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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  February 12, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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have to leave everything outside.outse. we only had our id's andd' jackets with us.jack we went inside. iide. he was already waiting for usngr at the medical ward of the war jail. he was sitting on the othere oth side of a glass partition of course in a orange jump suit.mps he was not handcuffed. he was not shackled when wee showed up both my theoth my t photographer and i introducedroe ourselves.ourselves. he had accepted our request tost see him and then when we satat down with him, one of my first questions was were you involved in the child pornography charges and accusations and he says he was very candid with us and said sad yes, that he did partake intake these videos.these vid he said that he believed himself to be one of theon children, he was just anothert o big kid sharing with thesehese children that he's known for kno quite some time as he's been a teacher's aide at that athat elementary school as well as s most recently ach volunteer. now, he told
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engaged in any so sexualua interactions with any of thosese children but he said that hehat was privy to all these videos, o that he was watching them asm they performed these acts onrm camera. now, h e says that a lot ofa these videos were taken on the e children's cell phones andhone then those videos were sent to his cell phone via that socialhi media app we know as kik where e you can remain anonymous onmo o that application and send sen pictures and videos through that he said that is how heow received the videos on his phone. tony, shawn. shawn >> let me ask you. le it sounds like he thought thatha what he was doing was okay. what was your sense? did he understand the gravity of the te charges against him? does he? e know that he was wrong? w >> reporter: well, i did ask i a him, shawn, i said you y understand that you are facinguf very serious charges, thererg, r are at least 10 felony charges and you could potentially bee spending the lester of your life behind bars. as soon as i said that heas i s began to cry. to he says he understands what he w did was wrong and he says he say
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never sexually interacted withtt these children.these chi he said he was just watching wch them and he says that he felte l as if though he was one of them.them shawn i'll tell you speaking sak with him, you don't get thehe sense that this is ahis is 22-year-old adult speaking sak with him it seems like ratherikr you're speaking with a younger y child, if you will, a big question, of course, rises howih in fact was he then allowed to o actually act as volunteer atoltr this school with any sort oft responsibility with these children. >> marina, can i ask, is he c a claiming that he didn't shoot any of these videos, that they were essentially just sent to him? is he trying to makeis hti some differentiation there?on t >> reporter: no, he's not, tony. tony he says that he was participating as far as takingif some of thesear videos, even ata times directing some of thesef e videos and being a part of theft scene of this individual --idl these videos but he says he s was never in any of theanof t videos, so he was never in never
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will. he says a lot of these things just took place before hisbefo h eyes but he didn't physicallysil participate with theseate these children. now, i will tell you that hehath says that this all started ased fun and games. gam many of the times he says thissi would start as hide and gode a seek games or as even truth or h dare. he says it would start as innocently he says as just pop kissing and then from there t evolve into of course muchofours more serious physical actions including sexual intercourse. >> wow. marina, i'm curious, did he, die ever explain how he was able to get the kids by themselvesmse and shoot these videos? veo >> reporter: so, from what i gather in our interview shawnera the majority of these the interviews were actually shot s at the rec center. cen there there are no teach terse, a lot of these rec centers, the employees thereloyt are volunteers like deonte sonte he was there mreann by himself f their parents were working andka he actually told us that theth t night that he was picked up on
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friday, he was at the home of he one of the victims and he considers the mother of one of those 10-year-old children tore be his hen he looks up to that woman and wa he says i just can't believe bel that this happened as i wass i leaving her house. >> wow.>> wow. >> obviously this is a veryis av serious situation involving children. a lot of people very upset,ps concerned about this. t do you have a sense of why he talked to you about this andaboa talked so openly about all of this? >> reporter: tony, i thinknk my sense was that he wanted to share that he considerscons himself to be a troubled t person. he says that when he was aboutbo 10 years old, third, fourth, fo grade, he wouldn't really giveeg me a definitive time line or age, he was raped inap elementary school.en sch he says yet again when he washee in high school some highhi school students1 attempted too remove his clothing then heg en was nearly raped at duval highap school. he says he did mention this toti police officers.ic he says that it's because of his troubled upbringing, heri
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special education classes and he's had a lot of trouble and he's bun bullied, he's been b raped. raped. he says these children saw himnw as another child and he wasldndh just one more part that ofar group. he did not see himself as an adult, if you l he did seeid see himself as a superior who wasr w there to just haveave responsibility over them but just one more of the group and that was kind of frankly scarylr to see that a 22-year-old manaro considered himself at thet level of a >> marina, you said he nowow understands that what he didid was wrong. wro did he display any signs of of ream morse since he's now admitted to these acts?he acts? >> reporter: he did, shawn. he says he's sorry.s sor we asked him, you know, you say you're troubled, you sayou you were raped when you were rad young. what about these children moving forward? do you? do yo understand what this means forth their lives and how they'll the now live likely also a ao troubled life? and he woulde wu just put his head down andown a start cry and wouldn't say
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him to elaborate on thatlarate t subject. he did say a couple times he tes was sorry but he never went more into details as to howow this all could affect thoseffcto children moving forward.rd but it did seem like he realized that this was serious, serious enough that eng in fact he's in jail now. the first thing he said to meo was i can't believe i'm behind bars. i would have never imagined i i would have found myself inve f s this situation. situation i never been arrested before.d he has no criminal history andio i know this question comes upio a lot. are there background checks at prince george's county publictyc schools for anyone that workse r there.e. yes, there are but nothingutot would have shown up because he o has no criminal past. p >> that was marina marraco reporting.poin parents met with the schoolmet board last we'll have much more on thearuc h outcome throughout thehrou morning. mo wisdom and and h >> we want to pass along thatt garrett county public schoolsub are on a two-hour delay today.ay the big weather stories right so now cold and snow. we could see a little aittl something >> both of those cold and
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>> cold and snow.>> >> that's not the right cs not r answer.swer. >> not good good d.c. mayor. m muriel bowser has activated actt the snow team to pretreat ptrea roads today.od gary a-busy few days ahead in ae the weather department looks >> yeah,. that it's going to be real,in real cold outg there. it's. it' already starting off the day thy pretty cold as well.etty col let me show you temperaturespetu out this morning because i think what we're going to endnge up with here is basically basicl temperatures bottoming out inng the teens this morning andis mog we're sitting right around aro 20 degrees here in town now,n w, 18 degrees for fredericksburg.rb a few clouds overhead now.ead n we're going to become cloudy cuy through the day today andy t a temperatures aren't reallyren' going to warm up a whole heckhoc of a lot.ot here's your planner for the f t day.da cold this morning.cold again, a little bit off sunshine it looks like to start. don't expect much. m cloudy noon.oon. we're cloudy at 4 o'clock and'cd temperatures are only going toro top out right around freezing. . it's not going to feel as cold d today simply because we havee h not so much wind, okay, and oka that's going to be a little to t bit better fort us.t er f we stay real cold, even colder c through the weekend.ugh thweek we
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coming up. co here's erin como on thiso onhi friday morning. >> gary, 4:37. we have breaking news rightws now. 95 in howard county a crash c activity on both the south and northbound sides just south ofto 32. 32. this could cause major slowdowns this morning. avoid 95 at this time much keep to it either bw parkway, pw route one to get around that. we'll have more information as this accident scene develops. we have ongoing construction cou right now in montgomery countymy on the outer loop. t stay left past the road workork after new hampshire avenue andir as you make your way out on 395 road work in both directions affecting our lanesen right now. reversible lanes have reopened o to northbound traffic.d tra they were shut down for theowfo overnight ride for that f t ongoing road work and thennd t southbound between seminary s road and duke street watch foraf an active construction zonection slowing you down.ow not look sewing hot on 395t on95 we'll take a live look outsideet and show you the good news iss i it's very open right now. n there's any other a whole lot of volume.of vol i'm worried the southbound side could get crowded as more m folks hit the
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we'll keep you posted on thatona one. that's your look atat traffic. back to you wisdom.'s tyo >> we'll tell you when metro resigned. hillary clinton and bernied be sanders fight for the support st of african-americans and hispanics. highlights from last night's debate coming up.
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>> ♪ the big slakeup at metro is what we're talking about rightag now. department tea generwal manager bob rob troop
4:42 am troop isgn the first senior sen member to leave the agency. we'd field praised troop who tow started out as metro ares chief of infrastructurera services back in 2010.2010 wiedefeld says the assistant ast general manager of transit infrastructure and the the executive managing officericer will handle the responsibilities nail replacement is named.acem >> it was clinton versuson v sanders last night in a i spirited democratic democra presidential debate taking takin place just some 48 hours afteroa bernie sanders' big win in new e hampshire ann little more thann a weekli away from the nextheex presidential primary conteston in nevada and south carolina. c a major topic improving race relations in the unitedd >>- now what we have to do is to build on an honest hon conversation about where we go next. we now have much moreor information about what must betu done to fix our criminal cmina justice system. we now have some good
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about how better to providero employment, housing and houng a indication. >> we're goineducation.educat >> we're going make sure those t kids stay in school, are ablee to get a college education anddn i think when you give low give l income kids, african-american,ca white, latino kids the opportunities to get theirunitie lives together they are nots geh going to end up in jail. they're going to end up in thehe productive economy which is e where we want them. (applause). >> next big contest is inbig cos soutt h carolina, the republicaa primary is february 20th.. democrats will choose theirl che candidates a week later. later and coming up at 6:30 this morning virginia senator tim kaine will join us live toive t talk about the democratic racetc and a new bill he co-created coa that honors african-american contributions to society. that's coming up at 6:30 this morning. >> creating waivers.>> creatin coming upg exciting research. hey gary. hey >> speaking of waves we have a
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this weekend, coldest air ofst r the season is going to settle sl in underneath the polar vortex. you hoped you'd never hear that term again next. full forecast and traffic and news too coming up.
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>> welcome back to fox5 newsme morning. looking at the washington monument there. cold day surely ahead.y a it's cold right now.right a very chilly 20 degrees.deees. bundle up as you're headings yog out today.out t gary mcgrady will have thel ha t details on the forecast comingan up.up but in the news thisbut morning, we'll talk about it. i gary, who is rolling my rling prompter. stop that. >> not me. >> this is the way fridays frido around here. gremlins get in the system, sys get all tongue-tied.e-ti >> i heard you grown when i whe said polar vortex. >> i thought we wouldn't hearuln again. >> we hoped that. >> all i know is it's cold. k i don't know anything abounot polar vortex.x.
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>> today is the balmy day?ay >> it will be a lot betterter tomorrow today than what it'sn going to be tomorrow. >> you put it on the map.. >> yes, that's right. r >> marry you'll make my headoula explode.expl >> come on, man.ome it's always up there lurking in winter. occasionally it makes a visit ia down here to us. us. so, it's going to be -- t b >> are you going to explainng tn what that is? >> it's a big old area of coldd air. that's all it is.ll it >> is it like zonal flow. >> it's like gravity waves.av >> that's an amazing discovery s with the gravity waves travi yesterday no doubt.yest this isn't so amazing. amang this just means cold stuff foror us. it settled n the good news iss it's kind of a glancing we'll be 10 to 20 degreess below normal. n a lot of -- i mean 20 toean 20 30 degrees above normal. n there's going to be a lot of blo teens and 20's out there there e next couple of days so super cold and we're going to beng mostly dry but we'll have
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snow showers possible psi tomorrow.tomorrow well, actually tonight andon then tomorrow as well as thew as cold air comes in. i here's what i d a couple ofof things her tomorrow is going to be iin miserable because the wind isis going to be blowing 30, maybe 40 miles per hour wind gusts pr tomorrow. so, you're going to have a 25-degree temperature and thatee will be atmp its peak. i it will be colder most of themof day than that and the windhe chill values will be in the single digits and the teensigit all day long.all lon not a ton of sunshine. sun a little bit.litt and we're going have some snowae showers. i think tomorrow is the moremo miserable of the two weekendwoee days. it will still be cold on cold sunday but it looks like moree sunshine on sunday and itt won't be so windy on sundaynun and i actually -- i think sunday may actually be all little bit warmer thanle b warmn saturday. it's going to feel warmer butme actual air temperature may be a little warmer. satellite picture for you. all i want to slow is we have fair skies now but clouds areuda increasing. we're going to become cloudyomec all day, not a lot of sunshine today, not so windy though.dy t winds will only be out of thee u south at about five to about fio 10 miles per hour so what thatrt means for us is that it's nott t going to feel so misra
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there and temperature makes item up to about 32 degrees or so.o. here's your seven-day forecast.recast 32 today. 25 tomorrow. i should say this, too, thatoo, late this afternoon -- late this evening into tonightningo there will be some snowllsn showers around and i thinknk there could be some snow bursts as the cold air starts to come inform erin i thinkrmri the evening commute might be aog little challenged in some places if these snow showersw s come in quick enough, okaynoh, tomorrow 25. there will be snow showerse snoe around. still looks cold onstill lo valentine's day, 26 degreesoky,e but not so windy. president's day looks like l we're going to have some snowe o on president's day and then we n go snow to rain on tuesday,sd, okay. . so, that's the way it looks wayl right now and then next weekn nw we'll start to warm out of allf this cold, cold stuff and wend w may actually touch some 50'ss by next weekend and into the following week.ll sounds good. we just have to get through thr the polar vortex.te >> exactly. i will say i did see
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trucks out on wisconsin and it appeared roads had been r h treated. as you head home today watch wch out for those snowy conditions potentially causing problems on your evening commute.ommu. bw parkway northbound right now breaking news a new crashsh involving an overturnedn orturnd vehicle reported at i-195 the off-ramp there is blocked. b caution in anne arrundel, also s in howard county right now, 95dt crash blocking several lanesalan both north and southbound side because of that large scene.ce it's just south of 32. use a lot of caution as youf uts head through that area. throuha traffic still getting by bothl y directions but much moreh m slowly than usual for thisus time of morning. orning aside from that we have roade r work on 395. reversible lanes have reopened.reop two northbound trafficrthbound t southbound between seminaryndety road and duke auke still dealing with somel construction and gary mighttiong have his glasses on but in but brought in my glasses for my gl valentine's day that match holly's shirt. >> nice. >> those are very cute. >> thank tnk you >> what else can you wear w these to seriously? iously? valentine's day. bact
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>> i think that's a goodhat's g question.qu hey, listen plans tohey, lia expandns i-66 and add tolls nots sitting well with someh s drivers.drers. negotiations have been undere way for several months to tryvea and widen 4 miles of i-66 inside the beltway. bel lawmakers in arlington countyonc are raising concerns alongrns with drivers about the impactboe of the project. they're concerned about theed a possibility of paying as muchf as six dollars in tolls for alao road they now use for >> absolutely not.y n i don't want to pay a toll onayt 66. that's outrageous. ora why would i want to do that. t >> just depends on how much, ipe guess that's the main line,ndhei you know, if it ends up being something like new york tolls y where it's 15 to $18 that's at's different story than a dollar, d $1.50. >> it's ridiculous.ridi how working people go together use it? it's ridiculous. it's for the lexus freeway. fre >> the tolls are expected to generate $18 million inte $18 revenue and the wider laneser l will add about 40,000ut 40,00 commuters onto the road. >> in maryland, flags will flags continue to fly at half-staffhas today in honor of two
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maryland deputies.nd depie deputy patrick daily andlynd senior deputy mark logsdonogsdon responded to a call wednesdayed at a panera bread in abington. o investigators say daily wasy d inside when he was shot by 68-year-old david evans whova then ran out of the restaurant a killing deputy logsdon before bf being shot and killed himselflem by police. pol deputy daily was also a volunteer firefighter.irefht his funeral will be held next week.ek. >> the zika virus has been detected in maryland.ed in m state health officials say the person recently traveled to aleo country where zikare transmission is active and ongoing. symptoms of zika may includelude fever, rash, conjunctivitistivi and joint pain and accordingnd to the cdc a only one in fiveen patients will slow any slow symptoms. ms the virus has been linked toinke birth defects in newborns babies and world healthbies organization says a possible vaccine is still at least 18ea months away. all right, science buffs buf get thumbs an all-star international team of astrost physicists made a huge
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through that proves albert einstein's theory of relativef t the. >> the group of scientists detected gravitational wavesonaw its a game changing breakng b through that was first fir predicted by albert einstein a century ago.ce the waves are ripples in the fabric of space time the fourth dimension in combinesbi time with the midatlanticidl physical world. two black holes collided sending out strong waves when they merged. it was detected by a measuringeu instrument. >> galileo turned a telescope al to the sky and opened the era of modern observationaltial astronomy. i think we're doing something equally important here today. t >> experts say the discovery dis is a huge step forward in ourrdn understanding of how the universe works because gravitational waves carryl ves information about their source. the ability to detect themit will allow researchers to study distant features of the universe. >> ♪
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>> justin bieber's hit songit sorry is all over the radio and now a spoof of the song is making a splash on thehe internet. >> vanity fair rounded up nearly 30 celebrities at thetiea sundance film festival and had them perform a dramatic p interpretation of here's what happened. >> oh, no. >> you got to go's and get angra and all of my mon city, you cy, know i try but i don't do too well with apologies. apogi >> i hope i don't run out of ruo time. >> could someone call aneall referee 'cause i just need oneee more shot. sho >> at forgiveness. forgiveness. >> i know. john legend, john presidentn prt sin ski, chelsea hammel nick jonas all took part. justin bieber is about to to announce a tour in m >> you know you're going. goi >> he's got his money for theey tickets. >> for this
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free friday, you could win a four pack of tickets to theke washington, d.c. travel andvel adventure show next weekend at the washington conventiononntio send. tickets are for saturday, february 20. >> to enter for a chance tote win go to the contest pager on between now and and 11:59 p.m. one winner will be selected by random drawing on february 16th. the prize has an approximateppro retail value of $72 and is provided by the travel and adventure show. >> ooh.>> >> ♪ cold, code cold, c out there this morning. morni temperatures are in the -- not e single digits but almost the aos single digits in some places. now, gaithersburg has come up. it's 14 now.4 it was 12 degrees we're still sitting at at 20 degrees. a couple of things today.ngs whoa, martinsburg you are, ma single digits. you dropped down to 9 degrees. e winchester is 14. 14. so, as we progress through theoh morning hours, generally fair f skies now but the clouds will begin to build through theough
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through the day today, so really limited sunshine and iin think the only sunshine we suns have a chance of seeing wouldee be early, manically thisll morning, probably for the proba first one or two hours after h t sunrise.e. listen, there's snow to thenow south of us through thethe carolinas. ca that will stay to the south ofou us but we do have -- we'rere really believe it or not a not little bit of warmer airarr air coming in today and that's going to help to bring in theel clouds for us so we will be a w little bit breezy, not sunny obviously. temperature will be 32 degrees here in town, gaithersburg 31.g3 so, mostly clouds. clo not so dandy so i windy today. t winds out of the south at five to 10 miles per hour. erin. >> we're continuing to check two crashes that could slowhes t things down this c morning. first one in anne arrundel bwl w parkway on the northboundway side.d verturned vehicle reported repte at i-195 off ramp is blocked b there. please use caution n caui howard county this crashrd couyh affecting 95 north andg southbound. it's just south of maryland 32 r and again lanes blocked in i both directions.both dir you can see a big red zone espe
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southbound side. s busy area of the morning t commute. we'll let you know but rightyou now traffic is getting by just j very slowly in limited lanes. aside from that outer loop loo construction should be wrappedtn up soon. gings looking good, that'sking out by new hampshire and a things looking really good outot by the spur. no problems, speeds in theeeds upper 60's. 6 270 cruising along fromlong frederick. we'll have more traffic in m just a few minutes.ut. >> ♪ >> first, though, we're going, to get a quickth check of the stock markets.ock markets. japanese stocks are markets in chinae and taiwan ant are closed until monday foronda the lunar new year.e lu meanwhile u.s. futures up this s morning.moin 4:57 right now. we're back right after this. >> ♪
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>> time now is 5 o'clock.e no fox5 a school volunteer admits he filmed child pornography butgrat tells fox5 he didn't take part p in it. our crews visit the jail and talk exclusively with deonte carraway about what happened hae with students. it's going to be extremelyoe cold this weekend.eeke we're talking about a polar vortex, one of gary mcgrady's favorite words.or the word itself is enough to ish give you chills and make youre bones ache. forecast and a check of yournd a friday morning commute comingmum up in five minutes. minut >> all right, let's start withtw that fox5 exclusive. exclusive >> for the first time a school r volunteer accused


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