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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  November 13, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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website. the government's chief technology officer told lawmakers those problems are on target to be fixed by the end of the month. >> progress, much work to do. a lot of work to do. >> all right, the white house says it is working on a way to help nearly 5 million people who learned they will lose their current coverage. house republicans are set to vote on a bill at the end of the week that would let those people keep their plans. joining us now to talk about the differences in the number of healthcare choices available in d.c., maryland, and virginia, is u.s.a. today reporter, jane o'donnell. thank you so much for being here. working through all that crazy traffic to get here. >> that's right. >> so your reporting has shown the number of healthcare choices vastly different depending on what state you live in. d.c., maryland, and virginia are quite different. >> that's right. one of the good pieces of good news is virginia has quite a few choices. when you look in rural areas
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around the country. we found some of them have incredibly few choices that may not surprise you, but this was supposed to fix that problem. virginia does have quite a bit of competition, even in the rural areas. >> that's interesting in virginia, especially since virginia doesn't have its own state exchange. it is really going through the federal, what explains the high number of plans in virginia? >> well, what i learned working at this. when we saw those numbers, we were surprised. a couple medicaid providers. what happened, a lot of the insurance companies don't want to go into states where they were already working. a couple big insurance providers is big and anthem has been big in virginia. they were already selling medicaid plans to people in the rural areas, lower income people. they were willing to jump on to the exchange. >> what about d.c. and maryland? they both have their own exchanges they have set up and people can sign up for insurance through. >> there are a number of
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plans. they weren't huge, but they were competitive. we show 32, 35, 42 or so in those two areas and that's quite good. and there's pretty good number of insurers per area and that's the big thing that so many insurers have been so careful about. that the fact that maryland and d.c. attracted the number that they did was impressive. >> one of the things you reported on that varied across the country was how many platinum opportunities there were for people. platinum for people who are still learning is the most expensive sort of healthcare coverage in the jewelry world and goes down. do we know when people are signing up which plans they are picking? are they going for the more expense uv plan? are they going for the least expensive plan? >> that level of detail hasn't come out yet, but one of the things that was -- didn't quite make sense, there's often a lot of platinum plans available. so, you would hope certainly
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there would be more bronze and the least expensive plans than the people who have the least money would be living. but it doesn't always make sense. a lot of people say it's because it's the first year and insurance companies didn't know how to price these things and what to offer. they have nothing to compare it to. >> clearly we are just getting the big numbers from the obama administration. not as big as they hoped and we know more information will continue to trickle out and we know you will be covering it. thank you so much for coming in tonight. >> my pleasure. >> well, it is not over yet. despite the final tally in the virginia attorney general race, which shows democrat, mark herring defeating republican by 164 votes, obenshain says it's not time to concede just yet. >> i'm peggy fox in richmond where instead of a concession speech, mark obenshain signs up a transition team. he is hoping state board of elections recount swings his way. >> closest race in virginia history. >> republican senator, mark obenshain called it foolish for
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a candidate to claim victory when the vote margin is .007. that's the 164 vote difference between him and democrat, mark herring. herring did not appear in person, but said virginia voters have spoken and i am honored to have won their votes and trust to become virginia's next attorney general. >> this is no mans land. nobody has gone through this process in virginia. and, with a .007 of a percent difference between the two candidates, i think that it's anybody's guess. >> he said it was entirely possible that when the state board of elections finishes its review of results, the final tally could sway his way. >> it would be premature to talk about an intention to declare or to call for a recount or to file a lawsuit. >> in richmond, peggy fox, wusa9. >> it took a jury about one
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hour to find an air force officer not guilty of groping a woman. lieutenant corral, jeffrey led the sexual response team. a woman claimed the 42-year-old grabbed her behind outside a crystal city bar. his arrest was one of the incidents that spewed all that outrage and whether or not they were taking the issue seriously enough. a former worker at the fort meade youth center appeared in court today. anthony dennis williams, ii, accused of sexually abusing a minor. anybody who knows anymore about this case, would love to hear from them. william is being held without bond coming friday. >> after another very cold day, we got to get ready for an even colder night. >> first alert chief meet railings is in the weather center with the latest on the chilliness. top. >> the winds are going to die down. that's some good news. bad news, that will allow the temperature to fallower tonight. let's start with the low
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temperatures this morning. the observed low temperatures. got down to 32 for the first time this season. in the 20s again. it's been colder before, but 27 officially this morning up in gaithersburg. 25 at dulles. and mainly 20s in the suburbs. 28 in leesburg. 27 in manassas. temperatures right now are falling pretty fast. 34 in gaithersburg. 34 in manassas and 36 already in leesburg. forecast lows tonight, we say 26 in rockville. maybe 23 in sterling. maybe 22 in leesburg and middleberg. and 25 in college park. we'll come back and talk about southwest winds, what that means to our afternoon temperatures tomorrow. >> coming up, big changes could soon be coming to baltimore's inner harbor. >> on the heels of its google glass, google is aiming for a different part of the body. we're going to tell you about its next possible patented device right after the break. presents...
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so delicious, they won't even know it's chicken. 50% less fat... 100% johnsonville taste. google just applied for a patent to talk hands free. it's also ear piece free as well. this is called the google tattoo, but a bunch of numbers on a sticky substance. you put it on your neck, and somehow it transmits your voice through your throat and you can communicate with your phone, tablet, or some other device. it can read the amount of
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electricity, something. >> you are a gadget guru, would you do that? >> oh yeah. if it worked. another step forward. >> walking around with that device in your ear, now we'll see, he has his throat thing going. all right, police in oregon says somebody tried to blow up a government building this morning. >> officers found a burning propane tank wednesday in front of the building that holds jackson county prosecutor's office. it didn't fully detonate, but damaged the exterior of the building. nobody was hurt. police are searching for the person behind it all. >> the orlando house where casey anthony lived with her parents and two-year-old daughter is facing foreclosure. the lender says cindy anthony owes almost $129,000 on the house and it hasn't received a payment since 2011. casey anthony lived at the house with her daughter, caylee, and her parents until 2008 when she was arrested in her toddler's killing. a jury acquitted anthony.
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>> coming up, another sign of recovery at the site of the world trade center. i'm scott broom, coming up, a sad day to hear of a passing of a 92-year-old man who died before he saw justice in a dirty development deal that deprived him and others in his community of tear
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a followup to a story we have been reporting on since back in may. the approval of a dirty development application has denied the property rights of a historic landowners. >> all of this, while big subdivisions go up around them and tonight, we have some sad news in this case. scott broom is in sandy spring reporting on the death of a 92- year-old who never got the justice he was seeking. >> a funeral today for 92-year- old, robert ocker whose ancestors settled in an enclave after slavery. >> it's extremely sad. >> too many families back in there. >> this is him earlier this
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year, a video appeal begging the montgomery county planning board and the maryland county park and planning commission to stop tieing up historic african american property rights impacted for years by the approval of this sparkling new subdivision. which was built right on top of the historic road that black families had used for more than a century to get to their land. >> there is hope. >> he died thursday. his final wishes unfulfilled. his friends and family saddened. >> he was worried about this piece of property for years. >> he wanted it resolved so his family could benefit and the other families could benefit from their efforts over many generations. >> some of the allegations of wrong doing -- >> earlier this year, wusa9 reported on allegations of wrong doing by developers and how the approval of planning officials erased farm road from
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state maps, even though a lower section with access to a public street exists to this day. a reporting resulted in hearings by maryland's legislative black caucus and the appointment by the planning department of a special council to investigate the decade old development deal. in july, officials decided to grant landowners addresses for their parcels along the remaining road of eight years of denials. it seems like a victory, but with a tv lights off, the planning board then objected to a state request to put the road back on its tax map and the board continues to refuse to recognize the road as a permanent easement, even though it has been there since the 1800s. he died tuesday with his and his neighbors historic family property still in legal limbo in all but worthless. even though the new developments in this area have continued to sprout up. >> so time has run out for robert. for the rest of the family fighting to restore their property rights, they say now is the time for justice.
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in sandy spring, scott broom, wusa9. >> landowners are now demanding a meeting with maryland attorney general and gubernatorial candidate whose office has been accused of dropping an investigation into alleged wrong doing by state licensed professionals who worked on the development application. he has declined the invitation saying it would not be appropriate to interfere with the local planning process. >> the first new office tower on the world trade center site is open for business. a ribbon cutting was held today. it is a 72 story skyscraper and 50% leased. the port authority and the city of new york as the main tenants. when you walk in, visitors and workers are greeted by the sur scene. and, closer to home in baltimore, planners unveiled their vision for a brand-new inner harbor. it's dubbed inner harbor 2.0.
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the top priority is to make the field a destination park. it has a kayak launch, outdoor dining, sculpture garden and playground. the 40-year-old inner harbor area attracted 14 million visitors last year. hard to believe that is 40 years old now though. >> 40 years ago, it was not a place you'd want to be. >> but it's been so nice for so long. >> fantastic place now. >> now they are going to 2.0. and it took off like pittsburgh and cleveland. >> all right, 45 today was the high. that was it. that's with full sun. average high is 59. that's cold air mass and tonight, clear skies, coldest so far. let's start with a live look outside. it's our live michael and son weather cam. hat and gloves tonight. 42 right now. everybody else in the 30s. dew points low. relative humidity also low. winds light, so clear skies, light winds, and a dry air mass, it's a recipe for a cold night. 32 already in white oak.
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37 in rockville. 34 in reston. 36 already in fairfax. even college park is 38 and waldorf is 37. so, coldest so far tonight, along with your coat, need a hat and gloves. not so much for windchills, but straight temperatures. bus stop temperature 23 to 35 tomorrow. of course the high school kids get the coldest part of the morning and then milder air will return on thursday. that said, it's not going to be warm, it's going be less cold. a jacket instead of a heavy coat tomorrow. overnight tonight, 22 to 32 for lows. clear sky, colder winds southwest 5 to 10. now 26 tonight for a low in rockville, but you get out toward leesburg, 22. 23 in sterling. 25 in fairfax. 25 in college park, and 31 for a low in waldorf. everybody is going to be freezing or below tonight. 9:00 a.m., we are back up to 39. 11:00 a.m., 47. by 1:00 p.m., maybe walking to lunch, temperatures back in the
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low 50s. all right, next three days, 54 tomorrow, but 59 on friday. that's a pretty nice finish and low 60s with partly cloudy skies on saturday. i resisted putting a drop in on saturday. next seven days, a drop in on sunday, but temperatures in the upper 60s. that's a good trade off. monday, rain and showers. we are still warm in the 60s and tuesday we are much cooler. upper 40s, and then we are downright cold on wednesday. temperatures in the upper 30s and some computer models are going less than that. so we will keep upper 30s for now. >> wow. >> sunday looks really nice, though, top. >> yeah. looking forward to that. >> morning bike ride. >> okay. january jeffcoat is in the newsroom with a look at what is coming up at 7:00. >> remember that scandal with the irs targeting tea party groups? tonight in your only local news at 7:00, we're going to hear from a group that said it made a difference in the 2012 election. plus, there are days you just need a hug, right? well this woman thinks she can
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make a living helping you out. okay. and you may have seen some tricky plays before, but just wait until you see what one college football kicker can do. the video tonight at 7:00. see you soon. >> everybody can use snuggle time. thank you, january. believe it or not, the redskins are not out of the race for first place, which is more common on the division than on the redskins. >> we'll hear from the team about this sunday's rematch against the eagles. is it a revenge match? >> oh yeah. >> coming up next. >> there's no doubt about it.
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now, game on with kristen berset. live from the wusa9 cadillac sports desk. >> the washington redskins are gearing up for sunday's rematch against philadelphia. the team that beat them to open the season. now some see this as a revenge game. however, dianne roberts reports, players aren't looking at it that way. this is just the next game they got to play. >> the redskins are coming off a singing loss to minnesota and they find themselves in a familiar position. 3 in 6 and looking up hill in the division. the next thing they have to face is the one that beat them in week one. don't you dare say revenge to this redskins team. >> you can't play the game thinking about what they did to
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you last time, because you have to think, last year, we beat them twice. so, not nothing about revenge,. >> if you don't have revenge games, i don't. it's nothing to prove from week one. we need to this game, our team needs this game, it's not just about me. >> we know what happened on monday night. so, you know, we have to go out and execute. >> it's a revenge game because of history. i think they embarrassed us since i've been a redskin. the first week of the season. so i think, you know, when we played in the 1:00 game, we play fairly well. >> if the skins pull off the win, it will be their third in four game against the series in the eagles. dianne roberts, wusa9 sports. >> thanks so much, dianne. also, don't forget to vote in our high school game of the week poll. we're officially in the post
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season. we have three great games to choose from. text the code to 25543. the winning game will be featured friday night. and back to the redskins, they haven't beaten an opponent yet this season. >> i have no idea what to think about this game. i don't know which redskins team will show up. >> you don't know which team will show up. it has been pretty impressive. >> yeah, we'll see what happens. >> what do you think? everybody saying maybe playoff bound? maybe? >> no, no, let's talk about one game. >> they could still do it. london fletcher said it's a good thing the nfc east is bad. >> the cbs evening news is back. >> jan and i will be here at 7:00. we'll see you then.
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man: it's staying fit. it's staying motivated. it's... staying on track. no matter what your healthy is, we have the tools to help you get there. aetna -- what's your healthy? >> pelley: tonight, the obamacare signup falls short by
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80%. insurance purchases stumble, but more americans do find hope in medicaid. major garrett and nancy cordes had a first look at obamacare's impact. rescue workers hammer throw the hungry and homeless after the supertyphoon. seth doane is in the middle of it. aeurt security screening that cost nearly one billion dollars may be a fill your. bob orr has the government investigation. and in prison for years for a murder he didn't commit, ryan ferguson is free. >> first thing i did was talk to my parents and kiss my girlfriend. >> pelley: erin moriarty of 48 hours has the remarkable story. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. there hasn't been so much anticipation about a number since a record jackpot was at stake in powerball.


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