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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  February 4, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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this is fox5 local news at 10. right now at 10, it's the last thing anyone wants to see. friday morning may start on the snowy side with a month rate impact on the commute. also tonight three confirmed cases of the zika virus right here in d.c. and one of the patients is pregnant. what health officials want you to know. k the boy you see on the left is acting in his first play tonight.
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he has no idea he's about to get g the surprise of a lifetime.e. your news at 10 starts right now. > we begin tonight with a winter weather alert.eath some of you might be in for a messy morning commute tomorrow. thank you for joining us i'm tony perkins and i'm shawn yancy. so we're talking about rain and rai the possibility of snow and that could cause you some problems let's get right to sue palka whoalka is analyzing the latest cat. >> it is a little bit of snow at exactly the wrong time.g it looks like this is going to be rain changing over to snow about 1 in the morning and maybe m a small accumulation. your best chance of seeing that accumulation is along and east of interstate 956789 the farther west you are you may not see much more than a few flurries. let me show you the winter weather advisory. the weather service puts up a winter weather advisory which isdvis in effect for d.c. prince george's county through lowerou southernnt maryland when they think there is a possibility of an inch of snow at a morning or
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evening rush hour. h so that goes into effect atfect midnight and it will continue into 10 in the morning. the it also goes over the beaches b and up the coast to new yorkw yo city. here's what we're thinking. a moderate impact, not because it's a huge amount of snow s maybe an inch in spots but but because it is coming at a bad b time of day. we think about one or two in the t the morning the rain is going to change over to snow.w. a coating on grassy areas to maybe an inch on d.c. a lot less than that west.est. maybe an inch or three inches east. the snow will taper off right around sunshine. just as the commute gets started in a big way this should be ending. the storm is going to be exiting in a quick way. we'll have sunday tomorrow afternoon. in the white area could be be anywhere from a dusting to a coating to one inch. it's a little bit-yes, one toe bi three inches as you get to the center of the circulation. here it is coming up the coast. notice that it really doesn't d get much farther west than interstate 95, but then it it doesn't take much. m
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what's working in our favor iss that the temperatures are pretty mild and also the road are a lot warmer than they have been. bee we're still looking at l temperatures in the 40s.e 4 a lot of this will melt off roadways, but there still be b some slick spots. heads up for everybody too.oo maybe use a little extra time. i'll have more on the weekend and the second chance of snow coming up a bit later. > we've been warned. w you remember this,e' the clipper storm from just a few weeks ago. it hit days before the massive blizzard. you remember the cold and the snow created chaos out there on the roads for many drivers who took hours, hours just to get home.ho now with more winter weather in our forecast to form preparations are underway to t make sure this doesn't happen again. fox5's marina maracco is ino is northeast with the latest. >>reporter: we remember and dough sos the district because dis they are ready. 've got plenty of salt in order to head out at midnight and start treating those roads.. they don't want to miss a beat this time around.
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the bay doors are open ready for the trucks. what a different scene it was w like you said just two weeks ago as that clipper system came in in through the dmv wrecked havoc, people stuck out there for hour many having to leave their cars t on the side of the road. you'll remember the next day n mayor bowser come out and saying she was sorry. she felt the district was not prepared ahead of that blizzard that came by storm and no one really saw much of course a much different scene tonight.e itself neat going to be as cold as it was then so likely a lot l of this snow will not stick and a ice over like it did two weeks ago. but still the district says s they will be ready this time around at midnight here. one of the main depots in the district that ddot has they willill start bringing in the trucks that will head out and throughout the entire dmv, dmv especially in the district.ict. they will position themselves at about 2 in the morning at bridges, the free what is and a the main thoroughfares to make sure that they can salt as
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needed. now, maryland and virginia also als getting ahead of the storm here. h maryland saying they did not pretreat, but they say that they will do so as needed will be monitoring the weather and at 3 in the morning they will be deploying their full staff of sta crew making sure that the roads are treated if the snow sticks at 4 in the maryland, the emergency center will open and a will be watching the roads and making sure that everything goes smoothth morning r now, in virginia, there they did did treat ahead of the storm in i three counties. those counties fairfax loudon and prince william counties. those counties major thoroughfares and bridges and places where they see a lot of traffic during the morning rush those places treated.. 330 trucks on duty and startingg at midnight.ght. keep it with fox5, we'll be on 46789. 25. we'll have all the weather and
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traffic updates as the morning rush gets underway. as we see the snow starting to trickle in here from the dmv. marina maracco, fox5 local news. > we are following breakingll news out of new york. someone shot two police officers at a public housing complex inex i the bronx. these officers were conducting a c drug investigation at the time. police say one of those officers was shot in the face. the other officer was shot in in the leg.the these images right now are of times square where it's alwayslway busy and activity going on. o both of those police officers we're told are expected to survive. one suspect was reportedly killed, two others were arrested. > now to the district the zika virus has hit here. her three people have been diagnoseden d and we're told one of the patients is pregnant.en in all the cases the people hadad traveled to countries impacted by the virus. fox5's tisha lewis joins us with the developing story.e de >>reporter: it's an evolving situation, that's how the
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district's department of healthep describes the zikaar industry rouse her in d.c. officials say they're monitoring the three cases here very closely. three d.c. residents including a pregnant woman are diagnosed d with the zika virus. they do see their healthcare h providers so we constantly c monday their situation and make m sure that their health is fine. d.c. department of health, senior deputy director angelo tell walker says in all three cases the d.c. residents traveled abroad to zika-infected regions. they reportedly contracted the virus there before returning tobe thefo district. what we really try to tell people who is at the highest risk and is that going to be pregnant women. there are special precautions we can take with that group. we want them to see their healthcare provider if they've had travel to an effected area. > since 2016 we've had two cases, one male one female, both of them are travel related. rel > the announcement zika comes
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days day as of the world healthorld organization declared the zika and international public health emergency. plus reports the zika infection was sexually transmitted in texas. even so they hope to calm fears. zika is not an infectiousous disease that's airborne or that really is going to put thehe general public at risk. the department can of public health is also conversing with local and federal authorities a about how to prevent the virus from originating here. so we've control that like we do d any other kind of mosquito borne disease.dise that's really more of a summertime in the district as well as around the globe. > and fox5 local news has has learned the university ofof maryland sent out a blast e-mail to its campus community warningty zika's dangers. d this comes ahead the spring break season and targets to t those planning to travel to areas affected by zika and urges u the campus to take precautions.ions
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tisha lewis fox5 local news. > police in charles county are investigating a officerce shooting. a deputy approached the suspect who he says was acting suspiciously and when he reached for his waste band the officer t opened fire. the suspect was shot twice and and suffered non-life threatening injuries. a handgun was found on the suspect following the shooting. the deputy involved has been placed on administrative leave.eave > friends and family gathered to say goodbye to a 13 year old virginia girl who police say was murdered by two teenagers from f our a. tonight we are learning more about those teens' alleged plot. david eisenhower and natalie keepers worked together to plan the kidnapping and the death of 13 year old nicole lovell. they allegedly bought cleaning supplies and a shovel before meeting the teenager last week. wee today friends and family saidai goodbye to the 13 year old. o people say nicole was a happy teenager who will be missed. >> her smile, everybody is going, ev to tell you that they're going
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to miss her smile because she had some kind of magic under her eyes and around her mouth. i will miss her potential.tial i looked forward to nicole years from now. > both icen hour and keepers are engineering students atring virginia tech. they are now being held without bond. > fairfax county police need your help to identifynt a pair of thieves to robbed a jewelry school at springfield plaza. the theft happened on monday morning. the two men entered the store and were looking around. suddenly one of the them pulled out a knife and dragged the owner into a back room while he was forced to open a safe. while that was going the other was removing jewelry from the cases. > beenly sanders and hillary clinton square off one on > also ahead tonight a bizarre story how did firefighters allegedly treat a man who was high on pcp before several minutes before even realizingng
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the man had been shot. s what we've learned about the investigation. > this story that you don't want to miss, the boy, let's see on the right side -- on the left side i'm sorry i'm sorry is acting in his first school play tonight. he also got an incredible surprise, his heartwarming reunion with his father. coming up. we're back in three minutes. you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. the democratic presidentialcr hopeful faced off tonight in newat hampshire. hillary clinton and bernie sanders met for their first one on one debate. voters will go to the polls next week. the candidates changed bars over who is more progressive. i understand senator sanders has really tried to dusk nightclub nig distinguish i understand that.ders that's what you do in campaigns. c at the same time let's not be i think in an unfair way making an accusation or making an attack about where i stand and where i've always a one of the things we should do
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is not only talk the talk, but but walk the walk. i am very proud to be the only candidate up here who does not have a super pack who is -- n. applause). you can see they went back and forth there. bernie sanders is holding a double digit lead over clinton in new hampshire. she anywhere which won the iowa caucuses this week. after a year long search it appears that montgomery county schools may have their next doctor jack smith as theh as finalist for the position pos tonight.toni sarah simmons spoke with him h w after the boards' announcement. reporter roar it's been exactly a year since montgomery county schools parted ways with former superintendent joshua star. doctor jack smith will fill the see the on a conditional basis. b a series of public meetings will begin soon so smith can meet parents and teachers prior to
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him assuming the job in july. dr. smith has a welt of experience. he's currently the inter time state superintendent of marylandyl schools having assumed thatha position after the former superintendent left for a job in ohio. smith also served as the superintendent in calvert county, for seven years. he was the marylandan superintendent of the year back in 2010. montgomery county schools has a good reputation in this area as as you know, but dr. smith saysays there are still educational disparities that need to bee worked you don't have to be sick to get better. montgomery county is a strong, healthy vibrant school system, s but there are areas where we canan improve like in the disparitiesties that exist like moving more kids to rigorous programing so all kids get a shot at whatever itr i is they want to do in life and that's all about the process of looking at everything, thinkingg about it and working on it. > this has been a long and arduous process. last night the board ofrd o education decided hiring a new
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superintendent from houstonoust texas only to have th candidate pull out at the last minute based on community feedback, contract negotiations and state approval.ppro dr. smith is expected to start july 1. tony. > all right sarah, thank you much. all right. some good news here. her a good story. it's a story you're only going to see on fox5. a fairfax middle school acted in in his first school play tonight. what he didn't know that while he was on stage there was a special guest in the audience. a his father, who has spent the last several months in afghanistan working for the state department. fox5's lauren demarco was there for the special surprise. lauren, i'll bet it was something. >>reporter: it was amazing. ama imagine the nerves your very first middle school play. pla it's a musical no less. les you get the extra boost knowing k that your loved ones are in the audience cheering you on. this young man had some extraome support that he didn't even know about. i was trying to be brave like
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you.u. i'm only brave when i have to be tray key playing mu move a the line king and giving fatherlyathe advice to his cub. cub while tray was learning his lines, his first of theatrical production, his own father had had been supporting him in afghanistan. robert key moved mountains to m show up the at the school tonight. he watched with pride hidden in i the back of the audience. not even tray's mother or sister knew that he was there. but he made an awesome surprise appearance much as the kids took their bows the teacher began to ask mu november a questionsber about the play. pla about their relationships rel between father and sons. becoming leaders. no. back from afghanistan.
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(applause) as tray headed back b tot stage his mom and sister came running up tears in their eyes. they weren't expecting to see robert until sometime this but he is temporarily back for for the weekend and the timing tim couldn't be better. > honestly i still can't really rea believe it. i'm excited because we just got through our premier and this just made it a thousand times better. i am so happy.o he told me that he'd be here in spirit and i wore a little pin to remind me of him. him and now i have him in person. > that's awesome.t's you're pretty excited, too. >> yeah. > were you expecting to see your dad here tonight. >> no, i wasn't. i wasn't.
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it was just so unexpected. > you know what, i had tears in in my eyes as did everybody who was watching. it was just such a great moment. m and dad told me that just a few daysing a he was you can talking via face time to tray.e to he said he was really nervous. he was trying to calm his nerves. to be able to be here was unbelievable.un shawn and tony, i'm sure you canan imagine as parents. >> what a wonderful feeling andeeli then the rest of the family's fam reaction was so sweet. > i have tears in my eyes right now. that's what a father does.oes. still to come, are you betting b on the super bowl? how about on on the coin toss or the half time show. some of the wild wagers that you can make this weekend coming up. u also coming up tonight we are remembering another music icon gone too soon. the legacy of earth, wind and
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fire founder murphy swipe coming up next. > as we head to the break,reak remember to send us your bestes throw back thursday photos using # tbt. this is a picture of donnie simpson and me performing as donnie and the the revolution yes, at rfk stadium at the budweiser super fest.r fe > were you playing a real instrument. > when do you know how to play that for real. >> no.
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the man accused of murdering his two year old daughter and herer mother will remain in a prince george's county jail.. a judge denied bale for darin d boss well johnson today during a hearing. investigators say the 25 yearear old admitted he killed in a shanty davis and her mother. he shot them outside their home in fort washington.t wa days before the murder a dna
quote quote
10:25 pm
test confirmed boss well-johnson was the child's father. a couple from clarksburg maryland is accused of abusing their seven year old son. s a grand jury indicted craig and nicole williams. back in october their child was treated at the hospital for bruises to his entire body. his father often wraps him in plastic help and used zip tags to hold them in place and the mother helped. there's a great deal of background involving this family that i don't believe the police have investigated. i believe that the facts, when they're all out will not supportnot the charge that he's facing. fac > both parents are now out on bond. they're due back in court next friday. > like am i was very saddened to hear this news late this afternoon. maurice white founder of the legendary band earth wind and a fire has died..
10:26 pm
earth wind and fire had dozens of hits including that's the way of the world let's groove reasons, september, shining star boogie wonder land and many others. white co-wrote and produced most of the band's hits. he stopped touring with theith group in 1995 as he battled parkinson. with an interview in the associated press back in 2000. 200 white said he wanted the band's music to inspire instead of entertain, which it did. whi he was inducted into the rock and hall of fame in 2000. 200 white was just 74 years old.ld. > one of my very favorite groups. > so incredible songs.. i mean that have transsended generations, too. >> i have so many favorites, fantasy, i'll write a song for you. i saw them in concert many times c in the '70s early 0s. 0 they put on one of the most
10:27 pm
amazing shows. there was magic involved. it was crazy. it was fantastic. > he will truly be missed. >> coming up next, sue has an update on what could be a messy commute tomorrow morning. > he's been labeled the most hated man in america. he didn't do anything to win any any friends on capital hill. > it's all coming up next.
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> this is fox5 local news at 10. hi there, i am he sue pal a. here's a little recap in terms of what we're expecting. some of you will be seeing snow s but you have a better chance of o seeing it if you live in the eastern suburbs this time.rbs you can see we do have a little bit of rain already out there. this has been on the light side. s you can see that that continues to move up from the south. we do believe that after about 1 or 2 in the morning this is going to mix with and then the change to snow. here's what our futurecast isast showing us and i really think t
10:31 pm
this is spot on now. it's going to have the moisture moi coming up and over us. notice the back edge of the snow doesn't quite get to frederick.ri it does move into d.c. briefly. the bulk of any accumulation we see will be east of 95. 9 where you're probably going to t have some issues is around the bay, down toward lower southern maryland and over on the delmarva where that small accumulation could be. b it looks like it's wrapped up by the time the sun comes up. up. there still could be some slick sli spots on the road. we want you to have a heads up. u we will let you know what you y can expect for the rest of this week and the weekend as well as a our next chance for some potential accumulation on the way in just a few minutes. tony. all right, sue, thank you very much. recapping tonight's top stories. the zika virus, it's turned up u in the district. the health department tells usnt t three people have the virus. one of the patients is pregnant. in all the cases the people have hav traveled to countries where the virus is more prevalent. police in charles county areunty investigating an officer-involved shooting in
10:32 pm
waldorf. a deputy approach the man who w the deputy says was acting suspicious. the man reached for his waste band and the deputy opened fire and shot the man twice. t the man has non life threateningning after a year long search it appears that montgomery county schools may have their nexty superintendent.dent the board of education officially announced doctor jack smith as the finalist forth position tonight. smith's term would last four f years beginning july 1 and lasting until june 30 of 2020. the d.c. fire department is investigating to two of its own own after they failed to notice a patient they were caring for had a serious gunshot wound. the initial assessment was that the man was high on pcp. fox5's paul wagner reports. >>reporter: when emergency e medical technicians and paramedics are called to medical emergencies in the city they t are trained to assess their patients in a variety of ways. w when we come on the scene as emts and paramedics we're the highest level of care. mpd is not the highest level of
10:33 pm
care. we should not be following what mpd tells us. u we to need to do a physical assessment. we need to touch the patient. we need to speak to the patient. the patient needs to speak backak b to us. > here's why.e's >> last friday when d.c. police d first got on the scene they found a gunshot victim sitting in a chair right over here in in front of 235. 2 they were then told another man needed medical attention in this unit over herein side 227. according to the police report pol when officers got inside they the found a man who was unconsciousonsc and breathing.hing and when they checked him for f any signs of trauma they found none. ambulance personnel, the same. but when they got this man tot hospital, dr.s found he had been shot. listen now to what first responders had to say when they w got on the scene. are you putting any addition ln al units out. out ? we also have a report of a person in front of 227 southwest, too.
10:34 pm
shooting. >> another patient from the shooting correct. > mpd does not have any other reports of any other shootings. they do have a report of a possible patient on pcp. according to a d.c. police report that pan was taken to george washington university hospital by ambulance b and it wasn't until he was inside the emergency room that tha doctors and nurses found a gunshot wound that went through the man's back and out his stomach. arete yeah riles is president of local 3721, the local union that represents paramedics and d.c. that tells me that the emts emt didn't do a proper assessment they didn't follow protocol tot assessment that we have in place that should have been done to t find these life threateningng injuries. riles is concerned the public is not properly being served and a that assessments are not being done at the highest level of care. paul wagner, fox5 local news news. > source tell fox5 thehe
10:35 pm
firefighters were immediatelymedi taken off the street after the error was discovered and placed in what's called a no patient contact status. they've both assigned tot training academy. we reached out to d.c. fire and ems earlier but they still have not gotten back to us. well, a contention and at times t very frustrating hearing todayring on capital hill. former drug company ceo martin kelly appeared before a house oversight committee.t co the committee is discussing why some prices are rising. kelly gained note try after his company jacked up the price of a drug. he's now facing charges. he smirked and smiled when house members asked him questions.ions then he refused to answer their questions. what do you say to her. >> on the advice of counsel i invoke my fifth amendment. a > i know you're smiling, but i'm very serious sir. s the way i see it you can go down
10:36 pm
in history as the poster boy for greedy drug company executivesves or you can change the system. > yeah. > after the hearing, kelly criticized the house committee. he tweeted hard, hard to accept that these i am bow sills sil represent the people in our government. > seems rather smug to me. > coming up, advice event gray is back. the former d.c. mayor opens up up about his plans to run for a council see the. go ahead and place your bets bet now. we're going to be checking outg o some of the more unusual super bowl wagers you can make this weekend. > whether beyonce will have a wardrobe malfunction. >> that's than would of the bets you can make. worker productivity falling in the final three months of 2015 the biggest drop we've seen in in two years. small business is looking good,
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pretty good.d. according to a new report around 30 percent of small businesses and their owners o raising salaries for their employees last month. m more good news if you're buying a home mortgage rates falling for a fifth straight week. now, the lowest level we've seen s in nearly a year. y the average fixed rate just abop 3.7 percent.ent. how about a toy truck recall. it's true. dollar genoise calling about 27,000 of its toy construction vehicle also. apparently the remote controls can short-circuit causing a fire f and a burn hazard. the store is giving full refunds for all the trucks. that's business. i'm neil cavuto. uto. i do everything on the internet. but it's kind of slow. my friends say i should get fios because it's the fastest. i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better.
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> he is back, former d.c. mayor
10:41 pm
vincent gray today announced he plans to runr his old ward 7 see the. his decision comes two months m after the us attorney cleared him of any wrongdoing to his 2011 election campaign. matt ackland has the story. >>reporter: former mayor vincent gray kicked off his ward 7 campaign speaking on wamu. he immediately launched into the incumbent and once close alley, council member yvette l alexander. wide dissatisfaction at this stage with the representation. > gray is relaunching his political career after losing reelection as mayor. he blames the federal investigation into his 2010 campaign that ended with the convictions of many campaign associates, but gray was never charged and always maintained he did nothing wrong. right here on fox5 gray called on former us attorney ron may chon to apologize, but so pharaoh owe i haven't heard him. h i haven't heard from him or
10:42 pm
anybody associated with the us attorney's office. > meanwhile a recent internal poll shows gray has popularity in ward 7 but council member alexander told us she's ready to t win again.n ag >> it doesn't matter who. i'm remaining focused working hard and i'm in it for furthermore years.year > what about the freud between the former and current mayor. gray said he wasn't getting into the raise to fight bowser. bow there is no way i would do this to seek retribution. there's too much work to be done in the city. c mayor bowser made it clear she she likes the two incumbents gray could have run against. >> i'm happy to tell that vincent has been a great part mere with us so has yvette alexander and i don't have any any other comments on the council raises. > matt ackland, fox5 local > vince gray joins a crowdedins field for that democratic nomination in addition to yvette alexander three others are also seeking the see the edd
10:43 pm
pennsylvania tea oh del markel situate and greg thompson. tho > coming up at 11 our team coverage of tomorrow's snowfall yes, some snowfall continues. we'll show you how some local cities are preparing. if you're trying to file your tax return online, you may run r into a problem. > mcdonald's is planning to swap out healthy meal toys with something more educational. these stories on fox5 local news at 11.
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10:46 pm
> earlier tonight, fox5 had the honor of attending the annualnnua light the night awards held in northwest. the 2015 events raised an incredible $2.8 million. >> wow. > yeah, for the leukemia and lymphoma society. soc the event had inspirational remark. the emcee was fox5's own tom fitzgerald. >> i'm a reporter.epor
10:47 pm
i tell stories. everyone of you is an incredible story and thank you for sharing sha your stories and your time and your effort with us tonight. > washington wizards star johnoh wall also attended tonight's event. he took part in one of the walksalks for his friend my a. that's the six year old girl who lost her battle with cancer. registration forth light the the night walks this fall is now open. go to light the night. org to sign up or learn more. mor and fox5 is again the proud media sponsor of the event. > wonderful to see that turnout tonight. >> it sure is. a great cause. > it sure is. very exciting to be a part of it. we all did last year and we'lle'll do again this year.r. > we love it. >> absolutely.>> > i don't know that we love every time we hear you say the word snow. sno >> can can i tell you, i'm doing this t because i have a feeling that maybe we can pull this off. o >> all right. r partly because it's only going to effect half the area. > that's g. mostly the eastern suburbs and the road temperatures are mild. et cetera on still in the whose. we will probably see some snow.
10:48 pm
i don't know how far west it's going to get. that's the big challenge tonight, but i'm looking at all the new information coming ining tonight and i'm not seeing a lotot of snow able to push beyond the 95 corridor. maybe a few flurries across montgomery county and fairfax and maybe this changes overnight ove and then new jerseys into your region so check out the latest forecast tomorrow morning. we do know that we are seeing on light showers. sho we expect them to change to snow overnight. we think this is mainly going to be along and east of 95. maybe there's some flurries onrrie the western side of 95. it's not going to last long. by the time sun comes up tomorrow morning the bulk of it is over. there are some problem spots andnd two hour delays over toward delmarva because you have the potential of getting some down there. the afternoon it clears out. it's going to be blustery,
10:49 pm
though. the weekend is dry. we're still watching the monday/tuesday timeframe for the possibility of another system that could bring us some it doesn't look like a snoww zillion a, but it looks like a complicated system that might have the opportunity iff everything sets up to give us a small accumulation or a few inches. that's monday tuesday. more information will come on this. we get through this one we hope with fingers crossed in fine fashion. when a winter weather advisory is up it usually means there's a chance of some disruption and the winter weather advisory isisor in effect for the district, for arlington, alexandria, prince george's county over to the baltimore area and across the bay. not in affect forth western suburbs.s. we'll see if that's getting expanded in the morning. mor i'm guessing as we continue to watch our latest trends that probably at any rate, most of the rain as you can see here is just to thehe east and you can see that as the night goes on it's trying to sneak in a little bit closer tot 95 corridor.
10:50 pm
we'll get colder later, but this is where we're painting our snowfall but this could be a coating to maybe up to an inch but then you get down to calvert, down to delmarva and there's a potential for one to three. maybe you're going to get fourour or eight inches out of it and in toward the new england area. we're getting kind of brushed onn this thing. it's nice that we're still 44-degrees. that helps a lot. and also the chemicals that theyhey put down on the road really work well unlike wednesday night of the clipper when it was so terribly cole.e. temperatures will drop down tot low 30s, no. we really reduced red the snow pack from the blizzard. there's still a little bit ona the groundli but those areas probably don't see any of the snow that we get later tonight.onig we're going to seette moving out pretty quick limit maybe some disruption tot morning commuteor and i'll have the very latest futurecast coming up at the beginning of our news at # 1.. this is next week monday night into tuesday morning it's a
10:51 pm
clip-like system and some indication that it might want to strengthen off the coast. that's again monday night into tuesday. lots of questions with that one and not as many answers just yet. we will keep you posted. enjoy a quiet weekend. monday, tuesday is the next timeframe. and wednesday, thursday looking colder with temperatures near 40, if not 42-degrees. > that's your seven dayyour forecast forecast. back to you. > forget who might win the bowl because vague as book is are taking 400 bets on just about everybody. we're talking from the color off the gatorade spilled on the winning coach to the chance of an earthquake striking. at. > earthquake only gets if the announcer specifically says during the game there's an earthquake. >> that's an actual there. these are called prop bets. year, they can't be real.
10:52 pm
brody logan set out today to separate fact from fix. i have a list here of all the super bowl bets. it's like 50 pages. i have some fake super bowlbowl props and i'm going to give youou a few and tell me which are fakeake or real. you can bet on the half time, pregame. trump percentage of votes in the new hampshire primary on tuesday, versus points scored in the football game. is this a real bet. >> that is the most american betty think i've ever heard. yes, it has to be. > no, no.o. you discount americans. that is the most american betet one can make. will beyonce have a janet jackson wardrobe malfunction.on. is that a real bet or fake bet. >> real.
10:53 pm
real. i'd say fake. fake. i'm going to say fake too. > that's fake. i made that up.up. but you can bet on beyonce's shoe color and what color dress she'll be wearing at half time. the betting favorite is >> i really expected more of american betting. i would have thought they would have really covered the ground. this is the land of freedom. fre i should have freedom in my betting choices. > how many times will be the word dad be said in the broadcast, is that a real bet or fake bet. >> i would say yeah. > you can bet on how many times he'll dab during the game. >> i'll say at least 20 times. everyone will be dabbing. > they're going to be dabbing the whole game. > will will shark show up at this year's super bowl, is that real or fake.
10:54 pm
>> fake. fake. that's a real bet. > you can bet shark is going to show up 15-1.1. >> we you're in vague as you can you bet on anything.thin > what if someone in the stands show us up as left shark does doe that count? >> that's a good question. que i think there has to be a specific time and place for left shark. > that doesn't make any sense.. >> my personal favorite and i will do this with a stopwatch every year, i want to see how long the national anthem is. laying igad a. there's old lady gag a, tony bennett teaches her -- > she's going to do a good job.. > she's going to do a fantastic job. > thank you. well, a local girl's dream to become the next american idol has entered. centerville sarah strong wasng
10:55 pm
sent home on tonight's the teenager sent a message toessa her fans after her elimination. eli she tweeted, guys, everythings, e happens for a reason. rea god definitely has a plan. i'll make it somehow i promise. pro i love you all and thank you american idol. > i love that song she sang, too. >> we wish her well.l. > the news at # 1 is next. nex we want to remind you of something, as the raise for the white house heats up, fox5 is teaming up with the hill. come for an in-depth look foror the candidates. can the campaign's and the. fox5's political reporter ronica clearly will look at all the twists and turns leading up to new hampshire and beyond. join them live here on fox5 or streaming on fox5 thiss sunday at 8:30 in the morning. everyone please be see thed.. a new model of google glass iss in the works. reportedly more elegant, lesslega
10:56 pm
geek i. i. the display appears to whoeverever right in front of you like it's floating in the no timeline for release and no and word if it's available for consumers or if this one will have more of a commercial use. i'm laura evans. see you next time in the fox5 fast lane. i do everything on the internet. but it's kind of slow. my friends say i should get fios because it's the fastest. i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better. we're out of 2%! i wonder what else could be better around here? i heard that. switching to better internet is now easier than ever. only fios has the fastest internet available, with uploads
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> this is fox5 local news att 11. right now at 11, it's the last las thing most of you want to see s but a bit more snow on the way w for our friday morning. what will this do for your commute, i'll let you know what w to expect. exp three cases of the the dangerousus zika virus have been confirmed in one of the patients is a pregnant woman.oman what public health officials are doing to prevent future infections in our own background. plus, the irs computer glitchr that could impact anyone who recently tried to file their tax returns online. fox5 a local news at 11 starts
11:00 pm
right now. thanks for joining us tonight i'm shawn yancy and i'm tony perkins. many of us don't even want too think about snow after the recent police area, but there's another clipper moving our way tomorrow. right now much much of the d.c. area is under a winter weather advisory. we have team coverage covering the morning commute. one good thing i'm seeing tonight is temperatures are still in the 40s. unlike that clipper that came through a couple of weeks ago when it was so terribly cold andnd everything stuck, we're going to see the snow that begins to develop later tonight initially melting. thanks to the temperatures that are still in thete 40s across the region. even so the timing is rush and we think this could have a moderate effect on your morning y commute here's the bottom line. l we're going to see some rain showers that are currently in the eastern suburbs start to mixs st with and change to snow overnight. there could be up to a coating, maybe an inch for d.c. it looks like the wenter chance t of seeing a small


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