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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  February 15, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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be light rain around the region that again freezes on contact with the surface and a lot of reports of that coming in now around montgomery county. and you can see it's kind of patchy as we go through the night. but there is a lot more moisture still to come and we'll watch this phase of the storm until about 11:00 or so tonight. it may be after midnight before we start seeing some of that very heavy rain coming in and that's what's going to affect us tomorrow as we see our temperatures rising. for more on the snow and also a flood potential now, we're going to send it outside to caitlin roth who's standing by with some of the outrageous numbers that they had, especially in southern maryland. >> reporter: yes, i want to show those numbers. so much snow earlier today. right now i just ran out here and it's a good thing i wasn't actually running, because i'll tell you what with this freezing rain which has only been going on for the past 30 minutes to maybe an hour, we have a nice layer of ice. i'm not even going to move
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but you've got this that is just ice. you see traffic moving okay but the rain that's falling is light, it's scattered, but it doesn't matter. it will adhere to these surfaces very quickly and it will cause these slippery conditions. so the ice is certainly a concern through at least the evening before we change over to rain tonight. so that's what we're focusing on for tovent. obviously though, as promised, we'll you some of those higher snow totals. unbelievable amounts that came in southern maryland where the storm really overperformed. 9 inches and a lot of those amounts in parts of saint mary's county, charles county, really exceeded the 5-6 inch mark. snow is over, ice is here. it's rain tomorrow. we'll have much more from sue and i comin
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hour. but for now let's send it back inside to laura and sarah. >> snow shifting to ice making commutes messy and dangerous and it may get worse before it gets better. >> we're going to begin in charles county, maryland. tom fitzgerald joining us tonight from waldorf. how is it out there? >> reporter: you just heard caitlin talk about this. if you know this peninsula that makes up southern prince george's county, that makes up charles county and saint mary's county, you know that often many times when other areas get a lot of snow, they get less snow here because of the surrounding waters. that was not the case today. take a look at this right now. you heard caitlin talk about this. some of these snow totals, this came in at at least half a foot. 6-8 inches in some places that we've gotten reports of in saint mary's county. look at this video, we saw th
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today. the maryland state highway administration out in force today with these big snow plow trains, one of them had at least eight trucks going down route 301, all in a line, all spreading sand and salt out in anticipation of this freeze that could come tonight and trying to prevent all of these roads from turning into a skating rink. on the in these neighborhoods in waldorf today, people were frankly surprised by this. going to bed expecting a dusting and waking up to a much different story. 6 inches on the ground here in waldorf. throughout the day most people said they were lucky they didn't have to go to work, didn't have to go to school. all in all this was still plenty of snow to still have to break out those brooms and break out those shovels. >> i was surprised this mornings when i woke up how much snow that it was that we did receive when i look outside the window. >> dusting and
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different things. >> this wasn't a dusting? >> no, not at all. >> we thought we were getting a dusting. >> i was surprised to see this amount of snow according to what they said 1-2 inches but it was about 4 inches this morning when i left the house. >> reporter: so it was quite a surprise for a lot of folks and you need to keep an eye on this tonight. because while this snow is still being cleared, look at what's going on on some of the pavement here now. we always talk about wanting to see black pavement. i'll tell you, we found out the hard way. this right here, that's ice. we've been slipping and sliding around on this. the rain that's been coming down, at least for the last two hours, has really turned this incredibly slippery right now and you've got to imagine as this evening goes on, this is only going to get worse. we're going to send it over to virginia right now, alexandra limon standing by. good evening, alex. >> reporter: hey,
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it sounds like things here in virginia are a bit better than out in maryland especially on the roads. in fact we're here in front of the key bridge. you can see little to no traffic coming in and out of virginia. usually bridges like this are the first to ice over. but you can see those cars driving by having absolutely no issues at this time. and that's pretty much what we've seen throughout northern virginia today. in fact, take a look at this video. you can see most people getting around with no problem. things were slushy and wet and messy, but that was about it. and that is because vdot crews have been out and about plowing and treating the roads, keeption any major problems from happening. in fact, take a look at 66. you can see it was a smooth ride for most of the day. traffic again pretty light, especially for a monday. now it is a holiday, that means people didn't have to commute to and from school or work, but it was also a holiday weekend, so a lot of people perhaps heading back now from a long weekend. in fafa
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main thoroughfares were plowed, not the same situation in neighborhood streets and that pretty much is the same case throughout all of northern virginia. in falls church much of the same on highway 50. not a lot of problems, but again, wet and messy. we actually even saw some pedestrians who were out and about even when the snow really was coming down. some of them even enjoying the weather. but vdot, the virginia department of transportation, wants to warn that the conditions will actually get worse as we head through the evening. as we are expecting some freezing rain. not a word combination i usually like to hear and that also means some ice on the roads. that's what they're expecting for tonight and they tell me they actually expect to keep between 3 and $4,000 trucks and crews on duty here in northern virginia all night long. >> i think the conditions are actually better than they have been in previous storms. they've done a good job of
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roads. the main roads are in good shape right now. >> not too bad. i'm from colorado so i can handle it. >> we're going to go to the park and play in the snow. >> reporter: take a look at these pedestrians. it looks like they're sea ice skating. i guess on the sidewalk a little bit worse than on the roads because again the roads have been treated pretty well out here. going into the evening, the concern is going to be this. we do have several inches of snow you can see here on the ground and if we get the rain, the wet rain that's expected, it's going to cause it to melt on to the roads and that could cause some ice and freezing problems. so again, if you don't need to be on the roads, the advice is to stay home. reporting live in arlington, alexandra limon. we will now go to megan dice who is in dc. >> reporter: hey there, alex. i was looking for an excuse to rip these out and here we
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got the old snow shoes out, quite a bit of snow here. but take a look at the roads. dc dot out in full force today. i just got off the phone with them. they're telling me that their sman roads, they've got them all to the blacktop. you can see clear here, the secondary roads they're still working on. it's mainly a salting operation at this point, but like everybody else is saying, they want you to just stay off the roads. it's going to get a little bit dicey between 6:00 p.m. and midnight. very hard to read those roads. they're working 12-hour shifts around the clocks, 200 trucks salting the roads, less than what happened in january just due to the nature of this storm. the let's talk transit, they can operate in 6 inches of snow but they are operating on a holiday schedule -- or a saturday schedule since it's a holiday, so that's about every 12 minutes. if you want to talk about metro bus they're on a severe
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plan. they're doing only the major routsz. the dc circulator will stop running at 6:00, if you see somebody out who needs to be picked up, dc is picking up anyone who is homeless or maybe just needs some shelter tonight. you can call 1800-535-7252. they will pick them up, get them transportation to a shelter and get them warm. again, dc dot saying stay off these roads. it's going to be difficult once the sun or the light goes down. we're going to send it back to you guys. >> thank you. new tonight one person is dead after a snow plow crash happened in faulk year county. an suv struck that snow plow head on. they say more information will be released once the family of the driver who died has been notified. >> some comcast customers stuck inside because of the snow didn't
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help pals r pass the time. several users from coast to coast reported having no service since this morning. comcast says it's investigating what appears to be a temporary network interruption. we're told services are starting to be restored. >> coming up tonight, is wi-fi, are they really safe for young, developing brains? >> the concerns some parents are raising about a new technology program in one local school district. >> high court, high stakes. now some big issues are at the center of the controversy. how it could all affect you. we are taking a deeper look, next. >> but first, stae a look at what may be the district's most dedicated runner. our cameras caught this guy jogging up and down the lincoln memorial stairs there in a tank top in the middle of the snow. while everybody else bundled up of course.
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the sudden death of justice antonin scalia over the weekend leaves a void. >>
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supreme court. >> reporter: the sudden death of justice antonin scalia scalia leaves behind a vacancy on the supreme court during president obama's final year in office and right in the middle of this heated presidential race. now scalia was a conservative and leaves behind a divided supreme court. >> he influenced a generation. >> reporter: the president addressed the country. >> he will no doubt be remembered as one of the most consequential judges and thinkers to serve on the supreme court. >> reporter: i spoke with american university professor of constitutional law to better understand how this directly affects you. >> the supreme court in our lifetime, more than in centuries past, is really rolling on many of the major socialpo
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issues of the day. >> reporter: the supreme court currently has an affirmative action in a higher education case. the outcome will affect every public university in the country as they will have to make sure their policies confirm to the ruling. the supreme court is also reviewing a case involving the affordable care act and the rights of religious organizations. currently religious organizations are granted an exemption from providing contraception to their employees but they are still required to sign a piece of paper opting out of the program. groups are challenging this saying they do not even want to sign the documentation. the supreme court ruling in this case would affect religious organizations across the country. and while there are no specific second amendment rights cases being heard by the supreme court at this time, there are numerous gun regulation appeals heading to the supreme court from lower courts. justice scalia authored the
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majority opinion in the 2008 case district of columbia vheller which ruled a right to keep and bear arms for self defense. his absence in future cases related to gun rights may leave the court divided 4-4. and when the court is equally split, its decision upholds the lower court's ruling. the president says he plans to nominate a successor to fill justice scalia's seat. i'm ronica cleary. >> coming up, tired of what she considers the government inserting itself into women's private lives, one lawmaker has decided to return the favor. >> she's forcing men who want viagra to first get a note of approval from their wife. >> and super bowl champ peyton manning at the center of a scandal. >> and apparently hollywood gossip isn't cheap just ask tmz how much they reportedly paid to
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get their hands on the infamous ray rice video.
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i lead the 11 o'clock news with stories of gun violence. and like many of you, my family lived through the beltway sniper crisis. in congress, i'll fight to expand background checks on guns and ammunition, ban assault weapons, and mandate gun safety locks, because too many kids die from accidental shootings. let's show the nra we're not afraid of them; as democrats, as americans, as parents. i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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the video that got former running back ray rice kicked off the team cost tmz a hefty price tag. they paid $100,000 for tapes of rice hitting his now-wife in an elevator. the videos essentially ended his nfl career and put a
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on how the nfl handled the domestic issues. tmz declined to discuss the payments. >> tmz changed the game on how we report things like that with that video coming out and the fact they paid for that. if you haven't seen the new yorker piece, really interesting. >> there are some other networks that will pay for it. >> that is true. so let's talk football. we felt we were over and done with the super bowl, oh, no. we're going to talk about the redskins right now let the games begin. tomorrow begins the two-week period in which teams can tack the franchise plan on the players who were on the verge of preagency. as kirk cousins liked to remind us all during the season, his contract was set to wrap at the end of the season and here we are. so if the skins opt to give him the franchise tag, it means cousins gets a one-year deal of $19.6 million. they could also work out a long term contract, one would think it's a nora
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to throw anything they can at cousins, but as we all know football is a business and whatever the decision the team makes, it's definitely going to be a big one. meantime the post super bowl fallout continues for peyton manning. the reports of his conduct and the cover-up two decades ago at the university of tennessee are taking center stage and today a prominent sports writer says manning's father tried to intervene. did its part to cover up sexual misconduct violating title 9 which guarantees qualify treatment. if you want a walking, talking, real-life example of why you should leave fire works to the
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paul is your man. he kept quiet back then, but now he's a little more open about it. so to twitter we go and look. yeah. that's the x-ray of his right hand. this is his twitter avatar. his index finger almost entirely gone, they had to shorten his thumb down. there's a couple of pictures of his hand floating around out there but you can see the screws pinning the thumb, index and middle fingers together and the thumb to the base. keep the fireworks away. and finally this weekend's slam dunk contest up staged by a man in blue jeans. a canadian professional dunker which is an actual job. he's only 6'1". last night during a time-out he brought down the house with
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that. i r give him an endorsement deal i was going say jordache. i can barely run with a pair of jeans on. we do have breaking news involving the maryland terrapins. stone was issued a technical foul at the end of the half on saturday against wisconsin. the team just announced that within the last few minutes. more tonight at 10:00 and 11:00. >> coming up, the grammies are tonight. >> and there is a way that you can see all of the exclusive action without even tuning in, we're going to tell you about that coming up. >> and wi-fi in schools has some parents very concerned. should you be concerned too? how some say the way fii in kwhur child's classroom could be harmful to their help. >> one of the essential items
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you're going to need. it just started getting icy out here. let me set this ice melt down on the driveway so you can see just how much ice we already have. i hope i can get it off wisconsin avenue. people are driving way too fast out here and icing has taken just moments to occur. we expect it to be bad between now and midnight. when we come back on the other side of this break, i'll have more information to help get you through phase 2 of this storm. fox 5 local news at 5:00 will be right back. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that.
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es react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase. 6>1 changes everything.
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you just saw that demonstration with the ice melt that sue did. wow. sue, that really tells the story of how slick it is out there. >> it's actually kind of shocking, laura. and it doesn't take much to get problems starting. and we're actually quite surprised at how fast people are driving out here on wisconsin avenue. i also see people shoveling, but if you do not have ice melt, i would recommend you not shovel because you can get at least a little bit of traction on the snow. i'm going to attempt i showed you just a little while ago how slippery it was. i'm going to try to see if i can walk to my spot and would somebody check my life insurance policy with fox? okay, good. i throughout a lot of ice melt. i'm not sure it's going to slight anymore. the good news is ice melt really works. you saw that within about the space of about an hour we had just very light precipitation putting
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let me get you started with our ice prediction for tovenlt that's going to be phase 2 of this storm and it's the worst part of it. you can see what i'm talking about. in the yellow area we think it's going to be somewhere under .10 inch of ice. that is good news for you but you're right on the line between .10 and .25. an area we're going to watch closely is up around hagers town. you may be getting a quarter of inch of ice or more. temperatures are really important and we're still below freezing here at the district at 29 degrees. that is a concern as we go forward and the icing we think will last between now and about midnight. at which point hopefully temperatures will be coming above and we'll be able to get to 32 degrees. this is an hour-by-hour forecast
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still back out over i-81 but the rest of us are seeing this patchy, freezing rain. it is mostly light and even if it is just light and drizzle, you can still have big problems with that. let me show you temperatures as well as what we're expecting as we go through the rest of the night because a flood watch is going to go into effect. we have the light precipitation now and all of that heavy rain you see down toward jackson, mississippi is coming in our direction. we're 29 here, we want to see everyone coming up and above 32 to eliminate the icing problem but it could take until 11:00 tonight from southeast to northwest and maybe longer for you in hagerstown and martinsburg where you're only at 24 degrees right now. we expect some delays tomorrow morning. we know there are already a few cancelations because of this but it's mainly rain. we're going to rise through the 30s tonight and as those temperatures rise, this freezing rain is just plain old rain. and again, hour
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to be really important. as we watch right now, it looks like temperatures are coming up -- not temperature, but the rain intensity is coming up just a little bit more. and again, the flood watch for tomorrow, this is because of the good amount of run-off, melting snow, heavy rain possible thunderstorms that we're expecting before the noon hour tomorrow. so that is another important part of this story and we are going to continue to keep a very close eye on roads tonight. clearly if you don't have to go out, you don't want to. but if you are going out, make sure you have some ice melt with you. that's the latest from northwest washington. we will have your 7-day in a moment. but right now we're going to send it over to alex limon. she's been watching the weather and the bridges and overpasses in arlington. how are the conditions over there? >> reporter: well, it's definitely getting chillier out here. i would say it's considerably colder at least it feels that way than it was a half hour ago or maybe an hour ago, and we're keeping an eye on the road conditions especially on things like bridges. th
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looks like as you can see most drivers not having any problems. we have seen a few pedestrians having issues on the sidewalks that are already starting to get icy. take a look at some video that we shot throughout the day in northern virginia out in fairfax on highway 66, highway 50. most areas have been plowed very well by vdot throughout the day. also very well treated. we've seen trucks out all day dropping sand on the road and that has helped to prevent major problems from happening. however, i will tell you that the virginia department of transportation just put out some information online not too long ago saying they are already starting to see ice form in loudoun county and they only expect the situation to get worse from here on out through the evening, in all of northern virginia. and the thing is today is president's day, it's a holiday, so we didn't see a lot of people commuting to and from work, but it's also a travel day because
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it's a three-day weekend. in fact, we caught up with one group who had just made their way back to northern virginia from snow shoe resort in west virginia and they drove four hours this morning during the heaviest part of the snowstorm. >> going out there was crazy because the wind, it was really cold, the windchill and it was blowing the vehicles around. and coming back we hit a lot of snow coming back. >> slow, very slow. lots of cars going slow. much slower than the way out. >> reporter: now you can see out here people still out and about. not only on the road, but also on foot. it is quite chilly. if it were me and i weren't working, i would be at home by the fire, maybe opening a bottle of wine, i don't know what they're doing but that's what i would be doing. if you haven't wrapped up your day, you should soon because the situation is going to detear oert. reporting live in arlington, alexandra limon, fox 5 local
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>> developing tonight, the investigation continues into a school volunteer accused of forcing children to perform sex acts while he recorded them on video. police now say 16 children were victimized by deonte carraway. some of the videos were made at woods elementary school. the glen ard enmunicipal center and the aquatic center. over the weekend there was a new location zion praise tabernacle lutheran church. >> he acted maybe about a 12-year-old. so we allowed him to go to the very stations of our vacation bible school, the story telling station and the game station and the craft station, all under the watchful eye of at least two adults at all times. >> you just heard from the pastor of trinity luth ran church. investigators are working
5:36 pm
determine if there are other children who were victimized by carraway. when it comes to school, many parents consider it a second home for their kids. and when the students go into their classroom, parents expect a safe environment. but some believe their schools are not doing everything they can do keep their kids safe and it could lead to serious health consequences. >> reporter: to myriad other places in the universe. the first school in our area to partner with google to offer the expedition pioneer program. aven app takes the kids to the location virtually. >> the first i heard of google expedition is when my nine-year-old came home and told me about the exciting field
5:37 pm
she took. >> reporter: she questioned the safety of kids putting smart phones next to their heads. >> the kids were complaining of headaches and nausea and dizziness and there was a google app that said take a few minutes, this is normal. >> reporter: laura is a member of a parent organization called safe test for schools maryland fighting for the safe use of technology in the classroom. it's not just google expedition that has them concerned. it's the whole technology program in the montgomery school system. mcps recently purchased 40,000 laptops and chrome books for students from the third grade level to high school. they upgraded the way fii system installing routers or access points. they're emitting radio frequencies all day long. lisa klein's 8-year-old son has his own school-issued chrome book. >> i'm concerned that he's getting
5:38 pm
even low levels. a, without my consent, but mostly without knowing what it's going to do to him long-term. >> reporter: neither klein nor the rest of the parent organization is asking to get rid of the technology. they simply want it used safely. >> this is a health issue. and at mcps it's being treated like a technology issue. >> they need to teach students how to use their devices safely and there shu not be wireless in the school. >> reporter: the officer for mcps declined an interview but in a board of education meeting he said reducing wi-fi in his school system makes no sense. >> i cannot live by a precautionary principle that says because we may not know something we must do something and we would hard wire all devices? makes no sense. >> i think that the montgomery county schools are misinformed and they're
5:39 pm
mistake that is compromising the health and safety of the students and of the teacher. >> reporter: an expert on bio electric magnet iks dr. deborah davis is the founder of the environmental health trust working to protect children from health risks. she's done more than 200 studies on the subject and she says even relatively low exposure can interrupt normal brain or reproductive development in a child. >> we think this is going to be related to leukemia and possibly lymphomas later on as well. the question is do you want to experiment on your children. >> reporter: in 2011, the world health organization classified radio frequency electro magnetic fields, including wi-fi and cell phone signals, as possibly carcinogenic to humans. some scientists say radio frequency waves don't cause cancer, but more and more experts
5:40 pm
forward expressing concern. the american academy of pediatrics are urging the fcc to adopt up to date radiation standards. current standards are 20 years old and don't account for a child's use. more than a dozen scientists and pediatric neurology experts from harvard to the california brain tumor association have written letters to ncps joining the parent organization in urging the school system to switch to wired technology. >> to hear people, oncologists and epidemiologists saying i don't know about this stuff, that's good enough for me. i don't want my child to be the guinea pig in that experiment. >> reporter: we reached out to the fcc with questions and they declined our request for an interview but they did release this statement. quote, the u.s. has among the most conservative standards in the world as part of our routine review of these standards, we are soliciting input from mult
5:41 pm
guide our assessment. meanwhile russia, italy, france, switzerland, belgium are among more than 20 other countries in the world that have enacted policy to reduce wi-fi exposure in schools and communities in the u.s. including several in massachusetts and in new york and in california that are taking action to reduce wi-fi or even ban wi-fi all together. >> it's scary. think of how often we have this technology so close to us, our phones that we put to our head. we don't realize. >> there's even a disclaimer on the phone that says don't put it right next to your head. use your earphones. but people don't know. >> good information. thanks laura. men, if you want viagra, you may have to get a note from your wife force. >> a new bill that would force men jump through a series of humiliating hoops before being able to get a prescription
5:42 pm
erectile dysfunction drugs. >> and one big bus. police find $900 million worth of meth in bra inserts. >> look at the snow behind me piled up in waldorf, maryland where they say 5, 6 inches of snow, seen reports up to 9 inches of snow. that phase of the storm is over but we're getting reports of ice all around the district. coming up we'll have a look at what to expect with the icing tonight and the third face of our storm, the heavy rain for tuesday. that's all ahead in your 7-day forecast. stay with us.
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what a day. >> yeah, really. >> we've seen it all. we will keep seeing it all too through tomorrow. >> how about some thunderstorms before this is all over. >> what? that too. >> i love that. look at the
5:46 pm
>> thank goodness it's president's day. this could have been a really, really big mess. >> seriously. it's probably such a nuisance for many of you who are watching. a lot less people on the roads, a lot of people traveled this weekend i think so they might have some trouble getting back in, but yes, thank goodness it fell on a holiday because the snow was phase one of a complete storm that's moving in reverse. snow coating all of the roof tops in northwest dc. all watched away by heavy rain and yes some thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. usually we go from the warm side to the cold side in winter but we're doing that the opposite way. let's go to the maps and start you off with some of those snow totals we'll recap from earlier today. jack pot area southern maryland. so yeah, good
5:47 pm
didn't have to make any calls today. most of them were already off. storm tracker radar right now, pink is freezing rain and it is patchy over the washington area you guys will see this before that whole band lifts north wind you're seeing the freezing rain too. and while it is patchy over the district, it's still here and some of that light freezing drizzle actually can do worse damage with ice in the heavy falling rain. southern maryland seeing the freezing rain as well and that continues across parts
5:48 pm
virginia it's a very strong storm that still has a lot of movement. through early tonight. flood watch is tomorrow as we transition to rain heavy at times. that's for the whole area 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. temperatures are key. we have been so cold all day only in the 20s and we are still only there. 29 in washington and look at this as we go through the evening. very, very slowly. it looks like we get above that freezing mark. by should see that transition to just rain not just here for everyone. by tomorrow morning ice is not an issue. so much warmth moving in that will be in the oo 50s by to
5:49 pm
stay off the roads if you can really through this evening. it is dangerous. you saw the sidewalks. it's not until the overnight hours that we transition to all rain and it might be quiet by tomorrow morning. look at this heavy rain coming in by mid morning and that could produce thunderstorms with it. before we finally clear out later on in the day. z as we head towards tomorrow, a couple of snow showers maybe on the back end to wednesday, but otherwise we are looking at a pretty significant warming trend. so if you can believe all that just happened, we'll be as we head into the weekend. laura, back to you. >> the fifth annual grammy
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biggest music event is teaming up with instagram. the partnership will give fans behind the scenes access to a-list events. host ll cool j, to follow along. if you would like to, you can check out the grammies and billboard on instagram. >> coming up here, good will stores across the country a man climbs to the edge of the world to take the scariest selfie ever. we'll be right back.
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get this crazy store. a drug ring tried to smuggle
5:54 pm
$900 million worth of meth amphetamines in bra inserts it was stopped in shipments from china to hong kong to australia. they were hidden in boxes of silicone bra inserts and art supplies. each suspect faces a potential life sentence if convicted. a new bill introduced by a lawmaker in kentucky is making headlines. she proposed a rule to make men get a note from their wives in order to use erectile dysfunction drugs. >> that won't go over well with the guys. the representative behind the bill after a bill requiring women to consult with a doctor 24 hours before an abortion. she started thinking about how the legislature which is mostly male would feel if the government was injecting itself into men's medical decisions. she admits the bill is more symbolic than anything, and she never
5:55 pm
much support. >> very good point. good will wants you to make your ex's trash someone else's treasure. the non-profit wants you to turn your hate into donate. you can help support good will and get rid of anything that remind you of your ex. the campaign runs through february 29th. items donated to good will are sold in its stores to support job training and community programming. get rid of that stuff. >> now you have a place to take it. >> get it out of the house. >> coming up next, a video that might put your selfie to shame. we'll be right back.
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>> if you have to risk
5:59 pm
a selfie, it's not worth it. three men thought this was a good idea. they climbed to the top of a tower in china. it's the 28th tallest building in the world. and they decided to take a selfie. >> just because they could. >> oh, they're crazy. thanks for joining us tonight at 5:00. >> fox 5 local news at 6:00 starts right now. >> well, it is a snowy end to a bitterly cold weekend. good evening, i'm tony perkins. >> and i'm shawn yancy. winter storm alerts are in effect right now across the dc region but what started as snow is now turning into ice. we have live team coverage across the dmv. >> we want to get started with sue palka in the weather center with the latest on tonight's forecast. hey, sue. >> hi, tony and shawn. i'm so happy that today was a holiday. the snowy part of the system is over now. you may be looking outside to see what appears to bl
6:00 pm
rain and it is freedsing as it encountered below 32 degrees at the surface. it's not going to take long to get things really slippery around the region. what's happening aloft is warmer air is coming in and that's why the snow is melting over to rain but we still have a lot of cold air at the surface. we're still at 29 degrees here in the district. the only places that i see that are above freezing right now are the very southern tip of saint mary's over to the shore at about 32 degrees. so the rest of us have to wait a while. later tonight we believe, until we see these temperatures coming up. so a possibility of some accumulation of ice. we're already hearing from some of you that you are seeing this begin to stick to the trees. we know it's sticking to the sidewalks here in northwest dc and it could be about 0.10 inch in some areas. there could be some spots that get 0.25 inch or more. we're going to tc


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