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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  February 9, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> good morning, everybody, ye yep, it's snowing. take a look outside on this tuesday morning, february 9. a winter weather advisory remains in effect north ever the district. now for the most part the snow is not sticking when it hits the ground. though that's not the case everywhere. be careful out there. it's creating some smrush slush on the roads. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm allison seymour. >> and some are getting more speak to than anticipated and nothing yet. more and more school systems closing and more delays coming n we'll look at major ones and start in virginia. closure if virginia loud on county no school there. prince william fauquier county schools are delayed two hours.
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>> maryland now, montgomery, frederick, anne arrundel, howard and alleghany county schools are all on a two hour delay. and there are a few other delays involving private schools you can see all those thoseing along bottom of screen and also the federal government is on today on time with the options for unscheduled leave or telework. let's get right to tucker barnes he's got the latest now, good morning. >> good morning, mix of rain, snow in the city and all snow north and all rain and setting up as we expected and bonus here if you want to go to school and wanted to go to wor work, is that temperatures remain above 32. not really getting the chance to stick on the roadways. let's look at radar. we'll give you all the information here. start with radar. you can see norm and west we got snow. it's really coming down here now in parts of montgomery county and fred ring county and looks like carol county there in northern maryland and sort of rain snow mix across the city and then as you get a little further south and east
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it's mostly just been rain and we have got had any reports of accumulation yet. in fact as you get up if you have accumulation send them to us and tweet me and we'll start to get the boards up and figure out how much snow we'll get across the region. snow advisory across the regio region. we'll look at snow totals and what we can expect tuesday coming in a couple minutes guys tossing it back to you. >> sounds g. tuck, thank you. >> today's weather could make for slick road conditions across the area. >> "fox5" melanie alnwick is checking things out in frederick county. how is it looking mel i saw your snow man. >> yeah. >> you left him. >> that's all coye do out there i know i tried. and look hey look we got back on the road and wanted to head 75 south and i have to tell you it's really not very good out here. and some of these roads you can -- i don't know if you can see in our picture almost all the roads we've seen now have started to have a little bit of snow cover on them and we just now saw here on 75 going not
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opposite sgrex heading north one know truck in a way looks like they were trying to spread ice meltdown there and nothing to plow just yet. and it looks like we're approaching another one here if you can see it there on our left happened side. and so, but it is tricky driving as here and as i expected we get down fourth 75 into montgomery country because you need your lights and that causes a -- some difficulty when you try to drive and then again when these roads -- they're starting to become a white and covered with that snow. so, little bit difficult as we're getting a round and we'll -- you head towards the hyattstown area i know that gary is familiar. gary and wisdom are familiar with clarksburg area we'll check in see you can see here total different now we turned down this part 75 and seeing more black pavement. i think we'll see a little bit of that and also on marking lots we have also seen complete
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coverage. a lot of parking lots, sidewalks, as well. things that have not been treated will be your biggest challenge this morning. that's how it looks here. we're going to check in with you guys in a little bit from montgomery county. back to you. . >> melanie, thanks, let's look at other top story this morning in prince george county elementary school volunteer accused of abusing students, 22-year-old deonta caroway facing child pornography and sexual abuse of minor and second degree sexual offenses and calloway targeted children using a messenger app kikk he's held own 1 million dollar bond. >> we'll learn more today about d.c. mayor muirial bowser plans to replace d.c. general with short term family houses facilities. d.c. general as the largest family shelter last year the council voted in support of mayor bowser's plan. she will also sun mit a legislative package to allow the district move forward with closing d.c. general once and
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for all. >> breaking overseas rights now at least 8 people dead and 150 more hurt after two trains collided in southern germany in bova ri ia 35 miles outside of munich. one of the trains derailed and several cars over turned and rescue helicopters transported a couple people across river ambulances waiting on the other side. lots of delays out there because of snow. i get. it depending how coiled it is it can be tricky. >> not everywhere yet. >> certainly not everywhere. in fact here in northwest washington snowing and not sticking anywhere. i think that will be for much of the area. it's just norman wet of beltway where we start to get reports of light accumulation on the grass and on the roads. this is what we deal with today and --. >> all day? >> kind of on own off all day. not terribly heavy but periods of light snow around for a mix or then we'll clear things out tonight. and there is your winter weather advisory.
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so these winter storm warnings they kind of scaled them bake little bit as the snow was falling out there overnight has not had a chance to stick until just really in the past hour or so and again winter weather advisory does not include city of washington now and does include prince george county there and montgomery county and howard county and frederick county all end ended up with a winter weather advisory. and all right, temps, notice reagan national notice everybody still above freezing reagan national 36 dulles 33 and bwi marshall 34 helps keeps thing in decent shape on roadways and you need good snow ridge to overcome the temperatures otherwise it melts as it hits the surface. here's a look at radar. generally d.c. norm and west we are looking at snow. darker purple you see up 270 there as you get up towards frederick in western howard country psychesville and -- getting heavy snow at this hou hour. and we could expect that to
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continue for the next suvrl hours. most of travel disruptions will be north and westp town. again, montgomery country, frederick countsy, up to northern maryland we're expecting hev yelingt snow amounts and there's a look at satellite and radar. it was a clipper system transferring energy as we speak to area of low pressure see the green off the coast that's area of low pressure developing throwing additional moisture back today. we have period of snow all day. it might know? d.c. most of the day and total accumulations will be a an up. we're not locking for a lot of snow in wash to be. >> get a little break. >> we'll take a look at the accumulations map and u.s. snow totals we'll have fun. >> we are. >> we'll mix it up today. >> it's a party. >> great. >> time for mardi gras, erin. >> in addition to mardi gras what is today. >> i saw your message earlier this morning i was not aware and i'm jealous. >> national pizza day and national bagel day. >> i'm living for day. >> it's a good day for cashes.
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>> maybe pizza bagels. >> genius. tucker barnes. >> this is why tucker is the best. >> i know what we're having for lunch now and if you're just trying to get out of bed and make your way to work keep in mind even though it's not necessarily sticking all over we have seeing wet companies. 29 in fair land and late snow coming down as you make your way towards the beltway. also keep in mind 95 excuse me southbound side of 212, 9 5 southbound 212 crash at the beltway. aside friday 50 west delays 202 to kenilworth because of heavy voll num prince george county and prince william 66 eastbound side seeing volume building 24 to september areville and also crash activity route 1 belvoir road and also keep in mind 270 southbound slow moving traffic from 70 to truck scales and again through gaithersburg and melanie alnwick has been in and out montgomery county and frederick and she's seeing heavier snow coming down
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causing additional problems for the commute and here's a big line at the slow moving traffic down through father hurley blvrd really aside from that as you take public transportation today good news no alert for mark or vre federal offices on today and metro rail on or close to schedule and metro bus is on on schedule you can talk to me about any specific questions on your morning sdmriv party times in new or heaps celebration here at at home. >> still ahead first primary in nation voteers in new hampshire cast their ballots this mornin morning. 6:09 back in a moment on greeny morning. 6:09 back in a moment on greeny or snowy tuesday.
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>> app arrest warrant was issued in tie twan for the
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building designer that collapsed. investigators say witnesses reported satisfying cans of cooking i'll packeded in the walls possibly used as support. >> i didn't see that. >> as syrian government and allies ramp up it's defense thousands are forced to leave homes mostly women and children and un and other aid groups are working to provide food, water and medical aid to those threeing towards bored were turk writeen some reports say that the number is over 30,000 for civilians. and syrian peace talks are set to resume later this week in munich and u.s. secretary of state john kerry is seeking a cease-fire stem the flow of immigrants. >> votes are coming in in parts of new hampshire where poles opened midnight. these are tiny towns we talked about every election cycle. the first report is dixville knots population twelve people and on democratic side bernie sanders got four votes and
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hillary clinton got zero and governner kasich got zero and trump got two. >> and mills field whipers there clinton and cruz. now the rest of new hampshire starts voting this morning. >> could be a new name in the race. michael bloomburg is considering launching independent campaign for president he told "new york times" he was looking for all openings for a bid. he had to mack a decision soon if he wants his name on bat lots at the beginning of march. >> timely let the party begin it year's mardi gras celebrations always wanted to be in new orleans when it happens. >> i don't want to be there 6 p.m.. >> mardi gras is fat tuesday and christian fasting surprise of leapt. television braces last until midnight. >> i'm sure all those people
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celebrating realize that. >> what? >> the reason behind it. >> i bet they do. >> back at home the d.c. region has its own way of celebrating mardi gras to mark the last day before lent national cathedral hosted pancake races after noon today pancake day is british tradition and then tonight in arlington a parade is set to get underway at 7 along the streets in collarton and the courthouse area there and before all that good day d.c. headed to bayou bakey southeast d.c. they're getting ready for a bidsy day too coming up in the early morning hours. >> i would like to be part of that. i love food in new orleans. >> still ahead. >> we're keeping an eye on wipt remix and impapingt on the roads. >> let's take a look outside right now as we head to break on this tuesday morning. melanie is out drive around on the left right now and you see the snow out on the roads if frederick country we'll check negative with tucker after the
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break. let us know what the snow is break. let us know what the snow is like in your area as well.
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. >> it looks pretty tuck. >> that's impressive. >> hopefully not --. >> is that oxon hill now. >> watching rain, snow mix. transitioned to all snow to parts of area. and we will expect light accumulation around here. >> here's got news,
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temperatures well above freezing. what is falling out there at leasted in the city is not having a lot of sticking and that's going to make travel easier. here's a live look at storm tracker radar if it's a mess it's because it is. rain south an east of oxon hill it's now snowing in oxon hill. snow across the city. really ipt wear minimum of rain and snow and all know north and west of country and that darker purple you see to frederick and northern montgomery this is where the highest trouble spot was and if you get northern tier of maryland you can see several upchs of snow. it's complicated warm pattern, a clipper system coming through transferring to area of low pressure off the coast and we'll watch additional moisture thrown back at us here over the next couple hours and we'll keep the snow, rain mix, even rain in the forever cast for
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the last several hours. we'll get a few abands where we get heavy snow setting now. each if the snow flying out there it will have a tough time sticking on the roadways because check out temperatures well above freezing in city. 36, 36 annapolis and leonardtown 36, 39 quanitco and 36 mannasas and seeing preezing temperatures gamersburg and frederick and again that's where i think most of the travel difficulties will be as you get off west and north as our system continues to develop here during the day today. all right. phew future cast not looking at terribly heavy snow and the further south you get the mess drn you won't see more than a few raindrops and keep snow bands going to the north and throughout the day today and it won't be particularly intense at any point but we'll see snow showers through the evening rush hour. perhaps rain. and then the whole system wraps up tonight. so again we're not talking about major accumulations.
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maybe, maybe an inc or sdwo of snow here locally and then more like 2 to 4 as you goat frederick and montgomery country and northern montgomery country and howard county there baltimore maybe two branches but not a mailing or storm. still enough to cause morning disruptions and school delays as we're watching the snow sticking north and west of town and if you get snow accumulation please, please tweet me and let me mow what you're getting. 40 today, 38 tomorrow. look at wold weather moving on in, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday. that is right, erin. you're going to need to snug well your sweat heart. >> oh,. >> 25 sunday. >> that's daytime high. >> that's how cold that is. >> matches your lipstick perfectly how does traffic look. >> i've been if a sassy nod so we did the red lip stuck. >> guess you noticed. >> yeah steve said that yesterday sgle what it matches heart. >> it matches all the break light mipd me. we'll move over to traffic. >> nice one. >> i try sometimes.
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>> 6:19 literally parked prince william parkway up. no crashes to report. tons of volume. slick conditions. even though the snow is not necessarily settling on the road. that water is causing usual problems as if a normal rainy day. aside from that seeing other issues around town and 295 inbound backed up by the naval lab out there and we'll go check in with maps and show you a look. ken ill worth dealing with delays at well. 50 inbound. clash cleared. i would say leave early take your time and use caution this morning. steve, allison? >> it's fat tuesday but there may not be any party on wall street today next a check of market. >> let's head outside tuesday morning and where are you and how much snow you're getting. make sure to check bottle of your screen and we'll up state at 6:30 now. your screen and we'll up state at 6:30 now. 6:20 back after this.
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>> yesterday. . >> yeah. so so dow down 400 points and nadz dak down and this morning could be better. fruit turdz all over the place. at the moment they're down slightly. the big to sell -- dow fruit tears down 82. they've been all over the plac place. moment ago they were down. the big -- especially europe peep so many tied to oil secto sector. we see that falling close to 29 yesterday and back to 30 this morning and also what the message depends to the federal reserve. how many rate hikdz if any will be there this year. >> that's usually. we hope to turns around today. what google is trying to do to stop terror groups from recruiting. >> it's a pilot program and shows intense pressure google is festing its sight if a --
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some terrorist related term try to get information on joining isis app the like and google come bats that with a narrativ narrative, ad, it's anti-terrorism and anti-isis. not sure it will work but it's a move in the right direction and showing there's policing of that activity going on the sportsfever television network line. >> it's something. >> thank you. >> have a great day. >> thank you, you too. >> all righty. 6:25 time for tuck to come back on in and tell us more about what is happening outside. your recent --. >> you can always share my chair with me. >> absolutely, allison we'll all get together. awkward to you. >> lets go to radar. >> see. >> thank you. >> hey, snowing out there. >> good hd radar and 7 day and show you where it's going and just north and west we have --
6:26 am
thank you >> a lot of snow breaking out. >> don't you feel that way. >> yes. >> no? >> yes. >> 270, montgomery country, pretty good snow now falling and that's where heaviestive snow will be this morning. when i arrived app hour ago it was rain snow mix and now it's all snow coming down. good news temperatures are generally mid 30s here in city and point south and not sticking on roadways. that's good news. as far as travel i think it will be a nuisance locally and it's north and west you are on the roadways let's go to the 7 day forecast very quickly lots of weather maps coming up and again this afternoon we'll have bands of snow continuing to the evening rush hour and high temperature 40. temperatures well above freezing today and then much, much colder weather the end of week. look at high temperatures this weekend. we may not hit 33 saturday or sunday. >> that's crazy.
6:27 am
>> tuck. >> all right. steve. >> and valentine nice and warm. >> you escape the extreme cold in january. >> cold. >> yeah it is. >> which part. >> the part i said to steve. >> i was referring to tucker. >> erin i hope you saw on twitter the people in masses are demanding ask allison and erin segment. >> two people tweeted you. >> i want to you know i'm experienced of this. in the fifth grade i had a question box for the newspaper. >> you did? >> an i would answer question questions. >> why don't we call tony and request if that's a good idea. >> it's a wonderful idea. >> good luke getting him on the phone. >> well, right now rain is causing problems. snow is not really settling but outer loop all day on new hampshire out to the spur inner loop as well. 270 another area always slow but especially slow now. as you make your way down from frederick to the spur give yourself plenty of extra time there. we'll look quick at maps. aside from that other conest
6:28 am
john around the area. that's a look at 270 congestion i showed you. 66 east bottom of beltway across the inner bridge and metro right now in on or chose to schedule and allison and i are having a meeting at the show to plan the new segment. >> i'm in the a hater. i'll write the first question. >> i can't hear you. >> coming up next. >> an elementary school volunteer looking at news once again who was trusted to care for young children has been arrested for allegedly producing child porn oing fixt bob barnard is following that disturbing story. >> another look outside tuesday morning we'll update school closings and delays coming up next as the snow continues to fall out. there we'll check conditions fall out. there we'll check conditions across the region at 6:30.
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>> across the d.c. region and heavy dmv. leesburg and germantown and frederick county maryland and also coming down at a good clip ovrmen hill maryland. tape all has to do with temperatures where you are. snow employed numerous school delays and even one closing in loudoun county and check the bottle of screen for updates. and information at finger tips and he's at the weather app.
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and the disturbing allegations and child pornography. and bob barnard is live in gle glenarden judge sylvania elementary school for alleged incidents happen. prince george county some video recordings of children in gle glenard on municipal center at the teresa 'banks memorial aquatic center and some of the children's homes and right now this denane car owe way age years old a volunteer here at the school a youth choir director in the area and he's facing ten counts they know of
6:33 am
ten victims ages 9 to 13 that's what he's facing rights now and police tell us here nay second how they discovered this and wael hear a parent in this area 'rkt ago old crimes you never know. very disappointed. >> on thrs a victim's relative discovered a nude photo on the cellphone of a judge sylvania woods elementary school student and that photo was electrically sent to caroway through the kikk messenger april. >> we're hearing about that kikk messenger app and ten known victims and 407 videos row covered from this deonta
6:34 am
caroway so far and he's held on one million bond. >> all right. fox thank you very much. before we get to tucker and the forecast. nfl season over let give more love to the team in d.c.. that's due to one of the top goal" s in nhl brideen holefy going for 44 tonight the nhl single season record is 48. alex ovechkin leading team in goals with 30. how good are the cap this season. they're first team in nhl to reach 80 point and did in 51 games they lead eastern conference by twelve points over florida panthers and lead pet row poll tan division 15 points over second place rangers. tonight they're in national taking on the protesttors and
6:35 am
wiz nard action tonight and take on the knicks at madison square garden and it will be the first game since derrek fisher was fired yesterday after they lost five straight. three dpaimz out of the lay playoffs now. >> cruising to victory at st. st. john's and de'vante smith drives down the lane and 24 point game high for him and now number 6 on the hoya all time scoring list. payton manning back in denver for victory parade and ralry a day after super bowl win in disney land. he was gist of honor at a parade there and still has not made nay announcement about his retire m. today in the streets of downtown denver she start at noon and marshon lipch made it overrule the agent confirmed news he hinted via social media during the game tweeting a picture with pier of cleats happeninging from power line along with peace sign emogi you
6:36 am
could read as peace out happening up the cleats. he played nine seasons in nhl and yes indeed he's hanging up the cleats. >> i thought that was a cool way to do that. very creative. a man not nope for saying much in press conferences. kind of cool. >> says it all. >> california goylden bear. >> is that right. >> that's right. >> yeah. >> we have a lot of good individual players and not a good team effort. >> we'll see. >> right. >> if you took them all and put an all star team together. >> we would be incredible ill. let's go to to the forecast. snow pick newspaper intensity. good news temperatures overnight if going good and not
6:37 am
sticking yet on any these area areas. i think that will be the case much day of the today. clipper system low area developing off the coast and bottom line temperatures mid 3 30s and chance for snow for much of the day today. we scaled it back north and wet of city and montgomery country and howard county and frederick country there and slushly inch in washington again i don't think we'll get that inch on the roadways.
6:38 am
>> stared a couple hours ago and busy already. >> seems look a lot of people left early today. we saw a lot more volume on interstates than we usually see during 5:00 hour and right now 6:38 delays building 70 to father surely on 270 south and as you make your way outer loop to columbia pike down to 15 miles an hour no crashes now and we have a ton of congestion top of beltway outer loop delays continue to georgia avenue and watch for stop and go traffic on 95 north of beltway adds well and we have earlier crash southbound 212. if you have an early morning crash and bwi dulles or reagan national call your carrier if are you headed northeast to be sure everything is good to go with weather moving in. excuse me, 66 eastbound volume building 234 to 28 and deal with slow traffic there was
6:39 am
aland prince george inbound delays seeing heavy traffic there. 295 south slow off and on 198 to d.c. line and 50 west slow 202 to kenilworth. we're seeing slow moving traffic and slick conditions you want to use caution on bridges and overpasses and on and off ramps as well. they tend to freeze first. 295 south to pennsylvania down to 22 miles an hour and keep in mind if you want public transportation today metro rail on or close to schedule and metro buses operating on normal schedule marked vre no will teerts mark there and if you head in for federal work today keep in mind offices are on and they're doing unscheduled leave or telework as well. so you can check in with all that at erin "fox5" d.c. we'll look quick outside and show you how things are haiping up as you can see heavy traffic right now as you make your way out. 295 from prince william up to beltway. we'll keep you posted. back to you steve. >> things ahead. what we can expect to learn about d.c. largest family
6:40 am
homeless shelter. >> and giving you another look outside on tuesday morning, delays and closings coming in at this hour and make sure to check bottom of your screen. at this hour and make sure to check bottom of your screen. 6:40 back in a moment.
6:42 am
>> 6:42 now. this morning d.c. mayor muirial bowser discusses replacing d.c.
6:43 am
general with short term housing facilities across the city. d.c. general was d.c.'s largest family shelter and last year the council voted in support of mayor bowser's plan. . >> a group of mom's made d.c. for handling of flint water crisis. mother from mish mesh and missouri will speak at the national press club 10 this morning addressing a failure to act. they call the epa response to crisis a serious threat to public health and flint michigan is reeling from ongoing led and toxic chemical crisis in drinking water. >> coming up next update on where the show -- snow is fal falling and how long it will stake around. >> that's not good. >> no. >> let's do that. >> and reminder before we take to you the break if you have a news tip share with us by calling or you can email our tips to "fox5" tips at tips to "fox5" tips at back in a moment
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>> good morning, welcome back. a mix fell through most of the night and transition in the city and even points south and east. good news is temperatures at least you're in town remain above freezing and that's holding back of course snow accumulations. let's get to it. sort of moderate impact today. snowmageddon off the charts
6:47 am
this more of a nuisance. we are getting reports of accumulation off to north and to the west. rain snow mix now transition to snow in the city and yeah commute will be slowed down not sticking on roadways at least locally and points south it's been wet. and high totals here snow totals expected would be north and only expected couple inches and most area remains above 22 that's critical for keeping roads clear. cold front. arctic boundary late tonight very cold around here. starting tonight and into weekend. about a half inch in germantown and west virginia 1.2" and again if you have snow totals to share with me please tucker "fox5" and we'll start to get them on board here. most accumulation so far is generally norm and west of town. we have heavy snow band set up through northern loudoun county and parts of montgomery county and towards mount arie and
6:48 am
western howard count why a frederick and westminster and that's where heaviest snow has been early and it has transitioned to all snow in city and even down in oxon hill transitioned for time. i think it's still maybe snowing down in oxon hill. you can see kind of southern and eastern reaches of the snow now right at the beltway. so down in charles county you have light rain showers and out towards annapolis still rain snow mix at this hour. so it was clipper system coming through. and this is very poorly disorganized you can see this is nothing like our blizzard we have snow shower activity in virginia and secondary low desk off the coast. this slows additional moisture back on us. we'll keep show in forecast and rain snow mix in forecast much of the day today. i don't think it will be intense. it will be light snow out there much of the day. 36 washington. notice everybody remains above freezing and 32 frederick. that's where the worst of conditions are setting up here
6:49 am
and that's where heaviest of snow will be over the next several hours. 8 a.m. there we go noon maybe light sprinkles or snow showers in d.c. and most measurable snow off north. there we are 5:00 tonight still trying to do little trying to find scientific word here i'll say still doing a little light snow and light shower activity and at 5bg the whole system wraps up by 8, 9:00 tonight and we should be down with. it there we are in the morning. i want to mention again later ton flash freeze things get cold quickly even if roadways are wet they're icy tomorrow morning. how much snow, two to four north and west of city and slushy inch maybe two i'm not sure we'll get anything on the roadways inside the beltway and you're going to be generally rain. mixing with snow south of town. 40 today, look out here comes cold, friday, saturday, surprised, and monday some coldest air of the year.
6:50 am
we don't get out of 20s. >> too cold. >> but it is valentine's day. >> something romantic. >> it's a good weekend to cuddle up and watch a movie and maybe cook dinner together. >> not with kevin though. >> wow. >> 6:50 now. if you take metro blue line delays off load west for that one and metro lanes on or close to schedule. frederick 270 south slow ad to 109 watch for that one even though snow is not settling on the roads we're seeing wet conditions and as you can see from 270 we're seeing very slow moving traffic all the way down from 70 to truck scales and again as we may our way closer to the spur heavy flow of congestion. we're not seeing crashes to report. it's a lot of slow mooving traffic in the district.
6:51 am
although way through georgia. we'll look at maps now. close look outer loop outer loop down to 15 miles an hour. bw north an southbound stop and go traffic and then 6 6 east steady flow of vehicles in fror 234 to september areville and metro bus operating on normal schedule same story mark and dre and we'll keep you updated with morning commute and possible ideas from are for valentine's weekend we don't want to you forget about it. >> believe it or not gap is pretty close to going under a dollar -- gas is close to going under eye dollar in eight states. it is average $1.73 down 25 dpreingts last month and 45 dpreingts this time last year. cheapest gas in sis frikt is $1.59 in northeast d.c.. >> we are dealing with snowfall at home. we're bracing for several inches of snow. philly, new jersey, new york city all could get up to 8" of
6:52 am
snow tonight or early tomorrow and winter storm bringing strong winds and no flooding concerns in coast all communities in massachusetts. right now officials are urging people living south of boston to get ready for possible flooding. . >> today, we will learn the results of a five-year study on impact of healthy schools act this law was established in 2 2010 by council member mary khai the goal was to reduce obesity rates and at the time d.c. had highest rate of adolescent obesity in the nation and this afternoon researchers at american university will present findings during a press conference that happens at wilson building. >> switch it up a little bit now time for fox beat kevin back from travels to the west coast. >> back in d.c.. >> good to see you guys. the movie debate pool lauren will join me for valentine's day move of that. >> and how to be single opens
6:53 am
up and -- it's a big weekend for movies. >> zoo lander. >> i don't have high expecte expectations for it. >> i think it will surprise everybody. i can't wait. it will be awesome. >> so it's hard to forget 1999 -- 19992 super bowl commercial cindy crawford short shorts in white tank top two boys looking on in amazement amazing ad this is for pepsi new look at the time one of the boys can be heard saying is that a great new pepsi can or what. fast forward post super bowl 50 surprised late late show with james corbin i love his care oaky. cindy crawford is retiring age 49 reenacted same pepsi add. >> i love him. >> and i can't even watch without laughing. this time the soda machine gets
6:54 am
stuck and it comes corbin to the rescue it's amazing. he is incredible. >> he is so talented i like him. >> funny, funny guy. if you have not seen care oaky he did adele, martin, adele. >> jennifer hudson. >> that was great too. right. right. >> bieber did he do a bieber one. >> bieber they're so good. >> rod stewart. >> and let's talk about cindy crawford that's her now. >> right. 50 years old. >> 50 i don't know when the commercial was. >> 49 ears old incredible, incredible, wow. talk about fit for a queen. beyonce making headlines for renting a luxurious home she found the place on b & b and paid $10,000 a night. take a look. beyonce posted this picture of herself chilling by the fire. outside the home in los altos
6:55 am
hill according to air b & b listing the property offers sweeping views of san francisco bay area i'm surprised she didn't invite me. >> is that her on the couch. >> looks likes it. >> more than 8 bathrooms sits on 11 acres located 0 minutes from levi stadium. >> i was wondering how there were reports that jury z had 10,000 roses delivered. what kind of room at the stadium. why di ask. >> did you see the snap chat jay-z and beyonce jay-z had no idea what snap chat was and usher was in the photo and they were trying to take a snap chat and he was like where do i look. i'll find and post it. it's good. thanks, tucker. >> thanks, kevin. >> we have snow fly ago cross the area. rain snow in parts of the region. has not amounted to much overnight. although reports of inch or two
6:56 am
in northern montgomery country now up towards frederick. tweet me, tucker "fox5" snow totals we'll add them to the list. see daker purple that's where snow is now up 270 towards frederick and 70 mt. airy and howard country and leesburg getsing a good batch of snow now and that will continue for the next several hours here in the city yes it's snowing and it's been a rain snow mix overnight and no it's not sticking at this hour and temperatures in mid 30s i don't think we'll get a lot of snow here over the next couple hours at least as far as accumulatio accumulations. there's the bigger picture. we'll have more in the forecast coming up. but again winter weather advisory much of the area through the day tuesday. that's weather. back now it with traffic. erin. >> tuck were all that weather to talk about we have eye lot of inbound delays wet conditions and slick conditions and slow moving traffic so let's get to 295 south slow from 198 to z.c. hein and 50 west to kenilworth and those delays continue northeast section of district to 22 and
6:57 am
same story montgomery county outer loop really slow moving traffic keep it to "fox5" we outer loop really slow moving traffic keep it to "fox5" we have plenty more. ♪ oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-ooh, oh ♪ hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> trap on a seatbelt it's a slippery tried morning on tuesday another round of snow and rain hitting the d.c. region. we'll have the latest on the storm. how it may impact your commute not snowing everywhere.
7:00 am
look at this some places getting it pretty heavy right now. we'll check in with tuck are in a second. and new hampshire primary and voteers in the granite state cast their ballots. we'll take to you new hampshire liver. >> also developing overnight emergency crews on scene of deadly train crash overseas this in germany and rising death toll there and authorities had a hard time reaching people trapped in the wreckage. >> as this hour elementary school volunteer arrested for child pornography what we learned about the suspect and popular phone app police are linking to the case. just something every parent will need hear. >> good tuesday morning to you it's tuesday, february 9, 2016 i'm allison see more. >> welcome to fox news morning. the snow is fall ago cross the hours. may not stick to the roads in place it's has been enough to cause school closings and delays. let's look at major ones


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