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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  February 1, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> good monday morning to you.ny taking a live look outside.. a very mild start to this february 1st, monday, 2016. 4:30 is your time right now.imeh we welcome you to fox5 news >> a few virginia schools get so a late start. s two hour delays for publicub schools in loudoun and fairfax one year delay for fauquierr county. spotsylvania county chancellor r lie schools and middle schools closed due to a power outage. >> heads up if your commute takes you to silver spring.. a water main break. break crews are on the scene working r to make repairs. rai we're told university uvers boulevard will be closed untildu noon today. t >> ♪ >> a busy night for police in pl days. righthese.
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they're on clay terrace o northeast. where there was awh police-involved shooting.-invve crew headed to the scene andeads hope to get more informationormi as soon as it's available.t's ab >> police investigating aa stabbing at bar code nightclubcl on 17th street isn't worth west. west two men stabbed just before juse midnight.midnight. this happened inside the club.dn one died. d we're told other has minor injuries.ri no word if police caught theice person responsible.ible leesburg police> lees pol investigating a deadlyaeadly stabbing this morning.stabbihi happened after midnight on the 100 o block of plaza streetza sr northeast. nort police say they found a man suffering from two stab woundsow in his c investigators believe thestig stabbing was sparked by an b arms unit between the victimee and another man in there the vic testimony was taken tott the hospital but died about anot hour later. l d.c. police need your helpol finding a girl who wentho missing last last n this is 11-year-old destiny haney. last seen about 9:30 thursdayhus night on alabama avenuenue she was last seen wearing theri blue jacket you see in this picture.
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if you have seen here you'ree being asked to call police. pice >> two virginia tech studentsiri behind bars in connection within the kidnapping and murder of a 13-year-old girl. nicole lavelle disappeared disae from her home in blacksburgcksbr last wednesday.nesday later that day 18-year-old8-ar-o david eisenhower was chargedhard with first degree murder and kidnapping.dnappi the 19-year-old nicole key nol purse was also arrested. aes she facing felony charges for improbable disposal avenueue body. >> i was originally shocked. it's not something you somhing u expected in your average run of the mill neighborhood, ifeirh you l i don't have a whole lot of interaction with her.h i haven't seen her for an heor little while but it is sort of r surprising to say the least.y a >> both teenagers are held without bond.out bon investigators say they haveth h evidence showing eisenhower eisn and the victim knew each otherer before she disappeared.isap last flight a candlelightanl vigil was held outside of thedef home nicole lived n originally
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the vigil had been planned bee before the news of her death. da >> we come out here to this vigil tonight to pray forora nicole to -- for her returnurn home. we didn't realize going in i this until right before that she had been found and shend and wasn't going to be coming home. i love her and i miss her a lot.lot. this hurts real bad. hurts but now we know that snows a better place. p >> friends of the family say nicole's parents had remained ri hopeful until the very last minute. >> the loudest found in iowa right now is the ticking of tici the block and that is becauseec time is running out for theut fe campaigns. the candidates and the undecided. undecide the all important iowa i caucuses get everything going in the process to pick theick next president and right now turnout is the name of the the game. late polls show donald trump tru still holding strong withonit republicans. meanwhile hillary clinton ande l
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bernie sanders remain neck and neck. but the question remains will numbers translate into voters?er but as the if i'm winds wds down rhetoric is arching trump tried to slow down ted cruz by questioning his financial strength and cruisecre returned the favor. marco rubio and bernie sandersnn continue to remain hopeful and l hillary clinton in the midst thm of yet another e-mail e controversy flareup isis rallying her supporters. >> going to protect everybody ey from big bad wall street,ltr right. he forgot to mention that he's h borrowed a lot of money atow o most no interest.edalmo n anybody in this room wouldom wod take the interest rate because b he pays almost nothing fromhingf goldman sachs and fromnd citibank.citiba >> he owes at least $480 million right now and itlin could be billions and by the way with loans when heidi anddi i take loans we pay them back.m. donald has declared bankruptcy p four times. >> we've got every one of the caucus s we'll have great people working on our behalf.ehal
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>> monday night could be ane historic night for this forhi country. >> what we need is a plan and a commitment and me, yes, yes, thank you. [cheers and applause] >> the ground game continues gam right up until the vote andot while we don't do that know k who will emerge victorious itic is all but certain the fieldhe will be narrower.rowe then of course it's on to new hampshire.hampsh >> ♪ >> 4:35 is the time right nowig and after you buried up touried your waist line in snow andaistn shoveling and all that stuff, sf temperatures right in you feel like a summer >> a summer solstice. sst >> wait a minute. let me feel your it's not that warm. >> going from waistline torom maybe knee high the >> i'll take that.e t >> we'll take the warmup for sure, gary mcgrady.cgra >> hey, how about this, right? h now, thanks a lot holly.. now, march first is stuck in my brain. >> sorry. >> i'm thinking would you, you know. listenlisten, it's still cold.o.
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frederick is 34 degrees and i a think there's little bit ofhe lt room for some of these to drop p off a little bit more beforeorer it's all said and done. d but wow fredericksburg is 52, stevens -- i don't have to go across the bay. right here in annapolis, it's, ' 54 degrees this morning, so a s big difference in temperatures across a small geographicalgr area. 46 here in town now. now the melting -- you can justan j hear the melting out there this morning and it's been bn that way last couple days. coue yesterday we were in the upperyr 50's for highs. f a couple of places very close to 60 degrees showers back outro to the west of us.het of there's a chance for showers,we nothing too heavy today but,vy y you know, enough that i know if i was outside and showersnd s came along i would want to wo have my umbrella just so you know and owner that it will be w mostly cloudy to cloudy. temperature in the city today makes it up to about aut 57 some of you only in the uppern r 40's and then fredericksburg, whoo-hoo! lower 60's for for
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highs. caitlin is in with a lick at a l traffic. >> nice change.>> nic saw a lot of melting yesterday d so hopefully that helps us a heu head out this morning as m everyone over a week later nowaw finally getting back togettinba school. not everyone but at least ast good chunk of you.nk of y in the district so far thistr morning not so bad.rning so not seeing any reported delaysd or accidents on any of they majors so getting in and out a of washington you're looking good. montgomery county just a couple issues right at the same couple of roads. piney branch road andbranch roa university boulevard.unersity bu so, first it's a we've got a crash piney branch h road closed at university clo boulevard with that crash and then university boulevard closed at piney branch roadwayra water main break just a littleai bit down wind of there.of there two issues here on those roads in montgomery county.nty. otherwise going into prince george's county here on the cout inner loop you guys are moving v well to the wilson bridge. wil no problems. and checking 395 northbound norh inbound road work this isor right after seminary road but d not seeing any delays rightay there. we'll keep you posted throughd r the rest of the morning with ofh that area of roade work atdor
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least that's all that we'rehare seeing right now. that's your first look atr firs traffic. much more to come this now let's go to holly. >> ♪ >> well, fox's presentation of grease live was a hit.. even in the rain. r the opening scene featured singer jessie jay an dancer dan team that incorporated umbrellas. the live performance featured classic hits plus songs from fro the film version with john travolta and olivia newton john. it was an emotional nightal though for actress vanessa van hudgens. she played the role of rizzo r the wise cracking leader of lea the pink ladies. vanessa lost her father to cancer saturday. saturda she dedicated last night'sight's performance to him.o h >> time now is 4:38.w is 4 when we come back more
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concerns about the zika virus vr and the impact it could leave cl on this year's olympics. stay with us. we're back in a moment. 
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>> ♪ >> back at 4:41 on this mondayhy morning. today the ntsb will releasent new infsbormation about whatut caused that deadly amtrak derailment in philadelphia last may. m eight people were killed ande ka more than 200 others hurt.s h right now it's unclear why the train sped up and wasas
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traveling more than 100 miles10i an hour when it should have slowed to 50 miles approachingrc a curve. the train's engineer says he does not remember whatembeat happened before the crash.ra. tomorrow philadelphia defense lawyers for comedianyerf bill cosby. cosby says he was told information he disclosed incl in that deposition would not bewouo used against him in a criminal trial.l. the prosecutors say they haveor no evidence ofs an immunity seek sauciers have now sau affecting international events.g as olympic organizers in rio are having to prepare for health rks the south american country hasoh been hit the hardest with more than a million cases of the virus. viru the international olympicic committee assures athletes andsu travelers the games will stilll go on but it is urging tm tog t be prepared and use protectiontt against mosquito bites.quito bis pregnant women face thent w greatest risk if they contracton the disease.ease >> cam newton has the internet t
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buzzing about his zebra fans. we're going to show them to t you coming up next plus howext w much a pair of those zebra tho a fans will set you back. b >> a woman meets the idol who wo helped save her after a car first though, let's talket traffic and weather. weaer gary.gary. >> hey, guys, it's really mildyl out there this temperatures are in the 40's 4 and the 50's. just how warm will we get dan wt this week? we'll have thate complete forecast coming up. stay with us.
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>> ♪ >> back now with breaking news in d.c. police are on the scene of a police involved shooting in northeast. this happened around 2 o'clockdd this morning in the 5300 block of clay terrace.ra no word yet if there are anyny injuries. we have a crew on the way toy to the scene and hope to get more m information as it becomesn it available. >> ♪ >> 4:45 is your time lookingme g
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outside not a lot of traffic trf moving but give eight minute.e h it's monday. it folks are back to work.o kids are back at school. s gary mcgrady has got a greatre forecast. >> the blizzard break is over. o >> ooh, i like that, the the blizzard break, yeah. >> some of them haven't beene h in school like nine days ors something, something crazyhing y like that. >> the thursday before because they were off the fry moving frv into the storm and then the following week. >> parents hang in there.ents can just a couple more d >> 10 days by my count. >> lang in there parents.ang just a couple more hours. >> somehow some still have a delay. dela >> my goodness.odne >> more than that for some parents. >> 10 and a half. 10 >> 57 today for a highy r temperature. clouds, a few showers.ouds, few now, look, some of you won'tyou be in the 50's -- well, someell, of you won't be 57.on b some of you will be up more up than 57, okay. i think we're landing on aboutnn 57 here in town. clouds, showers.ds, s showers back out to the westthe now. i'll show you those in just an t second.second. tomorrow we're cooler, 57 -- 57 today, 48 there is a front that comes
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through, okay and tomorrow we'll have some se cl it will be dry tomorrow but itoi will be cooler. c we'll have some sunshine buthave not much. then on wednesday we're reallyea going to many what up the wayanu it's looking right now with temperatures on wednesday o w getting up into the 60's pretty much area wide.area we. here we are now 45 degrees for dulles.du. it's 50 degrees for manassas. fredericksburg you're 52. wow. annapolis 52. annapolis 54. it's 54 across the way in stevensville, too.le and there's a couple of cold, cp spots.spots. frederick is 34. you may actually -- well, you w, could touch freezing then back out into cumberland, westernante maryland they're sitting athey'g 34 degrees as well. columbus 42. detroit 39. louisville is 51 degrees.illes 1 the whole region here is mild this morning. mor you think it's weird thatt'weir we're 46? binghamton, newamn, york, this morning is waking mo up to 47 degrees. 4degr new york city is 50 and boston is only 45. so, very mild up and down thed o east coast as cold air digs in g
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out west.test. you see these showers. showe they're moving in ourg in direction, okay, so we'll get some of this maybe even as early as a few spots this morning.rning. so, what i've done i've i basically left showers in or af chance of some once sun comesun up through the day parts. par. developing blizzard out herelizr in the nation's mid second.s mis it's all coming together. listen, of course i was in thei news, just about every countyevc in iowa is either under aither blizzard warning or, blizzard watch or a winter storm all of this is going to be t covered up.d up. then you have nebraska anda northern sections of kansas it a will be blizzard condition there is starting tonight andrto through the day tomorrow as as they're expecting a big stormexi and we'll have severe weather sh out ahead of that down through the deep south and up into theio tennessee valley. so, 46 degrees this showers. sh i'm just going to put showershoe in. in. it's not a lot of shower n activity. it's not a lot of rain but know where your umbrella isumbrs today just in case you getcase g caught up in some of thosef t light rain showers.howers
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57 today. 48 tomorrow, little cooleroo foreground hog day. d we are lower 60's on wednesdayee with some showers there.ome ower it's going to be to mi. there could be a thunderstormhut on wednesday for us.ay for i don't expect it to beto widespread but we could hear a a rumble of thunder.rumblef th cooler on thursday, 50. 5 cooler still on friday, 44.riy, we kind of settle into the. >> i noticed a difference out there. everyone heading back to the t roads after that blizzardzzar break, as many people including the kids last week. w water main break university unis boulevard is closed at pineyd at branch road due to this water main break in montgomeryn montgy county. let's take a look at our cameras and show it to
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it is still dark.s still you can't really see much but sm you can at least see the hazard lights and coneshtand blocking university boulevard ba closed between piney branch road and carroll avenue so ifeo your commute usually takes youou this way can't do it this do its morning at least for now.g lea back to the maps and we'lls show you 395 north where we'vehw got an area of road work, thiskt is just right after seminary sem road so use caution there.ti t not seeing any delays stacking s up because of it. checking 66 east at the moment m everything looks good as looksod you're heading from centreville going in through fairfax you're okay if you go a little bit further south ofit 66 no problems f there. t a wide view of the district. d it is still early. we expect to it fill in.ect to i beltway looks good in alls goodi directions and getting now andna washington looks a-okay as well. that's your look at traffic.ok c more coming up in less than 10 minutes. mi maureen good morning to you.od >> good morning.oo thank. the red cross says it's inos urgent need of blood donations.ons. eligible blood donors of all dof types are needed especially those with o,.
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donors have to be 17 years of age weigh at least 110 pounds 1p and be in generally goodly g health. contact the red cross forthe re exact times and >> a virginia woman involved inl in a horrific accident monthst n ago that put intera coma not only survived but last night she had a life long dream come e >> fox5's marina moroccoa m reports on a journey that is a testament to the healing soundng of music. >> reporter: hundreds ofuned fans lined up as the sunset atat the birch mere, a limousineim pulled up.lled it wasn't the headliner. headli. it was a centreville high eahool teach here was just t minutes away from meeting her idol. >> i all the partridge familygel and david cassidy albums.sidy >> reporter: she has been a die hard david cassidy fanassidf since a teenager. teege more importantly some wouldome say david cassidy brought her back to life.back t >> ♪ >> one of them that reallyf resonated that i sing over and a over and i would even hold myd
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phone up in tokes her ear so ear she could hear it in thein t hospital bed was i think i ihi love y >> reporter: last summerorteast kelly and her youngest sonounges were involved in a serious carec wreck in gainsville virginia. v both nest a nest kelly was unconscious for nearly two months.onths. >> the doctors said that, you t know, talk to her. h reach out.. it might help pull her out. o it might cause her to react to t something she here's because it's very important they saidans the longer you're in the combine marks the less likely you arelel to ever come out of the coma. te >> ♪ >> reporter: and that's r exactly what herep husband did. he sang and played cassidy's cas songs. years ago before the accidentcc kelly and her husband watchedatd her idol play at this veryhi ver venue. venu >> and what you did for her was incredible.di you kept playing music overus o and over and singing it, too,oo >> yeah, of course i kind ofcouf butchered it.bure >> oh,.
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>> you don't know.ou you haven't heard me yet. [laughter] >> ♪ >> reporter: kelly heard him, sang with him and watched from the front row. > ♪ >> made my night. >> made mine, too. it was wonderful.ul that has meant the world to me t what he did. (applause). >> reporter: marina marraco, fox5 local news. >> excitement is building forldn super bowl 50. bl >> that's right. players from the broncos andncod panthers arrived in california r last night. >> but all the talk thisll theth morning is about this guy,, quarterback cam newton. not the leather jacket.t. >> not the banner.>> not >> let's see. t >> you can't really see it. >> oh, man. >> oh, he got back on the bus. basically he's sporting these fancy zebra there you go, there you go.
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it's all >> i'm telling you.>> i >> he's got the sweater, theer, leather jacket and then then fancy bottom. bottom. >> party on the bottom. party >> in case you're wondering wde they retail for $1,500.0. we checked online to see ifto se they were available. avail they're already sold out. >> every last one. >> i blame russell for this. >> don't hit 'cause i got a h pair of those.irthose. >> you're wearing them next week.week. >> tomorrow. >> i'm wearing them now. n >> zebra pants friday.eb >> a lot of people arera hostins parties and the national retail federation says peoplee between the ages of 25 and 3425d will that spend around $140 aro1 for game day preparation.rera most of that goes towardss t munchies and maybe a few may a w drinks.drin. [laughter] [l >> this year americans areaus expectedye to eat 278 million avocados during super bowl week. a lot of guacamole..
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people consume 1.3 billion blion chicken wings. >> there's a national chicken a council. n >> you didn't know that.t. >> who knew there was an avocado federation. feder >> they are sponsoring thosee sr stories. >> got you okay. >> topping our local sports headlines looks like the caps c may be stanley cup favorites.av even with alex oaf very much vey kin sitting the game out the caps had three all stars inee as last night's game in nashville. making first appearances in the big game backstrom holtby hl and christian knopf. k it was a close game but they lost four to three. t >> all right.>> all r let's head over to gary that's a simple name. a simple a >> i can say that one. o
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>> mcgrady.cgra >> listen, here's where we are this morning. oite mild out there this morning. temperatures are in the 40's here in town, 46 degrees. 4degr it's february 1st but it feels f like march first, right, holly. let's see. 47 for quantico.ic 46 around dulles, gaithersburgar 46 so a whole lot of meltingf ml is going on all night longig here and it's going to beng to going on for several days because possibly going to be be friday morning before we get down to freezing again.g a showers to the west of us.est f we'll watch these getting closer to us. little bit of this will make b it over the mountains ive suspr ect by 8:00 a.m. or so s western places, western wes counties, i 81 corridor mayorri have a few showers around andro winds eventually will go from g the is southwest to thehe northwest lined a cold frontes that comes other than that temperaturesth will be zero mid to upper 50'anr here in town, lower 60's down d to the south 40's he for our northwestern counties. here's caitlin roth who is in for erin.
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>> water main break has got university boulevard closed atse piney branch road.pibran so, that whole area you cannotnt access. we'll go to our cameras acandam show it to you. i you still dark obviously but a lotut of emergency personnel on then scene blocking the area. again that's piney brancht' avenue and carroll avenue i avei believe in between there. tre university boulevard isouleva i closed.clos. back to our maps we'll show we'w you some other issues around o the area. inbound 395 after seminary. sinr seems like every time i'mryime m filling in there's some roadoa work on 395 northbound soun that's still there but we'll let you know when it doesu knoww lift. otherwise looking good on thed n beltway early this morning in prince george's county you'rergo moving well to the wilsonhe bridge and the bigger picturer e here no problems in any partsnny of the beltway. bel that's a look at traffic. tffic and we'll send it back to you. >> ♪ >> all right. thanks caitlin.than cai next at 5:00 candidates makingg last minute pushes at m thousands in iowa head to the t polls today. tod plus we'll tell you why the iowa caucuses are important to i
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the race. back after this. >> ♪
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