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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  February 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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>> right to sue palka. >> high there, it will be disruptive, and complicate our tuesday, that's for sure. we are getting off easy today, not much has start today fall, and it did get rather mild today, into the mid four's, so roads, sidewalks, will melt off anything we see little later tonight. we think this will start beeen nine and midnight as cull minute ann of rain and snow, small accumulation on the ground tomorrow morning. but, another rounds complicates the evening russias women there is will be on and off situation, and by tomorrow night, you will be all right, let's get it out of here. this kind of map will tell you the story too, where we look at the winter weather alert, winner storm warnings, winter weather advisory, the differences in the amount of snow you will get. the advisories generally get a little bit less, but enough to be disruptive. that's what we have for dc, southern montgomery, prince george's county over to fairfax, lowden, and also northern faulkner, and the warnings, more snow expected. and so we do expect to see heavier snow totals across parts of anne arundel, for
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example, even up toward howard county, northern montgomery into frederick all the way up toward the philadelphia area as well as beach locations, so little nor snow there. this is how it translates on our map slushy snow, maybe dusting on grass to inch, and then you have got the jackpot areas northeastern maryland in the mountains, more of widespread three-six for northern communities where there will likely be more impacts with this. we do see little bit of precipitation on radar, not getting many reports of this hitting the grounds just yet. i had to go down to roanoke, but at the moment what we do see a loft is more rain, temperatures at the surface still in the 40's, no worries for the evening commute. this is our system, it is going to be moving its way to the coast, and, eventually, becoming a separate coastal storm, and that's when we think tomorrow, it might have opportunity in the afternoon to throw bit more moisture our
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way. last stop here the timing. 9:00 to midnight combination of rain and snow here locally before 9:00, red zone, watch midnight yellow zone, we do expect to have, again, small accumulation in the morning, but maybe bigger problems for tomorrow evening's commute. so i will take you hour by hour through the future cast and show when you we think we get the bumm being of the accumulation, who has the most problems on the roads coming up a little later, sean, back to you. >> thank you, sue. all right, so, when the snow actually hit here, part of new england will then be bracing for big old blizzard, that's right, the region expecting up to 18 inches of snow, along with high winds, and white out conditions. here in newtown, massachusetts, newton, massachusetts, excuse me, national weather service says southeast part of the state could get the brunt of the snowstorm, the rest of massachusetts plus rhode island, eastern connecticut could also see winter conditions there, as well. forecasters say the snowstorm could cause power outages and dangerous road conditions for drivers. new york city, philadelphia, new jersey, could get two,
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3 inches of snow between today, and tomorrow night, and the snow could stretch into wednesday. >> the family after missing germantown woman needs your help to bring their loved one home before the cold temperatures settle in tonight. 656 year old nancy vaux meyer was last seen last wednesday in the 13,000 block of mill haven place. family says she suffers from altzheimer's. straw mayor without her medication and her family is concerned for her welfare today serve her home for clues. no foul play in this case, her son said in addition to police, family members from out of town have come to the area to help in the search, along with local neighbors and friends. gone through the apartment. we found, you know, address book, we've gone through every number we can possibly finds. we divide those up. we have individuals call. we've got fact sheet they all festival of families out so we know everyone is taking the right information down. >> anyone with information should please call montgomery
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county police. >> fox5 is in prince george's county tonight, elementary school volunteer is accused of making child pornography and using kids from the school where he worked. police say he had 40 videos of naked children, he's now being held on $1 million bond. fox5's paul wagner live in palmer park where police wrapped up news conference short time ago, paul, these allegations are disturbing. >> reporter: stunning, sean, absolutely stunning. and shocking. and i was just able to look at the charging documents in the case, and it describes some of the videos that police say caro way had in his possession, one of them says he can be seen in the video engaged in a sex act with a child. it also says some of the videos were filmed inside the school bathroom. let's show you a picture of caroway, 22 years old, school volunteer at judge sylvania woods. if you have a child there, and you think your child may have been involved, or at least new or had some involvement with
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caroway, police would like to hear from you. though also like to hear from you if you had any or your child had any involvement with the municipal center in glenn arden, where he was the choir director, as well as some involvement he had at the theresa banks memorial aquatic center. now, bridges georges county police 22 year old caroway, filmed students as young as nine years old, during the school day, on school grounds, at judge sylvania woods elementary school. police say he produced as many as four videos and can be seen and heard in some of them. investigators say, they know of ten victims so far who were filmed naked at the school, as well as at the municipal center in glenn arden where he was the choir director also at the theresa banks memorial aquatic center that i just mentioned. police say caroway admitted his involvement in some of the allegations and being held on $1 million bond. investigators believe the school volunteers been producing the videos, since at least the beginning of 2015,
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and sexually abused some of the children. how did they find out about caroway? here is major rob brewer to explain. >> on thursday evening around 7:00 we were notified by the uncle of a student that they saw a nude photo on the child's phone, on the application kik. and the student advise that they forwarded the image to mr. caroway. they came to us, we were able to get some information from that student, identify mr. caroway, and identify other potential victims. bring other victims in, speak to them, and get enough information to get arrest warrant for mr. caroway. >> now, many of you have heard of this kik app recently, it has been in the news, quite a lot. one of the reasons why kids like it, is because it provides free texting and unlimited texting over the internet. and you do not have to give up
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your name or your phone number to be a part of the kik app. you can remain anonymous. police say if your child -- if you suspect your child may have had some involvement with caroway, you are asked to give them a call tonight (301)772-4930. that's 772-4930. >> live in palmer park, wall wagner, fox5 local news. all right, paul, thank you very much. a dc man has been arrested for his link to a shoot that involved 2dc school administrators. justin headsmith charged with assault with intent to kill. police say the school administrators were shot inside a park car, near barry farm, on eaton road in southeast last month. both were hospitalized with non-live threatening injuries. dcps officials say the ad minute straight ores worked at roosevelt stay anibal ooh stay schools. >> zero six years in prison, that's the sentence foreman convicted of stabbing two people at metro station in montgomery county j gave
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reginald cooper the maximum sentence on 22nd agree attempted murder charges. police say cooper stabbed two men waiting for a bus at the rockville station, back in december of 2014. the state's attorneys office says the attack is a public safety issue, that affect everyone. >> it is something that is terrifying to any commuter, that uses the metro, or uses transit to go back and forth to work. these young men did not know this individual. i'm glad they have been arrested, and convicted. because i take the metro all the time. >> think punishment like this will serve as deterrent for these type of attacks. >> tonight the mother after child murdered 17 years ago, is outraged. she just received notice that her daughter's killer will be released from jail early. timothy phillips, friend of two year old amani robinson's mother was babysitting the child at rockville apartment back in 1999. he pleaded guilty to amani's murder, under plea deal phillips sentenced to 25 years behind bars.
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but now, after racking up credits for good behavior, phillips is scheduled to leave prison in just three days. >> there is no reason why this man should personally, i don't think he should ever get out of jail, let alone get out early, is insane. how many other children now have the possibility of being hurt by this man? >> if we could do anything to ease her pain, we would, but we also obviously have to follow the law, and the law dictates he will be released even though refused parole this thursday. >> under the terms of his release phillips will be on probation until 2024. >> baltimore prosecutors want to delay the trials of three of the police officers charged in the freddie gray case. they want to wait until the appeals court decides if officer william porter will be forced to testify against those other officers. now, porter's january manslaughter trial you may remember ended with hung jury. the other officers, edward
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nero, garrett miller, lieutenant brian rice, each face assault, misconduct, wreckless endangerment charges, freddie gray suffered a severe spinal injury, and later died, he suffered that injury while he was being transported in the back of a police van last april. friends and family gathered outside the fairfax adult detention center to remember natasha mckenna, she died one year ago today while in police custody at the fashion ill at this. mckenna had history of mental illness, officers tides dollars her four times as they tried to remove her from her cell to transport her to al, andre, a warrant for her arrest. fairfax county commonwealth attorney decided not to charge those officers any wrong-doing, instead, called her death a tragic accident. straight ahead, at 6:00, what new action the white house is taking to stop the spread of the zika virus. >> and, if you are in the mood for some chipotle, employees are standing by ready to take your orders. workers nationwide took a safety seminar today.
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what changes the chain is making are still ahead tonight. >> and, of course, keeping close eye on the impending snow, the latest projections when the news at 6:00 returns. >> ♪
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>> asking for emergency, to fight the ziska virus, money used to control mosquito control programs and speed development of vaccine, world health organization declared the virus global health emergency. in the meantime, neuroid err pole shows the impact of the zika virus on international travel. forty-one president of people polled say they are less likely to take a trip to puerto rico, mexico, or south america 48% say it has not affected their travel plans. >> deadly train crash prompted
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maybe to make big changes, 560 long crane fell to the grounds, killed one person it fell during high winds, smashed over cars, landed right at intersection, mayor dill did i -- bill did i blast yo, will require operators to stop with cranes whenever there are high wind. unclear if the winds played a role in the accident. >> chipotle cleaned house today. >> they closed today so work coaster go over food safety procedure, topics include food preparations, new change, new way of marinading chicken and steak, comes after they were plagued with several e-coli outbreaks last year. go to my twitter account, tony perkins fox5, is that what it is, yes, tony perkins fox5. just put out pole asking whether or not you're ready to go back to chipotle. would like toknow your thoughts. >> i'll re tweet it, so more people can way in.
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all right, so, if you just thought it was your house, you might want to think again. apparently the wifi even here in the people's house, the white house, is little spotty. we're going to tell you what the obama daughters have to say about it, and of course it is necessary for teenagers lifestyles, right? >> plus, spicing things up may be the key to a longer life. we've heard this before. we'll tell but that. >> also, did you guys see this? who wasn't watching the superbowl half time show last night? beyonce may just be a marketing genius, not only did she drop a video the day before the superbowl, she announced a world tour seconds after performing during half time. and of course now there is this, beyonce's taken from songs of her new song, formation. >> there is a tote bag for your hot saws, and sweater with the message grow on your haters. >> she is no dumb. >> i no, she not. not.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ [mother] yeah but this neighborhood,i feel like it's got a lot of what we were kinda talking about. we should definitely go see it. [agent] hi. melanie. maggie. living room. [dad]what about this? this looks good. [brendan] no. [mother] isn't it great? [announcer]redfin pays its agents based on your happiness... that's real estate, redefined.
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>> spy spicy foods may be the key to longer life. >> found spicy food lovers have lower risk every cancer, lower heart and respiratory disease risk, as well. british researchers studied the diets of nearly half million people over several years. they found correlation between eating spicy foods and reduction in overall death risk. in fact, they found eating spicy foods six or seven times a week, tony perkins, appeared to lower mortality rates by as much as 14%, the researchers say the active compounds in chilly peppers, kept, reduces inflammation and boosts your metabolism. >> wow. >> yep, because you're hot so you're like -- need water. >> moving around. you know, i don't dislike spite spicy food, but i don't hands it will well. >> all right, that makes sense. >> you know, you're supposed to drink milk, people always drink water.
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milk you're supposed to drink. all right, so. >> would you think a fancy place like the white house would be high tech? think again. >> before the superbowl, obama's complained about the white house's tech issues. president and mrs. obama said the white house is an old building, so there are a lot of dead spots where the wifi doesn't work. the first lady added that their daughter, sasha and malea are sometimes irritated by not having reliable wifi. >> i mean, ya, they're teenagers, they want to be able to communicate. >> what do you have advice for the next incoming family? they're we're working on a few things, got to fix the we high. >> white house should be good. question for you, did you take paternity leave when you were pregnant or your baby was born? >> well, i didn't take -- >> paternity leave. >> i took maternity leave. i know, just messing with you, tony. >> i did. >> well, few days off, perhaps even couple of weeks, we hope
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so, new finding shows men are more likely to take leave from work if they have a son rather than a daughter. researchers funds university of california santa barbara also found more dads are also likely to take time off if it is their first born child, but, they take it less time off for the subsequent children. that's not fair. the studies author is suggesting fathers may get more satisfaction from bonding with their sons, than daughters. >> interesting. >> it is interesting. but dads watching out there, take off as much time -- >> i love that it is now more and more common. >> important. yep, moms, we appreciate it. >> stay with us, we'll be right back. ack. >> or not. we toss to sue palka. >> hey, sue. >> quick break, wasn't it? >> wow, you're amazing. >> lots to talk about tonight. including the impact that the snow may have on our tuesday. we're fortunate that it has held off long knife tonight. it got warm enough today. no issues this evening with
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the temperatures into the 40's, pavement, your sidewalk should be okay. but tuesday's impact should be on the moderate side. farther north you live, the more impact you're going to see, we think locally here talking about one to 3 inches. and the commuting concern, will be a big deal, especially tomorrow afternoon. the higher totals will be north, less south, and i'll show you how much i think we will be on the ground in the morning, but i think bulk of the accumulation may be after the morning commute wrapping up tomorrow night, and then we've got to watch for quick freeze tuesday night into wednesday. so, here's the scenario, we have area of low pressure, it is rather sprawling, and i described it at 5:00 a look g like big hung every swiss cheese, that energy will come over to the coast, tonight, and during the day tomorrow. so, tuesday morning, that system is still in the process of moving over to the coast. and we have snow or mix here locally, with rain farther to the south and east, tuesday evening commute, storm system over here in the atlantic,
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favorable position to throw back more banding every snow, which could cause our evening commute, and the rest of the tuesday night to be a bit more after problem than maybe the morning will be. so, this is a tough one for schools tomorrow. winter weather alerts are up in the pink. we have winter storm warnings and in the purple went winter weather advisory, for the dc area, although montgomery split the difference, the northern part of the county, in a warning, meaning more snow southern, winter weather advisory, three to 6 inches more, maybe area of 6 inches plus in north eastern marl looked, through the evening hours show you what we think may be on the ground tomorrow morning at 7:00. not too much for in you lower southern maryland. to dc, maybe we have an inch, or inch and a quarter. and then even up toward the northern suburbs, still only thinking this might only be about 2 inches tomorrow morning. but, as the day goes on, we get closer to the evening commute, now this model, rpm model, little bullish about dc having three, three and a half inches, on the ground, to 3.6
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in gaithersburg, 4.1 in baltimore, then the bulk of this will be winding up around 10:00 tomorrow night. i think the bulk of the accumulation probably on the grounds by 6:00. but we are watching. that will it does seem to be taking little longer to get on out of here. either way likely looking at one to three in this green area. with three-six to the north, then again, couple of spots, as noted northeastern maryland in the mountains, could be over 6 inches. here's where our precipitation now, a lot of this not even hitting the gown, as we go through the night, 9:00 to midnight, should start to see some areas of rain and snow. here it is, this system again that's going to be moving its way across central virginia and over to the coast, in the next 24 hours. so your future cast looks like this, at 11:00 should have some snow to the north, rain and you can also clearly see that rain-snow line right near dc. by 5:00, 6:00 tomorrow night, not a lot going on south of dc, but still accumulating in the northern suburbs, and this model, wants to keep it going even into midnight, then we
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have to watch the refreeze for wednesday morning. so i think wednesday morning's commute will be issue, as women. we've been helped out by above freezing temperatures today, that will keep some melting going on the pavement. but that chance of rain or snow developing tonight, we drop to about 30, and really through this whole thing, temperatures are quite marginal. so there will be some melting. we should be able to get to up 36 degrees, but you know that that will create some tricky travel for us. so, onward we go to your fox5 accuweather seven day forecast, and you can see, that we are getting might i cold now. thursday's temperatures only 30 degrees. so a little visit from the polar vortex, my friends, coming in for the weekends, and your eyes do not deceive you. i hope you have somebody to keep you warm on valentine day, 25 degrees, ten at night, to 32 on monday. i'm cold already just thinking about it. we'll be right back.
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>> we will live you with video of panthers fan, you can look, decide for yourself. >> what's going on here? >> touchdown. >> oh,. >> star wars director. >> i have such a connection to jj.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: von miller threw an epic party after the super bowl, featuring lil wayne and we got inside. ♪ >> he's rapping along too. i mean, it looks like the party to be at. >> i want to know, was peyton manning there? >> no. peyton manning was icing his whole body. [laughter] >> the weekend and bella hadid. they went to craig's in west hollywood. they walked in and they walked back out in five minutes because they didn't like the table they were offered. >> it was a taste of the best table at craig's. having to go back to the economy, it's like going to the premium/economy at an airport, and then youit


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