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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  February 5, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EST

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lock'c snow impacting your commuteou out there and the school daychl for 10s of thousands of people in maryland and virginia.gini closings and delays coming ing in a lot of this to theni east andast south of city. c we'll tell you the areas the seeing the most snow includingsnlu what you see on your screen. see we're all over this winter ts winter weather advisory for you this morning. morning. plus. >> i am very proud to be the only candidate up here whoer does not have a super pac. >> i think it's time to end the very artful smear that yousmea and your campaign have been carrying out. >> ooh. >> things finally getting heaterred been bernie sandersbe and hillary clinton in theircl last debate before the newef hampshire primary.mpar who came out on top though? thoh? >> plus the zika virus now vus with cases in the district distr including a pregnant woman. how and where did these latestatt patients contract the virus? v even if you're not at risk what does this mean for maybeis m your spring break plans.ur spring we'll break it dowbrn coming up.p. >> good friday morning to you.. i'm allison seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey. welcome to fox5 news morning.orni
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>> well, the snow down to ourw downo south and east leading toeadi numerous school closings and delays. let's go over some of the bigf the b ones for you now in maryland calvert, queen anne, cal bote, c b and dorchester county schoolsnty s are closed today. >> in maryland anne arrundele aun county and saint mary's county sy' schools on a two-hour delay-hou d while in virginia king georgeg geo page and westemoreland countynd cou schools along with colonialh colonial beach schools also on ahoolalso two-hour delay this morning.or again most of the south andf the sout east of d.c. full list of closings andsing a delays on the bottom of your bm of screen and online at let's get to the roads.oads. mel flee he in in lexingtonmelanie is in lexington county.coun >> we seem to not haveo not ve melanie's audio.s audio. we can see from her picture ptu she's sending pretty good snowod s amount on the ground.ountn th not sure how much of that is oat i leftover snow but you can seew but you the roads there a little wettl and that means slow going in going some areas. >> across the bay we saw thethe bawe
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s picture earlier on the bign t screen we had from easton eas maryland down along route 50te 5 headed towards ocean city and c there was some snow over there that looked like it could bed lit co fairly significant as went. w this may be an inch or so downo in lexington park in the lower t low end of saint mary's county. cou in the meantime let's head tos he prince george's county.y. >> route 301 in princen pr george's county steve back cou opened this morning after arning ter serious accident involving a a this happened at the hapd at intersection with centralon witce avenue in bowie late last night. a semi and a car collidede forcing the semi to land asas you see right there on itsre on side. one person was taken to theon w hospital with life-threateningre injuries. injuries >> developing overnight in temple hills, prince george'sls county police investigating aicat murder there. mu >> police say a man was shotman washo and killed on southern avenue.ue fox5's annie yu is outsideut of the police department inolice oxon hill now. annie, good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning steve and allison.and all that's right an investigation is under way right now. n. detectives left the scene not sce too long ago after wrapping upppin u their investigation on scene.n sce
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we have some video for you.ou it happened along the 26000 block of southern avenue on a -- the south point apartmentrt complex and we believe theieve shooting actually occurred occurred outdoors there and around aro 12:30 this morning that'sng t when we're told the 911 call11 c came in. when officers arrived on scene on s they found a man sufferinguf from multiple gun shots and he an was transported to the hospital but sadly he did not make we don't have any furtherny fur information about the victimatn about but police did spend nearly n five hours scouring the area alongside the grassy area gathering up evidence that canhat help them piece together whatog exactly happened.extly we do know that it's stillti early but they did let us know k that they believed the suspect t s and victim perhaps knew eachne other and this was not athisas n random act and they are askinghey a for anyone in the public who w saw something heard something to give them a call and that number for prince george'see' county police is one-866-411-tips and they want411-tips a to reminds everyone that youe can remain anonymous. anomous
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that's the very latest here ineshe oxon hill. back to you in the studio.he >> annie thank you very three minutes after the hour.e new this morning in fairfax faax county the search for a missing 22-year-old.2-ar police say that sara wayne has w been missing since been february 3rd and suffers from a mental health condition. contion. she was last seen around 3:40 in the 9500 block of cannon c bury square in fairfax. fai she was driving a black 2009 toyota yaris with virginiaa license plates and numerous and n bumper stickers.s. she's five-three, weighs 145 pounds. she has green eyes and browns een eyes hair but it's dyed purple. anyone with information isorma asked to contact fairfax police. to blacksburg virginia ascksb family and friends said theirri final goodbyes to 13-year-oldar-o nicole lovell.ov we learned new details about newai the suspects charged with herith murder. a judge denied bond ford bd flatley keepers.flaty k police say she and david eisenhauer worked together toer w plan the kidnapping and t killing of lovell.heinof l they allegedly because theecau
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cleaning supplies and a shovel suppl before meeting that young girl last week. week it was also confirmed that eisenhauer and lovell did haveellid an online relationship.ationshi keepers and eisenhauer who arerho both from maryland are are engineering students at sden virginia tech -- that were engineering students at virginia tech. >> also breaking overnight from overseas, the unitedversea nations has ruled in the case c of wikileaks founder julian assange. as sal launch has been seeking s asylum for fear of being extradited to sweden where he faces a rape accusation. a human rights path says heays was held under house arrestrr and confinement.nement they recommended he should beshou freed and compensated.d compensat >> all righty. ll r 7:05 right now. 36 degrees.36 some folks seeing snow tuck. t >> yeah just a little bit.eah you asked -- i think that'snk tha fresh snow down in southern s maryland.mary >> okay. >> just about everything has had a chance to melt. it wila l be only with us for as f
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few hours. hours then things should very quickly clear out and wend should be in the mid 40's. winter weather advisorynter continues for those counties in purple for a few more hoursore until 10 o'clock. 10 o' this event will wind downl nd pretty quick but still snow flying prince george's county, charles county calvert saintrt mary's county, down into partso of virginia there lower l eastern shore getting it ast well. ll we've had some periods of veryds of v light snow here in d.c. andc. even up into montgomery countyounty somebody just tweeted me thate she got a light dusting up dusti into damascus.ascu even up into montgomery countygo some light snow accumulations.ul again not a big deal.ea but enough that there could bee coul a slippery spot or two on ther twon roadways here early. her e hey you're traveling. tling just a heads up here.ds up her philadelphia, new york,elphianew boston.. boston in particular going to goi get hard hit. get hard hit. they could get six to 8-inches-inc of this quick moving eventg eve along coastline temperatures notice they'reatur mostly above here in washington a we're 37. 36 in annapolis. leonardtown now 34 degrees 34 degr with the exception ofth cambridge everybody aboveridge freezing. that will really help the snow
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be unsuccessful in sticking onin the roadways.y by this afternoon we'll bes well into the 40's.we should be a veryll pleasant pasant friday. should be a beautiful weekend.ful wee details on the weekend w forecast and got something for somhi just about everybody on the on seven day.veay >> allison i noticed your super fancy super bowl they're all gold for 50. >> is that what it is. is. >> yes. i like it. i >> that's what i meant to do.o. >> erin she's up on everything.everything. >> this year it's everything gold. it's my golden anniversary ofer myself this year.s year. >> you're literally my fashion inspiration.inspiratio >> aww. >> i'm dead serious. dea i love the colors. i need to get on board with board the >> do your own thing.o ur o you're beautiful. bea >> so are you. >> oh, thanks.h, tnk girl power. >> yay! >> it should be national traffic person day. >> i like the sound ofaf that.hat. tucker i'm going to take over.r. right now traffic slow movingwovin traffic on 395 inbound. ou some wintry mix some slush, some sl some light ligno watch for slick conditionsondi slowing us down. on 295 inbound eastern tondaste pennsylvania down to 20 milesania
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dow per hour. not looking so great on 50ea o inbound either.d ehe crash reported at easterner avenue. let's go ahead and take a lookhead at our our cam want to show you some slowe moving traffic. right now the outer loop atut loo the beltway seeing some verye backed up traffic by newcked hampshire. earlier crash cleared.rlier crash cleare all lanes opened.all lanes op watch for that sluggish sluggish commute towards the spur.uttowa in fact speaking of the spur the spur 270 southbound gaithersburgound hearing of some snow coming som down the watch for slick conditions.nd you can see the southiboundbo side completely jammed up ased you make your way up from gaithersburg down.rsburg dn. just some heavy trafficvy t causing that congestion from frederick i'd leave at leastle 30 to 45 minutesav unfortunately the typical amount of time you need to n leave.av aside from that we are seeingee some other slow moving trafficraic on 95 northbound lorton to the l beltway.bey. typical slow down. dow 33 miles per p closer look right now 395 edsall to seminary that's the tt's most congestion. 66 eastbound sluggish traffic from centreville and just a reminder use cautioner especially on your u bridges b overpasses on- and off-rampsffam they tend to ice first. ice
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bay bridge right now they'reow the clearing some isocautioncaut there. allison and steve.te >> three confirmed cases ofas the zika virus here in d.c. in d one of the patients is pregnant. >> plus a lot of fireworks.s a lot hillary clinton and berofnien ander sanders facing off in the most heated debate between themed deb yet. that's next for you. 7:09.
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>> it was one of the more explosion as much deb gates ofdegate theexplosive debates.. >> fox's doug luzader has the latest on this most heated debate >> reporter: well, this wasl, a first in the race forac president this time around anroun actual one-on-one debate withth the new hampshire primary just four days away: two
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candidates, two podiums andtwpodi one heated debate. d >> you know -->> younow -- >> so i think it's time to end the very artful smear that youl and your campaign have beesmn carrying outs in recent weeks and let's talk -- let's talk about the issues. iss let's talk about the issuestalk that divide us. >> reporter: for hillaryth clinton this is all about blunting the rise of bernie sanders and ensuring it ensurin doesn't spread beyond newn't read beyond new hampshire where he is likely to win and win >> i am very proud to be the only candidate up here whoe does not have a super pac who pac w is not raising llingor clinton a moderate not aten a moderate progressive and fighting words these days part of the political establishment.ablish >> she has almost the entiret the entire establishment behind that's ahm fact. f >> reporter: the debateate ranged from gun control to fourneau fares to elect ticket elect
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tic with clinton saying sanderayg sande center city promising tooitpromis much. >> i'm not going to make noing promises i can't keep am not going talk about big ideas ide like single payers and then and not level with people about how much it will cost. >> one of the things we shouldhings do is not only talk the talkal but walk the walk. the >> reporter: and clinton c would also face a questionuest about her e-mail controversyov and the possibility that thehe ongoing fbi investigation could lead to an indictment.nd >> i have absolutely no no concerns about it whatsoever.r >> reporter: that also t als raises an electablity issue.ssue in washington, doug luzaderader fox n >> as the race for the whiter th house heats up fox5 teaming up teami with the for an in an depth look at the candidateslook the campaign and the first ahe primary coming up in newcoming up hampshire. the's editor-in-chief bob cusack andbob cu and fox5 political reporter ronica ron
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cleary will look at all the twists and turns leading up to turns l new hampshire and beyond. and b join them on fox5 streaming on as w it gets under you way sundayay s at 8:30 a.m. very super bowlish. >> i like that. as fierce the zika viruse e zika grow three cases have been confirmed in the district.ird in what the health department wants you to know.want >> let's head outside right now. there is some snow out thereome sn not in the district proper. dis we might see a few flurries.rrs. accumulation to the south andthe south a the east. weather and traffic on the o 5s next. tucker is up at 7:15. ♪ ♪ with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, the delicious taste of nutella takes pancakes to a whole new level. make any day a pancake day with nutella - spread the happy!
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>> ♪ >> timeless. that will always be the jam. >> uh-huh.>> uh-huh. >> along with so much more ofuch more earth wind and fire and the music world is mourning theng loss of maurice white the founder of the legendary band earth winds and fire. he stopped touring with theou group in 1995 as he battled parkinson's. earth wind and fire was w indicted into the rock and int roll hall of fame back inl fam 2000. maurice white was 74 years old.ol >> this giant closet somewheret where theycl kept all those outfits. outfits. >> that hairstyle he was wearing is not one you see every day. >> i didn't see it. >> this is big time stuff.ig time st this is what you'll see on then t web page if you go to the the earth wind and fire page. you'll see the picture with the caption the light is he
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shining on you and me. m >> they were definitely theinit show men. men >> the horns section. >> one of my first musicalst musical memories is earth wind and fire. >> if you're watching and youching anyou don't know earth wind and firend aire i just wish that you could maybe, listen to a little bit of the music.of >> it was the premtv days, the prevideo days so it was very visual. visual. and there their weren't a lotr of visuawel acts. david bowie was one i guess. gue they were one of the musical acts you had to see. >> classic. i went to a wedding. wding they got married in september in septem much and at the end when they got done with the vows they walked back down to the music of september. it was a was you just wanted to get up and dance.danc that's what. winds and fire d the marriage didn't last but earth but ear wind and fire is timeless.eles >> good story. story. >> for you guys who are single be encouraged.ncge >> snow totals easton one easton one points 5-inches, california, maryland can you believe weca
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have a california maryland. maryl i always wanted to visit. visit >> i've been there. hollywood maryland is downow there too.oo. >> there's your snow flying across the region. most of it pretty light. quickly fading off to the east e and moving off to the north t north and we should see this whole who thing wrap up in the nexthe couple hours so i think by si th nine, 10 o'clock it will allil be done. beone. temperatures right noweratures generally in the mid 30's so it's having a really toughy tough time sticking to the roads which is great news. however, there still could be cou a slippery spot or two. two there are your numbers. numbe here's a quick look at your you fork. we'll focus more on next weekre o in the next few weather hitsther but just want to mentiono mention saturday and sunday looknd sunlo great. about 50 degrees. >> all right.>> >> should be nice.>> s >> and sunshine this and afternoon, mid 40's. 40' >> today if you're not aware awa and you were not watchingg earlier national weatherl weather persons day so give tuckerso give tu some love online today. >> yay!, tuck. t >> if you don't see him in person. >> thank you.>>ha you guys give me a cake.e a >> we're working on it.orng o >> don't you worry. after the 9 o'clock hour whenhen
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traffic simmers down we'll w make it happen.happe >> erin can you run across the street and get the cake. thee. >> i got you covered. cover right now if you're trying to get anybody a cake you'll bell be sitting in traffic. traffic let's switch it over right now outer loop still grappled grapp earlier crash by new ham new m cleared. look at all those lanes off slow moving traffic as you head toward the spur. spur. inner loop bottom of theloop beltway backed up.wa 270 slow roll from gaithersburg to the spore ne frederick jammed 70 to themm truck scales as usual.s usu just a lot of congestion. of nges luckily no accidents.a watch for slick conditionsk conditions from this wintry mix that wasryix t coming down. coming let's take a look at our maps quickly and show you what else e you're up against this up agains morning.t taking a wide view, you canew, you can see some yellow and red 95 r southbound backs up from theac up icc down to the beltway.eltway if you're headed to bwi thiss morning, definitely check withinec your carrier ahead of a flight as tucker mentioned snownow moving in that could set c things back in boston and the a the northeast area.t area. traffic on the way to reagan wayre national just typicalypical congestion, same story on thesame way to dulles.wa we'll keep you updated if i
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anything else pops.anyt else pops. metro right now is on or closenow to schule. steve. eve. >> erin thanks. t it it has not reached rea epidemic levels in the u.s. but the d.c. department of health has confirmed cases inrm the district and one case a a pregnant woman.nant wom >> bob barnard joins us lives liv with the developing story andlopi sto the real danger as far as ias far can understand is withit expectant moms.t m good morning. >> reporter: hey, goodorte morning, allison and steve. yeah, that'son because someome women especially in brazil who were infected during pregnancy precy delivered babies with brain illnesses and birth defects.ects. there are 11 u.s. states state reporting the virus including virginia, three cases here inases h the district of columbia andia you mentioned one of them is a pregnant woman. w. local health officials say all three cases here in the district are with people who had traveled to infected areasd of central and south america picked up the viruses therethe viruses through mosquito bites.h to the world health organizationrganizatio declaring the zika virus an
7:21 am
international public healthealth now, the florida governor has h now declared states of emergencies in five countiess around miami fort lauderdale lauderdal and tampa. tam 12 cases there. the one of the cases here in thein t district was diagnosed last may. >> what we really try to tell tel people is who is really at they at t highest risk and thats going g to be pregnant women.tom they're asking specialkingcial precautions we can take with can there group.. we want them to see theirthem healthcare provider if they'veve had recent travels to an to affected area just so they cano tca be monitored. >> all the cases in florida ilori are travel related.. the mosquito that causes the zika virus is common in florida.florida. >> reporter: one case inter: texas was transmitted throughhr sex. one woman in virginia was infected during missionaryurin work to guatemala.uatemala says the symptoms are verys e very similar to the the health officials though say s most people who are infected infecte with the virus will have noeo symptoms at all and guys youou can expect that, you know in i the springtime mosquitoosquito
7:22 am
control efforts here and just about everywhere will be stepped you up and the only traffic restriction we'rest aware of is the cdc centers cen for disease control andontr and prevention in atlanta is recommending that pregnant women do not travel to the caribbean right now and a central and south america.merica >> okay, that was one of myhat s questions bob.ons bob. high two questions real quick.k one what about spring breakut and are there travelthertrav restrictions even if you'ref u're heading to florida maybe the maybe southern part of the u.s. and. a are those in fact snowflakeses on your jacket. you >> reporter: yes, it is -- is -- let tucker know and happy national weather person day to day t tucker.cker. yeah, it is snow hing like little pellet type flakes this morning here in the districtdist falling right now.llt in terms of spring break you y heard governor rick scott say sco that the cases in florida were actually people who picked up the infection somewhere else,he e in south or central america. arica so not like there are zikaik virus mosquitos flying around florida.flid but they are recommendingecom people, you know, use deet ort o
7:23 am
some kind of mosquito he control, long sleeve shirts, shirts, long pants if you're inu're florida which doesn't seem tom jibe with going to the beacheach and hanging out but not asot a many mosquitos on the beach asch there are inlands. inlan no travel restrictions foror spring breakers ling toto florida in the coming weeks.g weeks >> good news there. tre thanks very much.anery >> coming up a bill in d.c.g a b making big headlines thiss week. week. a new way to fight andignd prevent >> at 7:30 we'll get theethe details on it from the council counc member behind the legislation. kenyan mcduffie will join us to talk more about that. we'll chat with him next. it's 7:23.
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>> ♪ >> it's on me.e. sorry, i was dancing. dan >> should have taken it. would have been a great shot.veeen >> traffic is moving nicelily is mo wevi have a few flakes here in he washington northwest d i stepped outside.i st just a couple light flurriesurri out there at the moment.e the whole event is winding windi down here pretty quick.ui heaviest of the snow thisth morning has been down -- >> ♪ >> ♪ sounded very down to the south and east.e uth yeah somebody is not payingay attention.te calvert county saint mary's county acrosnts the bay we'veve had reports out towardsow cambridge and easton of aeaston couple inches of snow andf sno again it's all going to wrap up move off quickly to the north.nort east. sunshine this afternoon temps in the mid 40' there's a bigger look.a bigger look. new york boston again you're you flying call ahead. aa both new york and boston boston
7:27 am
getting accumulating snow thisatno morning. up in boston up to about six to 8-inches expected by lated by late this morning. this mor notice those numbers are above freezing. that's important because areata wide now temperatures are atnt orem above freezing. fre that's going to help the snow s not to be successful atl at sticking on the roadways.dways. later this afternoon 44.erno very breezy out there latery ther this afternoon. winds north and west gusting about 20.t saturday sunday aboutay suny ab 50 degrees. 50 all right, that's a look at weather. we'll have plenty more fox5 morning news coming up after the break.
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♪ live look there denton,here den maryland you see yeah it looks l shades of a couple of weeks ago wee for us. r snow is coming down there.n te schools delayed and closed indelad and clos some spots. check our website for all of the latest information on this this little blast of winter we're blast of getting on think friday morning.or >> majority of precip to beof precip to south and east of the city.d f we'll check in with tucker in aker i few minutes let you know what's y kno headed your way. ad in the city itself a newitself a idea to pay some people to staye out of trouble in the district. under a clot of criticism.ti we asked people on twitter if they thought it was a good.ught poll i put up yesterday 85% of 85% the respondents said no.dents id no. >> we told you about this bill this early this morning.rly ni the program would identify 200 people a year who are at risk of committing a crime. they would be put into a program aro to improve their lives as parts par of that includes getting paid up to $9,000. $00 now, similar program in
7:31 am
richmond california is credited cre with helping to reduce crime cri there and officials there sayay the money aspect may be making mak headlines but there's much more's much m to the program. >> washington, d.c., we're wre exciteed about the interest and d.c. looking at the work thatha we're doing in the city richmondity ri in terms of reduceing fireir assault and associated injuryteinju and death. saving young black men. men saving you're brown men. >> to say we're paying them notpayihem to shoot. s is not accurate. not aat they're providing them with a w range of one of which is to pay a smallll stipend to certain candidatesandite who meet a specified criterion cri that's fairly >> so much like you we hade h questions and wanted to find outd to find out more information as d.c. councild.c. cil passed this bill earlier thislier t week on first reading but they but t still need to come with funding.. kenyan mcduffie is behind i hed i h joins us 35 break down how it35 will work. >> good to see you. >> b g> always a pleasure to be on. plee >> a lot of wheels in motion i m
7:32 am
when it comes to this.o why richmond? how did this comes to you as far as something thereas shi that may potentially work here?k h >> as you know steve allison allis i chaired the judiciaryred judi committee on the dc council so cncil with that i'm charged withit managing the more thanhe m tha $1 billion budget of all the of althe public safety cluster agencies.s and one of the top priorities por for residents across district ofistt columbia is crime. c and what is the city doing to keep residents and visitors toitors the district safe? so my staffy st and i worked last year for months researching evidence evinc based data driven programs fromams from across the country and one ofntry a one the programs we discovered wascovere the richmond model out of the of richmond, >> what made headlinesines councilman is the fact that thehe city will pay people to not getet into trouble. trouble how did you feel about that? aut t >> well, i mean i understand itst would make headlines.would ma the made headlines when they didhen the it in richmond, california.alifornia it's a little unconventional some to hear you're going to payay people. peop one small component of much
7:33 am
larger bill and comprehensiveomehen evidence of effort to preventvent violence and crime in the in district of columbia. cum >> what didn't get reported andted why are you behind this measure. m >> in addition to the richmondhm model that will be a part of theart bill there's going to behereoi creation of office of violencee prevention and health equitylth equity within the department of health. depar we want to take a multi systemulti s approach to violence preventionio here in the district ofe dist o columbian one of the thingshe tng that's been proven to work wor coming from all angles. ang making sure you're not justu'reot looking at mpd and the police p department to arrest our way out w of the this crime problem a lotem of communities there's a culture's cul of violence that exists. people are making decisions dis being passed down fromas dow generation to generation. to we need to get into these communities, make contact withonta w these individuals and interruptntru what is going on there.on t we're taking a health approachro to crime prevention and one one thing, another thing youth mentioned in the bill is thatill tha we'll imbed clinicians andcis and emergency rooms so when peopleeople are injured due to violence weiolenc can immediately try to interveneve and offer them mental health andlt work with their family on familyily
7:34 am
therapy. there are a host things we'resthing doing that stretch across acrs systems and agencies here in thes h district of columbia. >> following up on what allisont a said, we know when it comes toen imes t city business, there can behe pages and pages of hundreds of o pages that involve somenvolve some legislation and all thoseslation details are therean.tails e th but what jumps out to peoplemps want we hear from viewers wantwers w they seem to grab out of this almost $5 million.mill >> sure. >> paying people to not get in trouble. so break it down a little bit lite bit how this program would work in a way that maybe people willaybe pple understand a little better about bbo how this could actually benefit the city and the people in it as whole that are seeing theseinse dollar signs out there. tre >> sure. we're not just playing kim -- kim paying criminals not to commito commit crime and because a lot of the folks participating in this in program as is the case in is thcase richmond california they're noty're n currently pending any cases or cas any trials or anything likels or anyt that. we're talking about people whople have in some cases have committed gun related we want to identify thosey individuals and make contactke c with those individuals. get them off the streets.em o we're taking a proactiveve approach. approach. we're going to intervene before bef they commit another crime.anher
7:35 am
here's what we know. high rates we know sendingnowdi somebody to prison isn't going i't to fix the problem or change cha their individual behavior letehior alone change the behavior withinavior w communities that exist whereit e it's normal to hear gunshots in some communities it's normal toor see yellow police tape tape everywhere and so we want to get wan get into those communities whereommunies w those community norms tour respond to something with a gunith a and address that.and dress t >> what's the hope councilman for the long term with these wit these people, though, aside from just from not getting in trouble? is it hope that they behind find workk somewhere? >> sure. >> they are able to contributetrib somehow to society in a wave not getting in trouble good what thego wha program does in richmond is ad number things in addition to then t stipend and they're not eligibleegi for the sty penn mild. they have to put in work before p they actually get it butut theyut t work on behavioral therapy theypy the working they go on trips. tri out of the country in some cases with duvon didn't tell you inou that clip that's one of the most attractive components of thes of t
7:36 am
program in richmond california. calor these folks who hardly ever beenver out of their neighborhood toghborhoo other states get sometimes to goimes to g out of the country to visito v other places and they do it in most cases after -- only after having agreed to go and potentially interact withit somebody who is from opposing oosin neighborhood. we're getting these folksttth together.togeer getting these folks together t having them interact. squashing these beefs that existheee out there and helping to reduceeduc violence. when you look at the numbers ink richmond, it'sat impressive. >> 76% of gun violence down.iolee d >> 76% of gun violence down.iole a lot of the individuals who gols who through these programs aregram getting exposed to mentors. toento they are getting ged's getting g high school diplomas they're putting them on on the pathway the to success. to s that's ultimate wal we want to we want to do here in the district ofe in columbia. we want to create opportunities opportuniti for education.foucat create opportunities for work w force development and jobnd job creation. we have to get them off theto g streets and make that connectiononne using those credible messagesediblesage individual who's are in thedual w communities who understand whatndstan
7:37 am
they're going through to connect with them and get them off thethem off street and into these places sose place we can put in place thislacehi program. program. >> council is behind this?ncil ihi >> um-hmm. >> um- >> you know, face a lot ofw, fa backlash at first and i'm going to say that a lot of times we do the headline that grabs people's peoe' attention so when you say okay $9,000 to not commit crimes. c the council i'm sure knew all kw the layers of what was goingas into ts. >> sure. >> >> so what happens next now? appe nex what's the next thing. t >> that's a very important point pnt allison. this program is months in the is nths i my colleagues on the council cou have been well aware of what's wha going on. step by step with me explaininge explai the process.e pro it is up to $9,000 being paid in i california.ia but it's important to say that it pails in comparison to the comriso 30000 we spend to incarcerate somebody.dy it pails in comparison to thehe billions spent nationwide on theat criminal justice system. sys so what's next we'll have aav second vote a second and final vote before the full council inouil early march and then it goes to goes t mayor bowser for signature.igna we plan to continue to work with wor
7:38 am
our colleagues and the mayor togues try to get this program irogr policemenned as soon as possible. >> before we let you go we talk with one member of council h ye couil h voted for this because of the full crime package this is one this s on part of.. but because some members of the city are not in favor of thisor and we're running polls unofficially seeing up to 85%o some of the polls we've run r people against it.gain i would you consider that feedback feedb at all? at all? >> we do. >> we had a public hearing h people came in dozens of people of peo came down to testify on thiss bill and there wasn't a singlesing person who testified against the the entire package that is beinghat bei included here. some folks who asked questionsions about the stipend and itipe and naturally expect residents to t ask questions about how we spend s their tax dollars. what i would say to thoseould to those residents is that, we spend mores than a billion dollars on public publi safety agencies in the district of columbia. we spent more than 1.5 billion.5 bil on education. it's important we do out of theout of box innovative things to prevent crime -- to provide crime prevention.preven we'll do that here in thee district of columbia.olbi >> definitely different.ef
7:39 am
>> you don't throw these people thr away. >> absolutely not.>> we have to invest in them andt hem create opportunities, if ittuties, doesn't work we won't continue'te to spend money on this. ois. >> kenyan mcduffie.uf thank you for being here.r in we appreciate it. we did a lot of reporting onorti this much it's nice to hear theoea full story. full story. >> thanks for having me.hank >> i appreciate it. still ahead what turns out turns out several fitness trackers failil basic security test could berity leaking your personal data. not fun.un okay. >> unless do you a lot of steps. of s that information you don't mindon you don that getting out. >> that's not what they'ret's sharing. >> a story you don't want to miss. local student acting in hisenacti first school play and what a what surprise he got from one from audience member much that'sh t next. plus we're staying on top ofying on top of your friday weather and traffic.he we'll check in with tucker andke erin coming up at 7:45. ♪
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7:41 am
7:42 am
♪ 7:42 right now.ightow mcdonald's is saying goodbye to happy meal toys.oy well for to weeks. wee. instead each kids meal will comeill with book.oo your choices paddington, petengto p the cat the shark takes heartrt and happy valentine's day mouse.ay mse >> i like this one. chick-fil-a does it all the time e time. >> the books will be availablel in spanish as well in some locations. it plans to give away more than 17 million books by the end of end o the >> heart warming story out of fairfax county to tell you about about. a father in afghanistan worked wke for the state department. d made the long journey home toe to surprise this daughter playing adahter lead role in his middle schoole musical the lion king and the big surprise was caught on camera so watch tray keys keys reaction as he finds out his dadis dad is there.
7:43 am
>> yo yo back to the standshe snd for you. (applause). >> interesting. >> all right. that's when you break character.hact you are allowed to breakak character. >> i guess so. his dad said he's been doing aen lot of face timing with his son s to help calm his nerves leading ldi up to the big musical. >> good for him.or h >> was the play over i wonder? wonr? at that point just --tus >> that's a great question. qstio >> don't even worry about it.n rry >> happy reunion. rni >> happy ending. >> we just mentioned this. do you use a fitness tracker.cker. >> turns out they could be usedd against you in court. but first -- ♪ a new model of google g g a new model of google glassl in the works reportedlyof more elegant less geek key he hovershe right in front of you like it's like floating in the air. in thr no timeline for release and no word if it's be available forableor
7:44 am
consumers or if this one willone wil have more avenue commercial use. i'm laura evans. see you next time in the fox5 fast lane.
7:45 am
7:46 am
>> welcome back. >> welco live cam that's our tower cam ter and just a few leftover flurrieslu here in northwest d.c. things things winding down down pretty quick here.tyuick this whole minor snow event s should be out of the rgooglion hereogon by about 10:00 a.m.00 a let's do snow totals. total easton checking in at 1.5-inches.1.5- leonardtown thanks for sendingow these in about an inch in n i california maryland .80 of an an inch. not terribly high totals.
7:47 am
however any of to be nuisance nui snow and slippery spot or two.r two especially to the south andallythe east. that's where our snowat's whe accumulations have been thislati morning. there's your radar.there's yo thank you for tweeting meur. we had reports as far as montgomery county towardsmeryto damascus and gaithersburg of light snow.light snow. still flying into parts of charles county, saint mary'sary's county calvert county gettingntyet light snow, and across the bay salsbury cambridge oxfordge o getting pretty good howows as good howows as well. all of this will quickly push tockly push t the east, and we'll watch things watch things wind down as mentioned i thinkasenti by nine, 10:00 o'clock this o'clock morning we should see our lastee our last ht lakes loneal& d. traveling new york city boston bos flying into either of those cities certain& d call ahead& d call ahead they're expecting three toe exctin 4-inches in new york and up tow yo and about six to 8 tot& d hes in bostonoston by late this morning as they'rere get heavier snow with this one.his o we'll clear out here.ear ou part& d sunny and mid 40s this 40s afternoon and we're setting up setting for beautiful weekend. wkend here's future cast put inst put motion. there we are at seven. s watch it qhwck& d it's's min sn0 o'clock everybody is done eve with the exception if you'ree doush near oneean city you'll hold
7:48 am
h on to it longer we're clearingle out. ou we'll be partly sun'rel be partly sun're mosening, ear& d afternoon. d afte beautiful sunset tonight. tonig temperatures in mid 4r 4 breezy conditions. br windy overnight and getting get tweets about how windy it is.indy i it will be win ther this afternooner this afternoon with winds out of the north and o west about 10 to 20.utst here's your weekend pattesen.n high pressure builds in.n. sunshine, gorgeous saturday,satur beautiful sunday highun h temperatures about 50 degreesut 50 each day overnight lows nears near geeeezing.geeee so nice quiet weekend. weekend there we go. with temperatures on there on comfortable side and then ear& d next week by monday and tuesdayue little clipper system looksm pretty innoneent but it wannin tonin kind of jack ininelf when it gets to -- that's not science talk.cience tal it wannin to --o -- (laughter). >> it wants to --o (laughter). (lte >> it wannin to --in t-- nin aughteúk.. >> it wannin -- it wants to intensify when it gets to theet coast monday tuesday and we may may be dealing with the possibilityosbi of more significant snow so wecant s so we have to watch that careful& d monday, tuesday. tay (laughter).te
7:49 am
>> all right. for for erin do some traffic, please.. >> taking advantage of this t national weather person's day thinold aren't you? >> moving on to o tr gathering myself together right now. inner loop springfield toprinield gallows road down to 16 mileso6 per hour.r hour. heavy delays because ofdela becau congestion there and let's takehere and let live look outside because becau congestion continues as you headea on the inner loop towards thep tar american legion bridge. we have a crash report theash rort blocking the shoulder as youulder as head out in tysons corner heavy h in fow of traffic on the itaber onhe loop. outer loop jams as well top ofwell the beltway let's mk.ltway let's mk. and show you some other thingsomer thing you're up against right now younsright can see traffic is definite& dfi slowing down onts 95 as well earlier crash by eastern of atern of cleared but you are stacked asre sta you make your way in from then fr beltway. be switch it over now for a look at lk the top of the beln tay thiseln tay should be the outer loop whiche is jammed out by new hampshirewhi you can see just brake lightseight moving very slowly on 295 as as well. well so let's check in again with our man . aside from that inner loophainne delays from the wilson bri& le 39 mknorthbound eondall to eal seminary long line of slow-moving traffic that slowt
7:50 am
trne.fic continues towarond theonti 14th soop 14th soop aside from that 195 on this thi nort29ound side slow throughgh lorton. caroche ford shut down replacingcing utility pole from earlier crash out by eden road in between the betwe intersection of warrington road.warrington r right now metro is on or closelo to schedule. 270 southbound typicalou t congestion from frederick down dow through gaitheredeurg.urg just heaond up here, i just heardt from producer caroche ford road fd has officially reopened for theeopened for th mosening much that's yourniuc traffic. back to you steve and >> thank you very m>> t theh, erin. probably the hottest fitnessness gadget out there. chances are you have one or has or someone that does.t >> we're talking about fit bits b it's activity level ihow'tevel i perhaps the only thing they are tracking. tracking how gl how gl holly morris enjoys -- joins usoi in studio. >> or may enjoy us. u >> i do ene aso ene as fr think this is the best morninges show around.ow aroun the number one mosening show bymosen the way. the wa but i don't know if i enjoy af i e a fit bit yet. oop oop i was a>> pually gchang to get this g t as perhaps like a joint valentine's gift for my hus and gnd
7:51 am
my hus and myself now i'm dchang thisang story i'm not so sure.e. >> no. >> no. >> i'm just saying here we her because they do tell you how tell y many steps you take how many miles you walk, how many flighnin f of stairs you've climbed, your estimated calorie burn and evenve how rest full your sleouts was if sleou you wear it overnight. it overn you know what else the fit bithe f b could be telling? your perso. >> al data. in fact a new study reveals seven in eight fitness trackersrack ou'il a basic security test.t. devices gave away a user's location, user names and passwo as and the informationnf itself that it's tracking can be hacked. ha the last one is a>> pne ally>> p particular& d alarm to go alar insurance companies because apparently they fear users arere going in hacking the t information boosting theirhe numbers which could then in turn i t lower theift insurance rates. but wait there's more if that's i tha not enough, gy uss what? fitness fit oop oop in a court of law. think of your heanith iact ormation iact ma as a black b of a data on say an
7:52 am
airplane. airp it knows exactly what you did. it literal& d traces your sten f. so i mean it could work for youk for or against you in court. cou leather way you need to check thehe prproacy sections. sti some say they won't sell your yr infodevat95 on but if they were subpoe. >> aed or there was a aed warrant, just something for tosome you think about.thin by the way i said seven out of o eight fail the security test,heurit right? the apple watch was thech was on& d one that did that >> that's what you're getting get then. en >> happy valentine's's >> i think i'm just going to do jusng the good old-fashioned -- >> right. >> pedometer or whateveright?a >> let me check my pulse righttemy pul rig >> you're gl thanks, hol&, hol& pretty scary.etty sry ♪ all righty. unfortunately loneal talent il t mean really friend of our showof our we've come to really love this t young giftl sarah studev was sent s home last night upons americanri idol. idol the tee. >> ager talked about her aut more perience yeste aay on good daye at 10a before the elimination show. ow and last night she tl she tl social media to thank her fans.ans. she says quote guys everythingg
7:53 am
happens for reason.s reas god definitely has a plan. a p i'll make it somehow i promise. i lgue you all and thank you. y >> she's going to be moving to to nashville so odds are she'she going to make a fim music cotabections down >> very cool. >> all the best to youct .. >>r ctalk about star power rapper snoop dogg made cameo as a a special correspondent during panthers and bro& d os medalro& d os session.sessio here's a clip of snoop askingp askin the tough qy ust95 ons. >> snodown . >> snodo >> snoop dogg. first of all, can i get a 50% di's gount on papa john's pizzasiz when i'm in the state of colorado?lodo? >> absolutely. abso. hte& d. ht >> i'm working the media baby. b >> talk to me. m. >> fiftst of all i want to say shom o pro jam -- cam cam cam dance with me.e wi m there you go. >> well snodown may be rl rl for the broncos cam.os sorry about that.rry out
7:54 am
he has ties to denver running and gck to -- ties of running backng ronnie hill man.ronnie hil he was one of the fiftst players pla in the snodown youth fl the snodown youth fl league which debuted a decade dece ago. of course, snodown 's big fl big fl ou'n h mysedy. medy >> um-hmm.. anywhere he is -- -- >> he ought to work for the nfl nen tork.nen >> he makes me laugh.kes meaugh for this week's f of a beataea we'ee friday, how about abo a three-month membership to gold's g gym? how does that soundou goe's gou'n prize pack i& d .ac hdes ak free personal training sessionessi a customized 12 weekee oop oop water bottle, even a gym towel.ymow >> to enter for your cha& d e toha& d e to in go to the contest page on fox5 d.c. between now and 11:59 p.m. tonight. one winner will be selected byelec random drawing on february 8th febrne arylansno,ts 016 this prihe i i has appr of a myate reta and e value of $399 and it is provideed guy goe,'s gou'n.e,'s frt is valid at partislopateingg locations only.s o awesome. good l thek. >>r c♪f@ >>r cit's t mye for our facebook our f
7:55 am
fan of the day. today it is dal dal she's pi>> pured with her lovelyith helovely family. husband michael son devonon diana has been a long-time fan f of fox5 and today is herer birthday.bihday. >> hap mc biftthday.>> mc >> hap mc biftthda va mc >> happy birthday.>> h happy birthday diane f was and was a the to be our nmore t fac12lre t fac12l of the day post your picture below diane's and hernd ou'miliar& d. ymr cvery nice. happy birthday. hope you have a great day today.ha 7:55. tuck, you know who snodown 's sdown favorite football team is, don't you?yo >> redskins?skins? >> nthis >> rrthens? >> no. >> thank you. >> jagne arseda3 j fagymr che had one of the bestag instagram rants.m r >> steve i and only have cave seconded to weather. we don-h need to hear about it. hr abou >> let's do radar. l's d howow showers. he was gchang to sing the gchang to applauses of the steelers.te we got light snow across the area.ea and all pushing to the east very eas quickly by nine, 10:00 o'clock0: this morning it will be out ofng it wi here. just once again new york boston bos going to get more significant howows.ow here'se fuick llhere'se fuick ll temperatures. they're above freezing that's 3
7:56 am
neat nims. mid 30s out there. there and there's your seven dayouseve forecast. this afternoon breezy sund 1 s mid 40s.d 4 weekend looks great maybe moreor snow members week with with teheaeratures ma theh colder by the middle of next week.le of xt there you go. there yo that was a little betterette vers95 ol man vers erin, how is traffic.w is traff >> you think you can get awayhink y with ad 1thing because the because the national weather person's day.ea per don't you?n't yo >>don' that.e hm. >>do >> 7 f6.>> 7 f6 le oowed aguing traffic for thising friday not terrible. it seems earlier snow winoopnow winoop coming down in the district area is not sticking to the roads.he roa st and el want todon'se cautiondon'seauti espesloal& d bridges, overpassesg on and off-ramps they tend toy tend we'eehe i fiftst if you're make yound l3 ay east of the district saintstrictaint mary's an area you want to use caut95 on with snow coming downin dow herthieright? across the wilson bridge innern idge in loop is very slow. 295 inbound slows same story 50 story to new york avenue. now the top of the beltway outer out lodown typical jamdon'p from about a starts about bw parkway and par heads towards the spuright? s inner ll inner ll l mash by the american legionrican l bridge causing some atypical apica le oow downs there.le oow downs there you can see tgue ough annandaleugh andale we're stack as welch let's takeelch let's take d lproe ll d lproe ll
7:57 am
on the itaber loop. t ita again by the american legionca bridge dealing with a crash. right now you can see traffic isff very slow on 270 as well. w making your way fromm arlithersburg.thersburg. howowvery akes coming down inakes comin gaithersburg earlier this elier morningh right now ll right now ll stretch of interstate is pretty i pre dry just dealing with thatdon'sual that congestion. lerthe the house about 30 to 45 minutes early as you head down head dow we'om frederick. kees theyit here to f d5 newses morning. we are back in just a fim minutes. minutes. keeping our eye on the skies andhe skies the roads and the news for you. y ♪♪ fow o
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ this is fox5 news morning.. >>r cpsving you a lproe ll you a lpr outacide on this friday morning.or it's 8:00 o'clock. check out the scene in denton maryland.ryland. carl row line county out on theuto eastern shore some of you sawaw howow ovebwight enough to cguero cgu the ground and close schools and schools and delay others. >>r cst and el is friday if we can c just make it good morning to you, i'm allison allis seou'nour.ou. >> i'm steve chenevey. i'm sve c welcome to fox5 five news new morningh morn all the delays and closings onlongs on the bottom your screen alsoom online at y the snow has made for slick f s
8:01 am
>> then real whole we got right g into saint mary's county we hit that rain/snow line and it's it' been kind of snowing and sleet sleeting on and off since aboutce a 5:00 o'clock this morning.or it's hard for to you see on the s on camera but it is definitely still comeing down though somewhat finer than it had been had b in the past. pt main roads look pretty good but g i want to you take look at thiss parking lot here. this is what a lot of the sidee roads and definitely some of theelsome of turn lanes and service roads asoa a welch that's what they look likeoo lik all around saint mary's county count and so i guess it does makeoe m sense as to why just out of precautionary measure schoolrech system decided to take thattht two-hour delay this morning. mning maybe so there wouldn't be soldn't b much traffic on the roads whenic on they try to get those kids out k and about. about because, again the side roadsid roa are looking a little slushy. maryland state highwayay administration said they couldthey not pre treat the roads because
8:02 am
when it was first forecast toec come down as rain that wouldha wou have washed all the chemicalsmils away off of the road surfaces surfa but we have seen a number of -- of apparatus out here putting down salt and other types of of gradient to make sure that anything down here doesn't end d up in that refreeze.ez. fortunately the pavement paven temperatures have stayed above freezing so i think that hashinkt been the saving grace for using grace down here in southern maryland so far. back to you guys.guys. >> mel thanks very much.ery much. in the meantime a vigil mntim planned tonight to remember aembe maryland woman and her daughtergh who were both killed earlierllarli this week outside their forte their washington home.shinome. >> accused killer the woman's's ex-boyfriend, and that child's father is behind bars. b annie yu is live in capitolapit heights outside of the brad buryur heights elementary school whereoolhe this vigil will be held.eel annie, good >> reporter: hey g morning morni steve and allison. this story is an absolutelu tragedy. rocked our area a lot of peoplef ppl emotional over this story a lotry a l of family friends colleaguesco mourning the loss of davis and dis
8:03 am
her young daughter who is just j two years old khloe and sond later tonight as you mentionedenon here at brad bury elementarylemear school behind me at 5:30 5:3 colleagues, students, they're families, folks all gatheringl gat here to celebrate the life off the two victims.. na chante and her two-year-old she was a second grade teacher and well liked among students s and teachers.d teac she work for years as teachers tch aid and was in the middle of her her first year teaching.eag. little girl gl s father was arrested wednesday wedne and charged in the death 25-year-old darren maurice m boswell johnson much he's facing fac first and second degree murderre mur and police tell us that boswell bos johnson has confessed to the murders. now she and her daughter werer wer fatally shot by the girl'sot bthe gir father just outside of their the home in fort washington tuesdayay among morning. according to court documents he court went to the home to confront herer about child support payments off $600 a month outside of her home home, and an argument over thatve
8:04 am
tha led to the shooting shooting. sot mourning the loss and her her friends and educators will betors w here tonight 5:30 to celebrate the lives of the two victims vti and we're told that griefgr counselors are still being madead available to families ands students who need them and as as well as faculty and staff.nd s that's the very latest here iner i capitol heights.l heights back to you in the studio.u >> just a tragic story annie, thanks so much. mh wee hope you'll join us on good day. y states attorney angela alsobrooklsooo we'll get more information about that case. in the district the firetrt th department investigating two firefighters after they failed the to notice a patient they wereheyer carrying for had a gunshotad a gsh wound. it happened last friday in theday 200 block of l street southwestouwe not far from nats park.ats p first firefighters thought theers ough victim was high on pcp. it wasn't until doctors andrs nurses cut his clothes off theyff the realized he had been shot. s >> that tells me that the emt firefighter doctors not do ar ctor complete assessment. they didn't a proper assessment.smen
8:05 am
they didn't follow protocol totoco the assessment that is we havewe h in place that should have beenhave bee done to fine these life these l threatening injuries.. >> sources familiar witness investigation say thevestig firefighters were immediately were taken off thie street. seet. d.c. fire and ems declined to ♪ it is national weatherl w person day. person day. >> thank you tucker for all thatuc do >> thank you. >> we honor you today tuck anduck and every day really.every >> all the weather persons herens her at fox5.at5 >> indeed everybody.. >> gwen gary sue mike, caitlyn.. did i miss anybody. >> you got everybody. >> yeah. all right.l r let's right to it weather to wther to talk about this morning.. snow showers overnight.veig this is annie's live shot -- sho where was she capitol heights? >> yeah.. >> yup. >> snow still flying out t there you can see it's very light. lig not sticking here locally. we are seeing reports of light accumulations south and easttionh that's where there have been aave been a few problem spots. melanie's live shot in southern sou maryland. live look at the radar look how look h quickly it's fading off to thegff t east.
8:06 am
we're pretty much done with it locally anne arundel prince george's county, southernou maryland you'll get a few moreget a w mo hours with light snow and the lht s whole thing will wind up pretty quick as the system very quicklyuick races off to the north and you can see that moisture racing rac off to the north and east. still snowing in new york and and boston. more problematic for both of b those cities as they're expect expecting more widespreading mo accumulation than what we'retionhan getting around here.nd h notice the numbers. numbers the temperatures they're above ty're everybody above freezing thisfr morning that's great news.that's gre 34 now in leonardtown.nato 37 in the city. and the snow is not had much success sticking on the roadwayson the roa which is great news.whre believe it or not sunshine thise afternoon. it will be breezy day.ezy d. temperatures in the middle 40s. 4 stay tuned i'll have the weekend wkend forecast you'll want to see that and --- >> maybe more snowflakes on thewfla seven day. >> i thought you were going toht say the cuteness facto yr of theto day. >> and cuteness factor of the day coming up.p. >> 8:15. does all right. thanks tuck.doth >> let's turn things over to tur erin right now with a look atow witlo traffic. >> 8:06 it is friday morning. mni right now we are seeing someing s delays on the inner loo we have a crash bite americanerica legion bridge blocking theckg
8:07 am
shoulder. can you come walk through the wal traffic shot, tucker because -- bau >> where i came from. i came from. >> you're don a fancy littleit prance. co me on. walk through.ough >> a fancy prance.cye. >> i need some music.. >> get some music.. traffic is slow by the americanmeri legion bridge.ridge i'll snap my fingers for f go ahead much it's your day tucker. and joy. thank you. >> ♪♪ >> okay. o good job. i liked everything about that. abo the beltway is backed i hospital hos you have good tunes as wellasell maybe you can practice your ownprtice little walk once you park thatark you made the through the beltway beltway. we'll switch it back over and i look at our maps right now.t now aside from slow moving trafficg tra because of a crash on the inner cra loop again you can see throughgh tysons you are slow throughw annandale typical congestion.geio same story north and southboundthun on 395. 3 char ratch ford road reopened dealing with earlier crash theresh t in prince william in northeast 295 inbound earlier crasher c eastern cleared but eastern toastern to pennsylvania down to 13 miles m per hour and if you're takingyou'ak metro today blue and yellow yello lines delayed a bit because of aause of door problem out by theut byhe pentagon. pent watch for that one.h aside from that if you're headedou to bwi, traffic on 95 north on nor
8:08 am
looking good.g good. that's your traffic.'s youtr back to you guys.back tyou >> erin thank you so very much.h. still to come this morning wick wick key leak founder finding support sup for the united nations why he'sye' been arbitrarily detained byet britain and sweden. sde those storyies and whore when wehe come back. 37 degrees on friday.
8:09 am
♪ back now at 8:09. overseas wikileaks founder
8:10 am
julian assange may finally walkly wal out of london's embassy beforeore the 44-year-old has been living at the embassy for the last three assange has been avoiding arreting a and extradition to sweden over charges of rapes and sexual of pes assault. he has consistently denied thesed t allegations. alle un panel says the time spent inpe the embassy representedse arbitrary detention. den >> the florida man who landedho l the gyrocopter on the lawn ofe wn o the capitol getting more freedom freedom. judge granted douglas hughes h travel privilege as he works onrilege his political career. car hughes is challenging debbieng d wasserman schultz the chair ofha the national committee. cmi judge ruled he can in fact inac travel to florida 23rd 2d congressional district aroundict aro miami.mi he will be sentenceed for flyingorlyin this gyrocopter if restricted rtric air space in april. x games legend rider dave meara dav m died yesterday.te police in north carolina saynortcaro they respond to do an apparentt suicide and discovered his bodycod hi in his truck.. meara one of the most decoratedorated athletes in x games historytory winning 14 gold medals, 24s, 24
8:11 am
overall he was 41 years old yrs o leaves behind a wife an child. despite disturbing allegations that he struck his h ex-girlfriend browns quarterbacker johnny menzel has not beenotee charged with assault.ssault in a police report releaseed justed j yesterday his ex-girlfriend colleen crowley claims he hitley clms h her several times last fridayas f during an argument. argum said he acted like he was on some kind of that's what she's saying here.ayin two texas police departmentsar investigated the case and t cas decided not to file chargeses against the man known as johnnynny football however he still faceser hstil possible punishment by the nfl. it was their first hod t head debate bernie sanders andrs hillary clinton face off in newinton hampshire.hampsh >> clinton defending herself over sanders accusations richh donors are nounsing herouing politics. we'll have more on this heatede debate coming plus, more on theoron snowfalling in parts of ouring inarts area. a winter weather advisory stilly sti in effect. efft. it's 8:11. ♪
8:12 am
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♪ ready. all righty. celebrating the music of earthar wind and fire as we sadly mournadlyou the loss of its founder maurice white. but that's good music to get you going. going. >> on a friday. >> o >> on friday.>> on day. >> yeah. >> good way to start weekend. weeke >> we got something else to getme you going. >> another way to start weekend is the snow.w. >> let's do cuteness first wes firs need a warm up factor and a big b smile on our faces and we got dj dj. >> new little baby. n ew >> appropriate as we play alliate the music of earth wind andind a
8:15 am
fire we have a dj that we're wre celebrating today.od >> yeah. >> dj. he's three months old and he loves getting up really early and watching fox5gox every morning with his wit h grandmother.othe >> aww that's so great.reat there's nothing better than that t that. >> you know dj's favoriteore, >> yeah. >> hi, dj. >> puts a smile on her face fac every morning.ning hi handsome baby.e b he's cute. >> just 20 years maybe i'll havers a baby in my life. grandkids, you know. >> allison you just had three. thr >> it feels like -- i forgot. it goes so fast. >> enjoy dj and all his sweetness.swess i can almost smell that sweet baby smell. >> you think you're 20 away from being grandmom?ramo >> let's see maybe.ay a little under 20, yeah. >> my kids or anything like meike 20 years away. >> grrr. >> to send us your child's picture go to our facebook page pag fox5 d.c..c. >> yeah.
8:16 am
>> and send us your picture. we love it dj. >> super duper weekend dj.nd >> you saw the live shot. we have snow coverage south ande sth east of the city.the shout out to our friends indsn southern maryland watching thisyld wa easton inch and a half.nca ha california little less than an tha an inch. ch. leonardtown reports of an inch i somebody tweeted me a picture oficre his or her yard it looked like l they had gotten nothing.hing. i'm sure what part ofhat pa o leonardtown got an inch.t inc a report of an firm leonardtown.rd snow is winding down. dn still flakes out there.ilflak it should all be over another ano hour or two. and things will improve veryrove quickly in fact we'll be partlyartly sunny mid 40s this afternoon anderno a look at your numbers right now. n everybody above freezing.g. everybody i can find regionallyegna here in the mid atlantic is aan above freezing so that's goingt's goi to really keep the snow fromw fro being able to stick on anything. 37 at reagan national. n let's look at the seven day at thve forecast.cast 44 today.44 t weekend looks fantastic.d los fanta saturday and sunday about 50 5 each afternoon and right aroundro the freezing mark at night.ig by monday and tuesday a clipperpp system is going to arrive.rr that could bring us a period of p
8:17 am
light snow and then we got to got t look out it may want to wan intensify when it hits the coasthe c that could have enhance snowno totals around here. aroe. we'll watch that carefully allarefly weekend.ekend >> all right.ll rht >> we will trust you as it is you ait i national weather person's day.erson'ay >> thank you. y >> thanks, tuck.>> ts, >> um-hmm. >> erin over to you. what's going on? >> things are quiting down aui dow bit. we do have some congestion leftion that you need to be aware you can see here on the beltway bel traffic a little bit slow on thelow on inner loop earlier crash by the b the american legion bridge and 666 also a bit slow to the beltway bel give yourself a little extraite ext time from 234 on in.n those are -- that's an area you area y need to be concerned let's switch it over now.ov you can see traffic is backingacki up as well as you make your wayr out on 295 seeing delays beltway beltw stop and go traffic let's switchet's switch it over for look at our maps m right now and show you what elseha you are up against this morning.. 295 down to 13 miles per houres per h even though an earlier crash cra 202 inbound 50 inbound also slow s top of the beltway outer loop byp new hampshire still jammed 295me95 north there is a crash near the the
8:18 am
naval laboratory on the lefteft shoulder. so give yourself a little extrara time to get there you can seeyou the inner loop jammed across theros t wilson bridge as well.s w we're dealing with problems asth probl you head from five really on outy on ou that was that point. same story through an nail days morning.moing blue and yell yo-yo line becauseline becau of a door problem bite pentagonte pentagon some delays on that line as well l well. will at metro lines on or close to to sched we'll keep updated witulh your wit y commute. we got you covered here on fox5.. back taigles thank you tnk y now to the race for the whiteor the white house all eyes on new hampshire hhi and the primary there is set foretor next tuesday. tsd democrats had a feisty face offace there last night but republicansepl are also grabbing headlines in the granite state.e state. chris wallace host of fox news of sunday is live in manchesteraneste already new hampshire thishire t morning getting ready for theing ready big debate. good morning c happy friday. >> well, happy fry today to you and guess what? it's snowingat? here. here. >> is it. >> about three to 5-inches here>>ee in ne tw hampshire but i got toot say they handle it veryandle it differently than they do in d i washington. three to 5-inches here is like ae cloudy day in washington.hing >> they know how to handle it.owo ha
8:19 am
but you know how to handle all hane the big guests that you always a get every week.t can you tell us about some ofut some the people you have coming on? comi it really is looks like a whole who other debate all of the a candidates on the >> yeah, it's going to begoing be fascinating. we'll talk to the governors andnors a when this race started they were the the front runners for thefor the nomination.ti. everybody thought thatughtha traditionally republicans do d nominate governors to be theer to candidates and right now bush, kasich and christie who all ofll them will be on our show arehoar fighting for their political lives because rubio did rub d surprising well in iowa. he's second to trump in the the latest polls since iowa here in new hampshire if he were to beatto b those three governors i think, they'd be in real trouble some of them i think would probablywo have to drop out of the race.ace. we'll talk to them as i say kasich, christie and bush aboutbout how they say their canned ceaseanned ceas and try to knock down rubio andn rio how they try to stay in thiss race. >> could we talk quickly aboutbo how the democrats really -- ieay think maybe just let the politeness down a bit and got toot
8:20 am
some of the brass tax as far ass r the way that bernie sanders and hillary clinton differ.if can you just reflect on that aefle on little bit?? >> yeah. i watch about the first half ofthrst ha the debate last night.ight it was a terrific debate and a you know the gloves were off it's also something when justjus two feeble on the stage you o can't go to the third person nobody takes the heat off and the they were really a ht each other. oth i personally thought that bernieni sanders got the better of it i because it was largely on issuesue that favor him the establishment versus progressive progressivesprogressives, the evils of wall, th street, hillary clinton's bigclton's b speaking fees but the realeal bottom line is, this is going to going go on for while. while sanders has got enough money alloney this talk about a coronationoron hillary clinton was the inevitable candidate.dite whether she wins or loses he's really you can tell she can't't stand it because he's alwayss aay been the liberal candidate and here he is saying you're a selling yo out. you're a moderate and she reallyeall gets under her skin and my guess gue
8:21 am
this is going to go on for whileor on the democratic side.tic sid >> okay. do you think we'll see ahink narrowing of the field perhapsielderha after the next republican debate debate? de >> well, no.ell, no not aft the debate.ebate. we'll see a big narrowing of thengf field after --fter -- >> after the primary. aft the >> on tuesday. >> because if -- for instance,e, let's say rubio right now he's leading in the polls if heg the finish ahead of christie, kasich and bush again, i think at least two of those three have the havee to drop particularly christie andtie a kasich. they're all they have campaigned almostlmost exclusively in new hampshire. they're putting everything inrythg there. they have very little moneyvery left.le they need to beat rubio if theyy don't, then it seems to me he h kind of shows up thed s establishment. establis bush might not get out. out that's again if one of them does better thanetter t rubio then they stay in the race. race. >> okay. we'll look forward to that andward to the show on sunday.. chris, we're letting you go buto where are you?ou >> physically right now.y ght n >> i'm in manchester at saint an sam's college this is we weres weer
8:22 am
doing candidate tourism tri yesterday. we went to a trump rally and a a christie rally it's kind of fun of you go from one town hall to the next and it's really democracy demra in action to see two three 400 people asking questions thestions candidates asking the it's really quite an inspiring ipi thing to watch. >> indeed. we look forward to the show on sunday. thanks so much, chris.. >> thanks allison. >> okay. it looked like tv studio steveote is right here then i was that'sha not a studio. stu as the race for the white house h heats up fox5 is teaming up with with the for an in depthn d look at the candidates campaign campaign and the nation's first primary. pmary the's editor-in-chiefhief bob cusack and fox5's mitt calal reporter ronica cleary will lookil loo at all the twists and turnswis an leading up to new hampshire andhire a beyond. please join them live on fox5 or5 or streaming on this sunday at 8:30. 8 >> you full sunday morning planned. 8:22. 8: texas florida and now in the t
8:23 am
district. zika virus made it's way hereer locally watch the d.c. healthea department is making sure those who have it stay healthy.
8:24 am
8:25 am
♪ welcome back. we got snow> showers still flying sll f across the area things arehis winding down quick and actuallyctuall sunshine expected in the nextd in the n couple of hours.ours let's go to the maps. map
8:26 am
all right. al there we thank you.. yeah.yeah snow showers winding down. dow you can see pushing out into out i prince george's county anney arundel county and very quicklyuily racing off to the north and east and we will watch sunshine break bre out to the north and west here the next hour or two and most oft of your afternoon will be breezyreez and cool. coo breezes north and west about 10 10 to 20.0. but breezing and cool andl and sunshine again as the snow exitsw exs very quickly to the north and tond to the east. east. quick look at the seven day. 44 today.ay hey, weekend looks greatooks g saturday and sunday sunshine.ine. snow back in torecast by forect b early neck week.earlneck that's weather. erin is back with traffic. i am back with traffic.ic 8:26 right now and we see someom delays not terrible 66 eastboundastbound just congestion moving from 234m towards the beltway.eltw so watch out for that. some delays into oaktown as well well. well. let's switch it over right nowov you can see traffic definitely slowing down brake lights as you ligas y make your way closer to the t beltway as well.el speaking of that outer loopat outoo right now all jammed up as you as you make your way top of the beltway bel
8:27 am
out by the american legionegion bridge inner loop delays as well. because of an earlier crashr csh blocking the shoulder. sulde let's take look at our maps m right now.ri aside from that typical slow moving traffic inner loopnner l through annandalooe. thing clearing up by the wilson bridge. id you may encounter slick spots from the light wintery mix that m t came down.n i'd advise slowing it down this down morning much that's yourmuch traffic. back to you guys. t >> erin thanks very much.o ery much. still to come thisill morning --rng -- as fear of the zika virusirus grows three more cases confirmed confirmed in our are a. >> what does the d.c. health. hea department have to say about he to say about those who contracted the virus.edirus we'll find out next. it's 8:27.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ lears berlin, maryland. i'll tell was, folks be carefuleul out there. these vehicles -- that can't be real speed? it look likekik they're flying down that road,tha al. >> you know how fast 55 matt says they're flying. i believe it. it doesn't look safe to me. loosafe be careful out there no matteratte what. i heard from a buddy from me me lecking ton park, they have a a lot of, saint mary's countyou eastern shore they're getting itt today. >> just be careful.aref >> bring it back here to the it back here to t city right now. all over the world pcieople are trying to combat the outbreak of the zika virus us no different. dre >> here in the district d officials have confirmed three tee cases including a pregnanta prean woman. woma fox5's bob are a nard joins usard jns us now with more on the still still developing story.pingto good morning. >> reporter: good morning m allison and steve.lisoand yeah all three cases accordingordi to health officials weree
8:31 am
contract the in central and south america. a these are people from therom t district who traveled abroadoad, were bitten by mosquitoesquit carrying the zika virus and one one came home.came h one of them being a pregnantregnan woman. the concern in south americathme there are many cases of women w who infected when they werewe pregnant delivering babies withabieit brain illnesses and birth defects. defe the world health organization isation declaring zika virus an international public health hea emergency.em the governor of florida hasas declared states of emergencies in five counties because theyau the have 12 cases there. 1 these are in the miami ft. lauderdale and tampa areas.. virginia is reporting cases ass well. 11 states now one of the cases the cas here in the district was diagnosed last may.. >> really try to tell people pe who's at the highest risk and risk and that's going to be pregnantoing t women. there are special precautionsspec that we can take with thatke w t group. we want them to see their healthirea care provider if they've hadad
8:32 am
recent travel to an infected infte area just so they can beeyan b monitored. >> all the cases in florida arees ior travel relateed. the mosquito that causes zika virus is common in florida. >> now one woman in virginia was infected during missionary workonary wo in guatemala. guama they she said the symptoms arepts similar to the flu and healthea officials say many people whomany actually have the virus don't show any symptoms at all. clearly, officials will be doing doing some more mosquito control conol operations coming up in the springtime all around about because of the poe tennesseeen shall for the suppressed of thee re mosquitoes traveling this virussir much the only travel restrictionstri right now is for pregnant women not to go to central and south a america those areas and theth caribbeaosn that have mosquitoes with this virus. virus nothing about telling springg breakers guys to not go to florida because as you heardouea governor rick scott say inttay florida even though they'veh declare the states ofe the es o emergencies in those countiesou it's not because the mosquitoesosit there have the virus it'st's
8:33 am
because people there have come down with the virus.. so no need to cancel plans forlans f spring break in florida guys. >> all right bob thank you, very much.veryuch we're over here in the kit because it's time for kitchen convo. conv >> are you looking for a youking caffeine kick this morning.or >> every morning.>> e mor >> from your mouth to god's ears s ears. >> well you're average cup ofre joe just got a lit atle stylishsh upgrade.. check it out. the jewel caffeine bracelet itlet contains caffeine patch to keepp your energy levels up all dayllay um-um. um-u the jewel bracelet has the same thee amount of caffeine as medium cupup of joe and is absorbed straightght from your skin into your yr bloodstream.ootream. so you have no crashes. csh no long lines at the coffee shop shop. no stained >> okay. s >> no calories .>> no calo >> right. >> fda approved and can be c be ordered online. it's $29. $29 >> thumbs and, thumbs down.umbsow >> how about -- thumbs down.umow >> thumbs down.>> thumbs >> i like my cup of joe nice and warm in the morning. mni >> coffee isn't just about theisn't caffeine for me. me. it's the feeling..
8:34 am
the warm cup.. the warm the warm cup. rm the smell of it.ell of everything about drinking coffeerinkit's like an experience. >> it's not just the caffeine. cfe >> the experience and the caffeine. caffeine >> thumbs down on the braceletrace but i will spend 29 cents for that patch and slap it on my body. dy >> you would? >> slap it on me to help me haveav >> going right into your veinshto yo no. >> we'll do a story that says it gives you cancer.r. >> exactly. >> but lauren simonetti talkti tal about this earl in businesses innovative thing she he had a cup of coffee takes 45 minutes5 minute to really -- for to you fetalal effects of the caffeine. caffe i think a lot of it is psychosy tow mat tick.t tk >> i know. i kno. >> we gave it, what, thumbs up, up, thumbs down. >> thumbs down.>> >> yesterday i said that allll important conversations happenns in the kitchen. t >> right. >> at least they do in my house.ey d you know what else happens in myappe in kitchen.hen >> what. >> hopefully cooking. hopefully coo >> that's way down here.s wa dance parties. >> okay. >> and you know what we wereate we dancing to yesterday? yes
8:35 am
>> what. >> i can imagine. i c >> earth, wind and fire. >> we lost another icon mauriceau white founder of earth, whippedwh and you know, another legend just jus such a rough year.r >> 2016 has seen a loss ofoss legend after legend i wasend watching behind the scenes onehin earth wind and fire not too longot too ago he was a musical genius this thi guy worked with denise williams neil diamond barbara streisand strei he wrote and produced most of o earth wind and fire songs andsong he was suffering from park of parkinson's he wasn't really asly active. what genius. >> they kept touring. peter pick up much the not the t same. >> favorite earth wind and firerth song. song >> that's it right the. >> september. >> i like boogie wonderland with the emotions.moti >> can you pick one? wait a minute. minu but the slow jam was reason.ea i'm going to go with reason. >> philip bailey older lead.le >> in >> earth wind and fire i thinke i think
8:36 am
about chicago. they got together on tour. on >> it's not the real deal.ealeal. you know what i mean? any more.e >> this was the slow jam.w j >> once he left the group. gup >> allison has gone to another place right now.acrigh she's gone somewhere else rightewhelse now. no >> look at her. >> allison that can happen in happe the kitchen, too.tche t >> i'm just saying.aying (laughter). >> tucker barnes will celebrate celeb national weather person's day. day. give tucker some love.ov >> i thought we were going to slow drag.g. oh! >> go, ya'll.>> g ya' okay.. >> ♪ >> this is for you, tuck.s is for y >> what happened?ned? >> tucker has already got a g somebody. mebo he doesn't need to you dance for dance f him.. >> it's my time now.e n let's do my time. ♪ >> all right.ight. erin i've got your weather but weather then we'll here wene go.. leftover snow showers gettingw shs g out of here finally getting outti to the north and east.nd e feels like friday around here.e and just a couple leftover lefto
8:37 am
flakes for the next hour or two. o you know what, sunshine in just a few hours hi by late morning.orning pleasant afternoon but breezyre highs in the mid 40s everybody ery above the freezing mark at the moment. mo great news.grt news. and we're looking at daytimeay highs in the mid 40s again0s aga morning mix out of here nicee n pleasant afternoon good looking gd lo weekend. i'll have the weekend forecastwed in just a minute.e we have additional snow chancesitiol snow cha on the seven day.on the seven d we'll look at that.wel look all right, erin. time for traffic. t. how is it >> next friday we're crashingidayre c the coffee conversation danceio party. we're going to walk right in. >> i say we have our own dancewnan party. >> i'm don with that, too.ith traffic problems. hopefully you're listen to goodooo music 395 by king street you'lltou be sitting for quite sometime.omet crash blocking the right lane rightane and right shoulder.ho traffic slow.trafslow fire truck sideways all lanes ofanes o traffic from the beltway towardsowards that point really backed up. u outer loop delays 95 to georgia g as well.. but 395 the big problem rightight now. we'll go ahead and show i was was look. look at this giant crash on thegi outer loop out by colesville colvill road you can see just the outer out
8:38 am
right lane getting by on the on outer loop at colesville becauseecause of that traffic is backing upac u for several miles all the way way towards new hampshire avenue.pshi so give yourself lost extra timeelf to get through throu try to get i was better visual i vl i know the camera is a little a little zoomed out but be prepared ford those slow downs because of thatha crash at coleville on the outere loop. we'll switch it over right nowt er r for a look at our maps. map aside from that inner loop in springfield to gallows stilllo s down to 16 miles per hour. h we got you covered that is yoursou traffic. steve and allison.d ison >> all right kerr rin thankshank very much.ry m 8:38. still to come the presidentome cracking a few jokes having someone with members of theth golden state m >> more on his salute to them the while they hung out with him.ith h they were visiting whipping upipng on our wizards a little bit.ittleit they also took time out during out the game at half time to go toe to go the white house. hse >> anybody got a cell phone.l pne >> i'm joking. i they did not. ey d back with more on that. ♪
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
>> we'll down play the part dow where they beat the wizards andt focus on the championship they wouldn't last 98. golden state warriorthsul stucktu around extra time in d.c. for.c. good reason.eason. they got to go to the white tgo t house, al.hous >> they sure did.sure d. yesterday -- >> hoping that -- go ahead.head >> i wanted to hear what he was whahe saying.ying >> i thought he cracked a joke.e . >> he will in a second. >> they hung out with theng oith president to celebrate their nba championship win. the president joked with frontro guard steph curry. cry >> for those of hugh watched the t game against the wizards lastast night he was to use slang heng
8:42 am
was clowning.wn (laughter). >> jumping up and down. (laughter). >> sadly clowning our wizards. war the team gave the president a a number 44 team jersey. of course, he is the nation'sios 44th president.. >> look at steph curry laughing and take it all in.lln. >> i hate to say congratulationsatulio for being the wizards but congratulations on winning theni championship last season.easo new nfl rule to give women wom more opportunities throughout thr the league.eague the team will be required to atred t least interview women for wen executive positions. last month bills made headlines hdl for hiring catherine smith as as special teams assistant coach. coming up, a bunch of new of movies are coming -- a bunch off them. them >> all right. kevin is out in california.ifor how very fitting.itng although this time not in sunny sun southern california.
8:43 am
we'll check in with kev for a a preview coming up much it's 8:43. ♪
8:44 am
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♪ >> we love to give birthdayve bir wishes and we try to give as give many as we can. can every day obviously thousands ofhousds o people have birthdays around theayarou area. area but this one is a little special special because as you can see on your screen this is mrs. dorothyro jones birthday number 107. 1 >> my wish would be just to sitit down with her and hear and hea everything she has to say.
8:46 am
>> right.. >> how great would that >> 107 years old getting the red carpet treatmentatment today. >> the spring mills mount vernon assisted living center iste throwing her a big partyar complete with 107 balloons. cupcake in the shape of 107. highlights of events over the t last 107 years. years you can get her view on history. histo if you think about the fact thatha she would have turned 21 okay 86 years ago. a all that history she would haveould hav witnessed. >> it's i honor you today. tod i think we both do. mrs. jones was born in charlottesville, virginia overe,ir the years she and her husband hus octave enjoyed traveling allve over the country and overseas.. mrs. jones had lived at the assisted living center since 2007. 07. >> spry young 97 years old. >> my goodness.>>go happy happy birthday to you. to you >> good for her. good for that's great.that great. let's check in with tuckerith tucker barnes right now.rnes see, tuck, look at all thosehose years of good living you have l ahead of you. >> steve, you know, i'm always alway amazeed.eed. always amazeed.
8:47 am
incredible. happy birthday.happ there's your radar.e'ur r we got leftover snowflakeswflake across the area.a. it's really wiping down prettytt quick here starting to race to the east. it looks like crofton bowie a few leftover flakes towards nap nap list and parts of calvert county getting leftover snow showers.howe we'll clear out pretty quick andy q temperatures in the mid 40s this afternoon. let me mention the winds peopleds people are tweeting me about the windshe and they are blowing here out of he ou the north about 15 to 20. t0. so it will be breezy day. still snowing in new york andor and boston.ston boston getting the worse of this thi one it sticks 8-inch there is if unique into boston make sureake s your flight is on time. t again we're looking at sunshinesh this afternoon nice looking loo weekend i'll show you the weekend forecast coming up. u everybody above freezing. 38 right now in washington.hington. 36 in annapolis.l 39 in quantico.o arthritic at dulles mid 40 force0ce daytime highs. all right. your forecast for the remainder remaind of today and saturday andnd sunday, high pressure builds inil winds out of the north and westhe north a they should be beandutiful looking weekend highs about 50 both b saturday and sunday.uny and a nice quiet weather patternattern
8:48 am
here for our weekend. weekend you got outdoor plans you knowu kno you want to get out and get into get i that garden early for springtime springtime. got a good weekend for we might have snow by next -- next errly next week.y ne week. i'll show that you in the seven you i day. here's your future cast. cas great shape this afternoon. there we are clearing it outg i o overnight. tomorrow looks great.ow looks g not sure what my future cast c keeps going and going p happens p hpe we can forward to the seven day. t there you go i looks great foro the weekendoo.. let's talk monday, little clipper system does notoes n look like a big deal but it b could bring us some accumulatinging snow monday/tuesday watch thewatc forecast this weekend of courseours i'll have the latest thinking ong o that system by monday morning. mor we'll watch that all weekend.kend that's the weather update.pd steve and allison, toss it back it bac to you >> good looking weekend, tuck.end, tuc >> let's check in with holly in th h wisdom and maureen find out what's coming up on good what's up wis? wis >> good morning.. >> snow created a few slip spotsp ot for the commute.e comm we're live on road could we be getting more snowe s early next week.y nexteek. >> three confirm cases of thefi
8:49 am
zika virus irmn d.c..c. we're live with what you need toeeto know about this dangerous >> double murder that has left h many of us stunned.nn local schoolteacher and her toddler shot and killed. kil the woman's former boyfriendoyie confessing to the >> ahead we talk with angelang alsobrooks leading the charge the cha against domestic violence we'llnc talk about her plan to keep kp women safe.afe. >> the search for real life l bonnie and clyde coming to ade cg deadly and drama end.nd >> super bowl showdown just twoust tw days away. ys a we're getting a preview of the hottest ads to watch for thishi sunday.sunday. >> and don't miss our secondnd annual half time show on good g day at 10a. day at 10a. we have a few surprises up oures up o sleeves at 10:30a. 10:30 wait until you see our green b. >> all right. right a jam packed good day d.c. just. jus minutes away. we look forward it thank you so some ♪ ♪ >> are you ready for this,. thi >> i'm ready.>> we have a surprise coming.rp >> we do?e do? >> yeah. okay. okay >> i'm ready.>> i >> i thought you were going tong toss to kevin. kin >> kevin mccarthy is in san is francisco right ri he has been traveling around and a
8:50 am
we said kev you got to get out of the hotel and go find something to do because we know how much you love movies and tv and you said you found something something. >> i say are you on a spike leepike l dolly shot or whatever that shot t is called? >> allison, that's why i loveat's why i lov you allison you're referenceingin spike lee bali shots. sho i don't know if you can hear meu n he okay.okay it's 5:30 here in the morningni i'm in the middle of a o neighborhood here in sanod h in francisco. but i don't know if you'll recognize this little house behind me. nd me. but do you recognize that houseni tha writ there? >> from a little show calledle full house. that was the exterior shot oft the full house on the original show. i'm assuming people are living right there and sleeping.d sleep i'm trying to be super quiet inuin this neighborhood. neighoo address is 1709 broderick streetee very famous house obviouslybvioly everyone watched the show butho b you can tell they changed thehang t color of the door a little bit little and put up a tree to try and block it a little bit. bit. i'm sure people come around don stupid life shots for theiror the morning shows all the time.all e t >> that is so cool, though, kev. kev.
8:51 am
>> kev, what if you through --ou - what if you through a pizza on on the roof of the full house house? >> dude, that would be so menuld beo me mass. mass that would be breaking bad meetseets full house. >> right. >> that would be totally crossally c cultural reference.erence >> you're pogueing nerd i can throw my red bull on topl on of the house real quick. >> please don't. (laughter).te. >> apparently, alcatraz iss pretty close to where i am rightm rig now. i'm in the middle -- i am literal until at middle of a of street in san francisco at 5:30t 5:3 in the morning talking to you tal t guys in d.c. on skype i'm not even on wi-fi. i'm on lte on my phone. that is the actual exterior ofr the full house show. sho >> it looks great actually. actua it looks really good. gd. you should while you're oute o there catch a boat gone out to alcatraz it's phenomenal.. >> city, was and the to hearear something funny a bit i'll trytr and do. you know i collect originalct ori movie tickets have i my original oginal ticket stub for the movie thethe rock which actually took placek on alcatraz.on alcatraz. >> that's right.>> t >> i'm going to go up to the ticket booth and actually tryy and get into the rock alcatraz alcatra
8:52 am
with my rock ticket from 1996. 199 i think it my go pretty well.. >> they'll let you inform theet i problem is getting out. >> the problem getting out. o guys listen. listen. this is so cool. coo i'm going to get hit by a car f a please be careful.eful >> give us what you're there tore t give in case you have toe disconnect really >> okay. o so, yeah, i'm out here movieov dead pool opens up february february 12th starring ryan2t reynolds a marvel film andh it comes out february 12th i'm interviewing that people are coming home. cominome. i shall probably get out of the of th way. any way the movie hail caesar is the new movie starring georgeg geor clooney directed by the cohen coh brothers a starring chaning chani tatum, ray fines and a bunch ofunch o great acts.greaacts. i gave the 3.5. 3 i don't think it's near as good's n as fargo or the big lebowski or films like blood simple or no country for old men very solid film. allison you mentioned earlier ear you do love old school film making the 1950's the movie movie takes to you back to film making makin
8:53 am
style in the 50's.. i gave it 3.5. 3 definitely up there with owe wh ow brother where out there. i loved it but did not love it. love >> is it a comedy arc mysteryry what's happening?pening? >> i'm glad you asked. g it's a comedy. basically -- i'm sorry i have to he to be quiet here.ere. comedy aspect of george clooney's character very famousy fou movie stars in the 1950's his character gets kidnapped and he actually -- held for ransom insoin the studio fixer josh brolin broli these try a find way to get himge h back to the studio lot to finishois shooting the movie called haild hai caesar.caesar comedy drama mixed in.n also song and dance numbers.umbers actually a part of musical as a well. well it's a fun movie if you love youov film making but as i wasi was mentioning to steve early veryrlyer film making style movie i gave it 3.5 out of five.fiv >> we'll let you go for nowou gfor kev. see you again in a little bit.e bit it's not even 6am out there. tre we'll let you be quite so youo don't disturb the neighbors too nei much. so cool with the full house.l hou >> i'll get into uber and try tory get down to super bowl city like about 15 minutes from here.utes from my next shot with you guys att 9:40.
8:54 am
9:40 i'll do all the big super bowll movie trailers happening on sunday.sunday >> awesome. aweme. >> from super bowl city. >> safe travels.>> >> thanks so much. s >> bye guys. guy >> i guess the sun will be up.he sill 6:00 40 out there.. okay. okay >> next hour it should be.ur i >> all right. >> start seeing daylight at least for this weeks fox beatea free free day three monthth membership to gold's gym. g. the prize pack also includes a a free personal training session arc customized 12 week transformation plan gym bagym b water bottle even a gym towel gymowel they have thought of everythingghof e steve. ev >> they sure have. t if you'd like to win enter on our contest page fox5 dc's corporate and between now and 11:59 tonight. run winner selected by random drawing february 8th 2016.016. it has an approximate retail ret value of $399 provided by gold's-ñ gym and valid at participating location.. >> diana mckelvin with herit lovely family her husbander h michael and son devon.
8:55 am
good morning family diane a long-time fan of fox5 and today tay is her birthday. bir happy birthday to you diane. you dne. if you want to be tomorrow'srow's facebook fan of the day post pos your picture right below diane's diane's. >> now let's get to tuckeret to tu barnes get a look at thatt tha forecast snow falling out there t in in places, tuck. tuc >> winding down pretty quickui steve.. leftover flakes kief east of theki beltwaefy out towards annapolisnnapol but for the most part we're donee' with it. it. really the only places i cans i can find with any accumulation southern maryland calvert andve saint mary's county early thiss morning. it's pushing very wickly off toff t the north and east. mid 40s but breezy and cool afternoon.. looking great looking week fend weefe you're flying to new york org toew y boston make sure your flightsli are on time.aron t they're getting accumulateing snow up there this morning. morning there's your seven day.even saturday and sunday looknd sday fantastic about 50 we might doht d snow next week that monday, tuesday time frame.y time stay tuned no that. tun more on that next hour.ou that is a look at the weather w forecast.. thanks, everyone for the the national weather person's dayer pers d shout outs specially to erin. to
8:56 am
>> thank you tucker. tucker. we wanted to celebrate you.teou we'll get you cookies an cake ancake big party later.biparty >> yeah. >> taking a look outer looplo delays 95 to cokolesville.esvi first take look at that bigig crash. that was 395 we'll move the cameras over out or o by king street.t. blocking the receipt lanes l backed up from the t earlier accident that wasent that causing big slow downs winens wine colesville road on the outerheuter loop clear. you can see all lanes open. still a heavy flow from 95rom through that point though youug y still need extra time.e. inner loop looking pretty good over pass of colesville noe n problems.oblems inbound no 25 much improved.ved still congestion but since thatt nce earlier crash by eastern avenuern avenue cleared i'm like wagon i'mlikem seeing a lot better.te use caution, bridges overpassesrpasse on and off-ramps and light wintry mix we were dealing withh earlier today.ay take look look at our maps showho outlie tysons corner the inner the loop dealing with leftoverith fto delays earlier crash out by the t american legion bridge. 66 inbound still a little slowe you can see slow zones leave as l a little bit early.ttit early. keep it here to fox5. f good day at 9a coming right up. >> erin thanks very much byuch throwing tucker a big party big par
8:57 am
later what erin means the partyhe par we had planned for super bowl sunday we'll give to tucker now.ow >> he's so deserving.eserving >> he can't hear us.e can't hear us. it will be a big surprise.pris >> we got a big show planned.w pnned >> we do. >> w >> for good day.>> for goo some fun and some informationalortion stuff, too. too >> some sinking. >> prince george's county statesy s attorney will join us. us. we'll talk about the breakingreakin news from there. >> and big super bowl/tucker's party. pa >> kevin will be in sanl be i s francisco at the site of the super bowl or close enough. we'll see you next on good day.
8:58 am
8:59 am
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♪ straight ahead another round ahe of snow sweeping through the metro region, and more could be on the way.d the stopping the spread of zika.ik three cases of the mosquito bornn virus have popped up in thepoppp in nation's capitol. capol so what can you do to protectte yourself? we'll have a liveiv report. two candidates, two podiums and one heated debate. deb >> i think it's time to end the very art full smear that you andr thou your campaign have been carryingin out. out. >> she has the entire establishment or almost the entire establishment behind her.d h that's a fact.t. bernie sanders and hillary and clinton went head to head lastt night and both might be a littleittl worse for wear this morning. morni we'll show you how it went down. ♪


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