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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  February 15, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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. right now at 10:00, a dangerous night on the roads and sidewalks. today's snow has given way to freezing rain, which is covering everything in a sheet of ice. >> very icy out. very dangerous. >> so what should you expect for your morning commute? fox 5 is all over the treacherous travel conditions in dc, maryland and virginia. >> i'm shawn yancy. >> and i'm tony perkins. get ready for a messy morning commute tomorrow. the federal government has not yet made a decision whether or not it will open on time tomorrow. >> the winter weather has forced some school districts to close or open up late. >> fairfax county, alexandria, falls church and mannasas city schools are on a
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tomorrow. you can find the complete list of closures and delays scrolling at the bottom of your screen or on our news app. >> fox 5 has a team of reporters live across the region tonight keeping an eye on travel conditions. let's start off with sue with the latest on the freezing rain and the ice out there. >> we knew this was going to be in three phases. of course we got our snow this morning. late this evening we started seeing our change over to freezing rain which is basically rain that freezes on the ground which is still below 32 degrees and we have not gotten to 32 yet in the district. so we're still building up ice and we still remain under winter storm warnings. i'll let you know what i'm thinking in just a moment. you can see we just had a few minutes ago a pretty good batch of freezing rain come through the city and that has pushed up into the northern suburbs so i know a lot of you haven't seen much yet.
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again, everything moving up from the southwest to the north. it has been rather spotty tonight but we still think we have a few more hours to go before the temperatures come up. but if i have any good news, i heard from one of our viewers he said at 2:00 the temperature was 30 and by 9:00 it had gone up to 46 degrees. so we do expect to see temperatures rising. but in the storm term we're still under winter storm warnings west of the city for accumulation of ice and winter weather advisory for dc and points east. this is what we were thinking we would get overnight in the yellow, less thanl 0.10 inch of ice. by the time you wake up tomorrow morning, we expect temperatures to have come up a little bit. we have been stuck at 30 here in the city for a while. by 7:00 a.m. i'm hoping that those temperatures will be a little bit warmer. it's going to take until 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning but by the time we get to 6:00, we should be at 34 her
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still see icing going on so there could be more delays. all of this is going to get out of here with a big batch of heavy rain and thunderstorms as we head for 50 degrees by noon tomorrow. what a crazy storm this has been. we'll have much more to share with you in a few minutes. tony? >> thank you very much. there are problems out there. we are following a developing story in loudoun county. police are investigating a deadly crash involving a backhoe. police say a woman rear-ended the backhoe on route 7 near leesburg the woman died at the scene. the backhoe operator was not hurt. police say the road was slick at the time of the accident. for more on the state of the roads in virginia we go live now to sarah simmons who is in fairfax. sarah? >> reporter: right now out here it is rain for the most part. we've seen it all today. we've seen rain, we saw the freezing rain, back to rain. we are off i-66 right now where, for the most part, traveling seems to be moving pretty
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the cars seem to be moving pretty well out here. it's really the secondary and side roads where you're seeing a lot of this snow and what we're dealing with. this is the layer of ice that you're going to find here on the ground. you can hear it when you walk just crunching underneath you. this is what we're seeing and dealing with on the secondary road. we were up in reston a bit earlier in a shopping center to get a feel for what people were dealing with off of the major roads and the interstates and it was quite the slushy mess. we saw one man who was chiselling away at the ice on his vehicle. the parking lot was slushy and slick. people seemed to be taking it slow for the most part. you do see and hear people driving pretty fast too. virginia state police have been responding to a lot of accidents. nonetheless we talked with some people who ventured out to get groceries and supplies and they're trying to take their time traveling
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going. >> i had to bring my daughter to make sure they had food and everything they need for the night. their adult children but i wanted to make sure they were taken care of because i'm staying at the hotel near my job because of the icy conditions. >> i was actually in an accident like a few weeks ago because of the snow so i've been taking it real slow and just been staying away from people as much as i can. >> reporter: as you heard him there, he was in an accident a few weeks ago. it seems we've all learned our lesson from the blizzard just a couple of weeks ago. the other thing is president's day holiday was a blessing in disguise because a lot of people were not on the roadways today. there were some accidents but nearly as many as there could have been. sarah simmons, fox 5 local news. >> today's weather combined with the holiday seemed to keep a lot of cars off the roads, but for those of you who did venture out, you can expect those roads to be dangerous and
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marina marraco continues our team coverage now from gaithersburg, maryland. what's it like up there, marina? >> reporter: for the most part it's fairly good road conditions at least on the county and state roads. you'll see steady, small flow of traffic out here. it's the sidewalks that are slippery here. you could do some dirty dancing on these sidewalks here and probably slip very easy. even the parking just getting into a gas station is difficult we've seen some cars come in with their hazards because they have problems gaining traction as they turn. but look here this in just two hours, snow has turned completely into ice. it's like you're cracking a creme brulee here. we drove the interstate in gaithersburg and out in german town. we did see a number of salt trucks, snow plows in
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waiting to hit the roads. the conditions for the most part pretty good. there were a number of accidents here in montgomery county, but for the most part it seemed like drivers were heeding the warning. they were driving slowly if they had to be on the roads. we did talk to some folks today who say their commute wasn't as bad as they expected. >> the visibility is bad and the freezing rain is hardest thing on my windshield. i ran out of this and needed to get this right away. i'm going back to dc and it's 40 minutes from here, but it will probably take me maybe an hour. >> very, very icy out, very slippery. all sidewalks, very dangerous. >> there's not too many people out on the roads so that's good. but 270 was fairly clean. i felt okay. i felt safe. >> reporter: back out here live, you're looking at the on ramp here to 270 in gaithersburg, one t
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and you'll see it's kind of icy out here, that's the reflection that you're looking at just about 5, 10 minutes ago. we saw a pretty strong band of rain hit the area where we're standing here. now it's just sprinkling. of course this going to make for a messy commute. we'll have the very latest coming up at 11:00. >> thank you very much. meanwhile fox 5's megan dice is live this the district keeping an eye on the roads. megan any problems so far? >> reporter: you know, i tell you what. take a look at this, i want you to see these roads right now. the main roads are very much clear. the problem is this. it is still sprinkling out here. rain is coming here and there, and every time it does, we just saw a snow plow come through and hit that secondary road right over there. as soon as it plowed through the snow that was on there, what was left of it, the ice formed again. so that's going to be the problem in the morning. you want to make sure you give
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morning for your commute. very important. just got off the phone with d.o.t. here in dc. they're working a 12-hour shift until 12:00 tomorrow, 200 trucks out is there salting those roads, attacking the main, the residential roads. let's take a look at this as well. it's the sidewalks. as you're walking to school, as those kids are heading to school in the district tomorrow, this is just ice. purely ice. we've been walking around here ourselves and it's like ice skating. i mean, it's really, really coating those sidewalks. so if you own a building in the district, if you live in the district, make sure you salt or take off those -- shovel is what i'm trying to say. shovel that snow and ice off of those sidewalks for people going to school tomorrow. let's talk transportation. the metro rail, just talked to them as well. everything is running normal for metro rail. they do close at midnight tonight and that's normal for th
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service at 10:00. they're resuming normally tomorrow they say. the dc circulator suspending service at 6:00. right now the rain is starting to come down again. that's going to create a problem down here. we turn to people who -- we talked to people today who were walking around and they say this came very quickly out of no where. we're going to send it back to you guys. >> all right, megan. be careful out there. tonight ahead, we are following other stories of the day including the political battle that's erupted following the death of antonin scalia. >> plus new trouble for elliot spitzer. >> it's also going virtual
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reality. we'll explain as fox 5 news at 10:00 continues. 0 continues. ♪ girls girls girls
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here's a live look for you at some of the roads in gaithersburg. the main roads are wet but drivable. they've been treated. you can see to the right there, that ice on the roadway. sidewalks are also coated in ice. sue palka is going to have an update on what to expect for the latter part of tonight and for tomorrow morning's commute. that's coming up in just a few minutes. as we mentioned a lot of problems out there. one person is dead after an suv hit a snow plow. the driver of the suv died at the scene. the driver of the snow plow was not hurt. speed and slick road conditions were factors in the crash. >> the investigation continues into a school volunteer forcing
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while he recorded them on video. deonte carraway victimized 16 individual -- children. a new location where children were targeted, zion praise lutheran church. >> he acted maybe like a 12-year-old. so we allowed him to go to the various stations of our vacation bible school, like the story-telling station and the games station and the craft station all under the watchful eye of at least two adults at all times. >> you just heard from the pastor of trinity lutheran church. investigators are working to determine if there are any other victims out there. investigators are also asking for anyone's help who may have witnessed a deadly car crash in montgomery county. it happened yesterday around
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police say a dodge vipir was going westbound when it left the road and hit a concrete wall. an 18-year-old died from her injuries. the 21-year-old driver survived. >> the body of supreme court justice antonin scalia was flown home from texas last night. his funeral is still being planned. but a political tug-of-war is already brewing over the process for scalia's replacement. barack obama has promised to pick a nominee, some republicans says he shouldn't. >> reporter: in knew time, the words president obama used. easy concerns by some that the president may have tried to push through a recess appointment this week. still democrats and republicans alike remain
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over when a new nominee should be announced. >> i would hope they agree this is not the time in this really political atmosphere that we have right now with the screaming and shouting that's going on. >> reporter: this speculation already beginning about who might be president obama's third appointee to the supreme court. 48-year-old indian american dc judge tops the list along with another dc circuit judge. on the steps of the supreme court, candles, cards and flowers honoring the 79-year-old, the first italian american appointed to the high court and the longest
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member on the current been: his friends say he was his usual person nabl self when he retired to his room saying he wanted to get a long night's sleep. >> the race for the white house continues to be fierce. front runner donald trump continues to ta more shots at jeb bush and his brother. the nevada caucus is next up for democrats. hillary clinton was scheduled to campaign in florida today but she changed her plans and went out west instead now that she's in a tough fight with senator bernie sanders. new trouble for former new york governor elliot spitzer who resigned office over a prostitution scandal. he's accused of choking a woman inside new york's plaza hotel. the woman called 911 on saturday from a hotel room rented in spitzer's name. the woman had a cut on her arm
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she told doctors spitzer choked and shoved her after an argument but she didn't want to press charges. >> peyton manning is named in a new lawsuit about the way reports of sexual assaults were hand ald at the university of tennessee. manning played football at the university in the '90s. six women filed the lawsuit. it focuses on cases that were reported between 2013 and 2015. but it also references a sexual harassment complaint made back in 1996. that alleged incident took place in a training room while she was treating manning. the trainer eventually settled her case. manning has not commented on the lawsuit. remember that infamous video that led to ray rice's career it cost the tmz about
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tapes of ray rice hitting his now wife in an elevator. it put a spotlight on how the league handled domestic violence issues. tmz declined to discuss those payments. >> it's a big gift on this president's day. what an $18 million donation means for the lincoln memorial coming up next. and later a local woman meets the fire crews who saved her from this fire. the surprise she got when she walked into her home today coming up.
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. pope francis held mass after visiting one of mexico's poorest states
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>> the national park service announcing a big gift on this president's day. a donation will help give a much-needed face lift to the lincoln memorial. david rub enstein says he's donating 18 million to repair and restore the memorial. the gift will pay for construction of a new visitor's center and museum, improve access for the disabled and fixed masonry. rub enstein is also the businessman who gave $7 million to help the national park service repair earthquake damage to the washington monument. >> well, i try to study what the national park service might need and i try to think about my own interests and it's a variety of things, but try to pick something that i think will maybe also be symbolic and maybe get the attention of you, so that you can report what i'm doing and therefore maybe other people might be inspired to do something
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>> reporter: after this morning's ceremony, fox 5 news and other media were granted access beneath the lincoln memorial. one of the things we saw was graffiti left behind by the workers who built the memorial many, many years ago. >> that is fascinating. look at that. also just incredible that this philanthropist donated so much money. >> he really has been incredible. >> coming up next, sue has an update on icy conditions that may create a mess in the morning. >> why some parents believe a brand new program could be hazardous to your child's health. we'll be right back.
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retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. ♪ (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. welcome back. we continue to hear that most of the main roads are wet but side roads and sidewalks are slippery tonight. it is quite a dangerous
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we expect this to continue for the next several hours. i don't think most of the area comes above freezing until 4:00 and 5:00 morning. if i do have any good news, i think that the rest of the night will be light freezing rain. we had a moderate batch come through a little while ago and that has pushed into the northern suburbs and it looks like what we get from this point on it will be a little bit lighter you can see in the pink that's how the freezing rain is depicted on radar. to give you an idea of what we're expecting tomorrow morning because we've been saying this is a three-part storm. part three is heavy rain for part of our morning commute maybe even a thunderstorm. this is the hard part getting through this icy night. it will continue to pull in a lot more of that warm air aloft. we're already seeing that happening at the beaches. still 32 at saint mary's. there could still be ng
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effects in a few spots but by and large most of this will be again hoefr by about 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning. you can see some of that heavier bash that has pushed up and north of interstate 70 right now. we still have time to build up a little more of this ice and it could amount to .25 inch in spots. hey, we'll talk about the snow that was received around the region coming up in a few minutes and wait until you see the 7-day forecast i've got some spring-like temperatures on it. i'll share that with you in a few minutes. >> we'll see you then. >> many parents consider school a second home for their kids. and when the students go to their classrooms, parents expect a safe environment. >> tonight there are concerns about wi-fi in school. is it safe or could it lead to serious health consequences? laura evans reports. >> reporter: today's te
10:32 pm
taking these kids on a virtual trip to the moon. and to myriad other places in the universe. montgomery county schools is one of the first schools in our area to partner with google. smart phones inside cardboard boxes. laura simon questions the safety of kids putting smart phones to their heads, next to their eyes. >> the kids were complaining of headaches and nausea and dizziness and they had eye strain and there was a google rep that said just take a few minutes which is normal. >> reporter: laura is a member of a parent organization fighting for the safe use of technology in the classroom. it's not just google expedition that has them concerned. it's the whole technology program in the montgomery county school
10:33 pm
they're emitting radio frequencies all day long. >> they need to teach students how to use their devices safely and there should not be wireless in the schools. >> reporter: chief technology officer for mcps declined an interview with fox 5 but in a board of education meeting last september, he said reducing wi-fi in his school system makes no sense. >> we cannot live by a precautionary principle because we don't know something we must do nothing. >> i think the montgomery schools are misinformed and they're making a huge mistake that is compromising the health and safety of the students and of the teachers. >> reporter: an expert on bioelectric magnet iks, dr. devra d
10:34 pm
nonprofit working. she's done more than 200 studies on the subject and says even relatively low exposure can interrupt normal brain or reproductive development in a child. in 2011 the world health organization classified radio frequency electro magnetic fields, including wi-fi and cell phone signals, as possibly carcinogenic to humans. some scientists say radio frequency waves don't cause cancer but more and more experts in the field are coming forward expressing concern. the american academy of pediatrics along with the government accountability office or gao are urging the fcc to adopt up-to-date radiation standards. current standards are 20 years old and don't account for a child's use. in montgomery county, laura evans, fox 5 local news. >>e
10:35 pm
they too declined our request for an interview but did release this statement. the u.s. has amongst the most conservative standards in the world as part of our routine review we are soliciting input from multiple stake holders experts. russia, italy, france, switzerland, china and bull jump are among the 20 countries that is enacted policies to reduce wi-fi expose hours in schools. there are communities here in the u.s. that are taking action to reduce or ban wi-fi exposure. >> a proposal from a kentucky lawmaker could lead to zoo interesting discussions between husband's and wife. she introduced a bill to make men get a note from their wives in order to use erectile dysfunction drugs. she started thinking about how the legislature, which is mostly male, would feel if the government w
10:36 pm
into men's medical decisions. >> i get her point. >> i get her point too. >> it makes a lot of sense. i don't think anybody thinks it will go anywhere. >> she said it's mainly symbolic. >> she makes a good point there. >> still to come tonight, a local woman got to meet the firefighters who saved her life and she also got a wonderful surprise. >> it's a first for the "sports illustrated" swim suit edition. three different covers plus a virtual reality app. how about this president's day present. a face lift for lincoln. a bill air fill app floridian throw pivot. for the first time in more than half a sunttory a u.s. factory will be built in
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we tailers like walmart and toys r us will be stocking their shelves with hoverboards. right now they're only available online but retailers hope to have them in store by april. walmart says it is working with suppli
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batteries meet all safety standards which we know is certainly important because we heard a lot of stories about those before the holidays. some companies refusing to ship them in the mail. >> coming up, i guess you guys have probably heard, in fact you probably saw tony do one of these earlier. "sports illustrated" released its annual swim suit edition and this year the magazine is doing something it's never done before. >> for the first time the magazine will feature three separate covers. now if the magazine itself isn't enough, this year there is an app that includes blogs and extra pictures. it also has a virtual reality section. if you have a google vr headset, you can watch several different videos of the models on the beach. >> i think this is awesome that they did this this year. i think ashley graham, who's the model in the middle. she
10:42 pm
what most american women look like. they call her a full-figured model, but that's what most women in america look like. and i think it's really cool this year for the first time that they wanted to include all kinds of women. >> first time they've had a figure-figured or plus-sized model on their cover. she looks great. coming up tonight, tie ra banks finally revealed the first photo of her baby boy. we're going to share it with you. >> we take you back to our live team coverage. how your neighborhoods are handling the snow and the freezing rain tonight. we'll be right back.
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sts a day that a dc woman never thought she would live to see. a fast moving fire damaged her home last year. firefighters had to rescue her and her husband from a second floor window. >> today she met the crews who saved her life and
10:46 pm
all. >> the homeowner had to be revived twice. she was pronounced dead on the scene and she had to be revived by the firefighters. >> the firefighters brought me back to life in this alley right here. i'm so thankful. it's so overwhelming. >> welcome home. we're honored and blessed to be able to present your new home to you. >> wow! wow! >> i get to fix my homeless meal in my new kitchen. hold on i might need the fire department. this is
10:47 pm
i'm still trying to catch breath. >> the last thing i remember was my wife telling me the house was on fire. >> the best part is having a house to come back to. you never realize how short life is. until you lose it. >> that is my favorite story of the day. >> most definitely. >> absolutely. >> it's great she got to meet the firefighters or see them again, i should say. >> incredible. >> so sue palka, we've been talking about the cold and the freezing temperatures and the ice. >> we're right on the line but we're not above it yet. we've got to get to 32 degrees and most places are not there
10:48 pm
maryland where they got all the snow today. so tomorrow's problem is going to be heavy rain in the first half of the day, maybe a rumble of thunder and then some flooding. the short term is about the ice. we've got caitlin standing by in northwest dc. how has it changed in the last five hours. >> still very slick, sue. we came out around 5:00 p.m. and it has still been very icy. now the good news is the rain has stopped falling outside here. i think we saw the heaviest batch just come through. but everything, all the snow that accumulated, it's completely iced over. that crunchy snow that if you didn't shovel, you're going to have a lot to deal with on your sidewalks because it's so weighted down. along with that most of the untreated surfaces, the sidewalks, all of our reporters have been showing the same thing, anything untreated is very, very slick. the roads themselves have been okay because we saw so much
10:49 pm
but it is really just like those first steps outside your house that are going to be the problem. i want to show you some graphics. like i said, it's not raining out here anymore which is good. we're getting a bit of a break but where you see the pink is still freezing rain across much of our area especially out towards our west. putting it in motion. it has been moving from the southwest to the northeast and we did see a decent amount earlier. but with that ending we'll probably just have some breaks of patchy drizzle and patchy light rain that is freezing as long as the temperatures stay frozen. here's the bigger picture. these whole storm system. we're only about halfway there, you can see it extends all the way down to the gulf coast states where they had tornadoes earlier today and that is moving north eastward to us and it's dragging in this air and that's going to change us over by plain old rain by day break and that's the heavy stuff. temperatures outside right now critical and we have been stuck at 30.
10:50 pm
the exception towards our southeast around 32 degrees. and real quick we'll show you those ice accumulations expected throughout tonight. again most of the heavy stuff has come to an end but less of 0.10 inch in dc more off towards our west. with that we'll send it back inside to sue. we've been sitting around just watching that temperature meeting all night long waiting for it to go up and we're thinking about the overnight hours but it's been taking forever. >> it hasn't been budging. it may about 4:00, 5:00 in the morning before we see a lot of these places coming above 32. in fact one of our computer models can show us temperatures going forward and could we even drop another degree if we get steadier precipitation in here. we think the rest of the night is probably going to be lighter stuff. as we pause this at 4:00 in the morning, finally dc is at 34. you can see many of our communities are still at 32 degrees at 4:00 in the morning. tough call
10:51 pm
a lot of times they make that decision at 5:00 in the morning, there could be icy spots but by 7:00 in the morning it could be 51. cumberland you may hang in a little bit longer which is why we have you in one of the spots that might pick up 0.25 inch or maybe even 0.50 inch of ice. by noon it's 54 degrees here in the district and we'll be saying good-bye to the snow that we had today. reagan picked up 3 inches, dulles 2.4, but the jack pot calvert county, charles county, down to saint mary's county. those 8 and 9 inch amounts were all in lower southern maryland and we know you weren't expecting that kind of snow. we weren't expecting that kind of snow there. nor did our models show that. going forward you know you're going to change over to rain and start melting it down. we do have as you see continued
10:52 pm
the morning a lot of it has pushed well to the west and maybe we're seeing some light mist or drizzle that tends to hang around. we still have our big batch to come up from the south so by 8:00 in the morning most of us are dealing with a new round of rain, some heavier rain, maybe imbedded thunder crossing us between 10:00 and noon heading over to the bay and this is all out of here by the afternoon. the morning still a little bit dicey, still watching those temperatures and we al go under a flood watch from 6:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m. for the melt down for the heavy rain and maybe some rumbles of thunder. so watch those very carefully. we should rise slowly through the 30s but we'll keep freezing rain around then it will change to just plain old rain as the temperatures come above 32. it will be slow to clear tomorrow, rain and thunder and lots of melting. we're thinking 52 degrees and that warm air will come from that south wind
10:53 pm
20 miles per hour. 8:00 a.m., 45 with showers likely. some clearing by 5:00. now wait until you see this 7-day forecast. we're a little bit cooler on thursday. it's quiet on friday, partly cloudy. check out saturday at 59 degrees. a much warmer day coming. how do these temperatures look to your weary eyes? we keep it nice and mild as we get into the weekend. some next chance of showers would be on monday and it doesn't look like any wintry weather coming after we get through 4:00, or 5:00 in the morning. is it time yet for spring? >> what do we have? >> it's less than five weeks. it's march 20th. sadly at this point of the night i can't do the math that fast in my head. >> i think you'll like this. take a look at this. a fox 5 viewer sent me these pictures for president's day
10:54 pm
today. these are carvings in a watermelon. she does this all the time. she sends these pictures. they're actually a few years old but they're amazing and suitable for president's day. >> stick around. we will be right back.
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in just about an hour, nfl teams can finally sit down and figure out how much they really want to keep around those high profile free agents. one of those players eligible for the tag, kirk cousins. if the skins opt to give him the franchise tag he would get a one-year deal somewhere in the neighborhood of $19.6 million which isn't bad for a guy who barely broke 800,000 last year. one would think it's a no-brainer for the skins to throw everything they can at cousins and it's hard to imagine him going anywhere else. but football is a business and whatever the decision the team makes definitely will be a big one. this is breaking news at 5:00 tonight, a little more information about maryland as they drop to 6th in the ap poll. diamond stone pushed the head of veto brown to
10:59 pm
he wasn't kicked out of the game but today maryland took matters into their own hands. they suspended stone for thursday's game at minnesota. a poor representation of the standards they've established as a program and today stone released this statement saying i want to apologize to veto brown and the wisconsin basketball team for my behavior during saturday's game. i regret that i let the emotions of the game get the best of me, i let my team down and i accept full responsibility for my actions. stay tuned fox 5 news at 11:00 with tony and shawn starts right now. right now at 11:00, the ice has set in across the dc region. >> fox 5 is live in your neighborhood looking at what you're up against. >> from montgomery county, one of iciest and slickiest areas tonight. >> to northern virginia where many students won't be heading to school tomorrow. >> and in the district where
11:00 pm
morning commute. >> we have team coverage of the current conditions and the major change tuesday will bring. this is fox 5 local news at 11:00. >> thanks for joining us tonight. i'm shawn yancy. >> and i'm tony perkins. the school closings and delays are coming in for tuesday. in virginia, prince william, loudoun, spotslyvania, stafford county and mannasas park are all closed. fairfax county, alexandria, falls church and mannasas city schools are on a two-hour delay. >> charles and calvert county schools are closed tomorrow. you can find a complete list of closures on the bottom of your screen on or on our news app. let's begin with sue palka. the ice will make for a potentially dangerous morning commute. >> we're going is to have to watch it hour by hour and even if we get rid of the ice, i still think it's going to be a rather wet commute in the


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