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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  February 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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morning commute. >> we have team coverage of the current conditions and the major change tuesday will bring. this is fox 5 local news at 11:00. >> thanks for joining us tonight. i'm shawn yancy. >> and i'm tony perkins. the school closings and delays are coming in for tuesday. in virginia, prince william, loudoun, spotslyvania, stafford county and mannasas park are all closed. fairfax county, alexandria, falls church and mannasas city schools are on a two-hour delay. >> charles and calvert county schools are closed tomorrow. you can find a complete list of closures on the bottom of your screen on or on our news app. let's begin with sue palka. the ice will make for a potentially dangerous morning commute. >> we're going is to have to watch it hour by hour and even if we get rid of the ice, i still think it's going to be a rather wet commute in the
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some heavy rain to move in closer to 7:00 or 8:00 in the morning maybe even with some rumbles of thunder. they have not come above 32 yet and some of the pink areas you're seeing are areas of freezing rain and drizzle that continue throughout the region. we did have a moderate batch come through a little while ago. you probably picked up a fresh batch of ice. we're hearing that many of the main roads are okay but sidewalks and side streets, your front step, your car all ice covered. temperatures have been slow to rise. for the next several hours we think we'll deal with patches of light, freezing rain. by about 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning, we are really hoping that some of this heavier rain is getting closer and aloft, those strong south winds start to pull in temperatures that will war the ground above 32 degrees. because freezing rain is essentially rain that is freezing on contact with anything that's below 32 degrees, including most of our northern and western suburbs. we've been stuck at 30
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here in the district for several hours and i don't think we go above it until maybe 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning making this a tough call tomorrow morning for some of the schools as we watch these temperatures slowly climbing. so overnight, we continue to see some potential for ice accumulation. it will be on the light side. we know dulles has picked up 0.10 inch or so. you could end up with 0.25 inch of ice in a few spots. it will be lighter east of dc where your temperatures are closer to 32 degrees at this point. we're keeping our fingers crossed that things are going to continue to go in the right direction. future cast shows us it's going to be a few more hours before it's just plain rain. caitlin is standing by outside to show us how things are looking here in northwest washington but also to get us ready for potentially heavy rain and a big, old melt down tomorrow for phase 3 of this unusual storm. >> so unusual we usually go in the opposite direction. we're going to cold
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everything behind me will be melted by this time tomorrow. a couple of inches of snow and everything has a fine glaze over it as we switch to freezing rain earlier this evening. that crunchy type of snow that is hard to get rid of. but everything else is glazed over, so the sidewalks beneath me will be a big problem leading up to any business or school out there. the roads have been treated, they're okay. wisconsin avenue has been fine. but it is the smaller, more localized areas, especially north and west of us where we've been so cold, will remain colder. i'm talking about places like frederick county, up towards carol county, maryland. you guys probably going to stay below that freezing mark the longest and that's where we're worried about the ice hanging around. into tomorrow it's more about the heavy rain. we'll show you that with future cast, how things play out tonight. waiting on those temperatures to rise and as we do, again, it's not even raining out here anymore. we've gotten a nice break. you can see by midnight and going into the overnight ho
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it's patchy drizzle and patchy rain mainly off towards our west, it's not until closer to day break when we get that final push of the actual storm system moving in that we'll see the heavy rains over top of us and that is some heavy rain, possibly even thunderstorms if you want to throw in another weather element to this crazy storm and that would be probably mid morning tomorrow. but at least all of us are seeing plain old rain. it won't take long to melt all of the ice that's accumulated and watch everything away. by the way, it's not going to rain all day. we should see the last of this exit sometime in the early afternoon to mid afternoon up in northeast maryland. so again, a flood watch is out for the whole area from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. for the combination of heavy rain, but also the melting of those snow piles, especially in southern maryland where you guys saw up to 9 inches of snow. snow is over, ice is winding down. we're waiting on those temperatures to rise. it will be critical outside 5:00
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to tony and shawn. >> all right, caitlin. thank you very much. that ice that caitlin is talking about causing problems for folks around our region tonight including in gaithersburg, maryland. that's where we find fox 5's marina marraco. the question is, how are things looking out there right now? >> reporter: thinks are looking fairly good, tony. especially the roads here. there's no traffic. but for the most part it's slushy out there so cars gaining some traction as they're riding over that overpass just behind me that leads on to 70. now, different matter however are the sidewalks that you heard caitlin talk about. you're going to find a lot of this, chards of ice. and you'll see here, there's still some snow on the other side of the ice here that's left powdery. this for the most part you'll see the snow on this bush here turn to ice fairly quickly. when we showed up here about
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but once that rain started coming down hard it eventually turned into ice. i want to show you the conditions on 270 earlier today. we did see quite a number of snow plows and salt trucks that were out, a lot of them in tandem, heading out on the interstate to make sure that they took care of the roads. and all those lanes on the interstate traffic was flowing just fine. there was of course slow but not heavy because of the holiday. for the most part the incidents that we've seen are cars turning into parking lots in areas like this gas station where we're standing here. they have to slow down. if not you'll see them lose traction and slip and slide and kind of start fishtailing their way in. that's of course typical of this icy condition on the road. now, we spoke to some motorists out here. they say for the most part things have been good. >> visibility is bad and the freezing rain is like the heartest thing on my windshield and i ran out of this and i needed to get this right
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so i'm going back to dc. it's 40 minutes from here. it will probably take me around an hour. >> i'm very icy out, very slippery. all sidewalks, very dangerous. >> there's not too many people out on the road so that's good. 270 is fairly clean. i felt okay. i felt safe. >> now at about 9:45 we saw a really strong band of rain come through gaithersburg. then when we hit the air at 10:00, it was still sprinkling. but now it's kind of stopped for the most part. every once in a while you fill a little drop mist more than anything. things starting to calm down here in gaithersburg. as far as personal observation, it's most definitely warmer than it's been earlier in the day and definitely compared to yesterday so it seems like at least out here things are warming up just a little bit. for now reporting live from gaithersburg, maryland, marina marraco, fox 5 local
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>> many students in virginia will get a snow day tomorrow. or at least they'll get to sleep in a little bit. it's all a safety precaution because of the icy roads. let's check in with sarah simmons live in fairfax. how are things will there? >> reporter: we're right off of i-66 back here. and we've been watching traffic coming along through here. pretty much folks up to speed now. you've got to be careful, it is still slick out there but what we're really noticing is when you get off the interstate to the main roadways what you're dealing with is that slick stuff and if you look down here, this is really you can just see the layer -- you can hear it, actually. just icy. and so that's what's also on the pavement. you've got to be careful with that. we did end up in reston earlier. we're in fairfax now but we stopped by a shopping center in reston to see what people were dealing with. it was the sluky, slick pavement in a parking lot and we caught up with a guy who was really
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working trying to chisel away at the ice on his car. and virginia state police also have been saying throughout the day, they've been responding to a lot of accidents. nonetheless, we did talk with some people who ventured out to get groceries and other sulies and they are really just trying to take their time when they're traveling and going around. >> i had to bring my daughter to make sure that they had food and everything they need for the night. they're adult children but i wanted to make sure they were taken care of because i'm staying at the hotel near my job. because of the icy conditions. >> i was actually in an accident like a few weeks ago because of the snow. and so i've been taking it real slow and staying away from people as much as i can. >> that's really the best thing to do. we learned a hard lesson a couple of weeks ago so you have to be careful when you're out there. now, the other thing is when trying to get around, you really have to be mindful of the
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where the black ice, where it is slushy and slick. you've just got to take it slow no matter what. as marina kind of spoke to earlier, it was good we had the president's day holiday because a lot of people were just not out here on the roadways today. sarah simmons, fox 5 local news. >> our team coverage continues in the district now. earlier today fox 5's megan dice was using her snow shoes to navigate the snow in northwest. don't they'll help much now with the ice. >> i forget my ice pick shoes. that's the problem now. but i want to show you what is going on here and much around the city. this is a layer of ice here. and here's the snow. it literally came over and coated all of this. as you can see this sign just absolutely frozen through. the rain has just been coming here in the district, it's stopped now. but take a look at these roads right here. we're standing on thomas
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the main road is down to blacktop right now. a lot of cars still driving, dot asking people to stay off the roads they are salting ahead of the you commute. they're telling people make sure you take your time. you really want to stay out of their way tonight. 200 trucks out right now salting metro rail. let's talk transportation. they have the deicers ready. they'll be closing at midnight tonight like usual. metro bus suspended all of their service tonight at 10:00 because of the weather. dc circulator suspended their service at 6:00. we spoke to some people earlier today as that rain was turning to ice on the ground, very quickly. we asked them, what's it like out here? >> walking in this for 30 minutes. what do you think? >> kind of slippery. i can't even stand still. a stable step. >> pretty crazy. i'm not reall
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the government did to plan for all of it. like most of the streets were icy. >> reporter: speaking of that, if you have any or see any weather-related issues here, you can dial 311 and report it. we're live in northwest dc, megan dice, fox 5 local news. >> thank you very much, megan. hold on just a minute there. >> there we go. >> so we're going to give you another reminder of how to stay safe in this winter weather. paramedics rush to a woman's side after she was injured while sledding. we're going to tell you where and you how this accident happened. >> and the ice and snow giving way to baseball? the nationals start spring training in just two days. but could it be the last one for a key nats pitcher. that's coming up later in sports.
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growing everyday... (instrumental) the incident happened in chevy chase. first responders say the woman hit a tree on a golf course near connecticut avenue and east-west highway. she was sent to the hospital and is expected to be okay. >> we were just having a discussion amongst ourselves about the slick roads out there. >> right. we've got to decide whether we're heading home and i'm going make a run for it. caitlin tells me she felt like it's really starting to warm up a little bit out there even though the thermometer hasn't gone. the side roads are dicey. >> i'll drive behind you. [ laughter ] >> it is risky but we're kind of right there on the border and i think i'll feel better at 4:00, 5:00 in the morning and i think it will go up dramatically once we do start to rise. but this is the non-fun part of
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any storm when we have to deal with the ice. and we're continuing to get light icing now. saying the main roads are in good shape. i think the crews worked really hard to keep our roads manageable through this and we know they've had a lot more work to do down in lower southern maryland. fredricksburg, virginia, 5.5. these are the areas where we don't expect to pick up that kind of heavy snow but you really got the jackpot this time. bowie about 3 inches as well. so bottom line, light icing the next few hours. i think 0.10 inch is going to do it for a lot of people. it will be all rain by the tuesday morning commute. that rain may also be pretty heavy and don't be shocked if closer to the noon hour we have a rumble of thunder here and there. later this week we'll get a
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little bit chillier but no big storms expected. we're warming up by the weekend. i'll show you that forecast in a moment. but for the short term, a light icing continues for the next few hours. i'm going to say between 4:00 and 5:00 we feel like it's going to start to change and a lot of the bulk of the heaviest rain we should end up around 52 degrees tomorrow. maybe a rumble of thunder. most of the rain done by about 1:00 or so. but a wet commute expected for tomorrow morning. by wednesday we have a dry day right around 48 degrees which is close to average for this time of year and here is radar in everything you see in the pink continues to be freezing rain, although we see a little bit of rain down through lower southern maryland. an you can see this is somewhat patchy. we do still have heavy rain to come and that is pruzing thunderstorms, a tornado watch down through the deep south tonight. once we get that system a little bit closer i think we'll accelerate the warming. it is 32 in learn ard town, 28
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for frederick. of course after we get out of the deep freeze here we have to deal with the potential of this flood watch effect for tomorrow because of a lot of melting and a lot of run-off. so tonight we will see our temperatures slowly rising and again expecting that rainy start, a rumble of thunder at the midday and then getting to about 52 degrees. we'll jump you forward to our fox 5 accuweather 7-day forecast. a little cooler towards thursday. 46 degrees friday. notice we have a lot of sunshine going forward. saturday 59 degrees. we talked about sunday being warm too with a temperature of 57. check out some of the sunday temperatures and maybe we're going to see some of our suburban areas south and west getting close to 60 on sunday. and that's going to feel fantastic. bring on baseball, right jim lokay? >> you've got ta right, but first we've got to get through the basketball season.
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they'll enter the second half one spot out of the playoff berth behind charlotte. let's take you to game. a game that really was all about kobe bryant. some big plays out there for number 2. 22 points in the all-star game. the head coach suspending diamond stone for thursday's game at minnesota. a lot of people saw this play and cried foul immediately. he pushed the head of veto brown
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to the floor. virginia looking to rebound to duke. the game tied but the cavs scored nice shot there. the question is will they be the last one for stephen strasburg. he's plagues next season on a one-year, 10 foin $4 million deal, he'll be fine. after that it's anybody's guess. after this president's day a reminder that number 44 has some big shoes and heads to fill. the white house tweeting this one out, president obama a long
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with a simple happy president's day message and an invitation for prisoners to go online to learn about the presidents. there's your reminder. >> i think we have like 34 ys >> you're counting. >> we tweeted it, fox 5 tweeted it. so i'm cheating there a little bit. still ahead tonight, our first look at tyra banks' baby boy. ♪ (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. the market.redict but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor.
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t. rowe price. invest with confidence. kanye west is throwing himself into the spotlight. what? no! yes. he seventh out a series of tweets claiming he's $53 million in debt and he needs help getting out of the red. >> he tweeted facebook founder mark zuckerberg asking invest $1 billion into kanye west ideas. whatever you've got to do to get mark to support me. according to tmz kanye that's not true. he's not really $53 million in debt.
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it's the amount of money he's invested in his own clothing companies. according to forbes he made $30 he was just saying he wanted other people to invest instead of using his own money. that was all he was saying. >> he might want to tweet ryan seacrest. >> congratulations go out to tyra banks who recently welcomed her first child into the world. >> many people didn't realize tyra was undergoing ivf treatments to get pregnant, it didn't work, eventually they turned to a surrogate, the babe was born last month. >> she looks beautiful there. >> yes. >> final check?
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>> quick 7-day forecast. the icing should be over about 4:00, 5:00 in the morning. we could have some lingering problems to the north and west. >> tmz is next. every wonder what nature valley is made of? ♪ that's what we're made of. no artificial colors. no artificial flavors. no artificial sweeteners.
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nature valley granola bars. and now introducing delicious biscuits with almond butter or peanut butter. >> today on "tmz" -- harvey: blake shelton and luke bryan went to mastro's steak house separately but they had beef with each other. >> who do you want to sit next to at the grammys? >> luke bryan but he never gets nominated. >> like brian -- >> they're like the nickelback of country. harvey: luke's songs are legitimately good. >> they're not respects by the grammys. harvey: like "star wars" never gets nominated for best picture -- >> the first one did. harvey: it didn't win. >> john mayer was there with his >> adele did a show on friday for hard-core fans. john mayer was there with his new girlfriend. katy perry as well. >> john mayer was there with his new girlfriend and katy perry was there with orlando bloom?


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