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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  February 14, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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right now at 10:00, here we go again. another round of winter weather threatening to interfere with your week. we have live team coverage getting you ready for the storm. >> then the investigation into a school volunteer accused of videotaping children performing sex acts is expanding. >> it's got to be so horrible for them and my heart really goes out to them. >> we'll hear from the church where one child was allegedly victimized. >> plus new information on what caused the death of supreme court justice antonin scalia and the political battle already beginning to find his replacement. fox 5 local news at 10:00 starts now. >> i'm jim lokay. >> and i'm lauren demarco. we start off getting you ready for yet another round of snow. we have live team coverage with marina marraco in leesburg and meteorologist gwen tolbart in the weather center. >> we will mary from marina in a moment.
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has, what's the latest? >> well, our models keep updating themselves and we're going to have a look at some of the snow totals that we anticipate later on. but we're going to start with the first part of our story which is of course the temperatures. it's been so bitterly cold all weekend and that is one thing that's continuing. right now it's only 19 degrees at gaithersburg, 23 in dc, 21 in baltimore, 23 at winchester and 19 degrees at martinsburg. we've had brisk, cold winds and wind chills to be concerned with and right now this is what it feels like if you're stepping outside anywhere from about 8 to 12 degrees in dc and 11 in baltimore. in the overnight hours our lows will be in the teens and we are talking significant wind chills tonight as well as for tomorrow. your overnight lows expected to be in the teens pretty much everywhere. to the west and northwest you can see some single
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we've got within the weather advisories to talk about, alerts. we have a winter weather advisory, a winter storm warning to the west, that's where we anticipate seeing some ice and that is not going to be a pleasant situation at all. about a quarter inch of ice is very possible. that kicked in at 9:00 tonight. the advisory kicks in at 1:00 a.m. until 10:00 a.m. on tuesday and right now we have a few light snow flurries that are moving your way through. this is not the same system. this is another piece of energy moving its way in from the west. that storm system will start to affect us once we get into the late overnight hours into early monday morning and that's when we're going to be talking about snowfall changing into a wintry mix and finally changing into rain as those temperatures start to rise. i'll have the details and a timeline and totals for you in just a bit. back to you. >> we will see you then. in the meantime we want to continue our coverage right now with marina marraco. >> she is live in the salt dome in
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>> reporter: yes, they are very much under way. it is busy out here. it wasn't that much earlier today but now i see all the action. that front loader starting to put this b mix which is basically two-thirds salt and a third salt. that sand will help cars gain traction in icy conditions on the road. at least there will be sand on the ground so you can try and gain some traction on the ice. as you see here there's a long line just starting to head out on to the roads. those trucks are already loaded and it's been like this since about 8:00 today. earlier today we rode on one of these trucks. they are hitting the major thoroughfares and spreading this all out. the brine has already been put in place forth snow that's to come. but once it starts to m
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ice over, that's when they're going want this b mix which is the second thing they laid on the ground, of course again salt and sand in order to gain traction. take a livrn here are the pros talking about what to expect in the next couple hours. >> out here just checking the road making sure nothing is sticking yet. making sure everything has been salt brined, just making sure. keeping traffic moving. it can't be taken lightly because you're driving on ice and snow and one mess-up and you're in the ditch along with everybody else. >> by midnight we'll pre-staged with approximately 1,400 pieces of equipment across northern virginia. in loudoun county alone i'll have 250 to 300 pieces of equipment. and if we need to, we could wrap up and increase those numbers substantially in a short time. >> reporter: you're going to be keeping in touch with
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meteorologists. >> absolutely. we'll stay on top of that and adjust as mother nature dictates. >> reporter: of course the western counties expecting some of the heavier snow so they are gearing up and getting ready ahead of the storm. in the next hour mayor bowser saying they will take care of the roads and maryland saying they will be looking and treating the roads as the snow comes in and where they see the iciest of spots of course so they'll be doing a different approach. they'll be taking it as it goes. of course with us we'll keep you with the very latest coming up at 11:00. marina marraco, fox 5 local news. >> fox 5 news morning will be on early tomorrow starting at 4:00 a.m. we will have team coverage on the snow headed our way and of course the latest on the traffic conditions. >> let's head out to prince george's county right now and the latest
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into the child pornography and sex abuse case involving a school volunteer. tonight a pastor who worked in the very same building where one of the crimes took place is speaking out. >> fox 5's alexandra limon reports. >> there are two churches that operate out of this building, trinity lutheran church tand zion praise tabor knackle. the suspect actually frequented both of these churches. allegedly made by carraway. >> when we found out about that, immediately we recognized him.
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so i sent out an e-mail to everybody in the congregation. >> reporter: but it wasn't until days later that they learned the victim was abuse in there building. police say other locations where kids were victimized were a school, aquatic center, private homes and the glen arden municipal center where carraway was the director of a choir. the mother of one of the alleged victims tells fox 5 that choir was in the process of becoming the children's choir of zion praise lutheran church. >> he acted maybe about a 12-year-old. so we allowed him to go to the very stations of our vacation bible school all under the watchful eye of at least two adults at all times. >>
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their bible camp those checks would not have turned up any information about sealed juvenile charges. the question is how many more victims are out there. >> i had been harmed and abused, i would probably feel very embarrassed or ashamed of it. and it would probably be really hard for me to talk about. >> the big concern is that there could be many more victims. again, prince george's county police so far have confirmed 16. but according to two lawsuits that were filed, there could be as many as 30 children. reporting in bowie, alexandra limon, fox 5 local news. >> we are learning about a bizarre twist in a murder investigation that happened in prince george's county. police say the m
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death inside of a pickup truck in upper marlboro had previously turned time for bank froud. he went missing but turned up dead yesterday. he pleaded guilty to bank fraud back in 2010. scalia's unexpected death leaves a huge void. he served the court for nearly 30 years and replacing him is expected to cause a major political battle between the white house and congress. fox's casey segal has more. >> reporter: flags at half staff on sunday in honor of antonin
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scalia, from the supreme court chambers to the texas ranch where he died saturday on a hunting trip. his body left texas for virginia. >> i'm quite confident that law students will be reading justice scalia opinions a century from now. president obama says he plans to nominate a justice to fill the vacationcy and democrats say they support that. however republicans say a new appointment should wait for a new president. >> we're right in the middle of a presidential campaign and somebody's going to win that and the person who wins that is going to have the right to replace justice scalia, whether a democrat or republican. >> it is
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republicans in the senate, and on the campaign trail, have already pledged to block any replacement that president obama nominates. >> reporter: justice scalia's death leaves conservative without a key vote that could impact some major cases before the high court. the white house says president obama will not introduce a nominee this week, but rather when the senate returns from recess. officials here in texas say it appears justice scalia died of, quote, natural causes. >> still to come tonight at 10:00, more questions about hillary clinton's e-mails. >> we'll tell you what's in the latest batch and the latest. >> and the army adding a new challenge for prospective soldiers. >> and then a valentine's day story for you. you may be in love now, but what about in 80 years? america's longest
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shares some of their wisdom about what it takes to make a marriage last. stay with us.
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>> questions about e-mails she sent from her own private server while secretary of sat. >> the final set of her e-mails was scheduled to be released on february 29th the day before primary voters head to polls for super tuesday. >> reporter: the latest batch of e-mails includes 551 documents of course, 81 were marked confidential, another 3 were marked secret. most of these e-mails are partially or entirely blacked
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out. one of thep includes a message from sidney blummen thal. in the batch of e-mails 22 were withheld entirely because they contained top secret material. despite the fbi announcing it is investigating, she continues to deny she did anything wrong. another reminder of her attempts to skirt transparency laws put our security at risk and she failed to meet obligations to protect classified infor
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there are still 10,000 pages of e-mails remaining. the state department will release those over the next few weeks. the final batch will be published on february 29th. just one day before super tuesday. in washington, i'm gar receipt tenny, fox news. >> the army wants more women as well. the army is designing new tests to see what they're capable of performing. the army plans to increase the number of women recruiters. the hope is that will attract more women to the service. >> a moving story helped out we want to give a shot out to chip basden. 21 steps old guard following
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day of the life. this is chip's eight year in a row bringing home awards from the white house photographer's association. >> a photo of chip meeting president obama last march. he will get a chance to do this again next month and this is only the second time in about 100 years that the same person has won both photographer and edittor of the year award. so pretty amazing feat. and much of it due to that story. we were saying earlier, this again was his eighth year winning an award, so his eighth time next month meeting president obama. last year the president finally remembered him. like oh, you're that guy i see every year. >> more importantly when you saw the pictures of chip with the president. it's one of the few times you'll see
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on. on the way pope francis continuing his trip to mexico today with a visit to a suburb that's been impacted by poverty and violence. he held a huge outdoor mass, drug violence are a fact of life. the pope condemned the drug trade and urged the people there to shun the lust for money. all right, gwen. we've been talking about this, bracing for it. the cold introduced us to what we expect to see this week. now the hammer drops. >> more, snow, ice, rain, it's you're talking about all of it. >> the hammer drops, i guess the shovel has to start coming out a little bit. but you know what? it has been cold and that's the story for the first part of the forecast. the second part is already starting to happen. so let's take a look at our temperatures right now. our highs today only in the low
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23 degrees at dc this hour, 19 at gaithersburg, 21 at baltimore. 22 at dulles, 19 at martinsburg and 24 at fredricksburg. and here's a look at what's happening right now. we've already seen some light snow over parts of west virginia and parts of western virginia now seeing a few flakes. this, however, is the no the storm system that's going to bring us all the snow that we're anticipating as we move into monday. this is another piece of energy moving in from the west. the storm system that we are going to be really watching closely is coming up from the south and run into this colder air. but in the meantime tonight we will see some of that light snow starting to develop. winter storm warning for the west looking at some ice there. winter weather advisories east of the i-95 corridor kicks in monday until tuesday but the warning is already in effect and over areas of the west we could see about .25 inch accumulation where it is going to be heaviest and that's also where we'll see most of the heavier
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so the good thing is the track is heading more to the west and running more into the warm sector, which means we are going to have hopefully when the colder air moves out, more of a mix and then into rain. so not a prolonged snow event the way things are looking right now. but we will see accumulations, however. the snow will be changing to a wintry mix and then to rain. and that rain will be heavy by the time we get into tuesday. here's a look at some of the numbers we're anticipating. 2-4 inches along the 95 corridor. we're looking at icing to be so be prepared for that. a cold 19 degrees tonight with some of that light snow. i'll have your full forecast just ahead. back to you. >> still ahead tonight at 10:00, a teacher in trouble over an act of compassion. >> she's been pulled from the classroom for taking a student to get a cup of hot chocolate. what the school board is saying about the matter, next. >> students say donald trump will be the gop nominee.
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developing tonight, parents and students are voicing their support for a teacher in new york who has been removed from the classroom. >> the teacher is in trouble for taetion a student who is in need for some hot chocolate. she was trying to comfort one of her students who was apparently depressed over losing two friends in one week. she took the student off campus for hot chocolate and conversation. when they got back to school she was told she violated policy by taking a student off campus during school hours. >> she needed somebody to talk to. she was very distraught. i felt she was in crisis. i just want to be back with my kids. >> parents and students are
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fighting to get her job back. in a statement it said the board acts in the best interest of both students and staff. when students have no where to turn to at home, teachers are normally the first one they turn to. so policy over principle i guess. >> yeah, but i do feel like if you've worked there long enough and you know that policy, why not take her to another quiet place in the school. she had to have known. maybe you've been there long enough you think the rules don't apply. >> tough situation. still ahead tonight, right now the forecast is hitting us with brutal cold and that is not all. >> we could be dealing with snow as well and the salt trucks, they're getting ready. gwen is back after the break. >> finding a valentine that will be by your side for years to come. america's longest married couple gives their advice for knowing you are with the one.
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okay. so it's been bitterly cold but nothing compared to what people in minnesota are experiencing. check out the temperatures in saint cloud last night. >> the air temperature was 10 below but with the wind chill it felt like 30 below. residents are being told to stay indoors and if they have to venture outside to dress in a number of layers. >> i have friends in upstate new york it was 25 below before you factor in the wind chill. >> w
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in hawaii. >> it's cold out there. colder to the north of course, speaking of canada, i grew up in this. i'm still not used to it. >> you never get used to it. >> no, you don't. bundle up, and take it seriously. it could be dangerous out there. >> we're just giving you all things winter by the time the next 24 to 48 hours are over on the weather buffet. here's what's happening right now in terms of our temperatures. daytime highs once again today into the low 20s. we had some overnight lows into the teens and single digits and temperatures for daytime highs some 40 degrees or so below what they should be. we should 23 at dc, 22 at
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dulles, 23 at culpeper, 18 at hagerstown. we talk about wind chills and you just saw how cold it was in minnesota. when you step outside you factor in the air temperature and the winds so you get your wind chill. if you do have to go out, these are the temperatures you have to dress for. 12 right now in dc, only 9 in gaithersburg, 11 at baltimore and 17 at fredricksburg. that arctic air mass is sticking around and not going anywhere. it's going to be a big player we we talk about our storm system that we have. this storm system is actually going to develop down in the deep south in the gulf coast. it's going to move its way up the mid atlantic. the thing about that is the track of the storm looks like it's going to be more inland than hugging along the coast. the benefit with that means that it will be more of the rain/snow mix than a snow event. if the cold air stayed in place we would
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what we are anticipating. by tomorrow evening we're going to see that warmer air start to mix in here and this is where we're going to start to see a wintry mix. so you can anticipate tomorrow evening maybe by the 6:00 hour let's say, 7:00 hour, starting to see some freezing rain, some sleet, a little bit of icing in there, not pleasant at all. and then when the warmer air continues to invade, we're going to end up seeing all rain. but by tuesday we're talking a pretty major rain event with heavy rainfall. if that cold air sticks around a little bit longer, then we'll see a little bit more snow or a little bit more wintry mix once we get into tuesday. so tuesday has the potential of being a little bit serious in the ice department, if that cold air stays in place. it's all about the timing. to the west, this is where we're talking more of an ice event and here we're talking about a quarter of an inch of ice possibility by the time we get into monday. accumulations, 2 to 4 inches is what we're forecasting here in the
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4 to 6 to the west and 6 plus a little bit more to the south and a dusting to 2 inches once we get into areas of the east. we do have winter weather advisories in vekt. this kicks in 1:00 a.m. monday into 10:00 a.m. tuesday. a winter storm warning already in effect for the higher elevations and areas of western loudoun here to the north. here's where we're looking at the ice situation happening. future cast is showing you, we've got a few light snow flurries coming through, this is a different system. this is a piece of energy that's pulling some of the light snow that's going to move in tonight but the system to the south will start to interact with that and we'll talk about overnight tonight to that snow becoming quite widespread. here's timing as we get into the 5:00, 6:00 hour and tomorrow night we're going to end up having the rain which will stick around through most of tuesday and i can't rule out a thunderstorm or two on tuesday as well with a stronl frontal
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system. so we're talking light snow overnight into monday. snow sticking quick, the heaviest early in the morning hours and in the evening, the mix to rain and then we have to really watch that rain. 19 degrees for tonight then, tomorrow we're talking 33 degrees. the snow will be heavy at times and here's your fox 5 accuweather 7-day forecast. we are talking snow. take a look here, as we said we do have some of those snow totals that will start to build in and there's a look at them for you. but otherwise it's going to start to warm up as we move through into tuesday. 50 degrees on tuesday versus 33 tomorrow. wow, what a difference it does make, doesn't it? you can see the warming trend into the course of the week and we'll get back to sunshine. can't rule out a flurry or two maybe by wednesday. back to you. >> remember you can track the weather 24/7 on the go with your mobile device. just search fox 5 news and fox
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weather apps. search dc news and dc weather. i do want to mention mannasas city public schools closed tomorrow no afternoon or evening activities. we will be on at 4:00 a.m. the focus on the presidential campaign trail is split this sunday from reaction to last night's fiery gop presidential debate to the political fight following the death of antonin scalia. >> kristin fisher now with the latest. >> i pleased with the debate. >> reporter: on the campaign trail sunday, fallout from saturday night's debate. >> my mom is the strongest woman i snow. >> when jeb gets up and says we were safe under his brother, we weren't safe. his brother got us into the war in iraq. >> reporter: from donald trump versus jeb bush to ted cruz versus marco rubio. >> he has
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disturbing pattern. >> when anyone points to mar co's rubio record on immigration he just responds yelling lies. >> john kasich is trying to keep his momentum by being the voice of reason. meanwhile in the democratic race, the fight continues to win over minority voters. >> if we broke up the big banks tomorrow, and i will if they deserve it, if they pose a systemic risk, i will. would that end racism? >> i think we're going to surprise people in nevada. i think we're going to surprise people in south carolina. >> the debt of supreme court justice antonin scalia is now a major topic on the campaign trail. both democratic candidates say obama should nominate the justice. >> the president makes the
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appointment, the senate confirms. >> reporter: but republican candidates argue a new appointment should wait for a new president. >> one more liberal justice. >> reporter: we are now less than a week away from the republican primary in south carolina and the democratic caucus in nevada. in washington, kristin fisher, fox news. >> meanwhile it looks like donald trump could be the gop nominee. that's if you trust the predictions of washington and lee university in virginia. a mock convention was held in which trump easily beat ted cruz. they have correctly picked the nominee all the way back to 1948. give them credit for being involved in the political process. still ahead at 10:00, a cruise ship beaten up heads back out to sea. >> just days after republican
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returning to port. >> from the court to the ice to the pitch, we are breaking down the top five plays you've just got to see. >> then music's biggest night less than 24 hours away. you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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john wall making his third straight all-star appearance. early going east dwayne wade throws it up. kobe bryant
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he's the youngest driver to do it. the rest of the field will be determined on thursday. the great american race can be seen next sunday at 1:30 right here on fox 5. and speaking of 5. it is time for our top 5 plays of the week. we're going to start with number 5. on the ice, he collides right there. don't come over here for hot dish time. he's back on the ice. that's good news. number 4, the cavs lebron
10:46 pm
james. >> oh, no. >> just take a second. think about what was going through his head. >> how is he doing? >> he's good. he got back in the game. an nhl rarity. the panthers. the two tangled not once, not twice, but three times in a single game. they may have a beef of some sort of the maybe they had. >> maybe they actually like each other. >> both were ejected. they also scored goals in the game. to the pitch, soccer. just 12 seconds
10:47 pm
the fastest goal in u.s. soccer history. >> really? wow. >> and number one, 12 seconds right there. let's take you to number one. the magic aaron gordon with an assist from stuff the mascot. >> i love this. >> he's not only in a uniform but he's on a hoverboard. >> we've stopped doing stories about the hoverboard. apparently they're safe now. >> they've fixed the problem. >> still ahead at 10 can cl, music's biggest stars almost ready to take the stage.
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what you can look toward to. >> how does a couple make it work forever? the relationship advice
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. >> i can't help it when i feel that music. >> you only have to wait one more day because the grammy awards are set for tomorrow. >> a preview of the performances and a look at who was up for the most awards. >> reporter: the 58th annu
10:52 pm
monday. many of music's biggest stars are either nominated for an award or will be taking the stage to perform. >> for me the grammy show when we're done needs to be three and a half hours of the greatest live concert on the planet. that's what i strive for. >> reporter: taylor swift and the weekend are tide with seven nominations east but all eyes will be on swift and lamar who are going head to head for album and song of the year. >> it could go either way. if i were placing bets i would give it to taylor simply because it's a more conventional album. >> reporter: country star and best new artist nominee sam hunt says it really is an honor to be nominated. >> it means a lot to me to have people who i look up to as musicians and as the gatekeepers to accept me into the group and
10:53 pm
>> best new artist can be enormous for an artist's career because it's a stamp of approval from the academy. it says to the public this is an artist that you need to pay attention to, and perhaps most significantly, especially if there are other grammy wins with it, it could lead to a very big bump in sales. >> and the grammy gifting suite makes sure no one goes home empty handed. >> they leave with huge bags worth $25,000 for just being part of the show. >> the ceremony heirs monday night. >> so on this valentine's day weekend, a super hero flick dominated at the box office. "deadpool" beat out the competition. last weekend's number one film dropped to second.
10:54 pm
third place. so a couple who is more than qualified to hand out marriage advice on this valentine's day. they've been named america's longest marry the couple. >> they've been going strong for 83 years. for newlyweds if there's something that bothers you, don't try to change it. the couple never holds grudges and most of their arguments are about food. and for people trying to figure out if they've found the one, ann says you have to like a person before you love them and that she and john were good friends. >> it's simple but it works. >> they're probably like where are we going to dinner tonight. >> olive garden or applebees. >> still ahead at 10:00, a
10:55 pm
in a violent storm back at sea after just a few days. >> we'll hear from passengers willing to get back on that boat coming up next.
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>> the royal caribbean cruise ship that was caught in a violent storm last week is back out to sea. >> that scare didn't keep the ship in part f
10:59 pm
passengers were brave enough to board the repair ship and some who were on that ill-fated voyage. >> passengers boarding the anthem at the seas at the terminal in bayonne, new jersey are hoping for smooth sailing this time. >> we went through last week, we can get through anything. >> reporter: last week the vessel was heading to the bahamas when it encountiered a terrifying storm. wind gusts at 75 miles per hour and waves nearly 40 feet high. >> everything was all over the floor, there was glass. everything in the bathroom was on the floor. the first thing that comes to mind is i'm going to die. this is it. >> the crew was walking around cleaning nonstop. >> no one was seriously hurt. the ship returned to
11:00 pm
wednesday night. the coast guard inspukts every ship before it heads out to sea. they had to repair the propulsion system. >> this is my 12th cruise. we've been on ships. >> people should give credit to the capital. and should give credit to the people who designed that ship. >> there are still questions whether the ship should have set sail, some say the possibility of inclement w. is part of the package. >> the first cruise i went on was a hurricane, the second was a tropical storm. i get sick. >> hopefully, not this


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