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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  February 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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nine-year-old child by the child's guardian that alleges that the principal took no action despite concerns being raised by parents and teachers. the school administration told me today the principal has not been terminated. she is on paid administrative leave for the time being. the vice principal now the acting principal of that school. in the meantime the victims and their families in the healing process. we spoke with one of the victims' mothers today exclusively who told us he was in deonte's gospel choir. she started bringing him to church and of course you can imagine she was speechless and very angry. >> i was, i don't know. i was down.
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because i knew all these kind of things that he did. i trusted this boy. because he is so innocent. he is so nice to the kids. >> now, i spoke to the school administrators today who said they are meeting with concerned parents tomorrow at 6:00. and like you said there's going to be a press conference just inside here at 6:30 which we'll bring you all the latest on fox 5 at 10:00. >> and of course like megan said we will bring you that press conference live at 6:30 surrounding the allegations. you can watch it on air, we will also be streaming it on >> we are following a developing story in the district. police are investigating the death of a 7-month-old.
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>> reporter: now dc police saying that this afternoon they finally were able to get in touch with a parent related to the children that live here at this home. not saying the relationship or who that parent is at this time and if in fact the parent has guardianship of these children. we asked whether in fact that child, the baby that was taken to children's hospital 45d any sort of trauma on
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police not commenting as far as that but they're saying tonight the investigation remains open and no charges as of yet have bn filed. for now reporting live in northwest dc, marina marraco, fox 5 local news. >> a former towson university coach was sentenced to three years probation for the peeping tom incident. several women reported finding a cell phone that was recording them in the locker room. in court today the women in the locker room at the time said their trust was betrayed. >> miss mead wanted to put an end to this and help the young women move on with their lives. so we're happy we put some closure to this today. >> her employment with the university ended after the charges were filed. if mead adheres tohe
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her probation, her record will eventually be cleared. >> the father of a girl who was kidnapped and murdered is speaking out. in an emotional interview that aired today on dr. phil, david lavell says he is still coping with the loss of his daughter. he told dr. phil that it was obvious that some of the older men had fake profiles. police say the teen's accused killer met the using girl using the app kik. his akak police is also charged in the death. he thinks his daughter put up a fight in her final moments. >> there's a scar doing down her face. i'm pretty sure that would have been my daughter trying to fight back. >> leading up to his daughter's murder, she seemed normal and happy. >> dc's mayor and fire chief are responding to scathing allegations by the outgoing meca
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ems department. the medical director has resigned after just seven months on the job calling the department highly toxic. she said response to emergencies in the district was so slow that people are dying because of it. matt ackland has more. >> reporter: we went out to speak to the mayor and the fire chief about this resignation letter. they said it's not a surprise that the department is still working out issues, but told us a new private ambulance fleet should hit the roads in four to six weeks. they believe that will help with ambulance shortages. and enable staff to have time to get off the road and take part in extra training. it's a resignation. a medical director quitting saying her concerns fell on deaf ears and the department is toxic. >> there's two sides to every story and that's why i'm here talking today. >> reporter: we went right to her former boss to talk about the letter. one statement that really stands out to
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needlessly because we are moving too slow. would you agree? >> i would agree that we are working very hard to deal with a system that we have here. >> is that system broken? >> we've said all along that the system needs to be turned around. >> reporter: dr. saussy even brought up a stabbing incident paul wagner uncovered in southeast. we've acknowledged from the beginning that we don't have availability of ambulances. >> reporter: what do you say to the residents? how long will this take before they don't have to worry about this pro
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>> well, this is what i can say is that we are outlining a system of reforms. >> reporter: we're told that reform starts in four to six weeks when a private ambulance fleet is engaged to help with the call volume. and with that assistance comes more training time for those emergency responders currently answering calls. >> we need to give them more time for training. for too long what we found was that instead of a monthly training, people were getting once a year or twice a year training. and we don't think that's adequate. >> reporter: once again the chief says that he's hoping that this new private ambulance service will be on this road in a little over a month. that service will be used to transport patients who may have minor injuries like the flu need to go to the hospital or maybe a broken leg. this will all free up the ems crews who can then move on to answer serious emergencies. shawn? >> thank you, matt. three years after the death of a marynd
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changes are being made to the way people who have disabilities. he was killed following an altercation with off-duty police officers outside of a movie theater. his sister created a petition. the petition caught the eye of then-maryland governor martin o'malley. he signed a petition to create an alliance. the goal was to teach officers how to interact and respond to people with disabilities. it has been declared a global health crisis. so why is the white house getting so much resistance to find emergency situation to fight the zika virus. >> and don't eat the fish, at least not yet. the warning from environmental officials after that oil spill in the potomac. >> we're keeping an eye on some rather vigorous snow showers across southern maryland. charles county
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that. this may be vigorous enough that it could put down a small coating in a big hurry. watch your step and watch the roads in charles county. and get ready for an arctic blast. wait until you see my weekend forecast. .
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>> the white house is getting resistance as it tries to fight against the zika virus. while democrats want to approve president obama's nearly $2 billion in emergency funding to combat the virus, republicans say there doesn't need to be any funding. they're suggesting the obama administration use money to fight the ebola virus to combat the zika virus and the moeskts that spread it. they're two separate
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health issued and should be handled separately. doctors have discovered a second bacteria that can cause lyme disease. they say the new strain is found in the black legged deer tick. it can cause nausea and a different type of rash th the bullseye type. right now it's mainly in the upper midwest. >> a warning about the fish caught in the potomac river following last week's oil spill. the advisory states that fish have elevated levels. the source of that spill is still unknown. >> it was a marketing fail. people expecting a free chipotle burrito instead randomly
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a lawyer. here what he told fox 5 about that accident. >> and are you one of those people who are easily distracted at work? relax. maybe you're just too smart for your own good. sor something like that. we'll explain when the news at 6:00 continues.
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>> governor larry hogan has ordered flags to fly at half staff to honor sheriffs killed in the line of duty. they died after getting into a shoot-out. police say a man shot one sheriff's deputy in the head. another deputy we understand caught up with the suspects. more shots were exchanged. that deputy was also wounded and taken to the hospital where he later died. it is not known yet what led to the shooting. we also understand the gunman was killed. christians
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are observing the geng of lent. here in the district the cathedral of saint matthew the apostle. catholic priests spread ashes to symbolize pen answer and conversion. many christians are vowing to give up something for lent. many of you are giving up social media for the next few weeks. >> that's right. chocolate, alcohol and social media make up the top five things people are giving up. here's the top ten. chocolate, social networking, alcohol, facebook, twitter, school, not sure how you can give up school. meat, suites, coffee and soda. you know, i would be fascinated to see if people could give up their social media for that long. >> that's a long time to give up. it's actually 46 days this year. i was thinking of giving up alcohol. >> and? >> well, my brother's getting married next weekend in new orleans. i mean, we're going to have to to
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i figure, you know. >> you've got to choose something. >> i've got to toast him with champagne. >> do you find you get easily distracted at work between checking your e-mail, posting on facebook, and of course making all those phone calls? it is no wonder that you're having trouble staying focused. there is a good reason you are easily disextracted. a recent study looked at the habits of workers. the conclultion here, the more intelligent you are the easier you get distracted. researchers say intelligent people have more difficulty pryer tiizing all of their ideas and they're easily flustered and can't focus if too much is going on around them. >> what did you say? >> were you talking to me? >> you can't do it. you were reading the story. >> have you ever received a text message from someone you didn't know? >> oh, yes. of
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however, that happened to one dc lawyer. the only problem he is received hundreds of text messages. hank levine is his name. he received more than 300 of them on monday containing just one word: rain check. the texters were claiming a free burrito. you'll notice it's not a full phone number but some customers mistaking evenly added an extra 2 which caused the messages to go to his phone. >> i tried going to chipotle about this so first i went into the store and the store manager comes over, nice woman, and she goes -- she calls over her entire staff and they're looking at it. at that point there was about a hundred of them and she looked up and she said how are we going to get these people their burritos? >> the fast food chain has apologized and sent him coupons for some free
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>> all right. well, i think that's fair. >> although i don't know how they'll address the people who were trying to get. >> i think maybe he gave them the number. >> okay. if he did that would be very nice of him to do that. let's check in with sue palka. i'll tell you what. it was chilly overnight and it's going to get colder? >> oh, yeah we're just at the beginning of this and we're all going to being bundling up. you don't want to text that to a lawyer. >> no. >> lose/lose right there. it's definitely cold. we did not hit 40 degrees today and we've had some batches of snow showers moving on. there's one tonight just south of dc and we wanted to let you know that because it is so cold and very close to freezing, this has been moving out of prince william county across charles county, and it continues to move closer to lower southern maryland and it may produce a small coating even on roadways. so watch yourself here. i don't want to hear about any
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this is fairly light stuff but it doesn't take much as you know when we're talking about snow showers moving through. hopefully roads have been treated down there. but it's already getting cold. frederick 27. gaithersburg 27. dc is 32 and you can see leonardtown here is 36 degrees. this close to where we're seeing those snow showers moving through so where are temperatures going to be at leonardtown? you may drop to 31 at 7:00 just as those snow showers are coming through. by 11:0028 and by 1:0027. want to make sure that doesn't kwach you by surprise. wind chills are not catching anybody by surprise because if you only spend two minutes outside you will notice how cold it is. it feels like 14. wind chill is going to be a big story for us. these are not wind chill temps. these are the actual air temps. dropping to 20 in the district,
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19 for gaithersburg, 18 for hagerstown, frederick. so here is your planner for tomorrow. 8:00 in the morning, 21 degrees a lot of sunshine but what you want to be ready for are those wind chill temperatures. it's going to feel like 9 degrees tomorrow morning with that wind chill way down there thanks to those northwest breezes. by the noon hour we're 27. it's breezy and that 27 degrees is going to feel like 15 degrees. and by the time we get to 5:00, 26 degrees with our wind chill about 16. so we're going to have a bit of a pull as we go forward and into the weekend even colder. also wanted to let you know we have some winter weather advisories for 2 to 4 inches of snow out here in the mountains because of the lake effect of the snow blowing across the lakes and piling it up on the appalachians. we have windchill advisories through 10:00 a.m. through the high spots out to our west, those wind chills are going to be hard to take out enter.
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want to let you know we're preparing for a bigger arctic air invasion friday night into saturday. cold tomorrow, lots of sunshine and again we showed you those wind chills. then this front comes through on friday night and saturday morning and it really brings a chill into our holiday weekend. it's a three-day weekend for a lot of you because monday is president's day. we'll have some morning snow showers on saturday. sunday, sunny very cold and it looks like monday we'll be talking about a chance of snow late. we're going to have to watch that chance as well because it may be increasing the threat as we head into monday and tuesday. so a cold weekend, want to show you one more thing here. tuesday a chance of rain or snow already a moderate risk of a winter storm for some of the high spots out to our west as seen by the national weather service. a slight risk here. we'll have to see if we've got to add more snow to that forecast. it looks like wednesday is about 46 d
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sometimes we find those storms like to form when we're coming out of one pattern into another and are we going to be coming out of our arctic air into a er pattern and then a storm tries to form. i just want to say shawn yancy's dress is gorgeous. >> oh, thank you. >> sue's distracted over here. >> i'm always multitasking. as for that lenten giving up a facebook, a lot of it it's a requirement for our jobs now. so we couldn't part with you guys. >> we would miss you too much. >> stay with us. we'll be right back.
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a school volunteer. we will be streaming the press conference live. we will get more allegations surrounding the youth volunteer at judge sylvania woods elementary school. you can watch it live on our website >> all right. i think we're out of time. >> see you at 10:00. >> good night, everybody.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: so in this o.j. simpson show, the kardashians are the stars, not surprisingly. and the scene everybody's talking about -- [chanting] >> they all started chanting that this is the beginning of them realizing they could be famous and apparently that never happened. >> don't you want your factual history exaggerated just so you can look back and laugh even more. >> gwyneth paltrow in her underwear. quite the ass gwyneth paltrow has. harvey: it will be interesting to see whether gwyneth paltrow has the same traction as blac chyna and amber rose >> you click through the amber rose gallery, you may see a vagina. >> you're going to a butt gallery for vaginas? >> i have gone through 150 photos, waiting for one glimmer. >> josh brolin.


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