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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  February 7, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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into into well get ready forwe more snow to hit our area this week. when it will it start falling and how long will it g mike thomas herein few minutes. breaking news a deadly crash in nationals park. n i'm jim low key. i'm lauren demarco, this as story still un folding we want to get to fox 5 marina marraco with the details. >> reporter: incredibly violentl crash you'll see just behind me. take a look there are two cars remaining here that red suv and just behind it a four door black sedaln on the other side that ye can't see from your vantage . yu there's a third car also involved in this accident. jusa at this streetlight here, you'll see a remainder of that carr bumper wrapped around that light
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post. d.c. police at this time confirming this all stemmed from a car chase involving d.c. police. i want you to take a look atook some video from a few minutes ago that will give you better per spek tim d.c. police only confirming this all stems from m car chase. now according to witnesses, and sources, seems to have started a as unauthorized pursuit. that car traveling across the t bridge from unicostate yay intoo southwest source saying iting capitol collided one car car collided into another one that had a child as well as a woman in the vehicle and then a third car was hit and wrapped around that light pole. now i did ask a police if this was a fatal accident as we're hearing from sources d.c. police not confirming that at this moment. the spokesperson saying it doese not look good.d. that spokesperson also saying that major crash, crash unitt will be out here trying to
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determine what exactly happened. we're still waiting to confirm whether this is authorized or unauthorized car chase all parta of the investigation. from southwest d.c. marina marraco fox 5. >>thank you the other big storyg a lot of people talking aboutki this one the weather. >> the snow how much are we a going to get. all eyes on the forecast for the next 24 to 48 hours. that is when the next round of o snow will move into our area. a we want to get into mike thomas. joins lauren, we are watching more snow that s word being mention add round dmv once again. this will not, this is not going to be what we had in january. we're talking about a lighter snow, however, the timing of tim that snow is going to bee crucial. that's going to lead to bigger impact because that could come through during the morning rusht hour on tuesday. here's what you canheou expect. we're giving this a moderate mod impact on our little scale hear. again, more because of timing tm
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and less so because of amount. it will not be a big snowfall for the d.c. area. we're going one to three inchesh here in washington with emphasis on that un one inch as opposednh to three. more snow higher totals off togh the north and to the west as well. less the farther south you go. the other concern is during thet evening hours of tuesday temperatures will rapidly fall, if that happens, we could bee dealing with refreeze and some icing issues as early as tuesdas evening commute.enin you want to keep your eye out on that. there's the clipper system. going to take it's time gettingg here. we did have a near miss with w this coastal system. don't worry about this. t this is heading off to the east and will miss us. it is throwing cloud cover. temperatures low 40s upper 30s. 43 in washington. 49 in heading down to the freezing the point. 32 degrees. we'll stay dry mostly cloudyudy styles. more details on the storm coming your way in a bit.
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>> thank you so much, mike. officials preparing for whatever this snow may bring hoping it'ss not like something we saw last month when we had the small snow storm move in right in thet in middle of the rush hour commute. fox 5 alexandria la moan is livn with the latest. >> reporter: that's right people brace yourself because we havee more snow headed our way. but just to echo what we juste heard the good news is it is no blizzard. the bad news how far is the timing of all of this and a a whether or not it could impact your morning commute possibly on tuesday. take a look at this videok because who ca an forget the snw that brought havoc in the d.c... metro area to a total complete stop for hours.ours well, this time the snow could once again come during rush hour.hour but this time possibly theim morning commute. on tuesday we've been talking tk people out and about in bethesda night to ask them are they worried. are you changing your plans? p >> are you really dread ding
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this or maybe youer i think joyu the snow. maybe looking forward to it. the timing of all this that could impact everything from traffic to possible school delays. >> we have already used all of the days that were bullet intowe the calendar in fact we extended the school year, so we could even extend it further. but i'm actually not sure what's going to happen. >> reporter: i hope there's. >> we're not worried about it. she can walk to school. we don't live too far from them school we'll probably be okay. >> reporter: so some different s opinions there. but the big issue last time around is that none of the roads were pretreated anywhere not any here in maryland. not in virginia.gini not in d.c.. i'm going to go ahead and guarantee that's not going to bb the case this time around. i think we pretty much learned from that mistake.
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mayor mule bower we are's office put out information they have snow team to be ready to go outa of the reporting live in bench they say da. >> alex thank you. police are looking for the person who shot two people including a toddler. it happened around 11 last night 54 hundred block of georgia avenue in northwest. shots fired and a little boy inside a nearby business was grazed by one of the bullets that came through the window. a man shot in the leg. so far no arrest. sheriff's office in stafford county want you to take a look at this manning. he is a suspected in the murder of another man. the killing happened early thisy morning at an apartment complex engarrison woods drive. investigators say when deputiess arrived they found scott dead of a gunshot wound. asking anyone who knows whereer tolliver is to give them a call. search is on at this hourou
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for a missing three year oldear girl from central virginia. virginia state police issued an amber alert this afternoon for hey van moses. investigators believe the girls father james took her and theyey say she's in extreme danger. moses was last seen at home in scottsville, that's about 30 30 miles south of charlottesville. they say the pair may be traveling in a light colorado honda sedan or brown ford explorer with virginia tag vks6171. start of super bowl 50 will kickoff soon. s people are gathering at parties. hopefully people are watching us. >> tweet us if you are. it's on radio. so were glad you are watching. >> may as well stick with fox 5. maryland state police say s you catan expect extra patrols n the road after the game making sure everybody is driving responsibly.
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>> reporter: as delivery drivers prepare for a big night, youig gassed up and ready to go. >> full tank.ull >> reporter: are you ready to go with your plans to make it home safe?fe? >> maryland state troopers on the defense. more troupers on the road tonight. >> be safe and make good digss: gift legal advice. >> i21 we're just going to doo family and friends at my house. have some chilly watch the game. >> reporter: under age or not a stay at home and off the roads to stay safe like this guy. >> i'm going to be home. going to be home. got some wings march anything right now, got beer in the frith. >> reporter: you don't want toou end up where i am right now. in fact maryland state troopers arrested 53 drunk drivers last super bowl sunday. >> you have a designated driver. >> absolutely. my daughter.augh >> reporter: you got it all on lock. i love this is. >>we have absolutely no plans.
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we heat sports and we're justst not doing anything exciting. >> reporter: super bowl is super board to some people. in bethesda megan dies local news. >> it is forb me. >> yeah. last last. we hope it is for a few of you too. we are coming down to a make or broke moment for presidential hopefuls. the latest from new hampshire where the first primary is justs days away. trump is still on top. look at someone else to be b making a move. north korea's latest threatening move. there's something one study says women are doing which is wi causing them to gain weight, this is really interesting. we're not talking about eating, drinking or skies but it's very common. >> building oh. i'm interested.
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>> welcome back fresh off line. many of the candidates hit the
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talk shows.. campaigning around new hampshire. on democrat sick side hillary clinton hillary clinton skippedc and spent the day in flint michigan. fox's ed henry. >> reporter: saturday night live is proving they are a force tor be wreck couldn't when the major political parties choose candidates that sound like prominent comedians. >> sounds like socialism to me. >> democratic socialism.c >> what's the difference. >> huge difference. >> reporter: hillary clintonr: hillary clinton traveled to flinint michigan when led and te water poisoned not only children but also political environment. >>clean water is not optional, it is not a lucks ruer row, i i said weeks what has been happening in flinted had happened in groves point or, ii think we all know we would have had a solution yesterday.
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>> reporter: meanwhile fresh off saturday night republican debate candidates made rounds in talk shows. >> i would bring that mack. >> senator marco rubio were also under fire. >> he he's so script ted he's a great speaker came across as totally scrip particular.y last night whatsc they saw is instructive instructive and needs to be seen and. senator rubio owes row pot particular. >> reporter: saving his sites oi hillary clinton hillary clinton one of. >> one of her rallies there's a special place in hell for a woman who doesn't vote forsn't hillary clinton.y c i'm not making, that's what she said. i mean this is what they are resortting to. >> reporter: speaking of women m cruz said political correctness will lead to fox holes. >> political correctness is
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dangerous. and the idea that we would drafu our daughters to forcibly bring them into the military and put them in close combat, i think is wrong. it is immoral.. and if i'm president we ain'tntw doing it. >> reporter: a new pole shows an that here on the ground in new hampshire bernie sander still s has a double digit lead on the system cat particular side whili on the republican side donald trump is front runner. a battle between rubio, bush, key sick and cruz. >> world community is once again condemning north korea over latest miss sell launch. held a meeting earlier today all 15 members approved a statements that condemns yesterday's launch. the statement also bleaches to quick always don't a resolution. north korean officials say they've done nothing wrong. the government launched a satellite into space while the
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lighters believe korea was. >> the accelerated development of ballistic miss sell program l possesses a serious threat too international peace and security. to the peace security not to just the neighbors but to the entire world. >> particular secretary of statt spoke with count parts he toldod them the united states standsni with themte to protect their security and defense.ense zika virus outbreak columbia, the virus caused anyny cases of birth defect in the country. even though more than threehree thousand pregnant women have zika. a medical team from the u.s. is head to do his country to investigate that virus because more than 25 thousand columnu continuance have been infected. rescue efforts continuing in taiwan after a massive earthquake at least 19 people
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dead more than 130 still missing. life detected found more thand o two dozen people still a life but trapped. the quake hit early saturday morning.rnin tonight's health watch news that won't sit well with women who like to get their nails done. researchers say manicures can cause to you gain weight particularly, scientists found ingredient pphp inanerly half nail polish brands on the market today. its used in plastic and as a fire row tar dent in foam foam furniture. the scary thing a lot of nail polish brands don't list it. it can wreak who vick on your body. these brands are so popular, opi, ref long, sally hasn't sont and wet and wild all have tphp pin them. those are two of my favorite.
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tpi and sally hasn't son. how strange is that. >> it's very weird. we have good news for the people in whales world recordec saying, this made a world record for most people dress d as smurfs. >> which is interesting. once again further proof that p there is aro record for everything. people i think german thee tried to take the title more than. [ laughter ][ la >> more than 2000 people dressed up as various smurf character.ha they fell 361 short of the record set in wales. >> looks like a lot of fun. when we come back, mike commasa, is going to have the latest of went weather. giving new meaning to the t term being on thin ice details of water festival. if you have a story idea, if yoo are watching say hi or you want to tweet us, for story ideas, we
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several cars sink through as icy lake in wisconsin. they were parked on the ice for
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a winter festival and it began to give basement weather apparently warmer april thanar past years may have contributed to this. >> it's pretty tea balm me out there its got to be about 35 out here.. normally when you've gotten g inches of ice it's okay. but, today the ice isn't where t it should be. these people found out the hardt way sadly. >> lesson learned do not park on ice. winter fest is annual event. includes us national snow sculpting competition and human lead race sink. s >> bomb me 35 degrees. deg i'm glad we're not in wisconsin. it was chilly.hi no it was rather balm me out today if we're talking wisconsin. >>just had the jacket on walking over. this is the time of year you don't know until you finally step outside.. very unpredictable..
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>>a few second it hits sny 72 to be honest nest were all focused on the snow once we get pastas monday tuesday it's going to be cold the polar vortex is comingm back. >>we haven't talked about that in awhile.ile. >> we haven't.>> it's going to be very cold the e end of next week. w we'll talk more about that in about 15 minutes here. i want to get you started off with current conditions. let's start i we're temperaturem chilly 43 right here in washington. 30 gaithersburg. frederick 39. 39 in martinsburg. decent amount of cloud cover. because of this guy, this at ont time looked like it may havee wanted to swing our way and our bring us a whole lot of snow. this storm is headed off to the east, northeast. so while it may brush the coast line and portions roof southern maryland it's going to stay outo ofin here. throwing us the cloud cover. that will help temperatures not drop as fast as they did last d night. this is what you heard the buzz
6:23 pm
about, this area coming into northern portions of min so itof at a that's our clipper thatpper will get off the coast line and turn into a little bit of a coastal system. let me take to you the sky cast. monday 7 a.m. i don't know why it is showing snow, totally ignore that zero per sent of precipitation. we work our way into afternoon hours mix of clouds 44 degree for afternoon. then we start to see rain as hee head into the evening hours. 8:00 rain coming down 64 degreed not worried about issues tomorrowsu night. really not until we head intont tuesday one a.m. here we're starting to see that cloud cover rain and snow mixing here. 80% chance of rain by one a.m. on tuesday with temperatures falling to the 30s. what he prejudice morning hoursr we go with snow globe effectlob snow coming down nine clock in the morning. 70 percent chance. colder for suburbs and we are
6:24 pm
looking at a decent chance off some snow sticking here in the d.c. metro region. who's going to get the most off to the north. three to six to the north. nor one to three here in d.c. dustting to an inch. check out temperature trend we're getting colder. we'll be in 40s one last time tomorrow. in the 30s. 30s only 33 degrees thursday t by b the time we get to weekend we are talking highs of seven. seven day coming up. >> that's i wisconsin weatherwi right >> just don't park on ice. this is the time of year to acho a lot of vitamins c. hundreds of people tossed overages of at each other. part of annual celebration. this is the main event. this as popular tradition. a longstanding one dating all the way back to the middle ages apparently.appa don't play with your food.
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>> well, overages are kind of hard. >>they have to be overly ripe. >> that would hurt. i think we should have a karen naval season here. >> give us a break.reak >> yeah. all right after the break it is time for another edition of the. charlie heading down to flint michigan trying to get answers into the city's water crisis. this is near and dear to him. h that story coming up next. (vo) if you have type 2 diabetes,
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>> update to a story that we brought you earlier about theea search for arl missing three yer old girl from central virginia.i we have just learned virginia state police have terminated the amber alert for hey van moses. s other details right now by thelr girl and her condition. investigators believe that her father james took police say moses had last been seen at a home in scottsville. that's about 30 miles south of >> this is a story that made national headlines. flint michigan health emergencyy >> the city changed its water source in 2014. the cries made its way to capital hill. >> its the national outrage nown playing in washington. the flint water departmenttmen pumping out poison.n.
6:29 pm
the governor asleep at the wheel or worse.or state and federal officials knew but did nothing. those parts we know. k here's the part we don't. where are the so-called expertsl hired to make the water safe?af? >> let's back up and explain how we arrive at this door. flint a broke town gross tired of paying high rates to detroit water kept. adept that his its own corruption. regional officials designed own pipeline parallel to detroit in an attempt to cut detroit out ot the picture. will this actually safe money. that's still being key pasted.ny why spend hundreds and millions of bur road dollars you don't
6:30 pm
have. lots of contracts. commissioner is the drivings th force behind the new water project known as the kwa. >> there's a lot of power and a lot of money in that, right. you pushed it forward. a lot of you're contributors have contracts with that. is this also -- >> i would say anybody that's contributed to me has also contributed to the, i cannott control who the contractor are because we do often. >> some of those contractor though have been caught withgh their fingers in the detroit cookie jar, involved in candlesv likeol unfinished county jail ad
6:31 pm
water department and another big donor is a central player in the flint water crisis. -- crisis. some background. back in 2013 state a pointed emergency manager decided flintd could safe money if it put key quietude toys issued a jointtu statement backb then saying there would be quote, no looking back. but where would flint now get its water until the pipeline was ready. he decided on the flint river. serving people river water was w supposed to save them more than two million dollars a year but the savings wasn't passed down to the customer. instead the two million dollarss was supposed to be funneled bace into flint's old treatment plant for upgraded. the problem necessary upgrades u weren't made and you know what
6:32 pm
happened. sounds like a sick science exposure experiment. >> travesty for for or community for them to allow the system to be so companies shiv they would put led in the water andand residence and children would drink that. lain engineering based inngin houston with the store front office in flint. >> we never got consulted and we never seen any bids or evaluations of any other companies that was a contractonr planned done by emergencymerg manager and a failure of our system.stem >> though the company was hired for its so-called expertise, carbon filter and core rowings c controls weren't put into placeo
6:33 pm
when the river started flowing from the taps. immediately residents started to complain water was making them sick. local politicians who had rub stamped the deal back then now feel betrayed.d. >> looking back what kind ofd o grade you give them? >> it's probably about a d whene you look at the personnel. they didn't have the training, t the licenses that should have been in place. they met minimal standards. but, so often we're all now looking back at this minimal, minimal, minimal, and that's what left our community un protected. >> it was up to land. it was up to the deq, it was up to the governor to make sureke that the water was safe to drink and they all failed us.s. >> we made multiple calls to t land engineering, cody cleaned, to answer our question.ur we stopped by their localocal
6:34 pm
offices several times. wow its abandoned. no lights. no people. we called curt we stopped by his house, we're told he's in florida. starting to see a pattern. >> after all this flint f continues to employ landd engineering its contract which began at 170 thousand dollars now ballooned to four millionn dollars. in fact the company has recently been awarded another nine nin hundred thousand dollars to address the ready back kell. the mayor seems to be unaware. >> had you happy and why did they get the extension the the engineering firm that's in charge of the plant to bring it up to speed lockwood andrews and newman. >> you know what i'm not going to comment on that right now. we're still looking at some ofon that i really want to get someto
6:35 pm
more information before ior comment on this. >> flint is back to drinking the detroit water for short term. tr some time the pipeline will be completed and raw water will wat again flow into the treatment plant. million dollar question this: can we trust what flows out? >> drink bottle water. what's amazing about that whole crisis there were many of the cities, elevated levels, this as problem that we're seeing acrosn the country the question is how are the city's dealing with it. flint not doing it well. >> not well, its so frightening, you need water to survive, you
6:36 pm
know. scary stuff. bee on say surprised isay s going to surprise her fans again we'll show you what she's done. the role money place when it successful relationships. stay with us .
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are back hail cesarail now in theaters. george clooney and channing tatum. >> great seen in the movie wherm you are delivering andov epic monologue and you forget one word of dialogue. >> if we had faith.
6:40 pm
cut. senate into is there a moment om story in your careers youaree remember doing that. >> i can never remember myy lines. [ laughter ]. >> i will say there have been certain times in my career wherr there lines that i just won't remember. it will be like a dumb one. somebody else will be doing a monologue you got one word andnd they are like do the whole thing and then ghts like that seemed good to me. [ laughter ]. >> you had it down. >> i start to like stutter i'll' be like on one word in therd middle of like a thing i won'tot forget so much, i'll, my brain just starts a glitch. gli >> certain words too that i like i see coming i know i'm never going to get outside. >> you start to fear it. i >> your head is like bouncing it's not going to be there. >> there's going to be nothing. >> i love love the concept ofpt having a movie set in 19
6:41 pm
fifties. you two are great actor. i love that time period i love, going back to film.m. if you two were actors in 1950s what movies you think you might have gone out. >> whatever happened to mary jane. >> i think that would be perfect for us. >> i would want to play tom from tom and jerry. >> good idea. >> sorry jerry. tom's a cat so jerry i want to player >> then i'll play tom. >> i like it. i >> i'd love to see you in royal wedding do the one shot. >> i would love to actually do that. i would fully do that. >> dust till dawn one of the greatest movies, i love that movie. thank you so much. >> by the way hail cesar came ir second with a little more than a 11 million dollars.
6:42 pm
couldn't few panda was number one 2000 dollars worth of ticket sells were lauren's. >> when we come back a look atok love and money. >> what are some the financial secrets that could determine whether your relationship willil last. stay back after this.back please don't go anywhere .
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>> love and money they don'td mo always mix that well. >> a new survey some the financial secrets that may orts may not keep relationships a live. >> reporter: less information is better. >> i'm married 24 years that's unfortunately the reality. there was some honesty ism e money is emotional but if youonl are trying to make financial decisions a part of a couple you probably already no that. >> we share everything that'st's why remain good friends and lovers for so long we don't let money get in our way e a lot of people do we don't. >> reporter: a new report shows 13 millions are hiding bank or credit card accounts from theirr spouse or significant other. 19% spent 500 bucks or more and kept it a secret. >> about the same number off
6:46 pm
people who say they spent that much money say that they would be okay with their spouse spending about that much money too. >> he make some money and i i spend it: more details from the survey men are more likely toy spend 500 dollars without saying a word. millennials and seniors to spend 25 bucks,.ks,. >> maybe you have discussions maybe one partner pays one setne of bills and the other partner pays another set in general i guess the man. >> honesty and openness isess i important in any relationship especially when it comes to money because secrets can completely destroy a budget. >> reporter: out of all the class middle class most okay spending 500 dollars or morer without having to be in the no. in new york jerry lewis fox business. >> money and love. >> just don't high the money.ey.
6:47 pm
you got to show you a little bit of truth no matter what. >> by the way there is no correlation between money and weather no matter what you offef mike thomas no matter what you think he may be benefitting. but, if you want to offer mf money send it into the station here i'll gladly accept. okay. i have sunsets i want to show.w. we're concerned about timing as opposed to amounts. it's just a flake here in d.c. >> ghts a problem, yeah. and that's exactly what we're going to have. a live look outside here tonight not so clear, calm and quiet. it will be calm and quiet most of the day tomorrow as well. quick look at some of these sunsets i'm going to show off here. we do have people watching and n they've been sending in some sunset photos. i want to give them some love before i start weather. thank you for sending this in
6:48 pm
super sunset in silver spring. absolutely gorgeous. sky on fire has been the hashtag going around on twitter. he says, this is from lloyd, sunday super bowl bowl sunday. that sunset.t. absolutely beautiful. tank you forewarning and sendini them in. temperatures right now 43 degrees in wash ton. t few 30s north and west. 43 columbus. you see a little bit of southerly flow that will get ust into the 40s tomorrow as well. satellite radar show you why we won't get as cold as last night cloud cover here. don't worry too much about this. this will generally stay off coast line maybe a couple showers from eastern shore aren't southern maryland.ther we stay dry in d.c.. there's your clipper system. up toward dear lake area. getting snowfall this evening. e we too will be headed for
6:49 pm
snowfall. monday morning commute dry no worries here on monday morning. we head into the afternoon watca west virginiaft there you go for those f o you watching from west virginia area do before he aware. we may start seeing that in the afternoon hours. work our way into the seven p.m. time frame general starts at a rain here, showers evening rush not too concerned about the ab evening rush around here. although the mountains you'll start seeing snowfall come inton play. work our way into night time hours maybe a break here and there, tuesday morning rush 7ush a.m. dealing with a good amount of snowfall around the region. that's what we're concerned cone about is the snow falling during that morning commute.t how muchmo snow not too too worried about this. snows.1 i think it will be leseb than that by 8:00 of the tuesday time frame this model is showing about an inch.nch and then we keep, the totals as we head into afternoon hours by 6:00 i think the bulk of the snow is done. d end with answering inch or two here in d.c..
6:50 pm
how much are we expecting this is what we're expecting one to across the d.c. region. further south you go the less you are going to go. blockbuster zone north of baltimore three to six inches.nh north and west three to six in maryland pan handleand highigh lands of west virginia. accuweather 7-day forecast look we get cold after that snow. in fact, just about all week long, dry but highs only in the 30s until next sunday when highn will be in the 20s. check out lows teens and single digits sunday morning. here comes the cold. >> it hurts. >> night is the beginning of february. we realize that punxsutawney fill was phony. >> he is. have you ever seen a ground hog up close. >> they are ugly. he jumped p out not very content with the situation. >> in they look cute from a distance. into. q. from a distance. you can track on the go with
6:51 pm
mobile device. search d.c. news and weather inh the app store they are all free. texas business lone wouldn'w back down when confronted by armed rob rear. sir shows man, the owner tries to wrestle the gun away win moments a gunshot goes off thef store owner is punched as he tries to reason with the gunman for his life. >> for a moment, i wasn't stilli so he get close to me and i seee the gun wrestling for a while i start talking to him about god and you know, he needs to changt and begging him for my life. i just don't want to die likeike that. i was thinking about you know ko want to see my >> eventually the store owner gets the gun and the suspect runs away. that's scary.
6:52 pm
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into into he as dog named kingad his bucket listings becoming a facebook favorite. f he has heart failure. when one woman saw his picture she new she had to do somethingo to make the dog's final days memorable. >> we went to mock donald. we don'ter went to burger king. he wasn't that fond of the ocean but he loves the sand. >> man the sad part of king's bucket list is that his death da could have been avoided if his previous owner spent a few bucks a month for medicine he would have lived for many years. he will more than likely pass away in a few more days he has touched many hearts along the way. that remind me to give my dog the heart worm. i hate when i forget.
6:55 pm
not much going on in the world of sports. everybody is talking of course the the capitals are the biggesb story today by far in this area the best team around. and their having an amazingng season. we should talk about them. yeah. washington capitals are playing on a totallyal different level than everyone else in the nhl lead in points and goal differential. area event that they are that trailing there's no doubt theyo are going to retake the lead and win. that's what happened today. the winning evident gold key, g second period caps came inps c trailing by one. in span of a a minute they got a goal.oal the caps have the lead. flyers tied up at the start ofup the third. but as it always i say with thih team the result never really in
6:56 pm
doubted. coast to coast game winner justt third of the season since philly home with an l caps win. 20th win on home i say this year. >> we're committed to getting better. we're giving ourselves the best outcome. when you win, we're confident in all areas home away, trailing, leading everything like thatthin we're confident, having fun. we're playing hard hockey its as good thing. everybody talks about caps offense, 33 wins on the year, nn record of 48 set in 2006, 2007,0 in the top five, he brings six in the league in safe percentage. one football season comes to ana end another football season just getting started.
6:57 pm
t d.c. united in the thick of preseason training.easo the new season brings with it w new hopes, new players and thiss year some new threads. united unveiled new home kit for fans at the days writer event iw georgetown. fans had a chance to by bye the new buy the new shirts. the new kids pay homage to the new district ben ole son. b >> i love it. i love the new logo obviously lived in the district for some time. good to have a d.c. centricic theme. near and dear to my heart.. i'm pumped about it. looking forward to the next fewn years leading into this stadiums and our relationship with the district. >> nice that thy pay homage to d.c..d.c. its a good look. i like the logo.
6:58 pm
into into all right.into that does it for us at six we'll see you later tonight ten and 11. >> we'll be here on time at ten and 11 on this moment for awhile. ce time a. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first bowl today.
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
bart: trick-or-treat! ♪ on this filthy night of evil ♪ little gaudy beggars stroll ♪ as they lure ghouls, ghosts and goblins ♪ ♪ hungry for their innocent souls ♪ ♪ there is a hellish breeze a-groanin' ♪ ♪ as the children they pursue ♪ you can hear their bellies moanin' ♪ ♪ they might even gnaw on you ♪ but ruler of this sordid host ♪ ♪ more ghastly than them all ♪ lurks a ravenous beastly monster ♪ ♪ more than 25 feet tall (screaming) ♪ he's dirty and he's hairy ♪ and his mouth tastes just like crap ♪ ♪ like you, he's trick-or-treating for ♪ ♪ some candies to unwrap ♪ the lord abhors your foul disguise ♪ ♪ you thought to cloak your skin ♪ ♪ but now you've lured this fiend from hell ♪ ♪ who craves your soul within ♪ he's hungry for your vitals ♪ ♪ he likes you moist and ripe ♪ ♪ and should he find you spiced with sin ♪


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