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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  February 5, 2016 12:30am-1:01am EST

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> this is fox5 local news at 11. right now at 11, it's the last thing most of you want to see, but a bit more snow on the way for our friday morning. what will this do for your commute, i'll let you know what to expect. three cases of the the dangerous zika virus have been confirmed in d.c. one of the patients is a pregnant woman. what public health officials are doing to prevent future infections in our own background. plus, the irs computer glitch that could impact anyone who recently tried to file their tax returns online. fox5 a local news at 11 starts right now. thanks for joining us tonight, i'm shawn yancy and i'm tony perkins. many of us don't even want to think about snow after the recent police area, but there's another clipper moving our way tomorrow. right now, much much of the d.c. area is under a winter weather advisory. we have team coverage covering the morning commute. one good thing i'm seeing
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tonight is temperatures are still in the 40s. unlike that clipper that came through a couple of weeks ago when it was so terribly cold and everything stuck, we're going to see the snow that begins to develop later tonight initially melting. thanks to the temperatures that are still in the 40s across the region. even so the timing is rush and we think this could have a moderate effect on your morning commute tomorrow. here's the bottom line. we're going to see some rain showers that are currently in the eastern suburbs start to mix with and change to snow overnight. there could be up to a coating, maybe an inch for d.c. it looks like the wenter chance of seeing a small accumulation is going to be east of 95 and closer to the chesapeake bay. it also looks like it's picking up a little bit of speed and this all should be done by around the sun comes up. the storm will exit very quickly. we should be back to sunshine and a blustery day tomorrow t afternoon. what this is is a week wave of low pressure that's riding along a stalled outboundry out at the coast. that's why you have a better chance of seeing this this more in the eastern suburbs than over by the beaches.
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by friday morning it should be even clear of the bay and hopefully if you're the knot going to see big impax of this especially west of 95 as the day goes on. what are we talking about, in the white area there's a chance of a coating to maybe an inch of snow. when you get over to the blue area you have a chance of seeing one, two or three inches of snow because it will last a little bit longer and you're closer to the area of low pressure that's going to bring the snow in our correct. >> again we're happy to see -- for some reason radar has disappeared. there's definitely rain on there. we are happy to see the temperatures mainly in the 40s. here's how the futurecast seize a little bit of snow developing around one in the morning and then pushing east of 95 and taking it across the bay as you can see there. we'll talk more about your weekend forecast and your next chance of snow in the seven day forecast in just a few. > even though we're only expecting up to an inch of snow in the district salt trucks will
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be out treating the roads. d.c. crews are worried and trying to make sure they don't get caught off guard like they did back on january 206789 remember this, a small clipper storm dropped about an inch of snow, they didn't treat the snow which then lead to grid lock during can the evening commute. some people were stuck out there for hours. marina maracco is live at the salt dome in northeast d.c. with the latest. >>reporter: they're ready here in the district. we're at one of the main depots here in northeast. the snow behind me is high. they're ready to come with a front loader that will be here in just an hour at midnight. the trucks will start lining up. the front loader will begin to dump the salt on tot trucks. at 2 in the morning the trucks will head out throughout the district and station at bridges, major thoroughfares and where the traffic is expected for the morning rush and then they'll salt as needed, depending othe conditions. of course getting ahead of what happened two weeks ago like you just said it was complete mayhem
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out here in the district and they want to make sure it doesn't happen again. mayor bowser saying the day after that that she was sorry the district wasn't prepared. they of course started salting a little l too late. the temperatures not expected to be as low as they were last time, so not having as many freeze issues as they did during clipper. still the district taking no chances, neither are maryland and virginia. they're also getting ahead of the snow for the morning rush. maryland, they say they did not pretreat the roads, but will be closely monitoring the conditions, especially in the southern maryland counties. they say that about three in the morning they will be full staffed with all their trucks and plows and salt trucks ready to go out in the event that they do t need to treat the roads. at 4 in the morning their emergency center will be set up to monitor the conditions during the morning rush. in virginia, however, they did treat out in advance. especially in three counties. those three counties are fairfax, loudon and prince
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william county. there they're seeing the major thoroughfares there were treated. now, 330 trucks will be on duty in northern virginia and they will start heading out tot roads at about midnight in anticipation of the snow. of course here on fox5 starting at 4:25 tomorrow morning we will bring you the very latest traffic and weather updates as they come in. we're now reporting live from northeast washington d.c., rima maracco, fox5 local news. > we now turn to a developing story out of the bronx, new york. tonight, two nypd officers were shot inside of a public housing complex. one of the officers was shot in the, the other in the hip. they were rushed to the hospital in stable condition. at least one suspect is dead. several others are in custody. right now, it is not clear what led to that shooting. > the d.c. fire department tonight is investigating two of its own after they failed to notice a patient they were caring for had a serious gunshot
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wound. it happened last friday in the 200 block of l street southwest not far from nats park. first the firefighters thought the victim was high on pcp. it wasn't until dr.s and nurses cut the man clothing off they realized he had been shot. aretha riles is president of local 372 #, the union that represents paramedics and emts. >> that tells me that the emt firefighters didn't do a complete assessment. they didn't do a proper assessment, they didn't follow protocol tot assessments that we have in place that should have been done to find these life threatening injuries. sources familiar with the investigation say the firefighters were immediately taken off the street. d.c. fire and ems declined to comment. > charles county police are investigating an officer-involved shooting that happened this afternoon in waldorf. a deputy approached a man who was allegedly acting suspiciously near the saint charles parkway. police say the man reached for his waste band and the deputy opened fire shooting the man twice. investigators say they found a
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handgun on the man after he was shot. he should be okay. the deputy is now on administrative leave while the investigation unfolds. and developing news from the district, the d.c. health department says three people have contracted the zika virus. we're told one of the patients is pregnant. in all the cases the people had traveled to countries impacted by the virus. fox5's tisha lewis joins us with the developing story. >>reporter: it's an evolving situation, that's how the district department of health describes the zika health h. they athey're monitoring the three cases here very closely. three d.c. residents, including a pregnant woman are diagnosed with the zika virus. they do see their healthcare provider, so we constantly monday their situation and make sure that their health is fine. d.c. department of health, senior deputy director angelo tool walker says in all three cases the d.c. residents traveled abroad to zika infected
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regions. they reportedly contracted the virus there before returning to the district. what we really try to tell people who is at the highest risk and that is going to be pregnant women. there are some special precautions we can take with that group. we want them to see their healthcare provider if they've had recent travel to an infected area just so they can be monitored. > one case was diagnosed in may. one male, one female, both of them were travel related to central and south america. it comes days after the world health organization det chaired the zika virus an international public health emergency. zika infections during pregnancy -- plus reports the zika infection was sexually transmitted in texas. even so, toe walker hopes to calm fears and facts. >> zika is not an infectious disease that's airborne that's going to put the general public at risk. the department of public health is also conversing with local and federal authorities about how to prevent the virus from
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originating here. we control that like we do any other mosquito borne disease that is impacting the mosquito population. > that is an expensive task. in the meantime fox5 local news has learned the university of maryland sent out an e-mail blast with campus community warning them about zika's dangers. this alert comes ahead of the spring break season and targets those mainly students planning to travel to areas effected by zika and urges the entire campus to take precautions. > tisha lewis, fox5 local news. > all right, so is more progressive, that was the underlying theme of the democratic debate in new hampshire. hillary clinton and bernie sanders went on one on one. hiltslammed sanders campaign as too costly. he also accused clinton as being the president of the establish
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president. secretary clinton does represent the establishment. i represent, i hope, ordinary americans. people support me because they know me, they know my life's work. they have worked with me and many have also worked with senator sanders. > tonight's debate is the first time that will feature and clinton sanders one on one. the new hampshire primary, by the way, next tuesday. many polls there have sanders leading clinton by double digits. > republican presidential hopeful ben carson reports he is trimming his campaign staff. he has no plans to suspend his campaign, but most of the cuts will come from carson's national campaign headquarters in alexandria, virginia. his senior staffers will remain in their positions. > former d.c. mayor vincent p gray is looking to revisit familiar territory. today the 73 year old officially announced his campaign for the ward 7 council see the. it's a position he held before becoming council chairman and eventually mayor. the see the is currently
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occupied by yvette alexander. after a year long search it appears montgomery county schools may have their next superintendent. the board of education officially announced doctor jack smith as the finalist for the position tonight. smith, who was named the maryland superintendent of the year in 2010 currently serves as the interim state superintendent of maryland schools. his term would four years beginning july 1 and lasting until june 30 of 2020. > still ahead tonight at # 1, if you tried to file your taxes electronically in the past day or so you may have hit a dead end. the major issue the irs had to over come. mcdonald's is making a temporarily change to its happy meals. parents you're probably going to like this. as for your kids they might not be quite as thrilled. we'll explain as fox5
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> well, if you tried to file your tax returns online recently and ran into a roadblock, there is a good reason why. the irs suffered a computer system meltdown yesterday and was forced to shutdown several tax processing cyst, including the e-mail system.
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the outage could affect refunds, but they don't expect any major disruptions. you should try again. 0 percent of taxpayers will receive their refunds win 3 weeks. > mayor bowser announced an incentive to help local kids build their own personal libraries. the program called books from birth will give every child in the district under the age of 5 a free book each month until they turn 5. your child must be a d.c. resident you can register online. we have a link on fox5 very incredible program. > speaking of books, mcdonald's is changing its happy meals. for the next two weeks the happy meal will come with a book instead of a toy. by the end of 2016 they will distribute 15 million books through a program that began
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back in 2010. > that's good, too. >> we can use all good books. there's an adult in our studio who is booing that. i saw him out of the corner of my eye. >> is he booing because he wants the toy. >> he wants the toy. > i was booing the food. >> jim lokay. (laughter). > don't whether or yes, i saved my toys from when i was little. i'll let you have some of those. hopefully we don't have to play with a lot of snow tomorrow morning. we have a winter weather advisory for the district in points east and we think that's where the bulk of this will be. it's the knot a the lot. it's bad timing. we're hoping that with the temperatures still in the 40s that's a real good sign for we see snow, but we melt snow. name sure you're going to see a ton of it in the western suburbs. if you're up in one or two in
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the morning, send it to me. meanwhile back tot maps because seriously we do have a winter weather advisory. this will cause some tricky for those of you who have commutes along 95. this got expanded down to southern maryland and into the northern neck of virginia. a small amount of snow at a rough time. the winter weather advisory will begin at midnight and will end at 10. this is the area in which we can see anywhere from flurries to a coating. maybe one inch in the white and then closer tot bay and then over tot earn shore. the beaches may actually get more out of this, one to three inches. we'd love to see your pictures. this is what radar is showing us right now and it is beginning to fill in. the area of low pressure is beginning to develop right down here off the north carolina, south carolina coast and is that going to ride up the front. you can see there's a lot more moisture down there and that's what will be brushing us a
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little bit later tonight with the snow. it's cold enough for snow, but this is what it will find at the surface in the short term. still 43-degrees, pavement is warm. thinks a much different setup than the clipper we had wednesday night when it was so cold, pretreatment wasn't around. this is a better setup for easing our travel troubles and our futurecast still wants to bring in rain/snow change over around 1 in the morning. you might even see that in montgomery county, but i don't think it lasts very long because it's going to continue to push more tot east. definitely we're right on the line there, the 95 being the line and then you can see that there's a little bit more significant snow down to our south and east. by 6 in the morning maybe we're not seeing much more around the beltway, but you are on the western side of the bay and over tot coast before it all tapers off. certainly at the beaches it's long gone by the noon hour. sunny and brighter with a little bit of a wind chill.
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where do we bottom off, if we see a small accumulation it's going to be on grassy areas. we drop to 34 the district. again tomorrow we're going to finish off our friday afternoon on a much brighter note. we ' have wind chills in the 20s and 30s. even if our air temperature gets up 46. a few clouds on saturday, a few clouds on sunday over all a nice pattern. next up we're going to be see what's happening monday, tuesday. it's still very unclear whether or not we're going to have the capability of even generating a small amount of snow out of this. there is potential for some accumulation. but not a big one we don't any at this point. wednesday, thursday looks colder with temperatures just a little bit above 40-degrees. that is your seven day forecast. onto jim lokay for sports. >> i wholeheartedly endorse reading because if you two can
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read, you can read words off glass like i'm about to. the caps just played two games in two weeks and they lost both of them. it was military appreciation tonight. we go tot action in the first period, the caps were down 1-0. niklas backstrom wins the raise. it was tied at 1. with less than three minutes to go, the game at 2 appease. game winner ovechkin 29th of the season, the caps edged the islanders 3-2. that was the first victory since january 19. we all know the broncos are playing the carolina panthers in the super bowl, but take a look at the graphic the cbc put up behind the anchors on the left. that's the panthers, all right, the florida panthers, the ones that play hockey team.
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this was their reply here. well, this was news to us, and then tot apartment others saying we'll let you guys handle this. give us a call if the field freezes, though, isis kind of our thing. >> i like the humor there. last night the warriors steve and corey put on a show against the wizards. at one point he led the wizards by himself 23 to 2 #. curry drained 11 three pointers. he finished with 5 # points. the warriors had some business in town. they were are given the champions treatment at the white house. the franchises title season, the first in 40 years. the president had this to say about curie's performance last night. for those of you who watched the games against the wizards last night, he was, to use slang, he was clowning. (laughter) he was all jumping up
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and down. > he got called out by the president on that one. > that's great. i want to see more riley curie, his daughter. she was such a great part of the runup last year with the nba title. >> i imagine we will see more of both of them. > thanks, jim. coming up we're going to remember earth, wind and fire founder maurice white who passed away at the age of 74. as we head to break tonight here's a look at some of the throw back thursday photos you've been sending us using the # fox5 tbt. we'll be right back. oh remotes, you've had it tough.
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> man, we have lost some legends lately. a sad day in the music world. the could he founder of earth, wind and fire died today in his sleep we're told at the age of 74. he was diagnosed with parkinson's disease back in 1972. he passed away at his home in los angeles. > pick up any -- you want some good music, pick up any or all of earth wind and fire's 70s albums. it transends so many generations. you can put that on and most of the people in my house will start dancing, except for some of the stubborn ones. > earlier tonight, fox5 had the honor of attending the annual light the night award held in northwest d.c. the 2015 events raised an incredible $2.8 million for the leukemia and lymphoma society
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