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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  February 3, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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hours. this goes until 12:45. western low den and northernde portions of frederick county and virginia, also watching parts of frederick county and marylandyln almost, not quite over to washington county, a portion of carroll county affected until 1:15. rising river waters throughhrouh early saturday. including potomac throughac something county. we'll watch that for you while the whole area is under flood watch until late to night. the bulk of the rain is over for our area. a most of it the heavier stuff iss pushing out across the bay. still getting rain across southern calvert and saintaint mary's county. give it a little bit longer. showers may last just awhile longer. keep umbrellas handy for thee evening. you can see we picked up in some areas over an inch of snow onno top of what has been six to 12 inches. an inch of rain on top of what has been six to 12 inches of
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snow. a double whammy.y. the fog isn't helping. we'll have much dryer news on our 7-day forecast coming your m way in a few minutes. shawn. >> thank you sue. we are following breaking news, matt ackland former d.c. mayor vicinity gray will run forward seven counsel seat. she is expected to make the announcement tomorrow. gray spoke first to fox 5. again, former d.c. mayor vicinity gray is expected to announce tomorrow that he will run for the ward seven counsel seat. fox 5 is in prince george's county tonight. police have arrested 25 year old da ran boswell-johnson in b connection with the murder of af mother and her daughter. neshante davis and her two year old daughter shot and killed yesterday in front of their fort washington home. fox 5's paul wagner has been following the latest he
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developments he joins us live insight police headquarters in palmer park with more. >> reporter: high a news hig conference wrapped up here withh states attorney and interim police chief. the police chief calling this aa cold heart ted crime over child support payments. angela alsobrooks said she was grief stricken on what happened. let's show you the video the man arrested. walked out of policeed o headquarters a few minutes ago.a a few minutes ago i was f able o see a cotter affidavit it says boswell-johnson showed up outside that home on palmer roao yesterday morning to confront neshante davis over child support the payments. waited for her to leave the house at which pointe demanded shy drop the claim.y dr there was an and then, there was the shooting. now according to court records, neshante davis filed a claim to positively identify
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boswell-johnson as the father or two year old khloe. a dna test was done which confirmed the 26 year old is thd father. the court then ordered the manhe to pay six hundred dollars a a month in child support. sup yesterday morning just before seven, neshante davis and her daughter khloe walked out the front door of their palmer road townhouse where they wereey wer greeted by the gunman. neshante davis was tannedderis w found shot to death next to her car and the toddler was found id her car suffering from at leastl one gunshot wound. rushed to a nearby hospital pronounce attempted dead. a witness said he heard gunshot screaming more gunshots andg mo screaming. family members inside heard thee commotion and ran out to find the horrific seen. this news conference rapid up. weep want to play you what wastw said bit states attorney and the police chief. >> this is not a happy hap circumstance. this is a callous and cold hearh ted crime. and i just want to thank the states attorney miss alsobrooks for being there side by side with me from the beginning.
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i also want to particularly think the men and women standina behind you who haven't slept since yesterday in order to bring resolution to this. >> this case was not, none of these cases in fact just areact just numbers these are all people tows. we are both parents.ts. and so it struck us in a way that is hard to describe. how painful it was for both of us as well. >> reporter: now the courtter: documents i was able to see say that he waved his miranda rights and he confessed to the shooting of his own daughter and the mother of his child. c live in palmer park paul wagner fox 5 local news. >> thank you, paul. a former nih computer scientists sentenced to six years in prison for attack king roommate with a hammer. repeatedly hitting female victim in the head in apartment in
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rockville. she was treated. was oliver was upset when he found e out a car hit and killed his dos while the victim was carrying for the pet. as part of the employee agreement prosecutors agreed to drop murder charge against oliver. we have video of two attacks that happened the same day at the same station at the metro red line. l they took juvenile suspect into custody. there has been speculation d.c.. public school students may bee behind the growing trend since e many ride the trains for free to school. d.c. schools chancellor kaya henderson is shutting down those claims. >> i reject the notion that wilw bands of roaming students are attack king people on the metro. our children are not holla gains. jack edges is calling forlig more police officers and betterr lighting in met station hads. montgomery high school
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prince a is outraged planning aa trip to mexico. this trip comes months after two students were killed in a trunk driving cash after leaving under age party.. emily miller joins us now with w the story. emily. >> reporter: two what the tenr: high t school students died aftr a party.arty. mr. salts man pled guilty for gt charges for allowing under sage drinking while he was home. his wife tracy wonk home that wn night. she was traveling. but now, yechy's helping to plan a spring break for the teenagers to go to mexico where the drinking age is 18. high school principal is fewer ruts.r >> last year a bunch of woo ton high schools student were partying. after some of the kids left thet got into a high speed accident and two of the teenagers were killed. police say the driver was drunk. the father of the girl hue t hosted the party was home during
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it. he later pled guilty to two t counts of furnishing alcohol tot minors and paid a five thousand dollar fine. police report ted that kids told them that the parents allowed drinking parties at their home on a regular basis. well now mrs., tracy is helping plan a spring break trip to mexico for the high school students. the teens going on the trip have to get their parents to signo this release. it says its legal age to drink alcohol at 18 in mexico. and teenagers who drink have to do it responsibly.nsib tracy is named as one of the two trip organizer. o by signing you release her and other organizers for responsibility and injuries and damages. while the trip is not organized by the school the principal at woo ton high got wind of it andd sent this emotional letter to lt parents on tuesday. she wrote that allowing under a age drinking here or in another country is irresponsible. dangerous.
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and places students in harms way. the principal said she is frustrated that the teen. we 20er went to the home on o wednesday but no one answered a the door. tracy responded to say by email. writing in part that she is s going on the trip with her daughter. and she said that we do not condone drinking under the age of 21. she said that they included mexico's 18 year old drinking age authority to make familiesi aware of the different law. two families are grieving their son iss who died so young. they are saying the pain is not being felt by all who was at that party last june. the driver of that drunk drivini accident sam ellis was charged with vehicular manslaughter. states attorney says the hearing will start in the the next few months. we will be following it. emily miller. >> straight ahead at six,
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president obama visits a. s months go.mont his message about tolerance anda prejudice in america. as the water crisis continues epa is sending a strong message to residents. it is still not safe. s we'll have the latest.ates keeping a close eye on flooding concerns our area whenn the news at six continues. ♪
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on top of your health? ahh... ahh... cigna customers have plan choices and tools to take control. so they're more engaged, with fewer high health risks and lower medical costs. take control of your health at cigna dot com slash take control. >> today in baltimore presidenta obama tried to movelt forward efforts to promote religious tolerance.tole he made his first visit to an an american mosque as president. he said its easier to confront -- as potential threats. >> the horrific accidents of terrorism with belief in entire faith. of course we heard recently in exexcuse sable political
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rhetoric: the visit comes a week after prop prop became theo first us president to speak atpk the i say railly embassy. into. water crisis in flint michigan made its way to capital hill. testified before members of the house overnight commit. the hearing comes months afters flint declared a public health emergency. in response to test showing children with elevated levels of led. commit chairm
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>> welcome back the cb s'es urging young women to avoid alcohol unless they are using birth control. the agency says women of child bearing age who are not on birtn
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control should avoid drinking ghts a risk to fetal alcohol syndrome. many times a woman won't no she's pregnant for at least the first month and will continues drinking. fetal alcohol syndrome couldome lead to or cause behavioral or intellectual disabilities. the message there is good. i think the way it was written w in the headline is awkward. pin writer pour washington post said this was couldn't da sending to women saying if you drink and you don't take birth control you might get pregnant. i'm not sure how drinking, yeahn ang,y way.ay. being a morning person could be in your jeans. >> that's right researchers found 15 different spots in the genetic spirit between early risers and self described night owls.ow seven of the jeans directly regulate ted a person's daily cycles. morning people are more likely to be female, also thinner, happier, less prone to
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depression and less likely to suffer insomnia what? >> i am not a morning person. [ laughter ] >> because, i'm confused now asw to what i am. i don't know what i am any more. >> back and forth. >> i can't figure it out. >> nice to sleep i don't know what that feels like. if you want to lose weightgt here's advice clean up your kitchen. a new study says cluttered spaces cause stress and eat as much. chai on the particular o environment causesn us to in difficult. researchers placed them in a messy kitchen next to bowl of crackers and carrots rss participants only aid the cookies and they consumed 65 extra calories. >> what. researchers say they expect they would get the same results with men. if you put person in a messy kitchen with cookies, chips and
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carrots. >> just ten minutes? so much. >> okay. all right. i'm not sure about that study. s let's find out what's happening wi weather sueue palka. when i'm done with the te weather i'm going to starto running studies. >> me too. there are so many studies. [ laughter ] i lick that one ten minutes all you can eat special. follow the money i'd love to know who's behind that.ehin the rain is going going to beoio out of here a little bit later.l the rain and melting snow causing problems. flood watch the next couple hours. there are streams out of their banks. a few road closures across montgomery and loudoun county.ra later in the week controlled airs the weekend looks sunny and dry. next week closely yes, a chance of snow remains in our forecast the time frame is tuesday.ue nothing, there's a storm on monday too but we think its toot far out to see. here's our flood watch that's
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the short term more importantmpa headline that you need to be be aware of if you are going to be driving do be aware you may come up on a road closed because there's water over it. there have been problems in an few counties.few the rain is just about over. this is just residual moisture. a lot of is is slow to get get absorbed. most of the rain is across the bay. we have heavy rain on the eastern show. frontal boundary out to the left. that's going to take longer maybe there could be a couple showers. keep the umbrella handy fur going to be out this evening. here are the rain totals. we got the heaviest rain in the dark green about an inch that's where the heaviest snow pack has been. we had problems.s. greatly reduced snow depth. you can see a lot more openings in holes here as we continue to melt it down and a lot of melting with continue to okaye cure tonight and during the day tomorrow. and the rivers are going tooi start to remain pretty full.
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we have flood warnings that wila last sill saturday.ill we still got a lot of moisture to move through and frontal boundaries still out to the west. is it has been playing havoc with viability. via a little better than earlier. notice out toward cumberland zero visibility. a lot of this is from show fog, melting snow is creating its own fog. yesterday we hit 6555 degrees it was about 50 or 60 miles away all around us it was warm. w the cold, very much a result of the snow we had on the ground that has only allowed us to get in the low 50s. that's where we are right now, we just jumped up. 56. i'm so happy. mike thomas, did you see that. he's beatings his head against the a lot of places around us did. i just wanted to show you as wes look all around the region r pittsburgh 61 degrees. deg we're getting close.
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richmond excitement there were c even 70s down to south and easte earlier today. tod future cast is going to get the rain out of here. clouds will take a little bit longer. there may be fog problems lates tonight as well. w tomorrow should be a dryer day and our fog cast is one that will have clear ring beginning once we get the frontal boundaru through. we think that process may take longer. let's look at the 7-day forecast what about this weekends looking good. what about next week so far w close call on monday. the storm stays out to see took off rain or snow showers for monday. we took out rain chance for f tuesday. snow or snow showers. its a clipper that will come through the area. this one looks like it wants to get more intense off the coast.c it might do more than just givee us snow showers. we'll keeps an eye on all this. keep a very close on had eye and sneaky clippers shawn and tony. >> all right a thank you, sue.
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>> all right. this is national signing dayning where high school football stars officially commit could where they will be playing in theng
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fall. >> one student he is keeping it local after a senior season was cut short. >> reporter: its a big deal are a lot of people no matter who shawn was bragging, check her facebook page you'll see why. back on october 8th linebacker compound fracture of his ankle and fractured left it was nd ot a pretty site. he would under go five hours ofo surgery and months of rehab and recovery. butter a mid the fear of cutting short, maryland came through inn front of family and friend he made it official prince george's county committing to the terps and coach d.j. perkins. >> i'd like to thank everybody that supported me and believed in me. i'd like to thank my friends, my brother for staying with me. for loving me and for being
6:26 pm
there with me all the basement i love y'all.lo that's all i got.ot. i'm gonna cry. >> he came up talking about what a great kid he is everyone they have great respect for. we would have been crazy not to check into it, i became more and more comfortable saying, this ii something that we need to do. >> wow. >> by the way his dad worked on campus an tan's dad. >> that's great. >> good for antone and good for maryland. >> absolutely.bsol >> that is great. >> a double win and congratulations, i know theres, are ia lot of young men acrossr region who are signing today. its happen wonderful wonderful experience congratulations togr you guysat and your families. >> by the way maryland they havy eight students from the dmv who committed to maryland.
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>> great. >> that will be fun to watch next year. all right. final check on that forecast. rooting for the frontal boundary to get out of here. a lot of snow tomorrow. we should be closer to 52 degrees under partly sunny skies. quiet weekend. next chance of snow is tuesday. >> tuesday huff.>> right now it's just a chance. >> thank you, sue. thank you for joinings at six everybody. >> tmz next.
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harvey: cuba gooding jr., apparently didn't watch his tv show last night because he was out partying in new york city, and i think he was wasted. >> which one of you [bleep] took my wallet? >> right here. >> cuba, he's having his moment, man. and he's genuinely having fun with it. if he can stay away from another "snow dogs" type debacle. >> oh, god, please, no "snow dogs." >> wiz khalifa basically clearing up why he made peace with kanye west. >> he apologized and i accepted his apology. harvey: kim kardashian knocked sense into him. >> is it all staged? >> it's not all staged. there's a lot of emotion with some of the stories with the kardashians. >> shut up, mike. [laughter] >> she was here first! >> justus williams at l.a.x. he's a 17-year-old chess champion. we asked him i


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