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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  February 12, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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>> time now is 5 o'clock.e no fox5 a school volunteer admits he filmed child pornography butgrat tells fox5 he didn't take part p in it. our crews visit the jail and talk exclusively with deonte carraway about what happened hae with students. it's going to be extremelyoe cold this weekend.eeke we're talking about a polar vortex, one of gary mcgrady's favorite words.or the word itself is enough to ish give you chills and make youre bones ache. forecast and a check of yournd a friday morning commute comingmum up in five minutes. minut >> all right, let's start withtw that fox5 exclusive. exclusive >> for the first time a school r volunteer accused
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pornography is sharing hiss shas side of the >> our crews went inside theside jail where deonte carraway opened up. >> reporter: i went in with i w my photographer. we went in roughly for about an hour here. hour here. we showed up and of coursef coue when you walk in you have to leave everything outside. we only had our id's and oursnd jackets with us. we went inside.we he was already waiting for usngr at the medical ward of the w jail. he was sitting on the otherng oo side of a glass partition and a of course in a orange jumprang suit. suit law not handcuffed. he was not handcuffed orfe o shackled. he had accepted our request toso see him and then when we satn down with him, one of my first questions was were youas were yo involved in the child pornography charges and accusations and he says -- he s was very candid with us andsnd said, yes, that he did partake a in these videos.
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himself to be one of the children. he was just another big kidigid sharing with these children clde that he's known for quite someum time as he's been a teacher's th aide at that elementary schoolae as well as most recently a volunteer.volu now, he told us that he never engaged in any sort of sexual interactions with any of those children but he said that hehe was privy to all these videos, that he was watching them ashem they performed these acts oned camera. now, he says that a lot oflot these videos were taken on the e children's cell phones and p then those videos were sent to his cell phone via that socialso media app we know as kik where e you can remain anonymous andmo send pictures and video through that app.through that a that is how he says hee received the videos on his tony, shawn.ha >> sounds like he thought whathw law doing was okay. o what was your sense? did he understand the gravity of thevih charges ag
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know that he wast wrong? w >> reporter: well, i did ask iid him, shawn, i said youai understand that you are facing very serious charges, thereha are at least 10 felony chargesnr and you could potentially beti b spending the rest of your lifee behind bars. as soon as i said that heas began to cry. ibe now, he says hega understandsnd what he did was wrong and he says he was sorry but he said that he never sexually interacted with theseract children. he said he was just watching wch them and he says that he feltel as if though he was one off shawn, i'll tell you speaking se with him, you don't get the the sense that this is a 22-year-old adult.ddu speaking with him it seems iee like, rather, you're speakingpe with a younger child, if you will, a big question, of course, rises how in fact wast he then allowed to actually aua act as a volunteer at thet school with any sort off responsibility with theselityith children. >> marina, can i ask, is hea,anh claiming that he didn't shoot so any of these videos, that they were essentially just sent to him? is he trying to maketryinm
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>> reporter: no, he's not, tony.tony. he says that he was participating as far as taking t some of these videos, even atn a times directing some of theseome videos and being a part of thett scene of this video -- of- these videos but he says he ss was never in any of the videos v so he was never in front oft the camera, if you l he says h y that a lot of these thingsthes just took place before his befos eyes but he didn't physicallyy participate with theseicip children. now, i will tell you that he h says that this all started astaa fun and games. games many of the times he says thise would start as hide and gode a g seek games or as even truth or h dare. he says it would start as innocently he says as just pop kissing and then from there evolve into, of course, much more serious physical actions including sexual intercourse. ir >> okay, very enlighteningnligin report by marina >> parents met with the school board last we'll have more on the outcome throughout the morning. wisdarom.ut >> 5:05. coming up on>> 5:05 garrett g
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county schools -- hi, garyary mcgrady. mcgrad >> i can read it. i >> talk about the schools,chls gary. >> garrett county schools on a two-hour delay this morning t mg they had snow out there. coldhe. air is in place.ce. you think it's cold now and itow is, we have some single digits g out there where the skies are clear and temperatures are inat the teens here in town. t we're around in the suburbs.he r here in town we're stillreti sitting at 20 degrees butut martinsburg you're nine.'r n you think this is cold now.ol nw it's going to be even colder cor this weekend because a couplendc of things happen. happe the winds will kick up, okay, o so that's going to make it me feel just miserable out there. and tomorrow the arctic airrctic comes through, there will beill another chance of snownce of showers, too. a lot going on this weekend ases we get this arctic air intic a place at least for a couple ofoo days and then it's going too move on so it's just a glancing employee this emp morning. kind of givglancing blow this mr we'll only make it up to about 32 degrees or so. to some reason my system is
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hie next graphic but a lot ofap clouds today. temperatures will only top out in the lower 30's but it's not going to be so windy so noto n quite as uncomfortable as what it was yesterday. it's friday. erin como's favorite day. she's in with a look att traffic. >> on-time traffic brought to you by toyota.ffyou toyota. visit buy a fora.comf special offers. >> 5:06 area. a it is my favorite day butite we're off to a rough start.ta right now we have two big b crash scenes.enes. first 1bw parkway northbound in anne arrundel overturnedveur vehicle. reported at i-195. use a lot of caution. cau watch for some slowdowns andloos big problems in howard countyary on 95. 95. lanes in both directions are blocked. you need to keep it to theed t right on both sides just southuh of 32.of 3 you can see the red and yellowel already picking up on the maphe in both directions.ti my suggestion to you keep to it bw parkway. that will save you some time this morning.thisorni we'll let you know as soon asnos things reopen but right nowht again traffic getting by
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lane both directions but bigut delays. dela aside from that in montgomeryn o county right now we are we e tracking some water main break repairs. kenilworth avenue southbound at up saul street.aul str caution as you le head throughdg that area. let's take a live look outside k and see what else you're upe y'r against this morning.nsis m right now this is 95 on thes n t virginia side and you can seeous traffic is moving along justng s fine by dale city on the south and northbound side.noound i'll certainly let you know when that usual morning congestion picks up and rightic now metroks is on or close tocls schedule across all lines andina your buses. that's your traffic.thatou back to you, holly. >> thanks, erin. thas, e coming up, parents meetp, pm with school leaders in princen e george's county to demand dem answers about the system afterou learning that a schoot lol volunteer was charged with chard child we'll take you to last night's meeting right after the break. >> ♪
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[000:08:30;00] >> the fallout from the child pornography scandal involvingut a prince george's countyscaneoso elementary school continues. last night the school board held an urgent meeting to discuss their volunteer policyol and background checks.ecks fox5's melanie alnwick joinslnwi us live now with details ofetaio that meeting. mee mel, lots of questions here about the whole process of who w can volunteer and how they get checked >> reporter: right, lots ofke questions and notr: r a whole lt of answers unfortunately. as you can imagine it was imagit standing room only here at the elementary school, hundreds ofdf parents and grandparents packed inside trying to get some answers, really more not me so much about volunteers andtees procedures, they wanted to wantd know exactly what deonte carraway was doing in the t school and how was it that hehe was able to go undetected for so long. so l but as we he kind off predicted, school officialsffia could not give them too manyo m ticks. they kept saying can't talknganl about that.ou t that is under investigation.esti
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there were some concrete measures that were d let's show you a couple of y things that parents feel like they are goingre to get action o on. 26 new security cameras willam be installed in the school. sch there will be a task force tok t look at policy changes and and they're also going tooi t change the procedures for tdu picking up students andg up signing them out.ut parents also asked about getting notified as to who is aw volunteering at the school.theco they wanted a list of namesf n and information and it appears p that they will be able to get. t that a question also came upam if parents wanted to moveted toe their child another school,il would they bd e allowed to do that and school officials saidsd yes, they would comply withou those requests. now, school employees areees required by maryland law to to report any sort of suspicioususi behavior to child protectivee services if they have reasonso to believe there's a case of abuse or neglect. dr. kevin maxwellax superintendent of publicrident schools said last night theyht t believes in some cases things cg were not properly reported.epore he said that every princevery pe george's county public schoollio employee is going to be
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retrained on the requirementseqt in that live in glenarden, i'm melanie'm alnwick, fox5 local news. n >> 5:10 is the d.c. residents weren't afraidena to lose some shut eye to voiceoe their opinions about paidopin family leave. lve >> first though another check of traffic and weather. and wer gary. >> super cold out there this morning. we have a couple places in thes single digits around the area and we're sitting at 20 inn town. it's going to be a little littl warmer today not so and windy but uncomfortably cold thismftal week.
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full forecast coming up next. stay with us. >> fire crews in montgomery county spent much of the coldntm night fighting a fire atwood atw mont country club in rockville v on rockville pike.le two alarm fire broke out in a building and it was stillt burning early this morning. mni the crews are still -- are - just letting it burn out.rn out the conditions for thes for firefighters get this, thers ge, wind chill just 7 degrees. degrs no word on how the firee started. officials are now investigating. >> ♪ >> cold start on this fridays f morning out there and i tell i you what, it's going to beoing cold all day.. super cold this weekend. weeke another thing we have to worryt about today,, let me show you sw here because we do have ave frontal system that's lurkingha back to the west of us andfs this evening this front as itroa comes through it's going to squeeze out some cold air.ousome we also have a little disturbance sneaking by to theng south of us so my little l concern here is as this snowhiss comes through later on this
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eveng, to be a little after commuteerom time but it may get in on the i tail end of the commuteil end o especially back out to theally west. so, this is something to watch for. i know d.c. has planned forlaed they've done a lot ofey pretreatment and they're ready'e to go in cntase athis is a lita bit stronger coming through this evening and of coursend ofe this front will come throughront this evening. it's going to squeeze out somezt snow showers and i think therehi will be enough snow possibly to accumulate on dusty grassy dg areas and down in southerns do maryland there's the potentialhe for a little bit more but keepiu in mind it's so cold today and y we're not going to have a lotgoo of sunshine to warm up the warup pavement, so once these snowso o showers do begin to fly this evening, they could accumulate e a little bit and it won't take't much to cause some very slippery conditions later on lat this evening. evening just watch out for that and i fi think it will be probably tailr end of the commute.omu tomorrow the arctic air starts coming on in. it's going to be breezy. b bre it's going to be even windy byin the afternoon with some gusts se up over potentially 30 milesly e
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per hour. in the teens and the 20's but the feels-like temperature tomorrow is going to berrow brutally cold. single digits or low teens fores just about all of us out here's the deal on futurecast this morning we start off withnr a little bit of sunshine.le biti maybe for one or two hours after the sunrises we see some m sunshine.sunshine. the clouds will thicken u now, you begin to see a littlea bit of snow down to the southou here. that is from the disturbance thd down to the south. it comes up over richmond.ichm a piece of this could potentially come up intoome southern maryland and bring ad b little dusting h but you notice back to the the northwest, this is the cold c air that -- snow showersho coming in with the cold air thec and that will move throughove later on this evening and comeic on across. so, couple little snow showersen to the south and southernouther maryland, that's calvertnd, at's county, saint mary's county,, you may get asa dusting of snows and then we'll have the snow showers coming through and thenu cold air and then tomorrow theot air that's coming is justs j going to be so cold you'll be seeing streamers of snowrs of sw coming down all the way from f lake erie with lake effect snow showers and then justn j
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what the cold air is ringingin out of the air mass.out the but they shouldn't accumulate ae to anything other than maybein just a snow burst here or s th 25 tomorrow but very, veryt ry,v windy and we'll have the snowhe showers. a little warmer and it will i wl feel a lot warmer on sundayn because we're not going to begoo as windy and we'll have good sunshine.ns temperature there actuallyature about 26 degrees.degr here's the deal for today. tod we'll start off cold. off c we'll start off withar off temperatures only getting up gei into the -- around 30 to 31, 32 for highs today and it and looks like we're going to endngo up as we get on out of then ouof next couple days, obviouslybvioy you've heard how cold it isit going to be for the weekend.e fe president's day we're 35.t's dae looks like we'll have snowe'll o around on president's day. d on tuesday after that, looks thl like we'll start off with a w little snow and go to rain,. still a big storm system coming up and a lot of lot o questions will be answereds wi a there. here's erin como with a look at your friday morning morng hey erin. >> hey gary. we have big problems in howardsh county. 95. this crash is involving alvg a it's on thace northbound side of 95 but some of the southboundoun
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lanes also shut down by firstt crash scene just south of 32. so, again, watch out for bigig delays on the north and n southbound side.hbou bw parkway definitely a betterie bet to get around thatd accident soon.accide aside from that in anne arrundel bw parkway there is a i northbound alert you need toou be aware of.f. overturned vehicle reportedte i-195 its on the off-ramp top to i-95 rather westbound isnd blocked from bw parkwaykw northbound so caution there as t well.well aside from that water main m repairs in montgomery countys in right now. kenilworth avenue southboundoutn at upshur street. lanes are blocked. there could slow you down.lou d the beltway looking reallyea nice on the outer loop by new lp hampshire. no metro alerts to reporto ror across all lines lookingines l really nice metrobus on time or close to schedule and across the inners n loop the wilson bridge movinge n along just fine. gary mentioned though could hit some snow showers, i showeri didn't want to say it, i stuttered later this afternoon and evening so watch out for some slow zones during yourw zog evening ride home. back to you guys. g
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>> thanks erin.s e appreciate that.appreciate t going on at metro.. deputy general manager rob mager troupe announced his troupe is the first senior sen official to leave the agency anc since paul paul wiedefeld took o over last november. wiedefeld praised troupe who tro started out as metro's chiefet's of infrastructure services back in 2010. wiedefeld says the assistantista >> clinton versus sanders last night in a spirited democratic a presidential debate.esid hillary clinton and berniee sanders squaring off in theirngn first debate since clinton's cnt loss to sanders in new chin tclinton is looking to fino some momentum. men yesterday she scored ancod endorse from the congressional black caucus. the two clashed over the iraq
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war and foreign policyei p experience. the next big contest is inst isn the republican primary february 20th. 20t democrats will choose their candidate a week later. lat >> coming up at 6:30 this 60 morning virginia senator tim kaine joining us live to talk tt about the democratic race anewe bill he co-re88d that honorss african-american contributions to society. that's coming up at 6:30. 6 >> while you were sleeping the y d.c. council and dozens ofou residents went well into tnchele night talking about thehe proposed family leave bill. now the hearing wrapped up early this morning nd fox5's fox annie yu joins us live fromiv the wilson building ingn downtown with more on this t good morning, annie.or morning >> reporter: good morning,, wisdom. wisdom. it was long night indeed fornig the d.c. council as well as wela many district residents who w gathered together to tackleher l this major issue in then the district.district the meeting started around 4 o'clock thursday afternoon,ayn went on for about eight hours et and ended around midnight orig 12:30.12 so, it was a long night and inid understand pizza was alsorsta pz ordered for everybody..
5:21 am
about 150 residents gathered inside to support -- in -- i support of the leave bill. leave bill they packed the room beforeoobe the d.c. council, many m testifying most of them singlese parents minority advocates andat social workers who all sayll that paid leave is an important economic and healtht c issue. now, under this proposedrose legislation those who work inwhn the district will be able torict take up to 12 weeks of paidfaid time off for the birth of ahetho child, a medical issue or toss o care for a sick family member. . and the plan would also imposepe a 1 percent tax on employers emp to pay for the program. pro there are many peopleeopl passionate about this billte abo saying that it is necessary is c because it shouldn't have toit s come down to people choosing between their families andth work. but then on the flip side you have business owners andus business advocates who say who this just might be too muchto mc for businesses to handle, that 1 percent might be more of a financial burden that manyy people -- than many people think of. th e mayor is saying that she's -- she's actually become a little hostile this paste week about the bill saying say that the chairman bill menlen
5:22 am
dollar son didn't include her in all the major decisionecio mak it is -- that cost evident plates for this legislation for are all over the place.. so, that's how she feels rightig now but men dell son says he feels confident that this willid go on and this will pass butenia it's just a matter of time of t because it does require someuire tweaking but if approved, thiss would become the -- the -- major -- or the most, excuse exs me, generous paid leave in thevi entire can country.ount so, that's the very latest l here in northwest. back to you in the studio.inhe s >> thanks annie.s annie celebrating lincoln's lco birthday.birthday. plus, more bad blood bad blo between taylor swift and kanye west.. find out what happens thisss time. it is 5:22.
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we'll be right back. remembering former presidentfori abraham lincoln. lcoln today marks the 207th anniversary of his birth.f h b national park service and the lincoln commemorativeom committee will observeve lincoln's bunch by laying a lay wreath at the lincolneaththe memorial. monday is president's day andprs is a federal holiday. hid >> nothing says birthday like freezing cold temperatures and m having a ceremony outside.. >> enjoy hot chocolate withla w your birthday cake.thdacake >> you'll have to pour the to pe chocolate on top of you if you keep on. keep >> it is valentine's day.t val >> good point. poi >> wowing you just never knowst how quickly it's going to gooint off the rails. >> i know. k that's what you get. >> it's only 5:25 and we'ree're there. here's where we are.he now, i did this just for your yu guys. i don't know why. why >> darn you. >> polar vortex -- we're on we'o
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the southern edge of >> you should have some shirtsoh made. ma >> there say polar vortex. v >> is that the zonal flow. >> we would much prefer a zonal flow than a polarar vortex. what it means for us is it's is going to be real cold. don't get all down into theown o weeds of the definition of the e polar vortex.te just means super cold thisol weekend. teens and 20's it's going to be absolutely miserable with the wind.e with w it will be in the singleilbe in digits feels like most of the valentine's day will be they wie better of the two weekends t w days. it's still going to be superuper cold. >> we've been warned. >> all right, erin como when people are out this morninge' on and they have their heat one ei full blast are they going too be moving or are they going toy be sitting still in their cars. cars. >> better move fast to keepp their blood flowing. >> the window down. thedo >> no, don't roll down the window. don't listen to wisdom. to wis >> i was steig you were paying e attention.ntn. >> 100 percent. here's the thingly i saw salt ti trucks out on wisconsin dan icod
5:27 am
aw as gary mentioned snow showerseo this afternoon.this aft take it i you know what happened when aapn little dusting occurred on thecc roads before. right now weather is not aw athe factor but we have problem proem areas.eas. 95 northbound we have a crash ac right now in howard county.dou activity have that accident on h both sides of the road however. south of 32 lanes blocked in both direction use bw parkway as ann alternate. another bw parkway crash overturned crash on i-95 on i-9 the westbound ramp that'shat' blocked rider now. n use caution. water main repairs inr ma montgomery county. cou kenilworth avenue southboundoutn at you can shower street.eet. metro on or close to schedule. back to you >> ♪>> >> in a fox5 exclusive theve t maryland school volunteer accused of child pornography pop shares his side of the story. so our crews went inside the thee e jail where he opened up aboutd u the illicit material and the disturbing charges against him c saying he never actually tookveo
5:29 am
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look at this sweet face. so sweet. ok, we're going to need a napkin gooey, flaky, happy. toaster strudel. >> 5:30 on this friday t morning. thanks for waking up with us.hiu get ready for the cold.for thol next few days will be bittereite cold. gary has a check of the has forecast in about five about minutes. >> we begin this morning withn h a fox5 a school volunteer accused of child porn is now sharing his side of the story. othe story our crews went inside the jail e where deonte carraway openedne up about the disturbing disturbg charges against him saying he
5:31 am
never actually took part in any of the acts.any of fox5's that story.that story. >> reporter: i went in withn w my photographer. we went in for roughly aboutough an hour here.r h we showed up and of coursers when you walk in, you have tok leave everything outside.hinguti we only had our i.d.'s and oursa jackets basically with we went inside.we he was already waiting for us at the medical ward of the w jail. he was sitting on the other side avenue glass partition parn and of course in a orangein a o jumpsuit. law not handcuffed. h he was not shackled when wen showed up both my photographer and i introduced he had accepted our request to o see him and then when we sat down with him, one of my firstrs questions was, were youwe involved in the child pornography charges and accusations, and he says -- he h was very candid with us and and said, yes, that he did partake r in these v he said there he believedd himself to be one of theone of children, he was just anotherthr big kid sharing with thesehese
5:32 am
chil some time as he's been a teacher's aide at that elementary school as well asry s most recent al volunteer. now, he told us that he never hn engaged in any sort of sexual interactions with any of those o children but he said there here was privy to all these videos, v that he was watching them as thm they performed these acts onfo camera. ca now, he says that a lot of these videos were taken on then children's cell phones and's cld then those videos were sent to his cell phone via that socialso media app we now know as kikw as where you can remain anonymous y on that application and send sd pictures and videos throughth that app. he says that is how he received the videos on his h tony, shawn. sha >> let me ask you, it soundsk yt like he thought that what het w was doing was okay. o what was your sense? did hee understand the gravity of the o charges against him? does he know that he was wrong? w >> reporter: well, i did askid him, shawn, i said you sd understand that you are facing
5:33 am
very serious charges, therees are at least now 10 felony0 fel potentially be spending the sped rest of your life behind bars.e. as soon as i said that hen as began to cry. t now, he says he understands undt what he did was wrong and he says he was sorry but he said that he never sexuallyy interacted with theseract with h children. he said he was just watchingt wt them and he says that he felt hf as if though he was one of them. shawn i'll tell you, speakingpe with him, you don't get the sense that this is a a 22-year-old adult.d a speaking with him it seems seems like, rather, you're speaking with a younger child, if you y will, a big question, ofn, course, rises how in fact was w he then allow to actually actcta as a volunteer at this schoolhio with any sort of o responsibility with these children. >> marina, can i ask does can ik he -- is he claiming that he h didn't shoot any of these videos, that they were, tt essentially just sent to him? h is he trying to make some differentiation there?ti >> reporter: no, he's not, tony. to
5:34 am
he says that he was participating as far as taking t some of these videos, even at a videos and being a part of the scene of these videos but hes bt says he was never in any oferan the videos so he was never in wr front of the camera, if you cami will. he says that a lot of thesetf things just took place beforebe his eyes but he didn'tidt physically participate withpa these children. now, i will tell you that he h says that this all started astat fun and games. g many of the times he says that this would start as hide and aha go seek games or as even truth or dare. he says it would start astart a innocently he says as just pop kissing and then from there t evolve into of course muchof cou more serious physical actions including sexual intercourse. i. >> that was marina marraco reporting. parents met with the schoolme board last night. we'll have much more on the outcome in about fivet bo m min. >> ♪ >> i was just sitting hereus thinking that you know who isu i really going to be in love i with me this weekend on weekendn valentine's day? >> who.
5:35 am
>> washington gas. because i'm going to have my you go.nd look, i think that saturday is t going to be the mostos uncomfortable day. >> okay. >> >> because you're going to have really windy conditions and those folic temperaturesic m will be in the single digitsin t and lower teens all day long. sunday not as bad. ba. still really cold, well below bl normal but more sunshine, less wind so it will feel mucho it warmer on sunday even throwhr it's going to be bitterlyrly cold. let me show where you show wh temperatures are this morning. a 20 in town, gaithersburg 12, martinsburg nine. here's the big deal for today. i do expect that some areas som are going to get a dusting of gi snow this evening and we'reveni' going to have the snow coming cm county down and it will bewill commuting issues later on too so just expect that. cold this morning and then wemo get cloudy. not rna lot of sunshine today td warm the roads up. roa when we get a little bit of o that snow falling this eveninge it's going hit the roads, it's ' immediately going to freezeoi t and you know around here for commuting time it doesn't take d
5:36 am
much and things just get grid jt locked, temperatures today upper 20'sess here's erin como with a lookh a at your traffic.. erin, it's friday morning. we made it. >> i'm really excited thated t it's friday but we already welr have problems unfortunately inty maryland especially on 95.specin we have crash activity on the northbound side and because ofnu that lanes are blocked north noh and southbound between 32 and 16. first responders blockingsponck south and northbound lanes andda you can see this big delaybig d picking up on the northbound side. keep to it bw parkway. it that will really help you steer clear of that huget backup that we're seeing int we the camera there. the let's switch it over right nowih and show you another look ater o our maps.ou i want to show you exactly youxy where that crash is.wh again you can see the big redthb and yellow line in bothn b directions picking up rightns pg there. aside from that let's see ift' e we can forward our maps tos anne arrundel.anne a we are seeing bw parkway p northbound a crash overturned oe vehicle reported at i-195. i-1 westbound side the off ramp isp blocked. aside from that water main repairs us down in montgomeryn o county at upshur
5:37 am
if you're taking metro we have h some delays residual delays on the yellow yl and green lines, yellow to huntington, green to branch, gr avenue because of an earlierar train malfunction and then single tracking on the redhe line in silver spring so planern ahead if you're taking metroingo this morning as we got you cov mered.ered. wisdom. wisd >> all right. coming up weary visiting that t child porn case.chil a lot of parents upset andofaren they want some answers. >> we'll take you to lastll t night's school meeting whereol schoolfw officials talked about changes and offered up some
5:38 am
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5:40 am
options. we'll be right back. >> ♪ >> 5:39 is the time. the fallout from the child porn scandal involving aca prince george's countynd elementary school continues. >> last night the school boardod held an urgent meeting wherehe parents were able to sound offff about their concerns. >> fox5's melanie alnwickmela ak joins us now live with more on m this story. melanie, what can you tell us?tl >> reporter: hey, goodorod morning, yeah, you know,now, standing room only here last night at the sylvania woodsoo elementary school.ry school as you can imagine hundreds ofsf parents and grandparents came c out. we understand that there wereat also spanish interpreters t intr available as well to make suree that everyone in thisin thi community was able to ask to their questions and try to get some answers. mainly the things on their tngs mind, of course, is how was it that deonte carraway was ablebl to get away for so long withit what he was doing inside the school grounds. it's simply unimaginable that
5:41 am
nobody noticed now, they didn't the particulars to theirrtular questions answered, and that'sha because school officials as wewe know keep saying there's only'so so much that they can say. say they can't get into details because of the ongoing investigation.stigion but they were able to offer o some concrete measures for the school community here. h among those, they are going to o install 26 new security securit cameras around the school. sch there is going to be a task t force to look at policy changes and training. trainin they're also going to beo be changing the procedures for pdu picking up students and and signing them out.ut parents also wanted more they wanted to get notified asof to who is volunteering at thetet school. they want a list of names and a more information and iton andt appears that they will be able l to get that and also a question came up that ift parents wanted to move theirov t child to another school wouldchl they be allowed to transferranse and school officials said that yes, they would allow those
5:42 am
transfers from woodsrooo elementary school. now, maryland law says that school employees are required rd to notify any suspicions of abuse or neglect to child protective servicess immediately upon any sort of suspicion and then follow up with a written report in 48 hours. superintendent dr. kevinende maxwell says he thinks that perhaps some of those tho reporting rules were not he's certainly going to follownt up on that and he said that all prince george's countyount school employees will be b retrained on the reportingepor requirements. live in glenarden, i'm melanienn alnwick, fox5 local ews. >> ahead what kanye west said si about taylor swift in a new n song has a lot of people talking. first weather and traffic. gary. s morningnid out thi but not windy. the temperatures we have rightus now pretty much the way it feels out there. it's still sti single digits thal i-81 corridor.rr. martinsburg you're nine. dulles is 15. 15.
5:43 am
snow will be flying in places pe evening. we'll deal with that plushapl sharply colder temperatures for the weekend.d. arctic invasion coming our way. full forecast, traffic, more, mr news, all that good stuff on stf the other side of the break. or macchiato for $1.99.
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america runs on dunkin'. ♪ oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-ooh, oh ♪ hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. >> ♪ >> welcome back on this fridayac morning. it's cold out there. roads have been pretreatedn reat through most of the districtfhe and i saw some out in then the suburbs, too, and they'rehey' dropping more salt and they'rene
5:46 am
doing this to try and geto trand ahead of dusting of snow this evening. ee so, yeah, what can you expect? i think we do get a dusting of o snow out there later on this oth evening. now, listen, here's the deal. d what i want to say is thatsha expect a dusting of snow. of i can't tell you with w 100 percent certainty exactlyait who ends up getting enough of a snow burst with these snow wit showers to bring a dusting butng i think we should all expect eec that through tonight and really i think between abouten t 5:00 p.m. and 9 p.m., that's., ' when these snow showers will start coming on through. hopefully most of the snow the w shower activity will hold offiv untiitl after the evening commute. can't gun tea that butt gu hopefully it will and thatandha will get everybody home if it comes early and you get dusting on cold roads thered rot will be a problem out therelem e with this evening's commuteom but expect a dusting prettyngre much area southern maryland you may getmat a little bit more than thatite because you'll get a little one-two punch. mostly cloudy at 11:00 a.m., not much sunshine.unshe.
5:47 am
27 degrees or so, so it's still going to be co at 2 o'clock today, check thishi out, we're cloudy and cold,ndol, temperature will be about 31 degrees or so for a highor h temperature and what i expectate is that temperatures todayt te will get up in the area to about 32 degrees or so beforer f it's all said and done. don there will be a little bit ofe b a wind chill but not muchuc because the wind speeds wills w only be about five to 10 miles m per hour so 32 probably feelsblf like it's in the upper 20'ser 2 most of the day today.toy. otherwise, it is going to beoi cold. i mean, there's just no doubt nd about that and this evening andv watch out for the snow showers e at 5 o' a temperature of abouter 30 degrees or so and again, anda the snow starts flying and theid roads will be so cold because bu we basically -- we don't have any sunshine -- or not much m today to heat those roads up. so what fall center city goingso stick. st snow to the south. this may clip southernp sou maryland. you'll get no, si snow potentiay
5:48 am
from this wave coming calvert county, maybe you mbe could fluff up to an inch atinct most. most. later this evening you see e snow showers coming down from the northwest as theom cold airi comes in and as the cold airolda continues to be reinforcednford tonight and tomorrow there'sor's still going to be some snowe s streamers coming down, windn, snow blowing all the way off lake erie coming down throughh pennsylvania, especially ourspil northwestern suburbs will see the snow showers for tomorrow.hs weekend forecast looks likerestl this. tomorrow 25. never going to feel like, thatl okay, because winds are goingndg to be gusting 30, 35 miles perle hour so it's going to legalng lg like it's in the single digitsig and the teens all day. more sunshine on sunday,on s 26 degrees.26 d actually sunday will feel more comfortable. today becoming cloudy, not soo windy, temperature ofture 32 degrees for a highor h temperature. but we're only going to beonly briefly at 32 later on thisis afternoon. most of the day is going to bey spent in the 20's, okay. o p.m. snow showers. watch out for that.tch it could get a little slippery r for the evening commute. cmute bitter and blustery tomorrow. bu there will be a few snowa few showers, 25 never feels likeeell 25. it will feel like we're in the
5:49 am
single digits and teens. sunday valentine's day plentyle of sunshine, 26 and not so not windy so it will actually feellf a lot better on sunday. sda some snow on president's daydend and then we get into the snow/rain transition onition tuesday as that next storm comes on in.s on i next week it does look like loo we'll get out of the 20's and0's 30's back into the 40's maybe m even the 50's believe it or it not as we get into the latter tr part of february.rt of here's erin she's really excited aboutitut this being >> i am but i'mis not excitedxct for the evening rush home with the snow >> it could be complicated.d bec >> look what's going on rightoig now it's a rough start totart friday morning unfortunately. ue 95 there's crash activityre's taking out lanes bothh directions.. updated information from stateaf police, the crash is on 95 o southbound involving a tractor-trailer. delays between 32 and 216. you can see just how slow thatwa southbound side is moving m towards that accident location.locati backed up for several miles. mis northbound side trade a delayeds well. well moving over to the outer looptoo
5:50 am
by the american legion bridge. g big crash scene t things down. you can see some firstme rs responders and police at that ad location. a mess of slow moving trafficgrf keeping it to the right lanesigt to get past that give yourself plenty extraxt time to get across the american legion bridge asegiobrd well.we we'll check in with our maps.urp other problems around town. bw northbound overturned carurnr reported at i-195 westboundestbd off-ramp is blocked and thenockh metro dealing with some delaysey already this morning tweetingwet out red line single tracking tcn between silver spring and forest glen due to a single s problem outside of forest for glen. as far as the green and yelloww line single tracking between fort totten.ot i'll be tweeting out updays.ut d follow me at erin fox5 d.c.ox5 d montgomery county a closer a cse view of that crash.ra we'll see big delays pickings pc up there. the we'll have more traffic in i just a few.just a wisdom. >> erin thanks very much. today marks seven years since a northwest d.c. womanrths
5:51 am
vanished without a trace. t boyfriend were supposed to spost take butler's mother out to t dinner on valentine's day but she never showed up. butler's family believes sheam was murdered.was murd her body has never beeern foundu saturday butler's family will gather for a prayer vigil in front of her home to say aer final goodbye.odbye. no one has been charged withh butler's disappearance butap b police are still investigating i thisnv case. >> in maryland flags will continue to fly at half-stafff-s today in honor of two fallenal maryland deputies. deputy patrick daily and senior deputy mark logsdonog responded to a call yesterday ye at a panera bread in abing a done. ne. daily was inside when he wasas shot by david evans who thenhen ran out of the restaurantur killing deputy logsdon beforeon being shot and killed byley police.. deputy daily was also a volunteer firefighter. his funeral will be held nextd t week. week >> the zika virus has beens been detected in maryland. maryland. state health officials say the person recently traveled to ao a country where zikaik transmission is active and and
5:52 am
ongoing.goin symptoms of zika may includede fever rash, joint pain and according toin a the cdc only one in fivee in fi patients will actually showctll symptoms.mptoms the virus has been linked tokedt birth defects in newbornh defesn babies. the world health organizationrg says a possible vaccine isci still at least 18 months away.w. the state of marylandf wants to crack down on taxn fraud and identity theft. today controller peter fran chill is holding a round table t to discuss efforts to stopo sto these crimes.. 14 private tax preparers at 18 locations in the state sta suspicious activities includeite business income when taxpayers e did not own a business and claiming dependents withoutit required proof. >> tim tebow foundationeb fou sponsoring a worldwide promldwie called a night to shrine forshrr people with special needs.ith tonight it's in d.c..c. that's the big night happeningap tonight's. the prom will be held at nationals park and hosted by by waterfront church. chu these proms are happeningoms across the country and across a
5:53 am
the more than 70,000 volunteers ines america and seven otherev o countries are making these magical nights a reality forni more than 30,000gh people with special needs. >> ♪ all right. right. kanye west is making headlines n yet again and this time for a f song on his new album that t takes a swipe at taylor swift.r now, the album life of pablo p features a single calledeal famous where the rapper usesapps profanity to say he made taylor swift famous. >> really? >> swift team says she did not give kanye approval despiteles reports had that she had. h swift called the single misogynistic and since we're si' on the subject of kanye west w the rapper debuted hisebut collection from his fashion line. the surprise here his brother-in-law lamar odomr-in actually showed up for this. t
5:54 am
marked the first time lamarimla odom attended a public event since his hos .ear. >> for this week's fox beat bt free friday, you could win a four pack of tickets to theo 12th annual washington, d.c. travel and adventure show next x weekend at the washingtonashingo convention tickets are for saturday february >> to enter and a chance toch to win, just go to the contestontet page on betweenet now and 11:59 p.m. one winnere n will be selected by randomy r drawing on february 16th. the prize has an approximateappt retail value of $72 and it'sdt' provided by the travel and adventure show. >> ♪ >> and let's say good morning to our facebook fan of the dayhy and this is a very special sci one. it is frances hall and she is turning 90 tomorrow. tor >> happy birthday, frances.y, f. >> she is a life long resident of suitland, maryland, and her granddaughter calls her a >> she babysat all theheabys
5:55 am
neighborhood kids.orod used to do all the for special events. really a special lady andy and that's what it's all aboutall at right there. >> yeah. i have a feeling she's a she's blessing to everyone she meets. >> everyone. >> yes, absolutely. >> take care of all the babieshb in the neighborhood and usedeigh to do their hair. do their ha 90 years old, she looks great.oe >> look at you. y >> again we want to say happy birthday to you frances.hdayu >> we wish you many happyy returns on that frances hall.esh >> enjoy your day. day >> if you're out celebratingelei your birthday bundle up.undlup >> celebrate inside.te insid >> turn the gas heater on, any a heater that you >> oh, yeah. >> my gas fireplace, flip the, t switch. >> thank goodness for heat.oo dn>> indeed. >> i need one of those heated h steering wheels. that would have been good this morning. my wife has one. it's so look, i want everybody too know, expect a dusting of snowno this evening. e not everybody is going to get it but a lot of us will and itni could affect the commute later on. hopefully most of this willmostw come towards the tail end ofailn the morning commute.mmute if it doesn't you know itsnou ko creates all kinds of >> sure does.
5:56 am
>> super cold w coldest day tomorrow becauseorro winds will be over 30 milesover per hour at times.t ti cold and sunny on sunday,ny onu, valentine's day.s day. hold your sweety close andty cld then 35 with some snow onnow monday and snow to rain on tuesday. >> heated steering wheel isstrig overrateed. >> what? >> no it's not. >> you say that because youecauy don't have one.av one. >> burns my hand.>> >> i don't think heatedon anything is 'toverrated.verred >> but that's just me. me. >> mr. fancy pants over here. po >> i think that wisdom is that m incredibly wrong on that onen ae and heated seats are the best tb thing in the world. wor i don't have that many bute th each had the pleasure in t riding in vehicles that >> until you go out in a hoti a summer day and you're like areir you kid meg? happened in mydn old car.old car. >> then we're in trouble. troub. you can see the delay rightight now 95 big problems there on tro the southbound side. we have a crash out by 32. you can see all those skid ski marks. it looks like it went acrosse n the center median there.he lanes blocked on theed o northbound side of 95 and youe
5:57 am
can see that lanes alsoan a blocked on the southbound side by. keep to it bw parkway to get tog around that tractor-trailert crash. we will have more as we a continue here on fox5.onox that's your traffic. traic >> we're still talking about heated steering wheel.g whe >> i know.>> i k >> ahead at 6:00 whole foodsho s is now catering too millennials.llennial details about a spinoff store that may feature tattooreatto parlors. >> what. >> plus workplace romance turns out it happens a lot a more often than you might m think. we're going to break down theowt numbers later on. >> allison, steve and tuckere de will join us with more next at
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6:00. have a great one, everyone. >> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mi >> straight ahead at 6:00 6 chilling new details into that child porn investigation in invi prince george's county fromfr the suspect behind bars. plus, concerned parents parn confront school leaders. schl ls what changes are being made to t protect the children. children. >> also tough start to your to o friday commute on the roads right now skyfox over aw skyfr tractor-trailer accident on 95 southbound.southbound. this is howard county betweenrdc 32 and 216. if you're trying get down ton t baltimore, lot of backups askups cleanup continues and this isinn not the only big trouble spotubs out there. tre we're also on the scene of a on water main break in silverof spring this morning. morning >> live look outside on thishi friday morning, it's february 12th and it is coldh out there,an folks.olks some of us could see a littleit snow later today. l. weather and traffic on the 5s at 6:05. good friday morning to you, t yu i'm allison seymour.m allison >> and i'm steve chenevey.'mteve welcome to fox5 news morning. m. we have two school delays thisai


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