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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  February 12, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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is combined with caring for the world's newest mother? what happens when you match cutting-edge clinical trials with a gentle touch? you get extraordinary medicine and remarkable care. novant health and uva health system are proudly partnering to bring better care to every patient. . >> right now at 10:00, get ready for more winter weather from snow temperatures to snow what you can expect soefr the next few days. >> plus, gun fire inside a local barber shop. a father and his young son grazed by gunfire. >> find out how a soft core porn actress
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campaign political ad. your news starts now. >> all right, are you ready? we begin with a weather alert. over the next few days we are going to see it all. we're talking about snow, rain, ice and bitter cold temperatures. thanks for joining us. i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm tony perkins. some areas could see some snow showers tornt. crews spent the day pretreating the roads. let's check in with gwen tolbart to get the latest. >> shawn said it. there is an entire mixture of things all coming together this weekend. that includes as she mentioned snow and wintry mix. we've got tumbling temperatures, wind chills, gusty winds to be concerned with and some ice as well as rain so we've got it all. let's begin with a look at our radar. some of you are seeing this and some of you are not and some of this may not be teaching the ground yet. we have some snow showers that are mafg their
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this is going to continue tonight. it will be out of the way fairly quickly. but the problem is, whatever does touch the surface is going to cause some issues on any roads, sidewalks, bridges, overpasses that have not been treated. because the temperature saturday the surface is cold enough that we could see some realisticy, icy conditions here. so not a good situation at all. we do have a winter weather advisory in effect. this is until midnight. snow showers are what we are talking about. more accumulation over areas of the higher elevations in the mountains but maybe an inch or even less as far as areas to the east are concerned along the i-95 corridor to the south. this is in effect through midnight tonight. the other situations are the winds. a wind advisory and that will kick in at 3:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. on saturday. now, these winds are going to be gusty, pushing in from the northwest, and we are talking
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but because they're coming from the northwest, these winds are bitterly cold. and that is going to give us significant wind chills throughout this weekend. expect it to feel like it's in the single digits as a result of these winds. our temperatures are going to really take a dip. tonight we are talking temperatures into the 20s. right now it's 21 at gaithersburg, 29 at dc, 27 degrees at mannasas and 27 at winchester. and your wind chills right now are into the low 20s, but look at saturday as we progress in the morning. we're into minuses, below zero, single digits. that continues right through saturday, saturday night and as well into sunday as far as that is concerned. so we're talking some pretty cold conditions folks as well as a snow scenario. we'll keep an eye on it and let you know what you can expect in terms of the forecast from sunday to monday because that's when we're talking snow and wintry mix. back to you. >> thank you very much, gwen. meanwhile sarah simmons is live
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in alexandria keeping an eye on the roads there tonight. any problems so far? >> reporter: tony, not a single problem at all. we have not seen snow flakes where we have been. we are out off interstate 66 in the fairfax area just a little while ago. maybe just a few little flakes that weren't even making anything on the windshield. now we're in alexandria at the good old salt dome here where they are on standby. plenty of salt back here in the dome and we've got a guy back here waiting for any of the trucks that need to come in and load back up again. but they've really been waiting for this and vdot says they've been pretreating the roads for the past two days and they have over 1,100 trucks that are out there now keeping an eye on things. but right no now there is nothing in this area. i understand from talking with our weather casters that there is some snow further north of here and it looks like sporadically we're
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of these snow showers coming about. for those of you that are not seeing any snow right now, let's take a look at some video to remind you of shou bad it can be, from a couple of weeks ago. the plows of course out there plowing through the snow during that big blizzard that we had. we're not expecting anything like that tonight. just a few flurries and a few of them right in front of my face and not that exciting, as you can imagine. but as gwen had mentioned the big story of course is going to be the cold. it's not windy out here yet. it's fairly calm but it is definitely pretty cold out here. and there are those who are just wondering how this ranks in the grand scheme of things when we're talking weather here, we were interested to kind of look onto see what some of the fun things people might not know about snow and weren't in the general. i had no idea that dirty snow melts
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and the winter of 1932 in the u.s. was so cold that niagara falls froze completely solid. i'm hoping it's not going to get that cold this weekend but i'm going get back into the live truck so i don't freeze solid. back to you guys. >> thank you. in other news tonight, police in the district are searching for three masked men who opened fire. it happened along the 1000 block of eighth street. there is no indication this was a robbery. they believe the victims may have been targeted in the shooting. >> we had three males wearing masks enter one of the establishments and began firing. an adult male was shot. he received non-life-threatening gunshot wounds and we also had what appears to be a young
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of age, that was also struck. and we're happy to report that the triild is not significantly injured. >> in fact we understand that the child was grazed by a bullet. both victims have been released from the hospital. police are asking anyone with information to call them. >> there is new information tonight about the child pornography investigation in prince george's county. police identified another victim and a new location where the alleged crimes may have taken place. investigators have now identified 14 victims. they believe deonte carraway carried out his crimes in 14 different locations. >> we were very surprised at how candid he was with us. one of my first questions was of course are you agreeing with the charges, do you believe they're true and he said yes and i said explain to me what you mean did you have sexual
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with these children and he immediately said no. but then he did proceed to say that he was involved. so he said that he was directing, he was guiding them, he was behind the camera. he says watch the video, you'll never see me in a video and he was very adamant about that fact. >> lauren demarco has reaction to marina's interview. >> reporter: fox 5 spoke with the mother of one of the children allegedly victimized, while he denied having sexual contact with them, she says that is a lie. >> he's not telling the truth on that part. about not having sexual interactions with the children. it's just not true. as far as touching his privates and doing unsightly things. >> again, as the number of children involved continues to grow,
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police have added another location to the list. investigators say at least one child was victimized inside a local church. the other places where the abuse allegedly happen include an elementary school where carraway previously worked, glenarden municipal center and teresa banks aquatic center, also inside private homes. police have not yet named the church at home but fox 5 has learned that he frequented a number of area churches and tonight we spoke with a pastor in bowie. he says carraway would show up. he often showed up with a group of young children in tow. something about him just didn't sit right with him. he said the 22-year-old seldom spoke to church leaders. >> it's kind of one of the things that made my radar go up a little bit. when people don't really talk to the
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awkward. we actually assumed that he was a teenager a little on the tall side because he was acting like a young teen so we treated him like a minor and we're pretty cautious about making sure he was surrounded by adults. we feel like we dodged a bullet. >> so far none of the children in that congregation say they were victimized but understandably this case has the entire community on edge. a source tells fox 5 he had no criminal record he may have had a juvenile record and it could include child abuse. a spokesperson says they contract out a private company to do background checks on employees and those checks would not have turned up any information about juvenile charges because those files are confidential. lauren demarco, local news. >> in the district, a former
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assistant track coach at dun bar high school pled guilty today to sexually assaulting male students. charles young faces several felony counts of felony abuse including first degree child abuse. he will be required to register as a sex offender. he'll be sentenced in april. >> new at 10:00, the loudoun county sheriff's office needs your help to locate a missing man. he was last seen back on february 10th in the 1600 block of row shell avenue in capital heights. back in 2010 he was sentenced to 12 years on fraud charges but released early in 2014 savor helping police in a murder case. his family says he drives a 2015 dodge ram pickup truck with montana plates. anyone with information is asked to contact loudoun county police. >> still to come tonight, metro is making changes following
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also tonight after years of setbacks, could dc street cars finally open to the public? we'll tell you when you might be able to catch a ride. >> also ahead, a presidential candidate did not approve of this message after finding his new ad included a former soft core porn star. and later, cheap gifts for valentine's day. why a new study says that could be a good thing. we're back after this.
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>> a community in arizona is in mourning tonight after a deadly school shooting that happened in glendale this morning just as the school day was about to begin. police say two tenth grade girls were found shot to death on the school grounds. investigators believe this was a murder suicide. detectives believe the girls had been in a relationship and one girl shot the other before turning the gun on herself. >> the driver accused of hitting a montgomery
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officer who later died is being held on $250,000 bond. the officer was working on a drunk driving task force at the time of the accident. the driver appeared in court today. prosecutors say his blood alcohol content was nearly three times the legal limit. he had been arrested three times in the past for dwi and that of course infuriated officer leotta's family. >> ten years that's all he could get, maximum. the likelihood of that, probably not. the judges need to implement those laws and enact them efficiently, and make sure they give people proper sentences and don't let them off. >> officer leotta's father called on everyone in the state of maryland to reach out to their lawmakers to ask them to pass noah's law to use ignition interlock devices that would prevent their cars from driving if their blood alcohol levels are too high.
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to ensure rider safety. the general manager says several transit police officers have been pild from other responsibilities in an attempt to increase the number of armed officers patrolling the system. dc police will also be stationed outside both metro stations or more metro stations and some bus stops and start -- and they'll be at some bus stops and will start wearing new high visibility vests. meanwhile, city safety officials say the district could launch passenger service on street cars by the end of this month. according to the dc fire department, the grandopening could be on or about february 26th. if transportation and safety officials complete their final safety walk-through. it's been 54 years since street cars were last operating in the district. >> things are getting heated in the race for the white house. the two remaining democratic hopefuls went head to head. the attacks a
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among the gop candidates. >> reporter: the south carolina republican primary just eight days away could be make or break for some of the remaining gop candidates. and the intensity is palpable. with donald trump tweeting about ted cruz nearly half a dozen times over 24 hours while simultaneously appealing to an important sirn voting block. how canned cruz be an evangelical christian when he lies so much and is so dishonest. john kasich claims he's trying to stay above the fray. >> they spent 6, $7 million on negative ads against me. >> jeb bush will get a much needed assist in south carolina from his
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keep his campaign relevant. >> untested people during difficult and dangerous times, it's a risk. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders is showing democrats are tussling over everything from hockey to president obama's job performness on a debate thursday night. >> the kind of criticism that we've heard from senator sanders about our president i respect from republicans, i do not expect for someone running for the democratic nomination. >> madam secretary, that is a low below. >> reporter: and while debate moderators took some heat for avoiding the controversy all together, the state department will release 550 e-mails from hillary clinton's private server this weekend. joel waldman, fox news. >>ed cruz's police presidential campaign removed a new ad after discovering one of the actresses also appeared
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>> maybe you should vote for more than just a pretty face next time. >> the 30-second ad was pulled just hours it was released. it featured a member of a quote, conservatives anonymous group. she attended an open casting call and was not vetted prior to being hired for the role. she later tweeted she was upset by the decision to pull the ad. coming up, the scramble to contain the zika virus now spreading through the u.s. >> and it's mystery solved. find out who's taking the blame for the oil sheen on the potomac river after the break.
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plus 24-month financing. hurry, ends monday. know better sleep with sleep number. >> reporter: meanwhile the virus continues to spread here in the u.s. at least 21 states and the district of columbia now reporting cases, raising concerns from some olympic athletes about the games in brazil. >> precautions, obviously. staying out of harm's way with respect to the bugs that carry the virus. there are a number of things that are being suggested, whether there are topical ointments, clothing. >> reporter: health officials are scrambling to ship virus tests to pregnant women. for now they don't expect widespread transmission of the virus in the continental united states. but they're urging preg nnt women to be extremely cautious, especially when traveling. >> the concern is about the
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potential transmission to pregnant women. >> reporter: the cdc is asking for emergency funding to fight the spread rapidly in puerto rico and other territories. >> we all know who the presidential candidates are, but how much do you know about their better halves.
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>> that's right. coming up we're going to take a closer look at the candidates' spouses and the roles they play in the race for the white house. we'll be right back. the weekend ahead filled with plenty of winter weather. let's begin with a look at radar. some of you seeing snow showers moving across our region and we're going to keep a close eye on that. fast moving, not sticking around very much, but once it does hit the ground, we are going to see some icing spots. as we take a look at our maps now, you can see just got reports outside the station here
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that there are some of those snow showers moving through. so some of you seeing a little more, my colleague sue palka reported some up in gaithersburg, there's been s can see it. the problem is once it hits the surface we're going to have some icy spots. some snow showers tonight and a winter weather advisory for the west and areas of the dc metro region. this until midnight, a coating up to about an inch is possible but we've got cold conditions as well and we are talking about lows only in the teens. we're going to see that continuing with significant wind chills. we'll talk about the monday-tuesday forecast coming up in just a bit and that's where we're going to see more snow and a wintry mix. tony? >> thank you very much. recapping tonight's top stories. we're learning there are more victims in that child pornography and sexual abuse case in prince george's county. police tell us they've identified 14 victims. detectives say he carried out his crimes at five different locations including a church.
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>> police on the lookout for five masked men who shot a man and his two-year-old son in a barber both were taken to the hospital and released. police believe the victim was targeted. >> and sparks continue to fly in the race for the white house tonight. tonight donald trump warneded cruz to drop his negative ads or he'll sue cruz for not being a natural born citizen. hillary clinton and bernie sanders fought over everything from health care to barack obama's job performance at last night's debate. when the presidential hopefuls are on the trail you often see their spouses. >> what is it like to be married to someone running for the most powerful position in the country. >> reporter: donald trump's wife
10:32 pm
melania was born in slovenia in 1970. she had a successful career in modelling. she's been married to the donald since 2005. jewelry in 2010 with qvc and a skin car collision in 2013. ed cruz mitt his wife heidi in 2000, they married in 2001 and she has described her relationship with ted as love at first sight. they have two daughters. heidi has her mba from harvard business school and she's currently on a leave of absence from her career to support ted on the campaign trail. hilary and bill clinton would make history if hilary wins the race, not only because hilary would be the first female president, but because bill
10:33 pm
would be the first first husband. they met at yale law school they married in 1975. they have one daughter and are now grandparents as >> we have been together for 27 years. >> reporter: bernie sanders met his wife in 1981 when he won his mayoral race in burlington vermont. they have four children together from previous marriages and have seven grandchildren. jane as a doctoral degree. every political couple is different, but there is no doubt that a space who isn't running for office will still put in a tremendous amount of time and effort on the campaign trail. so i spoke with a relationship expert about why they are willing to do this. >> the sacrifice is knowing what is going to come from all of
10:34 pm
this investment of time. when you think about the big picture, the ultimate goal, which is bettering the community, bettering the united states, and empowering other families to come together toward common goals. >> ronica cleary, fox 5 local news. >> it is traditionally a tough position but now the spouses tend to have more influence. >> february is black history month, and there is a special event taking place this weekend right here in the district. >> the black history invitational swim smeet kicked off this morning. about 1,000 swimmers from dc, eight other states and the island of st. lucia are participating.
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>> it's special because we have everyone coming to the district of columbia. if you're near the aquad i can center and you want meet, it will run through sunday. cheap gifts for valentine's day can be a good thing. >> and this will make you think twice about skipping your workout. workout. dow pow. at least for now. stacks ralying on friday. the dow gaining 313 points but it was down for the week and still a rough year for investors so far. but the road is looking smooth for drivers. the national average for regular unleaded gas hovering around $1.70 gallon. prices coming down just about every day so far this year. and it looks like you're spending some of that extra cash. retail sales rising in january.
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more people hitting the stores and shopping online helping to make up for a slow down at
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restaurants and bars. and celebrating a sink to commemorate the two-year anniversary that swallowed eight classic corvettes. a. women, don't fret. when you open that box of chocolate or unwrap those flowers on sunday, it's all good. a new study shows men who buy cheap gifts are actually sending a message. that message is i don't like you that much. no, no. that message is that they really love you because they want to share your gift.
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the one they didn't spend much money on. they are not spending as much because they view your relationship as a unit, together. at least that's what researchers in chicago found out. but here's a suggestion for some men. despite that research, deep down your special lady still may want something really nice. at least that's what my wife tells me. >> i'm sorry. >> that's weird. that makes no sense to me. >> let me tell you, don't buy a cheap gift. >> if you're going to buy a gift, buy a gift from your heart. it doesn't have to cost a lot of money. >> worth at least $100. >> not everyone is excited about valentine's day. >> buzz feed put together a list
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featuring anti-valentines cards. live, laugh and leave me alone. i love you but i love my dog more. how about this one? just simply go away. here's another one. shut up! and be mine. but mostly just shut up. here's another one. give me some space! and last but not least, i tolerate you. but my valentine. >> these are funny. >> they are. >> and maybe what you do if you're in a serious relationship, give that and the real card. >> don't give me the one that says shut up. >> that's a little harsh. >> coming up why a high school student bought a valentine's day gift for every girl in his school. we're talking about hundreds of them. >> also coming up, we're saying cheers to the weekend! we're adding a little something
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extra. a special valentine's day cocktail for your sweet heart that you can make at home and we've got a double special cheers to the weekend. all right. so gwen is here. the issue tonight, just a little bit of snow? >> yes. >> and then getting cold this weekend. >> yes. but the issue tonight with that little bit of snow is ice. >> ice. >> and that's because the temperatures at the surface are so cold that whatever falls, if it's untreated, it's going to stick. so that's the issue tonight. and then we continue with the issues the rest of the weekend. >> is that fog what is that? >> they just keep adding up! that could be some of those snow showers. there are some that were just
10:46 pm
outside the station too. it's moving through very quickly. some of you might not have seen anything at all out there. some of you might have a little bit here and there. but take a look, radar is picking it up. we've had some of this, as i said it's moving through quickly. it's all associated with a frontal system and that is going to continue right through into before we get into the overnight hours or so. still see some of this. most of this heavier is actually over the higher elevations, not so much right here along this i-95 corridor where we're seeing it moving through now. once this is out of the way behind it, we have another issue to deal with. so a lot of things happening in the weather department as far as the weekend forecast goes. let's take a look at the temperatures right now. 21 degrees at gaithersburg, 28 at dc, 30 at quantico, 26 at dulles this hour, 25 at frederick and 24 degrees at baltimore. we are talking pretty cold conditions and a winter weather advisory that has been issued
10:47 pm
for areas over the higher elevations. we are talking accumulations of 3 or 4 inches or so. for the region we just are talking maybe an inch or just a coating, really nothing that's going to be substantial. but as i mentioned the problem is not the accumulation with these snow showers tonight. what it is, it's the ice situation. because once it makes contact, it's definitely going to be freezing. once again on those untreated surfaces. arctic air, cold conditions, northwesterly winds, that's our next problem that we're going to have this weekend. we've got an arctic air mass that's going to move in. northwest terly strong winds that's going to set us up to overnight lows single digits through the weekend. but it's going to give us dangerous wind chills. it's going to actually feel like it's below zero throughout parts of this weekend. you have to take that seriously. the colder air is going to be
10:48 pm
settling right into place. winds are going to be gusting up to 50 miles per hour and we have a wind advisory tonight until 6:00 on saturday. strongest from tomorrow until about noon but that's what's going to bring in the colder air. by 9:00 tomorrow morning, this is what it's going to feel like if you're going out anywhere. only 2 degrees at dc. we've got minuses on this map as well. here's the 1:00 forecast for wind chills feeling like only 6. we've got -7 in gaithersburg by 11:00 tomorrow night, look at the wind chills in the morning. we have some minuses here. and by 2:00 in the afternoon a little bit of improvement. by the 5:00 hour, once again into the teens. when we talk about snowfall from monday to tuesday. it looks like we could see some of it starting to develop sunday in the overnight hours and by tuesday changing primarily into rain. this is one particular model and this one is showing that we're
10:49 pm
going to get maybe 1-3 inches here. the second model is a little more aggressive bringing in a little bit it closely because we'll have those pinned down a little bit better by the time we get to sunday. so things are going to be improving. but very cold, blustery, wind chill. bundle up over the course of this weekend. president's day we're looking at snow with a windtory mix and changing into rain for tuesday. >> a good reason to cuddle up this weekend. thank you gwen. cross fit gyms are one of the fastest growing businesses in the world. now they have 13,000. a cross fit gym in area is using its workouts to help amputees become active again. >> a lot of athletes use cross fit workouts to get back into shape after injury. but a jim is using the workouts
10:50 pm
to help athletes to regain their fitness after injuries sustained on not the playing field, but the >> what sets this gym apart is the make-up their membership. >> everyone is like family. >> the gym attracts everyone from soccer moms to former college athletes to amputees. like rubiconcoach and vice chairman. >> they're able to ask me questions about it or if they should just ignore that i'm missing a leg and here we can joke about it. and so what are you going to do. are you going to do a flip jerk
10:51 pm
like where you flip your legs. and i feel like some other people wouldn't be that comfortable making that joke with me offend me or hurt my feelings. we don't have that sheer. >> they can joke about their injuries. >> you have two bones in the lower part of your leg. it hit my fibula and acted like dynamite and blew my lower leg apart. >> one of the things i did was i remembered what my coaches told me. >> reporter: jason has turned himself into a world class bob sledder. in his first competition he won the parabob sled world cup. >> i don't like the word inspiration. i want to motivate you to do something, not inspire you to feel something. jason has his days where he thinks he can't do another rep,
10:52 pm
but when his head is down he has a permanent reminder to pick himself up. >> it will remind me to stand you're missing a limb but you're not injured. you're completely fine, get up and do work. >> reporter: anyone who questions the motivating power of this gym should talk to retired air force captain sara evans. >> i was diagnosed with bone cancer and i finished treatment and the amputation of my leg. >> reporter: she has trained with cross fit and she hates taking time off. but recently she was away from the gym for three months, for a good reason. >> i'm currently pregnant which was a huge surprise. >> yes, she's pregnant.
10:53 pm
and had her left leg amputated up to the hip. yet, she's here lifting. so what's your excuse for skipping the gym today? >> it takes away the hesitation. jas jason did it with broken ribs and one leg. don't have much of an excuse. >> not really. it's so motivating just to be there. and the great thing, they say this. they don't separate anyone. they all workout together. everyone is very encouraging. i talked to the owner of the gym. i never saw anyone get off of a treadmill and high five each other. here there are high fives all over the place because everyone is so encouraging and motivated. >> i wish all gyms were like that. >> that would be fantastic. >> they want to get the word out. anyone that is a wounded veteran, you can work out there
10:54 pm
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for free for six months, it's a program with the va. >> congratulations to them for what they're doing. >> stay with us. we'll be right back. . the new film "deadpool" is creating a lot of buzz. it stars ryan reynolds. >> kevin mccarthy got to talk to the actors to find out if the film lives up to the hype. >> i'm wondering how the masks worked. why the eyes practical or we always speaking vocally as we heard you.
10:58 pm
>> the latter question is yes, you're always hearing me speak through the mask. windily enough there's a lot of bitter sweet happenstance wi we just kind of got lucky there. the eyes are southerly animated. they film my face doing every line and every expression that i would make and they take my eyes and map them on to the suit. >> i'm learning new things i didn't know this. how many jokes were in adr you have the ability to so many of the jokes we could top this joke and you end you going back to production all the time. for whatever reason the stuff that happens on the day there, it's just always funnier. >> you adr with the mask on. >> we tried but we ended up using everything that was production instead because it just sounded better.
10:59 pm
>> part of it too is he's such a good improviser. >> for a journalist, i had one journalist tow it was awful. >> the scenes we do together were very much that he came up with so much funny stuff on the spot you probably didn't need that much adr. >> i've never been excited about a dvd release for a movie. you're going t see this guy do an entire see quell of alternate jokes. >> thank you for the movie. i've seen it twice. i'm going a third time i can't wait. you guys are awesome. >> i heard it was great. >> yeah, that's what i hear.
11:00 pm
>> want to see it. >> stick around. the news at 11:00 starts right now. >> reporter: right now we begin a frigid weekend. just how low will the thermometer go. >> plus the mother of one of the alleged victims in the child porn scandal reacts to our exclusive interview with the suspect. she says the full truth still hasn't come out. >> plus a man and a toddler shot inside of a barber shop. police say they were targeted. fox 5 local news at 11:00 starts right now. and we begin with those better cold temperatures that are moving into the dc area this weekend. thank you for joining us. i'm tony perkins. >> and i'm shawn yancy. okay so we're talking about lows near the single digits plus the chance of snow on monday. >> we have live team coverage tonight. let's start with gwen tolbart -- fox 5's gwen tolbart. how are you?


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