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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Saturday  FOX  February 6, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EST

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. f >> right now atox 7:00 a grieving community comesng together remembering a schoolteacher and her young che you daughter killed outside theiroutse t home this week. wee also this morning take aake a look at this. police say that's a woman w stealing a purse at a dunkin' donuts. that purse had $10,000 of cash inside. find out why the victim was vic carrying around so much moneyuchon good morning and welcome tocome fox5 news morning on this m saturday.saturday. i'm annie yu. >> and i'm caitlin roth. r good morning to you.. >> hello. >> hello. >> you look fantastic. l >> so do you girl.oo >> beautiful color outside right now. let's take a live look at a beautiful sunrise and you canou c see blue skies already out there. we had some nice color, orangera and red mixing in. we have high clouds overhead.ea a nice weekend forecast.ast. so, temperatures will be relatively mild although we're off to a cold start.old start
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let's get to our maps andtour m we'll show it to you here on youere on this saturday weekend in february without fruary wi any snow in the forecast, soecast, s that's great. we he do have more snow coming cin up this week but first we'll we' just deal with today.h today reagan national 30 degrees30es right now, dulles 23 and bwi 24 degrees.24 des so, it's chilly and this is this i some bundle up type of weatherea if you're just about to headea out go for a morning run. r clouds streaming from the str west. they will probably be high b h clouds. we'll have a mix of sun and clouds for today. for tod here's our high temperatures hig around the area. these are seasonable.easobl we'll reach into the mid 40's.mid 40' we'll see a mix of sun and a clouds and then tonight we'llig w have clear skies. s it will be chilly. chill we'll fall back to 33 degrees3 deee in whing must of us will be belowow freezing.zing even though we've done some've doe significant melting this past if your neighborhood still has some of those pilesho p of snow, any moisture from that could refreeze again tonight.nigh here's your planning forecast fec for saturday. for by 11:00 a.m. 38 degrees withee more couple more clouds as we gocl as through the rest of the
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afternoon. temperatures in the 40's. and again we'll hit teshat high of 46. that's for's f your seven-day forecast is still ahead.he >> thanks caitlin. caitl new today the federal feral transit administration is proposing new safety standards staar on trains and buses over thever years there's been severaleen s safety incidents on metro some fatal.fa the ntsb has said for years metro's oldest cars are not not safe. fox's megan dice live in northwest d.c. with the details.deta >> reporter: good morning to g awful you. now it's about a year ago that one passenger died fromd f smoke inhalation here at the l'enfant plaza station.tati another eighty four treatedeigh for injuries. injur the ntsb says says it was a spark. measure performance based on
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fatalities and systemti reliability. right now no federal standard sta specific to public transit. tra of course there are rules inthere are rule place that apply to all to a commuter rail services.l svi back in 2006 the ntsb n recommended cars be retired sooner than planned this after ts af crashes back in 1996, 2004 and 2004 and again on the red line in 2009. now this all comes at a timet a when the metro itself has a a new he came back in november, hasem h been riding the metro inn december, listening to riders rider concerns and frustrations fromrusttion everything from malfunctioningonin escalators to elevators asrs well as public safety concerns ccern on these trains. now, you can submit your public comments throughic c april 5th on we're live in southwest megan m dice fox5 local news.oc n >> megan thank you so much. meantime a large crowd of cwd people showed up to a vigil inil capitol heights maryland last last flight to remember neshante nesha davis and her two-year-oldo daughter. police say davis' ex-boyfriendav shot and killed themis outsidede of their fort washington hometo hom this week.
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25-year-old daron maurice boswell-johnson is chargedn with first degree murder.egree rder he admitted to police that heolicthat killed the two after a child -- dispute over childver ch support. the vigil last night was held igat bradbury heights elementary school in capitol heightsei where davis taught.av >> it gets emotional for me. young lives lost for no apparent reason. it's -- it needs to stop. to stop. >> i am a teacher here. h she was a wonderful person.son. >> boswell-johnson is being-johns is bein held without bond right now. n and twin brothers are inre custody this morning chargedorning charg with murdering a man in suitland. prince george's county policee' were called to thiss apartment complex on darryl drive onon d wednesday when they arrived they found maurice.ur he was shot to death. earlier police charged two men with the murder.wi police have not released a motive for this deadlyea shooting is. we're learning more about more about the woman charged in the death of a blacksburg teenager. tna natalie keepers told a judgeld jud that she was bullied just likee
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the 13-year-old girl she's accused of plotting to kill. ploto k she also said she's endured's health challenges like the the seventh grader nicole lovell.e lov those details came outer during keeper's bail hearing. hri david eisenhauer is chargeds cha with kidnapping and killingling lovell.lovell both are being held without bond. bond. a trinity universityin student is recovering after r being attacecked by a group of teen girls. g the brutal beatdown happenedpe thursday night around 6:30 at 6:30 a bus stop near the campus.ampus. the victim says the teensheee knocked her to the ground the gro stole her cell phone and thenll p t took off.took students and nearby residents resid are outraged. >> this is the first i ever heard someone got jumped from trinity. >> i'm sure their parentstheirent don't know that they're outhe here doing that.hereoing >> who would expect a group ofroup o young girls to be behaving behavin like a gang. g
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>> d.c. police chief cathy cat lanier announced 19 armed 1 arm robbery cases were all recently solved.ce officers arrested 13 people including michael he's accused of robbing sixbi different locations in thens in district and police say this is williams on surveillance video. he approached the counter t c employee with a note then made threats and demands and took off with the money.. >> really is a -- an all-outll effort from all the law law enforcement agencies here innc the city to try and stop this thi trend of robberies whetheres wth they're on the street, whethert,he they're in the metro or whether they're at a personal >> the chief saytas the recent arrests showsa small numbermall of people are committing commi multiple crime. a woman steals anotherwo woman's purse and it's caughtma on camera.e an police say that same womane stealing a purse at a dunkin' donuts that. purse had $10,000 cash inside.ns find out why the victim was w carrying around so much money. m >> i was asking my parents didsking myar they call yet? did the schoolool call? do i have school school
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tomorrow?rrow? >> coming up on fox news morning, a new snow calculatorlcat that's able to inform studentsm if they will have a snow dayay but no snow here.e. caitlin will have another looke anothe at your saturday forecast. that's actually good news to new some possible out there. possi stay with us. we'll be right back after this t short break. t break.
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i would kill for something sweet. wanna split that? no...soooo much fat... don't fight your instincts. with each for 150 calories or less! try our lemon bars, brownies and cheesecakes. fiber one. >> fox5 in fairfax county with f a really bizarre crime.. a woman's purse with her daughter's college tuition intion it is stolen from a dunkin' donuts. police are trying to identify the woman who took fox5's alexandra limon hasim more on how it happened. hap >> reporter: maria evidentvint testify vees says first she thought it was a joke.ok
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10 todd thousand dollars in cash she saved for her h daughter it's college tuitionolle t gone, stolen by this woman who who is caught red handed onanded surveillance video.e >> i never never, cross mycross my mind that this could happen. >> reporter: maria and herter: daughter were on their way to penn state on january 10th.ry0t but during a coffee stop atp at this dunkin' donuts on highwayig 50 in falls church they forgotor the purse with the tuitiontheui money insides.ney insides they were only gone for five or six minutes before realizing it.iz >> walked back and there wasback no bag. >> i could not believe.. i first thought it was joke or w j >> and my daughter kept looking at the ceiling and t ceili said they have camer >> woman trying to put her kid her through college.rough college we feel for her. h >> reporter: in thisr: in surveillance video released bysed the fairfax county policeountpoli department you can see thean see purse caught the eye of the t suspect.susp finally she makes moves andes mov swipes the bag.iphe b >> whether she knew there was she a large amount of cash inam there or not woue don't know. k
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our goal is to identify theif t suspect and move forward withwa wit charges and let the court workk everything out. >> reporter: now maria is m is hopeful someone can help i.d. the woman in the video. alexandra limon fox5 local5 loc news. >> fairfax county police department says it might be s hard to get tayhe cash back but bk the victim could take the case t c to court and ask for restitution. if you recognize the suspectus in that photo police want you want you to give them a call. cl. the district getting readyng r in case of snow hitting thisitti thi week.week what? mayor muriel bowser hass directed the city snow team to t spring into action on monday. monday. the city will deploy more than 200 plows by noontime and they'll be ready to start clearing the streets as soon as the first flakes start tota fall. fa stay with fox5 of course onfo o the air andline for the latest updates on this possible stormle storm as it moves closer to the dmv. d and so here we have caitlin to explain all ofn to this. >> yes, and now that video of what looked like what was ae blizzard a few weeks ago we're ago we're not talking about something like that. >> okay.
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there are a handful of p>>eopleful of peo out there wishing for more me snow. >> i know. >> i kno >> did we not get enough snoww days? a week straight of themm alread >> i could use anotherldth snowstorm. >> me too.>> me, >> it's so i understand for those whorstand have to go in to work for thathat it's a stressful thing to thinng to t about. >> i'm so happy to see theppy mayor says they're going to bere going to treating in advance of what of w does not look to be a lot ofa lot o snow annie monday into tuesday tsd but fluff to cause problems. pbl did we not see the wednesday night before the blizzard.he b >> the half incher.nche >> the 1 incher from you know y k where. yes, it happens.ppen even though we're not talking'rnot about significant accumulation we are talking about high impact with snow he moving in ming monday into tuesday.monday for the weekend though enjoyugh it. we've got some sunshine andnd we've got seasonableeana temperatures which areatur relatively mild i think compared to what next weekend weeke will bring.ring. not too get too far ahead but it does look like it will turne it very cold. cd. temperatures outside right now n it's 30 in washington, 24 into 2 baltimore, it's 21 inim it' gaithersburg and 21 in manassas, 23 out at dulles sos still very chilly for most oft of
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you. you. and this is coming off of ang of week in which we saw someom pretty mild temperatures t across the region right now 26 now in boston. into they got some fresh snow aessnow couple days ago or earlyrar friday morning. 31 new york city, 24 ink city i beckley west virginia and 27 and in richmond, virginia. vnia. satellite and radar justllit showing a few clouds coming com out of the southwest and theseound are mainly high cloudsh cloud streaming in that will give ushat ll g that mix of sun and clouds,lo some filtered sunshineh throughout the day today.ut here's the setup for our t setup our weekend pattern. high pressure moving through.e mo it is pretty chilly but again seasonably so much we'll have a decent amount of sunshinemoun today, temperatures rise into the 40's.tu i think with high pressure pressur scooting off shore tomorrow, we see more sunshine on o sunday temperatures thereem still in the 40's. all right, let's get to ourur next storm threat. this is what we call a clipperlipp s it comes out of central canada moves across the great t great lakes is that not known for t bringing a lot of snow and itha is known for movingot o quickly. quily the question is does its doesvelop into a stronger storm str once it moves into the northeast.rthe we've got snow isn't thee go forecast. it might start as a mix late
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monday night turn to snow to snow monday overnight into tuesday. tsd and we are watching for that tha possible redevelopment off redev shore. that would signal more snowfall. snow either way we're not talking wre n about accumulation that's too high. it's going to be whether it'sther i 1 inch or more like three too 4-inches across the area. a redevelopment questions butuest snow is certainly in thely in forecast monday toht int tuesday morning. morni how much uncertain but againut again we are not talking aboutbo anything that is too substantial.ta but it onlnty takes an inch.nch. high today 46 here inin washington 47 in quantico, 49nt in fredericksburg and 46 in leonardtown. low temperatures tonight 33 ines washington, 29 in quantico 31ico, in fredericksburg.ricksburg. seven-day forecast today 46od and partly sunny moreny m sunshine tomorrow 48 degrees.8 deee monday itself looks prettyoo dry. i think you're fine going toe gog work and school and evenchool even coming home from work. wor it's late in the evening thatng t a mix starts to come througho and it might start as a mixix here in washington beforeaston changing over to snow. light snow and pretty light lht accumulations we think throughnkhr tuesday. maybe a leftover flurry on on
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wednesday but then we turnut the colder and breezy. temperatures only in the 30's t 3 as we go through the rest of the week. we might have to trend thatrend friday temperature down astureown as looking towards next weekend looks very, very cold.old. so here we go back into the t heart of winter annie withith snow in the forecast startingst startin monday night. >> we keep having these highsav and lows.and lo. >> yes. >> y it's winter. >> okay.>> okay. >> well, check this out. we have a new app that is sure is to be a hit with students and a weather geeks. >> that's you. >> that's me. >> it's a snow calculator and a that's able to inform studentsm st if they'll have a snow day orava sn not. not. fox's douglas kennedy has the details. >> reporter: how much do youdo y love missing school. sool. >> i love it.>> i love >> reporter: no one loves a snow day more than 14-year-old4-ye-o caylee. the problem with snow days is they're not guaranteed. you really can't predict the weather and you don't know if'tno your school administrator is going to do the right >> yeah, i'm always asking myskin parents did they call yet? y did the school call? do i i have school tomorrow. >> reporter: last yearor caylee's high school near new nr
7:16 am
rochelle new york gave their new students only four snow daysy fo while students in surroundingurounding schools got up to 10.ols up to 10 it's a system inconsistent that could drive any expectantnt kid crazy with anxiety. anxiety. >> hoping the day before that t the school is going to closegoing to close and that was the inspiration.piration. >> reporter: enter david and his snow calculator a for a big snowstorm you can get up to 2 million kids asking you whether they're t going have school the n-day.ool >> absolutely. and the next day i gete hundreds of e-mails with w satisfied kids that they're home from school and the calculator was rig >> reporter: he says it'sorr: h right because he uses aese complex al go rhythm for everyor e school district that takes t into account weather a prediction. >> this storm could produce upwards of 2 feet. m rds of 2 >> reporter: and local sno fweet. removal efficacy. efficac as well as a storm's hype on'sype on social media. >> we're going to have another maybe foot and a half of snow. s >> reporter: you also factor fac in whether a particular schoolcula district has a history ofct has his giving snow days.
7:17 am
>> yes and also if a schoolchl is doing a lot of snow daysnow this year they may become moreome m or less like that school will wil close. it's a proven semie claims is rarely wrong which is a relief to caylee who says who says who s when it comes to snow days the waiting is the hardest part: you just want to knowt to k whether you are or whether youth aren't.en't >> yeah. i always want to know becauset i always don't knowto if i i should do homework. hework. i don't know if i should make if i should plans for the next day. d i never know what to do. to >> reporter: even thoughn tug he's accurate he says it's is always boater have your homework prepared just injust i case. in cambridge mass, douglas kennedy, fox news. >> always suggest doing yours su homework. >> or just watch the news first thing in theat morning. morning. >> and we have nothing to dove with school closings by thengs he way.way. >> those start coming in i pretty early.etty >> they do. oh my gosh not to be likenot to be like when i was young but really itou was always a call the neck nec morning once they go out and o check the roads.e roads. >> a lot of schools will putf sc out that call early on. when i was in school i wouldschool
7:18 am
i would wake up really early firstar fir thing turn on the news like 4:15.15 >> watch the banner of closings go by. b >> they fall like dominos domin too. once one goes they're all g gone. >> the controversial datingoeover web site ashleysial madison's new solution to security worries. covering profile photos withh >> controversial dating weboversial site ash dley madison you might y m have heard about it before,t be, users can choose now if an -- an it's an an adultery site where users can choose from a f variety of masks. 32 million users' identities identit were exposed in a massive hackk last year. y so i remember i it was a huge hack but of but o course this is you know, a web site that is certainly cta frowned upon because it's an becaut's adultery web site.eb s >> i have no words for that. t >> karma. >> yeah. >> all right, moving on, guys listen if you're looking for loveove
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online you may want to brusho b up on your grammar. on your grammar. a new study of e harmony users u found men whose profiles profi contained spelling errors areg errs a 14 percent less like to find a find match. some women said a lack of proofreading may indicate thatng a man doesn't care about how mboutow he presents himself or that heelf or tha may not be very bright.ri women were found to maker roars as well but men were men w less likely to hold the grammatical slipups against. they both the men and womenthe surveyed admitted they judge potentially dates more harshly for poor grammar than a lack of confidence.of cone. that's interesting.eresting. i don't think it bother me toohe much.r >> for what, grammar problems.problems. >> yeah. sorry guys but i kind of feel o f like even in e-mails guys guys don't use complete sentence and it's just kind of like onef le on of those natural traits of traits men. >> yeah, i mean, right howow can we fault them for it. >> why fault them for it.t. >> it has become so casual you're right about e-mails e-mai it's just the way i just talk,t tal yeah, hey what's up okay.
7:20 am
not even complete sentence. stenc >> it's all good. gd. >> okay, well still ahead thisl ahead morning the death toll is tl climbing in high and whatd after a deadly earth wake we there. ther the shocking footage of the of t chaos as the earth crumbles crumbles leaving people running forpe cover. we have the latest on the search as well ae s rescue rcu mission. time now is 7:20. we'll be right back.
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(vo) with thousands of quality pre-owned vehicles... and exceptional customer service, head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... flip your thinking about buying your next one. >> we are following a>> developing story this morning. w theto death toll continues tontinue rise after a 6.4 magnitude
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earthquake struck southern sou taiwan. officials say temperatureals people are dead including a smal dl infant. ian the quake rattled the southernouth city more than 300 people have pple been injured and hundreds moresor were pulled from theulle aftermath. facebook has activated its its safety check feature fortu taiwan. taiw it allows users to let theiret t family and friends know that know they are safe. se. meanwhile the centers foror disease control and prevention is taking new actions to combat the zika virusa virus outbreak.ou the agency is urging pregnantinpr women to talk to theirohe healthcare providers about any potential exposure their malesure their m partners may have had to the virus. it comes after health officials in texas confirmed aesonfi patient contracted the virus sexually from someone whoho recently traveled to t venezuela.neela. travelers are also beings are being warned to do all that they can thathey to protect themselves.hemselve >> if you're pregnant and youpreg a live in the continental u.s.nt please don't go to a place't gto a where zika is spreading. if you live in a place where zika is spreading pleaseding p protected yourself against a mosquito bites. bites wear long-sleeve shirt and
7:24 am
long pants.ts. use clothing that's treated t and all of those things arere safe in pregnancy. pgnan >> at least 30 americans havericans h been diagnosed with the mosquito borne illness. illne three of those are right herere right in the district including onenclu pregnant woman. we are seeing some incredible images of that deadly crane collapse in lowerne col manhattanla now.n cell phone video captured thed the moment as the crane toppledrane top onto the street yesterday killing one person and injury and injur three others. mayor bill dib deblasio says workers were trying to secure the crane because of highcran winds. it suddenly crashed to the ground. the crane smashed intoane smashed int surrounding buildings andnd severalin cars parked along the the >> this type of crane isf cne called a hauler crane.ler cra it was being moved into a secure position because the -- --- by the manufacturer's instructions as winds toppedinds
7:25 am
20 miles an hour this particular company thertic instructions were that the crane should be put in ashouldput secure >> initial reports said theal person killed was sitting intting one of the parked cars but itthe pa turns out the victim wasm w walking on the street. no workers were hurt thankfully. and the california coastnia co guard says two small planes p collided over the ocean just outside the port los angeles. there are no signs right now signsht of any survivors.virs the midair collision happenedap friday afternoon.ay a officials say both pilots were experienced. one witness says he saw a plane nose dive into the waterdiveo and divers have searching for have se the pilots. p they have found some wreckage including a pilot's log book. b turning now to the tu campaign trail, donald trump plans and specifications to donald trump plans to return to the debate. d abc hosting tonight's event's eve ahead of tuesday's primariesma in the granite state.ra the lineup does not include i carly fiorina..
7:26 am
three republican candidatespublan c called it quits this weeks after poor showing in the iowahe iow caucuses including rand paul pl and rick santorum and mike huckabee. the next democratic debate is slated for february, which is which thursday in wisconsin.nsin. and twitter cracking downn on terrorism. the social media site hasci m suspended more than 125000han 12 accounts in the last six months a and increasednc staffing for teams that review r those reports.ts twitter says there's no magicic algorithm but the company he compa will continue to work with law enforcement and other organizations to enforce thezaon company's prohibited contentdon rules. if you're looking toooki settle down in the district,in t is it a good time to buy ao b home or not? we're asking the a pros for for coming up we've got tips on on this year's real estate trendse trends and everything else you neederyt to know plus caitlin roth back with another look at today'say forecast. stay with us fox5 morningor saturday will be right back.. >> ♪
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>> welcome back. time now is 7:29.time a live look outside on this beautiful saturday morning. morni caitlin roth joining us with ait full forecast now.ast n caitlin, how is it looking foroong us today?oday >> annie good morning. morni it looks great.ksreat it's cold right now but we'reute' looking at a pretty nice p weekend forecast. fec let's start off with your wit
7:30 am
temperatures around thed th airports.ts. reagan 30 23 at dulles andnd bwi marshall 24 degrees.degrs. everyone below freezing andez we're back to the bundle updle u type weather here but into the b int afternoon with some sunshinee sunshin it will feel more comfortableom let's check temperatures around the area. 23 frederick, 21 gaithersburg and 24 in baltimore.tire this area where there mighthe m still be some of those snow s piles up refreeze around anyany of those snow piles because wes are still concerned about itned aut even though we have done theugh majority of our meltingel including all of our meltingelti really here in washington butn it is stale cold start to thele c morning and we've got sunshine out there and we'll probablyan have a mix of sun and clouds. clos. some high level clouds movinglo in on our satellite and radar.lite and rad snow showers up inp pennsylvania but for us no us chance for snow at least not this weekend. wke fox futurecast shows a really rll nice day. d high clouds streaming in ands st when you head out tonight ononight o your saturday evening no problems. need the winter coat but it's not too biting into tomorrow morning sunday if you're upndayyo early and heading out a lot of a l more sunshine it will be a beautiful looking loo day. enjoy the mildish temperatures
7:31 am
and enjoy the nice weathere niceeath while we have it.whwe h clouds increase as the storm stays off shore sunday flightunday fligh into monday. into mon it will be monday morning thatorning t we might start to see some som snow flurries out west alongal us along the mountains of west virginia.virginia monday night we'll watch for we' the chance of those showers towers move into our area more likely lel than a chance at this point.s in weekend forecast 46 degrees6 de today for your saturday.aturday. sunday 48.suay 48. so, a bit more sunshine, a tadine, t warmer on sunday. we'll see if you can feel theou caneel difference.ce. your seven-day forecast shows-day after a nice weekend monday,eeke clouds around and we'll get ae' that late mix as a clipperlipper system dives through. snow showers and lighthowe and accumulation likely tuesdayely morning. could be a tricky morningriy mo commute. but we have already gottendy gten word that they are ready tore treat the roads when the time the tim comes.s. turning colder and muchnduc breezier as you head throughead through the rest of the week.e re that's a look at your's a look at y seven-day forecast.ven-day fore now back to annie.nn >> thanks so much caitlin. new today the federaly the dera transit administration isio proposing new safety standardstandar on trains and buses. bus over the years there's been'see several safety incidents onin metro and some of them the ntsb has said for years for yea
7:32 am
now that metro's oldest carsar are just not safe and fox's megan dice is live in northwest d.c. outside of l'enfant metro station withtati w the details on the proposal. psal. what exactly are they proposing? >> reporter: yeah, annie itr:nn was about a year ago that one passenger died after smoke filled this metro station, another 84 people were treatedre because of the incident.ofhe i the ntsb saying it was electrical that sparked thatrk t incident. now, a proposed rule by the by the federal transit administrationis would require agencies likequ the metro he to measuirre safety performance that's based on fatalities injuries safety saf events and system reliability.iali right now there are no federaled required standards specific to public transit although thereug are rules, of course, that apply to commuter rail services like the metro. back in 2006, the ntsb ntsb recommended cars be retired sooner than planned this afterhi a crashes in 1996, 2004 and then again a crash on the red line
7:33 am
in 2009.00 now, this all comes at a timees at a when the metro itself has a new gm. he came back in november, hasmber been riding the metro all through december hearing rider's frustrations froms frustr everything from malfunctioning elevators escalator train rail problems swells addressing public safety. safet now on this proposed rule you y can do some public comments on this through april 5th.hrou that's at we're live in southwest megan m dice fox5 local news. new >> more than a month after hefter h went missing, sorry abouty abou that the body of a boater wasr was recovered yesterday onery o maryland's eastern shore near cambridge.mbrie. the 48-year-old man vanishedished on new year's eve near the bayhe bridge.idge. his name was not released. rea right now police do not n suspect foul play in his death. and a mysterious discovery dco in the potomac river near the pentagon. it's unclear right now whereight nhere these oil sheens are coming ifcomg but birds in the area have aa been contaminated with the oilwith and have been collected for cleaning.eani. the coast guard took samples
7:34 am
of the oil and sent it awaywa for testing.for sting. right now the sheen is limited to the area of roach's run with minor whisks located loc about 5 miles south of thatmiles area. officials say there's nosay e's public health risk. >> we know that the product isct of a petroleum base.roleum b it's an oil by itsts characteristics in the water. wat we've sent out samples to ourur laboratory for analysis but at this time i can't characterizet the exact nature of the oilnatu re that's in the water. >> the coast guard says it isrd says it is possible with all the snowall e s melt in the region and that tha the oily sheen could be streete seet residue. coming up on the news later this morning you don'tu d want to miss this. t a father and son duo best duo b flown for their ability tobity create amazing pieces of art a they're stopping by to shareo their story and the storyd s behind some of these amazing painting. we'll chat with them coming w be right back. >> ♪ ♪
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. join and us now are a talentedw father and son duo known for painting master we're surrounded by them. meet jerome joan jr. ander? er
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my ya' jones. they've brought with them some of their best paintings.paintings. good morning to the both of you.f >> good morning. >> good morning. >> we have jerome father andther jeremiah the son. >> yeah. >> fantastic. and so obviously art runs in art run the family and so how did all a this begin for you all. >> well i've always known since i was a child i wanted a to be an artist.rtt. >> as young as three i read.eead. >> three years old right.ig >> you just had a naturalural talent for it or did yourr parents introduce you to it.oduce u to >> it's a gift from our heavenly father and my mother m and father encouraged the gift the g they saw in me and so that wasthat w a blessing and my son after ift was married my wife, we hadad our son jeremiah so that's our o creation there our work ofork o art and so he just naturallyur begin liking to draw and to paint just watching me as ie as was doing my work. wor >> so you would watch dad watch dad paint. >> yeah. yea >> you had this natural reaction to >> and because he never forcedver me to do it i grew a love forove f it, you know, and i always saylws
7:39 am
you go through many different dfe stages as a child, you knowno but the one thing that alwayslways comes back to you is usuallysu the thing for you and art was w always the thing, that constant that always came back camac and when i was about 15 years old in the tenthth grade ide grew a love for it. that's when i had my first one fst o man art exhibition. exh >> give us a peek into yourto yr relationship. is art really the true bondhe true bond between the two of you and would you guys paint on weekends together, weekdaysher, weekday and go to paint shows? whatho was it like? >> well, i do this full time tim in. i've been a full-time artistrtis since 1987 and so he it's a blessing to have a son that son t loves doing what i do as well. w so i graduated from d.c. u majoring in paint and printpaint an making and he graduated fromduated hampton university so we show s together. we work separately but we show our artwork together in shows and this is a part of our ingenius artistic minds m collection of autographut portrait paintings.ntin
7:40 am
>> you say hampton. hampton allison seymour would ben se proud. she went to >> okay. >> let's get to your artwork.rtwo you're holding one that's sohat'so beautiful. >> this is my latest painting pnt of cam newton.ew >> doing the dab, what else? >> right. and i was touched by the story s about him battling cancer.ance my wife called me in the room the and said you need to see this interview of braylen bean.raen b i was inspired by thes inired positivity of how he's going h through that and of course came cam newton, both of them i call m.v.p.'s and that's my acronym, they're mounting vanishing prayers makers mak victories possible and sond s faith can move mountains and that's the message in thissage in t piece. piec >> that's >> you also gave us some local love. you brought in joe gibbs, weibbs, have doug williams and a lot l how can people catch more ofe are artwork. >> you can see it at jerome wt jom
7:41 am
jones j.c we're in the exhibition rightionig now in richmond, virginiagini called to serve with love, african-american male as subject and we have some ofsome these ingenius artistic mindsin pieces at the governor'soverr' office in virginia. vgi >> yeah. >> so, my father he's a painter of those with vision and those on a mission.ose he's a painter of presidentssi and a painterrer of kings. k those who can sing and thoseandho in the ring.he rg. >> love it. i thank you so much to both of you jerome and jeremiah.emia best wishes to both of you.hes >> thank you. >> coming up a dog that's a d lucky to be alive showers her rescuer with kisses. >> you can keep on giving me gg kisses. i know, i know.i kn >> that's molly.hat' meet mol it's a miracle she's evenn alive after she was truck by as uck train last month in maryland and now the man who rescued rescu her is doing another good g deed. we'll have the story coming upomin u but first, hey caitlin.t, hey caitl >> good morning to you annie. ann molly is too cute. if you're about to heado hea outside and walk the dog theog weekend sunshine, we'rein
7:42 am
looking pretty good but i'md b tracking our next chance foranc snow showers and it's not toos not too far behind. stay with us. your full forecast coming upstin right after this as fox5 news morning returns.
7:43 am
7:44 am
>> welcome back. last month a maryland amtrak m worker rescued a puppy that was in grave condition after it was struck by a passinguc train. while the officer wasthe ofce expecting the worst what he what h found was a dog fighting too live. fox's adam yosen has thehe story. >> molly. molly. >> reporter: it doesn't take it do
7:45 am
long to realize officer kevin mcmullen loves dogs. d this dog is showing him love him for saving her life. l >> i can't believe she wasan 't awake and conscious the whole the who time. ti every time i said good girl good g she went like.ent like. they last month the amtrakth police officer was distoo muchis a west baltimore tunnel for atimo dog on the tracks.s. >> the engineer from the trainin didn't see her because it wasee probably last er bsecond. >> reporter: this next p >> i was about to pick her up and i notice a massive amountvemo of blood all over the groundun and her legs. h l >> reporter: is why molly iste is now called miracle molly. two weeks after bark shelterhelt arranged for emergency medical emergcy m care some she healed up like a lik champ. >> reporter: the man whote helped rescue her. >> i kept thinking about her. h >> reporter: is back to adopt her. h >> after a couple days with the girlfriend nagging me canndging me c we get molly can we get molly i gave barks a call and theyl they said they were happy that iaphat finally put in my application.pplication you keep on giving me kisses.g meis
7:46 am
>> reporter: officer mcmullen already has threedy hashr dogs but at this moment. men >> you're pretty in pink.y >> reporter: molly is first ifirs in his heart. >> coincidentally we have a. >> great time now 7:46.:46. caitlin everyone is like what, snow? >> hold up wait. w i thought we were done withth the 2 feet that fell.hael give us the deal if we have ae have a chance of snow. osnow. it's looking likely at thisy at thi point monday night intomondayight tuesday mor it's not a big storm but it's butt' enough to have an impact on iac the tuesday morning commute. we're keeping an eye on thising an one. obviously we want to give youan giv the latest.e lest. the weekend itself looks really great that's what's important of course o as weof take a live look outside onutsi this saturday morning at the at capitol. you've got some clouds out s there. we play see more clouds thanud t sun at times today but the point is it's dry. we have some weekend sunshine sun and we'll probably have more tomorrow on sunday and temperatures will beeratur seasonable well into the 40'sell
7:47 am
but i think by this time nextnext week when we're approachingppaching next weekend we will beeee wi talking about some very veryery,er cold temperatures.cold temperatu so, i would say enjoy the 40's0' while we've got them.ot t it is still cold outside right r now. a chilly start 30 in washington 24 in baltimore 21 in gaithersburg 23 in dulles 28 ins, winchester.wi watch for refreeze on thereezon sidewalks if you've still gotstl go the snow piles in yoursnow neighborhood. satellite and radar does showd that mix of clouds and sunrads and sun right now. so, even though we've got someom clouds streaming in not goingng in not goi to produce any rain or snowainr showers for today.r today. let's take you through yourhroughou futurecast slow you what too expect. exct. again, mostly cloudy today. tay clearing out tonight andnd probably some more sunshine on sunday. a storm system stays well offl off shore sunday night into io monday. it might throw he some moreom m clouds in on monday but otherwise we're waiting fore we something coming from theg west, not necessarily from theco east. this is certainly a close callnla cl but it's just a little too fartoo far off shore to bring us anythingnyth before monday night.ig fast forward to monday night.y night you can see a mix of showerswers come in by 7:00 p.m. and we'll and w probably start off as rain rai here in washington.n w so, at least briefly rain. r
7:48 am
then changing to mix and at some point overnight we he do expect a change to snow andhange this would be some snowfall accumulation washington and points northward.thward if we can get this system to reenergize and develop aelop little bit more off shoreoff sho then we'll be talking about higher accumulation but fornut f now it's probably just abably jus couple of inches into early tuesday morning but that's nots not written in stone yet.inne yet. your forecast for today watchoday wat that mix of clouds and sun behind me, 46 degrees, partlys, ptl sunny. mostly sunny there on sundayhe 48. threere's that mix coming in on late monday. mon snow showers in the forecastt on tuesday. tuesday i think that most of this should be done with after the t morning.morning. however, there could be ar, cou second wave later on in then day and that would providerovide some more accumulation.ccumat flurries may linger intogent wednesday morning so still ay couple of question momarks with that. but factored into your mondayed into your m night more like your tuesday le yo morning then we turn really cold as we as w head through the rest of theough week. 35 on thursday 39 on fridayrida and again we could be dealingbe d with a very cold weekend as weeekend head into next wee that's a look at yourook at you
7:49 am
seven-day forecast.ast. annie. >> thank you, caitlin. you caitl the brothers who broughtroug you fargo, the big lebowski low and no country for old men anden a more are back once joel and ethan cohen's new's new movie hail caesar hit theaters tater yesterday and our kevin ourev mccarthy sat down with two with of the movie's star george clooney and channing tatum ind ch this morning's fox beat. bea >> it's a great scene in the movie where you're delivering an epic monologue and you forget one work of dialogue. diagu >> which happens all the glime g a truth we could see if we had -- if we had -- have. >> >> faith. fai >> cut. >> is there a moment or story in your careers where ymeou remember doing that. t >> he always remembers his his lines.line [laughter]ghte >> no, you know, i will say wil that there have been certain have times in mybe career where therehe t are lines that i just won'ton remember.reme and it will be like a dumb a d one. one. like somebody else would beeby else
7:50 am
doing a long monologue and you got one word and they're likend ty're do the whole thing and you're you kind of watching them and it's like cut. c that seems good to me.e. >> he had it down. [laughter] >> anything for you in particular. particul >> i start to like stutter stutt like on one word on like the middle of a thing.hi i won't forget lines but myut brain just starts to -- >> there's certain words tootain that i see coming that i knowino i'm never going get >> and you start to fear it.o >> and your head is going like -- like a ball bouncing bounc like it's not going to bes g there. ther it's going to be nothing whenhing when i get there. >> i love the concept of having a movie set in the t early 1950's and you two are t great actor of our generationenerat and i love that time period where films were shot on celluloid.ce if you were actors in 50 what
7:51 am
movies would you have and what y starou in. >> whatever happened to baby jane, you and me.ja >> that would be perfect forbe p us. >> i would want to play tomlay t from tom and jerry in anchorsnnc away.ay. >> oh, good idea anchors away. excellent. >> jerry sorry.ry. >> tom is the cat. >> jerry i'm wanted to play'm jerry in anchors way. >> okay, then i'll play tom. >> perfect.>> >> anchors away.>> good movie. good movie >> i would love to see you in royal wedding. wed >> i would love to do that. t >> i would do that. t >> from dust until dawn one ofst u the greatest movies of all time.ti i love that freaking movieing mov man. guys, thank you so much. good to see you. you >> all right. >> a and coming up, are you lookingooki to buy a home in the nation's n's capitol? well, we've got theve got t late of the on this year'ss housing trends.g tr that's right after the break aft here. time now 7:51. 7 we'll be right back. right back.
7:52 am
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plus januvia, by itself, is not likely to cause weight gain or low blood sugar (hypoglycemia). januvia should not be used in patients with type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. tell your doctor if you have a history of pancreatitis. serious side effects can happen, including pancreatitis which may be severe and lead to death. stop taking januvia and call your doctor right away if you have severe pain in your stomach area which may be pancreatitis. tell your doctor right away and stop taking januvia if you have an allergic reaction that causes swelling of the face, lips tongue, or throat, or affects your breathing or causes rash or hives. kidney problems sometimes requiring dialysis have been reported. some people may develop severe joint pain. call your doctor if this happens. using januvia with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. to reduce the risk, your doctor may prescribe a lower dose of the sulfonylurea or insulin. your doctor may do blood tests before and during treatment to check your kidneys. if you have kidney problems a lower dose may be prescribed. side effects may include upper respiratory tract infection, stuffy or runny nose, sore throat, and headache.
7:54 am
for help lowering your blood sugar talk to your doctor about januvia. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> for those of hugh aren't are familiar with mris you have hav the skinny and you have allnynd y the data in your hand. >> we as much the region's reg 44,000 real estate agents we rea have all the systems in placehe so they can ente sr their listings and distribute themgs through our system and other ar sy people's web site.
7:55 am
>> you have all the knowledgee we need to pick at.alick so what is the inventoryry looking like for 2016. >> inventory has been has been improving the last few years y and that trend will continue wil which i think is very good onk isery a lot of levels. level >> so is it a buyers or render's market. >> if you look at that balanceok at that ofba inventory months of supplyf sup it may be a little bit on thea ttle sellers side but not what ithat it was two years ago so i thinko t at this point in time it'se really coming more into mor balance which is good.bala >> and something that's always on the minds of people is min money much how much are were talking you're looking to buye looking t a home, if you're looking to rent. re. >> so, in terms of o affordability the rental ratestal have really gone up much quicker than purchase pricesch over the last few years and iea a think that's going the mitigate itself -- be mitigated in the next couple cou years because there's a lot of new builds but i think it's think still better to purchase at this point than to rent. thato r >> really. >> yeah. it's a struggle if you're a first time buyer.t time buyer >> definitely and thethe
7:56 am
millennials have definitelynily struggled. i think they've had these high'v rental rates they've had a little bit tougher times getting into the job marketin and getting that job that theyto were really trained for iny trned school so they haven't had the ability to save up nor down u nor d payment as much as otherer generations.rations. so, a little bit later gettingitater get into the market but definitely defit some indicators saying thats t they're getting to the point t where they can purchase. pur >> and when you say down payment, i've heard the rule theul of 20 percent.rcent. >> right. >> what do you really say nowadays? >> well, there's other optionshereer in terms of, you know, i thinkhi you can go as low as 3 percent per but it depends on the type of typ loan you're getting and the y type of program that you're in. 20 percent should typically should typical will get you the best interestt inter rattle because that gives the banks a little bit of af cushion. cu >> sure. >> typically people gun for that but there's a lot off options of 10 percent, too. t >> that's promising. >> sure. >> phenomenally. >> finally location location, loc that's important. can you provide insight into
7:57 am >> d.c. housing prices have gone up higher than the d.c..c metro area in general.ener >> will it continue to rise doo you think. >> there's still all this new new really expensive construction that's coming in is driving upving prices and a lot ofpres a neighborhoods are justare st becoming hipper.mi i mean, it is what it ist it right. people want to be downtown nowntn and even younger folks areer trying to extend the period per that they're living downtown. d >> lots of good information.s thank you so much for joiofningfoni us. >> thank you for having me.aving . that does it for us here d at 7:00. there's much more ahead at 8:00. hope you stick with us. we'll be right back.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> this is fox5 news morning. morning >> welcome back to fox5 newsew morning on this beautiful bif saturday morning.saturday morni it is 8 o'clock as we takeak this live look outside. o the sun is out and temperature hopefully on the rise. ris good morning, i'm annie yunni thanks for joining us once again. agai caitlin roth also joining us.oing us. >> good morning. good mor >> good morning. >> >> we had a nice weekenda ni wee forecast obviously off to someoom sunshine but already looking but a at our chances for snow coming sw co in early next week. w >> but what's it look for usit lfor today? is it going to beoing nice. >> it will be fairly nice.ll be irly temperatures are cold rightures now. let's take a look at them buthe they'll be rising to more seasonable numbers into the numbe 40's so, yeah enjoy the nice n dry mildish weather as we goweatheas w through the weekend. weekend reagan national 30 degreesgr right now dulles 24, bwi 24. and the rest of the area are mainly below freezing. freezin
8:01 am
so, if you are north of us where there's still some of notice snow piles out thereout the there was refreeze overnightveig we're still concerned about c that until the rest of the snow goes, although we haveugh made some serious progressus p over the past the 24 in baltimore, 28 in stevensville, 21 in culpeper. c satellite and radar there areand a few clouds moving inoving in overhead so we'll probablyo have a mix of sun and clouds clo today. y. expected to be on the cool cool high pressure moving onress and then as it scoots offff shore tomorrow we'll have moreveore sunshine. temperatures may be a fewures degrees warmer but i think still in the 40's. however, tomorrow does look doe l really, really nice. n society weekend forecastet here's how it breaks down fory you.t br partly sunny today, mostly sunny tomorrow 46 saturdayday and 48 on sunday. sun like i mentioned we are watching some snow showersome snow s that should arrive late monday m night and impact you on youn tuesday. tuesda much more on that coming up inp the seven-day forecast.orecas but now let's get to annie.nnie. >> thank you so much caitlin. cai this morning the federal mor transit administration iss proposing new safety standardsda on trains and buses. tra
8:02 am
over the years there's been ahere's b lot of safety incidents on metro some of them fox's megan dice live in in northwest d.c. this morning outside of l'enfant metro m station with all of the a of details on this new good morning megan. megan. >> reporter: hey, goodter: morning, annie and good and morning to all of you.rning to all it was about one year ago inn january that one passenger died after this metro heetro h station was filled with smoke. about 84 people were treated treat in the incident.he iid the ntsb saying it was an w a electrical issue that caused a spark.sp now, a proposed rule by they t federal transit administration would require agencies like metro to measure safety performance based on fatalities injuries and systemand s right now there are no federaled required standards specific tondards public transit although therehougth are rules, of course that apply to commuter raily c services. back in 2006 the ntsb n recommended cars be retired sooner than planned this t after crashes in 1996, 2004996, 2
8:03 am
and then a red line crash back in 2009. thousand, thisnow this comes at a time whentime w a new gm is her he says he's been riding the metro all through decembergh talking to riders about theirt t frustrations with everythingio wit including escalators, anything ath from broken elevators, railrs problems and any public safety concerns.cerns. now, about this proposal, youposa y can do public comments until april 5th and that web site is we're live in southwest megan m dice fox5 local >> all right, thank you sok y so much megan. meanwhile a large crowd ofrgerowd people showed up to a vigil in a vigil capitol heights maryland lastyl las flight to remember neshante nes davis and her two-year-old-yr- daughter chloe. police say davis' ex-boyfriendis shot and killed them outsided th out their home in fort washingtonasn this week. 25-year-old daron mauricece boswell-johnson is now charged now charg with first degree murder andst degmurder he admitted to police that hee tt killed the two after a dispute dispute over child support.hild support. the vigil last night was heldst night w at bradbury heights elementaryelem
8:04 am
school in capitol heightsts where davis taught. >> it gets emotional for me. young lives lost for no apparent reason. it's -- it needs to stop. to >> i am a teacher here. h she was a wonderful person. >> boswell-johnson is being-jnson is held without bond.hout b we're also learning more learning mor about the woman charged in theed in t death of a blacksburg teenager. natalie keepers told a judgeeper that she was bullied just liket like the 13-year-old girl she's accused of plotting to kill.g to kill. she's also said that she's s endured health challenges likell the seventh grader nicole those details came out duringutur keep's bail hearing.l heari the virginia tecsmateh classmat david eisenhauer is charged charg with kidnapping and killing kli both are being held without bond. a trinity universitya tr student is recovering after rer being attacked by a group ofa grp teenaged girls. gls the brutal beatdown happenedn happened thursday night around 6:30 at 60 a bus stop near the campus. the vic sim says the teens knocked her to the ground the gro stole her cell phone and tookne a off. students and nearby resident are outraged.
8:05 am
>> this the first time i everst t heard that someone ever got jumped from trinity.rinity. >> it's a bunch of you gains g you want to get on one person. per >> i'm sure their parents pen don't know that they're out here doing that.hereoing >> who would expect a group ofro o young girls to be behaving behin like some gang. >> the school president patsi mcguire put out a campus widecampuswi alert.ert. anyone with information is w asked to call police.poce. new this morning twitterwi cracking down on terrorism.n tro the social media site has suspended more than 125,000n 5, accounts in the last six months and increased staffing for teams that review reports. ror twitter says there's no magic algorithm but the company willom w continue to work with law law enforcement and othert and organizations the enforce the company's prohibited content content rules. tomorrow of course isto super bowl 50. each year it's always rated at red the highest level for security secur risk but this year in wake ofn we the recent terror attacks attac officials are taking extra ext precautions to make sureak s nothing goes wrong there. fox's claudia cowens is in san
8:06 am
francisco with the story. sto >> reporter: from eyes in the skies to boots on theot ground, security surroundingty sur the nfl's milestone game has been three years in the planning and involves morenvves than 4,000 people from localromoc police and bomb squads touads federal agents screening scree delivery trucks entering leviinlevi stadium. >> what we're looking for ise basically anything that can do harm anything that could be used as a weapon of mass effect, anything that wouldhing tt w disrupt the super bowl ort th people attending. attendi >> reporter: ticket holders must pass through a hard a h perimeter of metal detectorstors pat-downs and bag checks.he cyber security experts arere monitoring internet chatter and the fbi is applying aly lessons learned after aft november's terrorist attacks's terrorist in paris where suicide bombers targeted france's national niona soccer stadium.dium. agents both seen and unseen uns will be.e. >> looking it's a how people are acting, what they're wearing, what they're doing ast they're standing inth line. lin >> reporter: beyond theon stadium security extends to
8:07 am
so-called soft targets like tge shopping malls transitrans systems and fan attractionsttractio like the nfl experience nearerienc downtown san francisco which s is attractingan thousands of o fans and hundreds of cops.eds c bay area law enforcement is getting support from thepp department of homelandrtme security and after a tour of aou the stadium an endorsementndse from the boss. >> i toured the stadium this morning and when i see thei e preparations that go intoo events like the super bowl i'm always impressed by the level, first of all thell t planning that goes into thiso t is something like two years.o years >> reporter: officials say s they haven't received anyced specific credible threat but credithre add their best defense is as a vigilant public and they're remindineople, if you see s something, say something.omething in santa clara california, claudia cowens fox news.ox n >> new action taking place to stop the spread of the seek environment coming up we'llt tecoll you what the centers forenrs disease control and preventionand pre is urging women to do. d time now is 8:07.
8:08 am
we'll be right back.
8:09 am
8:10 am
(vo) want to be happy with your next vehicle purchase? at enterprise, we guarantee it. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... change your thinking about buying your next one. >> welcome back. time now 8:10. as we take a live look outside on this beautiful saturdayatur meanwhile the center forente disease control and preventionan is taking new actions to combat the zika virusa vir outbreakly the agency is urging pregnant women to talkant n to their healthcare providers pvi about any potential exposureal exp their male partners may haveha
8:11 am
had to the virus.ha it comes after healtd h a officials in texas confirmed aonrm patient contracted the virus sexually there from someone som who recently traveled toledo venezuela.zu travelers are also being b warned to do all that they cando tha to protect themselves.msel >> if you're pregnant and you live in the continental u.s.nt please don't go to a place where zika is spreading. spreading. if you live in a place wherehe zika is spreading please pe protect yourself against aga mosquito bites.mosquito b wear long-sleeved shirt andnd long pants. pts. use clothing that's treated. t and all of those things arehis safe in pregnancy. >> at least 30 americans havericans have been diagnosed with theiagn mosquito borne three are right here in theer district including one pregnant woman. the california coast guard says two small planes collided over the ocean just outsideide the port of los angeles.eles. the midair collision happened friday a officials say both pilots were experienced and one witness wne says he saw a plane nose dive ne into the water and divers areersre
8:12 am
searching for the pilots.ilot they have found some wreckage wck including a pilot's log book.oo and an arizona woman with aspergers who posted a video video of her service dog stoppingog sto her from self harm that went that went viral was shot and killed by police in message police sayage police s 24-year-old danielle jacobs had been threatening suicideuide with a knife and then turned t on police. that's when they shot and when killed her. back in june jacobs posted a video of her self crying inng in her apartment.rtnt her dog confronted her ander a interfeared.interfred. the video wracked up over up o 5 million views in a short s amount of time but has since sin gone private. private. we're seeing incrediblee se images that of deadly crane deadly cr collapse in lower manhattan. manttan cell phone video capturing theri the moment as the crane toppledne top onto the street yesterday killing one person and a injuring three others.hreeth mayor bill deblasio sayslao workers were trying to rescue rescu the crane because of high winds as workers tried to wor lower the crane it suddenly sudde crashed to the ground and thehe crane smashed into surroundingur
8:13 am
buildings and several carsveral parked along the street. >> this type of crane is called a crawler crane. crane it was being moved into a secure position because the -- by the manufacturer's instructions as winds toppedinds topped 20 miles an hour thishi particular company the the instructions were that thee that the crane should be put in a secure position.itio >> initial reports said theortsaid the person killed was sitting in one of the parked cars but it pked ca turns out the victim wastim w actually walking on thekingn street. . no workers were hurt thankfully. thankfully. also we are following ae ar developing story this morning. ts mo the death toll continues tocontin rise after a 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck southern sou taiwan. officials say seven people aren people ar dead including a small infant.nft. the quake rattled a southernouth city. more than 300 people have beenple ha bee injured and hundreds more wereds mor w pulled from the aftermath andmath facebook has now activated its safety check feature foreature taiwan and it allows users to let their family and friendsan fri
8:14 am
know that they are safe. >> ♪ >> all right, caitlin goodli morning. >> good morning. >> yes, lots to talk about with weather but before we get we g to that it's time for oure for o favorite part of the morningof the show. >> yay! >> every day of the week d including the weekends. weeke let's check out today's fox5 first five.rstiv meet jalani monroe.on i love those head bands.d b >> she looks like a >> she does. she's only 10 months old wakes o up every morning to watch thenio wa news with her grandma on fox5n of course.rse. she especially likes watchingat the weather forecast. forecas we've got some fun things in the weather forecast for youtor this week and if you want yourt your child to be our next fox5toe ou first five post your picture pictu below hers and we will try tory t put them on the air as we doe every morning. mni go to our facebook page fox5 d.c.c. all right. let's get to the weather now. wea temperatures are pretty chillytty clly to start out there. staut the so if you're just about ut head out with the kids back toack full on winter weather asther a temperatures are belowmpatur freezing everywhere. everywh you need to bundle up foror
8:15 am
this. 30 in washington, 21 manassas,a 21 gaithersburg, 24 out at baltimore and 25 in frederickck maryland. maland. still some snow piles outme there and still a bit of a refreeze early this morning in your satellite and radar right nowow couple of clouds moving in as in high pressure builds throughsure and these are kind of moreare nd o high clouds so while we'll w still see sunshine todayee probably a mix of clouds anduds sun with those high clouds andlouds more sunshine expected as we a head into tomorrow.or back towards our west it'sest i fairly quiet across thecrosth country he he tod we're seeing just a few snow few s showers coming out of canada can here and into the northern plains. developing clipper system that will be impacting us monday mda night into tuesday, so this isda our next chance to see some accumulating snow.mulating s here's what we think is goingwe to happen. hap clipper does approach mondayh mda morning.rn by monday night it moves into moves our area.our a. temperatures will be aboveatur freezing so i think we startk we srt out with maybe rain showers or srs o a mix. then because this is anausehis is overnight event and that t favors colder temperatures changing over to snow, we do believe we'll change to snowwe by'l early tuesday morning. morni
8:16 am
these typically just bring youou an entrance to the clipper systems that are fast moving. mov we're watching for the possibility of reorganization off the coast. if so that could mean the cld mean possibility of a couple moreoue inches of snow. sno stay tunedly we'll probably beroba able to get you a snowfall map tomorrow. high temperatures today 46pera here in washington, lowngton, low temperatures are chilly.atur looking at 33.lo 29 in quantico and 30 inn manassas.manassas. that's your forecast for your today. we'll have the seven day still ahead. annie. >> thank you so much.hank you so muc check this a new app that is sure to be ae hit with students and weather andeather geeks. that's just like you, y it's a snow calculator that's able to inform students ifin they'll have snow or knocks. sor k fox's douglas kennedy has the details. >> reporter: how much do you h love missing school? s >> i love it.>> i l it's so much fun. >> reporteitr: no one loves ae lovea snow day more than 14-year-oldye-old caylee. the problem with snow days is they're not guaranteed. you really can't predict the weather and you don't know ifu dot kn your school administrator isdm
8:17 am
going to do the right thing. >> yeah, i'm always asking my always parents did they call yet? let did the school call? do i i have school >> reporter: last year y caylee's high school in new rochelle new york gave their n students only four snow daysewfour while students in surroundingurun schools got up to 10.t o 10. it's a system inconsistent seesistent that could drive any expectant exptant kid crazy with anxiety.with anxiety. >> hoping the day before thate da the school is going to close.g to c that was the inspiration.spiration. >> reporter: enter david andr: entav his snow calculator so for a big snowstorm you can get up to 2 million kids asking you whether they're t going have school the nextheool next day. >> absolutely and the next day i get hundreds of e-mails with satisfied kids that that homet that h from school and the calculatore calcula was right.was >> reporter: he says it'sr:ys right because it uses a ius complex algorithm for everyor e school district that takeshat take into account weather prediction. >> this storm could producecoul upwards of 2 feet. f >> reporter: and local snow removal efficacy as well as the storm's hype on socialon social
8:18 am
media. >> we'll have another maybee foot and a half ofan snow. s >> reporter: you also factoro fto in whether a particular school district has a history of h giving snow daysas. snodays. >> yes. and also if a school has givenhagi a lot of snow days this year this it may become more or less l like that school will close. >> reporter: it's a proven i system he claims is rarelyar wrong which is a relief to caylee who says when it comes it to snow days, the waiting isti i the hardest part. you just want to know whethernowhet you are or whether you aren't.ou a >> yeah, i always want to knowwa because i always don't know if i should do homework, i don'tork, i d know if i should make plansould m for the next i never know what to do.o >> reporter: even though he's accurate he says it's always better to have youro have your homework prepared just inn case. ca in cambridge mass douglas kennedy fox news. fox n >> all right coming up we'llll tell you about a play thatbout a takes us back in time duringimdu the civil rights movement.em the hero's tale tells the story of racial conflict rightcolict here in washington, d.c. andwash the director of the playor o joining us in just a minute. >> ♪
8:19 am
(singing) i just can't wait to meet you sweet child you're on the way i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday... (instrumental)
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8:21 am
>> ♪ >> welcome back. hitting the stage in our areaage is a play that spans theth decades between 1960 and 1980 a 1 in it's called the hero's tale. joining us is the director of the play greg pool and autumn aut but willer who is in t play. p good morning to the both ofning you. >> good morning.
8:22 am
>> thanks for joining us.s fo >> thanks for having us. u >> this is really interesting.ter it's a play that obviously isio i based off of here in d.c. >> yes. >> specifically in dupont circle between a specific timefic period. can you tell us more about thell actual play and what it is uts about.abt. >> sure. the present time of the playtime of the pla is 1980's and we have h flashbacks to the 60's theo th60' setting is dupont circle circle right here in d.c. so we toucheouch on a lot of social issues that came about during the times soes wrongful imprisonment,sonment, wrongful conviction gentrification, racialtion identity. >> a much different time buterentime b still issues that we'rethat dealing with in today. >> absolutely absolutely.bsolel and that's why it's relevant now. w. because it's been discussed over and over but because of things that are going on int the newsar it's still relevant relev and dialogue still needs to s continue. >> why was it important forta you greg to really touch on tch o this. >> my wife is a playwright. playw >> i thought there was aught t was little connection there withn t w the last >> still butler pool.oo we met at howard university.veit
8:23 am
>> fantastic. >> while we were studyinge theater in college. she wrote the story back inwer thsteory 80's and it stemmed frommm an event that took place ink p i her life around that same timet same tim so to make sense of it all she she came back and wrote the story s of it but to answer yourr question my wife, i had to do t d it. [laughter] >> really no, it was a goodit was goo story. we knew it was a gdood so story. >> she wrote this back in the ith 80's. 's. >> she wrote the short story.. >> and then it's finally fin coming to life to >> yeah, we converted it to a t one act play about five years ago. ago. >> did she add on. d she >> absolutely. she flushed out the characters chact and gave background to make ite all make sense and developedel the story. >> and she has autumn theumn t beautiful autumn in the play.lay. you play time. t >> that's right. >> give us a sense of what ase o your character is like. l >> my character is a young woman who bi-racial and it has it h a lot to do with den t i thinkt i t also life has changed in some
8:24 am
ways for people who identify as bi racial. issues concerning that have changed and evolve since the 80's but they're stilly're still relevant today and i think tod that it's really important toly i remember that very personalnal experience of being biracialia in a historical context inl this country and specificallypecifi in the nation's capitol.ol. >> yes so your charactercter really hits home and gives usives a window who what it's like l growing up biracial in today'sn t society. societ >> absolutely, yes. abs >> and greg, what do you hopehat do the audience will take awayake awa from this play? pla >> we really hope that it willl open up dialogue, people willeoe w start to think and talk about some of the issues that we discuss. we hope they get a sense of -- of they can identify with a lota of these characters.ract these guys that the story is about, these four heroes theyshe actually saved a little girltl g in an alley off of dupont
8:25 am
circle but 33 weren't credited cre with the rescue because they they were marginal kneed but they knew what they had done and they dubbed themselves heroes. we he will identify withify w citizens around the city. >> sounds fantastic and wes can't wait for folks to checkfa che it out. it o it's actually -- you have twotw shows day 3 o'clock and 8 o'clock. 8 o'clock. >> correct. >> at the randolph theater inte silver spring. lots of show times actually so many many opportunities butitie but specifically today as well ass wel next week and so mark your mark y calendars and your web site is sit the hero's so all theo a information is there.he >> correct. we should add it's freed d it parking at the randolph roadhoa theater. theater. >> that's a plus, trust me. m growing up in northernorther virginia, d.c., one of the one of things about like the cityhe c life for me he is parking, so. >> yeah, yeah.>> y >> that is a plus. alu thank you for mentioning that t greg. okay. thank you so much. coming up we'll head to'll head t new hampshire tonight ton republicans facing off inff
8:26 am
another presidential debatedent d there. details on who is leading in is lding i the polls now.s now plus caitlin roth backot back with another check of today'she forecast and of course thatf urse t all important work weekw preview. stay with us. fox5 news morning on this saturday will be right back.
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. time now 8:29 as we take a live look outside and boy it's shaping up to be a pretty decent day. >> nice day >> it's the week ahead that we tha have to be concerned >> totally. but in the here and now the h weekerend forecast looks great for february at least.febr temperature in the 40's. we'll see some sunshine butunshe but this is true.this itrue. you might have heard theght rumors. we're watching our next chancence for snow which looks to be by be tuesday morning. could be a tricky commute . mm in fact, i bet it will be at will be tricky commute whether it's 1te inch or a couple or less. o l something that we're watching. wch because temperatures right nowmp are veryer cold and we should we should have a couple of cold morningsd moin ahead. keep that ground kind of chilly. . even throw the snow systemw s that's coming in monday nightonda might start as a mix it looks l to changeover to snow prettyeo quicklvey into tuesday morning.ay mni first 30 trees here 30 degrees here in i washington. it is chilly for a lot of of lot of you as we start off this o this saturday it will be a slow climb intow cl the 40's later this afternoon. afternoon satellite and radar somellan clouds around. we'll call for partly sunnytl skies as we've got that mix of mix
8:30 am
o sun and clouds today. fox futurecast we'll go wll through today.through tod again plenty of clouds just j not producing anything anducing ythi then into sunday we shouldday have a decently sunny day. day system off shore is going to stay off shore pretty decenty storm but again, it's reallys really not even going to clip us. maybe the jersey beaches get some precipitation out of it.pition for us we'll wait for this clipper which comes in late in l monday into early tuesday. most of the daylin is dry. is d notice by the time it comes in i monday evening it looks tolook start as some rain or a mix-up a mix-up in the mountains, the higher elevation and then probablyrobly switching to snow at some som point that went a little coo little quick for you. quic our model runs out by tuesdaysday morning.rn we're still trying to decide decid how long this goes for but it goefor but it looks to be the time frame we frame we can nail down right nowil tuesday morning that w dill havet wl the most impact on you with w any falling snow that willwill accumulate. forecast today 46 degrees,ee clouds and looks pretty nice. nic seven-day forecast 48 tomorrow, mostly sunny.un p.m. mix on monday, snow m showers tuesixday.owertuesd if this gets a littlee aggressive, we could see some
8:31 am
snow showers linger intoho tuesday nightwe wednesday wedsd morning. morn otherwise we clear out and out turn very cold for the rest ofhe res the week.eek. that's your seven-daysen-day forecast. annie he. >> all right, thanks caitlin. caitlin new today, the federaledal transit administration isio proposing new safety standards stand on trains and buses. bes over the years there's been's b several safety incidents on metro and some of them fatal.of tm fat the ntsb has said for years y now that metro's oldest cars cars are just not safe. fox's megan dice live outsideut of the l'enfant plaza metro m station with the details onails o this new proposal.ropo good morning megan. meg >> reporter: good morningep annie and good morning to allod morning of you. it was about one year ago in i january that one passenger png died after smoke inhalation,nhation, 84 more were treated for injuries after that. tha the ntsb saying it was ann electrical issue with one ofone of the cars that caused sparks. now, proposed rule by the federal transit administrationinistrat would require agencies likequir metro to measure safetysu saf performance based on fatalities, injuries safety events and system reliability.bity right now there are no federalal
8:32 am
rules specific to publicifico transit. there are rules that apply to aly commuter rail rail ser now back to 2006 the ntsb n recommended cars be retiredeted sooner than planned thised thi after crashes both in 1996 and 16 then again a red line crashra back in 2009.9. now, this all comes at a time at a where there's a new gm inew g place who has been riding metro since december. dem live in southwest megan dicee fox5 local news.s. >> well tonight republicanlica presidential candidates willda w have another debate showdown. showdown. candidates are getting readyes a getting for the new hampshire primaryir and the race is looeking pretty tight. ght. fox news' joel waldman has more. >> reporter: heading intont the final fifty seven beforefi the new hampshire primary, ftgop candidates continue to onu t jockey for position a new poll n p
8:33 am
shows donald trump stills do leading the pack with marco rubio replacing ted cruz inplg te second.seco. the texas senator slipping to third t but with roughly halfghlyal the voters new hampshire still undecided, chris christie worked to pick up votes by by putting downhill down hillary clinton. cnt >> not only do we need have nd somebody qualified andlifi a competent and ready we need w somebody who can beat hillarywh clinton. >> reporter: bernie sandersr:ernie s clinton's only remaining rai opponent on the democraticmocrati side dropped some hey makers m of his own calling clinton outut for cozying up to wall street promising to reign in bigto reign in bi banks. >> they got bailed out underil the argument as you all know kno is that banks were too big to fail. today it turns out that threehat th out of the four largest banks are bigger than they were when we bailed them out. >> reporter: taking incoming fire from candidates is nots not clinton's only problem.em. during an msnbc debate last
8:34 am
night the former secretary of state insists she's worry free she's w despite the state department announcing 22 of her e-mails contained information tooortion top-secret to release. release >> i am 100 percent confident this is a security review thatiew th was requested it is being i carried out, it will bell resolved. >> reporter: a new a quinnipiac university national national poll slows clinton with just at two-point lead over sanders relinquishing a 31-point lead1-poinlea back in december. in washington, joel waldman fox news. >> meanwhile maryland governor larry hogan is heading to newea to hampshire this weekend tokend t campaign for republicanubli presidential candidate chrisial christie. hogan endorsed christie's presidential bid in july.tial christie was a big supporter sup ofpo hogan's bid for marylandoraryl governor. hogan says he's lookingn says forward to the trip and he's ande' hoping he doesn't get snowed out.d and the power of fox5 newsof and the hill are coming comin together to track the race for rr the most powerful position in the world, president of the united states.united state join the little's editor in chief bob cusack and fox5
8:35 am
political reporter ronicarter ronica cleary for a live special thisal this sunday morning at 8:30.:3 they're going to preview therevi new hampshire primary and look ahead to the next crucial next uc battleground states and it won't be politics as usual. fox5 news on the hill this sunday right before fox newsew sunday with of course chrisoue wallace. if you don't have time toon h pamper yourself or walk thek t dog, guess what? there is ane i an app for t coming up we'll tell you all a about some of the servicese service that are made to make your life much easier.ier. ah, the puppy alone makes my life so much better. >> ♪
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>> okay, welcome back. oka time now 8:38 as we take a tak live look outside.utside yes what you see he is a glorious saturday temperatures not too bad outes notoo b there. th in fact, i came in with a wit light jacket and i was justas j fine caitlin. cin >> i mean, yeah. y we're going to look at aoo pretty nice weekend temperatures into the 40'sures with some sunshine. sunine. now as i mentioned we areoned watching the chance for somee snow. looks more likely that wouldikely be on tuesday. >> yeah. yeah. still it's on our radar. r >> i'm sure people are alreadye headed to the stores t >> you got your four dayo th warning.waing. >> the last snowstorm we had it sn went to my local grocery store meat section wiped out. >> oh yeah. y >> wiped out. >> i get that. in that instance we have a he blizzard coming, several feeteralfe of snow you got to get g ything you can. c
8:39 am
but in this case i don't thinks we'll be talking about nearlyca as much.king >> okay, good. >> we all need busy >> everyone is breathing,at everyone is good. goo scheduling can be a challengea c and the me time that's veryhat's ver important but there are somethe ar services right at your at y fingertips that can help yourou life be easier. easie >> we all need. that style and trend expertnd brittany levine has the topevine has list of beauty and service servi sites people in our area canop use. welcome. >> thank you for having me. f >> thank you for coming on.ouor coming we know it was a little lasttle l minute but we're glad you're here and you brought and you brought everything and you can give usnd y all your t >> definitely.>> we're talking about all of thel of sites and the apps that youhe have to to you know, that really come at your fingertips. fingertips. >> sure. >> the first one we wanted tone wnted t start with was plate it andte it this is a premium cook at homee business.. they come to you arrive ate at your doorstep in a very nice box and literally have nine different menus that you can pick from on their site plate and basically literally liter just really nice seasonal andl
8:40 am
agreed cents that they create for you.r if you can't have a dinner onn' your table at t 6:00 p.m. this.m is perfect for you and they t want to make cooking easy.g e they want to make it easy to easy t do and really fun so he again he aga they come with nine different differe menus. super easy. sur ea and then -- and we have a boxox too that it would arrive in. >> it's like fool proof. >> exactly. >> this is really like picking up. up >> exactly. this is more of the premium option. op starts at about $54 and that's for two dinners for two peopleer and then it goess up. u you can choose from there if you have a larger family butil again really nice freshice fr ingredients. 33 want to make cooking easy. it's a premium. premi we have an app my brotherroth recently got he moved intoved his own home-and-home owners you know there's tons of issues, there's tons ofthe problems that they face so this is from super and i knownd i k we have some video that when that wh you go onto their site it's i basically the -- for all the all t new homeowners out there itt does the job for you.orou and you can have a caretakeraker come to your home. h
8:41 am
this is their web site.e. >> okay. >> and when you log on w there'she actually subscriptionsscpt that you can pick for ther e homeowner so they come to youto and you actually -- everythingvein from home repairs to to refrigerator repairs toairs heating and ac.atand they want to make the american ame dream of having a home so much mh easier without the draw backs. bac. >> they tell hugh to call orteto what to do. >> no, actually the caretaker cet comes to your home.toour >> 33 come to your home. >> yes and they fix it.nd the so it's a subscription model. you pay one flat fee and they ty literally go in and they do ityo for you and you can choose can cho what works for you.wh wor it's starting at $25. there's one c you shoes a subscription modelion model that works for you at hello >> are the folks involved witholvewi this do they go through ahrgh vetting process. pro >> yes. all the sites and apps thatpps we're talking about today have very good security systems andysms a background checks. do you not have to worry.ry we want to make sure that everyone is safe but ifafe but someone is coming into yournt home you want to be sure that everything works out. >> okay. who are those cuties. c
8:42 am
>> this is marlon and this is dave from barkley and barkley is the app you have to have for all thoue dog owners outt there that are working, thatki t need an on demand app that need something scheduled. they can do it in up to an to hour for you and they have the those home solutions that you know innovation security socu that if you have a new puppyyou a n at home and you need him nee h walked and you want to maket to sure he's getting his daily dai walk, you can pay on the appaye a very icy barkley dot us. dot u >> then over here. her >> we have the glam app actually. >> the glam app.>> >> this is my glam squad thissq morning. they came in early in the morning.rn >> do you do hair and makeup.up. >> they did my layer andyayer makeup. thank you very much.ank we also have -- trina and and katherine are doing our beautiful model and just they come in, you can chooseho whatever services from hair,om hai nails, you know, they dos, ynow, makeup as well. they do bridal parties.lar they come to your office.ou
8:43 am
>> they come to you.y come to you >> they come you to so again these are all services at your y fingertips but you can go onps the app and cho bose what timewhat works for you, they ome rightom r to your door. youdoor and finally we have soothee so app so this is our model that t will be massaged so if you if want to come to the table and tab get on the mass sap table.ab >> whoa. >> w >> yes. so soothe, she's going get on our table. tab i believe our masseuse isasse somewhere but we can pretend. pre >> you are the masseuse. mas >> if someone wants to get onone wato get on the table. >> go ahead, annie.eann >> they come to y >> i've never had a massage so massage i don't even know how thisow t works. >> thank you for getting onoret and doing this for us. >> this is not awkward in any in way. >> not at all.. >> i'm a team okay.ok >> so, the soothe app is ann app where they come to your hope. there's four different types. i'm getting one today.tting one tod i was able to schedule it a a day before. you can schedule it day of.he
8:44 am
becausdue it's really you knowou k the ultimate luxury.euxur you know, you need to have -- hav somebody able to come to yourom home and be able to do it andot have it at your fingertips. finrt >> very similar to the glam app you can schedule ahead ofsc time and they come to you tohe you take care of the services. serce they're all no-brainer apps.r ps >> exactly. we want to make it simple forple for you. whether it's your home and yououhome need souper to come to you orto barkley to be able to come andable t walk your dog that day or ber able to relax on a saturday.urday. she's like goodbye i'm good . >> [laughter] >> this is the first times she's ever had ais massage.. >> in heels no less.>> i >> perfect. >> on live television.n li >> i thought massages wereser supposed to be like not >> the fact that they can setth up for you andat make it that beautiful spa experience in your home. >> all of them are wonderful.ondeul brittany thank you so much and a giving us an array of of everythingly we appreciate it. we everything sounds sougr thanks so much.thanks so all right annie is going to keep getting a massage and we'll be right back after this.
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>> welcome back. tomb now 8:47. >> good morning.>> >> hi. >> i'm in another state rightanot now. >> you just got your firstrst massage. massage. >> do you feel amazing. d >> i do, i feel amazing.o i'm going to go ino, for a full f session now the right way. >> i think i'll have mine at min at flynn:01 a.m. let's do weather though. tho we'll have temperatures into the 40's. it will be really nice.y nice. so there's a live lookek outside with the sunshining onsh the buildings of a snowless d.c. it looks like.
8:48 am
we did all of our melting overng o the week so back to normalo n here but we have some snow in the forecast following ourollong o weekend sunshine.ekend h association let's get right to it. chilly 30 degrees in reagan0 national in washington, 20'sngn, 2 across most of the area. t are 27 gaithersburg, 24 baltimore baltimore 25 frederick, 30 winchester sochte it is chilly this morning mor later on today with theit the benefit of some sunshine itme s will start to warm up.tart twarm satellite and radar just a fewdar ju a f clouds overhead and i thinkrhead i t we'll have a mix of sun andve aix o clouds just about all day soo probably partly sunny for thisnny thi weekend. cool and dry with highgh pressure moving off shore off s tomorrow and we shouldto probably see a little bit moremo a ltle bit m sun, maybe a little bittit warmer. warm i think temperatures areink mainly in the 40's but we'll make a run into the 50's in i some spots. s chinar system we're watching system we're wa monday into tuesday.ay into tuesda these are notoriously fastas moving and done usually bringly a lot of snowfall accumulationulatio but the timing is very ver important because it looks it like this will move throughe through late monday into early tuesdayar tuesday morning. accumulating snow likely.mulati we're not talking about high accumulations but enough tolation cause problems for the tuesday the tue morning commute. cmu
8:49 am
so, still a few questions withstioit that one but i would at leasteast plan on some snow showerssn there for your tuesday morning. seven day, 46 and partly sunny today. y. 48 and mostly sunny tomorrow.omor and then this system has as it i comes in will start off as art off as bit of a mix on monday, snow showers tuesday.ow we could see the system last a little bit longer and thatger would be continuing snowtinuing sn showers tuesday night intos wednesday. we'll keep you posted on that.ouoste we turn sunny and cold throughd cro the rest of the week.e that's a look at yourat's a look at you seven-day now it looks like it's time's for our facebook fan of the facebook fan of t day with annie. >> ♪♪ >> yes, thwart that's right. meet ahman today. todayamanda.96 years old today.oday she's a long time resident of riden d.c. and enjoys making her ownking jelly and preserves. p yummy. if you want to be our next facebook fan of the day just post your picture right below
8:50 am
amanda's.'s. >> ♪>> >> all right actor michael b. jordan was a total knockout atckt the naacp image awards. awa the star of the boxing dramag creed was honored ass entertainer of the year and outstanding a fox's "empire" dominated withinat wit wins for outstanding drama dma series and terrence howard and taraji p. howard won for for outstanding actor and actress. actre congratulations to all of them. many tuning in for this this sunday's super bowl aren'towl a interested in the game but instead the half time showthe time with coldplay featuringeatung beyoncé. a lot of you looking forward you to that.hat. the two joined forces recentlyorceen to release a new music videoic that you're looking at for the at song him for the weekend claw shot in in the british band told reporters the half time show will not be your typical halfypical h time extravaganza. >> we can't compete with inith terms of amazing dance routines and all of there sof we have to try and do what w comes naturally to us, which u
8:51 am
is to try and provide a bit of o fun and great atmosphere foreror people to come and being and b together and be communal andmul enjoy the general experience.xperie >> while this is coldplay'soldplay's first super bowl half timetime show beyoncé, the queen, isthqueen, no stranger to the big game. she performed at super bowlor xlvii. looking forward to that.o t all right. well, we are also looking forward to food. f if you're getting trod have an ready to have an epic super bowl party p and you need a winning menu we men have you covered.ered. we'll check out game dayame winning food with our chef here. we'll be back.
8:52 am
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>> welcome tomorrow is super bowl sundays which means it's timsue to party. pa >> face annie. >> thank you. what is a super bowl partyty without food. joining us is the chef fromhef jack's barbecue. love the spread you brought in.ght >> thank you. >> thank y >> tell us a little bit about us what you brought in, whatou you're making today. >> all right. b what we'll be making is ouring i dish over there that we do our o texas jack based on a mexican res beach it will have corne co jalapeño garlic little cilantro on top bring it up.p. not that spicy but gives you aiv little bit ofes a bite. >> texas jack so you're doingack so you're do barbecue with a little extra. ext some of these dishes youme wouldn't see normally at a barbecue. >> is this kale or >> kale caesar salad has parmesan cheese and friedese
8:55 am
capers. we want to do texas style s meats and have a little bit ofitbit fun with the sides.ides >> okay. >> loving that.>> >> what are you going to prepare for us. >> we'll bepr doing the cornhe c dish. get it started. sta first we take freshly shuckedhuck corn. throw flight a pan. p. get a little bit of color.f add some garlic in there. t let that go a little bit. jalapeños. >> can you add anything youou a want or is this pretty --tty >> it's the fun with cookingitki you can only fry so manyso man things. it's up to you to enjoy e yourself and try new things.ew t i'm always in the housein t house playing around going inoi cabinets see what i have.av >> yeah. ea >> see what i can make. >> awesome.>> awesome what are you guys doing at theou g restaurant for super bowl.or sup >> oh, for super bowl we'reowl w doing to go orders so we're doing to go orthopedics you can call in get a little package for yourself togetherou t and we'll be debuting ourebing
8:56 am
smoked orange wings that we have over here. >> these right here.ere. >> they look delicious.lo >> are they >> they're orange.>> tre >> we take some orange juicejuice and our chicken rub and we putut it in a smoker let that reduce r and it will get some nicee smoked flavor into it and thenlainto it an we toss the wings right ings rig that stuff. stu >> sounds good.>>s g talk a little bit about thee ambience at the restaurant.esta i know you guys have a lot of tv's. tv like a bar lounge kind ofki deal. >> yeah, we have two sections. s the bar section has 4tv's a 4tv couple booths and then we haveooth the main dining room that ding ro seats about 80 and a little a l private space in the back. b so and it's real nice, welic have a nice little chef's area where you can sit downwhe yo actually see into the kitchen. ken we try to make it not the regular style barbecue, try to t bump it up neighborhood ap nghbo litre fancy. >> where are you locateed. >> arlington, clarendon areain right off of wgtashingtonton boulevard. >> all right. and how is our corn doing here. i saw you put i on about fourbout more ingredients.ngredients >> hit it with the jalapeño, jal threw a little bit of mayo,
8:57 am
hot cheese. after that comes togetheres t you're pretty much ready tore go.tto all you got do is plate it up i and this is what it's going tos what it' look like when you're done.oue >> you guys are openedar opened tomorrow expecting a lot of eecting people to be coming in for theo be comin super bowl.g >> going to be opened tomorrowd t super bowl all day come on on in. >> and for the super bowl packer bowl to go is there a special menu or is it pretty much the set menu. >> it's pretty much a set menutyuch available including the wingshe that we haven't been selling before. all you have to do is call us up or watch by t the texas t and get some more information and we'll beatn an definitely doing those and taking orders up until the endilhe of saturday. >> and your web site. >> texas >> thank you so many chef.hank c >> no problem. >> thank you for coming in. everything looks delicious.hing we're going get into this cornth and the wings look good.the wis lo they're new so i'm sure s everyone is going to want too t try them.try t >> they're debuting on sunday. sun >> thank you all for tuningnk y we'll see you tomorrow back here atg 7:00. bye buy.
8:58 am
>> bye
8:59 am
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