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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  February 1, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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>> gary mcgrady is going tomcgr talk about warmer forecast wmer with weather and traffic on the 5s. >> a few virginia schools getools a late start this morning. mni two hour delays for public schools in loudoun and fairfax county. there's a one hour delay foror fauquier county and if you and i live in spotsylvania county. cnt >> heads up if your commute commu takes you 32 silver water main break shutting downing d university boulevard betweenrd bet piney branch road and carroll avenue.av crews are on the scene workingne to make repairs. repairs we are told university unirsity boulevard will be closed until noon. >> leesburg policesburg investigating a stabbing happened after just after midnight on the 100 block of plaza street northeast. investigators believe theigatbeliev stabbing was sparked by an by argument between the victimic and another man in the home. man ithe hom the victim was taken to theeno hospital but died about anut a hour later. ler >> also d.c. police arec. police ar
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investigating a stabbing at a bar code nightclub.ig that's on 17th street in northwest. nort police are still on the scenehece this morning.orng two men were stabbed justtaed j before midnight. mn it happened inside the club. clu one of the men died. d we are told the other has has minor injuries. iur no word if police caught the person responsible. r also in the district we'r following brtheaking news of an overnight police involvednvd shooting in northeast.orthea >> let's get live to melanieo meni alnwick live on the scene with the very mel, what can you tell us. >> reporter: i can tell you i c d.c. police are giving us zeroe ar roll inf they're saying we're goingying have to wait to hear somethingom from the public informationio office. no telling how long that willhawi be. certainly we've got on they we've scene here. you can see the investigation still continuing.ontiin we are right here on clay on c terrace and the street intreet i front of us is 53rd. is 53r from what i could tell when wen first got here all throw theyow the did just pick up somek upom equipment, they were settingre set up some of the cameras rightight here on the very end of clay of
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terrace right as it approached approac 53rd but we're not really seeing any other -- any other evidence here that would pointe th us to exactly where it happened. i'm not sure why they pickedre w up those cameras and then tookhen them away. a all i can tell you is that is t they are in that investigativeve unit, that crime scenecene investigative unit.eni we did see them take somethingke photographs of a gun.. don't know whose gun that is.ha i all we know is there's somere s sort of police-involvedce-i shooting, happened at 2:09 2 this morning is when it wasas reported. no information on what was owh going on here that led to thiss shooting no information ontion o what the condition is of thedion is person who was shot. so, we're we're checking it out and ifutnd we get any information from f police we'll let you know. back to you. >> ♪ ♪ >> 5:03 is the advertisement the loudest sound in iowa right now is the ticking of ticking o the clock. that's because time is running time un out for the campaigns, ther th candidates and the undecided.he uided >> the all important iowaow caucuses get everything going in the process to pick oursso pi
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next president.resident. now the results will besults w reported at the national nio conventions and right now now turnout is the name of theof game. late polls show donald trump still holding strong withh republicans.publans. meanwhile hillary clinton and bernie sanders remain neck andec and neck. the question remains will numbers translate into voters? voter >> as time winds down theds down rhetoric is arching up for thengp candidates. trump tried to slow down ted dn cruz by questioning his if this strength and ted cruz returned the favor.avor marco rubio and bernie sandersan continued to remain hopeful remai and hillary clinton in theary midst of yet another e-mail e-mai controversy that's flared up.y that's fl she is rallying her supporters. >> he's going to protecting protect everybody from wall street,from w s big bad wall street right.tig he forgot to mention he's he' borrowed a lot of money ated almost no interest. a anybody in this room wmooustldmou take the interest rate cause c he pays almost nothing fromst nothi goldman sachs and citibank. >> he owes at least $480 million right now and itig could be billions. billi by the way with loans when whe heidi and i take loans we payloanwe them back.
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donald has declared bankruptcyankruptcy four times.imes. >> we feel very good aboutood abt >> monday night could be an a historic night for this >> what we need is a plan and a commitment and me, yes, thank you. y [cheers and applause]pplae] >> ground game continues right up until the voting and whilend whi we don't know who will emergemerg victorious on monday night it i is all but certain that theha t field will be a little bit a lit b smaller than of course it's on -- then of course it's ton it's t new hampshire after that. tha >> a curve ball could bealcoul heading that way becauseau you're talking about they're the expecting a blizzard in iowa. iowa. >> yeah, did you leery me say s most every county in iowa iss under a blizzard warning orr most of it starts monday -- mda not all of it but most of itt of starts for monday evening ening monday night. >> maybe people would have peo gotten to their polls andeir polls whatnot already.lrea >> yeah, well, how will they do that.t. >> forget about them.ab
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let's talk about us. we're like whoo-hoo!'r >> they're getting the blizzard, not us.e izrd, we're talking 60's.0' they're getting the blizzardgett we're melting all week.all wee >> that's what i'm talking i'mal about its a tale of two cities. >> 46 degrees, spring in temperature only.temp 46 degrees now. fredericksburg is 52. culpeper is 50 degrees.0 gr i vote for more temperaturesperature like this, >> yes. >> that's right.>> this is a caucus or a quorum? quo >> is this a quorum or arum a caucus. >> it's a quorum.uo >> i don't know that stuff.'t >> i do. >> i don't really care. c what do i care about all that political nonsense.tica that's what i'm talking about.m lking ab come on, man. m it's all showers back out tok ut the west of us this morning. clouds in place now. place now. expect mostly cloudy skies mos today. showers coming across fromacross from time to time.time otherwise, we're mild. m temperatures today 50's hereod 50' in town.ow lower 60's down to the south. s if you want to feel lower 60's, just take a drive to theake south and you'll finally get there. the. 49 degrees frederick.egrerederi
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54 for dulles.les. we will continue to have ao mild week. mi now, tomorrow is a littleorrow is a l cooler all right but by wednesday shockingly here's caitlin. caiin she's in this morning on this monday morning with a look atng wa your traffic. traff >> on-time traffic brought to tra you by toyota.oyota. visit buy a forcom for special offers.sp >> shockingly mild, i love it. shockingly.ocngly yes, i felt like yesterday was a bit of a shock i love it.e i going for effect here. here. water main watch out for this.. university boulevard closed close due to the water main break att piney branch road. we'll show it to you on our you oour cameras.caras. really as we go to our camerasamer you see we have hazard lightsard gh and all the cones set up withetp the emergency personnel outp there so this is universitynirs boulevard that you just cannot cant access due to the water main tthe wate break. not seeing a lot of water on a l the roadway but it's out there. can't do it. back to the maps. we'll show you some other issues. 95 north -- tou actually these are called nonissues because this morning we're not seeing too seeing
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many problems and it's a typical morning with everyone every heading back to school, mostos places heading back to schoolo and more people hitting the roads. moving welly from dale city to to 123. 12 395 closer to the district youisict have road work area rightreaig after seminary road and more and mor good news after a long weekongee with metro slowly getting backng b to no delays reported thisorteth morning. morn you should be good at least so least s far on all the metro lines. l that's a look at traffic.ff. holly, back over to you.ver y >> thanks caitlin. caiin today the ntsb will release new information about what caused that deadly amtrak derailment in philadelphia last may. eight people were killed andilled more than 200 others hurt. h right now it is unclear why w the train sped up and waspnd w traveling more than a hundredun miles an hour when it should ish have slowed to 50 milesd tomile approaching a curve.a c the train's engineer has saidsa he doesn't remember whatember happened before the crash. >> ♪ >> when we come back policeacol charge a second virginia tech student in the murder of a t young teenager. teege
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we'll hear from the victim's friends after the break. the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. uplift your mood with hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl. from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m., indulge in a medium hot or iced latte or macchiato for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> ♪ >> 5:10 is the time. 5 d.c. police need your help finding this girl who went who missing last week. g now take a good look at the picture.pi this is 11-year-old destiny haney. she was last seen around 9:30 thursday night on the 1500he 1 block of alabama avenuebama avenu southeast. she was last seen wearing bluering b jacket you see in the picture.ictu if you've seen her you're
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being asked to call police. polic two virginia tech studentsrg behind inbars this morning inba connection with the kidnapping and murder of this 13-year-oldld girl. nicole lovell disappeared frompeared fro her home in blacksburgcksb virginia last wednesday.edsd police discovered her body inred her bod north carolina on saturday. now later that day 18-year-old david ice he eisenhauer eisenhauer were you charged with firstou degree murder and kidnapping. cappin natalie keeper was also arrest arrested favoring felonyy charges for improper disposal of a body. a b family and friends are a mourning the loss of nicole n lovell. last night a candlelight vigilig was held outside the homeom where nicole lived. liv >> we come out to this vigil tonight to pray for nicoleght to -- for her return we didn't realize going into this until right before that she had been found and she wasn't going to be comingom home. >> i love her and i miss her a
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lot. this hurts real bad but now wet now know that she's in a better place. place. >> now friends of the familyri say nicole's parents have remained hopeful until the very last minute. minut >> 5:12 right now.t. ahead the zika virus causingirus concern about the upcomingt thcomi olympics. ol >> plus the justice departmente just investigating another shooting sho involving a young black man. first though traffic andic a weather.he hey, gary. >> don't feel likeeel li february 1st that's for sure that's fo out there this morning. mng temperature is 46 degrees now in town. tow 52 and holding fredericksburg.ricksburg. how lucky are you? and frederick up in maryland has h come up to 37 degrees. 37 gree that's a little bit warmer war than what they were last hour.r. speaking of warmer, yes we're yes we're going to have some mildom temperatures this week, evenhis k, warm for february.ebruar we'll talk more about that.t t full forecast is next and thent and stick around. aro caitlin is here withitli traffic and then these guysand over here, holly wisdom and maureen, they're back withack more news, n it's monday morning february
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the first.
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>> ♪ >> right now crews are on theow scene of a water main break in c silver spring. the repair work haser shut down university boulevard between bween piney branch road and carroll roaand avenue and we're toldol university boulevard will bevard wl b closed until noon today. >> ♪>> ♪ >> yeah, we're seeing a lot ofeeing those around here. we've just about had one every single day seems like for thee
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last week or so.k or s and remember potholes are not not far behind because all thesell t mild and the mild theil and the cold and that creates cat the potholes plus all the plus al plowing that's been going onth's as well. now, look, we're under a major a maj melting going on here.ltin temperatures this morning arein in the mid 40's some places pla in the lower 50's and justus everybody is above freezing frein and we have been and we're ande' going to be above freezing forezg the next several days.ay most of the week actually isually is going to be above freezing andezg that means overnight lows, too. too. 57 degrees today for a highesig temperature. we'll have mostly cloudy skies. some showers coming acrossin from time to 48 tomorrow. it will be cooler behind thehi the front but still that's not bad. some sunshine but some clouds, clouds, too, and then on wednesday w we're going warm things back up again. let me show you we're 46 herere 4he in town now wilmington 5656 buffalo he is 43 degrees.3 degr and then even up into granby, canada, this morning, they areor, th 50. wow. all this mild air is surging s up ahead of a major winteror winte storm that's going to bethat'soing dropping out into the plains. thela
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casper wyoming is 4 degrees right now.ght something to super t even up here where they're they' going to have blizzard conditions they'll have a full f fledged blizzard canada,ad nebraska and right along this frontal system this is goinghis oi to be -- the front comesro com through but there will be another front bubbling upr ont tomorrow.tomo this will be a clash of air mass and that means severe ser thunderstorms will be popping pop up and we'll have a severeere weather outbreak on the east sifted frontside of the front an blizzardn blizzard rage, on the west side of the wes front. few showers back out to thes back out west of us t here. h west virginia get somethingt s rain. we'll watch this.we some of this may come over the or mountains as early as 7, 8, 9 o'clock, something like that.omet i think we'll be dry here inry he the metro but i'm going to go t g ahead and include showers in sho the forecast through all thehroughll t day parts today. and again keep in mind thesed t are nothing heavy, kind of, ki o very spotty moving through through
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passing showers, might be at b better way to describe this.cribe keep the umbrella land or at or a least have the rain jacket available because you don'tbeuse want to get caught under oneer of these. look at how mild it will beit w today, though.daugh. 57 for a high temperature.empe 48 tomorrow foreground hog's's day. then 62 with some mildwith se showers, maybe a rumble ofs, m thunder on wednesday. wne as we start getting to the latter part of the week intoof the weekend temperatures will terates w settle back where they should be, middle 40's.0' here's caitlin this morning she's in for erin. >> gary thanks so love the glasses by the way.sses is that a new look. [laughter] >> is it not. is not >> you're late to this party.. you're late to the party.e to the p >> i'm here about aronce a month m at the most.os guess this has already been covered. >> at >> thank you for the compliment. >> you're welcome. welco all right water main breakre has university boulevarduniv closed. this is between piney branchey road and carroll avenue.venu we've been talking about it aut i all morning. al as we go to camera you can seeu c s the closure. clo its cones are you can't access universityivsi boulevard. we have gotten word that therehat ther are in the -- they're in they're
5:19 am
process of trying put steel s plates out to cover up the cov up break so they can openan o university boulevard for rushleva hour.. they haven't done it yet.'t dit we've just gotten word that that could happen and thennd t after rush hour they'll gor thell g back and close university boulevard. we'll keep you posted with w that. for now just expect thatha closure between piney branch and carroll avenue.d ca we'll let you know if itt u know reopens. back to the to we're moving fine on 95 north95or from dale city up to 123. t looking good the in virginia the ivirg there.e. inbound road work afteradk af seminary road work 395 and395 then metro after a slow going g last week of course to bee expected, no delays reported. r it seems like all the lines the l are up and running thisning thi morning so great news on aews monday here for you. y no problems on metro.etro that's traffic. now let's sends it back tot' wisdom. >> caitlin thank you verytl new this morning federal offiounce thewi details of a review of sllan francisco's police department.lice depar this comes after the after t department faced scrutiny over f the shootingac death of mario woods. the 26-year-old was shot andwas sh and killed by five officers in december.ce since then many have called have calle for the police chief'spolicehief
5:20 am
removal.val. an attorney for woods' familyamil says the review is the first t f step in bridging the gapthe g between nine nor are thes and the san francisco police department. department. >> defense lawyers forefen comedian bill cosby will attempt to get sex assault ass charges against him thrown out in court tomorrow. c they say he had a previous a previou deal with authorities thatit allowed hih m to testify in a a civil suit his accuser filed f years ago. year cosby says he was tolde wasol information he disclosed inhe disosed that deposition wouldn't beitio't used against him in a criminal cmi trial but prosecutors say they have no evidence of an immunity deal.eal. >> the zika virus is now affecting international events.evts. as olympic organizers in rios in de janeiro are having to prepare for health risks. the south american country hasan cntry been hit the hardest with moreh than a million cases of thefhe virus. vi the international olympicic committee assures athletes andan travelers the games will stilllll go on but it is urging them to be prepared and use protectionn against mosquito bites. bites. pregnant women face thenant greatest risk if they contractonac the disease.ea. >> so, did you catch greaseatch grease live last night? we haveaswe highlights just ahead and howd and
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the cast improvised when itn i started raining. we'll be right back.
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>> in news that will likely surprise no one, "star wars"star the force awakens" is onforc course to break the 2 million-dollar markmiion-dollar mar internationally by the end ofna the week.ll this probably should be 2 billion-dollar mark by then- end doof the week. yeah, that is right 2 billion. the film took almost a $11 million over the weekendsnds finishing third place. domestically star wars hasally taken in $895 million about a
5:24 am
125 million more than avatar the priests record holder. lot of you watchedat "grease" live right here on he on fox5 last night. fox5 l >> it was a hit even in thee rain. ra the show producers improvisedmprose by incorporating umbrellas ure into the opening dance routineceou featured singer jessie j.. >> live performance featuredance feature the classic hits from the broadway show plus songs fromgs the film version with johnh jn travolta and olivia newton john. >> ♪ >> julianne hough starred attarred sandy while aaron tz. t >> reporter::k playedtz.
5:25 am
>>tzaik. >> vanessa hudgens. clearclearly that's not vanessaan hudgens singing. when she sang there are worse things i could do really gave you chills. she did an awesome job. awe the original grease filmase debuted 1978 and one of my1978 and one of favorite parts was in the veryts w end when they were all comingomg out so there were two originalginal cast members from grease thatease made cameo.made c >> really. >> the lady who playedho pye >> really. >> they came out and they had onut their original jackets. jkets >> whew. >> stars from the actual movethe acal 53 from 1978.m 1978 >> i forget the actress who did play frenchie.playrenchie. >> i looked her up the otherup thether day because i was trying to do frenchie.en >> i was for our thing on friday. friday. i can't remember her name. she's awesome.e's >> i didn't watch but i hearn' great things.t >> what did boys to men do ? >> well, they were in the
5:26 am
beauty school dropout scene s with french cle. c they sang beauty school dropout the little dreame dam sequence. >> all right, gary. a >> most of the time wisdom andll and i were live tweeting right. r >> oh, yeah. >> in my dreams. >> facebook mentioning.ention >> i was tweeting from myy heart what do you call it rem tweeting. >> that performance helps youmanchelp all get your pay checks so youck better act like you like it.ou l >> love me some >> grease is the t bette >> i think that was betterhi than thenk original movie.ovie. >> please.>>leas >> 46 degrees. who was danny in this one. >> aaron tveik. t you have 10 seconds dude.ds d >> 46 degrees this morning.gree 57 for a high. we'll have showers todayay mostly clouds and temperaturess and are trending milted this week. >> yeah. >> yeah. proving it can be done in nine seconds, gary mcgrady. good job.. >> we probably could do it only in nine seconds everyecondsvery time. >> no, don't give away the t trade secrets.e secrets. >> at least i'm good for 155,
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come >> but the 3:30 they give uss i'm like i could use morese m time.time. >> 3:30 that's way too long. l >> that is too too long. too long for a morning showor that's for sure. maybe in the middle of a ae o a blizzard. blizzard water main break universityreak univers boulevard closed between piney p branch road and carrollar avenue.en getting word they may be put something steel plates out toeel ates try to reopen it for rushh hour. we'll let you know if thatw happens. in the district a tweet beforeweet bore d.c. police, it's the 300 and 400 blocks of clay streetclay str northeast and then the 5300 block of clay terrace northeast closed for a police aol investigation so if you are inou i this area and usually take it, know that that's closed, too clod, and you can't access it. 395 north starting to fill iff as we have roads work afterork seminary road.naryoad. watch for delays there.ay. that's a look at traffic andra fox5 news morning will be right back after this. >> ♪
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the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. uplift your mood with hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl. from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m., indulge in a medium hot or iced latte or macchiato for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'.
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♪ oh-oh, oh-oh ♪ ♪ oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-ooh, oh ♪ hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. >> a few virginia schools areirgi going to be going to schoole ing late this morning. morni there are two hour delays forelays f public schools in loudoun and fairfax counties.x count there's a one hour delay for fauquier county schools and ifouy you live in spotsylvania county chancellor high schooll and middle schools both closedlo due to a power outage. in the district, we areict, w following breaking news of ann
5:31 am
overnight police-involvede-invo shooting in northeast. northea >> let's get right to fox5'sight tfox melanie alnwick who is live onsiv the scene with the mel. me >> reporter: hey, guysorte well, i can tell you that itn ll y look like the investigationnvestiga here is starting to wind down a little bit. the cameras that were outeut earlier we saw them packedm pa away and the crime scenece investigation unit has just left the corner of 53rd and of rd clay terrace there.clay terrace the it was there just when weust when we arrived a little while ago.hile a so looks like they're ty're beginning to sort of wraping to things up. we really have received veryved ver little information from police on this. we can't tell you and i i promise you i have asked a multiple times, for details inls terms of what led to this to t shooting. shooting. the police officer dischargingicer dargi his or her weapon.ea we do not have any informationnformati in terms of the status of the t suspect or the person who wasw shot i should say. so, really very unclear here. and not too long ago d.c. long ago d. police also told us we had told us we be moved. hbe they pushed us back further from the scene saying theyce needed to do moreo mor
5:32 am
investigation here in thisn h area that you see between these two areas of policef pol tape. so, we haven't seen any investigative activity goingiv on in this area right now.e rea ri if we do, certainly we'll letll you know. it was 2 o'clock in the'clockn th morning, 2:09 to be exact whenxact w this was first reported. wasirst r we're told all information a will have to come frollm the public information office which is not responding topondg to requests at this point. back to you guys.s. >> also, d.c. police right now investigating a stabbing at bar code nightclub on 17th o 1 street northwest.orthwe two men were stabbed justust before midnight. mni this happened inside the club. here's a live picture moreture than five hours later as youte as can see police investigatorsto remain on the scene. sce one of the stabbing victimsg vict died. we're told the other has minoras injuries. no word if police caught the person responsible.espoible. >> also this morning leesburgis m police are investigating agating a deadly stabbing that happenedhat h after midnight on the 100ght onhe 1 block of plaza street str northeast. police say they found a man m suffering from two stab wounds
5:33 am
in his chest. investigators believe theats stabbing was sparked by any an argument between the victimen the and anot vher man in the home. t h the victim was taken to the t hospital but died about anied hour later.ur lat. >> the presidential candidatesnt have made their last minuteast min pitches to iowa voters.s toowa now it's up to iowaians to decide their favorite forite concerned at the caulk causesauses tonight. tonight. caroline shively has more from f des moines. >> reporter: this race is so thi tight on both sides iowa issi still anyone's game.s g republicans and democrats areemocts are fighting for the future of their political parties in theesn th hawk eye state. with the campaign down to thepaign down wire, donald trump doesn't doesn't seem to regret boycotting theg fox news debate last week.k. >> people respect the fact fac there i skipped the debate because i wasn't treatedsn'tre right. >> reporter: there is oneter: there i candidate though thendid republicans are set on defeat defeating. defeating. >> win the general election to defeat hillary clinton. clint >> reporter: hillary clinton hilla cli thinks she's the best the candidate to defeat the the >> on the republican side youreblic hear a lot of same and same and
5:34 am
particularly when it can comes to the this is one of the biggestig dividing lines between me and the republicans. >> reporter: but it'sepor starting to look like vermonte senator bernie sanders couldrnanders c take iowa away from hillary clinton.n >> poll done by the des moineses moine register eight months ago had us 41 points behind. b we have come a long way in eight months.t >> reporter: analysts say ate sanders win ir:n iowa could be a huge setback for the clinton clint campaign. >> maybe the fire wall hillaryl clinton claims to have wille w hold but boy i wouldn't betldt anything i own on that if bernie sanders wins these first two states.o >> reporter: after today theft focus turns to new hampshire. hpshi their primary is just eight days away n des moines m caroline shively fox news. >> ♪ >> the snow is slowly, slowly melting away from the sides ofhe sides the roads and the sidewalksidewalks people getting back to work, getting what tock school.tock school. >> you can hear it melting. hr it >> yeah, yeah.>> things are warm are w how long are we going to stayota like this?ke >> most of the week.
5:35 am
>> or should we just embracembrace the moment. most of the wednesday we'llay w cool back down to. don to. no i don't see super cold't coming. sitting on the first davehest february to be talking about to in the 60's on the third daverd d february but no super cold airoldir in sight crazy.. >> maybe they got -- winterin got it all out of the way on that one storm. storm >> i doubt it. it. >> thanks for killing thes dream,fo gary. g >> i doubt it.>> i doubt i well, let me let youet agreement. >> okay. okay. [laughter] [lau >> that's all right. r coop it >> keep it real. >> frederick has gone backasone down to 34.o 34. so frederick and cumberlandumrl remain the two spots in thepo area where temperatures are ins the 30's. everybody else in the 40's andel thsee 50's. annapolis at 53 degrees. quantico at 44 and leonardtownnato 52. okay, kids the blizzard break is over. so, bus stop forecast is back b in heavy rotation on the -- onhe- the old weather maps this morning. morn 40 to 50 mild degrees for
5:36 am
pickup. pi i think we're mostly dry. probably between six andix eight. this doesn't necessarily cover cov those three or four counties cnt that are under a two-hour delay this morning.y this m you guys may have a showermave a working in possibly. i think most of the rain holds hol off until after lunchtime lch today. 49 to 56 for drop-off. see, it's been so long sinceng since i've done this graphic i'vegr forgotten how to even do it. here's caitlin roth.inot you haven't forgotten how toenow do traffic though. >> i mean, i've got help trust me. what road is this again? but thiain? it did he ever sees to amazema me the other things that comehings th up every time i do traffic including baltimore-washingtonba parkway report of a mattreslts in the southbound lanes. [laughter] >> do you think someone isth moving at this hour? i mean h i guess could you guess you really couldn't don't anything last watch out for a mattress asats as you approach 175 on the baltimore-washington parkway. we'll let inyou know when thatw is moved out and you can keepee going. i 270 south we've got some lightome l volume building from 70 to the to
5:37 am
the truck scales. yes, i know, even i heard how h much of a nightmare 270 wasmare last week. hopefully with that was melting over the weekendover though we open up more lanes l not as terrible. for now it looks okay but just j after 5:30 here this morning. mni still also following thatlowing that water main break.wa gary made a good point earlier with this freeze-thaw cyclethyc that's been going on you can c get water main breaks easily. easil university boulevard closed clo between piney branch road andney carroll avenue.caoll we're getting reports they're going try to open it.g we'll keep you posted on thatrt.d on t no word at the moment.omen finally in the district thisict this tweet came to us from d.c.o us police the 300, 400 blocks oflos o clay street northeast nd the 5300 block of clay terrace ter both closed for a police aol investigation so you can'tan access that. t use caution in the northeast section of the district. that's a look at d traffic.. maureen, back over to you.ver to y >> just ahead, how much the much t big game is setting a lot of a l o people back this week. bacis w >> plus cam newton is lettinget his pants do the talking. tki don't miss the outfit that tha literally has the internet talking after the break.
5:38 am
5:37 right now.
5:39 am
5:40 am
>> back now with a quick checkwi on the stock t the bank ohef s japan surprise japan surpris move to introduce a negative negat interest rate policy sparkedy s world markets on friday but today asian stocks are uneven u and european shares are lower. u.s. futures down thisown this morning. a lot of people hostingofeopl parties for the big game thisfor
5:41 am
sunday. the national retail federationederat says people between the ages a of 25 and 34 will spend aboutbout $140 for game daye preparations. most of that goes towards t munchies. mu this year americans are expected to eat 278 million avocados. a whole lot of the national chicken councilnouncil says people will consume 1.3 billion chicken wings. w excitement of courseex building for super bowl 50. f players from the broncos andor bronc and the panthers all arrived in california last night.. but the talk this morningorni about this guy right therehere panthers quarterback cam flute f ton. you see him sporting some s pretty fancy zebra pants.ra pants he's all business up top withop wit the sweater and tie. party on the bottom though.ho jeans are made by versace and retail for $1,500. we checked online to see if s they were available.ere guess what? they're already sold out. >> wisdom. >> take mining.>> >> take it back. give another person a chanceerson a to sport them.t th
5:42 am
>> i'm going put them onlineng for straight ahead the woman meets the idol who helped save hel her after a car crash. c >> a community coming togethermu to help ani retired officer keep k his police dog.policeog those stories after traffic a t and weather.d weat hey gary. g >> show these temperatures.peratu currently outside in the 40's,n the some of in you 50's couple0's, couple spots in the 30's but only as but a couple spots too.ts t we're going to be mild around milar here for most of the first fewirst days of february, okay.y,ka we'll talk more about that. t full forecast is coming up. stay with us. the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3.500 hospitals.
5:43 am
fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. slash eastern. ♪ oh-oh, oh-oh ♪ ♪ oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-ooh, oh ♪ hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. (singing) i just can't wait to meet you sweet child you're on the way
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i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday... (instrumental)
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>> ♪ >> all right, we're live onig the scene of breaking news inht northeast d.c. we're talking about a bretalk police-involved happened around 2 o'clock thig sabnvolck this morning.rn police are still melanie alnwick is on thealnw scene getting updates. updates. we'll check in with her at about 6 o'clock. >> ♪ >> jefferson in the distancersn th there. so nice out this morning.thout th very, very mild. md. now we do have a lot of cloudf cl cover that we're expecting eec today and we're going to end up basically with, you know, a melting conditions, majoror melting for the next severalev days around here.under even overnight too. so, by the end of the week,ee the landscape will -- you'll y begin to start seeing a lot of more grass out there, that'sssut what i'm trying say and maybend m even a little bit earlier than that. snow piles will still be here probably sometime next year. 57 degrees today for a high temperature. teat surely i jest, right.t,ig few showers, mostly clouds.ud showers primarily coming inimily
5:46 am
after lunch today.ft western areas you may get something before that, okay. oka tomorrow we're cooler. 48 degrees. we'll start with a littlewi lit sunshine. we'll end up with some cloudse around here so just so you syo know. look how majorly mild it is. is. 43 this morning for buffalo.falo even into the southernheouthern provinces of canada granbyra 50 degrees this morningor boston 45, new york has been in the middle 50's.dl50's wilmington, north carolina is 56 degrees.56 degrees. there's a lot of mild airt of that's kind of coming into thed comin south. so we'll have a frontal system come through tomorrow -- actually later today and thener t it will go back to the north n again and we'll warm up for wednesday.dn blizzard warnings posted outted into the midwest, too way big w b storm that's coming togethering tog out there. you can see the energy fromrg f that is still coming throughhr the four corners but it's going to swing around throughd th texas up into the nation's mide naon's mid seconds and it will become a very, very strong storm.rm. blizzard and the cold air,ir severe weather down in thehe warmer air to the south and s a southeast. looks like actually thelly t
5:47 am
forecast is for an all-out a-o outbreak of severe weather tomorrow up through the u tennessee valley and as far north as the ohio rivero r valley.valley unusually mild air ahead ofy mild the storm. this is futurecast thisfuturast this morning at 10:00 a.m.rning at 10:00 a a lot of clouds for us.t of it is holding the showers back back out to the west. but again, i think there could be a couple of showers alongrs a that i-81 corridor thisthis morning. most of the rain comes throughomou late morning early afternoon.ftno by later on it's out of here. hopefully it's out of here for her the evening mmut tomorrow morning a lot of mning sunshine. sunshi notice the clouds come backs comac tomorrow afternoon, tomeron evening. that's the warmer air tryingrry to come back in.n. there could be a spotty sprinkle or two but doesn't look like it's going to be a'sng t big deal. most of the rain comes back in back i on wednesday i put showers inrs at 8:00 a.m. a.m that means western countiesnt okay.ok that's i-81 corridor. we're in the middle 40's.iddl 4 53 by lunchtime or so.r there could be a few showers fewhowers moving into western counties.o we more numerous showers moving min into western counties byies lunchtime. we'll get it here in the city
5:48 am
one, 2 3 o'clock andlock a hopefully out of here by five or 6 o'clock for most of the the commute. 57 for a high today.igod cooler tomorrow, 48 degrees.8 degr by the way tomorrow is groundw hog day. i hope he doesn't see hist see w, right? mild showershowers on wednesday 62 degrees. 6degr of course with his accuracy accuracy rate maybe we hope he sees his see shad he do and goes back in. 50 degrees on thursday andhursday then for the weekend we cool theeeke back down into the middleowinto 40's. 40 here's caitlin. c >> what's phil's accuracy are rate? what's the over-under.ver-unde >> not nearly as good as oursd as and we do a heck of a lot lot better job than phil does phil d because he's just a rodent. >> he's just a road dent but i i know. big party in punxsutawney foror that rodent. we'll be following along closely. cl he is our competition.r competition. in the district back tohe d traffic d.c. police letting us letng know about an intersection closed, clay street northeast nth and clay terrace so in theayerrace so northeast section of theast ction district it's the 300, 400 blocks of clay street and 5300 block of clay terrace. tra police investigation.tigation.
5:49 am
use caution. avoid the area.avoi university boulevard closed inrd closed in montgomery county due to ary water main break.wate this is between piney branchiney branc road and carroll we slowed you cameras earlier.arer you just can't access it.s it's all closed off. o there have been reports that t they're going to try to open try to ope it before rush hour.rush h let's go to cameras and show you. it is also closed off rightd off ght now, at least there's thehere's cones blocking university boulevard. we'll let you know if you're aou'r able to access that during the morning rush. you would expect on thisuld monday morning where the hold blizzard break is over everyone is back on the roads w b on th roa including most of the can kids who have to go to school with schl the exception avenue fewep counties in virginia with a wit a however, it hasn't been tooeen t awful yet. voluming in dale city to 123.23 bw parkway following that report of a mattress. mtr it's in the southbound lanesbound and it is approaching 175. everyone out and aboutnd a whatever you're doing thisoi t morning we'll keep you posted poste with any das they buildui through the rest of the o that's a look at traffic. wisdom. wisdom. >> all right, thank you very
5:50 am
much. 5:49 is the time. today a williamsburg church founded by slaves is ringinglave in black history month with a with long silent bell. bell. first african church of williamsburg is drawing people i frd the community and the country to ring the bell the throughout the month. the bell hasn't rang since thet ra 50's. first baptist members were first to ring the bell sundayell at an emotional sundayunda service. president obama will meet with muslim community mobembers in baltimore. in balti this week in a show omof support.pp now the visit will amount to a a public embrace of muss lyme's by the president at a timea t when anti muslim sentimentm sentimen seems to be growing.ems now according to some muslim officials the mosque known asosqu the islam particular society of baltimore has ties to extremism however the white house is focusing on theis f gesture of goodwill saying the president will reaffirm them importance of religious freedom to our way of life. the deadline has passed toadli
5:51 am
sign up for private health insurance if you live ine washington, d.c. or virginia. however, maryland is givingsivin you until next friday to signo sig up. . it extended the deadline too february 5th because of theth blizzard. people who remain uninsureduninsu will face a stiff the minimum penalty is $695 if$6 you remain without healthut h insurance for a full year. >> new research shows breastfeeding could savecld lives.lives. world health organizationaniz officials suggest breast milksugg is a personalized medicine forice infants. infants. they also say breastfeedingee provides protection againstction agains breast cancer and potentiallyti protects against ovarianva cancer and type two diabetes.bete research also showed higho sho income countries are a especially lagging behind lowaggi behind and middle income countriesnt when it comes to the length of time women breastfeed. bretfeed. >> red cross says it is in i urgent need of bleed donef ble nations.tis. eligible blood donors of all ds o times are needed especiallyspiall those with o a-p beg any of and a negative.annegat some locations you can sign up to donate are listed on your screen.
5:52 am
donors have to be 17 years ofto age bweigh at least 110 pounds10ou and in general good contact the red cross forro exact times and locations. locio a virginia woman involvedman i in a horrific accident monthsiden ago that put intera coma notot only survived but last nightht she had a life long dream come true. last summer she and her h youngest son were involved in iolve a serious car fleckar fck gainsville, virginia. both left in a coma. aoma. kelly was unconscious foronsc nearly two months. month she's been a die hard david d cassidy fan since she was ae shwas teenager so her husband hus channeled her love for hisr love h music to bring her back. >> doctors said that talk to saiat t her, reach out. o she might -- it might help h pull her out it might causehtau her to react to something she hears. hears. because it's very important's v they said the longer you're in y'r the coma, the less likely areik you to ever come out of the t coma. coma. >> so, that's exactly what hetly at h d he sang and played cassidy'sassidy songs two years ago before thego accident kell cannily and herl ca husband watched her idol playdol pla at this very venue.s very venue. last night she got to meet him. him. she also sat front row and got
5:53 am
to sing along with david cassidy. what an awesome gift. gif >> great story. >> yup. >> all righty. so, people from around the world are pitching in to helpng in to a retired ohio police officerceffic reunite with his furry friend.ri for the past four yearsea officer matthew hickey had his canine partner often jacks byenac his he retired from the force.. members of the community haveommuni h set up a go fund me account toccou t help hickey out.ut in one day it raised nearlyea $18,000. $1 the plan is to donate thes to tracks money to help fundelp f bulletproof vests for k-9r k- officers. officers. >> let's talk about this. t this is a veryal cold story. >> yeah.>> >> i got chills thinking about it. it >> polar bear plunge kickede k off this >> it's a maryland tradition tration where thousands of people jumpeopl in the chilly chesapeake bay. bay so, take a look.oo big plunge happened on saturday, the frosty women swim
5:54 am
raised $2.1 million for thatfo special olympics marylandol ym which provides sports training tin for children and adults with intellectual disabilities. more power to -- i got too --ot raise money a different way. w >> write a check. che >> witnesses saw a fire ball fal fly through the sky.rothe a man from falls church wasrch able to capture the event on his dashcam. das this is footage from alexander salvador. observers said it had colorful col fragments and looked like its an fell apart or exploded. elo a fire ball is otherwise knownwise as a very bright meteor. meteo this actually happened onn saturday. >> that is cool. c >> that's were molder and scully around anywhere. >> the truth is out there. >> somewhere. >> ♪♪ >> hello. >> maureen, tell us about our, te fan of the day.fa the >> i might do that.o that. this is our facebook fan ofour the day.. it's lamentlamont lee and his wife.
5:55 am
>> they all tune into fox5.tune into fox love the redskins jerseys byrs the way. and as you can see, they are big burgundy and gold fans.d fans. >> for your chance to behanc tomorrow's fan leave a comment and photo below the leess picture on our facebook page. p >> i was transfixed by the meteor. >> i fonder it wonder if it was a was a meteorite. if they find pieces of it it it it be a meteorite. >> i was looking to you for i lowered that bar and you and y cleared it. >> the blizzard break so fareak far kids. go back to school.k to sool. no one is happier than yourhan y parents including me.ding m 40 to 50 degrees for pickupor pic this morning. it will be wil i think we're dry, i think -- ifk there's anyhere's shower activity by 8 o'clock 8 o'c it's going to be out along the
5:56 am
i-81 corridor. cordo after school a few showers,rs temperatures 49 to 56 degrees. there's the rain right ngrow. right n you can see it's kind ofn in moving in our direction.n our direc we'll have some showershowers especially in the afternoon.ft that's the best chance for beschan that. i wanted to show you briefly bef the seven day because we're 62 wre 6 on wednesday with some showers.ers. >> yeah. >> maybe a rumble of thunderum on wednesday. then we cool back into the middle 40's. >> okay. >> even cooling back i middle 40's in february is not a bad al >> not a problem.>>ot a won't be freezing again untilgain unt friday morning. >> okay.>> oy. caitlin what do you got forwhat d us. >> good news too.>> greopening looks likeks lik university boulevard due toty the water main bre bak which byak which the way this usually happens h due to a lot of freeze andeze d thaw cycles so good news thatha we stay above freezing throughgh the rest of the of we yes, university boulevard inoulevard in montgomery county reopenedpe between piney branch and carroll let's check our cameras. camer we had heard they were tryinghey re t to do this in order to allowllow the morning rushing to ahi little bit more smoothly and a now fits.w fits. all the cones have beens hbe removed.
5:57 am
you can access both southboundouthun and northbound so university u boulevard is passablween bwe piney branch and carroll. carroll let's show you in the district dtr still closed for anclosedor a investigation, the 300, 400 blocks of clay street in thef clay northeast where it hits thee it h 5300 block of clay terrace. trace still use some caution in thaton i spot. that's a look at traffic.ic much more coming up at 6:05 6 when fox5 news morning returns. we'll be back after this.
5:58 am
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news on. >> straight ahead at 6:00 we're on the scene of a sce of police-involved shooting in the district. the di also breaking overnight astakg ov deadly stabbing inside ae nightclub in northwest. northwest. >> the wait is over now afterw a months of rallies speeches and debates today is the officialial kickoff to the primaryriry election season.tionso the very latest from iowaom i coming >> first though a live look thoa li outside. it is i hey, everybody it's february 1st. weather and traffic coming uptraffic comi on the 5s at 6:05. 6 good monday.on i'm allison seymour.lin se >> and i'm steve chenevey. i'm steve c welcome to fox5 news morning.orng first up a few school delaysl day in virginia where there arehere two hour delays for students s at fairfax county public publi schools and loudoun countyount public schools.hools in fauquier county all schools will open on a one-hour delay.el and in spotsylvaniapo chancellor high school and hhool middle school are closed todaylod but that's because of a power outage. >> and a heads up if yourf y commute takes you throughou throu silver spr a water main break shut down


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