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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  February 9, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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. >> 270 father hurley rain and snow today could cause problems for the among and evening commute. >> big question, how much are we going to get? >> gary mcgrady has the forecast and gary, you know, it's not just the snow we have to worry about it's going to also get bitter, bitter cold come this weekend. i've been looking at those ten degrees that have been on the 7 day. >> well, that's true. and we do have this legitimate arctic air coldest we've had this season. cold is coming in. so it's kind of we deal with this okay and then we get to the cold stuff as we get to the latter part of week and into the weekend and there's going
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to be snow showers as the cold air comes in late week two and then maybe another storm next week we'll be talking more about that and addressing that as we get to it. now a couple changes here. and not unexpected that we begin to see 32 degrees frederick now and 32 gaithersburg because there's a little heavier snow band there on top of gaithersburg and the snow will pull and make the air colder obviously. here in town we drop from 38 to 37 all about temperatures now this morning and we know that we're a little bit warmer than perhaps what we thought. but, again, 2 70 cold air -- corridor is right at freezing now. so good thing i mean i'm so glad all these roads have been treated and they're putting out a lot of salt now and schools have been on some schools on delay out there and scrolling across the bottom of screen and now we know that montgomery country you guys are on a two hours delay that just came across and breaking news for
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you there and continue to watch temperatures and temperatures real close. and snow band up through central and northern sxs of montgomery county right now and lifting up to the north and to parts of frederick county and that's where the greatest accumulations will be in northern metro areas and northern maryland counties why the greatest accumulations will be. snow burst now de mask us is getting one as well up to woodville and basically up to cred rick county and along the 70 corridor and pretty decent snow and northern loudoun country and keeping an eye on this one. everything else is mixy rainrye type of situation temperatures are critical. snow bands critical aas well. we'll talk about how much we'll get before it's all said and done in a few minutes, guys. >> thank you, gary.
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heads up this morning the rain and snow prompting prince william county schools to on two hours late. again, prince william country schools opening two hours late today and we also heard from montgomery country schools they're also opening two hours late and but right now all other districts in the region opening on time. and the federal government is also on this morning. but employees do have the option of unscheduled leave or unscheduled telework today and non emergency employees have to alert their supervisor if they tend to use i'mer option and emergency employee eyes are expected to report to work on time. talking about metro they're operating on regular metro weekday schedule. they planned for metro to operate on snow plan and that's been cancelled. metro on regular schedule toda today. metro rail bus and metro access are all operating on normal schedule today. >> crews in maryland have been gearing up for today's wet weather including pretreating roads overnight. >> and "fox5" melanie alnwick checking out the road conditions in frederick. wow, flakes coming down there, mel.
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>> it is. see we told you we would find it right we never failed to deliver on when we're out on snow patrol. we're here this is route 75 right here and we're just about in the new market area. so as you know, we came up through montgomery village and then through de mask us and we saw what gary was talking about in terms of those little snow bursts and snow bands and then continued following up here on i 70 and then here to new market. but definitely you can see the stuff is beginning to stick and it's i got to say it's pretty good snow man and snowball snow. it definitely has a lot of moisture in it and it's clippinging together and so good things that these roads did get treated we can see and hear as we were driving the rock salt that was down there. so i would say yeah it's a dusting right now. we're still standing by waiting to see what frederick count question would do. they're supposed to make make an announced 5:00 this morning what they would do with schools. they admitted the forecast was
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uncertain and they'll be out checking roads any minute now we'll know what they're dog to do as far as schools go. frederick county government went ahead and made preemtive strike and said folks could take liberal leave and though some areas certainly not what they were expecting. last night frederick county government said they were expecting 4 to 8" perhaps higher in some areas of the2 county but here, so far, the air temperatures is as we said it's holding 32. we have not seen it kick up as we've been drive around. not sure how accurate our car thermometer is but pretty close because it's definitely snowing here. we'll keep an eye on conditions and probably you know take a look at our "fox5" weather app and see where to go next. back to you guys. >> all right. remember you can track the latest on today's weather and get updates from the "fox5" weather team throughout the da day. and on "fox5" d.c. on facebook and twitter and the "fox5" d.c.
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weather app. >> and melanie's shot shows you how different it can be in relatively close distance you know what i'm saying. >> she's right on the northern edge this little heavier snow band we're talking about. couple of things of note with melanie's report there. a grassy area accumulating. roadways not so much. >> that's good that's the perfect snow. >> i understand. keep in mind they're right at 32 up there. so we'll have places that come down to 32. maybe a little below that all right? >> also coming in anne arrundel schools now on two hour delay as well. >> i think that is what will happen. frederick i don't know this for a fwhakt does frek frederick say. >> i don't think we heard from them yet. >> i think they should probably cancel. because they're going to get more up there and they'll deal with it obviously i'll tell them what to do an a lot of two hour delays around. there clarksburg and purple there that's september ral northern montgomery koptsy up to southern parts of frederick county that's where melanie was and you can see where it was
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and you see the extent we're tracking this little heavy snow band too. that's right in here. with you know what we're seeing dardens town game rzburg to clarksburg to de mask us and southern frederick we'll watch this area here. it seems toing be striving shrinking a loyal bit and not necessarily decreasing in intensity the bulls eye of heavier snow increases in intensity a little bit. they lifted winter weather advisory in d.c. and fairfax and prince william county. this mainly is northern metro up into maryland northern virginia storm here and the winter storm warning that they did have for baltimore county all the way to northeastern maryland that's all been lifted up north in pennsylvania and everybody else is under a winter weather advisory. i wanted to show you what we're thinking in terms of snowfall totals here in metro, kind of a mixy reigny maybe up to inch northern metro 1 to 2 includes montgomery county and howard country and northern sections of central parts of loudoun
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county too. and so then up alongp i 70 corridor norm of that you're talking legitimate snow here and 2 to 4" of snow before it's all said and done and melanie standing right in it. so we'll see more of that before it's all said and done. erin a couple temperatures now are at freezing. that's gaithersburg and frederick so that's at i 270 corridor and then let's see the airport dulles is right at 33. so, again got to watch those real, role close this morning. >> on time traffic. . >> and 5:08 gary breaking news out of loudoun county. loudoun county schools closed today. administrative offices will remain on. again out in loudoun they're closed. taking a look outside at some of the conditions seeing just rain right now. 70 up at 270 and melanie's camera snow is significantly falling out in other parts of frederick and montgomery
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country as well. and now as we move over and take a look here you can see things are moving along long okay as we make your way along the 95 corridor and no problems there and things looking good as you make your way from woodbridge up to bement way. my best advice to you this morning is reduce speeds and take it slow. even though the snow is snot necessarily sticking in most of the dmv we are seeing wet conditions and you know rain can cause just as many problems and as you especially want to slow down, bridges, overpasses, on and off ramps and we'll move it over to the maps. operating normal schedule and same with vre metro bus is not on a moderate snow schedule they've adjusted to normal and schedule today and metro rail is looking good. and federal offices do remain on and we have more information on that and you can reach out to me on twitter erin "fox5" d.c. and inner loop doing good plenty of green we have you covered as more folks hit the road and problems dixon this wet tuesday morning. back to you guys. >> thank you, erin. coming up you trust teeners to
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take care of your children but a teacher on child important charges. >> and polls in must hampshir hampshire. >> and polls in must hampshir hampshire. first results after the
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>> back now at 5:11 developing news out of germany where at least eight people are dead and as many as 100 others injured this happened after two trains collide and happened in the state of bovaria southeast of munich and local media reports unone of the trains derailed in the crash and several train cars overturned. so far no word on possible cause. police say this is the most devastating train crash the country has seen in years. >> closer to home prince korj youptsy elementary school volunteer accused of abusing charges deonta car owe way faces counts of child por pornography and sexual abuse of
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a minor an second degree sexual offense he committed sexual abuse at glenarden municipal center and also at aquatic sent erin personal homes and there's ten victims that range in age to 13 and some of the victims railroad targeted through a messenger app through kikk. >> and voting is underway in new hampshire and in some parts of states the votes are already in. polls opened at midnight and three tiny towns the first to report the primary reports di dixville nox with population of twelve. john kasich received three notes and bernie standers got four and hillary clinton none. and the other two towns with tlults morning, hearts location where sanders and kasich got the win and mills field. winners there clinton and cruz. the rest of new hampshire starts voting this morning. shutting down d.c. general.
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straight ahead what happens to the homeless who called it their home. >> and first traffic and weather throw, gary. >> i want to show you this is one spot we're getting pretty significant snow. definitely covering ground under this. this is dardens town up to extreme northern loudoun county and over to montgomery country and due norm of that. germantown, parts of game r rzburg and into western sections of ol any and then into hold on de mask us i couldn't see that and extending to frederick too. that's the only little snow burst. temperatures mostly above freezing and those temperatures underneath this little snow burst down around 32. accepted pictures on twitter if you can. i know there's good ones out there. we'll have that and the full forecast and how much snow we'll get where it's the heaviest and all that stick we'll get where it's the heaviest and all that stick around coming up
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uplift your mood with hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl. from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m., indulge in a medium hot or iced latte or macchiato for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'. >> time now is 5:16 look liver outside virginia road conditionsp leesburg you can see it's wet out there in fact it looks like snow showers coming down. gary mcgrady could probably tell us more on what we're seeing outside. some view rain and mixture of snow, rain, let's toss it to gary. for what's happening. >> yeah, into loudoun county, schools closed there for loudoun country and prince william county two hour delay. prince william county is not in the winter weather advisory my
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nor. montgomery country two hour delay. watch out there there's a band of moderate to heavy snow there ut ping down good snow. gaithersburg, germantown. and anne arrundel on a two hour delay and we'll see a lot of that really coming in over the next few minutes too. and montgomery country schools again two hour delay. >> katie. >> we said that. >> here's where we are now. i want to show you ray day to give you an idea what is taking place there. snow starting to accumulate on grassy areas and especially where we're getting a little heavier snow burst. >> and watch how this is m coming in sigh the darker purple that's the snow bursts coming through and thanks for the pictures, too, on twitter and keep them coming in and i'll favorite them and retweet them and do all that stuff gary fox5dc i like to see what it looks like out there i obviously can't tell here. i know where it's snowing moderately. this whole band is moving up north and this is the area right here around 70 and town to part of 270 corridor in montgomery country where we
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think the heaviest snow totals will end up cannot so much here in the district because simply temperatures will be pretty high here. and there's the snow burst here. we painted in red and that extend up -- gaithersburg is right there. germantown right. there got a couple good friingts. there thank you and up to de mask us there and right up over to 270 line and melanie in new market i believe snowing good there too. that's where we're getting accumulations, everybody else is wet and snowy and mixture there and grassy accumulation. temperatures critical. 32 frederick and 32 gaithersburg and 32 westminster and this is exactly where i think these temperatures will come down freezing if not a little bit below. here in town we're going to stay up above freezing and the lowest is 33 or so. we'll all start warming up in the afternoonment here the impact. calling it moderate impact. it's low to moderate out there
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for some of you it will be wet. and others of you it will be white. but with a wet roadway and then there's going to be legitimately a couple of slippery spots out there too. metro, rain, snow, and obviously commute this morning and this evening will be impacted. tomorrow morning we'll vl to watch for slick spots and cold temperatures higher totals obviously north of metro less would be south and here in town we're talking maybe a wet one a little more than that a little northern areas of metro. most temperatures will be 32 and above. that doesn't mean we won't have a few 1309s getting down be employee 32. that could happen north and northwest. and quick freeze overnight tonight as temperatures get back down below freezing. winter storm warning has been taken away for northern country county southern pa now and everybody else under a winter weather advisory which does not include the city of d.c. or fairfax country or down to prince william country it looks like it will be too warm. here we go.
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this is what we think in terms of snow cast. look, 70 and north. legitimate snow. 2 to 4" come down before all said and done. 1 to 20 you get an inch or so in places of mvring county to southern frederick county and here in town we're talking east wane west of net row. and maybe up to one inch generally rain snow nix tour out. there that's what we're dealing with and will continue to watch the radar and temperatures all so, so crucial thl morning with the snow. here's erin cuomo there's a look at traffic. >> things are definitely pecking up at 5:20 gary seeing more volume this say look 270 southbound side by 109 and you can see brake lights already starting to pick up. slick conditions you need to reduce your speeds and factor in extra time as you come towards the spur you hit heavy flow. stop and go conditions by the truck scales as well. like i said extra time needed. there also, 95 as you make your way northbound side near prince william parkway starting to see a lot of traffic across all lanes there stop and go conditions up towards the
5:21 am
beltway as well. so it is a morning to get an early start and to factor in extra time to patle this slick conditions and we'll switch it over for a look at the map from cameras inside from thap that keep in mind if you want to take public transportation mark vre reports and met row rail operating on normal schedule and metro buses looking good right now. no delays to report. we'll certainly ep keep you updated if and when that changes and let you know if anything pops up you need towed steer clear of this morning. keep it to "fox5 news morning". steer clear of this morning. keep it to "fox5 news morning". back in a few
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>> 5:23 now was home to many homeless people in d.c. and today d.c. mayor muirial bowser will discuss plans to le place d.c. general. >> it was a is they's largest family homeless shelter. >> bob barnard is live in front of the shelter southeast more with more on bowser's plan. good morning, bob. >> hey, maureen, holly, wisdom, good morning to you. we'll find out if 9:00 this morning mayor bowser is holding breakfast with d.c. council she will not only announce more of the plans to shut down the d.c. homeless shelter and where throughout the city they'll on up these smaller temporary homeless facilities. than is the plan she's had since she's taken office and we have not known where these shelters will be and they'll be temporary and a little more family friendly and closer to the services that the homeless families need. the conditions here at the former d.c. general hospital
5:25 am
are just not ideal. and it shares the campus with the d.c. jail and so this is something the mayor has wanted to do. but we didn't know where across the city these new shelters would be opening. we'll find that out this morning and later this week on thursday, the bowser administration in all 8 wards of city will be holding public hearings. public meeting to further discuss the plans for these new facilities and the shut down here of the old d.c. general hospital once and for all the largest homeless shelter in this area which again has come under fire for conditions and what have you. so, you know, it's nothing we've been waiting for and we'll find out later this morning more about this plan, guys. >> all right, bob, thank you for that. >> all right you see that stuff behind us. >> yeah, wow where is that. >> do we know where that is. >> minneapolis? >> no i'm kidding. >> alaska. >> we can do that. >> or northwest i don't know. >> is that melanie's shot?
5:26 am
>> new market katie where is that shot? yeah. anyway, keep going somewhere in the greater washington area. yeah. yeah. >> it's snowing somewhere. >> beautiful look at that shot do we know where that shot is from? >> quit asking questions clearly we're not in the information business. >> montgomery country. >> okay. >> she's in frederick county. >> moved on up. >> she was. >> she was new market. >> she wept up the hill furthe further. >> that's right. higher elevations up there. that's right. >> yes, listen, here's where we are in --. >> ski liberty next. >> the little -- i don't me -- it's snowing there a little bi bit, yeah. here we government i want to show you radar. this red area where we track moderate to heavy snow temperatures right in there are around freezing or snow. you can see that on radar. it's red. we're seeing real snow. this is basically the gaithersburg area up to germantown and de mask us too and it's shrinking not expanding and that's already dropped a lot of snow.
5:27 am
thank goodness. thanks for the pictures gary fox5dc on twitter. >> fol 34e me. >> retweet, favorites. >> people love pictures. >> i'm about to tweet and put on my facebook page too expected totals of what we'll get today. >> okay. >> so it will be worse in the suburbs obviously. >> north and western and northern areas too. >> ie you're shoveling when you get home. >> i'm not. >> i'm not. >> i'm not. >> you know who will be. >> kids. >> thank you. >> let's talk about the roads, erin cuomo hopefully the rain is not having too much of an affect on traffic around these parts you never know. >> right now seeing volume much earlier than we typically see that leads me to believe people looked outside and said hey it's raining light snow. 270 south was backed up 70 to truck scales and 95 prince william to beltway. heavier volume increase around the area. 66. moving along beltway outer loop new hampshire backing up.
5:28 am
got you covered nor morning commute and got you covered today. stay tuned to "fox 5 news today. stay tuned to "fox 5 news morning" the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3.500 hospitals. fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
5:29 am slash eastern.
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>> snow is indeed falling in parts of our region. frederick county you're looking live. wepter warm advisory north of d.c.. for the most part, the snow is not sticking when it hits the ground. so, roads are just wet.
5:31 am
and not slush covered. but still be careful because it's creating some dive contac contacty on the roads. >> all right we have school closings and delays to pass along in virginia loudoun county schools are closed and prince william county schools on a two hour delay and fauquier county schools on a two hour delay. in maryland, montgomery and anne arrundel and howard county schools all on two hour delay. there are several delays involving private schools. you can see all of those scrolling at the bottom of your screen. also, want to tell you the federal government in d.c. is on today. but, with the option for unscheduled leave. and for telework. >> we want to get to melanie alnwick who is driving all around tracking conditions and melanie let's academic with you now. it's coming down hard. we see you standing here now. >> it is we decided to stay here in the market area and this is definitely one of those snow bands gary has been talking about. temperatures remained right
5:32 am
about 32 de grows and this is like a really heavy kind of sticky snow. and so, really good. depending on what happens with the kids today i don't know if you guys mentioned frederick. i've been looking online and i don't see anything from them yet. but this is definitely a day off or whatever good snow to play n and i want to show you also untreated areas this parking lot here these parking spaces are untreated and that's what you can expect with sidewalks and that sort of thing impacted by this. and road so far and schools were supposed to make announcement by 5 this morning i've not seen anything yet are you showing my lame little snow
5:33 am
many didn't get a chance to finish that. maybe later hour you know he's a tiny baby give me a break. there probably not much you can't make a big one here in the snow any way it looks pretty when coming down but again we're not sure what kind of impact with till have on the side streets and turn lanes and sidewalks as well and we'll keep they canning it out back to you guys. >> i weren't want to tell you frederick county schools are reporting a two hour delay keep that in mind fred rig count question schools on two hour delay all the other schools going in late this morning. turning now to politics. voting underway in new hampshire and in some parts of the state the rots already in. polls on midnight in three tiny towns. rest of new hampshire stlots morning. joining us live with more doug votes in some early. who is ahead and who still has
5:34 am
a way to go? >> well, you know this is kind of part of the fun of new hampshire. it doesn't mean a whole lot you're talking about a handful of voters. but in dixville not which gets the nod as first place polls are on they had less than a dozen voters and interesting to note john kasich won among republicans barely one vote over donald trump and all four democrats dixville knots voted for bernie sanders. it was a shutout. it may be indicative of nothing but voting gets underway ner nernest here 6 or 7 a.m. and then we should get results in maybe we'll start get results in early to late evening today. >> who needs do well here? is it do or die for which candidate i know for trump and sanders a win here would solidify them eyes of people looking to see if they maybe could be the nominee for their parties but who really must do
5:35 am
well here and who could it be a curtain call here if they don't perform well in must hampshire. >> i think it's fair to say if bernie standers and -- sanders and donald trump don't win today they're in trouble. they're staking everything on a win in new hampshire and they're far ahead in polls. it doesn't seem likely they won't walk away with this today and then question becomes who comes in second on republican side. democratic side we're pretty sure that will be hillary clinton if the polls have been correct to this point. they're both going to stay in the race beyond new hampshire on the republican side some of them may drop out if they don't doe well today. beyond trump you have kasich pulling a decent second. he penitentiary a slot of time in new hampshire and marco rubio good news bad news week he did a surprising showing in iowa caulk es and yet had difficulty in debate over the weekend. here's another cap date we'll watch closely today. >> we know voting gets underway
5:36 am
in ernest this morning in new hampshire dug lose aider will academic with you later. thank a lot for that. . >> all right time now to get an update on weather. if you're in the suburbs you've seen a lot more than we're seeing in the city. so be ready. >> picture are great, twitter fox5dc. >> we have school closings and delays as well schooling at the bottom of the scene. >> we you have covered. hev just is purple that's deeper purple heavier snow and it's kind of heavy snow band we did have starting to lift now and into northern montgomery country out of gaithersburg to de mask us and we showed melfy up in frederick country new market along 70. good snow. there covered the ground. little nice little covering. it's been hard enough to you cover the roadways too. temperatures are right about freezing from gamersburg up to 270 to frederick and that seems
5:37 am
to be the area getting colder dulles at 33. there's know flying for loudoun county. rain snow mix in town too. temperatures are not supporting anything being much of a problem. here's forecast for today. this represents the city and metro. 34 degrees. don't think freezing in the metro. it will be cold though and wet. rain, snow, mixture and it is going to keep that in all day long. temperatures make it up to the mid to upper 30s. we may just touch 40 degrees this afternoon before it's all said and done and this evening the wind start coming in from south and north. look i have not shop this in a little while. what i want to do is move this north to see now -- look at this northern metro one to two. most of metro and south is kind of rain snow up to an inch or so. i 70 corridor north talking about potential of 2 to 4" avenue snow and that has that
5:38 am
changed much but we pushed higher snow totals 6" plus well up into pennsylvania and that's where wepter storm warning is and everybody else d.c. include excluded is under wirpt weather advisory through the day and through the evening too until midnight. so kind of a wet snow in places and it's already accumulating though in the heavy snow band northern montgomery county now up to southern sections of frederick county. still watch the roads. a lot of wet roads. snowy roads especially north and west. here's erin cuomo to talk more about the compute it morning. >> 5:38 and even though it's not snowing look behind me it's already a parking lot. >> oh, my gosh. >> on 5. >> absolutely. >> in virginia dale city up to 123 you hit a wall of slow moving traffic and a lot of people trying to make it work so they're leaving earlier be prepared to reduce speeds take it slow and use caution and factor in the extra time. switching over for a look at the maps. there's a crash in fairfax route one bellvoir road and
5:39 am
newspaper rhetoric seeing more snow coming down even though not necessarily settling on the road we're seeing wet condition causing additional delays. they're building from 70 all the way down to father hurley boulevard. you see the yellow it's a slow roll. northbound volume is light. even though folks are moving slower it's not causing delays to pick upen ot maps. as you make your way out for public transportation mark and vre normal service and metro rails and also pulled a moderate schedule and operating full service. federal offices on today as well. got you covered as a lot more folks hit the road tuesday morning, back to you guys. >> we have breaking news overnight. a train crash in germany death toll is rising at this hour. new details onlying up after the break. >> plus cruiseship nightmare where passengers are headed back to port in new jersey this morning days ahead of schedule. >> and taking a live look outside tracking snow that is moving across part of the region.
5:40 am
latest updates just ahead. >> first we want to get a quick check on stock market. wall street finished monday with sharp losses after investors dumped stocks on fears over help of major bank and japan nikkei market drop reporting largest decline in three years and chinese stocks closed for lunar new year and european stocks are down and closed for lunar new year and european stocks are down and u.s. futures are also down.
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>> time 5:42 developing overseas eight people are dead and 150 others injured after a train collided in southern germany. around 35 miles outside of munich. one of the trains reportedly derailed in the crash and several train cars overturned and rescue helicopters are used to carry people across the river to ambulances waiting on the other side. >> royal caribbean cruiseship changing course after dealing with hurricane force winds sunday off coast of carolinas and instead of heading to bahamas it's headed to new jersey on board furniture tumbled over and ceilings fell down and table tops crashed to the floor. no one was seriously injured. . >> and still ahead, coffee and chocolate. starbucks is out with valentin valentine's day drink. >> first gary mcgrady. >> still snowing out there. this is bigger picture with
5:44 am
just radar. there's big area of low pressure kind of clipper system back out west of us and this comes across. it will transfer energy and a lot of moisture off the coast later on. built we're getting some decent snow in places and then it's kind of a rainy mix out there in other places. we're talking about temperatures. how much snow we'll get and when it's all going to come to an end before arctic air sets in later this week. lot of winter weather to talk about and full forecast coming up stay with us and erin will about and full forecast coming up stay with us and erin will be back with traffic. t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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>> couple shots of the snow coming down out there and you know some places it's coming down good and coming down heavy enough to accumulate a little bit especially grassy areas and great twitter picture and "fox5" d.c. and send them in and heavy snow band was enough to actually accumulate on the roadways. it quickly melts temperatures coming up again. and temperature has come from freezing back up to above freezing and that's the heavy snow band and that block right there is moderate to heavy snow band lifted up through montgomery county and in its wake it's nice little coating of snow and ina cross the river, too, into parts of northern fairfax and loudoun
5:48 am
country too and little more snow popping up out there central and western sections of loudoun county too and up towards brunswick or rocks in here and down towards love it itsville and head on down taken to tier orsections of loudoun county not so much in the metro. tracking snow band here it s moving to northern montgomery county and ibd indicates moderate to heavy snow. gamersburg you come up down to 32 now back up to 34. in the heavier moderate snow temperatures drop down to you 34. we're seeing another little band form here northern loud ton southern sections of frederick country and all this is inside of 81. here's 81 way back out here we watch a couple little bands and move up to the northeast and winter storm warning southern sections ever pennsylvania there and basically between pallet more and philly and not even northern delel and all
5:49 am
pennsylvania and winter weather advisory not d.c. that was can saeld overnight. and prince william county as well. and where it's heaviest obviously creates no doubt about that erin is tracking it and she'll number in a second for that. higher totals less north south and basically rain snow mix through the metro and to the south. most temperatures will be above 32 but there's always a couple at 32 and freezing temperatures will bring refreeze in spots as colder air comes down. mainly for d.c. a rain and snow. you don't see it it's under the banner basically up to an inch possible. especially grassy areas. just north of d.c. montgomery country and northern prince george county parts of anne arrundel county most of loudoun
5:50 am
county you could earned one two and north of that i 70 corridor and northern maryland counties and washington yoynts and frederick county and carol and baltimore harbor all that is 2 to 4. it's legitimate snow coming through before it's all said and done and 4 to 6 with 6 plus we lifted north, northwest philly suburbs may get 6, 6 plus allentown 6, 6 plus and if you travel north that's what we'll end up with and again just outside of the metro northern areas could pickp a slushy one to two before all satisfied and done. here's the forecast for today. cold and raw all day long. with this rain snow mix. these temperatures represent the city, 34, 8 a.m. and i don't think we get to 32 in town that won't happen and 38 lunchtime and 38, 4:00. we may touch 40 for a high today and what i've already seen are obviously some snow is accumulating and it's starting to melt again. the roads are pretty warm from yesterday's sunshine in
5:51 am
temperatures yesterday well up into the 40s. that's a benefit us to. cold and freeze breezy tomorrow, 38 rmingts look how cold it gets thursday, warm, 2 234 the bottom drops out arctic air coming for the weekend. bitter cold on sunday. 25 degrees for a high or this happens in february sometimes erin. erin is not happy about that. >> listen i'm going through a wedding for valentine's day in philly i'm hoping that the snow is not bad there. >> we'll issue a cuddle alert for valentine's day. >> i don't think couples around the district will be sad about that. >> it's all how you look at it. >> i like that we'll work on that and build a graphic right for for the morning commute we're seeing a lot of congestion. northbound 95 slow by 198 i'll get out of the way the taillights are oohing towards 212 that's where we're dealing
5:52 am
with accidents 212 and 95 southbound novrm beltway and outer loop from new hampshire on through the spurs just seeing heavier traffic. you can see those slick conditions. gary said it's a good thing the roads are warm and that's light snow coming down and that is not steking and wet conditions that is causing slow traffic you see upper loop a little more crowded than we usually see this time of morning. we'll switch it over now and show what you else you're up against. 66 eastbound volume building 2 234 to 28 prince william and fairfax crash alert route 1 belvoir road and carb around that intersection and aside from that 23red rick 270 southbound right now delays building from 70 to father hurley boulevard. and watch for visibility problems as you drive around this morning even though snow is not sticking you need windshield wipers and extra time. we'll take a live look outside 27 0 and show you how that commute is looking now. you can see just again that yellow line down through gamer gamersburg that's what you're
5:53 am
up against. if you take melt row raim service on or close to schedule and see that shine now from the rain. again southbound side definitely slowing down. got you covered on "fox5"you can check in with me and? i specific questions for the commute on erin@fox d.c. >> this man was elementary school volunteer and thousand he's facing several ounts count of fellly child porn. >> bob barnard is live in glenarden and judge silzanio elementary school why the alleged incident happened. >> good morning to you maroon, wisdom, deonta car owe way 22 years old was a volunteer at sylvania woods elementary school and according to prince george country police was recording children on video performing sex acts with each other and alone. and not just here. at school. but allegedly at the gledarden municipal center and lola quadic center also at some of
5:54 am
the children's homes. this all was discovered when police say the uncle of one of the victims discovered a nude photo on his nephew's phone that was sent to caroway on the kikk app. that's that april getting a lot of attention lately. so the photo was shared. it led police to this deonta carroway and he's facing ten counts ever sex crimes with children ranging in the age of 9 to 13. here's prince george county police. >> so this is kind of wake up call built you never know where individuals i'm very disappointd thursday a victim's relative discovered a nude photo on the cellphone of a ill judge sylvania woods student that photo was electronically september to caroway through
5:55 am
the kikk messenger app april. he's held on prince george county jail 1 million bond. authorities believe there are likely other vick terms and so if anyone recognize this man and thinks that perhaps he has done something with someone they know toe please call investigators guys. >> and it looks like 2015 was year of the shark. there were so many shark attacks last year a world record was actually set. experts say 98 unprovoked attacks were recorded last year and 30 in florida alone. previous record was 88 back in the year 2000 and u.s. led rest of world with 59. australia followed with 18 attacks. >> all right in sports this morning looks like seattle seahawks marshawn lynch plans to retire and his agent cop firms that. lynch hintsed that he might be retiring sunday night tweeting out a picture with a pair of cleats hanging from a lower line. along with a peace sign emoji.
5:56 am
lynch won a super bowl with seattle seahawks and played 9 seasons in the nfl. >> and he saved almost every penny of $49 million he made in the course of the career. >> good for sglim excellent. >> that is a lot of exitls. >> that's winning there. >> eat on skittles good for him. >> good to hear. >> listen here's where we are. checking out the radar. let's look at the dark purple northern montgomery country parts to howard western howard country and carol county and frederick county that's heaviest and we're tracking the band north let's put down coverage from germantown, gaithersburg and frederick as well too. there's another heavy area of snow. sections of central and northern loudoun county. that's where we'll be. i weet tweeted out snow totals we're expecting and we try to accumulate snow totals people already received coming up through the morning. >> okay. . >> tuck ser in he'll --. >> he'll happened it out.
5:57 am
>> you know who else is in? >> i'm walking in the studio. >> erin cuomo. >> looking to see snow this morning. >> busy morning already. >> what did you say. >> busy morning all right. sorry for delay. a lot of rain in cameras as you make your way out to montgomery country area. steady flow of traffic we're seeing a lot of congestion building into the district this morning you see the wet, rainy snow mix coming down now. let's go ahead and switch things over and show you a look at other camera around town and maps and right now top of beltway congestion building as well and as you make your way up 66 inbound same story there we'll keep you updated that's a look at traffic and we'll have more as we continue through the look at traffic and we'll have more as we continue through the 6:00 hour.
5:58 am
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>> good morning, everybody, ye yep, it's snowing. take a look outside on this tuesday morning, february 9. a winter weather advisory remains in effect north ever the district. now for the most part the snow is not sticking when it hits the ground. though that's not the case everywhere. be careful out there. it's creating some smrush slush on the roads. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm allison seymour. >> and some are getting more speak to than anticipated and nothing yet. more and more school systems closing and more delays coming n we'll look at major ones and start in virginia. closure if virginia loud on county no school there. prince william fauquier county schools


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