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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Saturday  FOX  February 13, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EST

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.. >> blast is hitting parts ofarts the east coast. coa here in d.c. it's well belowel freezing with wind chills inhi the single digits.e we have the latest on the extreme cautions people need pee to take to be safe in thise in s cold weather.cold weather. and the search is on forthc the gun plan involved in a shooting in southeast d.c.uthea. no one died but a toddler was injured.jure we've got the alarming details i coming up. plus, we are learningwe there are more victims in that a child porn and sexual abuse case in prince george's county.coty police tells they have now tel identified 14 victims. vicims fox news morning at 7:00:0 starts right now. n good morning and welcomeel to fox5 news morning on thisin saturday. i'm annie yu.i' >> and i'm caitlin roth. today is february 13th.y 13th it is so cold outside annie.
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>> it's so cold and also we have a few snow flurries out s there if you look at theno topat right hand side of your screen. you can't see much because ofe the very low visibility withmuit some of these snow showers moving >> i saw a single flurry onflry the balcony. balny >> that single flurry multiplied pretty quickly and a we'll show you that on radarn rd coming up.comi u the other big story this morning is the cold.g ishe c this is total snuggle upnuggp weather right on time with w valentines weekend.eekend these are air temperaturesrare outside right now. n 19 in frederick, 23 in cambridge, 22 in fredericksburg.rg the winds were pretty calm last night so it wasn't tooasn'o terrible. now that they started to crankek overnight this is what makess wm it so tough to be outdoors. outr wind gusts at reagan national nt 38 miles an hour right now andnd then 23 miles an hour wind gusts in manassas, 24 in stevensville.stevensv these winds are only increasing throughout the daygh so it will be uncomfortably windy and also uncomfortablymfol cold. all about the wind chills today. this is wait feels like when you step outside and we've got
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the mountains.ntns feels like two belowly in hagerstown, one below in martinsburg. feels like five in washington.en we have that wind advisory in wi effect until 9:00 a.m.ntil tomorrow morning. morning. storm tracker radar this purple shows snow squalls moving some of you just seeing lighteil snow flurries but west of 270 o about to enter northwest d.c. d where our tower cam was looking around bethesda that'sha really heavy snow coming down. it's very brief these snow squalls. they'll move out quickly. o if you're under oneer o visibilities reduce pretty prey quickly.qu be careful if you're about to head on the roads especially the northwest part of the part e beltway. weekend pattern, high pressurehe in control so despite these t snow showers this morning we tsm should have some sunshine.unin but it's just so cold. c temperatures struggle in thein e 20's today, wind chills in the single digits.s. 25 today with those snow those flurries around this morning giving way to some sunshine. too it's still just as cold sundayon morning and our airur a temperatures will be in thel ben single digits, rise up intoe the mid-20's. m-20' we have another winter storm on the way as we start
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next week.xt i'll have all the details onetls that still coming up in yourin y seven-day forecast. annie. >> this morning we ares morng we learning new information about a child pornographyorno investigation in princestig george's county.geor cou police identified anothernother victim and a new location new lo where the alleged crimes maymes have taken investigators say they haveats a now identified a total of 14 they believe deonte carraway cra carried out his crimes in att least five different locations s including a church.udinchur the other places where the wre abuse allegedly happened include judge sylvania woodsds elementary school whereoo w carraway previously worked asy e a teacher's aide thene the volunteered, also the glenarden municipal center theresa banks aquatic centeric r and private homes.d ate ho police have not yet named theamt church involved but fox5 hasas learned carraway frequented aeq number of area churches andchurs earlier this week fox5's5's marina marraco spoke with carraway behind he denied having sexual contact with any of the children and we talked to the w mother of one of the allegede of victims and she says carraway ca is lying. ta
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>> he's not telling the truth tu on that part about not having hn sexual interactions, you know, with the children.ld it's just not true. as far as touching his private and having him touch his and doing unsightly things, you know, and i -- it frustratesrats me. me >> there are media reportsep that the record could includencu child abuse. a spokesperson for prince fri george's county public schoolscs says they contract out aactut private company to do background checks on employeesle and those checks would notcheckn have turned up any information about juvenile charges because b those files are confidential.l. and a nurse accused ofnurse inappropriately touching ay tchn patient in a maryland hospitaldl has been found not guilty of no sex assault a jury found found 38-year-old jared kline notli n guilty yesterday. he was on trial for sex assault charges from anfrom a alleged incident that happenedd in 2014 while he was treatingret a patient at bowie medical mic center.
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still searching for three f thr masked men who opened fire mho o inside a southeast barbershop bp friday afternoon.frno it happened along the 1000 block of eighth street. str police say there appears to bee no indication this was aicatn ts robbery and believe the victim c may have targeted -- may haveay been targeted >> we had three males wearing masks entered one of the establishments and began firing and an adult male was shot. he received nonlife-threatening gun shot wounds and wate also had whathat appears to be a young child, approximately two years ofyears age, that was also struck anduck we're happy to report that the child is not significantlynifint injured.injured. >> both victims have beenvict released from the hospital andea police are asking anyone withe h information to give them a call. the loudoun countyudoun cout sheriff's office needs youre edy help to locate a missing man. m he was last seen back on february 10th in the 160060 block of rochelle avenue in capitol heights.
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to 12 years on fraud chargesudes but released early in 2014 in after helping police in ace murder case. the family says he drives a 2015 dodge ram pickup truckkup u with montana plates.nala anyone with information is asked to contact loudounun county police. pol music lovers your favoriteve awards show isrs finally here. >> ♪ it is one of the hottestheot nights in music, the 58th 5 grammy awards monday night. we'll have a preview ahead of ad some of the biggest stars that t are set to perform and coursendu caitlin is going to be back be c with another look at today's at forecast. stay with us. fox5 news morning on thisng on t saturday will be right back. wbe time now is 7:06.
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>> welcome back.>> welco music lovers only have to waitow a couple more days for the big the 58th annual grammy awardsmms will be held monday.y. fox's michael tamero tells us about some of the singers that o will be up for awards andf d others performing during the t ceremony. >> ♪ >> reporter: 58th annualte grammy awards are set for monrdday. many of music's biggest starsgea are either nominated for an an award or will be taking the stage to perform. >> ♪ >> for me the grammys showrammys when we're done it needs to bees three and a half hours of the greatest concert on the on t planet. that's what i's wha >> reporter:t kendrick lamarica needs the pack with 11 nods. taylor swift and the weekendnd t with seven each.then eac all eyes will be on swift andwit lamar going led to head for hear album and song of the year. >> ♪ >> it could go either way. if i were
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give it to taylor simply tay because it's a more conventional album.. >> ♪ >> reporter: country staror and best new artistet nomineeom sam hunt says it really is an a honor to be nominated.omin >> it really means a lot to me to have the people who i consider -- who i look up to i-h guess as musicians and the t gate keepers for music in this s country to accept me into theo group and invite me to the big t party.part >> reporter: best nebig. >> best new artist can be enormous for an artist's it's a stamp of approval toppva the academy, it says to theaytoe public this is an artist you need pay attention to and perhaps most significantly especially if there are other a grammy wins with it it cans wi lead to a very big bump in bum i sales. >> reporter: and the grammyra gifting suite makes sure nosuit one goes home empty >> they leave with two hugeug bags worth almost $25,000 of$25f thank you gifts just for beingft a part of the show. s >> ♪ >> reporter: see who takes t home grammy gold when then the ceremony airs monday night in hoyw
7:11 am >> ♪ >> fun stuff. all right. everyone is talking about it a on twitter. er someone actually said route r 301 is covered, too. >> yeah, you know, the thing t is the snow showers that arewe coming through, they fallrs very quickly. they're brief and the groundsans are still cold so they stick sck immediately.immediatel >> please be careful.leasbe c >> be very careful as you head h out early this morning. mni we saw yesterday all the all t treatment that was happening. it took awhileth to get these gt snow flurries to come through. throughout the day we'll havehed the chance for any of these the snow showers at any time so let's get right to stormget tracker we'll show was we're dealing wre with.with these are more like snowli sno squalls. they come in like a summer l time line of they're just very intense evens though they're very localized ll and very short lived. lived they are lake effect enhanced,te meaning as the very cold air a moves over lake erie, it does d produce these snow showersse s that have reached all the way al down to the dmv.. here's one just west of theesof 270 from clarksburg all thesbg way down to northwest sections i of the district and where youic see the darker purple, that'
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where it's really snowingin super heavily anyway fromrom poolesville, montgomeryvill county, all the way back down through rockville, just westus s of rockville and then intohen i bethesda you guys are seeings as some really heavy snow showers s with this. this. right around three in thise in t case in in ma and then as you cross overver western avenue into then avennt district northwest d.c.,.c., starting to see some of those t heavy snow squalls, too, so hopeful. we'll get our cameras on thatnha and show it to you.owt to you northern sections of theectionsf district seeing light snow ande then maybe even some steadierte showers northwest parts once o you get out into princeout george's county looks likeooksie some snow flurries but heads up for prince george's county,gc southeast d.c. you'll probably p see these heavy snow squallsw sq moving through within the next 10, 15 minutes.5 m temperatures outside right nowen supporting that snow to stickows very quickly. qck so again if you are just aboutta to head out with the kidsh the k early on a saturday morning, m you've got the brutal cold andoa you've got this snow overhead. o 18 in gaithersburg, 22 inn washington, 20 out at dulles,ul 16 in martinsburg.bu but it's all about the windut t today and that's what's goingha the make it feel so cold. 28 mle
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here inur washington, out of the northwest. our winds will be increasing be throughout the day.hrou we could have wind gusts up to 50 miles an hour and that willtw make it feel even colder thandea these wind chills that you'rehie seeing right now. n wind chill advisory out for outf the whole area because itca feels like eight inig i washington, already feels like l below zero up in the mountains t so we'll say negative toe single digit wind chills alllls today and all tonight. futurecast shows that despitees our snow showers which arere pretty localized maybe justed ms some flurries through the rests of the afternoon. afterno otherwise we'll see some som sunshine. sunshine again on sunday. waiting on some snow which isno the first part of our nextf ourn winter storm. that looks to arrive by monday morning and looks like at some s point monday we switch over toch a bit of a mix and some rainomai through the day monday into int tuesday.da but much more on that still too come. your forecast for today,ay 25 degrees, winds gusting over 30 miles an hour, mixed sun and flurries, very, very cold.e i want to real quick show thathh you seven-day forecast becauseya after we get through the bitter wind chills this weekend snow arrives for your ar
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some of us will mix prettyy quickly.ic the rest will wait until u tuesday mix to rain 43 degreess there. ther and then we should get anotherth round of snow on the back endnd of that on wednesday so reallyy busy before we clear out there next thursday.hurs lots to talk about in thatut seven-day forecast but the cold probably wanting to force o you to stay inside thiside weekend. >> absolutely. stay indoors, if you can.ou thank you, caitlin. >> ♪ all right, well, it is valentine's day. it is in full bloom and todayl is one of thebl busiest days aty flour shops across theshacro country.coy. workers are gearing up for a g big day of deliveries at the t bethesda florist.thesda f fox5's megan dice hanging h out there tagging along as they make hearts swoon today.s t megan, what are you doing?you dg >> reporter: hey there, the, i am reprising my role. r i was actually in the movie m valentine's day.ine' i was an extra but they cut me out . >> [laughter] >> reporter: so i'm here tom het at bethesda florist and withndit tracy who is gearing up for a
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very big day. d >> valentine's day is the days t busiest day of the year and the day before it is unbelievable.lievab we're going deliver about 505 packages today.ages t the weather is going to beng tob quite a factor.acto drivers out in almost subzerot u wind chill temperatures buttu when they arrive at the doorhe o then see how excited everybodyie is, it makes it all i worthwhile. >> reporter: yeah, i got tor: y tell you, i mean, this ismeanths probably the only jobob delivering flowers whereri people are just so happy withus you.t do you ever have an upset customer?customer? >> never. you know, it's funny, even the complaints, they'll go i love gv the arrangements but the color c is wrong and they still wanttilw to keep it. flowers make everybody happy.kee >> reporter: i mean, i'mter: mea literally in heaven. hea what is this, like two dozenoz roses. >> this is 25 long stem red sm e roses. >> reporter: 25. >> they're from ecuador. ead they're beautiful. beautif >> reporter: they arereporter absolutely stunnin: g and they e smell amazing. we'll send it back to the bacto studio and maybe in a little a e bit tracy will let me do an
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>> absolutely. you got it. >> reporter: all right.r: all rg send it back toht you, annie. a >> all right.ight. have fun.un it's going to be a veryo av cold weekend but there will beil some brave people today who todo bear it all for the annual the n cupid's undie run. the 1 mile fun run raises awareness for neurofibromatosis through themao children's tumor foundation.ouno the run takes place in 36 in cities across the country. coury it's happening in the districted and runners are meeting a the asia d.c. a eat in nightclub nit on i street in northwest north today. toda it starts at 2 o'clock. good luck. the new blimp dead pool creating a lot of buzz.f it stars ryan reynolds as the big screen version of the comic book antihero. ant kevin mccarthy spoke to thepoke actors to find out if the film f lives up to the hype. t >> i'm wonderinghe how the masks worked. were the eyes practical andactia were you always speakinglws spea vocally as we heard you. >> yes, the ladder question ise yes, you're always healaring mei speak through the mask. m weirdly enough there's
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of bittersweet happenstance toaa the mask. it's uncomfortable but at the same time it was reallye itas r functional. you could hear everything perfectly, i could emote e through it. we got lucky through it.t. the developers did a good job. the eyes are subtly an mateed. >> really. >> they film my face doing every line and every a eve expression that i would makeon t then take my eyes and actually t mask them onto the suit. t s >> i'm learning new things. thig i didn't know this. t how many jokes were in adr jok r because you have theyou ve ability -- you have the hav ability to sort of -- you can make --ke >> so many of the jokes we o were like oh we can top thisop s joke and you end up going back b to production all the timeduct because for whatever reasonr the stuff that happens owhn theo day there is just alwaysways funnier.fu >> you do adr with the maskith k on. >> we tried.>>e tr we used everything that was production instead because itte just sounded >> part of that too is he'shat h such a good improviser. they'll go hit. >> oh, god.
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>> oh, for a journalist, i had one journalist throw it thattha way.y. >> there, now you have the h worst one. one >> it was awful man. m >> but because he has a background in improvisation,visn the scenes we did together toger were very much. muc that he came up with so muchso m funny stuff on the spot. spo you didn't really need that nd much adr. a there was so much to do goingooi in. >> i've never been excitednevebn about like a dvd release. r >> yeah.>>ea >> you're going to see thishi guy who basically could do an entire sequel just alternatelt jokes about my face.s >> some of the stuff we cut -- >> we can't w >> thank you so much.hankou s >> bull's-eye.ul >> you guys are awesome. aweso >> all right, good stuff.ight can't wait to see it. i coming up concerns overcern the zika virus at an all time at high. hi the latest on that and who and really just needs to be extrara careful about traveling toveng those infected >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> welcome back. the u.s. and south korea are kee taking steps to prevent p missile attacks from north korea.a. this comes after north koreath recent rocket launch. north korea claims the rocket rc was carrying a satellite andella it said the launch was for peaceful purposes but it's b drawing renewed internationalern concerns. and today marks one week
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that struck taiwan and the death toll continues to rise.o e 115 people are confirmed deadedd and several people are still missing and an additional 550l 5 others were last -- were injured last week, excuse me e when a 6.4 magnitude quakede q struck taiwan's oldest city.t c one residential building was bi completely destroyed in the earthquake while nearbyearby buildings remained intact.nt the building's developer and two architects have been deeeen taped and authorities believeese they could have cut cornersld hv and could be charged with with negligent homicide.glig next week could bring back painful memories for survivors i and families of the 1995 mass shooting at columbine high school in denver colorado.olado. eric harris and dylan klebold shot and killed 12 students and a teacher before taking tak their own lives. les now more than a decade afterft the tragedy, dylan's motherother sue klebold is expected toxp release a book on monday reflecting on this incident. ind in the book she reveals
7:23 am
ongoing battles with grief andh shame and ann-marie hock holder was paralyzed. she posted an open letter.n leer >> if my mom committed suicide i she had depression and just ifti we can help prevent anyone from committing suicide there would mean everything.veth >> she said she's not sureure whether she'll ever be able toel read the book but she hasuthe chosen to forgive the mother moe of the mass killer.r. and last night sue kleboldue sat down with abc news dianes sawyer on 20/20 to talk aboutalu the tragedy her memoir.em fears continue to growars cw over the zika virus and thosea i who need to worry are womenwo who are pregnant or want to wt at pregnant and have plans tont travel to south america or theoe caribbean. caribb the director of the national naa institute of allergy and infectious diseases says say throws are the people who t really -- who should really r consider postponing theirid travel and the other concern t h is the sexual transmission ofsin zika. doctors say practice safe sex s if you've been to the aff
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countries and zika is a relatively new health concern cn there are no commercially available tests for doctors tor administer to their patientso th and there is no vaccine. vacne security is tight intytigh mexico city where the pope isthp staying at the vatican ambassadors reside. when pope francis arrived in mexico he greeted ecstatic eta crowds in an open air popemobile. the pontiff is in mexico for anr five day visit and popee francis told mexicans he is denounces corruption violenceupv and drug trafficking in mexicoex and he'll use his visit to vit pray with them for the gift ofif peace. peace. couples listen you have less than 24 hours to u show your significant othernt o that you love them. t you could always stick with the traditional bouquet of flowers of course but we're crs talking with a maryland floweran shop on one of their busiestir t days of the year. yea we'll have that story straight ahead. >> ♪
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait.
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>> welcome back. 7:27. what you're looking at is aok live picture near the the the t capitol. we see one of those snow s squalls that caitlin has beeninh talking about all morningout l o long. let me tell you, it is very,you, very cold outside and i don'tndt think caitlin has any good a g news headed our way for theayor week ahead. caitlin.caitin >> annie this is a
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wintry as it gets outsideets out right now. the definition of it as we've got heavy snow moving throughhr the district right now paired ni with extreme cold and bitter anr wind chills. yes, a three parter thisartethis morning. morn check this out.check this this all lake enhanced snowan showers that really blossomedlod right over the district in thei past hour west of 270, groundsgr are probably coated in much of h montgomery county.ou this is some brief but very, ve, very heavy snow moving through bethesda.bethesda. northwest d.c. and now all the e way down to the national malliom where you cannot see the capitol if you're just wakingoug up and you're in these spotspo looking outside you'reou're thinking what is this blizzard that developed overnight.el the thing about these squallshes is they're very intense but b they are quick moving dropping o southeast ward so southernas prince george's county watcht cn outer you're next. next. this extends back up west of this will quickly coat the the roads out there. we know theye. were treated last night.ed l however heads up if you're y'r about to head out.. really reduced visibilitiesibile really quickly.uily it's like you're in a minii blizzard for about 20 minutesut before it passes.fore it pas along with the falling snow s out there
7:29 am
reducing visibilities reallyibis gusty winds that developed dev overnight. wind chill advisory in effect ef for the whole area until 6:00le a.m. sunday, neg aative toative single digit wind chilligit wchl readings.adings. we'll start off with the air the temps.te 22 washington, teens north and a west. winds are howling out of the of northwest and are gustingusting close to 30 miles an hour.esou we could have some gusts latertt today close to 50 miles an hour.ur that greatly reduces the wind r chill so it feels like eightikeh in washington, it feels like two below hagerstown,stow martinsburg.g. just really bitter colde cod that we are just not accustomed to yet unfortunately. snow showers around with theh te passing of that front. f we've got arctic air in place and the whole weekend forecaste looks like this.we 25 degrees both days. ds. we've got those flurries thisrrs morning which will give way to sunshine today. tay remaining very, very windy. w now the wind really let's up tomorrow once we get past p sunrise but it stays bitterlyitl cold.cold. 25 degrees for that high tt hi and your seven-day forecast shows we're watching a winterg storm that will move in on monday, president's day.
7:30 am
starting as snow. luckily schools are closed.ho a lot of people not holeading ha out in the morning but thathat snow will change to a mixix which will then change to rain n on tuesday before going backac to snow on wednesday.. so, while accumulations lookatis to be on the low side for ther t district because we'ree' switching to a mix and then rain, some significant snow upcp into the mountains and wentainsw might get a quick coating on coi the backside with those snowside showers on wednesday. wed finally clearing out thursday ts and friday with temperaturespe returning to close too seasonable values there. t all right, that's yourght, thaty seven-day forecast.n-reca annie, back over to you. >> ♪ >> valentine's day is in full in bloom and today is one of the busiest days at flower shopshops across the country and workers e are gearing up for a big day of deliveries at the bethesdahe florist and we want to checkantc back in with fox5's megan dice who is there live tagging along. alon megan are you causing trouble cu or helping out? o >> reporter: um, a littlete bit of both, annie. annie you know how i am. h a you know how i
7:31 am
i mean, i'm literally, i have h tracy running around his shopd h on his busiest day.usiest day. we're here at bethesda florist f with tracy on one of yourn one u busiest days of the year.ea how many arrangements are you a sending out today. >> 505 deliveries on the boardiv nerow. i thought we could go maybe 550 today but with the weatherhw being waits i'll be happy withh 505, maybe 506. mbe 5 >> reporter: 500 deliveries. der how many people do you have out on the roads.ou >> i'm going havt e about 31bo drivers today, hopefully hopul everybody will show with thewith wind chill.wind chill 20 of them who are just a j temporary people working overkio the last few days. day a lot of retirees come back tokt help us out year after year.erea >> reporter: awesome.eporr: a well, what i would like to doatu and another fun fact about me,e, 'cause we talked about theaboute other fun fact that i was ini wn the movie valentine's day i would like to do arrangingli because i told youke i took a ta floral design class so let'ssle do this.dos. okay, if you just like holdk hod this for me maybe, tracy, and a then perhaps, you know, i'm going to just clip the rose --hs like here?er
7:32 am
>> reporter: look, z-i knew-i what i'm doing already.'moing a so, we got to also take offlso e the leaves here, right, rht because we don't want it inwantn the water. >> very good.>> >> reporter: and then where w do you think i should puthoul this? >> try and create a balance aal there. >> reporter: okay, so, perhaps. >> perfect.>> perfect great location. >> reporter: isn't thiste fabulous? and then you have the -- what do you calr:l that, the styrofoam in there.yrofoam n >> we don't have foam indo there.n' >> reporter: oh. >> these are actually designed d directly in water.di >> reporter: okay. >> all right. so, very easy. e and we take one over here onover this side just in front of thehe hydrangea. >> reporter: we're going putre p this in front of thefront hydrangea. >> this is a live >> reporter: this one isr: ts on going to rockville.going to i'm not going to say the name because we continue platede saying the name.we i'm not going to say the name because wsaeto want to surprise her. i'm going to one more rose insen here. here. >> make sure you push the roseoe down in below the water line. l >> reporter: okay.kay. and look at that.hat. game, set, >> voila. you're ready to go.u're >> reporter: thank you sor: t much and voila, we'll see youlls again at 8
7:33 am
>> you're going get aou'ring ge commission on thissionthi arrangement. >> reporter: i lover this. ts. look aches have a side job asa s well. back to you, annie. ann i love it.ove >> share the commission withnit me. good job.ob. megan thank you.hank >> reporter: you got it.t. annie of course. >> still ahead a motivationalott story on this saturday morning. we'll be right back. ight back.
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>> ♪ >> tonight the republicanig candidates are squaring offer in a debathtere in greenville,rn south carolina. col six contenders will face off. marco rubio seam seems to be set facing the most pressure aftersr his poor finish in newisin hampshire.ha the debate airs tonight onight o cbs. joining us in the studio is don hollen back and two of his students. learning rx is in leesburg virginia and helps studentshelp with memory and processinging skills. skills don thank you for joining usk yo here. i want to introduce our t friends here. it's miss reese bowen and our celloist and performer today,od mr. miso shomagi.homa good morning to awful you. awf . thanks for coming in on such a c cold morning. morni don i want to begin with you. wu this is so fascinating to me. i first of all didn't know
7:37 am
learning rx existed and thereexd was a center where kids can goo to improve their cognitiveog skills. >> yeah, there are actually several centers in northerns th virginia and maryland. >> okay.kay. >> what we do is called brainali training. we get to those underlying under issues for somebody that impedes their learningpedes process. in both cases they have difficulty at school, theych have difficulty in life andy if you start to create some ofate o these work arounds that may bee a little circuitous toircuou learning and what we do is weo get in there and figure outig where somebody's short-termor memory is their long-termrm memory logic and reasoning,eanig auditory processing, for instance. f 80 percent of people that havelv reading issue have an auditory a processing issue. iss we look at those things and then we -- we're able to t assess those and then we zeronze in on those weaknesses andess ad much like you hire a personalera trainer to gain strengthne that's the same thing we can s do for your brain. we actually can strengthengt those areas and we -- it's a one-on-one training so we get we into those weakest areas and
7:38 am
reese had difficulty readingad d for a long time.a lo tim we're able to get in there and e we also discovered that sometimes attention is aion little hard and what we'red what able to do in the training is is with a thing we do call the president, there's a visual's al thing that we do where she canhe say the presidents from begi beginning to end in order inord about eight seconds.t eight >> wow. and i understand your recordun timede is 7.8 seconds. >> 83. >> fantastic. reese thank you for beingan here. at what age didk you startou attend learning rx.earng >> 10. >> 10 years old. what do you love best aboutes a it? do you like all thee all exercises and you really feelu f like it's helped in you school. >> some of them are -- hscaveoft been helping me a lot. l i was down not in my gradede level, now i went up and i've've improved and i'm actually inlly my grade level now.ow >> nice. okay. so, quickly perform the list here for >> ready? r >> yes, we're going time you.e e >> beginning to the end.
7:39 am
ready, go. >> do you need some water. wat >> give her some water everybody. great job. >> fantastic.>> good job. we also want to show misha who incorporates the cello to the list here, right? so, what isha this working?ki? >> right. we want to be able to not just t have somebody do somethingy fastly we want them to -- reese can actually do it forward and backward. you can also ask her which president is the -- i'll put -ll you on the he s who is the fifth president.. >> monroe. >> just like. that we want them to be able to command a certain amount ofet information but have fullrmatiou access to at the same time we want themwae to be able to do something to dt because that's a real live transferable we don't want them to be ablem to learn a list of things, thi although that's
7:40 am
we'll have him do thehe presidents, not as fast as fas reese necessarily but then play the cello to show how his executive process.roce. pay attention to the music and talk at the same time. >> misha i want you to play us u out to break here so go ahead.hd >> ♪ >> washington, adams,n, adams jefferson, madison, monroe, adams, jackson, van buren, taylor, pierce, buchanan lincoln, johnson. >> ♪
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7:43 am
>> welcome back.>> w cross fit a certifiable phenomenon with 13,000 gyms worldwide.wodw one across fit gym in our area t is using their workouts tout help amputees become activeect again. this is great. i gre brody logan has the story. >> ♪ across fit rubicon is likeib the other 13,000 cross fitos f gyms across the globe.lo what sets this gym apart ispart the makeup of their t membership. >> everyone is like family f because there's such a diverseer group of athletes here. h >> reporter: the gym the attracts everyone from soccerror moms to former college
7:44 am
athletes to amputees. aut >> grip. like rubicon coach.oach. >> punch the sky.>> >> reporter: and vicer: a v chairman jason >> they don't know if i'mdoknow comfortable in my skin or if skr they should just ignore that i'm single leg. here we can joke about earlier jason was like son iflo you're going to do. t are you going to do a split splt jerk? a split jerk is wheres you split your legs and i was like oh, yeah, oh, wait, no. >> wait a minute.>> maybe not. >> and i feel like some otherlih people wouldn't feelople wou comfortable making that joke tt with me because they would would feel that they would offend mef or hurt my feelings. >> reporter: right. rep >> we don't have that >> she's like yeah.'s >> reporter: l jason can jokean about their injuries becausenjec he's lived it.t >> shrapnel about the size of s a golf ball came through thecamr back of my leg you have two bones in theretw lower part of your leg. l you have your tibia and fib f last it hit my fibula and acted like dynamite and blew my whole lower leg apa. >> reporter: he doesn't just j preach to these athletes theyest can achieve anything. >> there we go. >> reporter: he's proof.e'
7:45 am
i remembered what my coaches told me kind of let it go and little bit. o >> reporter:li jason has jon turned himself into a world wor class bobsledder.obed >> it was an absolute rush. >> reporter: in his first competition as a sled drivern ad he won the parabob sled worlddor cup but don't call him analm an inspiration. >> i want to motivate you toate do something not to inspirens you to feel something. >> reporter: jason has hisr: days where he thinks he can't do another rep but when hisut w head is down, he has a permanent reminder to pick himself up. >> it will remind me to stopo s doing that.ha stand up.stan you're not injured.ed. you're -- yeah, you're missingis a him but you're not injured.yoj you're completely fine.ely f get up, do work. w >> reporter: anyone whoornyon questions the motivating power of this gym should talk togyshou retired air force capitol pain sarah evans. evans >> four years ago i wasgo i w diagnosed with stage threeta thr bone cancer. i finished up my cancer treatment, my chemotherapy and
7:46 am
amputation of my leg to get toet rid of the >> reporter: she has trained with cross fit since her fit sie amputation and she hates h taking time tim recently she was away from the gym for three months for goodoro reason. >> i'm currently pregnant. pgn >> reporter: yes, sarah is pregnant and had her left leg l amputated up to the hip. theip yet she's here lifting. lifng so what's your excuse for skipping the gym today?ym today >> it takes away that hesitation of you know what, i i don't really think i can do 75 inasmuch as for time today. ar i okay, well, jason did it andid t he did it with broken ribs and one leg. l really don't have much of a excuse. >> amazing. that was brody logan reporting l and cross fit rubicon has a nonprofit called the adaptive athlete alliance and they haveln a program through the va thatvaa gives six months free training n to any wounded veteran. that's a $1200 value and they t want more vets to join then th fantastic story. sto fantastic program. pgr not tow fantastic is thatw
7:47 am
>> a lot of white around the arn white house isn't it. >> yeah.>> hard to believe it's happening e right now because when isehe walked in it wasn't muchn it wah action. >> same thing. i drove in, there was like ae a few snow flurries. i even sent out a tweet, ohweet sese pretty snow showers thisty morning, we've been waiting onng these snow showers since last s night but actually they've ty' really intensified into snow ino squalls. really intense snow very quickly.quic it moved fast but it's so quickly coating the roads and ad reducing visibility.ib >> when you say fast how longsa are we talkingy .we tki >> usually you're only underly d the worst of it for like 20 l minutes. >> okay.>> okay. >> but some spots montgomery county it's been snowing fors the past half hour and thatbehot can pile up quickly when it'shei this intense. >> yeah, especially when they wh pavements are this cold, too. t >> exact. all the crews were outcr treating last night but againuta quick inch, maybe a little bit b more wherever you are in yourveo neighborhood. we're seeing the snow start to t wind down across montgomeryac county but still snowing thereni down along 270 and in throughhru the district, too, we saw a shot of the capitol building just about 20 minutes ago.
7:48 am
building just because theuse t visibility is so quickly quick compromised. so, this is our intense bandsean of snow moving from northwest nh to southeast.ouea it's lake effect enhanced,e effh moved across lake erie with erii the very cold air.dir the cold air moved across the a lake and then produced thesedu snow showers. swe they usually don't make it me this far south but it did today t there's bethesda stillsi seeing steady snow showers. that continues through the district and even into princentn george's county right now soouyi you guys are seeing the snow, too. along route five in marylandn md watch for the snow to quicklyui quote the roads. r same with route four and four really any of our local roadways. just use some caution outcautiot there this morning.ere we've got the snow movingowg through, we've got the bitter cold paired with the very gusty winds and that wind ofin course blowing all the snowlollt around, too. ar that's why you kind of feel f like you're in a major 21 in washington, 18,8 gaithersburg, 19 frederick and,9 the winds have been howlingeen out of the northwest overnight.overnight. that puts wind chills at eight here in washington, seven gaithersburg. look at that hagerstown, six ha, below. wind chill advisory in effectorn
7:49 am
morning for negative to single g digit wind chills. c let's fast forward here a her little bit to sunday becauseec even though we have some snow ss this morning, we are waiting wai on another major winter storminm to move up the east coast beginning late sunday nightsu into early this is aly complicated oneicedo because as it moves in,oves grounds are still very coldery and so are the air the temperatures. it will start as some snow by monday morning could bring us bu some light accumulations herens in washington and much of the area.ea interestingly some warmer airr pushing up into the easternhe es quadrant of the storm so s southern maryland you change to rain pretty quickly monday afternoon.afternoon. it will be a period of a mix for awhile i think washingtonng baltimore and we could haved we icing concerns before thensefore whole thing changes to rain.oai heavy at times. times that will be on tuesday. tsd so, this next winter storm i'm putting in the high categoryigce just because of the long duration.ti the varying types of v precipitation and the concerns for ice. so, here's how it plays out. o light snow accumulations byionsb early monday morning. morni during the day monday itonday changes over to some sort of a a mix. we
7:50 am
rain. rain. that's always very messy.essy that becomes a concern as we as transition heav to heavy rain on tuesday.esy. behind this worm many a a quick moving clip they arep thee could bring snow showers ong own wednesday so three days ofs of this. going to be cause somethingometg headaches on the roads nohe doubt about that.s so here'sdoub your seven-day forecast to wrap it up. bitter wind chills valentine's day is a cold one buty it won't be nearly ass windy.nd president's day luckily a loty of people off, 34 degrees with w snow changing to a mix.ix. heavy rain tuesday, snow tay showers wednesday and thend then we'll clear everything out next thursday and friday.ri so, while we're not talkingal about the really heavy snow accumulations, out there earlyrr this week, it doesn't takeoesn t much and this is going to haveov some high impact for the whole o area so obviously we'll keepee you posed on that through theon rest of the weekend. >> all right. >> let's go back to let's g valentine's day.valent >> yes. >> the people at the hallmark hl channel have a valentine'saltine gift for viewers featuring ftu none other than fabio. tha fabio >> tell me about
7:51 am
>> wow.>> wow. the italian model famous for f posing for romance novels givees his viewers his undivided uivid attention in a new streaming video. he pours sham main front of am t fire cuddles some kittens and mostly wants to hear how you're do. the free 18 minute video is on hallmark's streaming service. >> hilarious.>> h >> 18 minutes of fabio petting a kitten. k >> to get you in the mood. mood. >> exactly. >> every time valentine's dale d rolls around people scramble sam to buy their loved ones as a gift. of course google helps as wel well. >> it certainly does.t data pulled from google, valentine's day trend startingcg in 2 now here's what each state eacht googled the most and in our area marylanders googled aboutbt pro flowers, couples activities, valentine's day
7:52 am
>> virginians googled aboutnian romantic tv shows, the karma k suit tracks romantic music and d sexy songs. i guess virginians are in aare i little bit avenue spicy move. m >> do people still do sears do s portraits. >> i guess they do if marylanders are doing it. might be booming in maryland. >> i love it. still ahead, if you're going'r i to stay home on this chillyhilly weekend with your lover whichit is probably the best thing toh t do we've got thehing perfecter valentine's day drinks andrinks sweets that should -- that you should try this weekend. try stay with us. caitlin and i are going to get e into all of that. >> we will. will. >> ♪ ♪
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7:54 am
7:55 am
>> news flash. if you didn't know,if valentine's day is tomorrow. y so time to get in the mood forhe love. >> that's right. joining us now is donna french a food blogger. she's here to show us how to celebrate valentine's day way special cocktail. llu'll be back in theu' 8 o'clock hour with otherith o goodies. right now we're focusing onocus drinks. >> right now we're making a chocolate pare martini. marni they're the unsung hero ofgo this time of the year.isime i feel like strawberries geterri all the attention. attenti i wanted to show off how pearsow are in season from fallm f through winter and they're the perfect valentine's day accompaniment to this.
7:56 am
simply just some chocolate liquor, some pear vodka and vod then some irish cream here addar it to a shaker, real simple, sim over ice. shake that up. >> yes. >> >> really simple. >> easy. >> if i can get somebody toca cut out a little piece on f the pair par for me that would bethd great an.. >> and just add this to. >> can i a >> remember i didn't know how to work a salt shaker.ha >> doing a lot here.e. >> like a sliver. >> yeah, just a sliver and wean can add there to -- >> good job caitlin. there you go. >> and there you go. and i added some chocolate tohoa the top. >> yeah, shaved chocolate.o what do we got here. do we got >> over here is the chocolatela covered strawberry because b strawberries that are coveredris in chocolate seem to be a valentine's day favorite n a cocktail i just made it really
7:57 am
simple. i added -- i'm adding -- thank you -- i'm just going borroww this. i'm going add a few shots of however much chocolate vodka you want to add.o a >> add a lot. we're going into the next hour t here. you have a few seconds.have a just keep working on yourorki drinks. >> oh, yeah, yeah and so jamndo is like a big deal right now in cocktails so i'm going to add a table spoon of that andhad if you could whisk that thatou would be wonderful. wonderf >> i will whisk this as we go to break. b i hope you join us back here usk for the 8:00. we'll have this ready for you. thank you.
7:58 am
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8:00 am
>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mg >> welcome back to fox5 news n morning on this saturday.da it is 8 o'clock as we take a a live look outside and some ofof are you actually seeing someinge snow showers out there.howers ot that's and we're also having some freezing cold temperatures inte the area. it's very, very cold out therehe and caitlin has got a full forecast for you up ahead but thanks for joining us once u again, i'm annie yu. >> i'm caitlin roth. >> keep it indoors. indoors it is very cold. col we have a wind advisory out. we've had snow squalls move through overnight f you'renigh just waking up and looking loo outside your window you're thinking this looks like alks l blizzard. >> kind of romantic. >> i know, right. i kno >> kind of romantic, lightw,
8:01 am
going, right.g, right. storm tracker radar showing s this band of what was somewh s very intense snow quitete briefly moved through montgomery county, the district, now into prince george's we're seeing it weaken angt we little bit but it did quicklyck coder a lot of roads ina lo maryland and the grounds areunds so cold that that will happen hp as these squalls move they also greatly reducedy reduc visibility as we she was thatwes shot of the white house, plenty of flakes flying outside there.ou snow continues down 270 down 27 through all of our major district roads and outside theut beltway into prince george'seo county although on the lighter side now than we saw lastn hour. saw some really dark purplesk ps show up. expect snow flurries for the next half hour to hour andur sunshine later today. wind chill advisory for theory t whole area this weekend untilnt 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. negative to single digit wind chills that we're alreadyt we'r seeing right now. temperatures the actual air act temperature very chilly, 21 washington, 18 gaithersburg,the, 19 winchester.inches it was pretty calm last nightlag but in the wake of this front,o, arctic front, the nd
8:02 am
really picked up currently gusting over ove 30 miles an hour here inou washington and we could seend wo gusts close to 50 later today.ay wind chills big, big storyigtory today. it feels like eight in d.c., d five in frederick, it feels like seven below inev bel hagerstown, one below inin this is dangerous cold.d. encouraged to stay indoors asooa much as possible this weekend. d don't let that sunshine deceive you.decee yo 25 degrees both days.oth day we lose the wind tomorrow so aro little bit more bearable but still bitterly cold.ol following this very chillyly weekend, winter storm on theinrt way with multiple impacts foracr the whole i'll break that down in yourin seven-day forecast. annie.e. >> thanks, caitlin. c and as caitlin justaitlinust mentioned the cold temperatures are bringing inreng some snow showers in our areaur and fox's megan dice live in bethesda now with more on thisos bitter cold day. all right, so we took you s outso ide now.e now what's it looking like, megan. g >> reporter: yeah, we'reh, we're outside now and take a look at this -- - >> wow. >> reporter: i am measuringeasui about an inch right here. h ther
8:03 am
here where it was really rea building up.builng up. this just really falling verylig quickly and really sticking ascg you can see here, it's just ons the ground here and if you look over here, want to take te you into the roadway now, i mean, it's on the roads, you you so, you really want to bee careful as you're heading out today. this doesn't really look likey it was treated, maybe it was, w but it's really sticking. stick. make sure you really drive slowly. slow in fact, we just were with the floral shop here and they'rend t telling us this is reallyg us t going impact their deliveriesive today. in fact, they said they'resaid e going have to push maybe a a hundred deliveries to tomorrowvo morning where they thoughtere they were going to do it today. so, again you want to be verye y careful out here. her this is sticking on the roads te as you're waking up here thiserh morning. make sure you get that suv out o of the garage because you'rese y going need it.goinneed we're going to send it back tok you. >> all right, megan, thank you.u. meanwhile we are learningren new information this morningatih about a child
8:04 am
investigation in prince george's county.geor police identified another anoer victim in this case and a new n location where the allegedhe aeg crimes may have taken place.. investigators say they've now identified 14 victims theyy believe deonte carrawaywa carried out his crime in fiven e different locations including a church. a police have not named thatn church yet and police believe b the alleged abuse happened atpe judge sylvania woods elementary school wherel whe carraway previously worked as a teacher's aide and then t volunteered and earlier this week our very own marina marraco got an exclusivexclusi interview with carraway. we talked to one of thehe mothers of one of the alleged al victims and she says carraway ca is lying. take a listen.take >> he's not telling the truthheu on that part about not having hv sexual interactions, you know, with the children.hild it's just not true. as far as touching his h privates and having him touch his and doing unsightlyigly thin
8:05 am
frustrates >> a source tells fox5 that5 t while carraway had no criminalml record as an adult he may havem had a juvenile record. recor a spokesperson for prince prince george's county public schoolsbs says they contract out at out private company to do background checks on employeeshe and ckthose checks would note kw have turned up any informationoi about juvenile charges because those files are keptept confidential.ential meanwhile police in thee district are searching for three masked men who opened m fire inside a southeast barbershop friday afternoon.ernn it happened along the 1000 block of eighth police say there appears to bee no indication this was athis waa robbery and believe theieve t victims may have been targeted e in the shooting. >> we had three males wearing wa masks entered one of the establishments and began firing. an adult male was he received nonlife-threatening gun shotaten wounds and we also will whatt appears to be a young child,, approximately two years of age a that was
8:06 am
happy to report that the childhi is not significantly injured. >> both victims have beenms he b released from the hospital. police are asking anyone withg h information to give them an to call. and a flurries accused of inappropriately touch... nurse. accused of inappropriatelyprte touching a patient in aientn hospital has been found not guilty.. a jury joined jared kline not guilty.ty and new this morning wew thm now know where the oil that oilt spilled into the potomac rivertc came from. fro the coast guard says the oil o came from an area near a dominion virginia power substation. dominion power say they accept p responsibility and will help ahe clean up that incident.en and next week could bringoug back painful memories foror survivors and families of the 1999 mass shooting ating columbine high school inhigh denver, eric harris and dylan klebold ko were both shot and killed andild 12 students and teachers teaches before t
8:07 am
now more than a decade aftera da the tragedy dylan's mother, m sue, is expected to release ase book on monday reflecting onle this incident. in the book she reveals her h ongoing battles with grief andd shame. ann-marie hock holter waseras paralyzed in the shooting.d he s she posted an open letter on line to klebold sharing her feelings about the book. >> my mom committed suicide. sce she had depression and just ifui we can help prevent anyone any from committing suicide that would mean everything.rythin >> she said she's not sure not r whether she'll be able to read t the book but she has chosen to forgive the mother of the mass killer. killer the virginia state senateine has approved legislationislation proponents say would protect businesses and individuals that oppose same-sex marriage mr on religious grounds.. republicans say the legislation aims to preventai tt government entities fromm denying things like grants andrt licenses to individuals and and businesses that opposet oppose same-sex marriage. marag democrats say the bill gives g businesses the license too discriminate against the
8:08 am
community.mmity. democratic virginia governor gor terry mcauliffe has alreadyea vowed to veto the bill.ill. also virginia governor goveo terry mcauliffe opened up adp new campaign office forffice democratic presidentialresideial hopeful hillary clinton.nt the governor is a long timeg t friend with the former secretary of state.tate meanwhile her rival bernienie sanders opened his fourth fou virginia office on wednesdayay in charlottesville.ille virginians will vote in theote i democratic primary on march first.firs tomorrow is valentine'svale day and it is already in full il bloom. coming up we'll tell you howtelh one store is preparing toring spread the love. we'll be right back.
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again! again! again! again! again? again! again! general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors from our cereals. so you can love cereal... again!
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. time now eight:11 as we take a:1 live look outside. that is happening right now or it did happen. has it happened caitlin?tl? >> yeah, look at the coating of snow wherever we're looking, it could be anywhere ar i'll assuming in the this is northwest d.c. d.c that snow squall that just came through that produced a quick inch across all of the all grasses, even some of thes, e roadways it's sticking downt'ici there, too. >> please be careful if you'reur headed out this morning if youor absolute have to head out.e to . meanwhile a toddlerod battling cancer in californiaann only has one valentine's dayne wish this year.ea he's asking someone to sendomeos him a card. fox has the story. >> that's three, that's four.t' >> very good. >> reporter: every dayorte two-year-old aiden krameriden ke counts the cards he gets fromge well wishers.isrs and he counts down the days the until he gets to
8:12 am
>> i'm in the hospital. hospi my blood got sick. got >> reporter: aiden was diagnosed with acute myeloidid leukemia. for six months children'smonths hospital los angeles has beenes his home. >> the last few months havew mov been a whirl wind to say thed ay very least. least. >> reporter: there wereepor moments his parents didn'ts know if he would make it.t. >> sitting on my happen on the floor and he went limp in mympn arms and he did not have a heartbeat. he wasn't breathing. the nurse instandly jumpedndly m into action. i dropped to my knees andne a prayed. >> reporter: aiden woke upr: and it was a daily delivery of cards that kept him going.. >> cards.>> >> reporter: he'll bell be celebrating valentine's dayvale also his third birthday in this room.this roo his only wish now is to get even more >> 'cause they make me happy.m >> reporter: and he's hopings hn some of them include coins and s cash so he can continu
8:13 am
filling this jar and disney castle piggy bank.iggy ban >> he's not a typical twoyp t going on three-year-old forea sure. >> reporter: why? becauser:? now that aiden's fought offout cancer the toddler is taking on another grownup battle.attl with dreams of going to cals oig tech where his father works hee hopes to raise cash forseh f college. one card at a time. >> he was very cute. was time to see something elseethele very cute. ve it first five. f let's meet brian. >> aww.>> aww. >> ready for this very coldd weekend.ekend. looks like a gerber baby.ry. brian is eight months old and a he's all bundled up and ready a for the polar vortex thiss weekend.eken brian's parents say he'sy 's energetic funny and he loves to laugh already. >> little cutie pie. l y and he's like yes, ladies,lie i can be serious when i want to be. >> doesn't he look like he'sikes going t
8:14 am
heartbreaker.ak >> yes, look at those bluehose b eyes. >> getting his start thisrt t valentine's super cute.super if you want your child to be our next fox5 first five post p your child's picture right r under brian's on our fox5ox5 facebook page.age. >> love that. t a lot of crazy weather this morning. we've got the cold, we've gote thcoe wind and even some intenst snow very briefly over the ove t past hour. h storm track radar showing thehot snow squall that moved down movw through montgomery county, theno district now into prince george's county over the past p hour quickly coated the roads, , the car tops, the rooftops, root all the grasses. it's so cold outside and evennde though we did see the roads the that were treated last night, ng snow showers finally camee through and they're going tooi stick very quickly. quickly this is kind of winding down but we'll still keep snowll kee flurries in the forecastn orec especially over d.c. in thever next hour. h this is all lake effect snow. cold air coming over lake erie so periodic through the day as we continue to see the wind the howl out of the northwest you can see some snow the big story this weekend thewe temperatures, 21 in
8:15 am
washington, 18 gaithersburg,sb 19 winchester, 19 in culpeper ce but that's half the story.ry it's also the wind chills c which are bitterly, bitterly bte cold. single digits to well below bel zero. seven below in that's what it feels like whenll you step st this is dangerous cold.nger one below in martinsburg. martiu you have to be concerned aboutrt frost bite, hypothermia thoseiao types of things in this very thi cold weather.cold feels like nine in annapolisnnal and nine in baltimore.almo we have that wind chill advisory in effect today and a tonight. i'm going fast forward theorrd clock and get into the second part of the weekend becauseend e just on the heels of this veryef cold weather our next wintert nt storm comes through and itt looks to spread some snow asw as early as overnight sunday intont monday morning. m. so, monday is a holiday. hol a lot of people not on the on t roads thankfully but quicklyui could see some light accumulations through monday morning.. the thing that's different about this winter storm looks like we'll transition to a mixto at some apoint on monday andond then eventually after areaser a towards our south and eastour s move to rainan we will, too, here in washingt a
8:16 am
could have a period of some pio very heavy rain on tuesday. tued it looks to remain mainly snow o out in the mountains and our a o model only goes this far out f t into monday night but you get the idea of a variety off precipitation and a variety of i think this next winter stormnt we're going put into the highheg category. it's long duration, it's going g to affect multiple commutesple t tuesday even into wednesday.ednd the main points in the take --ot and the take away at least as lt we see it right now light snow accumulations early mondayda changing to a mix with icing awi concern late monday.n late heavy rain tuesday and then t more snow showers to wraprs t things up. that would be on wednesday.nesd but back to today, 25 degrees, r winds are gusting up tog up t 50 miles an hour at times out of the northwest so really,ll really cold. cold. we lose the wind sunday butda b it's still pretty 25 degrees on your valentine'srt day. 34 with that snow to a mix monday to rain tuesday and finally winding things downng dw late in the day on wednesday.edy that's a look at yourk at your seven-day forecast. annie. >> thank you, caitlin.hank, cait if you're still lookingl l for that perfect valentin
8:17 am
ideas that will surely warm upp your love loved one's heart. don't miss it.
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>> hard to believe just aboutele 10, 15 minutes ago we were in we one of those snow squalls with whiteout conditions, rightight caitlin.caitlin. >> look at how bright it is. hrh you still
8:20 am
flurries. >> those squalls are intense squ but they're quick moving. min sun is back out across much ofsc the district. >> good news for those hoping h to get out today.. did leave little coating,ng, dusting in some earns. earns megan dice was out there int er northwest, bethesda area.sda a keep that in mind as you head out.out. >> well, many people are m obviously trying to find the perfect valentine's gift forlenn their significant other ane'd you still have time.ill have ti. >> that's right.>> if you want to give them something other than flowershe and jewelry and be a little more creative donna french is here to share some of her of h wonderful ideas.deas i love some of them gianna -- gn all of them. >> so, starting with the leth crews set. it's the tiffany's of cookware. instead of shopping for a for diamond you should be shoppings for your quart size. se. >> why not. >> she's going to love this. >> yes. >> exactly, yes., yes. >> little heart shape. sha >> you can make anything in
8:21 am
here. >> heart shaped. h s >> wonderful. >> so, moving on there's some doughnuts. >> doughnuts. >> doughnuts are -- even the most avid naysayer ofayer valentine's day is not goingotoi to turn away doughnuts on valentine's so we used -- i used localocal purveyor astro doughnuts andghts fried chicken because theyau t have these like valentine'sntin' day dedicated doughnut dgh collections and aren't they just --st - >> can i try one.anry o >> absolutely. >> what is it with fried it wird chicken and doughnuts goingdougg together. >> i don't know, just the just e sugar. su >> savory. >> yes. >> just the combination ise co amazing. am >> okay, these are wonderful woe to go with your doughnuts you've got spirits here. >> what better way to getbe way valentine's day started than thn with some have had can i use local purveyor 18 distilling dil which is in northeast and thisnt vodka that they have -- they hav have a nice sweet finish whichih is great with anything you're y going to try and blend forle valentine's day for
8:22 am
sweetheart. >> yeah. >> and then of course you got to have some sugar on valentine'souso day. so, langdon wood barrel syrup, they have this wonderful likeik creamy syrup that you can likeue add to your pancakes. panke make some breakfast in bed. >> yes. >> and of course oysters are the aphrodisiac of aphrodisiacs. >> i didn't know if that was aas myth or not. >> yes, rappahannock oysters here in the d.c. region reg they'll deliver them to yourr et door for under -- as low as $25.$25. >> okay. >> so how do they come? in com? the box like this on ice.ce >> oh, yeah, they'll come -- ce they come dry,, it's like dry ice. ice. they'll come like this in ame lk box, dry ice and what you want w to do is order on oyster nightrt because you're going to have >> instead of paint and singssin think of
8:23 am
>> could i order this for tomorrow.tomo >> i would suggest going to gng the rap hon knoc ran knock resta >> any last minute gift ideas.a. >> these -- the last minutest mt gift idea i would suggest is definitely wood barrel becauseda you can pick that up rightck t here in d.c. and of course astros doughnuts and fried chicken. >> i'm going add one more to a the list. a love letter. lte >> oh, annie, you romantic.anc. >> a simple pen and paper,en an, write a love letter to yourte loved one. >> or you can write a loveyou text. >> it's priceless.>> i >> it's a great one.e >> yeah,. >> and it's free.>> a >> yes. >> thanks, annie.. thank you gee january in a.n coming up the latestlate developments on the zikaents on virus. what brazilian officials sayia s the virus is connected to andedo of course caitlin is going to gt be back with another look atk a today's weather and that allandh and important work weekeek preview. stay with us. fox5 news morning on thisng saturday will be right back. rhb time now 8:23.
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they're number ones, number twos, and a number of ideas for three. life's morning madness. and comfortable, organized bed and bathrooms that make them better. >> ♪ >> here's a look at your top stories this morning. more victims ares coming forward in the prince georges pc county maryland childan pornography investigation.phy two additional victims weretimsw confirmed bringing the total to 14 children now. deonte carraway a accused ofed f recording videos of childrenhi between the ages of nine and of
8:27 am
judge sylvania woodsds elementary school where he wasch a teacher'oos assistant from f 2014 through 2015. a community in arizona iss in mourning this morning afterth a deadly schisool shooting. it happened in glendalen glendae yesterday just as the schoolju day was about to begin.o beg police say two tenth grade gde girls were found shot to deathod on the school grounds.l ou investigators believe this wass a and layer this area and up north areor are dealing with some bone b chilling cold weather in new c york city the mercury isol expected to fall as ly ow as to 4 degrees below today. t new york city mayor bill deblasio has warned new yorkers to take extremes to precautions over the weekend. wd and caitlin has got an ha gt check on our local forecast for this morning and today, too.odat >> very cold, very windy. windy we have some snow that camehat through very quickly and veryer aggressively over the past the p hour and i would echo the same sentiments of what they're o saying in new york, use extreme caution. this is cold that we're not accustomed to here inre i
8:28 am
it is very cold especially today with the bitter windwi try to avoid being outdoors asns much as you can. here's the last of our snow o s squalls bringing flurries across much of the district. we have the sun back out. back some of you waking up top apop coating as you take a look outdoors. that's from that very quick q moving snow squall that came through has now since wind chill advisory that's outs for the whole area. a this is until 6:00 a tomorrow morning for those negative to single digit wind d chills. so, the air temperature is one thing. th it's 20 degrees in washington, baltimore, 16 in gaithersburg,er 19 in winchester and culpeper.ue but with winds gusting out ofngo the northwest over 20 to even e 30 miles an hour at times,es anr look at hagerstown, gusting to 38 miles an hour. it will remain windy all dayay long and that will drop those t wind chills into the brutally bl cold levels the feels like feels seven in washington when youen step outdoors, four in gaithersburg, one below inw martinsburg, seven below ing, sl hagerstown. we have reports of many coated a roads across montgomery countymy through the district probably pa in
8:29 am
from that earlier snow.e it's tricky to travel outside. tricky to be outside. probably one better spentne btep indoors today. even though we had the morningor snow that will mainly move outoo we'll see a lot of sunshinee los through sunday. just very, very cold and thed at numbers will reflect that inct your weekend forecast. 25 degrees with a flurry frr today, sunshine tomorrow and tr sunday. we lose the wind tomorrow.d tomr it's not as cold. col well, at least the wind chillsdi won't be as low but it is still pretty frigid. 25 for that high temperature.pee and things stay pretty exciting here. here. 25 on sunday.n sda monday another winter stormter coming thr we'll start off as snow,s sno change over to a mix and then ae probably a period of heavy h rain on tuesday before going g back to snow on wednesday. so, we've got a lot to figure tr out over the next few days.ay just expect the impact with that storm before it moves out b by thursday.ef that's your seven-day forecast. annie. >> thank you so much, caitlin. l these cold temperatures didpera bring in some of those snow o showers and our fox5's megan m dice live in bethed
8:30 am
more on this bitter cold day. all right, megan, how is it i looking now? i just checkedt cd twitter and looks like thelos le local transportation agencies ac are standing by.ndin do you see any snowplows? >> reporter: yeah, actually aua i haven't but it looks like some sort of something justethit drove by that's supposed to besu clearing snow but have i notave seen it yet. in fact i want it you to take a look right here. they've cleared off theff sidewalks here in front of the floral area that we were at but this is untouched snow,touc you guys, so look at this, t about an inch on the ground. gun hope i'm not going to fall to f through or anything here but het i'm just going kind of walkk through here, about an inch on the ground fell.el it's just kind of flurrying frri now but it's mostly stopped. std as you're waking up be sure toe be very careful because lookbec at these roads, you guys.s. they look like all the snoww has -- is just sticking to the -- to the roads there andhed i'mn
8:31 am
know it is very cold out here h and you want to make sure youou are very, very careful.areful now, we spoke to the florist.ri. you saw us in there all morning. he is saying this is going toto impact his deliveries.ct del keep in mind this is one of the biggest days for a florist o as far as he says he's going have tong push about a hundred hundr deliveries until tomorrowries because they've got a very've t late start this morning due tooe this snowstorm. we're going to send it back tots you. >> all right, megan, thank you. meanwhile the u.s. and south korea are taking stepsa a to prevent missile attacksttac from north korea. both countries are expected toet begin those talks next week onwk the possible deployment of an advance u.s. missile defense. system. this comes after north korea'sos recent rocket launch. north korea claims the rocketcl was carrying aai satellite iteli said the launch was foror peaceful purposes but it'surpose drawing renewed international and today marks one weekarke since the deadly earthquakearth that struck taiwan and the death toll continues to rise.ue 115 people are now confirmed cfi dead and sev
8:32 am
still missing. the 6.4 magnitude quake strucktr taiwan's oldest city of tainan.taan. one residential building was completely destroyed while destw nearby buildings remainedgs remd intact and now the building'suid developer and two architects ari have been detained andaid authorities believe they mays bi have cut corners on thers on construction and could bed be charged with negligentig homicide. meanwhile brazil's health ht minister says officials are absolutely sure that the zika virus is connected to birth to i defects that causes infants tos have abnormally small heads. brazil is at the epicenter of the mosquito borne virus systems home to this year'sme tolympics. some athletes though are nowtese considering whether to attendr o or not due to the zika fox has the story of one athlete. >> reporter: with everyithve punch carlos balderas hasdera moved closer to his d up next, the olympics but there's one major healthlth concern on the minds of allhe ma athletes headed to rio dayday jan
8:33 am
>> i think the biggest worry w they should have is the virus going or round right.nd rig >> reporter: it's a mosquito a s borne virus meaning in mostanin cases you get it from the insecond. until recently the virus wasly only found in tropical places p like in parts of africa,fric southeast asia and now in brazil where olympians lik olymr valderez is. va >> i went to eat on the streets and i happened to get like food poisoning. it was pretty bad because i b was throwing up all night i got very dehydrated and i hadndh a fight two days after. aft still very nauseous and stuff.nd that's the main concern thatrn t everybody should be worriedsh abouout. >> reporter: they need to watch out for mosquitos >> we're not going to be out there foresight i'm sure
8:34 am
fine if we just stay away from f like the beach and places like l that reporter: 19-year-old hast: been training for the olympicsfo the last 12 years. 1ears with help from his dad and uncle. >> very excited, you know,ex very excited to go there andre just put on a show for all of my people, my people in santa maria and i know they're veryhe excited to see me fight as f well but i really want toan prove to them what i'm capable of doing. doi >> security remains tight inighi mexico city where the pope is pi staying at the vatican ambassador's residence there. when pope francis arrived in mexico he greeted ecstatic eta crowds in an open air popemobile.po the pontiff is in mexico for aor five day visit and pope francis told mexicans he is denouncing corruption violencenv and drug trafficking in mexico c and that he'll use hisis upcoming visit to pray withit them for the gift of peace.he coming up in honor of honor black history month we'reth taking you inside d.c.'s.' oldest african-american dancedae school. how young dancers are using their training to excel on andn off that stage. sta time now
8:35 am
be right back. patients across the country have spoken. they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid services.
8:36 am
fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. learn more at slash eastern. cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits. appointments available now.
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>> welcome back. 8:37.8: in honor of black historyry month, this morning we bringin you the jones haywood dance dan school.. >> this year the schoolool celebrates 75 years of5 year excellence. it was started at a time whenmee african-american dancers hadamer no options to study classical cs
8:38 am
today the school is thriving thr ind continues to provide ant high quality education tolity ei students of all ethnicities. >> all right i want you to look like you've had some s dance training. >> these dancers are on pointpon inside d.c.'s oldest african-american dance >> facing the bar first position.po >> that's good.>> no fidgeting. take your lands off the >> in their high buns, black bla retards and point shoes theyy aren't just doing drills. they're reaching new heights nei and stretching their fullng t fl potential. >> it's not only about dance a like i said we are raising children through dance. >> reporter: joan heyward was built from the ground upd u founded in 1941 under the leadership of dance pioneers pie doris jones and clairela haywood. early years were formed ine forn this same basement in the sameba home on these same corner of the georgia avenue in northwest d.c.d.c.
8:39 am
pull up your legs. okay. ok >> reporter: passion for heron f students shines through.en >> givets it here. h you need to pull your actpull ya together. >> has always been like as be another mother.other. like she just always watchesatch over us.ov there's people that i want tot t make proud, not even my momn my but it's really just misfortune. like i never want to disappoint her.. >> strep up. stomach.ach. >> 'cause even though she mayh get under my skin sometimes, i know it's love. >> reporter: jones-haywoodesay alum and professional dancer dan brandy lee says all those years at jones-haywood helpedode her prepare for this moments me and beyond. beyd. >> it has made me a stronger person, a disciplined woman. wan it has made me a woman of principle and character ande anh it's made me into an artist. ars >> reporter: jones-haywoodes-h
8:40 am
anniversary this year.ea misty copeland visited schoolitl for the honor.for she talked to the young dancers about channeling the discipline from dance to excel l far past the stage.pahe s something jones-haywood alsowo a tries to instill in its ill in students. >> you'll start to grow andstar you'll start to learn thingsarng about yourself that you wouldouw have never otherwise known. >> i learned lots of discipline and i've learned how to express myself more. >> i could go to another dancenr school but it will never bel ner the same. th this is my family. >> it's -- i have a lot ofot people here that care for mee and i would never want them to t vehicle leave my life 'cause ief care for them. >> and finish. take your lands off the bar. finish.. >> yeah, in addition todditn classical and
8:41 am
jones-haywood offers tap and jazz for students ages four tonr 18. >> member of the students have e danced as members of the alvin a ail lee and on broadway. others have pursued higherr education and achieved successcc in personal careers. caree >> fantastic.>> f music's biggest night isesnh on monday and coming up we'lle' see which artists are up forre f awards and who is expected toec win. >> plus, we'll be back with allb check on that ever changing cngn forecast as we look at theook t coating of little sugar dusting out there e early this morning on m saturday. we've got the bitterly coldrly c temperatures to talk about all l weekend long.lo that's coming up next. next.
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
>> ♪ >> in our fox beat today,n music lovers own have to waitou a couple of more days for thersy bis gfo the 58th annual grammy awardsama will be held on monday. fox's michael tamaro tells us about some of the singers upsome for those awards and otherser who will be performing duringinu the ceremony. >> ♪ >> reporter: 58th annual8th a grammy awards are set for areet many of music's biggest stars are either nominated for ann award or will be taking the stage to perform. >> ♪ >> for me the grammys show s when we're done it needs to be three and a half hours of theur greatest live music concert onot the planet.lane that's what i strive for.or >> ♪ >> reporter:
8:45 am
needs the pack with 11 nods. taylor swift and the weekend swt are tied with seven.h all eyes will be on swift andwi lamar who are going head toargon head for album and song of the >> ♪ >> it could go either way.go eia if i were placing bets i wouldsd give to it taylor simply because it's a more conventional album. aum >> ♪ >> reporter: country starep and best new artisort nomineeee sam hunt says it really is ane honor to be nominated.hono >> it really means a lot to me e to have the people who i looko up to i guess as musicians and the gate keepers for music inper this country to accept me intoe the green and invit group and ie party. >> best new artist can be enormous for the artist'srtis career. it says to the public this isubs an artist you need to payto attention to and perhaps most significantly especially if there are other grammy winsmmy with it, it can lead to a very big bump in sales.
8:46 am
suite makes sure no one goess home empty handed. hand. >> they with two huge bags worth almost $25,000 of thank t you gifts just for being parts u of the show.he s >> ♪ >> reporter: see who takes t home grammy gold when the the ceremony airs monday nightirs michael tamaro fox news.. >> the nba all-star weekend is e this weekend. wee hundreds of celebrities haves of headed to toronto for the ballal spectacle. spectacl drake and kevin hart were thet e coaches for the u.s. ands r th canadian teams. and blackish star anthonyh staro anderson nick cannon and tv personality terrence jenkinsencn also played in this. artists win. butter her won the m.v.p. award and drake's canadian can team took home the win.e t w always a good time.ood tim also a good time, look at l this lady.isad she's going to be having ae havn good time today: this is barbara clark, beautiful barbara clark turning 94 yearsga old today. tod her daughter carol tweeted useds this photo and wanted to wish wh h
8:47 am
happy 94th. 94th. that's amazing. ama she looks so great. if that's your car barbaraar take me for a ride. a rid pick me up at the station because we're going to goo go riding around in fancy >> what an inspiration.piraon >> i love her pose.ose. she's doing the hair flip. hairp she's yeah like watch me. >> happy birthday to maybe not go driving out invingt the sports car this second but later on this weekend it will be better. >> safety first. >> sorry. lot going on this morningg on to though weather-wise. weath yeah, we've been talking aboutal the cold. >> you've be en busy running run around. >> oh, yeah, never a duller a moment in the winter here.ntn th there's a live look outsidekutsi northwest d.c.rt you can see the snow coated coa the ground pretty quickly as a an intense band of snow moved m through last hour and we're still seeing some snow flurries showing up on storm onm tracker radar right now.acke this is all lake enhanced snownh showers so it's the magnitude of the cold air moving overair g lake erie. la it's not often that the snow t bands make it down into thein te dmv but they did this morning tm and just be very careful outar there.e. a lot of reports of coated
8:48 am
that snow around so even these little snow flurries moving s through the district right nowno and then just inside the beltway arounddi temple hillsem back outside the beltway into bi prince georges county you guysug are seeing some snow and iting o will quickly reduce visibilities when it does fallh right behind it you see thehind sun come out and we shouldhod have mostly sunny skies for the rest of the afternoon. temperatures outside right now g 21 in washington, 18 gaithersburg, 19 winchester19 wn and 19 in culpeper.r. yes, that's cold but today is all about the wind chills and the bitterly cold wind chills when you factor in those gusts over 30 miles an hour, it hou feels like six in washington,as four in gaithersburg, one inur e frederick. frederick. look at the mountains.oke it feels like seven belowly inoy hagerstown so dangerous cold.ol that's through today. tod still chilly tomorrow althoughlt not as windy.s w going to fast forward theorwarde clock to sunday night because sn after a very cold weekend we are looking at another winterthn storm moving up the eastt coast.coas it looks to spread some snowd ss into the area as early as overnight sunday into mondaynton and we could get some lightgh accumulations rather
8:49 am
by day break on monday. mon at some point monday afternoonfr though enough warm air getsir g drawn up into this storm that ti will change over to a periode ov of mix and then eventually eveny change over to some raine during the day on tuesday.uesd. so, the next winter storm,to while it's nothing like theng le blizzard that we saw a fewew weeks back, it is i thinkihi still high impact, longt, duration and starting off with snow. then changing to a mix oninto a tuesday as we head back to work and school.rkchoo icing will be a concern withcert that. and then heavy rain and evennd flooding could be a concern on tuesday, so we've got all got varieties of precipitation andci wrapping up with some more up wi snow showers on wednesday. wed seven-day forecast, 25 veryt, 2 cold today, tomorrow. president's day showing thats d messy mix coming in and then ant briefly rain on tuesday beforeey we're back to snow.cksno looks like we finally clear c things out thursday and fridayrd but of course stay with us alliu weekend long as we head intoead the week with the potential pen high impact with this storm. annie. >> all right, thank you,ig, than caitlin. your map has got a lot map going on there.g on t we appreciate you thiss morning. a kind word can ce
8:50 am
go a long wayor especially forlf veterans on valentine's day.vals that's why students at one a north carolina college arege taking it upon themselves ton make sure as many veterans ass s possible know their service is appreciated. fox's emily collins shows us how. >> reporter: thank you for your service says mildred mildr brunt under lines this simple message. message. she can't help but to reflecthe on what itlp must mean to someat many veterans. >> i take to it heart because when i'm writing one, i think, t of someone else on the otherhe side seeing it. >> reporter: not only ister: brunt the president of gaston college student governmentovernt association but she's also ann active service member.buvice >> some of us have gonene through different trials, tribulations, different diffent struggles since we've eithere' ended our terms in the military and someone remembering our service makesr e a difference to us.nce >> reporter: the association is making that difference bync b personally creating hundreds of valentine's cards for vets living throughout local andhr su
8:51 am
>> they've already skie exceeded over 500 valentine's cards. v more than 500 veterans receiving messages. messa from a thank you to a more decorative show ofho appreciation it gives students an opportunity to expressppor themselves in a way they may i never have before. bef >> they love it.>>hey and, you know, little thingsittl like that mean a lot to somebody and they need to hear that. that >> hearing other people say ohes we appreciate this, you know, it feels good knowing givingg back. >> which is proof that a small s gesture can make a bigmake a difference in the lives of les those both giving and receiving. >> i think tears come to mynk eyes because i know that onc teo 33 receive it on valentine's day, someone's going to be gng e smiling. >> that was emily collins reporting.wa reporting. well, love is in the air. and drake -- no, just kidding, it's antoine lee joining us loig here in the
8:52 am
going to be showing usowing thousand decorate some cupsome cakes to express our love. stay with us. we'll be right back. this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first bowl today.
8:53 am
8:54 am
>> cup cakes have stole the cak hearts of many. >> here to treatises cake designer of pro cakes antoineesi lee aka, the dmv cake man. man. welcome dmv cake c >> this is great.s great everybody loves cup cakes eveny the kids.lothids. >> yeah. >> y >> this could be a familys co thing, too, decorating andorati getting into it.gettinto i >> yeah, for sure defit
8:55 am
for your family, kids, if ks, you're trying to get your girlor back for sure. these will do it for sure. >> something to say antoine. ant >> i know. >> we specialize in custom cus cakes like the ones you sees here. >> beautiful.>> beaut >> today we'll make some chocolate cover strawberries. >> let's get started. l >> so foret starters, it's notts rocket science. you know, all you really need. n >> i baked these lovely cup cakes. >> i feel like sometimes itl is. yes, you would start with cuplia rtcakes obviously you bake theme separately. >> you could go with a boxedould cake. just to keep it simple and some butter cremation which is pretty much butter shorteningr t and that's what we're going to wwe start with. we have one for you and one and for you. >> how did a guy like you get lu started in this.inhi >> i started out making iceakin cream cakes and it just kindd ii of took off from that point. >> did you always like deserts as a >> i used to draw lot. tdraw i never really was -- i never really was a baker per se. s i kind of got into the art inhea the beginning
8:56 am
took off from there. >> sure.>> >> so at this point you prettypo much just going to uinse your toppers. >> okay.>> >> we have some valentine's day sprinkles. sprinkl >> this is so much fun, isn't it. >> yeah, it is. yeat >> all right so we have ourht so little sprinkles.. little heart chocolatehoco shaving. >> what we'll jump into nextwe'l after you get your toppers is ts you want to temper your chocolate, dark clock late chips, just to be specific.e sci you want to heat it 152nd intervals. >> okay. o >> when you dip ikan your y strawberries pull your leavesris back.s dmv's are you called cake man? do you go to? do go people's homes to do this kindo of thing or do you have a a brick and mortar store. >> i've can come to be thehe go-to man in the dmv. i've done cakes for whale, wha donny simpson so i like toike t take -- i like to take care of my clients.. >> what kind of cakes do theynd like?
8:57 am
picture. >> no, i usually freestyle it. i yeah, i usually freestyle it.tye i use my own creative stylee and just kind of roll with it. >> interesting.>> i okay. do you like my cup cakes.up c >> very cute.ute. >> it's perfect. per >> you're missing theyou' strawberry for sure.ra >> do we just keep theteep the greenery on there.grry o >> yeah, for sure. >> i don't know, this know, this strawberry is bigger than the cupcake.pcake. >> dip your strawberry.ip yr stb >> it is rocket science. i >> i like making mistakes tot o make other people look good. >> that's just the way i roll.l. >> it all tastes the samet al though the finished product.hed. >> like i said it's a reallyi s' easy project you can do ato home. ho >> easy fun to do with the witht kids all weekend if you want wee to get your girl back for sure s this would be the trick.ri >> if you want to get your girl back. back. >> where can people check >> you can -- well right now rhw we're located on iverson mall. we teamed up way bakery,.,. >> iverson mall. do you have a speciale apeci platform.
tv-commercial tv-commercial
8:58 am
>> instagram at pro underscoresc cakes and on twitter. twi >> check him out. thanks for joining us. bye. >> bye everyone.
8:59 am
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