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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  November 14, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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right now police, they are searching for clues in the killing of the government official. he was the transportation director for the metropolitan washington council of government. found shot multiple times in his alexandria home on monday. peggy fox just talked to the investigators, joining us live from alexandria police headquarters with the latest. what do you know? >> i can tell you this. the the alexandria police chief is asking anyone who has had contact with ron kirby in the past few weeks or neighbors that have seen something unusual to come forward. he said that the case remains wide open. now today, ron kirby's grown daughters told wusa9 that she did not want to talk about the father's murder. on monday the 69-year-old was shot multiple times in their torso in his home on elm street. he was found by a relative monday afternoon. they had 42 children adopted
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from the philippines. they helped for the past 25 years as the transportation director at the council of government. the police chief said they don't think that there is a crazed gunman on out there, but they would not call it targeted. they've taken out search warrants, but they have no person of interest yet. and that someone was killed in their home. families, they are investigated as well in terms of strangers and possibilities as well. he contributed so much. i mean the bridge and the metro rail funding, that none of those things would have happened. >> reporter: the shooting death is quite the mystery. and another strange thing about this. when the shots were fired, it
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seems like few, if any of the neighbors heard them. on monday he called it an ano , ma'am lee. asking people that may have had some information or may have seen something unusual to come forward as the phone number is 703-746-6711. i'm peggy fox reporting live from alexandria. we fumbled the rollout. >> under pressure from the angry voters. president obama is now making a change to the affordable care act. if you like your current plan, you can keep it for another year. danielle nottingham reports from capitol hill. >> reporter: for nearly $5 million -- for nearly five million americans, the white house has a fix. >> i said that i would do everything we could to fix this problem and today i'm offering an idea to help do it. >> reporter: the white house is giving insurance companies the option to keep offering plans
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that would have otherwise been canceled through 2014. providers, they will also have to make clear what the plans do not include. to let consumers know what other new options are available in the federal exchanges. >> this fix will not solve any pro-- every problem for every person. but it will help a lot of people. >> reporter: president obama spoke and took questions for nearly an hour. taking blame for the problem. >> we fumbled the rollout. >> the white house policy change will come as the house republicans move to provide their own fix. >> the only way to fully protect the american people is to scrap this law once and for all. >> reporter: speaker john boehner will introduce the legislation on friday, allowing them to keep their current insurance plans permanently. not just for one year. danielle nottingham, cbs news, capitol hill. >> as for the state-run exchanges, the white house left that decision on up to the individual state insurance commissioners to make the call
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on whether people could keep their old policies. another white house embarrassment. this time the secret service. that there is still nothing on the record for the secret service transfer on two supervisors. they are under investigation for the possible sexual misconduct. and at least one expert said that it is a part of the management structure. bruce leshan is here with yet another black mark there, bruce? >> reporter: you got it, they report not yet on out of the secret service prostitution scandal. they tell me that these are clear signs of the agency needing a management shake up. >> reporter: the two supervisors were on the most prestigious detail overseeing agents who protect the president. and now the washington post reports that they have both been transferred out. >> the white house is just
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across the street from the area. which it was here in the off- the-record bar. he was off duty that he met this woman, hung out with her at some point in the course of the evening. went upstairs to her room. >> this starts off as a conversation that you have had too much to drink, maybe you're not good to drive home. well you can stay up here. >> reporter: the round in the chamber if they are sleeping in a room with someone they do not know. but the woman ordered them out in the middle of the night. as he forgot what was -- the round in the chamber. she wouldn't let him back in to get it. >> right now they're looking as to whether or not this was misconduct or embarrassing. >> reporter: as investigators went through the cell phone, they say that they found sexually suggestive e-mails from both him and another supervisor.
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to a female. >> it's a symptom of a lax management. >> reporter: ron is the author of the best selling behind-the- scenes secret service. agents caught with prostitutes in their hotel room in columbia while preparing for a visit by the president. and the crash, they could all be traced back to bad management. and to say hey, you know, they are cutting corners. why shouldn't i do what i want? >> reporter: kessler says that they should have fired both the previous and the current secret service directors for cutting corners. no comment today from the secret service. reporting live, bruce leshan, wusa9. >> bruce, thanks. we turn to the growing destination from the philippines. workers have begun to collect the bodies of the typhoon haiyan victims. most have yet to be identified.
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u.s. soldiers are on the ground in some of the heartest hit areas. and they have arrived, helping to deliver desperately needed aide. because of this big fire, the town was evacuated. it erupted into flames south of dallas. deputies had to go door to door in milford, texas, telling residence to get out. it happened at a drill site when crews punctured a pipeline. circuit court judges in montgomery county have some work to do when it comes to better protecting victims of violence. on a new study that documents how abusers are leaving court without strong enough warnings about the consequences of violating those protective orders. >> reporter: nearly half the time when a circuit court judge orders a protective order, he or she fails to warn the abuser that he could go to jail for violating it. 47% of the time no jail warning
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is issued. 55% of the time judges fail to warn them that they need to give up their guns when it is issued. these are three of the findings uncovered by montgomery court watch in a year's time. >> they heard awful stories. we were always struck by how much courage it took for them to file for the protective orders. >> reporter: they could be deadly in march of 2013 -- 2012, heather mcgore was murdered by her estrange husband, released on bail after violating a protective order. the husband was released by a judge who had not fully reviewed his extensive violence because of a computer failure. today montgomery court watched them deliver their reports. >> we have eight simple views
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that don't cost very much. >> reporter: despite the short comings, women that seek court, they are statistically safer than those who don't. in a telephone interview, the judge told me that they have made some constructive criticisms. in rockville, scott broom, wusa9. victims are treated with dignity and respect in the courtroom. only on 9, an inside look at the rehab facility getting addicts off the streets. what sets it apart from all the others coming up at 5:30. not quite as cold tonight. but check out the numbers this morning. 29 at national. that's the first time they've been below freezing this fall. 25 the low in leesburg. 21 in dulles and gaithersburg. we'll come back and tell you how cold it will get tonight and milder air for the weekend and if that means showers. also ahead panic on the
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plane after an on mouse message from the pilot. a warning about zero interest promotion this holiday shopping season.
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the kitchen may be the heart of the home, but the risk of a cooking fire triples on thanksgiving day. today in the rockville lab, they demonstrated just how dangerous the threat could be when you leave your stove top, oven or turkey fire unattended. there's been more than 125 turkey-fire related fires burned and even an explosion since 2003. >> that is why we want consumers to listen to our advice and standby your pan. if you are boyle boiling food, stay in your kitchen. it could be a recipe for
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thanksgiving. >> practice safety and keep a fire extinguisher in the kitchen. avoid wearing loose-fitting clothing when you cook and cover a pan to smother out flames. don't ever use water or flour as it will make it worse. so you get an offer on the spot to buy now and pay later while shopping this holiday season as you might be thinking about it. but it is really buyer beware. if you miss that deadline by just one day or carry that balance, passing the no interest period, you could get slammed with mountains of interest. >> reporter: doug now says that buying the tv with an interest best buy credit card was the dumbest move ever. nasty surprise came in the mail after the three-year promotional period expired. >> they added $1,300 in interest on a balance of roughly $700 to $800. >> reporter: the original receipt had loan terms unclear and hard to find.
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the agreement said if you didn't pay everything off in three years, you'd be charged interest on the entire bill. even on the payments he already made. attorneys say although the terms of deferred interest cards have gotten clearer, you can still get trapped. >> the disclosures on the cards, they are really not enough to help consumers understand what they are actually buying. >> reporter: besides best buy, home depot, wal-mart, and other retailers promote deferred interest loans. credit cards are even designed for the health care expenses, for the most vulnerable people who struggle to pay for care. >> and the very location of the solicitation within a doctor's office or a veterinarian's office or a dentist office is inherently expletive. >> reporter: deferred interest cards while legal are dangerous financial products and often carry high interest rates. >> we think that they should be banned. >> doug watts will never fall for a deferred interest pitch again.
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and so consumers union, the advocacy arm, other groups have asked for the new financial federal watchdog to look into the deferred interest credit cards. and the the consumer protection board says that they will. that was nearly a nightmare come true on a flight from tampa to raleigh, durham. the pilot made an ominous message. >> he said we're going down. everybody is looking around like is this a joke? is he serious? then when you felt the nose dive, i thought i was going to die. that's what everybody thought was going to happen. >> can you even imagine? >> no. >> passengers panicked, began reaching for their phones. shelly texted an i love you message to her daughter. they leveled out before making the emergency landing. the cabin with the pressure caused that alert and the pilot was trying to talk to the flight attendant and not the passengers. and the u.s. airways says
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that they are investigating the incident when a blind man was kicked off the flight in philadelphia. passengers say that they would not let that plane take off last night until albert's service dog was under the seat. the jet bound for long island sat on the tarmac before being kicked off. outraged passengers protested and then joined in for a long bus ride to their destination. >> i wake up tomorrow morning and feel extremely satisfied that i had 35 people who did the right thing. who got up and said no. they could have stayed on the plane, but they chose not to. i'm so humbled. >> well after the uproar, the captain canceled the flight altogether and u.s. air officials say they are not offering refunds. >> is that suppose to be a good
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p.r. move? >> you just wonder. i don't know how it makes them look better. >> i moe that there are -- i know that there are rules. >> sometimes you need to bend them. >> we're taking a bus. >> absolutely. a little more comfortable today. it is like winter and more like, well, late november today. we're getting close to average. temperatures, they made it back into the 50s after the coldest morning of the season though. let's start with a live look outside. the live michael and son weather cam. it is a very nice evening. temps, they will not fall like a stone like last night. it's 50. the dew points are higher, which means there are more moisture in the atmosphere. it's a great indication on how cold it could get. that's the low range because the dew point is 28. winds are out of the south. they're not a factor anymore. satellite picture radar combined with a few clouds that
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went through between 3:00 and 5:00. temps, 50 at fairfax. with a few sprinkles in the 40s right now. and still 54 at college park and 52 down towards waldorf. a bit below average tonight, but not as cold. if you are headed out, i recommend at least a jacket. bus stop temperatures, 48 to 42. if you're a high schooler, temperatures in the upper 20s to the lower 30s. if you in the lower grades, maybe 48 to 42. the earlier you get, the colder it will be with a few clouds coming in late this afternoon and on friday night a few showers are possible. it will not be a huge deal with high school football. but with that, it's a few sprinkles or showers that are possible. clear not as cold. 28 to 38. winds are light southwest at about 5 to 10. most folks are inside that beltway, staying above freezing. 33 bethesda and rockville and down to 31 in fairfax and 29 in
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sterling and leesburg. but still that is six degrees warmer than last night. 37 tonight for the low in waldorf. so the temperatures to start, 30s downtown and then 43 by 9:00. back in the 50s at 11:00 and then 55, milder as we get into the early afternoon. you probably don't need a jacket if you are walking to lunch. temps, we backed down a little bit on friday going southeast. 58, still not a bad day. a couple showers are possible and then warm we a few showers on sunday. then we'll bounce back into the mid to upper 60s. the next seven day. we're in the 60s again on monday and still seems to be the main event with rain and showers, although they should not take all of monday to get on out of here. raising temperatures just a little bit. not quite as cold behind the system. mid-40s on tuesday and wednesday. z then back to 50 on thursday. great pick. i think if you lose a banner you would be a better picture. this is the fall color at the temple. >> yes.
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nicely. >> not around my house. and this is committed from brian. old town, alexandria and at the temple behind it. my dad was a mason. and so you did everything right, brian, hopefully someone else will send a nice picture. go to our website. upload your picture, include your name, town, brief location. and it will be on the air on tuesday and thursday and on the website forever. >> loving the colors. the reds are just so vibrant. >> pretty nice downtown. coming unafter the break, alec baldwin's stalker learns her fate. as we head into break. at least 20 women will be driving everywhere to reenact that famous scene from the movie when harry met sally. at the very place on where it was filmed. enjoy.
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they were questioning the call. >> oh, but there was.
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the joey escaped from his owner. the owner and animal reunited tonight. alec baldwin's stalker is going to spend six months in jail. a manhattan judge issued the verdict thursday finding the canadian actress guilty of aggravated harassment and other charges. baldwin says she turned his life out as a nightmare after going out for dinner just one night. if you're thinking about a possibly career change, listen up. >> the top five best jobs in america according to cnn money and pay scale. starting with number one, biomedical engineer. that's got a median pay of $87,000. and a 10-year job growth of nearly 62%. number two clinical nurse followed by software architect, general surgeon, and management consultant. all very smart jobs. still ahead, sony
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playstation 4 goes on sale. we'll give it a test drive coming up. and why police in virginia pay demands for more than 40 seconds. right after the break, an inside look at one of the most inside look at one of the most unique [ male announcer ] this is jim, a man who doesn't stand still. but jim has afib, atrial fibrillation -- an irregular heartbeat, not caused by a heart valve problem. that puts jim at a greater risk of stroke. for years, jim's medicine tied him to a monthly trip to the clinic to get his blood tested. but now, with once-a-day xarelto®, jim's on the move. jim's doctor recommended xarelto®. like warfarin, xarelto® is proven effective to reduce afib-related stroke risk. but xarelto® is the first
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tell your doctors you are taking xarelto® before any planned medical or dental procedures. before starting xarelto®, tell your doctor about any conditions such as kidney, liver, or bleeding problems. xarelto® is not for patients with artificial heart valves. jim changed his routine. ask your doctor about xarelto®. once a day xarelto® means no regular blood monitoring -- no known dietary restrictions. for more information and savings options, call 1-888-xarelto or visit and checking in on your top
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stories at 5:29. two people stabbed after a dispute over who had the right of way at the montgomery mall parking lot. three suspects in custody. the victim is in the hospital. police are trying to sort it all out. an employee paddy injured after being -- badly injured after being shot. investigators are on the hunt for two armed men tonight who got away with some cash. finally president obama now says you can keep your canceled health care plans for another year if you want. that move comes after some serious pressure from congressional democrats. republicans still want other controversial measures of that law canceled. this week police arrested 31 people accused of dealing heroin. according to the washington post, investigators say it is all part of the cross country shift from prescription pills to needles. only on 9 tonight, a look at a unique program that is successfully helping addicts
5:29 pm
kick their independence to drugs and alcohol. it is short for triangle residential options for substance abusers. it's unlike any place you've seen. andrea mccarren and joe martin take us inside the program in north carolina. >> i know i wouldn't be alive today if i hadn't made the decision to come in. >> reporter: davis sold her body and soul to feed an addiction to crack and alcohol. >> lied, cheated, manipulated. whatever i could do to continue to get high. that's what i did. >> reporter: today one year after moving in, she is overcome with the feeling she never expected. she's proud of herself. >> very proud. like i'm over the top proud. over the top is like i have a red carpet that i wake up to in the morning and i kick it out and it rolls out the rest of the day and it's amazing. >> reporter: they provide their residents with everything.
5:30 pm
housing and dorms they built themselves, meals cooked by residents, medical care, even a modest wardrobe. some addicts show up here with just the clothing on their backs. >> we're looking at this as a brain disease, not a weakness. >> kevin mcdonald is the man behind so many remarkable transformations. how are you doing? >> i'm doing all right. >> the big man on the campus, giving out hugs and confidence. >> people are so self- destructive that they fall down. well here they can fall down and get up. >> reporter: it is clear that every resident matters. not only is it comprehensive, but it's free. one of the only free two-year residential program in the country. a key element of the program is empowerment. achieved by putting residents to work in one of the successful revenue generating businesses. >> it saved my life. >> crack cocaine helped carlos lose every job and every relationship he ever had.
5:31 pm
>> you just observe. >> reporter: but now he works full time in the automotive center and has been drug and alcohol free for eight months. >> i feel wonderful. i feel great. i feel like, you know, that's a new carlos. >> it is a work ethic. i get up every day. i do what i'm suppose to do and be. >> reporter: together the residents and staff members have built a community of hope, addicts, they learn they don't need to be high to have fun. and just days after new ones get settled in, they're encouraging their peers to stick with the difficult process of overcoming addiction. >> the people that make us are the individuals that come here. they're the heros.
5:32 pm
not even the society at one time. whatever. you know all of a sudden that there's a hero making it happen, the ability to help the next person get there. some might say you're the hero. >> i'm just the guy. who is lucky enough to have gotten an opportunity in my life to help other people. >> reporter: in durham, north carolina, andrea mccarren, wusa9. >> at 21 months into the program, residents get jobs in the community, but they still enjoy the around-the-clock support, which providing transportation for them. free meals and transitional housing. in fact more than half of the current staff members are formerresidents. for more information go on our website, >> great program there.
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an investigation tonight into a police tasing incident. a witness caught it all on camera. lance day was a passenger in a car where a driver was suspected of hitting five parked cars saturday night. day was lenting officers. and well the officer is on administrative leave, which is just standard procedure and the suspect was arrested for obstruction of justice. convicted mobster received two life sentences today, plus five years. the leader of boston's notorious gang showed no emotions in the courtroom after learning his punishment. the judge told the 84-year-old that the crime was unfathomable. still ahead. we're going to put sony's playstation to the test before it goes on sale tomorrow.
5:34 pm
all right a little better day and not as cold tonight. let me show you temperatures as you still need a jacket if you're headed out. 50 downtown. still 52 in leesburg andmanassas. we'll talk about the milder air rolling over the weekend and if we need to give up a chance of showers for the milder air. don't forget we're always on and the wusa9 app. stay wi
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the apology is for a graphic remark that we can't mention here. he's been under a lot of stress under the scandal. he's kind of a big deal. that's why the museum is revealing a new anchor man exhibit today. it's been nearly ten years since the favorite character ron burgundy came to the big screen. it includes several props from the film including the sex panther. and ron burgundy's famous jazz flute. welcoming up, britain's prince harry joins wounded war
5:38 pm
vets on a race to the south pole. but first gamers, get ready. sony's new playstation 4
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get black friday pricing now... the h.h. gregg pre-black friday sale. save up to 35 percent on appliances. get this washer/dryer pair for only $499. frigidaire four piece stainless steel kitchen packages are only $1899. this 32 inch led tv is only $179. plus, this lg 47 inch led tv is just $499. hurry in to h.h. gregg for the pre-black friday sale before november 23rd. this holiday season... ...h.h. gregg has the best deals.
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if you're a video game lover or if you have a child or a spouse that happens to be one, your world is about to be rocked. over the next week, two new high-powered home video game systems are hitting store shelves. sony playstation 4 comes out tomorrow. and then next friday it's microsoft's xbox 1. the digital entertainment reporter has gotten an early look at the playstation 4 here to give us a preview. and our resident gamer that cannot wait to get into this game, derek mcginty joins us with controller in hand. >> oh yeah, mike, thank you for coming. in this is a great -- this is a great piece of machinery at least so far. lesli wants to get into the cost and all that. but what am i getting here that i don't have with my ps3? >> 10 times the graphic fire power. the games are going to look better. not quite like standard def verses high def, but it's
5:42 pm
better. more defined characters, richer environments, and you're going to have smarter enemies. you're a good gamer and you always want enemies to be tougher. well they're going to be tougher now. >> well that's something. >> the other question though, i've got hundreds of dollars worth of ps3 games. can i play them on my ps4? >> you can't play the disc. you might be able to get some of the games downloaded digitally from the playstation 4. and you can get some of those free going, you know, grandfathered in. >> this is a transition. if you get rid of your ps3, those games are gone. >> this is not a cheap transition either. because this is going to set you back some money. >> it's $400 just for the game system and a controller and all the wires you need to get things going. and the box you get a free game that you can get from the playstation store. >> one free game. >> one lonely game. >> you know this is a big business. people are going to spend billions of dollars on these new game systems over the next 12 months. and you haven't bought a game
5:43 pm
system for six to seven years. this is a big thing for the industry. >> think about it. you'd probably get five phones, two different kinds of technical things. it's seven years. that's a long time in graphic years. >> yes, it is. >> and in past times we know folks have lost their minds and gone out to stand in the cold to be the first one to own one of these things. are people doing it for this game? >> derek before we woke up this morning, there were people waiting in line. these are people that have paid for them, but they want to be the first ones to get them. >> and so now what does it mean for the black friday crowd? because you know a lot of people will be wondering should i stand out there, will there be anything? >> well there's good news and bad news. bad news, almost every system that's coming in to the u.s. this year is already spoken for. the good news is most retailers will take like a down payment or you can pay for the full thing in advance if you want. good thing is about every retailer wants to have a few so
5:44 pm
you can come maybe out tonight and wait in line or on black friday you'll come out and wait in line to go in. that you can always go on ebay or, you know, if there are two dozen games available this year right away. if you don't see a game you want, play your playstation 3, be happy. then next year when there's a bigger supply, get it then. >> derek is getting his fun on. the other thing if you get to the point where you are really thinking that you could do something, you can share it on facebook or twitter. >> right. you hit the other button, the share button on the side. and look at that, i made a big mistake. you can upload a video clip or a screen shot or broadcast the games. what is that, broadcast the game plan? >> yes, a service call twitch. if we wanted to play a game, we could put it online. i'm sure a lot of people would watch. >> not a whole lot of games are
5:45 pm
available. the ones that are out, you're not going to get too much better. >> you don't see it being pushed on technology until later down the road. when you look at say call of duty or the madden football games or the fifa games, there's a version out for the xbox and playstation 3. they look a little better. the sun rays look better on the football field. the player wills be more defined and smarter. you might be able to make your runningback go better, but the defensive line and the safeties will come at you faster. >> if you can compare the two, you would say i would like to have that new machine. >> and about a million people in the next 12 hours that will be getting them. >> do you think this one will be the hottest seller or do you think that the xbox one? >> this is like an ongoing debate. you know, xbox people and playstation people.
5:46 pm
right now it'll be neck and neck this year and maybe four to five years from now there's a potential that one will be ahead of the other. it's who executes the best. >> the big thing here, these two machines, the xbox1 and playstation 4 are huge bets for both companies. sony has not had a hit as they really need this to do well. and microsoft's xbox is the best thing ever. >> certainly. they want to try to make sure that the middle and the center of your living room as you could run your paid tv service through the xbox one. and play station four is a little more subtle about that as they are trying to focus on gamers right now to get it installed, which will cost the same around the current game, but they want you to get that playstation 4 in your house. >> what if you are not like the pro gamer like the derek mcginty. just sort of getting your foot wet. is this the system you would get? >> it could be. i mean this game is a tony game and it is kind of like their
5:47 pm
twist on the mario game. it's a family-friendly game. it's for those age 10 and over. it's easy to understand, but you can play it at easy, normal, heard difficulty. i usually play on normal. >> i would never play a game like this. >> really? [ laughter ] this is a family show. >> we could keep you here all day, but we have to go. this is the highlight of the show. >> the highlight of the week, what are you talking about? >> topper will tell us more on the forecast. all right. we're looking at a chilly night, but not as cold as last night live look outside, it is still 50 downtown. relative humidity at 43%. air mass is not as dry as it was last night. we're not going to be as cold. winds are out of the south at
5:48 pm
8. temps, a -- 47 in fairfax. there's a smarting of the 40s. but the temperature is not going to fall like it did last night. 50 down in waldorf under clear skies. a bit below average. six degrees warmer than last night. high school kids need to deal with the numbers tomorrow. but some clouds will come in late for the day. a few showers are possible on friday night. it could interfere with high school football. but not a big deal. so for tonight clear skies, not as cold. 28 to about 38. winds are out of the southwest at 5 to 10. in fact most folks inside the beltway will be above freezing. but 33 in bethesda and downtown. getting out towards fairfax p1. getting out towards here. 29. 29 in sterling. 28 in leesburg and out towards
5:49 pm
middleberg. but again about six degrees higher than what it was this morning. 30s and 40s to start. temperatures, back to 50. by 1:00 sunshine and 55. then on saturday temperatures are down just a little bit. 68 with a few showers on mid- sunday with a little better chance of the showers. next seven days. well monday rain and showers. they would beat the days out. and then it will be coaled, but not as cold as we thought yesterday. upper 40s on wednesday is sunshine on thursday. >> all right, top, thank you. an outrage tonight after a high school band gets kicked off the football field during a friday night game. in and out editorial published at the high school has gone viral. the wusa9 is live. so this article really struck a nerve, huh? >> reporter: absolutely. the editorial has been viewed
5:50 pm
more than, or we should say nearly 300,000 times online. it's had hundreds of comments on the editorial. not to mention the facebook and twitter activity. an editorial about an incident that happened on the football field here right behind me, felt far behind. here is what happened with the half time winding down. the marching band still there. they began yelling for the band to get off so his players could get on the field. there was still time on the clock, but insisted that the team might get penalized, although that there was still time left. the band stopped their performance short and filed off the field. now, this infuriated the band students and parents that we spoke with as well as hundreds of people online. one person commenting on the editorial saying, "appalling behavior by a faculty member. i question their ability to lead." another person says, "i understand the coach being disrespectful. but also disrespectful to tell the team to take a 15-yard
5:51 pm
penalty." "a marching band never gets respect." that seems to get into the heart of the much bigger issue that they deal with it regularly. the fact they're often underappreciated and not respected to athletics. >> i felt kind of like frustrated. i didn't know why. i mean this was our last night to perform. and so it was suppose to be memorable. but i guess like they kind of ruined it. >> and do you feel as a part of the band that you don't get the respect or the appreciation that you guys deserve considering the amount of work you put in? >> yes, very much. >> reporter: now the principal here did send a letter home to parents and the entire community today saying that he is investigating the incident. he is dismayed at how it was handled and that the football coach has offered to apologize. live at the high school for wusa. >> all right, thanks so much. coming up tonight at 6:00, the nation's largest muslim civil rights group taking their case to the justice department.
5:52 pm
this after a judge dismisses the charges against the man accused of a hate-related attack against the taxi driver. a group of teens that are happy to see the flashing lights of the police vehicle. we'll explain in tonight's here you go. mmm! spicy!
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prince harry is racing with wounded warriors to the south pole. the british royal joined wounded war veterans in london's travel guard square to kick off the four-week 200-plus charity race to antarctica. the prince is leading the
5:55 pm
british team racing against the u.s., australia, and canada. harry will only take part in some of the competition aimed at raising money. lights in the rear-view mirror may make most people nervous. but in today's cool schools, we'll introduce you to some students that look forward to them. >> in some cases it helped them find a career in not necessarily in law enforcement. mike hydeck takes us to virginia. >> reporter: a police presence at monroe technical center in virginia is a regular thing. the difference is, the students here, they look forward to. >> it looks good. i like it. >> reporter: they have a pretty impressive partnership with the men in blue.
5:56 pm
students are getting job experience with a real customer and the service department gets the work done at a great job, free. >> well, these vehicles, they came to us. they were camouflaged all over. they had a completely -- they had to completely sand down the vehicles. decal the vehicles, now, we can use them for weather. >> reporter: and this partnership goes far beyond the garage though. >> it initially came off of here. then i would make it go all the way down. >> reporter: dominique and her classmates were an integral part of the sheriff's campaign to encourage teenagers to stop texting behind the wheel. now, her layout work in marketing skills could be seen in every school in the county thanks to her poster. the partnership with the sheriff department, they also laid down that foundation for her future. >> yes. i merely discovered when i came here when last year when we
5:57 pm
started playing around with things, seeing how it was like a job, you know, i was excited. i wanted to be doing this. >> reporter: the quality work will make the sheriff department want to keep doing it too. turns out police presence, it is a good thing at monroe tech. >> they get to actually talk to the deputies. and you know, they get to learn that hey these are real guys out in the community and that it just builds up that relationship and it's a good relationship. >> reporter: and students, they will also have an opportunity to take a nine-week criminal justice course at the sheriff department. he helped set up the story. if you have a cool school, send an e-mail to or also tweet him. the twitter account is on his name. president obama offers to fix a part of his health care law, but it doesn't go far enough for republicans. >> we'll get to all about the
5:58 pm
president's plan in just a home. but first here is a look at the most important moments in the most important story from your world today. in 90 seconds. for nearly five million americans that g -- cancellation notices, the white house is giving them a chance to keep their plans until 2014. >> the only way to fully protect the american people is to scrap this law once and for all. >> speaker john boehner will introduce legislation on friday, allowing consumers to keep their current insurance plans permanently. doug says buying the tv with a deferred interest best buy credit card was the dumbest move he would ever make. after the three-year promotional value expired. >> they add $1,300 on a balance of roughly $700 to $800. a protective order that he
5:59 pm
or she fails to warn the abuser that they could go to jail for violating. >> they heard a lot of stories. >> it could be deadly as heather mcguire was murdered by her estranged husband. albert is a service dog back home in new york after a flight attendant kicked them off from philadelphia. >> the dog has to be on the seat or i will turn the plane around. >> he let his dog stretch his legs. >> and most talked about person on the internet. >> leader of the catholic church in pope francis as they see someone that is redefined or exemplified or define what they think that the pope should be, prompting them to share their views on the pope more than anyone else. president obama today offered a fix for those americans that had the health care coverage canceled because of the affordable care act. >> and salesman


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