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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  February 8, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mr >> time now is 5 o'clock.. making history. history. peyton manning and the broncos heading home as champions. chamo we'll find out what makes thiss win so unique straight ahead. ae >> it is monday february 8th fer and there's snow. sorry.rr so how much are we going toh e i get? gary has the forecastor coming up in about five >> in fact we are going toct check with gary in about five minutes. so we say good morning to youni it's 5 o'clock. 5 i'm holly morris along with
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maureen umeh and wisdom martin. >> this time around officials ai in d.c. maryland and virginia vi aren't taking any in fact, d.c. mayor murieluriel bowser has already sent out aena statement saying by noonyingy no today, the district plans tons deploy more than 200 those crews would be b pretreating bridges highwaysghws and residential streets withia salt. mayor bowser says the plowshe p will remain in place until thece threat of snow is gone. g >> you can track the stormtorm getting updates from the fox5thf weather team throughout the day on and the t fox5 d.c. weather app. >> ♪ >> in other news in theher ne in district this morning policehi are still investigating aestiga violent crash that happenedne near nationals park. three he people were taken toplt the hospital. hos it all started with the driver e who was trying to get awaytwa from police.olic at least one car was completely mangled. the bumper was found wrappednd p around a light post at aost at a nearby intersection. one victim was ejected from arom vehicle.vehi that person was transported toeo a hospital withh life-threatening injuries.hreati two other people, a woman and her child, were also involved.nv
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both were sent to the hospitalol with nonlife-threatening-teate injuries. >> young man in virginia virgi behind bars this morning for aar murders in stafford county. 20-year-old chancellord tolliver turned himself in tours police last night.poli they say he shot and killed maurice williams after the twola of them got into aftn argument.m tolliver is charged with firstew degree murder. he is he being held without w bond. >> this morning d.c. polices in are on the hunt for the gunmanu who shot two people includinge l a toddler.. fox5's melanie alnwick is awick live in northwest with thenorthh latest on the investigation. mel. >> reporter: hey, goodepor morning, guys, yeah, 5400 block ofuy georgia avenue herevu and we can tell you that thishat happened saturday night.urda n it was 10:25.25 d.c. police say multiple gun shots were fired in the blockn e and so we don't know exactlywxa how many but we can tell you y that one of them went through th the window of a local
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business. it somehow graze add toddler. ar we don't know exactly wherect that toddler was grazed, a gze little boy. nonlife-threatening injuriese-th in that case and then out on out the sidewalk, d.c. police say pc an adult male was also struck sc by a bullet. bul they're saying nonlife-threatening wounds to in their words lower extremities which i can onlycan imagine would be a leg or a foot, but in their terms againga lower extremities.xt d.c. police say they're still actively investigating thistingt incident. looking around here trying toe n see if there are any sort ofor crime cameras, that sort of thing,. generally there are prettyy good surveillance tools likeur that here on georgia avevenue,re at least on some parts but no word yet from d.c. policeol whether they have any sort ofavt video connected to this case.hi. they have not released any suspect information fore u for o put out to the public but theyut are still investigating thistigi case and looking for fs live in northwest, i'm melanie,m alnwick, fox5 local news.
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>> coming up on four minutesfo n past the hour let's talk super t bowl. last night's game went to the gm denver broncos.ncos broncos dominated as they beat the panthers 24-10. 2 game m.v.p. lawn miller led a defense that recorded a super bowl record tying seven sacksens and forced four turnovers forurs the broncos. bro peyton manning went 13 of 23ni n for 141 yards. 141 y no touchdowns, one pick, one pic fumble. he became the first became the i quarterback to win the superactn bowl with two different franchises. but was this manning's lastthis game? well, that question ist q still up in the air. a laugh night manning said hegh didn't want to make a decision k during an emotional time.ime. and broncos head coach c gary kubiak he's the firsthe'sht head coach to win a super bowl b for the same team he used to play for. >> ♪ >> all right. we are talking snow. and we talked about this earlier. as long as it's not up to here, it's all good. >> that's exactly right.t'actl it won't be. so, it won't be. b >> that's good.>> that's good
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>> at least not here in the city. i'm just joking. >> okay. >> we'll have decent snowll around here. h be where you need to be byou 8 o'clock tonight, maybe even 7 o'clock, all right. r >> that's doable.>>hat' >> and then you're good andheu' then we'll deal with tomorrow,om okay, 'cause overnight tonight t some snow. sno tomorrow morning's commute is mu going to be rough but becauseh c we're going have snow and then all day kind of for periods at s a time tomorrow the snow ise to going to be flying out there,e all right, sflo that's so yous know.ow 28 degrees for dulles rightor ds now.w. winchester you're at 2 martinsburg dropped to 19. hagerstown you can see it i 28 degrees and downn fredericksburg temperaturesicks still above freezing there at a 34 degrees. clouds back out to the west of o us.. really we're moving cloudsg c from east to west on top of uss now. now. there's a nice gap of clearing skies from, say, well, d.c.l,.c back to the west, all right.ll r and then we'll start to getarto into more clouds later on butsar it does look like at least initially we'll have some sunshine. a big storm system off to theffo east of us and that is a really, really strong coastaloa
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low pressure system but it'seste well off shore so we don'tre son have to worry about that andabot then we have a clipper backpp b out to the northwest that's tha going o come along and thenng a another coastal will come upl cm and it's just going get reallyy complicated with this weatherhih over the next 24 to 36 hours. today's high temperature mid 40's for the area, a couple ofol spots in the upper 40's with early sunshine. s then we'll get into what's intoa going to happen around hereer the next weather cast in termser of how much snow.h s winter storm watch in effect inf north of d.c..c nothing officially for d.c. right now or the metro. met we'll show you that coming uphan at well and then it gets really cold towards the latterr part of this week with bitter wi cold arctic air coming out ofcoi canada. there's are weather forecast. now it's time for weerin with ah look at your monday morningday g commute. >> on-time traffic brought toraf you by toyota.yooy visit buy a special offers. >> if you're head out ineea loudoun county 15 south avoid15a that area at 50. areat 5 it's shut down for a crash c
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reconstruction. make sure you take time touryoua detour around that. aside from loudoun county fairfax 66 eastbound road workod zone approaching the beltway bel clear. beltway looking nice throughic annandale. no problems on the inner loop.on no traffic still moving along without any volume slowing you v down. that continues through tysons t corner over the americanhemerica legion bridge seeing cleardge ng traffic. i like that right now.hat 95 southbound road work is lingering approaching 212.12. metro on or close to we'll take a look at the outer loop. we have web debris reported byde new hampshire avenue so caution through that area. are definitely don't want to starton monday way flat tire. we'll have more traffic inaye tn just a few minutes. >> ♪ >> coming up, several stories developing overseas thislo morning including a look at some of the people that may have been involvedpicle with at explosion on a plane last week.t >> and days after a deadly ddly earthquake rocked taiwan,n, rescuers continue to pull survivors from the rubble. an update on their frantic search next.
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>> ♪ >> developing overseas twoelop more survivors are pulled from a the rubble following a massivews earthquake in taiwan.n t more than 30 people were killed, nearly 500 were0 injured and at least 130 are still missing. officials say life detectors det used at a collapsed highrise found more than two dozeno d people are still alive but alive trapped under the rubble. the 6.4 quake hit early4 quake i saturday morning. morni >> united nation center cityn ct condemning north korea's launch of a long range rocketgec north korea launched the launche rocket despite internationalespi warnings. still images released fromsed fm north korea's media show leader kim jong un celebrating a the rocket's launch. lau a lot of countries believe theet launch is a cover for ballistic missile test thatssilt could reach as far as th te u.s. the un security council called l an emergency meeting to talk to about the next course of action.action.
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new druce in dramaticdruc midair explosion on a plane in somalia.somalia. video footage shows two men handing what looks like a laptop computer to the suspected aspt least one man delivering the laptop was an airport employee. they believe the device wasve t the bomb thahet caused the cse explosion. one person was killed when the explosion blew a local in the cabin.cabin. >> bay i didn't know isbeijing n lunar new year.r. celebration will continue for about two this year it's the year of the f monkey many people born in theyb year of the monkey are said toai be curious innovative and mischief. >> bernie sanders hit thee sa campaign trail in newgnrail i hampshire. ha right now he holds 58 percent 5c of the support from likely lik democratic primary voters.ryot now that's compared to hillary clinton's 35 percent.5 pe
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on the republican side,n s donald trump took a shot at a st jeb bush for bringing hisin his mother barbara with him to h campaign in new hampshire.pshi. trump currently leads the gopheg competition by double digits.e d during hillary clinton'sngia campaign stop in flint this t weekend, she took an aggressive condition on the city's water crisis calling it immoral.ral. she demand they had congress approve $200 million in$200 emergency aid to address theai e crisis. clinton hopes tomorrow'somorw' primary will serve as a springboard into contests later this month in nevada anded south carolina.n michigan's primary is set for fr march eighth. >> 5:11 is the time a man drivers through a crowdedro baltimore street and runs down w a woman. woman. we'll tell was police say heas p was running from right after rht the break but first we want to t get to gary mcgrady and let him talk about weather. wth >> cold start this not below freezing here in town but western suburbs wellell below freezing. martinsburg dropped tourdrop 19 degrees, 20's foregre, 20 hagerstown and for winchester. s
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some more room for these numbers to drop off a littleatl more with some clearing skieseas so we'll monitor that, plust,lu we're talking snow. snow business around here. her how much are we going to get, tg when is it going to start, all the good stuff.tuff. super air comes in midweek. the good stuff.tuff. super air comes in midweek. erin will follow me with a look at track on this monday morning. stay with us. with hand-crafteds of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl. from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m., indulge in a medium hot or iced latte or macchiato for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'. look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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arrrr, that's not even a real spaceship. ♪ ♪ ♪ oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-ooh, oh ♪ hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. >> ♪ >> hey, good morning., welcome back on this monday
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morning. listen, the winter stogorm watct has been posted.s beenoste this is just a watch in blue here. it may end up being -- well,- w it's probably going to get g upgraded. we'll keep an eye on that.nha the question is will they will h bring it a little bit farther to the south.ou right now doesn't include thence metro, doesn't includes mostdest of montgomery county.ontg it does include northernorth montgomery county, it does d influid frederick county and then basically off along i-70 i for northern maryland, too. the highest snow totals, we w seem to be getting a pretty consistent consensus from our forecasting models is that the heaviest of the snow will stayen up to the north of us, between baltimore and philly so winternt storm watches posted now. n i anticipate later thisicip morning there's going to bee' some changes. maybe this gets moved as so litl farther west, a little bitit farther south, we'll end up getting a winter storm warningrm in places and then you have the winter weather advisory ais out to the t wes out to the west this will justls be under the influence of the oe clipper storm and not underotnd the influence of what happens after the clipper passes over
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and basically develops kind off a coastal low pressure system off to the east of us.he you got low level energy t-an ta upper level energy and all all things coming together here. this is basically a moderateate impact storm for us and reallyll just over a low impact stormtorm for here in d.c. impact is mostly a timingg related deal because tomorrowsem morning, we're going to end upoe with snow flying all over the oh place and that's going to impact the commute and thenhe tomorrow evening we couldni we c still have some impacts as well into the evening commute.gc so, it's not going to be a big b snow for d.c. d.c looks like we're kind of rightig on the line here.e here. we're going to go one to 3 inches for d.c. but rightutig now it looks like we leane towards the lower end of that.ha obviously i just said more to the north and then less to thett south.uth. we will have fallingng temperatures so basically we'll get a little snow ande s a then we'll get a little lullitt and then colder air will come in, coastal storm takes overl and then we'll also getst a get little bit more snow tomorrow afternoon and tomorrown evening. that's the way it's looking
5:17 am
now inform terms of snow castms how much are we going to get? e generally for the metro one to o three and i'm leaning towards'ml the bottom end of this. until some more indicationsicios come in from the new modeling mn which will be coming inwill be o through the morning hours,moho look to the north, though. thoug three to 6 inches here. h north of baltimore, all right, t between baltimore and fill a fil there will may actually beayctua something in goes seven, 8-inches, so basically three the to six plus up here in this corridor.corridor. i just don't feel comfortablefoe yet putting in a bull's-eye ofsf where that may be but itt it definitely looks like north of h us is where the heaviest ofes the snow is going to be. big strong coastal area of lowa pressure, look at that thinghing winding up.p. it looks more tropical almost. m it's cold so you don't have to worry about that. back to the west youy see allel this snow all over the place. that's the beginnings of the clipper which is going to come e across starting late this evening and through the day t tomorrow. then it will transfer its tra energy and become a coastal storm tomorrow afternoon andnoon tomorrow evening. eni then things get a little tricky.
5:18 am
will that bring snow he intog southern maryland? we're note'n quite there on specifically where we want to be with this storm 44 at lunchtime with stillh sti some sun holding on. then we're cloudy by late thisis afternoon, 42.rnoo there could be a shower here or there, very spotty in the afternoon but really we wait until later on this evening tong get something that would behing kind of a mix t to snow. snow likely on and off a of tomorrow, temperatures only inmp the 30' then look towards the end of end the week.k. friday, saturday, sunday, that t is bitter cold air coming down d out of canada.ada. it will be the coldest air we've had so far this winterinte season. erin como on this mondayon morning with a look at yourk atu commute. comm hey, erin.ri >> good morning, gary.ary. if you're heading out in loudoun county we'll tell you w about a crash.e'ou first i want to show you this ti camera.came. we're seeing slowdowns on 66 on6 on the eastbound sideound approaching the beltway.. typical volume increasing. a little bit of stop-and-goop-ao traffic. watch for that and we'll keep ke a close eye on it.t. over to our maps for a fewew accidents you need avoid thisidi loudoun county closure 50
5:19 am
crash reconstruction underconstr way. police are directing traffic so be prepared for that one.ha moving over to prince george'spe county inner loop right now of the beltway crash activity after branch avenue two lanes blocked. still seeing green on our map because there's not a whole lot of traffic nd we'll certainly keep youy keepou updated on that one.hat one as you take a look at thek t outer loop debris reported attea new hampshire avenue.vee caution as you make your wayou through that area. right now no lanes blocked. blok we'll keep you posted.oste traffic light on bw parkway.arky things looking good on the wayhy to dulles and reagan national.a. metro on or close to we got you covosered. that's your traffic. back to you guys.uuys. >> virginia state policegini investigating an officern officr involved shooting in frederickdk county. it happened aroundapd tennessee::sunday morning.e:in police say a gunman was threatening to kill himselfl hse outside a home. sheriff's deputies tried touties calm the man but investigatorsti say the man fired at the deputies then returned fire.etn. the man was taken to a to hospital for treatment.atme he is expected to survive.urvive >> three men are under arrestera for a triple shooting thating th
5:20 am
happened inside a baltimore restaurant over the weekend.vewe police say the shootings weregsw the result of a fight thatghtha started inside the santa clarata bar and restaurant in the fels f point neighborhood. these three men you're lookingeg at are the suspects. suspe one of the victims is inms is critical condition. the other two are expected to survive. around the same time iname i that very same baltimoreti neighborhood a wild scenecene caught on camera.mera. a 27-year-old woman is inan in serious condition. she was hit by a man who was driving his van erratically.ical baltimore police say thisay started with a fight inside the bar that spilled out onto the street. the man drove on the sidewalk od in an of the to get awayew fromf people banging on the van.he police arrested the driverver saying he was drunk. d he faces multiple assaults assat destruction of property andropea reckless endangerment charges.hs >> more testimony expected theo today in the hearing for adnan syed. defense lawyers will get aer chance to question an fbi
5:21 am
agent who specializes in cell tower analysis. a last week a witness camena forward and testified that tha syed was with her at the time tm of the murder. murde lee's family released a a statement condemning syed's sye' lawyers efforts for a new trial saying in part "those ofeo us who saw the trial and heardna the evidence it's more clearorec than ever that adnan is guilty."ilty." >> coming un, a good reminderin that even though ice may look mo thin still not a good idea toa t walk on it or in this case c park your car on it. i don't miss this video. plus, you won't believe how much money retailers made rt from the historic powerball how much money retailers made rt from the historic powerball jackpot. we'll be back. gh. ♪
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>> back now at 5:24.>> the record $1.6 billion1.6 bill powerball jackpot was bigas money and not just for the winners. records show retailers in thersi d.c. suburbs profited fromro powerball in the millions. mli nine of the top 10 sellers in ss the state of maryland were either in montgomery or princetg george's county. stores acromoss the state sold a total of $73.2 million worthio of powerball tickets.icke >> gas prices continue their downward trend. the national average price for a gallon dropped eight cents over the past two weeks.he it's now down to $1.82. $1. your commute could continue to get cheaper if crude oil costs
5:25 am
continue to average price in the can and can industry los angeles.ngel drivers are paying $2.62 on.62 average. >> take a look at this. several cars sink through anca icy lakrse in wisconsin. they were parked on the ice for a winter fast festivalst f when it began to give way.. ouch. festival goers say the weather t was warmer in past years which likely contributed to the mishap. >> at what point was it a goodd idea to ever park on ice ever. you live in wisconsin and younsd don't know this.ow t >> maybe somebody was lookingoo for a new car and wanted to wan file an insurance claim.n in >> yeah, well they can got it. t >> they were look oops. new car. c >> what's up gary. g >> i'm glad that's not a problem we have whether or noteh we're parking on the ice orrk not. >> that's a pretty shot.ins a >> yeah, that's.h, >> big time. >> i don't know if that's don'to roslyn orw northwest. >> it's roslyn. rosly >> it's roslyn.>> it's roslyn. >> yeah. you can see the memorial back there. >> oh, >> the 9/11 memorial.oria >> cool. cool. listen here's what's going one't right now.
5:26 am
temperatures out there thisures morning, it's not freezing inren the city but temperatures maysay drop off a little bit more.e bim we've been holding at 36 degrees. degrees. frederick 25.frederic up to westminster it's 30 thisst morning and then quantico is 37, manassas 25. western suburbs have beenave b definitely colder thisde clear skies light windsskie allowing temperatures to dropem off. we have still have some cloudsoc along i-95 so really i-95 to i-9 the east temperatures are as a lot milder than they are backn h out to the west.out tohe w so, today we're going to be watching the clouds. c do you see the clearing skies? i again just to the west of us. we have clouds farther out to co the west. i think we'll have some sunshine before we begin to goo clouds and sun and then eventually this afternoon it thn will be all cloud deal. here's the forecast.he's t 35 and chilly this morningor with some sunshine.unshe. more clouds by noon, 44. later today 42.r toy it looks like we stay drye w d today. if we get anything, it will be b a couple of showers, spotty late this snow -- mixed snow comes in in overnight and then tomorrown tom and then we accumulate o heaviest of the snow looksthe
5:27 am
like it's going to be to the bto north of the metro.of t met baltimore to philly i think is where the sweet spot of thiset f storm is going to end up u being.beg. >> taking it in. >> thank you, gary. g erin como. >> 5:27.:2 super bowl energy. a little subdued today.ubdued >> no, i'm happy it's monday.'mh >> maybe it's just me he. >> you're happy because the t broncos won. w >> why can't i be happy can be because it's monday.y. >> you can be happy that it's ba monday. >> because that's a lie. [laughter] >> holly is like let me just cut right through it wisdom,t ws here is how it is. i if you're just as excited asxcia wisdom for your morning m commute here are a few things ag to worry about. 50 closure tras.. keep it to fox5 news morning. mi we have you covered on this exciting monday morning.
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♪ oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-ooh, oh ♪ hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> good monday morning to thanks for waking up with usndan at 5:30. 5 guess what. >> what. t. >> i hate to say this. i we're talking about more snow mr in the forecast.he forast. it's not going to be a a blockbuster storm like laste l time. time >> been there done that.eeere do >> we know very little cany lite cause big problems.e biprob we'll check in with gary in i about five minutes for what we r can really expect later thislar
5:31 am
week. week this time around officials c in d.c. maryland and have ary have are not taking any chances.chces. >> d.c. mayor muriel bowser sent out a statement saying byny noon today the district planst to deploy more than 200 plows.nw those crews will be b pretreating bridges highwaysesiy and residential streets with stt salt. mayor bowser says plows will w remain in place until the t threat of the storm is gone. >> get updates throughout the day on and the t fox5 d.c. weather app.. weher >> the denver broncos did win w the super bowl, yes, but i, don't think we're going to talk about that right now. abo we're going to get to a little l bit of local news starting in st the district. this morning police are stille l investigating a violent crashsh that happened near nationals nao park. three he people were taken to tn the hospital. h it started with the driver whove was trying to get away fromm police.po at least one car was completely mangled.lete the bumper was found wrappedra around a light post at a -- was found wrapped around ad light post at a nearby nea intersection. one victim was ejected fromcted
5:32 am
the vehicle.e hi that person was transported tono a hospital witha spit life-threatening injuries.-thrng two other people, a woman and her child, also involved, bothvb were sent to a hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. ir also in the district> police are looking for theal loi gunman who shot two people p including a toddler. fox5's melanie alnwick liveeliea now in northwest with thethe latest on this mel. >> reporter: hey, good morning. yes, busy night here it was w saturday night on georgiaeorg avenue. we are in the 5400 block and0lok it was this area right here h behind me that was just sprayed with a barrage of barrae bullets. look at the video that we shot o on saturday night when it wasige still a very active crime scene. multiple gun shots fired f according to d.c. police some p of them actually went throughenr the metal security gate andnd struck a young boy a-toddler a-d who was inside that business,s, and police say those were
5:33 am
nonlife-threatening injuries,ini he was just grazed by thatby tha bullet. meanwhile out on the sidewalk, w d.c. say that an adult malelt was also shot. they described his injuries asss a nonlife-threatening bullet wound to the lower extremity low when we take to mean somewhere in the leg, foot, ankle, that,ha sort of thing, you get the t picture there. there d.c. police say this is still is a very active investigation.nve. they are asking anyone who haseo information to please giveatiotp them a call. cl. but if this point wes in unfortunately do not have any real good suspect information ir to put out there to the they really have not given us any information there ott on a suspect. i assume they're trying to t look for some security cameratym video and work on identifying those people, before you knowyo them in and do what they can why abou -- bring them in anddo what >> last night's game went toe w
5:34 am
the denver broncos. bro >> all defense all night long.on the broncos defense dominated as they beat the panthers 24 to 10. 0. game m.v.p. vaughn miller. peyton manning 141 yards41 y passing, no touchdowns, one pick, one fumble became the becm first quarterback to win thetert super bowl with two different franchises. but was it his last game. game. >> manning said he didn't wanti' to make that decision duringisiu an emotional time. gary kubiak is the first coachha to win a super bowl for thefor same team he used to work >> it's truck day for the boys b of summer. that means a moving company will transfer thousands of of pounds of equipment to space s coast stadium in florida.lori some items includes baseballs bb gear apparel and weights. wgh the team reports for springor training on february 23rd.ebrua
5:35 am
it will snow tonight so you'll n want to stay off the roads butos if you're out and about there at may be some delays on theon t there are plans to close four ce of the six lanes on the outer loop at 270 from 9:00 phil 5:00 tomorrow morning. crews will be replacing woodenn planking under the bridge. therg no word yet if tonight's t weather will force that em to reschedule. the u.s. coast guard will ca perform a dive test on theive tt potomac. it's an effort to identify ide what is causing an oily scene. boons are being put in place p to couldn't taint oilyouldn't substance. officials say that people may notice discolored waterolor because of today's dye test but the color will naturally disappear.ea. >> ♪ >> all right. when, where, how much?ere, huc >> oh, you want me to talko t about that right now? okay. oka >> snow. everyone gets a little jitteryji especially given the amountiven that we've already had..
5:36 am
>> i'm perfectly honest and at ease saying this one is a bit tricky.tric one storm becomes anotherom a storm and it's transferrings tra and blah, blah, blah. b i think the dealla is ---- >> when, where and how much gary. >> i knew it would come backomac to that but i got start withta w the bus stop fork 35 here in town so bundle up bue this morning even if you're inoe that 30 degrees zone stillzo going to bnee cold. c after school 42 to 46. 4 we stay dry for the daylighthe d hours, maybe a few spotty rain t showers coming in later on o towards the evening hours just j so you know but really the main event comes in overnighter and on and off through the day tomorrow. tom dulles is 28 degrees. i didn't plan on showing this p but since holly asked i'll gola ahead and plug in it so we it sw know what it looks like here. lr so here's the deal. t all right. all here in the city this -- again
5:37 am
we're going to be tweaking this a little bit especiallyit y during the morning hours. the mu most of the snow, the heaviest i part of this snow will benoll between baltimore and phillyhill up 95. that's three to 6 inches.o i there's probably going to beoint heavier amounts up there in that corridor,, too maybe six my there is plus. here in town we're looking atoog one to three. that's the light blue andighte that's the majority of our area except south of us where w we're talking a dusting to 1ng t inch. things are still fluid with fluw this s more info coming in. i know i want to see more info on this. on t there is a good look at what atw we're expecting right now.g rig. here's erin como with a lookithl at your traffic on this mondaysy morning you. >> say it like that. wisdom is all cheering for cerin monday. >> he's just trying to avoid anyone talking about the fact f that the panthers lost. >> gotcha'. >> he's trying to distract everyone's attention. >> i respect that.>> right now 270 south delaysay building 70 to 85. t usual congestion picking upngesc now that we've hit 5:37. 5
5:38 am
in montgomery county heads upy h for a crash. icc westbound approaching 29 columbia pike caution there.cait and then the inner loop we'rep w also dealing with another ano crash scene after branch aft avenue the shoulder isrs blocked.blocked. two lanes had previously beensl shut down. right now all lanes just the shoulder is taken out so use caution through that cau area in prince george's county and finally in loudoun county c 15 has reopened.eope they were dealing with earlier crash reconstruction at 50.rensr police directing traffic. t let's take a live look outsideki show you what you're up y against this as you can see 9ai5 a little bit of volume building on theldin northbound side from prince william to 123.o 123 nothing atypical metro also is on or close tos o schedule. got you covered if and when anything else that's your traffic. you back to you. >> when we come back detecting cancer. canc a new test that could warn couln people of the disease before o it's too late. >> before you head out tou heado lunch you want to hear why chipotle restaurants are shutting their doors for part of the day. >> stay with us. back in a moment.
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5:42 am
here's a look at the stockhe market. china's markets closed this week as they celebrate the lunar new year. singapore and hong kong markets are also closed. a if you got a hanking for f chipotle you'll have o to waitwa until late this afternoon. aer the restaurant chain is closed nationwide until 3:00 3 m the four hour closure is because of a company widenyid meeting on food safety s procedures. among the meeting topics are changes in food prep.ood p last year two e. colio e. outbreaks at chipotle spannedpo 14 states and left dozens of de people sick. sic a cdc investigation declaredred the outbreak officially the root cause of the e. coli to was never determined. >> we'll look at some of the o most talked about moments fromeo this year's super bowl.r b >> first though we've got someom snow in the forecast.rec we're going to talk about t that. we'll have an update onl a traffic as well. both coming up on the 5s. >> don't look at this, okay.s, o i was just going over somever sm stuff looking at new things t but i can say this ignore the
5:43 am
numbers altogether. this is the european modelan m that came in last night so i lat was looking at that. at it wants to keep theeep bull's-eye of the heavy snow-e north and this was not intended forended broadcast so you're getting a a little peek behind the scenes there at what i was looking wha at. weather and traffic on thetra 5s is coming up next. we'll have the full forecast.or how much snow are we going tooig get? we'll talk about that plus erin is in with traffic. stay with us.
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>> ♪ >> hey, listen it's monday morning. we're looking across the river there into roslyn. roslyn. it's mostly cloudy in town but t we do have clearing skies back k out to the west andest a temperatures reflect that.lect t back to the west it's coldert'se this morning. here in town we're holding up hu in the mid 30's or so. s >> yeah. >> want to show you what wehow e know right now.know r i think this is going to beng changed a little bit over the next few hours or so. winter storm watch is in place. this is issued of course by cou the national weather service.alw right now and again this mayin y change a little bit but righte u now there is no effectiveffti winter advisory of any kindfny for the city.fothe most of montgomery countygome ct there's no winter weatherer advisory or winter storm watchto or anything. northern montgomery county theyy up county, yes, there is andnd then into frederick county and across carroll howard and baltimore and all that.imor down to the south, though,uth,u, there's nothing.there's nothing. back out to the west it's a winter advisory.dvis the thinking back out west is oi most of the snow comes from coms the clipper that comes along.lo we end up with a clipper coming along initially.tial clip are comes across.cros
5:47 am
there will be a lot of energyf g in the atmosphere and thered will be a transfer or developing coastal storm system and some of this up s here will get to the heaviesthea of the snow because they'llehe get a little snow from thesn fro clipper and then a little snowio from the coastal so how allow al these come together and exactly where most of the snowrm he is, it looks like that's going to be north and east oft us. us. now, what do i anticipateipe here? i anticipate that thise h watch is going to go to a t warning and i also anticipatentc they'll bring down some sort sot of winter weather advisory, ais winter storm watch or something like that or maybe, m, the winter storm warning downar to d.c. d they haven't decided yet. we'll let you know when thatyout happens. hithink there are some thingssot here in i in terms of the impact we're talking that this snow he is going to bring us a moderate impact across the there will be minor m disruption.disrup impact is mostly timing related because of the facthe fc that a lot of snow comes inowoms overtight tonight.overtight it will affect tomorrow tomorrow morning's commute, it wills comw affect all day tomorrow andorw
5:48 am
into the evening commute, commue okay.ay. not a big snow for d.c. d unless something radically changes most of the snow he is n going to be to the north of torh us. we're looking at that kind ofatn one to three window of snow ono for d.c. and then you end up with falling temperaturesng t tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow, tr evening and that's going tod atg make things really, really even into wednesday morning. moi three he to six to the north.or. look, this is what we'reha w thinking now.thin i think we're going to have to malanipute this a little bitte t more. hopefully our models willy our w start coming on line together te with the consistent spot oft stf the heaviest snow fartherar north and northeast.northeast. another change that may needt my to be made, we'll watch wch southern maryland because theya could get something from thiss developing coastal storm system that we're really not not reflecting in this forecast in h yet. so, here in the city, though,ho one to three before it's allefi' said and done. a d south of the city a dusting to t 1 inch.1 inc again, things will changell here. i don't think we're set on s o this forecast completely yet. y big storm system off to them off east of us. u western area coming together.ete this is the influence of the low pressure clipper system coming down.coming you see the slow snow flyingw f
5:49 am
out of the midwest coming out me of the central plains. eventually it comes across the h great lakes and the ohio riverhe valley. chilly conditions to start.rt. 44 degrees at noontime with sun and clouds.d cs. late this afternoon we'reerno mainly cloudy. cud there may be a spotty shower or two here or there beforeef it's all said and done and de a then the mixture comes in later tonight.onht snow likely tomorrow. tomor look towards the end of thethe week, friday, saturday, sunday, bitterly cold.old. coldest air we've had so farad f is going to be settling in.g more details all morning long ml on this pending snow andnoan snowstorm coming up tomorrowcom and into tomorrow evening.roenig here's erin como. c monday morning, time to get angt look at your morning commute.ngc i will assure you, erin, thatrit the morning commute this morning is better than what thaa it's going to be tomorrow morning. >> i'm nervous with reducedvo temperatures too that we may get freezing condition that isus may put a damper on your commute.
5:50 am
weather not affecting our traffic yet. right now 95 northbound in stafford crash activity near crt 630. delays back to centreportt parkway.park once you get north of that point let's take a live look. l we start to encounter thatha normal as you make your way 95ay northbound from prince williamwm parkway to 123 it's just a j heavy flow of traffic. traffic once you get to the bottom of the beltway across the wilson wl bridge you're looking prettylo good there. t we'll switch it back over for a look at our maps.aps. leesburg loudoun county no delays reported eastbound out of leesburg on seven or 2267. we'll let you know when thatnowt usual volume does increase.lume in prince george's countyou inner loop crash.inr lo that this should be clearede car scene after branch avenue.branc. right now just the shoulderder blocked.bloc much better shape than when wene had three lanes blocked.locked 301 north delays fromels cedarville road to five.o caution as you make your waye yy out in prince george's countye e for that portion of your ride and inon frederick no shock herh delays building 70 to 85, 2705,0 south. sout metro is looking pretty goodyood there on or close to schedule.r we got you covered forcl your
5:51 am
monday morning post super bowlol probably kind of sleepy ride. back to you guys. >> all right, speaking ofigki super bowl, as you know the denver broncos won and we want w to talk about some of thee nongame related highlightsighlig from last nig >> we'll start with ladiesh lad gaga. she started it all. al. listen to her. h she did the national anthem ante and she knocked it out of the park in my book. my she he did a great job. job. i love the national anthem, obviously the when they show the playershela that are sing, i love that, tt, that always tugs at my heart myt strings. anyway, lady gaga bigger fan after yesterday.este. >> i was impressed. impressed impressed by lady gaga. >> fast forward to half time,im bruno mars -- >> yes. >> that was nice.>> tha his whole routine we've we' already talked about this, histh whole routine was nice, thehe
5:52 am
outfits were nice, the tributes to m.c. hammer's hammes dance moves he was on thlaw on the stage wip and beyoncé.eyonce i don't like his song but he h made me like the routine. routi >> he was hot.ot >> made you want to dance.e >> weyo were dancing. dci >> look at that. >> he had his 80's gold ropeold chain on. >> we're bringing it back wisdom.. >> i'm wearing two gold chains and the big clock.the g cl >> beyoncé was amazing per usual. no surprise there. s but beyoncé, bruno and then coldplay.coldpl >> that other guy. g >> nobody knows who that othertt dude >> where is he? >> he's coming. cin >> there they go.he >> he came out of nowhere. nhe >> who are you?>> who are you? >> that's the guy who wop the we contest. >> he drank more pepsi thanpei anyone. >> come on, that's how he got g
5:53 am
on stage. stage >> i think that worked at the end. end. i liked the end. >> i enjoyed coldplay moredpy than i thought i would. >> let's talk commercials. >> so, look, the commercials.oma not a lot of them were a hitwert last night. one i particularly liked -- iik- liked three commercials.thre one of them was steve harvey's e commercial. it was a t-mobile commercial.omc >> i have to apologize again.gan those were las.t year's's numbers. it says right here on the card r t-mobile doubles the ltd coverage.coverage. >> you get the gist of it. t >> you knew he was going to doo >> he was making fun ofs ng f himself for doing that miss universe gaffe.ersefe. so. >> i'm with you.>> there weren't a lot of a lot commercials that really stood out. i did like the shock top beercke commercial. you probably don't remember it.. loser walks into a bar. >> i >> another moment that ient thai actually really enjoyed was all of the m.v.p.'s from all fm
5:54 am
of the >> joe montana, jerry rice.e. >> and its awkward moment of when tom brady walked out and everyone booed. booed. did you hear that.did you he >> no, i missed that. >> yeah. >> i was like, oh, i'm not lik even a tom brady fan. >> everybody hates tom.vebody all these haters on tom. hon t >> or was it deflategate.latete >> really gary? are you newew gary. >> do we have to bring it whatting. >> did anybody see mike tyson? >> i heard he did a a commercial. >> that was hilarious. michael and sons. s >> oh really that's where hes we is now. >> i thought it was hilarious. o >> it was hilarious but come on am i shouldn't dog michael and sons because theynsecau sponsors.onrs. >> we wouldn't dog mike tyson. i think he could take you. hd >> there's no doubt aboutre th'sat. >> all right.ight. no doubt about it. >> we getting some snow garyy no doubt about that. t >> i want to show you the seven day to give you a listen. li be where you need to be by 7, 8 o'clock today.
5:55 am
snow starts rolling in reallyron overnight tonight and then on te and off tomorrow. we're talking about one tolkin three here in the city. listen, this forecast is by --y- it's not in stone yet its a tricky one yet. one we've got a clipper, transfer ts to coastal. coastal comes up the close.mes o all kinds of things.of t it's going to be a little bit bt of a nightmare forecast untiltnt we get this thing pinned down. d not under any type of advisoryds here in the city now bute city t that's probably going to change. chan i think we're expecting one tono 3-inches here in town especially during commuting cmu times and they'll have tod bring in some sothrt of an advisory, winter storm watchtorw or warning covering the area a let's just wait and we'll letai you knowt as soon as it it happens.ppen hand off to tucker. off t he'll take care of it for ther t rest of the >> he's waiting in the wings anxiously. erin como you got thiso traffic, right. r. >> i do today.>> do today. tomorrow is definitely goings de to be a little bit more of a challenge. same story wednesday as that wet weather moves in.weatmo right now 95 north in stafford d crash at 630 on the shoulder.ule
5:56 am
you can see that long line ofe h yellow leading towards thatowdst scene. as you get to the beltway bridges county inner loopy inne crash activity after branch avenue. shoulder blocked.ld blocked give yourself extra time totra get through that area.ha a prince george's 301 delays del from cedarville road to five.vil metro on or close to schedule.e. we'll keep you updated. bacback to you wisdom. wis >> baseball season is arounds ao corn and it's a big day at nats park. >> bigger than drones, manan buns taco bell unveils its tots see crete new menu item duringid last night's super bowl.ight sup >> our kevin mccarthy hasthy his top movie trailers thats t aired during the big game. back with more news, weather and traffic right after this.
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> straight ahead at 6:00, theo search continues in then t district at this hour for thet person who shot two people,o peo one of them a toddler.oddler the latest in a live report. rer >> what a flight for theigh broncos.brs. the lombardi trophy on its wayts to denver. d panthers making headlines. hdl the league's m.v.p..v criticized for his postgame interview.rv >> live look outside on this ou monday morning. morning it is february 8th.ruary 8th. a lot of people talking aboutpl the snow that'e s expected inecn our area tonight. tht tucker is going to fill in you n very sho weather and traffic coming upg u on the 5s. 5 we'll do a little specialtle s something for you before that,f though. good morning to you, i'm allison seymour.son seym >> and i'm steve chenevey.he we will can um to fox5 newsn um5 morning. let's get to tucker right away a because we have snow in the the
6:00 am
forecast. what's the the deal. the d >> not today.od don't have toorry about anything today and this is notoy going to be a major event for the immediate washington area.a however, looks like we couldwe u have some light accumulationsumt around here in about 24 hours 2s and by this time tomorrow tomor we'll have snow flying acrossinr the area. a let's show you what's probably l changed since you went to bedt o last night. n national weather service hasat issued a winter storm watchin for parts of the area. you can see hete there anne arrundel, howard county, cnt northern montgomery county nowcn under that winter storm watchtea and up towards baltimore and a winter weather advisory out todv the west. the area there their to thehe north and east looks to be to where we'll get the most it's a possibility that wehat we could see several inches ofes of snow up towards philadelphia and baltimore. most of the area is going to ist get some snow.geme s we'll talk about the details, dt when it arrives, how much weuch might get, all of the abovehe a coming up in just a couple a c minutes but again, big change from last night. las n winter storm watch north and east. . nothing locally but i expect e


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