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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  February 16, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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>> and a live look outside on tuesday morning, 5:00 is time. we are still just below freezing. holding steady 31. gary promises we will indeed warm up. meanwhile the roads are very slick out there. and your car, if it was outside, probably covered in a sheet of ice. keep that all in mind as you head out this morning xing we of course will keep you updated throughout the morning and in fact i think we'll go ahead and talk to you noe now, gary. >> that's what they tell he me. breaking news. >> breaking news. >> yes just clicked to 3 2 here in town. >> yeah. >> couple things, too, i told you --
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this happens when temperatures start going up and we start breaking twej happens and happens quickly. gaithersburg you're above freezing now. 34. you won't go back down. westminster, 36 there. mannasas you're still sitting at 32. quantico up to 33. steve inzville sitting at 3 2. cambridge 38. leonardtown 50. again these thames turz going up. probably another hour we'll see a lot of these temperatures above 32 degrees and once they get all about 32 we'll be out of woods and start melting instead of accumulating more ice. won't that be nice. here's the current picture on radar. nothing technically falling or nothing too heavy maybe drizzle falling up and down i 95. again as temperatures coming up things improve and things will be improving rapidly. freezing rain along that i 81 corridor you can see here i don't believe it's going to be
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officially above freezing and right up i 81. again once we start to break this wedge of cold air it won't take long and you can see their western loudoun county back down. just inside and outside of i 81, too, there's freezing precipitation. i don't want to you think just because temperatures get above freezing that all the ice threat is gone. it will take a while to melt the ice. we'll wait on this heavier band of rain to start coming on across. once the heavier band of rain starts coming out across those of you that received good amounts of snow yesterday more than 4 or 5" of snow this is going to compound problems because you have melting of all that snow already taking place through southern maryland now with temperature leonardtown and 50 degrees and melting is starting and then you get a lot of rain on top of that and that will create flooding issues for you there. we'll be watching that closely. and as we get on to the mid-morning. right to add insult to injury. we
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and now we deal with flooding potential there. and as this all comes out across as dynamics in the atmosphere are such that this will be fairly powerful come ago cross. it would not surprise me if we don't see a little thunderstorm activity later on to the east of i 9 5. that's the way it looks rights now. 48 gaithersburg for a high today. 52 here in town for a high today. it will a while we'll get there. leonardtown 54. warmer for leonardtown because you already sit at 506789 annapolis right around 50 and then down south fredericksburg lower to mid 50s. there temperatures now in city 32. gaithersburg 34. mannasas 32 and leonardtown sitting at 50. real warm down to south. richmond is coming up they're 50. there new york city 48, boston 3 2. you jump back to drier and colder air it's not ridiculously cold. chicago doesn't mind 25 detroit doesn't mind 29 today 52
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changes to rain and heavy rain at times. tomorrow, drier temperature 48 cool conditions there and later on this week high pressure builds n we'll still have northwest flow most of week. that keeps us fairly average with temperatures until we get to weekend. and by the weekend temperatures we're talking mid to upper 50s. they'll be 60 around later into the weekend. i don't think here maybe here we'll be 59. we can be 6 0. we can be 60. do you believe me. >> i believe. >> i believe. >> you got to believe. >> hope. >> hope. >> keeping it alive. >> we want to get to school closings right now. >> all right. let's talk about the federal government because they're on three hour delay. and they have the option for unscheduled leave or telework. >> meantime the president's day holiday turn into a four day weekend for a lot of kids a lot of systems are closed because of ice and snow. let's go over the big ones in maryland prince george montgomery
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calvert, charles, st. mary county schools are all closed. >> let's go to virginia, arlington, fauquier, loudoun, prince will july country schools all closed today and nrs virginia spotsylvania, stafford, warp, page and orange county schools closed. >> rap han ak county schools closed, mannasas city and colonial beach school closed and howard county schools also added to that list. howard country schools added to that list of schools closed today. there's some delays in virginia. fairfax county schools are on two hour delay and alexandria city, false church city and mannasas park city schools also on a two hour delay. . >> and we also want to let you know we're hearing d.c. public scoolz on a two hour delay. d.c. public schools just coming in two hour delay. let's give you update on metro. metro rail and metro bus operating on regular service. metro warpz there could be exceptions to metro bus due to icy conditions.
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morning, let's go check in with airport airport now, erin. >> right now at 5:05 we have icy conditions and that's causing accidents and i'm thinking isn't federal government is on three hour delay and school closings we may be enter countering adjusted morning commute as much as you may not see congestion at the normal hours you usually do. crash activity now on the beltway. outer loop past bw parkway and upper loop on the shoulder so watch for those areas causing problems. let's see if we can forward maps and show you a look in frederick now. we'll get to that in a second. right now here we go 15 south jeff sop street seeing a crash scene there and aside from that fairfax this morning brown brownsville road crash reported penny pass lane. back to the cameras you saw the flashing lights as you make your way dale city to dumfries you'll see this crash. there's two accidents blocking left lanes and shoulders and keep it to right lane to get through. volume light on the southbound side and you really want to
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reduce speeds and watch for slick spots especially in your neighborhoods and secondary roads, bridges, overpasses, on and off ramps tend to freeze first. michael thomas is cusz around we have team coverage this morning and we want to get to work saferly and on time if you have to make it in. >> thank you. let's look at how things are looking in the district. live in northwest is bob barnard where it's still icy bob, it looks like. >> it's a winter wondrerland maureen. eye don't know this microphone can pick it up that i'm wearing it sound like it's raining it's actually the ice in the trees is melting and dropping so it sound like it's raining. and it's falling on to sheet of crunch here on this isbilit isbilitymore street in adams morgan and where the road was treated with salt and sand it's not bad. i mean it's kind of soft there. and you can get some traction. but you see in middle there and on the streets not treated they have still a sheet of ice and look
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people who deposit clear their cars last night after all the snow. this is what they have to take off khxt not bad rights take a look here though. those that did clear cars are going to find they're intomed in ice. if you don't want to chisel it off wait with the de froter inside. sheets of ice on their car windshield which will take a while to melt and here's the thing, sidewalks here very dangerous and we want to be careful of footing here. sidewalks, public sidewalks are a sheet of ice and look that eye level the sidewalk into this apartment building that is ice there as well, guys, so very careful footing and driving this morning because we are covered in ice and yet you can hear it out here. the ice at least in the trees, wrapchs, it's melting and it's starting to fall. so it will warmp a little bit and be better b
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the apartment it's colt out and it is guys. be careful out there. >> i think he was saying pipe down, bob. >> get away from my car. >> all right. thanks positive bob for the update, appreciate. it a check of other top stories yet including latest on deadly overnight shooting in prince george county. >> and new details in the death of supreme court justice antonin scalia what we're learning about his health days before his passing. k8
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. >> 5:11 19 time. a homicide investigation going on. officers were called following a shooting 11:00 last night they discovered a man suffer fraying gunshot wound. he was pronounced dead on the scene this morning new details on the death of supreme court justice antonin scalia. the texas judge, they decided to not order an autopsy. she spoke with squall antonin scalia's dr. to make that decision. he was in poor health and couldn't undergo a recent shoulder injury. his declining melth may come as a surprise to the public but members heist court are not required to poyd
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disclosure. it's day two for president obama at the u.s. asian summit in southeast asia. likely european nation of southeast asia. administration says it wants to strengthen alliance of nations in asia to counter growing influence of china a today the summit will focus on anti-terrorism efforts in may. president obama will visit vietnam while attending iing international. >> our team coverage of the messy tuesday morning commute continues next. >> we'll check back in with both gary and erin and if you have to head outside today please be careful it's slick out there. 5:12 is the time out there.
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>> live picturethon tuesday, 5:15 is the time now. that is route 70 near frederic frederick. you can seat major interstates look to be pretty good at this point. they're definitely passable and doable and the problem will be getting out of your drive way and secondary roads. neighborhood roads are still very, very slick and according to this thermometer on the screen, gary, we're one degree below freezing but. >> it's wrong. >> all right. i love to give bad information. the number you see on the screen sin correct. it is not 31 degrees. what is it gary. >> 31 somewhere but if that's the temperature in town tha
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>> let's say it's the temperature of wherever it's 31. >> that's right. that's right. this say little like christmas. i have not looked at temperatures. they've been creeping up a little. we'll see what they are now. 32 reagan national. dulles is 31. see that's what the temperature means dulles i don't know why we're reporting dulles nobody lives. there temperature of bwi marshall is 32. whoever is knoll control of that is having fun. gamersburg 34. mannasas just jumped to 34. you were 32 went to 34 call preponderanceer 30. frederick 30. couple things obviously temperatures coming up nowall tt why the treatment on the road is able to work an have a good affect. major arterys in some cases getting better and side and secondary streets stay off those if you can because it's real, real slippery out. there quantico 33. down to fredericksburg right here you cannot see. i can see though it's 31
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so that's still freezing there. so temperatures are starting to come up and again once this happens once the warm air comes up it will happen quickly. winchester still 3 2. martin martinsburg 30 and hagerstown 3 1. still a lot of slippery spots around. richmond 506789 new york city 48. here, ohio river valley columbus 3223409 bad. pittsburgh above 32 or 34 obviously and beckly 40 and chicago and detroit not terribly bad. we'll see a flip with the temperatures and pattern going from a real cold pattern with polar vortex settled in over the weekend that's out of here and as we push through the next several days temperatures warming up. today we will get to 52 i know that sounds like a long way to go. we'll get there okay? and all this freezing rain and nonsense we have this morning just becomes rain. some will be heavy. simply because the storms move across from west to east. we may have a thunderstorm pop up. i think east of 9
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possibility. tomorrow, sunshine. melt is in full force. what we don't melt today with rain and warmer temperatures will be cool high temperatures 40s. this week high pressure builds down. it will be cool this week. we'll be trending warmer okay. we don't see any big storms coming our way. nothing like this. as the high pressure builds in and gets on other side of us off to the east we'll have a return flow and that's going to bring in temperatures for the weekend. mid up toer 50s. maybe 60 readings on saturday. won't that be nice. storm tracker radar right now, nothing significant falling from the sky. there may be a little drizzle in places up and down i 95 up to 270 along 70 there seems dry and where we're getting precipitation still at this hour is right along interstate 81. part of 66 as you come basically through front royal and in our direction here toe i 95 dries out a little bit. but again damage is done with freezing rain that we've had during the
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there's been significant accumulation of ice. i know you've seep bob out there he's in d.c. and there's almost quarter inch ice out there in places and that's pretty significant. heavy rain lurking west. that will come through. future cast has it coming through between 8 and 9:00 hour and drier in the afternoon won't that be nice and if i can get the 7 day forecast to pop up i want everybody to see there we go here it comes, here it comes. mostly sunny saturday, high of 59. darn near 6 0. here's erin cuomo with a look at tuesday morning traffic. >> 5:19 it's dicey out there gary, bob is in d.c. and showing me iced over streets. this is 95 southbound as you make your way from dale city to dumfries you hit two accident scenes and watch for delays there. really my best advice to you get out early and watch for slick spots in the neighborhood. we'll checking in with maps as u
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crashings you need to be aware of. prince george county outer loop cleared bw parkway. we have an accident upper loop crash on shoulder. carb there in frederick now. crash activity 15 south jefferson street. 270 looks to be clear and treated. same story belt way. watch for fog and ice on bridges, over pasz, on and off ramps and take it slow you never know when you may hit the icy patch. the best advice to give you give yourself extra time. closes investigation at penny crest lane detour around that one. metro rail on or close to service now. if you take metro bus they may operate on detours because of those icy secondarys, definitely check in with me on twitter at erin fox d.c. before you make your way out, thanks, wisdom. >> president of mount st. mary say he won't resign from his position. simon neumann president
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nation aft student newspaper identified his plan on freshman likely to fail and offered tuition refunds if they dhoz avenue early in first semester. majority students expressed support for leadership and faculty members will meet later this week and discuss the refuse tool step down. >> in today's health watch brazil taking proactive step towards fighting zika virus. the nation's government launc launched a new campaign called zero zika to raise awareness of the virus and how they can protect themselves against the disease. going door to door heading out informational leaflets to residents. >> and promising new results in treating adhd while precipitation medicine is most come on form ever treatment some fear it could thread children be over medicated children are picking physical and academic exercises instead to stimulate parts of
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given strict nutritional guidelines and at home activit activities. >> new concerns about the use of wifi in school. it -- is it safe or load to serious health consequences. it has parents worried expedition app they are concerned about putting smart phones next to heads. >> kids xlaeping of dizziness and eye strain and theres with a google rep saying take a few minutes it's normal. >> they need to teach them how to use devices safely and there should not bewareless in the school. >> fcc declined our request for interview and release aid statement saying they plan to review standard and use input from sdports guide their assessment. >> still athey'd hour a popular cellphone company testing out a new faster network. details on
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>> and first gar jury back with another check of forecast and mother nature keeping them busy this morning as you can imagin imagine. time now 5:22
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>> woo, okay, 5:25 the time now. before we goat gary alexandria city schools closed. >> i was wondering when that would happen. >> for a complete listing check the bottom of the screen and we
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have scrolling on that's right, right the web site, is the web site. okay. nonetheless check the bottom of our screen for closings. as gary updates us on the weather conditions. >> it will warm up at some point right. >> it is warming up like real warm-up like 50s. >> today. >> today. >> it can't happen -- it takes time. >> it does? >> it takes time. >> like to percolate. >> it's like your basketball team getting better. >> no. >> that doesn't give us much hope. >> 32 in town. >> they're children. >> remember, last time we checked dulles was what? >> 31. >> it's 33 now. it's warming up. come on now, i'm telling you, 36 for westminster and still 50 leonardtown and cam bridge bridge. it won't take warm once it decide
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we still have freezing rain out there this morning potentially accumulating a little bit. 52 for high today. again eventually 50 for annapolis and leonardtown and 5 4 leopard town may be warmer than that ride today simply because they're at 50. 40s north and western suburbs. >> what's that? >> you never know. >> erin cuomo with a check on traffic and erin i know this has got to be wreaking havoc on the roads. >> new crash 5200 block western avenue near harrison the car hit a utility pole a big nose cleanup. watch for that one. 95 southbound dale city to dumfries. two crashes blocking left lanes keep it rite and watch for slick spots and quick look at maps. first this sic c by 200 you saw the fog crash 95 northbound by 200 and another one 39 5. let's to get
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news morning" and more coming up 5
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>> all right. we're back at 5:30 this tuesday morning, holly. >> it's back to bed for a lot of local students. most schools in our region are closed or delayed today. you can find a complete list scrolling at the bottom of your screen. some changes we just got n alexandria city schools, falls church
5:31 am
mannasas park city schools are now closed. >> we also want to mention that federal government is on a three hour delay and employees have the option for unscheduled leave or unscheduled telework and as for metro trains and buses they're operating on a regular schedule. however the transit agency says there may be exceptions on bus routes due to icy conditions. >> we've been keeping an eye on roads. mike tom sas in frederick, maryland now taking a look at the conditions now for tuesday morning commute and so do we have mike right now. mike can we go to to you? >> maureen can you hear me. >> we can hear you good morning what's it looking like out there. >> we're here in frederick, maryland, we left our van now and as we left urbana we were slipping and sliding on back roads there. once we got on the highway, on to 70 it was nights and day. 70 is all right. minely wet. chemicals where doing work fine. but look at the side roads once you get off 70 we have a gentleman
5:32 am
you have to be careful on the roads if you are out and about walking there's a lot of slick spots and sidewalks are solid ice. at one time our temperature gauge made it to just outside the frederick and now we're south street and downtown frederick and the temperature dropped below 30 degrees. we had light drizzle in spots and there's a solid coating of ice on everything. and our tires have about spinning on and off. travel today treacherous. i want to mention i heard frederick country maryland public schools were off today due to a teacher workday but they announced keechers going in for the workday could arrive two hours later. they put it out there in case anybody was concerned about the workday. . >> we're now headed to the mar tip residence. we'll see if we cannot get break fraingt wisdom martin's family. >> we'll send it back to you.
5:33 am
wife is not up. >> we'll hear that. >> company discord this morning. >> right now checking in with bob barnard in washington d.c. out and about and in washington d.c. cleaning off cars from random strangers and kicking up ice in roads and letting us know -- in washington, bob, hello. >> guys, good morning, yeah, we're getting harassed by people waking up i'll try to keep it quieter out here. it may look like it's raping it's ice melting off the streets and off the tree branches and this sidewalk say sheet of ice. i'm tling you it's a sheet of ice. dear if you look behind you watch his feet it is literally a sheet of ice and this is i street at 6th and you really, really, really, got could to be careful.
5:34 am
but that's a sheet of ice. and it's too bad. it's been walked on here. and we've been showing you this morning that these cars that had not been cleared yesterday from the snow not too bad. clearing them off. to get going and see then the wind chill is not caked in ice. but a car that was cleared is covered in a sheet of ice. which is now starting to melt. my phone says 34 degrees here. this is going to start -- this is first we could do that this morningch the other only other way to get the ice off the wind kheeld is have de roster on in the car heating up. and look at the streets. streets are treated and driven on and this again sixt street at 6th northwest it not so bad it's a slushy surface and driving is not so bad. as you saw that man i'm tling you it's a sheet of ice guys on the sidewalks and
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you head out. this is a busy sidewalk in d.c.. your neighborhood streets and sidewalks might be like this for at least another couple hours guys so treacherous conditions out here this morning and as it is started to heat up and rain is coming off braenchs in the form of melting ice, skies. >> thanks, bob, we should not have cleaned our cars off at all yesterday. that was the better way to go. >> i drove home. it had to be clean to drive home. >> mip wasen cased in ice. >> i was looking up and i have not been talking a lot about the ice totals. i have not gotten updated up foe. latest report out of germantown came in 3:30 this morning and more than a quarter inch of ic ice. that's significant ice. and how good is it this morning even in the district we have significant icing we're not talking about power out annual annuals. >> i thought the same thing. >> credit where credit is
5:36 am
has been. >> misinterpreted. >> and hopefully most of us staying warm this morning and we don't have to deal with any significant power outages due to all this ice. temperatures continue to creep up. frederick you're now up to 32 degrees. that's good news there. and 33 for dulles and mannasas 34. list ep all this will not melt away in an hour because temperature gotten above freezing we need to wait for the sun to come up and temperatures keep coming up and rain to the west of us gets closer to us the main storm impact it is actually drawing up it is drawing up warmer weather or warmer tem from the south ahead of the front. you see down to southern and central virginia and northern and certain sections of south up carolina heavy storms are there. here's the deal, by 1 a.m., --
5:37 am
otherwise. peaks of sunshine later on. temperature touches 52 by 5:00 or so we'll be around 50. it's getting better slowly but surely it's getting better. by the way pob's phone said what 34 on his phone? i don't know what that means. there you go. it's got to be a good thing. erin. >> lots of breaking news now at 5:37 several crashes and icy conditions slowing us down. this is 270 southbound by montgomery village and crash blocking left should airport left lane and traffic moving slowly and icy conditions out by 28. please use caution as you make your way towards the spuvrment let's switch it to a look on dale city. a crash dumbfys and aside 23r that icy conditions propertied on beltway, both loops near bw parkway and crashes earlier near the upper and outer. an area to slow it down. chevy chase breaking news here.
5:38 am
harrison northwest. a yash a war wept into with there was a utility mole. it was earlier vehicle fire and fire is under control. no word on injuries hoping the driver made it out of that van. we'll keep you updated watch for spoke in that and. cleanup and investigates out there. again we'll keep you updated on that one. let's check in with maps aside from that longs we have crash activity 35 north washington boulevard at calvert and calvertton 95 northbound out by 200 another crash scene there and several things popping up on maps you wanted to steer clear of this morning and also in frederick crash activity 15 south jefferson street and we're also getting reports of few crash as long 210. more to come with traffic all updates listed for you
5:39 am
d.c. on twitter. >> thank you we want to take to you fairfax country schools now klosd. 5:38 is the time. coming up next police spend the time on scene of overnight homicide in prince george county and and donald trump is threatening to sue ted cruz. >> a live look outside with as we head to break. give yourself extra time as you head out this morning we'll be back.
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>> developing overnight prince george country police on scene of a homicide investigation this is happening 8 60 0 block of green belt road. officers were called their following a shoot around 11:00 last night they discovered a man suffering from gunshot wound. he was pronounced dead on the scene. right now investigators are looking for suspect and motive in the case. it remains under investigation. gloves off in south carolina head of saturday's republican presidential primary george w. bush joying the campaign trial boost his brother's campaign. and trulp threatening a lawsuit for cruz and his eligibility to run for the white house unless he stops airing false adds. >> i have never met a person that lies more than ted cr
5:43 am
i have never ever seen anything like it and goes around saying he's a christian i don't know you have to study that. >> you're not entirely --. >> the cruz campaign responded by saying donald trump does not know what he actually believes so he can't really be expected to defend himself with reasons and facts. all right. coming up why adele took to twit to apologize for her grammy perform sglans this accident. really bad one on western avenue. as you can see there the car burst into flames. it's icy out there folks, please, please, please, be careful. we'll have an undate next.
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sxwlv i believe this is a live picture of western which has been closed because of a severe accident there that caused a car to burst into flames. there's the car. you can see it there yourself. so investigation underway they've had to close the road there. and really this is indicative of how slick it is out there and the fact you may not be able to see the slick spot it may all of a sudden be upon yo you. you really do need to be careful as you head out this morning. >> holly i didn't hear are there injuries there. >> they did not know yet as ever the injuries obviously we're hoping who was in the car was able to get out perhaps before the fire and as more information comes in i'm sure erin will update us as to what happened. >> rough commute. that's why a lot of schools are closed today and
5:47 am
government is delayed three hours all that scrolling on bottom of your screen meanwhile gary mcgrady is on thermometer watch. >> that's basically what i'm doing. it's good news here, too, temperatures are coming up look stay home if you can for the next few hours let's this all thaw out and bring the rain in and temperatures creeping up too and that's 54 leonardtown that you see there and then 32 for fredericksburg and it's come up a little bit. quantico up to 3 4 we're sitting at freezing in town. gamersburg came up to 36 degrees and fredericks is 3 2. you cannot see this annapolis is not coming in we don't that number and you cannot see this over on the eastern shore steve inzville which is basically right here on the eastern shore, they were at 32 degrees raingt hour like that they jumped to 4 45. the warm air is coming up. warmest of air is over by the bay. no doubt. coming in here too you don't see westminster here i can see on my thher map off to the sid
5:48 am
it's 37 right now. and even up here at ski liberty which is northern frederick county before you get into pennsylvania, or may even be pennsylvania i'm not sure that's 34 degrees and even there it's come up to 3 4 all these numbers are starting to come up like what we're thinking that's good rain is increasing back out to the wes west. it's already starting to comma across moderate rain. this is south of 66 along 81 there and then you see where there's still orangy color that's treesing rain in spots until this rain comes on up and part of this rain's job is to start bringing up to the warmer temperatures because the warmest of temperatures are still down souling of us and as this rain cop continues to track to the north and move the whole line is moving off east it is helping to bring that warm air in too and the system is still way back down here and again ahead of that the warm air is just coming right literally sucked off the atlantic right up into this system. so that's why we're seeing the warming first taking place
5:49 am
southeast. it's coming in at the surface and we have to give it time to do that is right. ice accumulations these are the latest i could find. a couple are from a little after 3:00 this morning and one of them is from a little after midnight you get the idea, right? and vienna cart quarter inch ice accumulation or more, germantown up over quarter inch at .3 1. this is significant icing and i'm so happy we're not seeing all these potential power out annuals and things like that. yes, roads are treacherous. especially side streets. given time with the temperatures coming up percy snril loudoun count gli virginia and they have a quarter inch. a lot of folks end one quarter inch of ice before all said and done. here's the deal. mostly rain this morning. early this morning it's freezing rain. the system comes through and ahead of the front and area of low pressure coming through there ill be heavy rain at time and i believe off to the east of i 95 now and
5:50 am
there will be a chance of a little bit of thunderstorm activity. so if you're east of i 95 out towards the bay or ina long the eastern shore don't be surprised that when this line comes through later on there could be a rumble of thuptder and lightning too with the heavy rain. by this evening, we're dry. clearing, and i do believe by 3, 4, 5:00 before the surprise goes down we'll probably see a little bit of sunshine peeking through. the best chance will be western and northwestern counties but we may have surprisey breaks in the city before the sun goes down. temperatures tonight will be down into the 30s and touching freezing in town and late, late tonight early tomorrow morning. suburbs will be below freezing and leftover slippery spots tomorrow morning. we'll watch that closely. eye highs today hard to believe lower 50s. 52 d.c. and quanitco 52 and annapolis around 50 leonardtown going 54 and rate is warming they're up to 50 and holding and they mayac
5:51 am
5 4 55, 56, 57 possibly before it's all said and done. western northwestern suburbs looks like you guys are going to stay in the 40s. most of the day. but that doesn't matter. as long as we're up above freezing and the rain comes on across we'll be in good shape to help melt everything out with snow pack and warmer temperatures there could be issues with flooding too. coming through for a period. today as the heavy stuff comes on through. if you want to jump to weekend on this 5 the for day. and 57 for sunday. so, there is some light at the end of our february tunnel. here's erin cuomo. >> well, 5:51 gary and we're dealing with a lot of crashes and icy conditions. and this is a live look 270 southbound side. and out by west mc avenue a crash blocking shoulder and left lane. and keep it to the rite. watch for slick spots. you can see parts of that right shoulder blocked too. it appears that the crash is involving several cars and i would say use a lot of caution. leave much earlier than you typically would yesterday conditions
5:52 am
it was president anesthesia day and less congested in gone we doesn't see amount of problem as early as we are now. back to look at maps. aside from that crash on 270 few other incidents you need to be worried about in prince george county. 210 north after old for the road a crash and stalled vehicle 210 after for the washington slowing us down and montgomery county crash activity now warring station road at klopper road a car into a ditch. that is the perfect example of xwr you want to slow down a lot of icy patch this morning. western avenue i want to take a live look out here closed half i son street northwest
5:53 am
i son street northwest that is a look at traffic, wisdom. >> airport, thank you. starting today and for the next two weeks nfl teams decide to wear the other franchise team paying big bucks to keep a player around for another year and one eligible is kirk cousins if skins opt to give him franchise tag it means he gets one year deal in the neighborhood of 19.6 million dollars and it could work out long term contract with the quarterback. >> and in just a couple days nats pitchers and catchers report to florida for spring training. a lot of fans wonderin
5:54 am
will be the last for stephen strasburg he is set to be free agent after this schbility his agent told "fox sports" his client and nationals are not talking about anything long term right now. he is playing next season on a one-year, 10.4 million dollar deal. . >> in today's fox beat a big night for the grammys, forte lor swift, bruno bars and ken drik lamar. more on winners in a minute. social media went crazy over adele's performance and not in a good way. ♪ ♪ sound problems plagued her performance. thousands took
5:55 am
complain saying adele looked distracted and cbs spokesperson confirmed there was a five to eight second technical issue. adele took to twitter to explain that the piano mics fell on to the piano strings and that is what the guitar sound was it made it sound out of tune. because of it though i'm treating myself to in and out. so maybe it was worth it. >> i still think she sounds good. >> i'm not sure we saw the exact moment where it happened. >> things happen. >> keep drik lamar took home most grammys he had 5 including best rap album. taylor swift 1989 album of the year she became first woman to win that category twice at the grammys and singer song writer ed sheeran gets sochingt year for thinking out loud. >> awesome. >> con groot sglem all
5:56 am
it's going to be a rough commute for a lot of you all today. >> yes, ma'am, let's check in with erin cuomo and get an update on how things were loo looking. >> a was in dream land on the dresses on the red carpet and we're back to icy conditions 5:56. both loops upper and outer use a lot of caution out there they'll be treating that portion of the beltway and also watch for icy conditions all over the dmv on, off, bridges, overpasses and ramps and incident 210 crash old for the road. another after for the washington road. as you make your way out now wearing street klopper road a car into a ditch. ice causing problems on saenld your is this morning. western avenue shut down. quick look at harrison street northwest. privately owned ambulance hit a hugh tillty pole it was on fire and that fire is nl under control significant damage to to that week and you'll need to tour aroundt
5:57 am
no word yesterday on injuries and use caution as you head out this morning. we have you covered in the full forecast at 6:00 [000:57:39;00] [000:57:40;00] choose, choose, choose. but at bedtime? ...why settle for this? enter sleep number, and the ultimate sleep number event, going on now. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. you like the bed soft.
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>> straight ahead at 6:00 a sheet of ice. that's what a lot of people are waking up to t wait for warmer temperatures to settle in. giving you this live look outside on february 16, tuesday morning, while not a lot of ice on the main roads, please be careful on the side streets. you can see in the one picture there a nasty accident, what's believed to be a private ambulance that caught fire after slamming into a utility pole. we'll have more on nat just a moment. >> good tuesday morning to you i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> welcome to more morning let's get a check whoon is happening about with the federal government and school systems in the area. federal government on a three hour delayed arrival and federal workers do have the option for unscheduled leave or telework. >> meantime mother nature turning president's day holiday for four day weekend for many in maryland, prince jorming, montgomery and anne arrundel


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