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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  February 4, 2016 12:30am-1:01am EST

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. >> right now at 11:00 a swift arrest. a maryland father arrested in the cold blooded murder of his 2-year-old murder and her mother. >> it's not enough to be angry. >> what's done to prev epts tragedies like this. >> and a major setback tonight for bill cosby and the judge's decision that allows the comedian's sex assault trial to move forward. >> two months after cleared d.c. mayor vincent gray says he's ready to give back into city politics this is fox5 local news at 11. . >> we begin 11 with braking news out of south east d.c. where four people were shot today. >> butler street southeast near morris road. she's live on the scene tonight she's live on the scene tonight. we now know two teenagers were hurt. >> a lot of conflicting
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information as you know this is always breaking news and it involves second by second and we understand one of the victims presumably a victim apparently just turned 18 and that's why there was some sort of confusion and in fact there was at least teen aimer we know for a fact was 15 years olden for a fact was 15 years old and we understand the 15-year-old was shot in the thigh and in and out of conscious ntion on the way to the hospital and losing a lot of blood. now out here the scene remains firey active. there are several evidence mark that sure ourd like beer cans and -- potentially this all stemmed from some sort of gun battle. take a look at video we shot earlier on the scene. eventually you see d.c. police officers with rifles on hand and that's because out here some of the broundz recovered on the scene were high caliber
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rifle rounds and d.c. police searched that and police wanted to be prepared in case the suspect was here. there was wovrd responsiblely a suspect ran into an area. hit nothing. so of course they were prepared in the event they diden count are a high caliber rifle and at this point four victims transported to the hospital and still awaiting word definitively on that status and consider of the 50 year old and other victims non life-threatening. for now for now reporting live from southeast washington d.c. marina morocco "fox5 local news". >> there's a small measure of relever for the family of that shachb take sdiv is and-year-old daughter chloe. the who were shot and killed yesterday morning in front of for the washington home. tonight the baby's father is charged with mother nature.
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>> t. >> you know what tony, it is. it's really disturbing and heartbreaking how a father to do this to mother of child and also child. we're here at prince george county police -- investigators were able to sol this case in 24 hours. that's amazing feat. there's still a lot of work that lies ahead. mostly how to prevent something like this from happening again. . >> 25-year-old darren boz well johnson was arrested for shooting his 2-year-old daughter and his mother because of a supreme court aild support order. >> it's unfathom basketball. and except to say again these are also risk factors where you
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had angry reaction for example two achild support order. unfortunately we have to begin to say to people be vij sglant anden raged to do something. it's not enough to be angry we have to take action. >> we trained 100 snridz churches how to recognize the signs of domestic virus. >> it seems she was love >> it seems she was loving to her alleged killer and most are with the boy friends. >> if you have a young person in the family that needs help with their child please. >> also trust in me to prevent nashante and chloe tragedy from
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happening again. >> when it's possible to kill your own children we have to do more in the mental health system to help them and more to support the families stressed out to the nth digirolamo. what do we do to support family what do we do to support families. >> states attorney said part of that support include turning to the community and faith based community to train them how to recognize the risk factors and red mraingz for domestic silence. next training emkneeser & am church and tells thus was all offer a 600 court ruling for child support. one of the red flags is recognizing someone with a violent pass. he had domestic vie reference with then fiancee 2012. "fox5 local news". . >> let's take it outside right now.
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the rain is coming down for most of the day. a few mixed with snow melt and some areas dealing with flooding. sue palka and caitlin roth are joining us with team coverage. when should we expect some of it to let up. >> we had rain half inch to an inch and now melting snow not only flooding but problem with visibility. a lot of fog fornld around the region. active flooding going on around the region. we'll deal with all of that in the moment. 1st and foremost the rain is out. one exception i see a one exception i see a couple of lighter showers that may push across northern neck of virginia by me large is done. dry tomorrow. in thames of what convicted in thames of what convict trikted to the flooding problems we're melting offer the snow and snow back is greatly reduce totd north. but unfortunately there's places that have 6" en ground
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and add half inch to inch of hour. so streams and creeks are really full and we've seen them coming out of our banks tonight coming out of our banks tonight. one things working in the favor forever the morning you're not going to be dealing with refreeze and we're mild, 53. almost 10 than we should be high during the day. and we're going to stay mild overnight dropping into the 40s overnight dropping into the 40s. maybe you drop to 35 to haag rz town and fog is a problem. fog is going to probably ling were us until this frontal boundary kichd hung up to the west finally gets out of the area. you could have short term visibility problems dense fog advisory until 7:00 in the morning and recently sxamded. caityln is standing by by not only the look of the fog in northwest and ongoing flooding a concern in many hours caityln. >> thank you sue. all day long we've been seeing report of road closures and flooded interstates and rivers come ut out of banks. a lot of small creeks and streams.
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right now actually driz m a lot heavier than first outside at 0 a.m. even though not a lot of falling rain on radar fog is thick and we're getting drizzle thick and we're getting drizzle. let's show you the individual grow earlier today. montgomery country was the the first place we saw flooding reports barnesville and brookville area you see the flooded roads. that water is surge that water is surging and we don't want anyone to be out driving any flooded rot ways. purseleville and loudoun county reports of water 1 to 3 feet deep and later this evening we have many different reports. clark country west virginia flooded roads and winchester of frederick virginia total 11 roads enclosed roads closed across the county. we have active warngsz to show you. bibeingly aerial warnings and river ones. there's low visibility quarter mile to washington. ki tell standing out here.
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these are the flood warnings until 12:35 thursday early for a couple more hours parts of loudoun county and frederick in virginia and also there's flood warning where we're getting reports parts of frederick and carol counties. cop find to the northern potomac we have heaviest amount of snow and where we're seeing a lot of reports come through also a flood watch remains effect for mathtivity area specifically norm of washington again where we had heavy snow and heavy rain through today. that's the latest from out here that's the latest from out here. let's accepted it back to the studio tony, shawn. >> thank you caityln. >> developing rights now in the district we've learned a firefighter was transportsed to the hospital with minor injuries after he was hurt in an apartment fire on m street norm west we're told three additional people are being he vait associated for injuries. investigators are looking into the cause of the fire. . >> well it is almost official. forler d.c. mayor vince gray
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says he's ready to june back to politics. gray told "fox5" he plans to run for warld 7 seats and official announcement is expected tomorrow. the seat hins 2007 and has no plans top go anywhere. . >> we're elected office and we always expect for opponents to run against us. mayor bowser says he will continue to support alexander in future elections. . >> the montgomery country board of education is expected to make a big announcement tomorrow in rockville. they will appoint a brand new school super intend ept and he will hold that position fours years. we'll coop you posted as soon as the decision is announced rjts well another republican
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candidate dropped out of the race for the white house. rick santorum made the announce rick santorum made the announcement today and threw his support behind rubio. san tore sum third republican to end his campaign since iowa caucuses injoining mark huckabee and ran ball. nine candidates remain on the republican side compared to two democrats. >> which candidate was just nominated for noble peace prize. >> a major disappointment for bill cosby. why a judge decided to rule if his favor. that sex assault case against him can move forward. plus horrifying scene a bomb blew a hole through the side passenger yet midair and sucked out a passenger. they think they know who is
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apr financing. visit mattress firm, america's number one tempur-pedic retailer today. >> some horrifying moment on somalian airline moments after the plane took off. yesterday a suspected bomb was detonated on the plane. this is cellphone video from one of the paerns the explosion and fire blew a gape and fire blew a gaping hole in the dealo airlines flight carrying 74 passengers and crew carrying 74 passengers and crew. one passenger a man in 50s was sucked out of the hole in the fuselage. his body was later recovered on the ground. the plane was able to land and terror groupal shabob is
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suspected in the case. >> defeat in the pennsylvania courtroom the judge refused to throw out the sex assault case. cosby's lawyer order aid previous district attorney gave him amunty in 2005. the judge did not hop that are that because it was never put in writing. she charged with asoughting andrea constand in his home in 2004. a preliminary hearing was issued. >> according to peace research institute in norway they say the person who nominated trump did it for his vigorous peace fly strength ideology. the nomination is that. just that. thousands of people are nominated every year. it does not mean they win. >> packers hit ashley madison and exposed 32 million users.
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the web site has a web site for cheaters that -- they now offer mavrked profile pictures they can add part of their outfit and not the or eyes. after last we're e year's ad it jumped. >> as we mentioned test he top of the hour flooding has been a major issue in community major issue in communities against the dmv. check out what the cameras found brookville road near george aavenue me montgomery country and that's actually on the road. yeah, yikes. not good. >> ut-uh they had to close in both directions that's one of several montgomery and loudoun several montgomery and loudounon county and hearing moreer use frederick vir area. >> you said this might happen. the rain came down today. >> what we're finding is these are small dreams come oing come
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out of banks. so in close proximity to roads that may be an issue tomorrow morning. fog is the short term problem too. in addition to the flooded roadways you usually know if you're near one you probably dealt with this before but this is oxon hill camera it looks different than it did a little bit ago and there's quite a bit of drizzle as fog increased. we'll have to continue to watch for drizzle. this is expected to get better. it's still west. if it takes this long maybe you need to plan a little extra time in the morning. most of measurable rain has gotten out of area. there's one last will batch that might be coming up across lower southern maryland and that's light amounts of rain. dense fog got expand and not to charles county yet and continues western side 95 all the way down to charlottesville
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goes until 7:00 in the morning and problem very poor disability you may go around the corner and find them and quarter mile in d.c.. that may want to hang on. tomorrow, after wev get rid of morning fog could be brighter day and 52. officially the high today could be 57. we deposit hit that until later in the day. we didn't quite get records. friday cooler at 46 and looks like we'll have a quiteet weekend ahead. for tonight, fog, drizzle. temperatures above freezing. you'll have your handful if you live in a foggy area and live near a small stream or creek. those will rise from the snow melt and rain today. tomorrow as mentioned 52. frontal boundary off the coast and should continue to malasia flight move away allowing high pressure to move in and give us a drier day. 5 2 d.c. and maybe mid to
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upper 40s. sox you have been asking about chances for snow. one things we'll watch friday morning there may be a wave off the coast and it will stall out there and -- but about on for nature. that misses us and there's another storming nat could have aekt infected us monday. quiet for the weekend. we'll continue to watch on our 7 day forecast possibility of maybe snow showers on tuesday that's why you see that chance of snow here. that's not what you said me snow it's placed bone snow it's placed bone clipper and there's a lot of disagreat with the models. sdev niltly looks like next week will be colder. all right, deb that's your 7 day forecast. let's see what is going on with jim in sports. >> reigning nbamvp steph curry warriors in town. they were going through the roof. hundreds a pop. if you wanted to see mvp caliber basketball let's take your money's worth.
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with the steel losses ball and then what does he do? let's it fly. gets three right there. it's good. he celebrates with jig right there. . >> late first half kery over nana hits another long distance three from downtown wizards ahead. 1 points tonight. that's gay night for that guy. 17-25 shots sequence highlight 17-25 shots sequence highlighting offensive. warriors go on break and find steph considery 11 three pointer finished with 51 points three shy of career high wizards lose to warriors 134-1 wizards lose to warriors 134-121 warriors heading to the quhit house tomorrow. >> before maryland facing huskers in nebraska five minute theft was tied 58. trill bling inside the diamond. get the dug.
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turgon needs maylox. he goes in. he goes up. goes under. foul. little time to celebrate there lead up to three. then he tries to complete a three point play it is over the mark. ball deflects to stone for another bunk. maryland wins 70-65 to move to --. >> we don't know if payton man's game will be last game but take a look at picture. jordan taylor he's a receiver wearing a brand new suit paid for by manning and manning's way of thavring him for running roots and working out and taylor asked manning ki borrow a suit to the wear to the superbowl with payton and called up his suits guy we all have suit guys right? took the measurements and there
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it is custom made and ready for san francisco. you may not see a lot of soupier bowl time but he's on way to classic endeavor. >> next at 11 no cows were >> next at 11 no cows were harmed in making of this meat bale. . the the world aers first lab grown meat ball was born and consumed. question is how does it work or taste. >> you have one? >> stick around and f (vo) if you have type 2 diabetes you may know what it's like to deal
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pass pa >> take a look a want to show you a meat ball wow heat this a san francisco based company devoted to growing lab grown meat unveiled a pet project. >> the meat was grown from muscle tissue and stem cells from cows and pigs and elements from unborn calves blood. >> yes. >> yum. >> get this it cost $18,000 to
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create one pound of this lab grown beef. they say the meat, sizzled smelled and tasted like any other meat ball. >> maybe because it's got meat byproduct in it. >> i did a twitter poll and asked would you eat meat grown in lab 88% of you say absolutely not and 20 absolutely not and 20% say why not. >> a
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