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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  November 12, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> in 30 years of police work, he has never seen a case like this. and they have yet to analyze his computer. >> bruce, thank you. there's another shocking story to tell you about. alexandria police are investigating a homicide of one of the four most experts on transportation issues in the d.c. metro region. police tell us ronald kirby was gunned down on veteran's day. you're looking at video of him from the past, obviously, he was head of transportation for the metropolitan washington council of government. wusa9 is live in the alexandria neighborhood where people are just stunned, mola. >> very quiet neighborhood. police have been in and out of ronald kirby's home all day long. he was found gunned down, shot to death. multiple gun shot wounds yesterday afternoon. alexandria police chief says kirby was found by a relative.
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he was seen alive earlier in the day, actually, according to police. but right now, authorities are not saying where he was seen or by whom. considering kirby's high profile status, he spent 30 years as a public servant and all things in the d.c. metro region. one of the first questions, did that have anything do with his killing? was he targeted? right now, it is too early to tell, they are not eliminating any of the possibilities. everything is on the table. chief cook says his detectives understand the high profile nature of the case, but that does not change the way they investigate. >> all of our homicides, protocalls are exactly the same. our job is to expend all of our resources in bringing some justice to this, by hopefully arresting the individual responsible. >> chuck being the executive director of the council of government says his colleagues were devastated upon finding out that kirby had been killed. kirby was a key figure in
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countless local and state transportation issues over the last 27 years. in alexandria for wusa9. >> really consider it a guru of transportation issues who could take complicated stuff and distill it down so the layperson can u understand it. alexandria police tell us this is the city's fifth homicide of the year. there were none in 2012. tracking inconvenient weather where you live. wusa9's first alert weather. >> first alert meteorologist, topper shutt, joins us now from the weather terrace. as you predicted, it is frigid tonight. brr. >> it really is. it's like a midwinter chill. if you are headed out, you need a jacket, a hat, gloves, the whole thing. let's start with temperatures. they haven't gone anywhere. we talked about how they would be steady or falling all day. they hung around 40 degrees downtown. we got 30s in the suburbs. 37 in manassas and 37 in
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frederic and 35 up toward hagerstown. and we're looking at the winds going to continue. breezy tonight and tomorrow and even into latter part of the week to some extent. let's talk about how fast the winds are right now. 18-mile per hour wind gusts in manassas. and still a 32-mile per hour wind gust towards martinsburg. you factor in the wind, well, it feels like it's in the 20s to 30s. feels like it's 30 in frederic and 31 in manassas. so, you're headed out, don't just think about the temperatures, but the windchills. that's why we say hat and gloves is a good idea. so for tonight, breezy and cold, windchills in the 30s. we'll come back. we'll tell you how long this arctic air is going to last and look ahead to the seven-day outlook. >> the pictures out of the philippines are just devastating. right now, we are learning from the state department that two americans were killed by
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typhoon hyan. the official death toll is close to 2,000 and rising. more than 600,000 homeless after the typhoon wiped out cities. residents are getting desperate. one woman says that rescuers have not been back in days. meanwhile, aide workers in the philippines are struggling to reach those victims. the death toll could skyrocket. teresa garcia reports from los angeles where the philippine community is trying to help. >> reporter: survivors plead for food and water and wait for help. the typhoon destroyed the area leaving more than 600,000 people homeless. >> it's so hard to be alone. >> some foreign doctors have
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arrived in the stricken area, but they are not nearly enough to meet the demand. at a nearby hospital, patients overwelm the damaged facility. >> we are meeting them as much as we can. we cannot refuse them. >> workers have begun the process of removing the dead and food and medicine are starting to arrive. more supplies are on the way. >> basic hygiene supplies to help 10,000 families. >> los angeles is home to one of the largest philippine communities in the united states. many here are donating clothes and other goods to raise money to send to the victims. >> clothing. >> the pastor of the philippine christian church said his congregation is desperate to help. >> it's about them being part of it. you can see the community being united. >> but the scope of the disaster means it's a challenge to deliver the aide to those
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who so desperately need it. teresa garcia, cbs news, los angeles. >> president obama did call the philippine president to express the country's deep condolences. a team of doctors without borders is waiting because the airport is reserved by the philippine military. now a story of three generations of loss. family members mourning the death of a grandfather, mother, and son, all killed in a car crash. thomas willis, his daughter, and her son, were in a single car crash in prince george county, virginia, over the weekend and all three of them are from northeast and southwest d.c. no one in the car was wearing a seat belt when it crashed into a tree. within the hour, we could finally know the winner in virginia's attorney general race. at least who has the most votes. out of the more than 2 million votes, the democrat was leading by 117 votes over republican,
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mark. those numbers are about to change. peggy fox joins us from the fairfax county government center where provisional ballots. those big provisional ballots are about to be counted. peg. >> that's right. it all boils down to provisional ballots and those are what people fill out when they go to the polls and their names are not there. there are 500 of them and they will be voted on them inside the government center. take a look at the room. we have a camera in there and right now it is empty. it is filled with media types like myself, getting ready and waiting and they are going to bring in three different machines from the three congressional districts in fairfax county. that is how they tabulate the votes. they will put the ballots in the machine and we will soon see the numbers. it has been quite a drive to get the vote out. very intense. >> right there in the middle. >> it is down to the wire after a grueling seven days.
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>> we will get it done by all means necessary. we will get it done. >> the three-member lektorial board has been hearing from residents who cast provisional ballots election day because they weren't listed as registered voters. kathy jackson came here with her husband and son. >> i voted and wasn't able to, i had to do it provisionally. i was told to come here to make sure it counted. >> she said the board hold her that her board would be accepted. provisional voters had to be here no later than 1:00 p.m. today. >> anybody that is inside the door of the election office at 1:00 will be allowed to come in and present their case. >> because of the extraordinarily tight attorney general race, both parties have done everything to get their provisional voters here. a party worker drove 93-year- old, mary johnston here. >> it took a long time. i thought i was being kidnapped. >> what does it feel like to
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know that your vote could matter in this case? >> it makes me nervous. >> with the raiser thin march gin and national attention, the board has been trying to stamp out rumors. the spokesman has even been tweeting out corrections to online posts. >> everything was counted. if they were not accurately tabulated and the results were not reported correctly, that has been corrected. >> okay. so we are waiting. the deadline is tonight at midnight, but we expect in the next hour or so, we will see how many ballots have been accepted. we are thinking 250, at least. that will be run through the machines and so we know that obenshane is behind by 117. where those 250 or so votes shake out, we will see tonight. i'm peggy fox reporting live, back to you, lesli. >> i don't know what is more exciting. today or election day. we'll see what happens. you can add another name to the
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d.c. mayor's race, andy, the iraqi born owners of poets and busboy restaurant chain. the democrat is one of several candidates in the race, including four d.c. council members. he is also a supporter of mayor vincent gray, but he just can't wait any longer for the mayor to announce his reelection plans. checking in on the affordable care act, the obama administration is attempting to lower expectations as they prepare for the healthcare program. over five week, the wall street journal represents 50,000 people successfully signed up for coverage through the federal website. of course, that number does fall well short of expectations. the online application process has had serious technical problems. >> fact that the website has been so challenging and so problem make, means enrollment numbers will be lower than expected. >> it's not critical yet, but
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it's getting close to being extremely worry? about what happened. >> and again, the white house is promising to release its own estimate of how many people have been enrolled this week. this woman thought she paid off her car, but her title never arrived. wait until you hear about the bank snafu and that wasn't fixed until our wusa9 call for action team got involved. plus, it is 11, 12, 13, we'll talk to one couple who had a midweek wedding on this special day. >> they won't forget this day. we hope not. >> and after the break, how an airline megamerger could impact life right here in our area. we'll be back.
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back on wusa9, the justice department says it has reached an agreement to allow yet another megamerger. this one of u.s. airways and american airlines. in order to make that deal happen, the airlines had to cough up dozens of landing spots and a handful of airports. joining us now is u.s.a. today reporter, bart janson. we always get you at the peek of when you are super duper busy with ave aviation reporting. the big question is, we know this merger is going to happen closer to the end of the year. how quickly could we feel the impact here in d.c.? >> you are going to feel one of the biggest impacts in the whole country, because the combined airline is going to have to give up 52 round trip flights out of reagan national airport. so, it's unclear whether, you know, who would take those flights, but at the very least, you aren't going to be flying
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on u.s. airways or american airlines. >> they made a big stink about this. they said hey, if they are going to merge, we aught to have a shot at these slots. jet blue issued this big promotion slashing their price by $55. trying to say to the justice department, you need to do this before you decide on this merger. that have any bearing on what the justice department decided to do? >> i don't think the justice department was looking at that advertising scheme in particular, but what it did do is highlight the opposition from some quarters about the merger. jet blue, southwest, some of the other low cost carriers would like to get into those slots at reagan and laguardia airport in new york. the concern was that the merged american and u.s. airways would have controlled almost 70% of the slots so they could have had control over the prices. as it is, they will wind up of that 55% of the funds.
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>> so those low cost carriers end up at reagan national, will people be able to pay less? that's the big question. is this additional competition going to make it it cheaper for me to fly? >> the justice department hopes the competition will lower prices, particularly if you get a jet blue or southwest competing in those competitive markets. and so they site southwest going into newark dramatically lowering prices there. at least reagan and laguardia, but they hope that will be the case. >> we'll have to see what happens. sometimes the prices go up in the short-term. we may have to brace for things to go before they go down. >> that is the concern from consumer groups, yes. >> thanks so much for coming in and breaking it down for us. >> thank you. >> dan. >> thank you, lesli. and while parts of our area did see some flakes today, cities across the east coast and
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midwest, well they saw some accumulation. check this out in buffalo, new york. caused some crashes. folks are expecting to see 7 inches of lake effect snow today. there were a few accidents as well. when topper looks at that, it gets him excited. >> a couple flakes here and there, but mainly west of the divide. we had a couple inches. but the arctic air is here and it's midwinter. this is not baby stuff, actually. we will start with a live look outside. if you're headed out, you need a winter's coat. temperature, 40. look at the dew points in the mid teens. relative humidity only at about 35%. this is a very dry air mass. winds north, northwest at 16. that is still kicking up a windchill. we'll show you that in a second. here's a look at the satellite,
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radar combined. lake effect snows will dwindle overnight. a few more for garrett county and davis, west virginia, but most of the precipitation with a frontal boundary is south of us and off the coast. how much colder or cooler is it today? at this time compared to yesterday? we are 16 degrees colder. 23 degrees colder up in cumberland. and we're looking at 6 degrees colder in charlottesville. so pretty much a big change, if you will. radical change. 37 in rockville. 37 in arlington. these are actual temperatures. 37 in fairfax. 39 in college park and 38 in waldorf. you factor in the winds, it feels like 31 downtown and gaithersburg, feels like it's 3 31 also in leesburg and 23 in winchester. dress for the 20s if you are headed out. dress for the windchill. so, with that in mind, we need a hat and coat and gloves tonight if you're going out.
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windchills in the 20s tonight. at the bus stop tomorrow, windchills will be in the teens and 20s for the kids and dress for the 30s again on wednesday because of the windchills. still going to have a northwest wind tomorrow. so clear, breezy, and cold. wind chills in the 20s. low temperatures 26 to 32. winds northwest 10 to 15. winds pick up a little bit tomorrow. 32 to start. again, these are downtown temperatures. 37 by 9:00. 41 by 11:00. temperatures aren't exactly, you know, skyrocketing here. by 1:00, still cold. temperatures go back to about 44. after we get through tomorrow, high of 44, we're in good shape. sunshine on thursday. 56, breezy, but a milder breeze out of the southwest and then a great finish to the week. 60 on friday with sunshine. next seven days, we delay the rain a little bit. howard talked about this at noon. it keeps getting warmer and
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warmer. mid 60s on sunday. maybe a shower, but still a decent day. even monday, upper 60s, a few showers. most of the activity will come in on tuesday and we will turn colder as we get into tuesday night. fall colors, pretty decent colors i think this year. this is from connecticut avenue. the bridge overlooking rock creek park. and a very nice job from the connecticut avenue bridge. you want to send us a shot, take some fall color pictures. go to our website, we need your name, location, and an e-mail. >> you would be happier if those trees were covered with snow. >> a little frost would be nice. >> lady gaga comes clean about her pot problem and wait until you hear how much she was smoking. plus, we head to rockville to meet one happy couple who got hitched on this 12th day of november, 2013. or if you prefer
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there's not just one man this time around. gq picked five guys for 2013. they are justin timberlake,
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matthew mcconahae, and will ferrell. each fan has a separate gq cover for the man of the year issue. quite an array. >> all right, lady gaga opening up about her struggles with addiction. she is hooked on marijuana. the 27-year-old star admits that she once smoked as many as 20 joints a day. she smoked pot to relieve her anxiety and pain from a hip injury. lady gaga vows to fight her addiction. >> well, this is no ordinary tuesday for thousands of couples. they chose to get married 12 11- 12-13. that would make their special number 11, 12, 13, 14, 15.
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we missed it. >> oh no. >> i think we got more 14, 25. >> no one needs to know. >> exactly, no one needs to know. their wedding certificate did in fact say 2:15 on 11-12, 13. hopefully the man will not forget the wedding. >> he better not. if he does, the rest aves of us will remember it. all right, still ahead, the washington monument gets ready to shed a layer just in time for winter. >> also ahead, the family of a soldier killed in action is reunited with a lost purple heart metal. plus, the wusa9 call for action team puts an end to a car title dispute between a bank and a viewer.
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here's a quick look at today's top stories. montgomery county police say a sexual predator targeting other men. 38-year-old, joey poindexter have been preying on young men for ten years. now to alexandria where police are investigating the murder of a prominent government official. ron kirby was found shot to death yesterday afternoon at his home. kirby worked for metropolitan council of government. his killer still on the loose. and now to the philippines where residents are desperate for help after what could be the country's worst ever natural disaster. the country's president says
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the death toll will likely be around 2,000 and up to 10,000 as some are predicting. >> slight encouraging news. all right, it was supposed to be a simple bank transaction. a local woman goes into a wells fargo branch to pay off her auto loan. she closed her account and waited for her title. in tonight's call for action report, she tells us that wait turned into a two-year saga. >> jenny got her subaru in 2006. by october 4 of 2011, she saved up enough to pay it off. she went to the wells fargo branch and paid just over $1500 in crash to get her title. >> i had waited the two to three weeks and it hadn't come. >> the title never came, but another bill did.
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so jenny made a call to the bank. >> i talked to the lady and said this is a mistake. for some reason, your account came over here, but i'm seeing that it's all paid off in full. everything is great. >> this began jenny's two-year journey to finally get total ownership. she had paperwork that her account was paid in full and bank employees said it was a problem on their end, but wells fargo kept billing her for money she thought she already paid. jenny contacted call for action. here's what our team found. bank employees told jenny she owed just over $1500 to pay off her loan. but that number was too high because those employees failed to account for her pending monthly automatic loan payment. when jenny paid that amount, the bank applied part of her payoff to the loan and without notifying jenny, refunded the difference to her personal checking account. jenny closed her checking account several days later, but she didn't notice the refund. with her checking account
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closed, but pending automatic payment did not clear. but the bank never told her that they now considered her account delinquent. she found that out when she called to ask the bank. a headache because jenny had been going around in circles. her documents showed the loan was paid in full, yet the banking it wasn't. reported the outstanding payment to the credit agencies. >> this is a stain? >> yes. a stain on my record. >> wells fargo and jenny have gone back and forth. jenny's stance was, she would pay the remaining balance, but wanted the bank to help restore her credit. wells fargo put that in writing. >> they are willing to accept my final payment. >> jenny got this letter after we worked out a deal. in it, wells fargo agreed to accept jenny's payment minus fees and interest and pledged to work on her credit report.
5:32 pm
wells fargo vice president, natalie ann brown says our goal is to work with our customers to successfully manage their debts and pay off their loans. we are pleased that after working with her for over a year, we come to an agreeable solution. jenny is happy to put this behind her. >> i don't think i would have been able to get here without call for action. >> she agreed to pay them that money, but she believed, as we did, that the bank should also help restore her credit. so our team worked hard to get a solution and we want to help you, too. to file a complaint with our call for action team, go online to our website, or call our hot line at 301-652- help. the family of a soldier killed in the koreaen war was reunited today with his lost purple heart medal. >> lieutenant henry died in
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1952 while trying to save his men. only two soldiers survived the battle. one is james. he led a 60 year campaign to get the purple heart back after learning his brother had lost it. >> and then the fire hit and this van, i'm telling you, you have never in your life seen anyone respond so ferociously as we did to the enemy. like he took it apart. like himself to say, you are hurting my men. and you don't want to get away with it. >> so emotional for him. the purple heart was discovered in a box of books by a woman in north carolina. she says she contacted him after reading about his life- long search for the shank family on the internet. jury selection began today in the trial of an air force officer who once led a sexual assault prevention program, but now accused of groping a woman
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in crystal city. lieutenant journal, jeffrey, pled not guilty. he was removed from his post following his arrest. shortly after the arrest, sexual assaults in the military are a growing epidemic. >> two fairfax county school employees are faces embezzlement and money laundering charges tonight. san one is a principal and the other employee is bethany speed at jeb stewart high. investigators say the two of them falsified time sheets to help steal as much as $100,000. washington monument almost ready for you. today crews started removing the scaffolding surrounding the monument. of course it was put in place after an earthquake damaged the monument more than two years ago and expected to take three months. >> stores seem to be opening
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earlier and earlier for black friday. a lot of us try to stay away from. it is just, thanksgiving. it's every day. later on thursday after you eat your thanksgiving dinner. after the break, we'll talk about who is opening when. >> coldest air of the season. let me show you the temperatures. these are windchill temperatures. this is what you have to dress for. 31 downtown. 31 in gaithersburg and 26 up in hagerstown. we'll come back and tell you how long the arctic air is go
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some frightening moments during the globe trotter's game in honduras. dunks the ball and hangs on to the rim. unbelievably, the 6'4" point guard, wow. he was able to walk away all by himself. he is lucky. i mean, you know, bringing down the rim is one thing, bringing down the rim on top of you is something completely different. g right. there he is at the end there. still able to go out and walk out on the court. my goodness. >> here's something else that is crazy. this whole shopping frenzy. it used to be black friday, but now it's thanksgiving shopping and this year, one retailer is opening their doors at the
5:39 pm
crack of dawn. k mart is going to let you come in and shop until your heart is content starting at 6:00 a.m. on thanksgiving day followed by old navy at 9:00 a.m. toys r us at 5:00 p.m. wal-mart at 6:00 p.m. and then there are dozens of other retailers that open later that evening. >> and i have to admit, i did go last year. >> i won't be going again this year. iamb one and done. >> online. >> more than 7,000 volunteers are teaming up in san francisco this week to make a dream come true for a child who is battling cancer. >> a little boy named as miles has been battling leukemia. after making it through the worse part of the treatment. the five-year-old is about to fulfill the wish about becoming that kid. san francisco will be turned into gothem city on friday, and miles will learn where his help is needed and spend the day defeating the bad guys. >> he'll report to those places and save, i bet he is going to be successful.
5:40 pm
there are villains involved. we have a lot more work to do and kids to serve. but in this moment, how special is this? >> really, miles will end his crime fighting day at city hall where the police chief will congratulate him and he will receive a key to the city. such a massive crowd is expeekedded and anyone who wants to participate to rsvp before friday. >> fantastic organization. we'll be back. first, redskins player dancing on the field with an elementary student. you'll find out how the fun and games had a purpose. but first, new guidelines could ha
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i'm derek mcginty with a look at what is coming to you. a local restaurant tour spices up the race to be d.c.'s mayor. as we are all feeling the chill. we'll take a look at one area's high-tech plans for snow. a flee market find leads to a nationwide search for the rightful owner of this purple heart and meet this feisty 93- year-old who is ready to strap on a parachute to keep a promise to his love. that's tonight at 6:00. lesli. >> all right.
5:44 pm
topping our health alert. new guidelines out today that could put more people on cholesterol lowering drugs. the american heart association and the american college of cardiology are recommending stattens for four high risk groups. patients with cardiovascular disease, those with bad cholesterol and 190 or higher. patients between 40 and 75 with type 2 diabetes. and patients between 40 and 75 with a elevated risk of cardiovascular disease. but some people worry that this will leave more people on stattens who may not need them. >> it can cause muscle pain. it can cause joint pain. it could cause liver problems. >> the guidelines also emphasize a heart healthy lifestyle. >> dealing with medical conditions as a young adult can be stressful, but simply knowing your family health history can make a huge difference. >> i enjoy my church
5:45 pm
community. i'm active there. >> they love helping others reach their wellness goals. she had a few exa challenges of her own. as a college student during a walk across campus, she felt a strange pop. and her vision became extra vivid. she tried to ask a classmate about a previous assignment. >> i listen to myself and i said, wow, and i was li in shock. because i knew what i was trying to say. >> she was having a stroke. and because she is ess, thicaught her completely by surprise. >> to have that happen so suddenly, was really devastating. >> stroke was caused by a series of blood clots. it destroyed one of her heart valves. a genetic disorder causes the blood clot, what she didn't know, it was inherited and proved to be deadly to many of her ancestors. >> what i learned coming out of the hospital was that my grandmother, the youngest of
5:46 pm
ten, lost all of her siblings to stroke. >> aqua lynn says it's important to learn your family history. she is on a blood thinner and gets constant cardiograms. she stresses that heart issues did not dediscriminate. it can affect people of all ages. >> no matter what. before your children leave the house, make sure they know their history, their medical and family history. just so they can be more aware of signs if something happens. >> as you just saw, the stroke that she experienced was a sign of a larger issue. so if you notice someone with some strange symptoms like facial drooping and excessive arm weakness, difficulty speaking, that may be a sign of stroke and you want to help them or you seek help immediately. >> brothers who went from teen radio sensations to bone phid stars are now trying their hands at a reality show. mark and donnie are going to
5:47 pm
star in a show set in their native boston. it will follow their work with their older brother, paul. mark wahlberg has recently found success as an action star and producer and his brother, donnie, a founding member of new kids on the block, and stars in the cbs show, blue blood. going to reality tv now? really? i don't know. >> a reality show. when is your show coming? >> it would bore people to tears. i guess if they want to, they can. >> the snow show with topper. that's all he would want to talk about. >> it's a little disturbing at first, but if you watched us for years, she just moved to south carolina and she named her cat, topper. and she decided to put the head of the cat on me. now i did the web cast for u.s.a. today kalika moquin .com. do you see your tongue sticking out? >> yes. >> top cat.
5:48 pm
so, did you pick that yourself or did somebody else? >> i picked that myself. it's still disturbing. but thank you for sending that picture and i tweeted this out about an hour and a half ago. follow me on twitter. it's our live michael and son weather cam. temperatures 40. they really haven't done much all day. they settled around 40 in the afternoon. relative humidity only 35%. winds are still a factor. north, northwest at 16. satellite picture, radar combined, seeing the clearing line just to the north and west of town. and lake effect snow is beginning to wane a little bit. we'll see clearing skies tonight and it's going to be plenty cold. how much colder is it now than it was this time yesterday? 25 years colder in cumberland. 25 degrees colder downtown. temperatures, upper 30s. 37 in rockville, reston, fairfax, 38 in college park. 38 in waldorf. 40 in annapolis. factor in the wind, feels like 31 downtown. 30 in gaithersburg. 24 out in winchester.
5:49 pm
so, if you're out tonight, dress for the 20s. need a coat, hat, gloves tonight. windchills in the 20s. for the bus stop, windchills in the teens and 20s, especially for the high school kids. dress for the 30s tomorrow because even though temperatures will make it into the mid 40s, it will feel like it's in the 30s. tonight, clear, breezy, cold. lows 26 to 32. we'll break it down for you. looking at low 30s to start. these are downtown temperatures. 41 at 11:00 and 44 at 1:00. that's where we top out. 44. but then, hey, breezy and milder. winds turn from northwest to southwest. milder wind, 56. great finish on friday. 60 on friday. next seven days, actually the weekend has improved. i took the shower out of saturday. mid 60s on sunday. a few showers. shouldn't have to change your plans and upper 60s on monday. next frontal boundary comes in here. 56 for a high.
5:50 pm
it will turn colder next tuesday night behind the front. >> now, game on with kristen berset. live from the wusa9 cadillac sports desk. >> kickball, kick the can, and hopscotch. remember those? those are kid games that have been replaced by play stations, nintendos, and words with freb friends. the washington redskins are working with kids to get them moving again. more on today's special event from redskins park. >> one hour a day. i want you to get moving. >> with that, about 150 fourth through sixth graders hit the mini combine sports inside the bubble at redskins park. >> every there, we are doing obstacle courses and down there, it's like -- >> the children taking part in the ultimate phutness class are
5:51 pm
from several d.c. and virginia area schools. they hit five exercise stations, manned by a washington redskin. like d.c. born and bred wide receiver. >> it's good for these kids to stay active. the more they focus in classroom. >> i'm a big kid at heart. i love coming out here and having fun. i'm one of them. >> fan favorite, alfred morris pushed his group. >> the game is set up so we can get kids interested in food and good nutrition. is it working alfred? >> you want to tell us to be healthy, get one hour outside, more if you can. and eat healthy. >> i think it's really fun. but i'm bad at catching a football. so that part scares me a little. >> the emphasis on helping students is courtesy of the nfl and united way's play 60 program. and insurance company, kaiser
5:52 pm
permanente's striving schools program. besides the organized events, a lot of free form fun and competition. another way to keep kids active and thriving. at redskins park, dianne roberts, wusa9. >> thanks, dianne. i see myself falling on my face doing some of those drills. all right, don't forget to vote in our high school game of the week poll where we're officially in the post season. we have three games to choose from. hosting t.c. williams. gaithersburg, and eastern at mckinley. text the code to the game you want to 25543 to any matchup will be featured friday night. tonight at 6:00, get ready for some road closures as a major local project enters a home stretch. >> bruce johnson and the race for d.c. mayor really got interesting today. the progressive owner of the busboy restaurant entered the field today. you're going to hear what he has to say coming up. >> first, an update on one of the most talked about stories
5:53 pm
we've done here at wusa9. find out the latest on ryan as he fights his
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
get black friday pricing now... the h.h. gregg pre-black friday sale. save up to 35 percent on appliances. get this washer/dryer pair for only $499. frigidaire four piece stainless steel kitchen packages are only $1899. this 32 inch led tv is only $179. plus, this lg 47 inch led tv is just $499. hurry in to h.h. gregg for the pre-black friday sale before november 23rd. this holiday season... ...h.h. gregg has the best deals. only on 9, we have a followup on one of our talked about stories. andrea mccarren and photo journalist introduced us to ryan. a 21-year-old haren junky who struggled with his addiction. andrea and joe recently headed to north carolina where ryan is
5:56 pm
getting help and she joins us now with a preview. so how is he doing. >> he is doing so well, jan. we are just so thrilled to see his progress. he is at a unique program in durham, north carolina, and it is his sixth time in treatment. but so far, his most successful and ryan has been clean now for four months. and that is the longest period he has been drug and alcohol free since the age of 14. >> is there anything i could have said or done to stop you? >> no. >> the last time we saw ryan, hope was in painfully short supply. >> the devil, it's a disease from hell. i don't want to get high anymore. i just can't stop. >> what are you looking for? >> cigarettes. >> living on the streets, even
5:57 pm
sending desperate nights sleeping in a hospital maternity ward, ryan's life had become a cycle of failed attempts at rehab. >> and wait until you see what he looks like tonight at 11:00. he gained weight, his eyes are bright. he looks like a completely different person. but he also understands he has 21 months before he graduated. he is taking things one day at a time. >> i cannot wait to see what that progress looks like. so quickly he turned physically in four months, but of course, he has a really long road to go. this is just the start. >> all right, andrea, thank you. >> you bet. >> tonight at 6:00, a chill in the air, a deadline to meet, and a predator on the prowl. >> we wrap up the most important stories of the day in your world in 90 seconds. >> the view from above shows a
5:58 pm
dire situation in the philippines. thousands of people are forced to sleep in the open air. the recovery effort is made even more difficult by the dead bodies on the side of the road. >> survivors in hard-hit cities plead for food and water and wait for help. the typhoon destroyed the area, leaving 600,000 people homeless. >> it's so hard to be alone. >> josh went to the philippines to document one of earth's biggest storms. >> we were in a solid, concrete hotel and it was trembling and shaking. >> we understand why ancient people, they thought a god was angry. >> because it feels like it's about to get you. >> between 40 and 50,000 americans have been able to successfully enroll in private insurance through the website from the state's operating their own exchanges shows another 50,000 enrollee. >> it's getting close to the extremely worry? about what happens if people
5:59 pm
can't and aren't enrolling. >> a subdued alec baldwin arrived in criminal court and can face the woman accused of stalking him. 41-year-old, jen genaveve. >> these boxes can track you through your cell phone. >> going through your phone's wifi settings. >> take this woman on the phone. the network is capable of storing her location and match it up to the last thousand places she has been. >> today, a stark reminder that winter is on the way. so top, the question is, how far did we drop? like 80 degrees? >> well, it felt like that, didn't it? we were 20 degrees colder today and 20 degrees colder than average for this time of year. we leapt into winter, if you will. let's start with temperatures. these are the actual surface temperatures. 41 downtown.


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