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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  February 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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we begin a frigid weekend. just how low will the thermometer go. >> plus the mother of one of the alleged victims in the child porn scandal reacts to our exclusive interview with the suspect. she says the full truth still hasn't come out. >> plus a man and a toddler shot inside of a barber shop. police say they were targeted. fox 5 local news at 11:00 starts right now. and we begin with those better cold temperatures that are moving into the dc area this weekend. thank you for joining us. i'm tony perkins. >> and i'm shawn yancy. okay so we're talking about lows near the single digits plus the chance of snow on monday. >> we have live team coverage tonight. let's start with gwen tolbart -- fox 5's gwen tolbart. how are you? >> i'm good. what a great description from you and shawn. frigid, cold, snow, the whole bit. we've
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buffet this weekend. some of you have seen some snow showers and some of you haven't seen anything at all. very light in nature, moving through. they will start to taper off once we get into the overnight hours. some of this not leaving any accumulation on the ground. the problem is with it, once it hits the surface, the surface is so cold if it is untreated, roads or bypasses or sidewalks, it is definitely going to stick. so we're talking about a chance of some ice so do be careful out there. we have a winter weather advisory in effect this expires at midnight. we're talking a coating to about an inch or so. so maybe some of you just seeing a little bit of a trace. the winds are another factor this weekend and we have a wind advisory that kicks in 3:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. on saturday. the strongest winds will be from the morning hours until noon tomorrow. those winds will be gusting up to 50 miles per hour. but with those winds comes significant wind chills and we
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that are going on to be in the single digits over the next 24-48 hours. here's a look at what we anticipate for the holiday weekend. very cold conditions and we'll talk a little more about the potential for snow on monday. back to you. >> all right gwen, thank you very much. fox 5 is monitoring the roads in alexandria. that's where we find sarah simmons with this dramatic live report. sarah? >> reporter: tony, hey. we do have a few flurries coming down right now, and i think that's kind of what we're seeing around the area. but as gwen has told you, some areas are seeing more snow than others. here in alexandria, they have really been out for the past couple of days pretreating the roads. so they have about 1,100 trucks that are out there right now keeping an eye on the roadways. traffic from what i've been able to se
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well. but after what happened with the clipper system right before the big blizzard that we had, of course they had to take every precaution not knowing exactly what could accumulate. so vdot forces are out in full force tonight. but after virginia spent millions of dollars and pretty much depleted the snow removal budget, a break from a major snowstorm is very welcome. but of course, as gwen has mentioned, we do have more snow in the forecast coming next week. so we might not be getting off too easy just yet. that's the latest here in alexandria. shawn, back to you. >> thank you. there is new information tonight about the child pornography investigation in prince george's county. police have now identified 14 victims they believe deon deonte carraway carried out his crimes in at least five different locations including a church. he told us he never had sexual contact with
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students. lauren demarco joins us now with our continuing coverage. >> reporter: shawn, fox 5 spoke with the mother, one of the children allegedly victimized while he denied having sexual contact with them, she says that is a lie. >> he's not telling the truth on that part. about not having sexual interracials you know with the children. it's just not true. as far as touching his privates and having him touch his and doing unsightly things. you know. >> reporter: again as the number of children involved continues to grow, prince george's county police have added another location to the list. investigators say at least one child was victimized inside a local church. the other places where the abuse allegedly happened include an elementary school where he previously worked as a
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aide and then volunteered. and inside private homes. police have not yet named the church involved but fox 5 has learned he frequented a number of area churches. tonight we spoke with a pastor from a church in bowie. he says carraway would show up with kids. he often arrived with a group of young children. the pastor has been working with police detectives and says something about carraway didn't sit right with him. he says the 22-year-old rarely spoke to church leaders. >> it's kind of one of the things that made my radar go up a little bit. when people don't really talk to the pastor. that's kind of awkward. we actually assumed that he was a teenager who was a little on the tall side, because he was acting like maybe a young teen or like a 12-year-old, 13-year-old. so we treated him like a minor. and we're pretty cautious abou
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making sure that he was surrounded by adults. we kind of feel like we dodged a bullet. >> so far none of the children from that congregation say they were victimized but understandably this case has the entire community on edge. also new tonight a source tells fox 5 that while carraway had no criminal record as an adult, he may have had a juvenile record. a spokesperson says they contract out a private company to do background checks on employees and those checks would not have turned up any information about juvenile charges because those files are confidential. >> tragedy at a glendale, arizona high school. two girls who attended the school were found shot on the campus today. each girl suffered one fatal gunshot wound. the fox affiliate in phoenix reports police are investigating this case as a murder suicide and one of the girls left behind a suicide
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the students were only 15 years old. police in the district are searching for three masked men who opened fire inside a barber shop this afternoon. police say there is no indication thi robbery. they believe the adult victim may have been targeted in that shooting. >> we have three males wearing masks, entered one of the establishments and began firing. an adult male was shot. he received non-life-threatening gunshot wounds and we also had what appears to be a young child, approximately two years of age, that was also struck. >> both victims have been released from the hospital. they should be okay. police are asking anyone with information to call them. >> the driver accused of hitting a montgomery county police officer who later died is now being held on $250,000 bond. officer noah leotta days after the collision. he was working
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driving task force at the time of the accident. the driver appeared in court today. prosecutors say his blood alcohol content was nearly three times the legal limit that night. he's also been arrested three times in the past for dwi. his father urged everyone to contact their lawmakers in the state of maryland, he's them to reach out to them to pass noah's law. a law that requires people with dui convisions to use an interlock ignition. dominion virginia is taking responsibility for that oilily sheen on the potomac river. and the utility is promising to help with the cleanup. a coast guard report determined that the oil matches samples taken from dough minute yum. the utility had a mineral oil spill in january. >> still ahead tonight at
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we're getting in the mood for valentine's day. >> all right. bring it on. >> wait until you hear how one high school senior catered to every single girl in the high school for the holiday. yes, all 900 of them. >> plus we have a special he dation of cheers to the weekend. not only is david strauss here from morris, alexandria suites owner is showing us how to make a mexican hot chocolate cake.
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>> a high school senior from utah got valentines -- some would say he got it right. he bought 900 carnations one for every single girl in his high school. he posted pictures on social media. he does have a girlfriend and apparently she didn't mind sharing her boyfriend's attention with 899 other girls for the day. so if i'm the girlfriend, why ar
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on all these other girls. >> i think he's planning to break up with her. >> i mean. >> and just searching for the next one. >> he said it was totally worth it. i don't think everything can compare to seeing every girl in your life holding a flower as they walk through the hall ways. really? >> i'm just a skeptic. >> so we know it's already cold out there but it's getting colder as we move into the weekend. >> someone tweeted us said it is snowing in centerville and sticking to the side roads. >> it's not the accumulations we're concerned about because it's moving too quickly. but it is the sticking because the surface is so cold and that's exactly right. so tony, that probably might have been a secondary road but that's what you have to be
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if you're taking a shortcut anywhere, make sure it's an area where the roads have been treated. what is coming down tonight is going to stick. some of you haven't seen anything at all but some of you have seen a flurry or two. moving quick with the frontal system and it's going to be out of here but the cold air is sticking around and staying in place. any of this that does hit the surface is going to stick if it's on untreated services. we have a winter weather advisory in effect that expires at midnight. wind advisory, this is going to kick in at 3:00 a.m. in effect until 6:00 p.m. on saturday. it's the second part of our story. gusty northwesterly winds which is going to produce significant wind chills over the next 24-48 hours and those winds at 50 miles r
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it's going to feel a lot colder than it actually is. as far as the air temperatures are concerned when you factor in those winds. we're going to have wind chills in the minuses below zero and single digits for tonight, saturday and parts of sunday. temperatures right now are into the 20s, pretty much everywhere. and we are also talking a storm system for the monday-tuesday period. so snow showers moving through tonight, very cold conditions settling in tonight and tomorrow and gusty winds tomorrow. plenty of sunshine for saturday. once we get into monday and tuesday, here's a system we're watching, this is going to start to move its way up, cold air is already in place. it's when does this cold air leave that's going to be the determining factor for what we get. it will be starting off as snow on monday and talking about it becoming a mix. we've got a moderate range as far as our snow situation is concerned and we are also talking a chance of it turning into rain by tuesday. here's a look at your 7
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forecast. bundle up it's going to be cold. let's check in now with brody. >> we have valentine's day, president's day and a birthday. a happy 26th birthday to robert griffin iii. this is a tweet, happy birthday to rg3 i figured i would put a picture of us hugging. there was a report today that griffin has passed his exit physical with the redskins paving the way for the team to release him. the redskins have until march 9th to make a decision. with spring training six days away, everyone will be looking to see how bryce harper plans to follow up his season. >> what i need out of him and
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is for us to be a family and it's something that if he goes out and and place 55 games a year it's something that we all look forward to and make happen and we're excited. that would squash that day. it's all in the past. >> an executive is off season. they think you could be the first $400 million player. do you ever think about your future and what's possible in terms of you could break records for the money you make at one point in time? >> yeah. i don't think about that stuff. i just try to play the years out and do everything i can to help my team win but don't sell me short. that's what you're doing right now to me. >> $400 million, don't sell me short. that's what you're doing right now. >> i would like to be in that position just see how i think about it. >> i want to be in the half a
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>> thank you, brody. >> so whether you're spending this valentine's day weekend with your love or other important people in your life, we have a very special cheers to the weekend this week. this is david strauss with a very special valentine's day cocktail recipe. >> also julie wilson is here. mexican hot chocolate cake. we'll be right back. you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad...
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bar opening up in mid march. so you're here previewing one of the special drinks. let's get to the dalentine. >> that was a big ice cube. >> these i cut at home about two hours ago. >> what did you put in there? >> this is lemon juice, sugar, fresh blackberry everything we do would be as turn of the century bartending would be. you don't need fancy tools. lemon sugar blackberry and gin. >> why is it call dalentine? >> the cry eightor of the drink and valentines. >> his name is dale. >> you can serve it without the champagne, you can do it with so
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any other spirit as well. aged rum, whatever you care for the most. >> nice. >> let's have a taste. >> cheers to the weekend. >> that's delicious. it's nice and light. >> you say there are different ways you could prepare. >> >> that's correct. you can serve it in a tall glass. i wanted to have something everybody can do at home. you can serve it up, you can put it in a tall glass. >> look at these ice cubes. >> i love it. that's fabulous. that's the kind of thing you do. >> you can do this at home. i did it with a mold. with my wife's soup spoon. >> go to our website and you will find it there. thanks for coming in. everybody go to morris when they open up in march. >> this is unusual, we don't
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usually do this. part two! >> valentine's day of course is one of those holidays where you throw your diet out the window for a few indulgences. >> recipes for sweet treats for all of you this weekend. we're going to start with what's known as the mexican hot chocolate cake. >> it's made with mexican chocolate paired with cayenne pepper and the chocolate cools down the heat so you get the heat at the end of the bite. it's very good. this is what a typical dessert buffet would look like. >> this is trendy. people do a whole dessert buffet. >> because people like a variety. you don't want just a chunk of vanilla cake. so the sweet treats and the petite suites so that way you don't feel like
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indulling. >> here's what i think you have one of each because they're all small. >> i don't want to put you on the spot, but what is mexican chocolate? >> mexican chocolate of course comes from mexico and it has a lot of different spices in the chocolate so you have a combination of cinamon. >> a little more spicy than your regular chocolate? >> yes. >> you've got to chocolate-covered strawberries. can folks do that at home? >> absolutely. typically you would just need a double boiler and you would basically melt the chocolate down, take the fruit, dip it in and let it dry and is there you have it. >> if you don't want to do that, bite a
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chocolate. >> those are raspberry shooters. >> is there alcohol in this? >> no. >> tony, can you pass me one? >> when i'm finished. >> tell us about this. >> this looks easy to make. cheesecake and graham cracker bottom. >> that's good. everybody come on in here. >> we will put the recipes on our website, if folks want to find you, what's your website? >> >>
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: i got to say, you look at this and khloe and lamar look like it was six years ago. >> how are you doing, bro? good seeing you, man. >> lamar looks completely normal. he's interacting with the paparazzi. harvey: nobody would have thought we would see this. >> they have to get back together. harvey: it feels like they're back together. >> but you said repeatedly no, no, no, no. harvey: what do i know? >> taylor swift and kanye west. they're long-standing beef has now been resurrected. he released a song. his lyric is, i feel like me and taylor might still have sex. i made that bitch famous. taylor and her swifties were super upset. >> my favorite part was taylor's brother throwing away the yeezys. the homeless man wearing those in new york city is pumped. >> president obama in l.a. now.


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