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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  February 9, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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. right now at 10:00, donald trump and bernie sanders triumphant in new hampshire. we're breaking down the impact of their primary victories. >> and a scathing resignation letter from the dc fire department's medical director. why she says lives are in danger. >> and a horrifying child porn scandal at a local school.
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your news starts right now. >> another busy night here at fox 5. we begin tonight with a weather alert. thanks for joining us. i'm shawn yancy. >> and i'm tony perkins. right now there is still a few snow showers out there. across the region temperatures are tumbling below freezing. let's get to sue for the latest on the refreeze concerns. >> it definitely is a concern tonight. we weren't that cold last night. the district only dropped to 36 and at 40 degrees today we did not see much accumulation of the snow but there is a little bit of with itness around and some of the communities to our north had more substantial snow. but what was wet could be icy in the morning and a freeze is likely tonight. we expect it to be much colder tonight than it was last night, already down to three here in the district, 29 at hagerstown,
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so here it's already colder than it was last night and those spots could be icy. here's where we're expecting to drop to overnight. 26 in frederick, about 30 at quantico. something else we have to keep an eye on. yes, there are a few snow showers lingering around the fredricksburg area and around hagerstown and one of our high resolution models thinks there could be a few flurries later tonight and it sees that popping up across northern maryland, just light stuff, around 4:00 in the morning and the whole batch moves over to the eastern shore. i don't expect it to cause accumulation, i think it could contribute to additional slick spots that will be long gone by the time we role around 9:00 or so but just a heads up we may have flurry activity coming through just enough to contribute to some slick spots in the morning. get ready for a cold wave too. today may have been the warmest day on our 7-day forecast. coldest weekend of the winter on
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my forecast. i'll tell you in just a minute. >> the people of new hampshire have spoken. >> donald trump and bernie sanders have won the presidential primaries in new hampshire. let's take a closer look at the race now with sarah simmons. >> it appears when you look at the winners in the first presidential primary of 2016, this is shaping up to be a very interesting run for the white house. the record turnout in new hampshire shows there is excitement behind this race. so let's get right to the numbers. on the republican side, the winner here, donald trump with 34% of the vote. a clear winner by a large margin there. but the second place has really been a fight. ohio governor john kasich 16%, ted cruz with 12%. these numbers aren't final. we know donald trump is giving his victory speech and he is at the podium now. >> nobody, nobody. we are going to take care of our
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vets! where is al? we love al. all right, al? get up here, if you can. we're going is to take care of our vets. our vets are treated horribly. they're our greatest people. our vets are going to be taken care of and you remember that, everybody. right? we're going to have strong, incredible borders. >> that's donald trump right there of course giving his victory speech after his win in new hampshire for the presidential primary. let's now take a look the at numbers on the democratic side after we looked at the republican. bernie sanders of course the winner on the democratic side of the vote. if we can take a look at those numbers now, this shouldn't come as a big surprise though. okay. 59% of the vote. hillary clinton at 38% of the vote. it shouldn't come as a big
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surprise giving the polls showed them leading in the state for months. a big win they both needed since hillary clinton and ted cruz won the iowa caucuses. this was expected to be bernie sanders territory. it showed that men, wi78, and independent voters under the age of 45. clinton did well with voters over 65 and in the higher income bracket. the staths moving forward are more racially diverse, they expect her to do better there. the real fight tonight on the republican side was for second place. ohio governor kasich, marco rubio and jeb bush all dividing a majority of the rest of the votes and those numbers still not final. bernie sanders spoke a few minutes ago as well. we want to see what he had to say. >> together we have sent a message that will echo from wall
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street to washington, from maine to california. the government of our great country belongs to all of the people and not just a handful of wealthy campaign contributors and their super pacs. >> we'll take a look at what this means as they push on. in just a few minutes we'll talk with a professor with american university. tony? >> thank you, sarah. new at 10:00, the uphill battle for change and reform by dc ems fire continues. tonight a scathing resignation letter from the medical director who has stepped down after only 7 months on the job.
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marina marraco is live in northwest after speaking just moments ago with the director. >> reporter: she had only been in that position for seven months and she had a lot to say. four pages' worth of words. it was scathing, it was direct. now she pointed out in boldface in that letter what she believes is plaguing the department. she says it's a culture in that department, including the refusal to measure performance as well as the lack of accountability that's dragging down dc fire and ems. and she describes the department with one adjective. she says the situation is, quote, grim. and then she goes on with extremely harsh words. and take a look for yourself because she says people are dying needlessly because we are, quote, moving too slow. the latest example is a young man stabbed to the chest wednesday around 10:00 a.m. he suffered a potentially survivable injury but it took more than 18 minutes for a transport ambulance to reach the
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35-year-old man on 37th street southeast. we field that young man. and then toward the end of the letter she wraps up by saying, quote, when i see something that can make a difference between life and death and yet is ignored, i must distance myself from that system. complicity kills and i will not be a party to that behavior. now in the last year, of course, fox 5 has exclusively reported on several occasions on the delayed response times that in many times have relted in deaths in those cases. we of course have addressed those issues with the doctor who made it very clear in her letter. take a listen to her response. >> what's the nusm one thing that needs to change? >> leadership. leadership. and when i say leadership, i don't mean anything personal. this is not personal. this is about doing the right thing. >> is there one suggestion that you could offer chief dean?
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>> let medicine and science drive decisions and not nfpa-1710 fire standards that aren't based in any sort of medicine or science about response times. >> reporter: now, mayor bowser spokesperson has issued a statement saying the mayor has accepted the resignation and says in the last year progress has been made and we are committed to improving patient outcomes. as for the department, a fire official who has been prohibited from speaking on the record publicly says that the department feels the letter is full of, quote, inaccuracies and also adds that there have been in fact changes and that the department is committed to ems reform, as is proven by actions the chief has taken. live tonight in northwest washington, d.c., marina marraco, fox 5 local news.
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>> quick question for you. just to be clear when she mentioned that she thought leadership needed to change, was she specifically talking about the chief or was she talking about the mayor? >> reporter: you know, i did ask her that question and i believe that she was referring to the chief. she did also say that the mayor never replied to her following the resignation letter, only just a few days ago or maybe just yesterday submitted a receipt for that resignation. that letter was submitted more than a week ago. and her final day will be friday. and she says she has yet to hear from the mayor. >> all right. marina marraco, thank you. tonight, chilling new information about a school volunteer in prince george's county. he's accused of forcing nearly a dozen kiz to perform sex acts while he videotaped them. police say he made about 40 videos featuring ten children as young asinine years old. police say he also made videos at the glen arden municipal
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center and an aquatic center. police began investigating after a regulartive found a nude photo on a victim's phone. megan dice talked to one of the families victimized. >> reporter: good evening to all of you. this is where the man lived in this apartment complex and this is where neighbors would say he would often play with the kids, kickball, soccer, et cetera. one neighbor we spoke to told us i never really saw him with anybody else his age. it was only children. the family moved here to the glenarden woods apartments back in 2014. a few weeks later a neighbor came calling. >> he came up to the patio and saying that my son wanted to join his choir is it okay. and he gave me a permission slip. i normally don't trust people with my children and he seemed
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like an okay guy. always staying with the kids, like a big brother. >> reporter: then she says he asked her to become a parent liaison helping with the youth choir practicing at municipal center up the street every friday. >> reporter: was he ever alone with the kids? >> yes. sometimes i wasn't feeling well he would be at the practice by himself. >> at end of choir practice we would play hide and go seek. >> reporter: what do you want to say to him? >> i want to ask him why, first of all. and why did you betray me. if there are any other children out, please notify somebody. so you'll be better off later on. and get that counseling. >> reporter: did he tell you not to tell? what did he say to you? >> hey, don't tell your parents. >> reporter: the victim was so
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afraid to tell his parents he never did. but as the family begins their healing process, they wanted to share their story hoping that more victims will come forward if there are any more victims. as far as the school is concerned, they did tell us that they would have counselors for the children, but the mother we spoke to today says she has yet to hear from them. we're live in prince george's county, megan dice, fox 5 local news. >> still to come, was it axisive -- excessive force or justified response. a local man shot this video during a traffic stop. he claims the officer went too far and drew his gun but police say the man wasn't cooperating. so who's right? we're analyzing the video with a former officer, next.
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we have some breaking news to report to you tonight from the district. this is a live look as police are on the scene of a shooting in northwest. it happened a short time ago along m and north capital streets northwest. an adult male was shot and taken to the hospital with unknown
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injuries. we'll continue to stay on top of this and bring you the very latest throughout this broadcast. >> i was trying to find somewhere to park, sir. can you put your gun away, sir? i'm at work right now. >> fox 5 is in prince george's county tonight. this pizza delivery driver claims police use excessive force during what was supposed to be a routine traffic stop. the driver recorded the incident on his cell phone. tisha lewis joins us. >> reporter: that's right. the officer had his gun drawn and it also shows the pizza delivery guy refusing to oh, boy the officer's orders. the officer is white, the delivery driver is african-american and he says based on the climate across the country, he was scared. here's the video. >> put your phone down. >> reporter: this intense exchange between christopher jeffries and a police officer
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was captured on jeffries' cell phone. >> i felt like i was living the last seconds of my life when the man walked out of his car. >> reporter: police say this is the aftermath of jeffries driving erratically and chen ignoring the officer's attempt to initiate a traffic stop in a marked police vehicle. he was defiant when he refused to give his license and registration and refused to roll down his window and more. >> seeing that gun on my side mirror was like a moment of this could be it given the atmosphere and the time that we're in in this country. >> reporter: former police officer turned attorney weighs in. >> the only thing i think that he did wrong, and this is just a technical thing, i think, is he refused to get out of the car. an officer can order you outside
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of the car during a traffic stop almost for any reason. >> what about cracking the window instead of rolling it down? >> there's no law that specifically says you have to roll your window down to a certain height or roll it all the way down. >> reporter: jifryes was delivering pizzas. it was shortly after 11:00 on a saturday night in january. >> this was completely disgraceful that this police officer would have his gun drawn on a routine traffic stop. he had his driver's license, he had his information, and the information he did have, write him a ticket. >> reporter: the complete video is on our website. meantime jeffries is suing the officer for civil rights violations. maryland law requires the driver to produce their driver's license and registration card upon demand to a uniformed officer. >> wcertainly learned some information there. tisha lewis with the story.
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thank you. an accident in montgomery county ended with a school bus on the front lawn of a house. it happened this afternoon along connecticut avenue and randolph road in wheaton. the driver suffered non-life-threatening injuries. there is no word what may have led to the accident. >> now to fairfax county and the dramatic rescue of a young girl. the girl went missing and police deployed its helicopter to assist with the search. the thermal imaging and night vision helped officers find her. eric was on that ride and says this particular mission was very rewarding. >> it feels great. it's one of the better missions that we have. it feels pretty good to actually go out there and know that you may have had a small part and made a difference. >> the girl was partially submerged in the lake but officers pulled her to safety. she is expected to be okay.
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>> dc's mayor made a big announcement today with plans to help the city's homeless population. the mayor wants to close the city's largest homeless shelter by 2018 and open eight smaller shelters across the city. one shelter will be built in each of the eight wards. they will cost about $22 million. the facilities will be modern, safe and will bring dc one step closer to ending homelessness. she knows not everyone will embrace her plan. >> we're sending a package to the council and there will be approvals required. i wouldn't put something in front of a neighborhood that wasn't well thought out and that balanced the needs for homeless neighbors and the community. i wouldn't do that. >> the mayor's office plans to hold meetings in all eight wards this thursday at 6:30. >> all right. still to come, why a new beyonce song has led to a boom in
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business for one restaurant chain. >>at we've learned about this nightclub fight that involved an nfl star.
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>> video released by tmz sports shows la shawn mccoy in a fight with three police officers in a nightclub over the weekend. police say the fight was a misunderstanding over a bottle of champagne. one officer suffered a broken nose, another a possible skull fracture. no charges have been filed at this time. >> sheriff's deputies in loudoun county are looking for two men suspected of trying to kidnap a teenaged girl. deputies released a sketch of one of the suspects. investigators say one man grabbed the girl's backpack she struggled with him and got away. deputies are asking anyone who has information about this case
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or may recognize this man to give them a call. police in the district need your help finding these men. this surveillance video shows the men stuffing their bag with detergent and other items and they walked out of the store. a clerk tried to stop them but the men got away. fortunately no one was hurt. >> closing arguments were held today in the post-conviction hearing. it will be up to a judge to determine whether he will get a new trial. he is serving a sentence for the 1999 murder. his lawyer says he deserves a new trial. coming up next tonight's breaking news in new hampshire what they mean for the presidential race. also coming up how this virginia second grader is
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helping school children affected by the flint water crisis. we'll be right back. patients across the country have spoken. they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid services. fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. learn more at slash eastern. cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits. appointments available now.
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welcome back. here's kind of a recap of what we're keeping an eye on in the weather center tonight. i know not all of you saw snow today but you probably saw some rain and that means we have to keep a close eye on temperatures. it may equal icy spots if they didn't get dried up earlier today. watch your step tomorrow morning. it looks like wednesday will be a quieter day and there could be a passing flurry. there's still a few flurries flying around. so an arctic front is going to be crossing us this weekend with maybe the possibility of a few snow showers on saturday. but it is going to be bringing in the coldest air of the winter this weekend. and here's a quick look at some of the flurries we'll keep an eye on late this evening. so watch for slick spots in the morning. i'll have your 7-day forecast in
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just a few minutes. sarah? >> thank you. now to the results of the new hampshire primary if we could take a look. the votes are still being counted right now. donald trump will easily claim victory tonight in the granite state. here are the latest numbers on your screen with 56% of the vote counted. trump has 34% of the vote followed by john kasich at 16%, ted cruz running third with 12%. on the democratic side, 59% of the vote in, bernie sanders holds at 59% to 39% over hillary clinton. it's very interesting. this wasn't necessarily a big surprise what we saw tonight. >> no surprises except for the
10:32 pm
lazarus candidate who rose from the dead. rubio's big stumbles seem to have hurt him a whole lot. >> rarely do we talk about the second place being so exciting. usually it's the other way around. what does tonight's outcome mean when you see donald trump winning and bernie sanders, what does that mean for the other primaries? >> this means potentially very bad news for the democratic party, the party holding the white house. if this is a signal that it's going to be a protracted nomination fight, that is poison for the party holding the white house. if they can't get their act together, why give them four more years. the last tight, get this, that the party holding the white house has survived a major nomination struggle and won the presidential election was 1880. james garfield. >> that's not good news. plus this makes it all more
10:33 pm
likely that michael bloomberg will jump in and that's more bad news for the democrats. >> how much is this e-mail scandal really holding a shadow over hillary clinton? is that really what's holding her back or do you think it's the clinton name? >> i think it's a combination of things. definitely the e-mail scandal is a long, slow bleed. and the truth is, there's nothing to it. i have examined thousands of declassified documents and not one of them was classified for any reason other than politics. we classify millions of documents. until it can be shown that this led to some national security breach, it doesn't mean anything. but it's hit her major vulnerability. when a scandal hits your vulnerability, that's bad. is she another clinton who you can't trust. >> does sanders have a tougher road moving forward? i know he says he was a favorite
10:34 pm
son and new hampshire was kind of assumed. going to some other states that are more racially diverse, she might do better there. do you think it's going to be up to him to step it up? >> he's got to step it up. so far he hasn't shown the ability to appeal to what is the strongest base of the democratic party, african-american and hispanic voters. if he can rally those voters who, for a long time have been supporters of the clintons, then she's going to do very, very well. he's got a difficult task in front of him but so far he's defied some odds, hasn't he? >> that is certainly true. looking at the republican side here, given the fact that they were really duking it out for the runner-up spot in this primary, do you think that's going to make some the republican candidates want to stay in or do you still think we're going to see a few possibly drop out? >> we may see some irrelevant candidates drop out. you're not going to see any major candidate drop out because
10:35 pm
second, third, fourth and fifth were so close. just a few percentage points. let's remember we're talking about an electorate in new hampshire that's less than 300,000 on the republican side, right? it's a small number. and there will be over 130 million votes cast in the general presidential election. >> all right. well very interesting and we have more questions to ask you. dr. lichtman is going to be here in the 11:00 hour. >> what may be the country's biggest party of the year is winding down. >> this of course is fat tuesday. here's a live look at all the festivities. the celebration has been marked by several days, weeks, of elaborate floats, costumes and marching bands. of course once the party ends tonight, the start of the lent
10:36 pm
season in the catholic religion begins. it looks like people are not ready to call it quits tonight. a live look again at the french quarter in new orleans for the end of the mardi gras celebration. >> afterwards is not pleasant. i've been there for that. it's not good. those in this area who couldn't make it to bush onstreet headed to arlington. a mardi gras parade was held this evening. it wasn't quite the scene taking place in new orleans. a lost people made their way by foot or by bike. >> i've never been to mardi gras. >> it's something. >> i will be there next weekend but for a wedding. >> it's got to be kind of your taste. coming up next, why police had to rush rapper dmx to a hospital. >> and you can call it the beyonce bounce. we're going to tell you why a
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restaurant chain is loving one of her songs. a growing number of americans are handing in their own walking papers. more than 3 million workers quitting their jobs in december. that's the highest amount in nine years. could be a sign that people are confident they can find other work. if you're thinking of quitting soon, you might want to look for a big company. small business optimism falling in january with fewer of them planning to hire over the next couple of months. in the meantime sears struggling, the retailer speeding up plans to close 15 stores. the company also considering a bunch of layoffs. and planning a vacation? how about the city of brotherly love. a new report names philadelphia the most exciting u.s. city to visit this year. lonely planet pointing to philly's historic sites, new restaurants and so forth and its affordable. that's business. business.
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you can't predict the market. business. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price,
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we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. after he was found without a pulse. dmx denies taking any drugs and says all he remembers is having shortness of breath after suffering bronchitis for a couple of days. >> over the weekend, beyonce
10:42 pm
released a new song called "formation." one verse tks about going to red lobster. turns out that little mention caused weekend sales at the chain to jump 33% from the same time last year. red lobster says it's thankful to beyonce for creating some new customers. we can't tell you the lyrics that mention red lobster. cut by a hairdresser and kept for nearly 50 years, a lock of john lennon's hair has hit the auction block. the item has already a high bid of more than $12,000. trimmed back in 1966 on the set of the film "how i won the war," it's one of several beatles items available. the auction concludes february 20th. >> are you bidding?
10:43 pm
>> i can't afford that. i have my eye on a paul mccartney fingernail clipping. 3,000 bucks. kidding. >> coming up tonight on fox 5 local news at 11:00, are you safe in the district? dc's fire and ems director resigned today saying the ability to respond to patients is grim and that major issues are being ignored. tonight at 11:00 we hear from the outgoing director and we'll tell you what mayor bouser has to say about accusations. >> you never seen him with his piers. he was always with the younger kids. >> a man who volunteered at a maryland elementary school facing charges of producing child pornography. tonight we hear from people who know the suspect. that's all coming up on the news at 11:00.
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it is 10:46 now, coming up on 10:47. i know you've got your eyes on the skies. >> i do. did you see any snow today? >> just a little bit. at a certain point the flakes are huge. >> usually when the flakes are fat like that, there's some warm air aloft. >> when i was leaving home it was really coming down. >> there is still a couple of spots getting tonight. a lot of it melted we were 40 in dc. now we're concerned about a refreeze. >>. >> reporter: i forget my gloves. not good. if the snow had been falling tonight coming in this evening we wouldn't have had any problems, but this is the cold that comes after these systems right now. we are concerned about the
10:48 pm
re-freeze. but let's recap the snow that did come through late last night. for some of you north and west of town you woke up to several inches of snow on the ground. they were really coming down and covered quickly. here in dc we so struggled with our temperatures. we couldn't really get them close to freezing so any changeover we saw in northwest dc was super bref and didn't stick. video that expanded from loudoun county and baltimore shows all that snow. this is the good snowman-making snow. the highest totals were north and west. we got a trace at reagan national, that was it. dulles airport .7, look at union
10:49 pm
town, 7 inches of snow. we'll show you a few other snow totals and new market, maryland. 4.7. gaithersburg just under 2 inches. temperatures right now are our big concern. 33 in washington but well below freezing north and west. and we'll send it back inside to sue and she'll show us how cold it's going to be early tomorrow morning and i think all of us, even if we just saw the rain are concerned about the freeze for tomorrow morning. >> it does look dry behind you on wisconsin avenue. >> i think the wind this afternoon and this evening has helped dry a lot of pavement. >> i hope that's the case for a lot of places but as you mentioned where you have heavier snow you have more liquid up to our north and we're going to be heading down to 26 in frederick, 25 in hagerstown and even 28 here in the district. so again, patchy ice. watch your step tomorrow morning. and yeah, still a little bit of light snow showing up to our north and also to our south. this has been persistent. it's very light but it doesn't seem to want to go away in a big
10:50 pm
hurry so we're keeping an eye on this. i had a couple of pictures tweeted to me. could it put down another small coating? that is possible. not a significant accumulation but just enough to make it slippery and there's still moisture out to our west. we've got a piece of energy that has to come through tonight call it a weak cold front it's a trauf trough in the upper atmosphere. so don't let that make you surprised if you see it, but do know that it might put down a couple more slick spots. this is a model that we use in high resolution and the blue is actually some flurries, very light stuff but it shows that coming through especially north and east of dc by about 5:00 in the morning and heading over to the eastern shore. there might be a fresh coating for a couple of you tomorrow morning and that could add to those slick spots. we drop to 28 tonight with winds out of the northwest at 5 to 10. the breeze will be noticeable tomorrow and we are only going to be in the 30s.
10:51 pm
can't rule out a spotty 234rurry tomorrow as this area of low pressure is going to send little bits of energy through town. thursday is high pressure is pushing on in. we are going to be cold a. an arctic front comes through on friday night and saturday. that could also produce a quick snow shower and brings in very cold weekend for us, teens and 20s. in fact i'll just show you quickly our holiday weekend before we go over to the 7-day forecast and valentine's day sunday 24 degrees, many of you have president's day off. 33 degrees and we do have to watch monday night into tuesday for a chance of another round of some rain or snow. that would begin monday night about 33 degrees. again on monday and only about 40 on tuesday. and we're going to say rain or snow on tuesday. and monday night and tuesday also have to be watched. and bundle up with your sweetie on sunday. or as sarah said earlier, a
10:52 pm
really good blanket. >> whatever works for you. >> i'll take a kitty. >> whatever is appropriate. >> in honor of black history month we're highlighting a series of dc institutions and also people who are living the dream. tonight the story behind the jones-heywood dance school. >> this year the school is celebrating 75 years of excellence. allison seymour has the story. >> reporter: these dancers are on point inside dc's oldest african-american dance school. >> reporter: in their high buns, black lee tards and well-worn pointe shoes, they're reaching new heights and stretching their full potential. >> it's not only about dance. like i said, we are raising
10:53 pm
children through dance. >> reporter: jones heywood was built from the ground up under the leadership of dance pioneers. early years were formed in this same basement in the same home on the same corner of georgia avenue in northwest dc. >> pull up your legs. >> reporter: the love of dance, connection to jones-haywood and passion for her students shines through. >> has always been like another mother. like she just always watches over us. there's people that i want to make proud, not even my mom, but it's really just i never want to disappoint her. even though she may get under my skin sometimes i know it's love.
10:54 pm
>> reporter: jones-haywood alum and professional dancer brandy lee says all those year at jones haywood helped her prepare for this moment and beyond. >> it has made me a stronger person, a disciplined woman, a woman of principle and character and it's made me into an artist. >> reporter: jones-haywood is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. >> this is my family. i have a lot of people here that
10:55 pm
care for me. and i would never want them to like leave my life because i care for them. >> and finish. take your hands off the barre. finish. >> that's an incredible legacy. >> that was allison seymour reporting. >> we'll be right back.
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>> this little guy had this idea a week and a half ago. this started at our dinner table. >> amid the outrage from flint michigan, he knew that he could make a difference. >> my mom told me about the water crisis so i wanted to do that first but they already had so much water bottles.
10:59 pm
so we called eisenhower and they said they already had a lot so they asked us can we get hand sanitizer. >> reporter: so with the help of his mom, they set up a go-fund-me page raising nearly $1,000 but now there's more help on the way. >> a big company purell donated cases of hand sanitizer in isiah's name. >> reporter: instead of doing small things, you want to do big things to help the world and around the country. >> this little guy can make a difference. i'm sure citizens can do the same and jump in and contribute and make a difference. >> so he's a big soccer fan. he said he always wanted to see a dc united match. we reached out to the club today they loved the story and they're going to help the family get out to a game.
11:00 pm
their home schedule begins march 20th. >> thank you, jim. >> fox 5 local news at 11:00 starts right now. >> a fox 5 exclusive. >> i normally don't trust people with my children and he seemed like an okay guy. >> the mother of a child who was victimized in an alleged child pornography case shares her disturbing story. new details about the case. >> plus as the temperatures take a dive overnight, get ready for black ice and a difficult wednesday morning commute. fox 5 local news at 11:00 starts right now. >> and we begin tonight with that winter weather alert. thanks for


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