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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  February 12, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mi >> straight ahead at 6:00 6 chilling new details into that child porn investigation in invi prince george's county fromfr the suspect behind bars. plus, concerned parents parn confront school leaders. schl ls what changes are being made to t protect the children. children. >> also tough start to your to o friday commute on the roads right now skyfox over aw skyfr tractor-trailer accident on 95 southbound.southbound. this is howard county betweenrdc 32 and 216. if you're trying get down ton t baltimore, lot of backups askups cleanup continues and this isinn not the only big trouble spotubs out there. tre we're also on the scene of a on water main break in silverof spring this morning. morning >> live look outside on thishi friday morning, it's february 12th and it is coldh out there,an folks.olks some of us could see a littleit snow later today. l. weather and traffic on the 5s at 6:05. good friday morning to you, t yu i'm allison seymour.m allison >> and i'm steve chenevey.'mteve welcome to fox5 news morning. m. we have two school delays thisai hour they
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right now western maryland this morning, allegheny and garrett county schools under a two-hour delay.hour delay now to a fox5 exclusive thise ts morning. for the first time we arersti hearing from the man at thet center of a child porn child investigation in princeigat george's county. >> deonte carraway is the i the school volunteer who is accused of making videos of children engaged in sex acts. fox5's marina marraco has h this exclusive story. >> reporter: sat down withr: s him. one of my first questions was were you involved in the child pornography charges and accusations, and he says he -- h he was very candid with us andnd said yes, that he did partake pr in these he said that he believedd himself to be one of the children, he was just another ao big kid sharing with theseh tse children that he's known forwnor quite some time as he's been a teacher's aide at thats aide att elementary school as well asooll most recently a volunteer.unteer now, he told us that he never engaged
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interactions with any of thosese children but he said that he tte was privy to all these videos, that he was watching them as tma they performed these acts onhe camera. now, he says that a lot oflo o these videos were taken on thekt children's cell phones ands a then those videos were sent tont his cell phone via that that tha social media app that we now thw know as kik where you canan remain anonymous on that application and send picturesd e and videos through that app.ha a he says that is how he he received the videos on his h tony, shawn. sha >> let me ask you, it soundsk ys like he thought that what he was doing was okay. oka what was your sense? did hee understand the gravity of thehe charges against him? does he know that he was wrong?t was >> reporter: well, i did ask him, shawn, i said it sai understand that you are facing very serious charges, there, th are at least 10 felony chargesch and you could potentially beal b spending the rest of your lifer lined as soon as i said that he i began s to cry.n now, he says he understandsndern what he did was wrong and he h sa
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that he never sexually interacted with theseithese children. he said he was just watchingin them and he says that he felte l as if though he was one of them.em shawn, i'll tell you, speakingpn with him you don't get the the sense that this is ath thi 22-year-old adult.. speaking with him it seemstee like rather you're speakingreg with a younger child, if you you will, a big question, ofion, o course, rises how in fact was he then allowed to actually acta act as a volunteer at this t school with any sort of responsibility with these children. >> marina, can i ask, doesa,an i he -- is he claiming that hee didn't shoot any of these videos, that they weret ey w essentially just sent to him? h is he trying make some differentiation there? there >> reporter: no, he's not,ter: tony.ny he says that he was participating as far as takinggr some of these videos, even at times directing some of thesengm videos and being a part of thehe scene of this individual --ivid these videos but he says hee sae was never in any of the videos so he was never in front ofve f the camera, if you l
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he says that a lot of these of s things just took place beforeefr his eyes but he didn'tidt physically participate withte w these now i will tell you that heha h says that this all started astaa fun and many of the times he says thatat this would start as hide andhi a go seek games or as even truth t or dare. he says it would start as innocently he says as just pop p kissing and then from there the evolve into, of course, muche, h more serious physical actions including sexual intercourse.coe >> that's marina marraco. marra that was last night atasnigh 10 o'clock.10 o'c marina is going to rejoin us rei at 8 o'clock this morning.lo we'll talk with her live. l we'll get more information about her exclusive jailhouselu interview with that suspect.pect the investigation now has more e parents concerned. several of them had a chanceem a to sound off last night. >> fox5's melanie alnwick isck i live in glenarden this morninget with more on what they had to ht say. mel, good morning. g >> reporter: good morning, guys. yeah, as you can imagine, hundreds of parents and cf pas and grandparents packing the png t cafeteria here is the sylvaniava woods elementary school
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demanding answers. they really wanted to come away from this meeting withee w some sort of sense of how this t was allowed to go on o undetected for so long.oon they didn't get a lot of answers to those questions. queo most of the time schoolchool officials had to defer saying of course that it was allth under investigation, theyation,y couldn't talk about ticks but there were some concrete solutions offered. oer here are a few of them.hem. 26 new security cameras willas be installed in the school. scho there will now be a task forcekc to look at policy changes and training. they're also going to beso g to changing procedures fordu picking up students and stus an signing them out.g them out parents also asked if theyth could get notified as to whoifat is volunteering at the school.ah they wanted a list of names n and information and it appearsta that they will be able to getet that.that questions also came up if parents could transfer their thr students out of the school and school officials did say that tt they would allow them to doow te it. after the meeting some parents r were satisfied, some were not.ot >> what i sai
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my daughter is safe to come to o school? no. n there's a lot of issues in there still.ti but i can't keep her at home, either. you know, she has to come to school eventually. >> well, because i believe that -- i don't have any fears a about that.tha >> reporter: now, schoolchoo employees are required by law to report any suspiciouspious activity if they suspect abuse or neglect immediately andnd then follow up way written w report in 48 all of this goes to childo child protective services.ce superintendent dr. kevinntende maxwell says he believes bie perhaps that some of those reporting requirements were req not followed and he is immediately ordering orderin retraining for all princell george's county schoolnty hoo employees. live in glenarden, i'm melanie m alnwick, fox5 local news. n >> mel, thanks very much.than vr come on in tuck. 6:06 right now. now cold out there this morning. mog >> beginning to think this is a thing
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>> what. >> the dramatic walk down.matica >> they took my walk away. awa >> you have to set yourself apart.t. >> me time. >> from all the other peopleher who are just there when the camera consults on.lts o >> thank you allison. allison. >> that's right. that' >> do things your own way. yourw cold out there.. lots of layers. we are getting ready for our coldest weekend in quite someom time, probably since last february as -- we'll talk allk about it but notice those cold d temperatures.mper 11 this morning in martinsburg, 14 in frederick, f, 16 manassas, 17 in fredericksburg.rg. just a couple clouds outut there. here's the deal with deal today. we'll get clouds pretty quick. e we have a frontal system, the arctic boundary just out tojustt our west.ou see it out there into indianand and illinois.and iois. it will race into our regionio late this afternoon and it and i could kick off around -- a round of snow showers maybe may enough to coat the ground here after rush hour, about six, 8, , 9 o'clock tonight and then it it gets very windy very cold overnight so that will be the be weather timeto
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32 your daytime high.ig we'll have the weekendkend forecast coming up.g >> cold weather with the -- the- scares me but i'm not going to span nick. nick. >> we'll talk a you will aboutot it. >> good morning erin.rn >> good unfortunately a very busyy commute already. already. skyfox over 95 in maryland.95n . crash on the southbound sidehe o involving a tractor-trailer.raer and you can see big delayseig there. we also have delays on the northbound side. police activity from thisivity crash scene blocking bothin sides of 95. right lanes getting by on thehe south and northbound side between 32 and 216. and 2 i'd avoid that. you can see significant delaysay building on that southboundat side. aside from that i would sayld take bw parkway because againga in both directions you'll seel that. th aside from that other problems we need to get to so let's s move it over for a look at our cameras. this is a delay from thelay froh camera of 95 southbound.thboun again northbound side backed up as well.up a we'll check in with the innerwi loop by the american legion bridge. an accident blocking the lanesoc right there so make sure youke y
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time to get around. aro keep it to the right as yous y head out on the beltway.el. we'll check in now with our maps.. aside from that crash scene we e are seeing other problems.roble. outer loop at the americanop atc legion bridge because of thatbe delays are backca to river roada let's go ahead and switch switc things over and show you a live look outside at a waterater main break. break water main break gushing outng right now and i'm worried that things could freeze later. lat this is veirs mill atis connecticut.conn avoid that intersection.erse that could slow you down later l this morning.this morning right now traffic does seem to be getting by.ti by. i'm worried freezingin conditions could occur. o keep up me on twitter at erin fox5 days.ay more traffic in just a few. few not a great start to fridayly. a >> montgomery county now aomty fire broke out at the woodmontot country a maintenance barn went up int p flames.fl that fire started aboutut 11 o'clock last night but firefighters stayed into theta early morning hours to keep an eye on the building.on no word on how that firee started.started. also in montgomery county,nt 25 chickens killed after a chicken coop caught on fire
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this was on glen road in i potomac.poma firefighters put on the thers p fire. no word on how that fire thare started. still ahead a late nightd for d.c. council.ncil they guilty an earful from an rf packed hearing that wrapped up u just a few hours ago. at issue the family paid leave act.
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>> ♪ >> while you were sleepingle d.c. council and dozens ofnc residents went well into the night talking about the poe posed family leave bill.inmily >> the hearing wrapped up hea early, this morning in fact. fox5's annie yu joins usns us live from the wilson buildingnui now. annie. >> reporter: hey, goodepor morning. yeah, this is a lot topic lot t being debated here in the here t district but it's also beinga talked about across the canoss n country because if this is i approved it would be the mostulm generous paid leave act in the country.untry. so, very important issue here,mi a major issue in the district d but last night about 150 residents packed into the wilson building before theing d.c. council and testified in td support of thi
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most of them single parentseares and minority advocates anddvocat social workers who all say s that paid leave is an important economic and health issue.h under this legislation thoselatt who work in the district will be able to take up to 12 weekse of paid time off for the birthhb of a child, a medical issue or s to care for a family membery m and in addition this plans would also impose a 1 percent 1r tax on employers to pay formp the program. progr association there are a lot of people passionate about thiss bill obviously supporters suprtr saying it's important becauset' individuals shouldn't have told' choose between caring forse b their families and their jobsli and on the flip side youes have businesses who say that thisss is a financial burden anesd that 1 percent tax could be a huge he burden for them. the mayor is also speakingak about this and actually she'se' expressing some doubt.sing some take a listen to what she has h to say. s >> who are welcoming a child a need relief but we also needlso to make sure that it is i
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the cfo made it really cleary that the -- the amount oft money that is brought in has i to equal the amount of money that is going out. >> reporter: now, chairman mendelsohn says he feels confident that this bill wouldt pass but wthould require someeqs tweaking so it could be someit s time before we actually see acte some action. some act that's the very latest here inin northwest, annie yu, fox5u, f local news.loca >> annie, thanks.>> still ahead whole foodsds catering to millennials now.. details about a spinoff to are r that may feature tattoo t parlors. >> will they be moremo expensive. a live look outside as we w head to break. weather and traffic coming up on the 5s next.
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>> ♪ >> all right.>> that time of year. we've got another water main break this one in silvern er spring and you can see lots of water coming out.ut unfortunately temperatures arey so cold thteat that will get a chance to try to refreezeefez there a little bit down the road and i'm afraid we'll see ws more of that as our as temperatures are going to beo b very cold the next coupleexpl days. here's your bus stop forecast.os expecting sunshine early. e. very cold temperatures,d tempra though, 15 to 20. to in fact we've got parts of the t region that are like 10 or 11.r1 after school getting cloudy clod but still cool.ill temperatures right aroundures rt freezing, maybe 30 to 35 hereo and breezy conditions continuetu through your day. here are you friday morning f temperatures and it is cold out there. look at thatri.ndok at that. 20 washington, good morning
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quantico, 20 degrees, 14 up in frederick, baltimoretire 14 degrees, 16 leonardtown and a just 19 in annapolis.nnapol another chilly day expected.xpt. maybe freezing today and thenhe we've got this arctic boundary a set to arrive laterrc tonightig and that could kick off a quick burst of snow around s here this evening.eveni no snow in the forecast earlyasy this morning.. near good shape here as we've got quiet conditions overnightit but again very cold conditions out there.ou most of our focus is rightig here on our frontal system and a again that will breeze throughh here 'cause we're going get g very breezy behind it. i breeze through here 7, 8, 97, 8 o'clock tonight and will ail likely kick off a very quickuick round of snow showers, perhaps,s enough to coat the ground butthd again, temperatures are goingtue to be cold enough that if tha i you're out on the roads later lt tonight you could encounterncout some of in snow so just keep atp heads up here, keep an eye on the sky late this afternoon.fte. could be a little bit of snowtlf south and east much that'sh tha' from different system.yste then here comes our arcticrc boundary as we get into thento e nighttime here we are at 9 o'clock. 9 o'c it will be quick moving. quickov perhaps just enough to coat to c the ground.
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in. you'll here the wind they're going to howl. to ho it will be extremely cold by b early tomorrow morning, mni daytime highs both saturdayh say and sunday they don't get out g of the 20's.0' hm. and it's valentine's days ntine' weekend. i need to go shopping, erin. eri there's your seven day.ven da 32 today. 25, 26 saturday, sunday. like like we wind the weekendd e with a winter storm. wintestorm. right now it looks like we'reik' going get enough warm air in air here that perhaps it starts as a snow or ice and ends as aas period of rain.n. still a lot of question marks about that storm.about that sto. that would be monday and tuesday. all right.l righ my job is done. don how is it looking on theking t roads.road >> really bad this morning. mni we have a lot of breaking news e to get to unfortunately tucker. skyfox right now beltway on nowy 95. we have a crash involving ag a tractor-trailer. it's on the southbound sidee id and you can see traffic slowsws as headlights make their wayhtsa towards us. also bloking some of theinsome lanes on the northbound side.or you can see crews there firsther responders trying to clear c that right now on theht now northbound side just the outer e right lane is getting by. b things backing up from 216 to t 32 on the northbound southbou
6:19 am
from about 100 past 32 so big problems on 95 right now andnd as you can see they're working i really hard to get a lot ofot that debris and issue cleared. r crawling along right nowng northbound side. art keep to it bw parkway in both bh directions.di it will certainly save youave yu time this morning. morning. we'll switch it over now and n a show you a live look. you we're dealing with a water a w main break out in ' andnd they're working on repairs right now. n veirs mill road it's westboundou between connecticut avenue and randolph road. road. the lanes are blocked. blocked crews are working.or watch for slick spots.k pots really cold this morning andnind that water could definitelyefiny freeze and cause additionalau problems for your morningse ymon commute. you can see traffic getting by in one lane right now.tow. we'll go ahead and check inck i with a live look. look. the outer loop right now by the american legion bridge ae crash blocking the left lane.t right lane is getting by andy a you are stacked up with reallyey jammed traffic from river roadra through this point.s point inner loop dealing with slowith traffic also and we'll take ae't quick look at our maps. metro problems blueline delayed at largo to
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we'll get an update on thosen t green yellow and red lines. back to you steve. s >> coming up next workplacekp romance. it apparently happens a lot a lt more than you think. think. >> we'll break down there down numbers.nuers. >> we're speaking to senator sat tim kaine. plus details about a new proposal he's cosponsoring to honor the history of african-americans in the united states. >> we'll be right back.
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>> 6:22 right now. we are back with a democraticwi show down last night in mithn lwaukee. once again hillary clinton and bernie sanders clashing. this is debate number six andsid for the first time since the new hampshire primary which w bernie sanders won pretty intense back and forth hot topics included healthcareec immigration and donor money. mey >> do you whatever at all thatwh you willat be the instrument off thwarting history as senatorenor clinton keeps claiming thatimg t she might be the first woman wom president.president. >> somebody who has spent hiswhp entire life taking on the big money interests i think a sadth victory woulsanders victory woub accomplishment as well.mpli >> i'm not asking people to askn support me because i'm a i a woman. i'm asking people to support pes me because i think i'm thenk i'm most qualified experienced and ready person to be the president. >> the next big contest ofbig course in south carolina. the republican primary february 20th.0t
6:24 am
candidate one week later. other republican side ofan f things in there race for the white house frontrunner donaldel trump spent last night in louisiana at a rally thereal t promising to clean up hisleanp i language on the campaign oe camg trail. earlier in the day in south thei carolina he told hisd supporters if he wins southinso carolina he'll win the gop nomination.mition. al. >> meanwhile, trump is criticizing pope francis for agc planned visit near the u.s. mexico border -- the u.s.he border with mexico apologize.poo the pope will hold a large lar outdoor mass on wednesday justas yards from texas. pope francis arrives in mexico c city today for a week long visit but first a layover in cuba where the pontiff willontif meet with the head of the russian orthodox church. crc >> so we had a little trouble getting lauren simonetti thiseti morning for business beat but just to clarify some of thear stories we talked about the whole foods tattoo parlors it's the new 365 stores. sto that's their new smaller kindllk of millennialish sto >> is it the same price point.hs >> i don't know about the'tw price point.
6:25 am
l.a. as far as the office romance 40 percent of the peoplehe peope polled said at one point inat ot their careers they were in ann office romance but 33 percent of office romances ended innded marriage.iage. how nice was that. >> i had one. did it not.d it n. >> well, on the flip side ofn el things 17 percent also involveiv a married coworker. >> uh-oh. >> hello. >> hi. good morning.go >> good morning. >> steve, is a littl is full of. >> we promised the people some stories. >> it is bitterly cold outit there this the worst is yet to come lateree this weekend --eend >> windy and cold or just cold cold. >> steve, in the summer timemer do we just have heat or heat ht and humidity. >> is it going to windy and cold. >> windy and cold. dulles 15, bwi marshall 14.shall some things just go together. te like peanut butter and jelly.ttl satellite and radar, we've gotrg
6:26 am
clear skies at the moment. at te going to be a beautifulea sunrise but a very cold startold to your friday.ri make sure your kids as they ath are running out the door or if you're walking getting readyng r for school make sure you'reyore wearing lots of layers.f layer it's going to be cold. t the real deal gets in here tonight. there could be a quick burst of snow 7, 8, 9 o'clock tonight.nigh enough to coat the ground and t then the cold air rushes n rhe look at your daytime highig saturday and sunday.ndday. only in the mid-20's. m-2 wedges around zero by saturdayay afternoon, saturday >> lovely.ovel it will be real nice.bel n >> i'll be -- well, no, actually momma is going out to t a little party on saturday night. >> ooh.>> >> so, you know, i'll just runlt inside and run back to theunacko car, erin.r, e that's going to be me saturdayur night. >> good. running sounds good right now. it might get you to worko wor faster if you're trying to if take 95. >> there you go.he you g >> look at this big mess we're ' dealing with 95 on theing th 9 southbound side. crash involving a semi. it's affecting the northbound lanes as well. you can see that policet p activity are taking out lanes ls right now. n
6:27 am
the northbound side.nort all lanes have reopened on thent southbound side.hboundid the crash activity across bothoh lanes on 95. on this is out by 32 so the the northbound side backed up fromep 216 to 32 southbound side slowes roll from 100 to 32. take bw parkway. parkw you don't want to get stuck onck either side of 95 right now. nor the top of the beltway. quick look at our maps.lookour a metro has tons of delays. of de. red line at grosvenor blueenor b lines delay to largo towno lar center because of an earlierec prauoblem at king. check with me on twitter at at erin fox5 d.c. d >> senator tim kaine is going to join us live. liv we'll chatter with him thister t morning. >> as we continue to celebrateea black history month there's ay e new proposal on the hill to honor 400 years ofars of african-american history and senator cane is one of the is oe sponsors that of legislation.t . also going to get his take onak the rails for the white house. 6:27. stay with us.
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>> ♪ >> 6:30 right now.>> there's a look outside of your o nation's capitol this morning, washington monument mun front and center. cen bundle up, folks.ndle up, f it is a cold start to the day in that washington, d.c.washino. welcome back to fox5 newse a morning. weather and traffic coming up cn on the 5's at 6:35. we'll see you can tucker then.uc first at 6:30 concerned con parents had a chance to confront school leaders aboutdea that climb porn investigation.ea school board members proposed and stalling security we talked with the suspect in this case. we'll have continuing coverage on that all morning but youmo can check it out rightrn now
6:31 am
our web site, just a few hours ago a public hearing wrapped up onri paid time off in the it started yesterday afternoon. it went into the early morning e hours.hour the bill would give workers 12os paid weeks of family leave.y lee it would impose a 1 percent 1ere tax on employers to pay foro p that program. al. al. >> the democrats running for president squared off oncet sq again in a debate.ain in deb the show down last night taking place two days after a bernie sanders' big win in new w hampshire. and with a little more than amot week away from the next next presidential contest in nevada and south carolina, we are really looking closely atloly these candidates. c let's head to capitol hilltol h now. we're talking politics withics something like that is very close to one of the campaigns,es senator tim kaine joins us live. good morning, senator. >> reporter: hey, allison, how are you? ho >> we're also of course going to talk about some excitingxc legislation that you are co-sponsoring but let's talk'sal politics for just a second secon here.. you opened up hillaryry clinton's offe
6:32 am
virginia and tell us why you think that hillary clinton canla go all the way in november. nem >> reporter: you know, character sues, she's got an unbroken line of passion around empowering families that dates back tot da her time as a middle schooler so and i like to see that acrosscrs the life of somebody inomeb politics that they have ahat ave passion that's not just, youatoj know, the latest polls.ol. issues i just feel like on the domestic issues whether it'sert' college affordability or pay equity for women or the right way to grow the economy she's got a track record and she'sre also got the track record in i terms of america's role abroadea as a former member of both theot armed services and foreign f relations committees and thecoes secretary of state but i think i the thing allison that really ra sells it is results.esul all of us in the senate we all came here for the same reason ra actual that bernie sanders did and i lovesa we wanted to get work done for the people back home buthe b getting work done means makingin things
6:33 am
and as a senator and as a secretary of state, hillary clinton is just head and shoulders above any of the other candidates democratic orat republican in her ability actual to make things happenap make this place work better, b solve problems for americansob and that's why i'm stronglylehyn supporting her. h >> were you surprised by theyo pretty big loss that sheu ig l suffered in new hampshire? hampe >> reporter: you know, inow, would have liked the margin to have been closer. close i wasn't surprised by theur loss. iowa, new hampshire andmpshre vermont are the best threeesth states for bernie sanders of the 50 states in terms of the te democratic electorate so heatso got lucky to have two of his h best three states the first thef two and we -- and hillary clinton went one and one innen those states.etate she made a very good speech atdt the end that of night in newf ni hampshire that says this is a a tough and grueling race andd gr it's going to be that way allbe the the winner is going to be theo e one who can take a loss andnd come back strong and i think ank she's going to do that. virginia's super tuesdayuper t primary is on march one and so
6:34 am
i was out opening an office inn alexandria earlier this weeker t for her. the energy is i think she'll do well in thehel states before virginia and ine n virginia on super tuesday. tuesd >> let's talk about the 400 years of african-american-ari history act, the first africans documented coming toumo this country back in 1619. 1 tell us about this legislationo and what it will do practically moving forward. fora >> reporter: yeah, allison, alls you know, when i was governors r of virginia, i kind of iin presided over the 400th anniversary of jamestown andjam congress passed a federal commission to say we want toant honor the english roots of the united states.un last year in the senate, i participated in activitiesd around the 450th anniversary any of the hispanic roots in thepa united states with the s foundation of saint augustine,ue florida, and again congress con created a commission to tell the story and honor the t hispanic roots of this countryfu and i think it's important i that we do the same thing about africa andnd ai
6:35 am
contributions. the first africans were slavesai captured off a slave ship and then brought ash schlor atchlo point comfort virginia whichmf is in hamptoorn now in 1619. 1 and so the idea is, look, iff english contributions havee mattered, and they have, if havi hispanic contributions have con mattered, and they have, then, t of course, african and african-american contributions have mattered. mat so this is about setting up a commission. we've consulted with thee smithsonian, theco naacp, otherr organizations to try to tell tel the story of this 400 years40ye and it's a story obviously of incredible tragedy and adversity but also of incredible contribution. we -- there's no way to imagine a united states a ud stt without all the contributionsonr that africans and african-americans have madeer and that's the idea for the tde commission to plan events thatsa will tell that story in a wayn w that's appropriate to 2019. 2 >> a lot of talk about the the
6:36 am
month and all of i'm just going to say that say a doing something like this t might speak louder than all ofl that con so, i wish you luck in that in t being pushed through.he thank you for spending someing time with us this mo. >> reporter: absolutely.orte look forward to talking again. >> okay. >> okay. senator tim kaine of coursem democrat from virginia. >> uh-huh.ka f all right. it's time to check in with tucker once he's indoors today. t >> very smart man.y sma >> for awhile.>> >> we're going out later. >> we're going out. we' >> hope you brought your extra mittens. mittens. >> i have layers. hav >> warm clothes. >> tucker. >> valentine's dayneay shenanigans. >> it will keep us warm.eep us . >> look for us out and about later today.od >> cuddling together.>>ud >> 20 in washington.hing 19 in annapolis. annapol it is very, very cold acrossos the region and believe it ort not, the cold is yet to come. tc i mean, it's going to be mucho e colder tonight and tomorrowomor than it is currently.urrently. 42 end in frederick, 15 out at dulles.du satellite and radar, clear skies to start your day.our day we'll get clouds pretty quickui and
6:37 am
could have a quick burst ofuickt snow with our arctic boundary. r it's pushing through illinois i and indiana and will move in again early evening, maybe a quick burst, maybe a coating may of snow and then veryvery blustery, very cold overnight. t we'll look at the weekendok ath forecast coming up but into b io today. make sure you've got your winter coats ready. >> so the two of you are going g out to find people wish themh te happy valentine's day fromay f 9:00 to 11:00 did you set up a u twitter account like a food truck to know where thatno people can find you.le >> it's not going to bet'not planned. >> are you standing i don't iti side the the >> no, we're b going to hunternr for people and figure it out right tucker. >> if you see us make sure youes say hi. >> is there going to be a bige o a are row. >> there will be a plan by 9 o'clock. >> don't worry about it much think it's the a game. we have a plan. pla don't worry about it. erin good morning. morning >> we will get to the people. te >> very excited to get ourexcite valentine's day gift first fortr you and tucker before we goe weg out. >> though we adore you we're going out to give them to
6:38 am
people. >> i are that as well. happy valentine's to everyone. n >> erin and i will stay inside and tweet our valentine'senti wishes. >> southbound all lanesboun reopened out by 32.ed by but you are at a crawl from 11ro through that point.t as for your northbound northboun commute, say you're headed tod o bwi, are you backed up fromd upo just after 198 all the way the past this point at 32.t 32. still a big crash sceneshne blocking th left shoulder andulr left lane. take bw parkway. par but keep in mind you'redou getting typical congestion on the southbound side of bw parkway. so far northbound bw parkwaykway in much better shape than what a year seeing here top side oftopi the screen where my hand was. w let's switch it over for aswitci live shot.t we have an active water maine w break. br crews working to get thiset t under control.r contr this is on veirs mill roadloa westbound between connecticutic and randolph.p traffic is moving along okayng a but i'm worried some freezing conditions are going to start ta to pop up because that water is just gush
6:39 am
outer loop not in great shapegra right now.right n crash blocking two lanes by the american legion bridge anddg because ofe that the outer loop jams from the spur.jams fro look at inner and outer loop basically aat a standstill out by old georgetown.ortown aside from that big delays onn metro. metr delays on the red, orange to vienna, delays to largo town center on the blue and delayse yellow and green as you makes um your way out.ur way o check in with me for more details on that on twitter at erin fox5 d.c.5 we'll have more specifics.specs. steve. >> a special night for apeci special group of kids att nationals park. park. >> plus we're headed to thewe'r movies. kevin is coming up with his reviews in today's fox beat. i can't wait to see this s t zoolander. >> went to see it last night.
6:41 am
6:42 am
>> ♪ >> 6:42. welcome back.we tax season fraud and identity ie theft a big problem. probl the last thing we need in maryland the maryland marylad controller peter fran chell. his office has suspendednd processing tax refunds from 23 liberty tax servicece franchises.frch and from 14 private tax preparers due to a high volumee of questionable returns. rur >> today is the 207th anniversary of abraham lincoln's birthday. birthda in honor of the nation's 16ths 1 president there wil
6:43 am
wreath laying ceremony at the lincoln memorial at noonlt n today. it is free and open to the public. if you can bear the cold weather. weather. nationals park tonight aalsa prom. for dozens of local childrenhi with special needs. it's the first time the annual night to shine event is being b held in the district. it was started by the timedthe tebow foundation five years ago. during this valentine's dayay weekend similar proms will beill held in 48 states and sevenev countries including right herehr in washington, d.c.. hope everybody has a great g time. time. there are three new moviesa hitting the big screen today.n y kevin has his reviews next. n >> a reminder before we takeefok you to the break if you have a news tip please share it withe h us. call 202-895-3000 or e-mail us your tip to fox5 tips at 6:43 now. chilly 20 dunkin' d we're back in a moment. uplift your mood with hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl. from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m., indulge in a medium hot or iced latte or macchiato for $1.99.
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america runs on dunkin'.
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♪ oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-ooh, oh ♪ hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. >> ♪ >> problems in silver spring. water main situation isininitua getting slightly better butet still causing some problemsg so out there.he this is veirs mill road notir far from connecticut. if you're in that area youin might see a few delays outout there.ere. erin just checking with her with and she says not horrible whenr it comes to traffic delays though. traffic still getting by but a t little slower than it normally l would be. >> okay. steve you had a lot ofyou questions before.e. >> yes.>> yes. >> because you two are going tri to play --la >> show me some love. lov this is our hashtag t. >> i get it.t. we'll come find them.m. >> probably at their
6:47 am
workplace. >> that's dangerous thoughnger because we have viewersuse weavi everywhere.yw >> we'll do the best we can.the >> here's what i think youwhat k should do tuck. do tuck. i think you should decideyou where you're going to be and gog then you tweet out what theha t hashtag show me some love andova then people will be able to babl find you.find y >> yeah but we don't have an endless supply of valentine's. >> love. >> physically.>> physi >> or time. [laughter]ter] >> allison explain what we're going to be doing.going toe >> during good day like if youiu were watching last week wechin honored our united states postal carriers with -- whatitht did we give? doughnuts. so, because for valentine'saleni day tucker and i are goingre gog back out because we love it lovi and we love meeting folks outngs there and we're going to slow s them some love.e lov >> we have gratitude.e what a year of gratitude andtide thanks for all our viewers. our. >> that's right. we will have a littleil something for you but that'sl not what it is. myth it's a hug, a hello, a happy valentine's day we heart you. >> we may run out of goods of g pretty quick. you'll just have to get aust t high-five and a hug. h >> have you decid
6:48 am
you're going to be or aidre you going play it by ear. e >> i think we should play it it by ear. i don't want people to be disappointed. like love it's going to be to fluid. >> okay. >> very well said.y >> you're welcome. welcome. >> this is got the makings of a fun morning. morng arctic air invasion. iasion. it is set to move in tonight.n n wait until you see the wind th n chill temperatures for sundayun morning. 20 right now in washington. 12 in i gaithersburg. 14 up in baltimore. balmo 14 in leonardtown.nato these are air temperatures.temra very, very cold.ry col and believe it or not evenot eve colder temperatures move in tonight with some howlingow winds as our arctic boundary moves in. clear skies to start your we're in good shape. sha we'll have sunshine the firstunh half of the day. d clouds month of if pretty quick. qu i want give you a heads up. 7, 8, 9 o'clock we might get a quick burst of snow shower activity and it might be a enough to coat the ground and remember, t temperatures havepe been very cold.been i think it will be belowl b freezing tonight, 7, 8 o'clock k tonight and it's not going to
6:49 am
can't promise we're not goingis to get a coating of snow sno across parts of the area here as we get into the nighttimeme hours. there's your cold front.nt the colder air rushes in behind it. you'll hear the winds howling tonight.tonigh breezy conditions saturday.atur. daytime highs in the mid-20's m' but with wind chills it will w feel like single digitsik tomorrow afternoon as we haves v the cold hest air in about a a year's time moving in. there we are at 5 o'clock. olo there's our chance for thathancr coating of snow, seven, eight, g 9 o'clock tonight.9 o'ock toni again, it will be a quickwill q mover. i promise it won't amount tomot much but it could again coat agn some roadways out there as temperatures will be cold enough. then it will clear out.ut we'll have a nice looking lki weekend.ekend. arctic high pressure is thath beautiful but it is going to be very cold around here. h 26 on sunday for valentine'salee day.da looks like we end the weekende n with some storminess.ins. changes to rain. r still a lot of question marksstk
6:50 am
about it. that is erin is back with traffic.h aff erin i'm going to practice onctn you before we leave ourve o presentation for later thiss morning.morning. >> ooh, that looks g you wantat to come in and show everyone l y really fast. it's a lot prettier thann traffic.affi >> just do traffic. just do >> look at skid mark ts across r the center median.ed this is 95 north of the beltway.bewa all southbound lanes right now moving. northbound lanes moving as l well. what you need to know for the morning ride if you're headedtoa out on the southbound side are you backed up from way northay n of this point from 100 all theat way down on the southbound side. northbound traffic jams fromff just after 198 to 32. to so basically as you approach app 32 in both directions you'resou seeing major slowdowns mostly ms on the southbound side.un because of that,d your bestest alternate bw southbound. that is backing up as well. bw northbound if you're headed'h to bwi is definitely a better bt bet right i'll let you know as soon asn that southbound side starts tost break up.eak up it's going with the typical morning rush. let's take a live look outside t right now.t no steve was telling us about theau water main
6:51 am
mill. you can see right now trafficra is jamming a bit towards thatart location out by connecticut.ctut it's between connecticut andnd randolph. right now water is still s actually looks like it just jus stopped which is really good news so that's under control. cr but you're going to see lanes sl blocked and watch for somed wat freezing conditions. contions. i'll update you on metro next. that's your traffic. tra >> thank you so much, erin.much. >> well, for this week's fox fox beat free friday you could win d a four pack of tickets to thetst 12th annual washington, d.c.ingd travel and adventure show. it's next weekend at thet the washington convention center. cn tickets are for saturday february >> to enter for your chance to win, just go to the contest ctet page on betweenet now and 11:59 p.m. one winnere n will be selected by randoman drawing on february 16th.ruary the prize has an approximateppxa retail value of 75 -- excuse me, $72, $72 and is provided pvi by the travel and adventuretu show. >> every time i think about t there show remember
6:52 am
used to do her live shots in the scuba tank under water. i'm like how do you do that? t? that's cool.l. you know what else is cool, c movies on a weekend and kevin mccarthy.mccarthy >> movies on a cold weekend.eeke >> kevin invited me he -- full f disclosure.sclo. kevin invite node a movie lastot which i thought was great.i thoa he was like come see dead pooleo with me. and i was like okay. o i said when. said whe he said 9:30.0. >> i got out of the movieshe mos seven hours ago. ago i saw dead pool and i got out at midnight. >> that's reason i didn't go. >> steve i'm trying to strengthen our friendshiphip here. i want us to lang out more,ut m build a better chemistryr cmi together. steve, come on. >> kevin he's free all weekend including valentine's day. >> really -- would you go to a u movie until midnight on a o weekday al.weekday al >> i probably just got five hours of sleep anyway.ny polite as well see might as welv >> one of the best movie
6:53 am
this film is mind blowingly bwi great. it's so funny.. it's not for kids whatsoever. very, very hard r rated film. this ryan reynolds plays a character wade wilsonter diagnosed with terminal cancer c undergoes a procedure. it's and sanely funny.un >> fantastic funny. fun. >> very, very funny. fny >> very similar to the movie zombieland in the sense of like the jokes are very meta.a. i picked up on new jokes lastoks night. ni it is very violent again notga for kids. there's an extra scene at the ae end of the credits it is worthth seeing this weekend. there's an element of an roam an plan particular story to it.cuor underneath all the violenceth and all the bad a language langu there's a great love story involved as well.invo this is an 11 year passion years project for ryan reynolds. rno i gave 84 and a hl
6:54 am
five. i absolutely loved this go see it. it is so awesome.weso i saw it with lauren last night. we'll review it together onetr good day at 10:00. >> what if i want a new bluelue how was that. >> unfortunately this movie is terrible.. >> oh. >> are you surprised by that t though 'cause it looks i terrible. >> i loved, loved, loved zoolander one.ande i loved him and owen wilsonn wso together in the first this movie is so painfully badad i found myself.f. >> it's got joe jonas in it. >> i was bored throughout the tt majority of the movie. movie i laughed three here's the problem with thhee movie. there are so many celebritye som cameos that it becomesomes distracting. >> but idit's benedict cumberbatch. >> i found myself every five seconds going oh, there'sing o e another celebrity, there's another celebrity.ity the plot line -- plot doesn'toe platter in a comedy like this ti but it is so overly convolutedoe that i found myself honestlyes confused in a comedy and itnd was not fun whatsoever.haoe >> t
6:55 am
>> justin bieber i know that iw is justin bieber. >> probable product placement. >> to me personally this is asoa completely disappointingting sequel, major letdown. a one and a half out of five.t f >> wow. that's the low of the i've the'v ever heard you give.eard y g >> not funny. not >> you have.>> y >> i've given 0.5..5 >> the only thing i liked i about this movie was kristenen wiig. wiig how to be single a better two and a half out of five. of has some good goo mom it's an many r rated raunch rauc cle comedy. comed dead pool funnier than zoolanders two. >> if there's a movie and thisso is what i thought with zoolander two that the studio to knows is so bad they will w overpromote it so much because you will the super bowl stuff,ff it was like promotion -- just - to make you feel like you need u to see it. >> right. >> is there anything to that? do they know it's bad they might spend more money on it. i >> you all have to do this off camera. >> it is>> it don't see it. see dead pool
6:56 am
how to be is thi single two andd out of one. >> i have a rule if kevin late l a movie i'm definitely going to grow. >> you said time machine wasai bad.d ityou id agree with you it was terrible but i like bad movie movies. reagan national 20, dulles 15, bwi 14.bwi . sometimes so bad can be good.sob there's your satellite andur radar. we are looking at a quick q burst of snow with our arctic a boundary tonight.ry tonig there might be a quick coating i of snow tonight. tonight. then look at your coldk at weekend. 20 saturday and sunday. sunda very, very cold weekend.d plenty more weather in just a minute.mite. more traffic with erin. >> zoolander two for z valentine's day.vaine's >> dead pool.l. >> skyfox, all lanes, an on 95 out by 32. 95 t by huge crash took out the centerhe median lanes in both directions cleared. however southbound side jamsut from 100 to 32hb.from northbound de
6:57 am
through this point. your best bet bw parkway but but watch for congestion on the southbound side as well. we'll take a look at a jammedk a outer loop as we continue. cn keep it to fox5 news morning.
6:58 am
6:59 am
>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> straight off the top atoxt 7 o'clock this morofning a fox5 exclusive the
7:00 am
center of that childf th chi pornography center rockinger prince george's county, r deonte carraway speaking only tonly fox5. fo a confession.sio details about what theut wt students d-how he got so close- to them and what he revealedevea about his troubled past rights u from his jail cell. >> and major troubles on thero roads this morning.isorni a water main break leaving ice i and slush on a busy roadway. rdw a tractor-trailer accident on i-95. also wrecks on the beltway.s you will definitely want toonitt see our traffic reports beforetr you head out the door thisthis morning. >> and a frigid friday. we are bracing for severe cold l this morning and all weekendeeke long. long will this be theoldesthibe t valentine's day ever? there's a chance of some snow as well.el got you covered though thishougs morning. good morning, it is friday., it it is february 12th, 2016., 201. good morning, everybody., ev i'm steve >> i'm allison seymour. allis sy welcome to fox5 news morning. mi we're going bring you up to date on a busy morning inorng i traffic and weather in just a it few minutes but we want to wanto begin right here at 7:00 a.m.. with a fox5


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