 395 and the 14th street bridge. we're going to go back to the maps and the north side of town
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looking good from college park to silver spring. 95 as i said construction pretty much cleared up for the morning. here's southbound at montrose road. a few people out and about but no delays yet to the point where the lanes divide. it may be another blow to the affordable care act today. later the government will release a report showing how many people have signed up for the health insurance. it appears fewer than 50,000 people have signed up under the website, that according to "the wall street journal." a far cry from the 500,000 people the obama administration had hoped to enroll in the first month. as if the affordable care act didn't have enough problems, now scammers are capitalizing on the confusion and stealing their identities. >> it can even lead to a life or death situation. debra alfarone has what you need to know so make sure you don't get taken. >> reporter: it could start with a phone call or knock at the door. in the next minute and a half,
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learn how you can avoid being scammed. >> health care fraud has taken over my life. >> reporter: call him the anticonman. he spends days, even days off working against the coalition against insurance fraud in d.c. >> they can clean you out. these are dangerous scams. >> reporter: if you doubt even for a second how serious this ises are think about this. this type of health care scam can even kill. >> if crooks steal your medical identity, a wrong blood type, their blood type too end up on your records. you're rolled into the emergency room semi conscious, you get the wrong blood type, this is life or death. >> reporter: here's three ways the criminals are reaching out. >> crooks are calling people and saying hey, you're supposed to register for the affordable care act. all they need to do now is give me your credit card number, give me your bank account number and your routing number and we'll sign you up and we're
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good to go. >> reporter: look at the seemingly credible health care site. this one and now this one. the one thing they have in common, they're all fake. >> they look like an exchange site. they act and feel like one. they use the word "exchange" in them but they're not exchange related. there are private sites trying to gather information on you. >> reporter: lastly the old knock on the door. >> they're shady navigators beginning to hit the streets. people are showing up trying to charge you money to enroll to help them -- help you enroll in the programs. >> reporter: beaware of any e- mails you get. for more information you can go to debra alfarone, wusa9. the official death toll in the philippines is over 1700 at this point but it is expected to climb somewhere near 10,000. the numbers keep changing. we are starting to get a sense of the widespread destruction from typhoon haiyan now as we see some of the first images of the storm.
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>> the philippines ambassador to the united states sat down with ken molestina to talk about this natural disaster, about what it's like being so far away when the people back home are dealing with such tragedy. >> it's only when you see these photos, then of course the videos have been coming out on various tv stations and you get a pretty good idea of the kind of devastation that took place. >> reporter: there are images that the him ambassador has burned into his mind. the destruction is widespread and the death is present in almost every corner of the philippines region off the leyte coast. thousands of lives are feared lost. >> i was staying optimistic. unfortunately the figures are much, much higher. i don't even know if the 10,000 is going to be accurate. >> reporter: fairfax county battalion chief is with task
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force one, a rescue team. he's in the philippines and spoke to us by phone. [indiscernible] >> reporter: food, water and shelter are needed for the survivors. google is launching their google person finder, a high- tech crisis tool being used to match family members throughout the world with their displaced loved ones in the philippines. one thing is for sure. help is coming from all over the world. >> the people are very resilient and will be able to overcome these challenges. >> 22 nations, including the united states have committed to help with recovery efforts. they've already mobilized troops and aid efforts but it's too soon to tell how long it will take to get the people of the philippines back on their feet, especially since they're dealing with a small earthquake this morning and ootd storm crossing -- and another storm crossing the island. lawyers for the man police say is responsible for the
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boston bombing will ask a judge to ease restrictions placed on them. they say there are administrative measures impairing their ability to defend him. those measures restrict access to mail, the media, the telephone, and visitors. oral arguments are scheduled in u.s. district court at 10:00 this morning. police are puzzled as they try to figure out how and why a man in alexandria died. the 69-year-old man was found by a relative in alexandria's rosemont neighborhood on elm street. police say they're going to wait for an autopsy result before they rule whether or not this is a homicide. police call him a sexual predator who has been victimizing young men for years. now 38-year-old joe poindexter of gaithersburg is off the streets charged with sexually assaulting a man he met at a bar last month. police believe this is a pattern of behavior that's been going on for 'some time. they plan to release his picture and provide nor details coming up later today.
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the exchief of the air force's sexual assault prevention office will be in court for allegedly groping a woman in male. he was originally charged with sexual battery but now is being charged with assault and battery. he grabbed the woman's breasts and buttocks outside a bar. he was removed from his post with the sexual assault prevention and response unit after his arrest became public. two fairfax county school employees are under arrest accused of stealing from their schools. investigators say poe middle school principal sonia swansburg and annabeth any speed falsified time sheets for their gain. they are charged with embezzlement and money laundering. 117. that's how many votes separate
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the two candidates running for attorney general in virginia. mark herring has the razor thin lead over republican mark obenshain. yesterday county electoral board met to confirm the votes. if the difference it the candidates remains less than 1%, the loser can ask for a recount. a popular restaurant business owner is throwing his hat in the race for d.c. mayor. and yay this la is expected to formally announce his candidacy this morning, the owner of busboys and poets but is going to make the announcement outside of ben's chili bowl. he's a supporter of current mayor vincent gray but no longer wants to make for mayor gray to make a decision about whether he's running for reelection. eric holder will be one of many attending a memorial service for tsa officer who was gunned down at lax airport.
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services for jerardo hernandez will be this morning at the los angeles memorial sports arena. a gunman pulled an assault rifle out of a bag and started shooting tsa agents killing hernandez. the miami dolphins faced the tampa bay buccaneers on monday night but the biggest story happened before the game. prior to ckoff, dolphins owner steven ross told the press he was appalled by the allegations surrounding his team. richie incognito is suspended indefinitely from the team after he was accused of bullying fellow teammate jonathan martin. he plans to meet with martin tomorrow to hear his side about what pushed the lineman to leave the team and seek counseling. by the way they lost last night's game to the previously unde-- unwinnable -- the winless tampa bay buccaneers. not a good game at all. how is it for hackers to find out the pin number to your
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cell phone? that's coming up in jessica's your money report. >> i hope it's not that easy. it's warm now but that is changing rapidly. howard says in the next couple of hours, temperatures are going to drop
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4:39 on this cloudy and mild tuesday morning. it is going to get cold pretty quickly around here. right now we're running around 50. temperatures by 9:00 are likely to be in the low 40s. not much movement from that. a couple of rain showers or passing flurries will be possible with a little sun later this afternoon. gusts in hagerstown up to 30 miles an hour headed our way. dress like it's january.
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i'll be back with the seven-day in a few minutes. over to you. >> thank you so much, howard. here's the beltway on the north side of town. traffic is moving smoothly here at new hampshire avenue. there are no problems on georgia avenue, route 29 heading for the beltway. 95 in good shape in from baltimore where all construction has been picked up along the route to laurel and 495. back to you guys. 440. time for the first your money segment of this tuesday morning. >> jessica doyle is here with the headlines. shopping season is almost here. >> good morning. it's the greatest time of year for some of us. maybe the retailers, too, but we'll get to that in a second. investors will be looking to the big department stores to get a better sense of consumer confidence as we head into the all more than holiday shopping season. macy's, kohl's, wal-mart, nordstroms, all of them will report their quarterly earnings this week. it was another record day for the dow on wall street. the dow rose 21 points, small gain, but enough to close at
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15,783. that was another record high. the s&p 500 was up by about a point and the nasdaq was pretty much flat on the day. the holidays may be merry for you but maybe not for all the retailers. predictions from morgan stanley suggest that sales grow during the fourth quarter -- growth during the fourth quarter shaping up to be the weakest since 2008. retailers are expected to roll out steep price reductions in response to attract more cups hers so you want to keep your eyes out for lots and lots of deals. and wal-mart is trying to boost its sales. the world's largest retailer says it will open its doors for black friday at 6:00 p.m. on thanksgiving. this is two hours earlier than last year. plans to stagger holiday deals throughout the night and into black friday. it plans to increase its stock of tvs by 65%. and double the number of tablets for sale that weekend. changing gears now,
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resemper at the university of cambridge found a way to hack into your phone so the bad guys action. they say there's -- guys can't. they say there's a secret way of entering the -- record the pin number you're entering. they suggest ways the programmers can close the loophole and fix the problem and enhance the security. the research is meant to discover and exploit cybersecurity before criminals can do the same thing. we're glad they're out there doing it for us so we don't have to change our passwords over and over again. that's scary that they can be watching us through our cameras. >> it's proactive but from your suggestion i added the pin to my phone. >> i did, too. >> i'm hoping it's not all for naught. >> as long as it's not 1111 or 1234. one texas politician is embroiled in controversy for the way he won his position.
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after the break we'll tell you how his perceived race had something to do with it. you might see a flake or two outside. don't get too expied. howard -- excited. howard says it's not going to stick. he has the first alert forecast coming up next.
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gldz it's 4:45 on this tuesday morning, mild comparatively speaking now but the cold air is coming. are you breaking out the bread- o-meter? >> no. a couple of flakes here and there. it's too warm. i'll still waiting for state highway maryland to tweet me back. i don't understand why i'm watching salt trucks on the roads when it's 50 degrees outside. we only have a couple of showers or snow showers coming. western maryland is a
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completely different story. you're out of garrett county, the mountains of west virginia, two to four inches of snow. that's normal but around here it makes no sense to me. cloudy skies this morning. we have a couple of sprinkles. as the cold air comes in, we'll have a couple of flurries or snow showers. no big deal. maybe wet roads around here briefly from those flurries and snow showers. the bigger deal will be the cold coming. we'll drop to the low 40s a couple hours after sunrise and stay there all day long with a stiff wind out of the north, northwest in the 15 to 20 range. we're going to have gusts 25, even 30 miles an hour like we've seen in the past hour toward hagerstown. in the cold air there's snow in west virginia, southwestern pennsylvania to northeastern pennsylvania where the air gets cold enough. we've seen a couple of very light sprinkles, showers if you will show up by us. there's some of the snow into garrett county. i was checking oakland reporting quarter mile visibility so it's blowing around there. cumberland, some of this will
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probably sneak in toward you as well. arp here, this to the south it's fairly light. i think intermittent wiper stuff in most of these areas across southern prince george's county, down through charles county, across the river toward colonial beach as well in the northern neck. just some light sprinkles there but the cold he evidence on the temperature ma'am, you see temperatures in pittsburgh 30. it's freezing in williamsport and cleveland and columbus. even snowing in cincinnati a little bit this morning. got a meteorologist friend there posted a picture on facebook. we're still in the 40s and 50s here. that cold front just getting past frederick and martinsburg where the winds are starting to shift northwest. hagerstown gusts to 30. cumberland down to 37. we're still 46 in manassas. 48bwi. 52 in easton. right now the winds are light, too. not bad at all. speaking of the winds, there are those gusts. i have to draw the front past win chester with a gust to 24. it's moving past frederick will
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be toward urbana in a few minutes and the winds down south are south and southwest ahead of the front. on our weather camera, cloudy skies over d.c. early. 51 degrees. winter calm. these temperatures are going to drop pretty quickly once that front pushes through. you can certainly see in the bigger picture the snow, this band of snow with the arctic boundary that we're looking at. thankfully not a lot of snow cover on the ground so this air mass is being modified as it moves south and east. look what happens to the batch of snow by 8:00. a couple of sprinkles, lots of clouds, maybe a flurry or snow shower or sprinkle. that's it. this afternoon isolated rain and snow showers down south and some late clearing moving in from the northwest but the chill that's coming, that's what you've got to prepare for. while it's in the 50s now, low 40s this afternoon, and it will feel like it's in the 30s with the wind. just a chance for rain or snow shower, no big deal. windchills, that's a big deal. 30 tonight in town. mid-20s north and east. tomorrow 45, feels like in the
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30s with the wind chills but by thursday, milder, 56. friday upper 50s. the weekend, a chance of a shower here and there saturday and sunday. i think the best chance will be monday but temperatures will be comfy in the low to mid-60s. monika, good morning. >> good morning, howard. good morning, everybody. i'm happy to say that not only is it mild out right now but the roads are in great shape as well. i'm very happy to tell you if you're planning to come in on 270, gaithersburg, rockville, bethesda, potomac, everything looks good, all the corridors through those areas except river road at goldsboro where the pavement is pretty rough. they've been working on the road there for quite some time. no lanes are blocked but rough pavement through the area in bethesda. let's go over to a live picture. no problems to report here on 270 from montrose road down to the point where the lanes divide. coming in from frederick you're going to be just fine. southern maryland, all of your major corridors are fine. there are no issues heading to the beltway. looks like a tiny bit of slow
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traffic forming leaving pennsylvania avenue into oxon hill area but once you're beyond that, you're okay across the wilson bridge into alexandria. we're going to take another live look, this time northbound 395 in shirlington to the 14th street bridge. lanes are open. very light volumes across the potomac river. all the anacostia crossings are fine as well. back to you guys. >> thank you, monika. it's 4:50. less than a week after winning a local election in houston, texas, one candidate is already embroiled in a racial controversy. >> dave wilson is a white republican. his critics are taking issue with his campaign statistic to win in a district that is mostly african-american. doug miller explains. >> reporter: on election night as some campaign dates celebrated -- candidates celebrated victory, not many people noticed a campaign shocker. that's dave wilson, an antigay activist and sort of political mischief maker who put his name on the ballot. >> i had always said it was a long shot. no, i didn't expect to win. >> reporter: he ran against
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this man, houston community college trustee bruce austin who voters elected and reelected for 23 years. >> i was rather disgusted. >> reporter: disgusted by something that turned up in voters' mailboxes. most of the voters in the district are african-american. wilson sent out a bunch of these direct mail pieces implying he's african-american. his flyers depicted smiling african-american faces. the word said please vote for our friend and neighbor dave wilson. the pictures he admits were just lifted off the internet. >> all of these supporters are african-american. >> what a coincidence. >> reporter: the flyer said he was endorsed by ron wilson. no, not the former state representative, the fine print says ron wilson is dave wilson's cousin. >> that's correct. we are. >> you really have a cousin named ron wilson? >> yes. >> reporter: did they ellen divorce you? >> yeah. i called him up. bloomfield, iowa. >> reporter: in a heavily
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african-american district, wilson won by 26 votes. >> i don't think it's good. i don't think it's good for both democracy and the whole concept of fair play but that was not his intent apparently. >> reporter: austin has said he'll ask for a recount but in an era of electronic voting, political analysts think wilson's victory will hold despite his deliberately deceptive flyers. >> that was doug miller reporting. wilson has denied all the claims of what seems to be-- >> obviously voters still voted against a guy they had put in 24 years and they know him. note to self: read the fine print. it's 4:52. the possible side effects of major brain injuries. a small british study finds people who suffer a extra mat ig brain injury are more likely to have plaque deposits in their brains. those deposits can increase the risk of alzheimer's disease. researchers looked at 15 people
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who suffered head trauma. the plaques appear just hours after the injury and have seen in patients of all ages. a new study finds male high school athletes are more likely than other kids to be prescribed opiate painkillers, very powerful ones like vehicle continue and oxycontin and then that can lead to abuse. researchers at the university of michigan were surprised to find out the same does not hold true for female athletes. boys who wrestle and play football are more prone to serious injury. time for our first look at today's question of the morning. according to a recent survey, what is the least romantic place to propose marriage? is it a, home, b, the office, c, a sporting event? >> maggie said if i ever proposed at a sporting event, she would get up and walk out. give it some
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4:56. cloudy skies a. couple of sprinkles south and snow in garrett k. it will have a tough time making it out of the mountains. we'll drop in the upper 30s and low 40s. we're 50, 51 in town. we'll take you to lumpleg time. a little -- lunch time. a little clearing in hagerstown. windy, cloudy and cold. temperatures not moving much this afternoon. bundle up. no big issues to report i'm happy to say in springfield on the northbound side of 95.
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all the hov lanes have been open so you're in good shape coming in from dale city right on to 395 and up to the 14th street bridge. back to you guys. you're driving and not supposed to use your phone without one of those ear pieces but they're kind of clunky and not fashionable. one company has found a way to make it look cool and legal. >> google has applied for a patent so your phone is similar to a barcode on your neck. mike sugarman shows how the new technology would work. >> hello. i'm talking to you hands free. look at this. you can hear me. i have my hands on nothing. all right. on television maybe that's not such a big deal but on a phone, that would be a big deal. google has just applied for a patent to allow you to talk hands free, ear piece free, too. it's called the google tattoo. >> the idea actually is for you to be able to communicate as if it was a headset.
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>> reporter: it's called a tattoo but it's really a bunch of numbers on a sticky substance that you put on your neck and your voice is transmitted through your throat to your bone. they say it can help in loud, private places. what do you think this is? >> oh, the google, is that the barge? >> reporter: the barge? no, not the barge. we tried to explain it to jane collier of rock springs, wyoming. you don't have to use your hands on the phone. >> are you using it right now? >> reporter: no, it's a piece of scotch tape. >> it's not going to have a number like that are. >> it will. >> too much like concentration numbers. >> if they filed for it, seems they already have -- [indiscernible] >> reporter: their audio will be better than our skype phone. just because it's patented doesn't mean you'll see it. here's a 12-gauge golf ball that had been patented.
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uses an explosive charge as you hit the ball. a baby cage. the insomnia helmet, strokes your head while you try to fa asleep. how about snow scapes. probably sounded like a good idea at the time. now the google tattoo. will it end up in the dust heap of pa tents or will years from now we can't imagine a world without it? we'll have to get back to you on that. >> that's pretty funny. >> i have to applaud that story. >> i never thought of that association with the holocaust. too cyber. >> you don't want a chip implanted? >> no. just don't talk when you're not supposed to. listen to us. good morning. thank you for watching wusa9 at 5:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane and the cold air is hours away. good morning.
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i'm deck dk. she's owe i'm mike hydeck. she's monika samtani. >> wind gusts 20 to 30 just like winchester a few prince ago. loudoun county, montgomery county, it will be knocking on your door in the next few minutes actually in the northern part of those counties. looking outside here in d.c., a quiet, cloudy morning. we'll -- we're going to drop 10 degrees between now and 9:00. noon we're not going to see temperatures move much. cloudy, windy, 42. gusts 25, if not 30. then some breaks here late this afternoon as temperatures fall to the low 40s, drop 235 to 30 -- drop 25 to 30 tonight. snow has been falling in ferret k and a couple of rain showers to our south. here's garrett county north and west with the light snow blowing around. the cold air is into cumberland. hagerstown starting to see their temps drop. snow showers between newland


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