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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  February 16, 2016 9:00am-11:01am EST

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♪ straight ahead, thaw thawini t.t. the d.c. region woke up frozenre solid. but after days of temperaturesea below freezingre, it's actuallya feeling more like spring.g. unfortunately, that means a mess left behind. my experience strongeste stn person usually isn't the loudese one in the room.. a none too subtle shot from ar a former president george w. bush. hitting the trail for his little brother jeb. but donald trump showing no n signs of backing down. ♪ kendrick lamar stealing theg show at 58th annual grammymmy awards.ds plus, taylor swift's message t
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kanye west during her historic win. win. >> and lady gaga's out of thiss world tribute to david we'll have all the highlights. and later, move over beibe bei, the nation's capitol now n has a new favorite animal cam. it's the most patriotic ever. e good day at 9a starts now. ♪ love me some steve miller. e fly like an eagle veryle appropriate with our new eagleeo cam that we'll talk all about.ut again it is also once again on a baby watch.. >> yes. just different >> we like that around theseund parts. we do like it.> good day dc.od d so glad you're what started outd as a frozen tuesday. tuesd we're thawing out. just after 9:00 on tuesday t february 16th. i'm holly morris alongside off maureen, steve and wisdom. wdo >> all right.ight big night of tributes last nigt night. esnw stopping performances an few little glitches at the grammys last night. we'll talk about them and showmd you some of the most talk abouto moen
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lionell richie selling along justin beiber's first grammy ana a no rules red carpet. car >> what's that mean? all that t coming up. first though the big story here at home is the weather. wth the mix of snow, rain andnd freezing temperatures yesterdaye left the region coated in ice ii this morning. because of that, we had tons ofs school delays and closings andlo the federal government opening three hours main roads were pretty clear but side roads, side streets areeets still extremely slippery andy that means it's been a slow ridr this >> the good news, we are warmini up and we're doing it fast. it the bad news, the melting snow and ice more rain on the way means warranted flood watch.loot for details tucker barnes backnc with a first check of the che ot forecast g morning, sir, busyir, day for you >> yeah, good morning. already reports of ponding onrtn roadways.ys we've had heavy rain in the lasl couple of hours and as you as mentioned the ice and the snowts melting off.ltingff so it's not an easy morning at all to be on the roads or theds sidewalks for that matter it'sar still icy in plenty of spots.. but we should see gradualradu improv
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flood watch this went into wto effect a couple hours ago at ago 6:00 a.m. and again combinationi of snow and ice and some heavyoa rain moving through. t giving thus flood threat for thr next couple of hours.xt couplofh it's actually in effect thisuain evening but i would expect that the weather service will letil that go by early afternoon.ftern most of the rain will be out oft here by late morning. morni notice warmer temperatures.rare 52 degrees in washington. w 52 in leonardtown. 43 in annapolis.apis 48 up in baltimore. balmo everybody with the exception ofn cumberland now is above freezi freezing. that is great news. igrea things are going get slushy. we'll melt off some of that t hardened ice we picked up last s night parts of the area north ah and west the ice accumulationumo quarter of an inch, third of ana inch in a couple of spots.. really very crusty very ice ver bound early this morning withy some very dangerous conditionsts these warmer temperatures great news. not such great news heavy rainn moving through and you can seegs that on the eastern side of the beltway.beltwa prince george's county upty u towards baltimore much of eastern howard county and upnd u towards laurel getting heavyet h rain at the moment, and we'llnd
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keep rain in the forecast for af few more hours.few more hours. you can see out to the west wes starting to see that back edgeec move in, and once the rain getst east of us, i think we'llll gradually see a return to littll sunshine by late afternoon andnn temperatures will stay in theesy low 50s. 5. so again we'll get a chance to melt off some trouble spots here over the next couple of hours.. there's your planner and again p by late thisla afternoon upper s little late day sunshine. s i'll be back with a seven day forecast most people will love in just a couple of minutes. m back to you guys.back t >> all right. we ang thusly await t >> thank you tucker.>>ou thank you sir.thank yo let's check in with erin comoo now. she's had busy morning as wellsw as people were literally slip sliding away this morning, rig right, erin.ri erin >> that's right.. the inner loop completely jammej up before wisconsin through connecticut.nn we're dealing with a pothoecle north at this point taking out o two right lanes several vehicles were on the right shoulderr changing flat tires.t. not a great start to tuesdayt te morning. you can see some misty rainyai coming down, slick spots and spa kind of slushy commute. commu give yourself a lot of extrafxt
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loop and use caution you don'tod want to start your morning way flat tire. check in with our maps aside a from that bw parkway south approaching 410 much delays areh back to the beltway there.ltwa t in addition to n earlier crashra and vehicle fire in the firin t friendship heights area. western avenue the eastbound etb lanes have reope row westbound e shut down as you approach riverr road if you're taking metro takn speed restrictions near stadiumi armory because of that delays td across the orange, silver and blue lines so make sure you plaa ahead before you head out.ouut use a lot of caution walking tol metro as well.metr you still may hit icy spots on n those sidewalks. that's your look at traffic. trf any questions at erin fox5 d.c.c on holly? >> all right, thanks appreciate it.prec icy road conditions caused a cse private ambulance to crash intoc utility pole you heard erin just mention there.he it then actually burst into b flames around 5:00 this morningr on western avenue near river riv road in chevy chase.. now the ambulance belonged to the life star ambulance servicei there was no patient on board aa the time.the ti the emt and medic who were in the ambulance
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make it out safely before theefe vehicle caught fire.hicle caug lucky there. >> very lucky.. 90:00 sick. sick. ice not only causing a problem a on the roads, sidewalks areidews tough, >> fox5's bob barnard is live in southeast tc with the veryery latest on this story. sry hey, bob. hey, >> reporter: hey, wisdom,ey, wio guys.ys i'll tell you what, it was ice earlier now tucker and erin hash mentioned it's flooding take aea look. this is alabama avenue and the t curb lane here is submerged there's an overwhelmed storm sto drain here and of course thisrse happens to be at a metro bus b stop tax crosswalk, and so carsr some are coming through here yoy got to jump out of the way or or you'll get soaked but mainly it's taken alabama avenue downow to one lane road here, you'lle,u see these cars coming by here bh and the other issue here is the potholes.tholes err rip mentioned one causingioa issues on the beltway.elay they're all over the place. pce we've seen many with these veryv low temperatures, now warming p up. usually you count on catchingat site of a hub cap or wolf here'r what we found this morning.orng someone lost th
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here along alabama of a southeast.he license plate numbers eg9874 d.c. taxation route representation f this is your plate, if youf y recognize the number, give us as call. i'll hold on it to we'll get itg back to you somehow. to u so but one of the many things the i you'll see along the side of the road, guys, is potholes open up, the flooding narrows the roadd surfaces here to a lane. so what we're seeing here, the t ice you talked about these werew sheets ice earlier today, the sidewalk here with theseh t 50-degree temperatures and allrd this rain it's all cleared awayy the snow, the freezing rain, th, slush everything is gone. they're now just wet but notut t treacherous, guys. just a nasty day out here. her >> sure is.s. >> they don't call bob at leastl you have the souvenir from therr winter of 2016. 201 >> bob has been busy thisusy thi morning.mornin >> exactly. >> hang it on the >> exactly. o>> exactly >> clean it off -- cleaning offn cars, wiping windows and nowws d he's finding people andpl a returning tags. >> go to guy. >> hardest working man inorkingi television news i'm telling youy right there. >> thanks bob. >> we've been ni
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conditions all morning and theyd have run the gamut fromrom dangerously icy like bob said ti slick and slushy and so let's go ahead and check in with mikeithm thomas in is in alexandria fora an update there. what you got, mike? you, m >> reporter: holly, i'm takingan that title from bob. we've been everywhere today. toy we went up to frederick whererik the roads were awful. circled back down to leesburg lr now we're in alexandria here ini virginia.virginia guess what? it's been rainingra heavily really since we left frederick, maryland, and sincece that point, road conditions hav gotten much, much, much better.t the potomac river behind me noe ice out there. all flowing friehl.wi the snow even here on the grounn started to melt. mel because of all this heavy rainvn although i will say this. not too far the surface isurface warming up here but not too farr under the surface because of bee just how cold we were thise this weekend, the ground is still kind of frozen.kind o so you see the water really hass nowhere to go. from the minute i stepped inteei this field the water just comesc gushing up.p so you'll get a lot of this floo
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a lot of ponding of waters ondi the roadways but the sidewalks,s aside from little bit of slush here and there, have improved drastically so far today.od and we expect these conditionsdi to continue as we head through the afternoon.noon tucker keeps telling you it's 50 degrees. reagan national is about, oh, o, like 500 feet that way. so it does not feel like l 50 degrees out here. des this is a very winter like 500 we'll call so stay inside.. ride it out as long as you can. and then once we get to theo afternoon he we start getting gi the sunshine back you can getn out enjoy it. travel conditions so far morning have been improving drasticallyc i can't wait to get inside andid get dry.get dry. i'll zen it back in to you guys. >> you shall, mike, thank you. we're not the only onesnly e dealing with extreme weatherreeh tornado touched down near the florida alabama borderma border destroying about 10 homes in thn rural panhandle.hand high winds toppling trees therel and power lines in louisiana ana mississippi.sippi that same winter storm blamedme for the icy conditions here and in north carolina and the deep p freeze furt
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city. at the same time the west coaste they're baking out there. tki o temperatures on the grammy redmy carpet in la pushed 90 degrees.e >> wow! >> la marathon was yesterday. yy >> my goodness. my ness in that heat.ea >> brutal.>> >> still ahead more bad news for hillary as she battles bernietlr sanders for the democratictic nomination which state seemedtee like a lock is very close.y clo >> first though what parentst pn need to know about wi-fi wi- radiation and the potentialtial health risk to students who are constantly exposed to it. to we're talking about it on the it other side of the break. bak. 9:10 is our time right now.
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>> it is a fact of life we live in a high-tech world. high- in fact today's teteens have ner lived in world without theut the think of tha but some parents are worried are about the level of radiation exposure children are getting aa school.scol. fox5's laura evans has more. >> reporter: today's technology taking these kids ons a virtual trip to the moon. m montgomery county schools is ths first school system in our areaa to partner with google to offerr the expedition pioneer program.. smart phones inside cardboard boxes and app takes the kids tot the location virtually.tuly >> the kids were complaining of headaches and nausea and disne
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disneyness and they had eye strain and there was a googlee rep that just said, you know, yo just take a few minutes. minutes this is >> reporter: laura is a member m of a parent organization calledl safe tech nor schools marylandd fighting for the safe use of uso technology in the classroom. it's not just google expeditiont that is has them concerned.onrn it's the whole technologyhnol program in the montgomery county school system. msps purchased 40,000 laptops and chrome books for studentstut from the third grade level to lt high school.choo they upgraded the wi-fi system s installing routers or accesss points. some right in the middle of the classroom ceiling over student e desks. they're emitting radiongad frequencies all day long.on >> they need to teach students u how to use their devices safelyl and there should not be wireless in the school.chool >> reporter: sherwin coletteinot chief technology officer for mcps declined an interview with fox5.x5 but in a board much educationcai meeting last september, he saidd reducing wi-fi in his scho
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system makes no sense. s >> you cannot live by a precautionary principal on thist count that says ooh, because weu may not know something, we musts do nothing and we would hardoulh wire all devices makes no sensen >> reporter: in 2011 the world r health organization classifiedif radio frequency electro magnetie fields including wi-fi and cellc phone signals as possiblybly carcinogenic to humans.o human some scientists say radio frequency waves don't cause cau cancer, but more and more experts field are coming forward expressing concerns.once the american academy ofacady pediatrics along with theith the government accountability offico or gao are urging the fcc to adopt up to date radiation standards.anrds current standards are 20 years old, and don't account for a child's use. >> laura came in this morninghis and joins along with debra dav davis. debra is the president of theret environment health trust no n non-profit that researches health threats includinghr radiation.
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disconnect the truth about celll phone radiation which won the 2013 silver naught us will bookk award.d. >> thank you both for coming ino laura, i'll start with you. y i just have to plead ignorance.e i didn't even know this was answ issue.sue. >> i didn't know it was either. these mothers reached out to meo i didn't even know there wasw tw this organization. they reach out to me. they were concerned about the googleea eerxpeditions.xpeditios my children had just gonehad st through this, and i knew aboutut the concern and the legal disclaimer that's on our phoneup saying keep your phones awaynesw from a child or your ears as well.we use the head sets. s but i started digging deeper dee into it, and saw that the worldd health organization and the american academy pediatrics the american cancer association --i- american cancer society are alli concerned about this and i dig deeper -- doug a little deeper and there was enough evidencevi for me to, you know, want to dod a story about this. debra davis has been outspoken k on this issue, too.ue, too we invit invited
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morning with us. u they declined our invitation.. and as you saw, the fcc didn'tit want to do an interview on it oi either. >> i guess what i want to know from you or debra, what exactlya does wi-fi do to child? i've? v got a daughter in school allchol day. i know there's wi-fi in herre'sw school. how concerned should i be about this?is >> debra is the one to answero a that. debra, tell us a little bit.l what do we need to be concernedc about. what does wi-fi do to a child? d what do we know what is the evidence?ce? >> the fact is we have not we evidence.evid we have no evidence safety andya in the absence of evidence of safety doesn't mean that it's okay.ay you know, the fact is, we've w never done any research on thisi question.queson we're exposing our children andc we're conducting an experimentei on them with frankly without any controls.controls. now, as you point out, the google expedition puts the cellc phone right in front of thet oft brain and the eyes of a child. in fact samsung says no one n oe should ever try doing anything h like that until age 13. but the i
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roll out for free to get the schools involved in engaging technology -- but debra, let'srl stick to the wi-fi issue, issue because that's what we wereat's talking about here and i knowd there's a cell phone and wi-fi i and radio frequencies are very -- are different.iffere different radio frequencies aree different. but in terms of the wi-fi, why w should parents be concernedeon about wi-fi in schoolsrb? >> you have these prone books they're all simultaneouslytaou operating at the same time in the classroom and you see theane pictures you ran in your story s showing these on most children put them on their bodies. they are called laptops because they belong on -- i'm sorry sry they're called tablets becauselc they belong on tables. they're tested 20 center meterse away from add dull male body.l a we real dollar not have any h evidence of safety want we do d know in experimental studies is younger cells exposed to thiss radiation get damaged, and, a repeated u.s. government hast been doing studies and they say we call for more research. res
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but we've never had seriouserios research program on this issue at all. a these things have been rolledavd out without any proof of safetyt >> so is that the issue, we juss need to have research done d because we live in a high-tech g world.wo there's a constant push for onee tablet per kid in schools forchf kids to have access too technology be it wi-fi, be it, b cell phones or whatever. is that what's at issue? i >> yes. let me be clear.let be debra, i don't -- again, it'ss parents are not asking for the schools to get rid of the technology.techlogy. they're just asking for the saff use of it. of i that there is a way to safelyaf use it and train the teachers th and the children to use it safely.fe nobody is asking to get rid of it. it >> you're miss step there i dotr have a question, should a laptop not be sitting on your lap evena though it's called that. >> absolutely. ael it has antennas that are wi-fi and laptop -- in fact you call them tablets. now more and more.. they belong ong desks. o they're tested 20-
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away. 8-inches away from a body. b they real dollar not belong on l the body.y. the american academy ofn pediatrics has said this. we have a program called baby b safe project to warn pregnant p women particularly about thisbo and all of these devices comeom with little warnings aboutngbo keeping them some distant from a the body that people are note an aware of. >> there's concern of pre of pre production. letting people know how to uselo these thing safely.e thinfely we want our children to know how to use technology. of course.oue. but -- they need to use t u computers there's no questions o about that.about that but they need to know how to us it safely.. which means you download to thee and put them on airplane mode s when you give it to a young child, they're not constantlyany sending and receiving microwav microwave --owave >> devra people get caught upp you say there's no evidence.novc there's no evidence that theseet are unsafe.are unsa i think people just kind of tunn out at that point. pnt >> why do i need to worry abouta it. >> what are you really saying? are you really saying you wantl to prove your child is getting g sick before you take steps totet make them safe? i mean do youdo give them umbrellas you go to g sc
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>> my child likes to run in thei >> i'm curious to know what's w' the difference between thatencen having wi-fi at school andch having wi-fi in your house? ou great question wisdom.n wdo >> what's the difference there?? >> the wi-fi -- first of allt of wi-fi is generally weak and it'd not the power of the signalig we're concerned about.ernea it's the pulse.ul it's t irrelevant signal goinglg thousands of times actual toll .4 billion cycles a second. secn the microwave oven and the laptop and the cell phone use the same frequency.ency. the difference is the power and the power of router is trivial.. it's absolutely trivial.y t it couldn't hurt anything by iti power alone but it's the pulse e signal repeated over thousands s of minutes over the lifetime ofo these children that we'rete' concerned about. we are concerned and the koreann government is concerned and acen number of governments around thd world including belgium andelum france and israel have takenavek steps to reduce these exposese s inses
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concern that microwaveve radiata which is coming to and fromnd f these devices will harm ourl rm children over the long run andua you can simply wire these thin things. wired connections will eliminati this concern.on >> it's only for kids under thed age of 13? or should we all non be concerned about the dailyheai radiation we're getting. get >> i think the fact that samsung has that notice means that theyt know very well it should neverur be close to a child. contrary what is being done herh in the montgomery county publicc schools, and let me say, the schools are well meaning.eang. i'm not, york doubt it.. but they have the person making the decision, mr. colette, doesd not have training in publicublic health. it's not a public health issue.e he's been a pioneer in developing technology. tec that's wonderful but the but t technology needs to be thoughteg of as in terms of the protection of children from things that may cause them harm. them h and the reason we know it mayt m cause them harm is because thert are studies showing increase ini brain cancer.
9:23 am
world health there are other stewed fromdro sweden with very similar results and the earlier child starts tos use a phone in this case, thehe stronger their risk of getting malignant brain cancer 10 yearsa later.lar. that's not a risk -- >> child's skull is thinner. a child's brain is developing d and that's the >> we have animations on ourur website eh that show s you these exactly what goes on e inside a child's brain and theya get twice as much radiationadti inside their head as an adult.du 10 times more radiation to theoe bone marrow of the skull.ll. that we know. that's been established by >> very controversial.y contvers >> we'll have to leave it.ave te there president of environmental health very controversy sal issue. >> i have more questions as aio result.. i'm glad that i hope you do, t too. we can at least try to get theto answers but we do thank you forr your time devra davis.av lauer to sum it up with you foru parents like us looking for more information where do we go.ere g >> well i mean you can google go it.
9:24 am
to ask the fcc for updated information.inform the american cancer society, american academy pediatrics juse continue to go to their --my to- hopefully they will update information and look to them for guidance. because, again, this is very v very two sides to this issue.ssue a lot of people are calling thii the next tobacco. tobco but studies are being done as we speak on rats right n parents don't want their kids td be the rats.he rs. >> sure. >> thanks for bringing it to our attention. i didn't know until n >> thanks a lot, >> we'll have more on good day d when we come back. bac don't go anywhere. ♪
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♪ >> i love this. now we still love pan panda camc >> we do.>> we do. now we have a new eagle cam andd in a few weeks perhaps we willil have a baby eagle eagle cam too watch.wa this is the national arboretum.t i tweeted out the link earlier.i they're actually two cameras. cr you can switch back and forth ar between. the two eagles are mr. presideni and the first lady. l this is the first lady and shene has two eggs under hershey's keeping warm right now. n the birds first made their nests in 2014. they raised one eaglet last year who flown the nest off to bigget and better things they areth nesting two more the first lady laid the first f egg february 10th and the0th ant second on valentine's day. >> aww.w. >> mid march the expect the duee date for those young eaglets. ee >> i love that. >> they need -- second on
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actually shows how high above the ground the nest is. theest i it's very cool. >> that's cool. >> very very cool.>>oo >> all right.>> turning to the presidentialresit race, there's now a secondd former president out on the o t campaign trail. tra but george w. bush facing some s new criticism.. democrats meantime are watchingg their race tighten in nevada anv south carolina. fox's doug luzader has theuzader details. >> reporter: here's what we're t learning out in the only canenl trail. bernie sander social securityde not just an iowaso and newnd n hampshire phenomenon and georgeg w. bush can still draw a crowd.. >> thank you.ou >> reporter: he hasn't done this in in wh former president george w. bushs back on the campaign trail in i south carolina making the case for his brother. >> in my experience, the t strongest person usually isn't i the loudest one in the room. (applause).e) >> reporter: that sounded like l a pretty clear reference to gopg front runner donald trump who has been unsparing lately in his
9:29 am
criticism of the formerm of t fr president. >> we made a tremendous mistakea we went into iraq.q. shouldn't have happened.ldn' everything you see right now is an off chute of that decision. that was a very bad decision.ecs >> reporter: conservativesonserv this may be the ultimate test t for trump. tru >> that's pretty extreme. if he gets a it way with that t without some diminish many ofan his support, that means he rea really is teflon don.teflon don. >> reporter: trump didn't stopns there threaten to go break his party loyalty pledge anddge threatening to take legal actioa to block ted cruz from runningri because of his canadian >> i am not a single issue iss candidate because this is not a single issue country.ountry >> reporter: among democrats, hillary clinton attacking bernib sanders in nevada. a statement at one point most is the party was a lock for her. h but sanders is dead even in onen recent poll there. >> everything in my political gut tells me that we have theehe momentum here in this state.ta >> reporter: that's nevada butab clinton and sanders will alsol s square off in sout
9:30 am
february 27th and even though clinton has an advantage there,e recent polls suggest the gap is narrowing. in washington, doug luzaderl fox news. 9:30 is our time right now.g we were just talking wow seems s like the skies opened up at least over the studio. so here come the rain. >> it's been raining steadilynis for a couple of hours.f hours heavy in spots. spo sounds like we're getting heavyi rain in northwest d.c.t.c i'll go outside and look in jusj a moment. let me just show was the rain ii doing. getting rid of rid ice that accumulated like that.. look at vienna a quarter inch oo an ice.ce. germantown a third an inch. purcellville quarter of an inch. that's definitely rain on ourinn rooftop all temperature, 53 now in washington.ington 44 in annapolis. 50 up in baltimore great newsatw we're getting temperatures wellw above 20 degrees above freezing. fez the cold air is really holdingol on and hanging on tough here ofe to the test. looking at culpeper 32 degrees.. however, the warm air will win out and everybody even you guys
9:31 am
winchester, martinsburg,rg, hagerstown will be at least intt the 40s here in the next coupleo of hours. of hours so that is great n we'll get a chance to melt off that ice accumulation we pick u last night, and we'll be in forf much improved conditions aroundn here later this afternoon.ft it was an icy mess this morningr and now we're dealing with a wit rainy mess.. heaviest of the rain just to th east of washington. whing but it's a teddy rain rightain t across the beltway. theeltw right up and down 95 at this ts hour.ho. pushing out towards annapolis.ap that will help melt off the snoo and ice and we'll be in for an r improvement in conditions you can see the back edge of our ofo frontal system now you shallow a pushing into central virginia aa that moves through we'll be don' with all the rain here by earlyy afternoon.afternoon. probably by noon, 1:00 o'clock.' we should see the rain really rl wind down maybe little afternooa sunshine. there's future cast. all right. rht. so 9:30 let's watch it together. there we are at 2:00 o'clock.t we are just about doneut d everything at two.g atwo. late day sunshine.te dayunshine. temperatures will fall back intl the upper 40s.. and we'll melt off some of thata in fact we'll melt off most offt that snow and ice we picked upwp st
9:32 am
the south where you guys gots higher snow amounts. aun six, eight or 10-inches down to the south. i'm not sure you'll be rid ofeid all your snow this afternoon aft much there's future nice sunset and then we are offo and running with a very nice couple of days. day 52 today.52 look at the rest of the week. i think bonus time around here saturday and sunday with high hh temperatures expected to be inen the upper 50s. 50s might do 60 degrees saturday ana sunday. nice looking forward to lookk forward. to guys i'll be back withll be t another look at radar in just an moment. mome toss it back to >> come on 60.>> c that's what i'm hoping for.g f >> thanks tuck.>> t let's check with erin como get e look what's happening out outngt roads this morning.roads is m we've seen everything so farveir this morning erin. >> 9:32.>> 9 problems continue.ob good news for the inner loop,ne, host, all lanes have reopened.. between connecticut and georgiaa you can see disabled van on the side of the interstate there.ere there was an earlier potholeotho that caused many flat tires thii one vehicle left unfortunately.a a lot of drivers had to changeoc flat tires before they made their way to work this morning.. now that all lanes are open, ala of that bi
9:33 am
were dealing with has dissipating.ipg. still from old georgetown fromm connecticut you'll hit a littlet more traffic than usual. u notice the shine on that stretch of the interstate and the watere coming off from the rain.ain use caution this morning.. you'll hit slick spots outer spo loop traffic moving along muchh better.better. let's switch it over for look av our maps right now. first camera you canma see thata delay by old leading towards where all lanesh have reopen. now look at our maps. ouraps. some other problems you need to be aware of this bw parkway southbound crash moved over toeo the shoulder approaching 410. 4 delays still lingering there and earlier crash and vehicle fire f that caused big problems a lots of damage out there on western avenue, the eared lanes haveav reopened web side still closed. metro watch for in some delays l across the orange, silver andver blue. check in with me speede sed restrictions near stadium armory got you covered on twitter at erin fox5 d.c. d.c back to you maureen.auen >> thank you erin. fashion statements with non st rules. we're hitting the grammy redy rd carpet for a look at the hits ht and the misses. mis >> first though we have
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about the big winners and the snubs.. music critic chris richards ishs here to tell us why the night ng belonged to kendrick lamar.amar. ♪
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♪ all right. lady gaga channeling david bowie for annotate of this worldhis wd tribute to a true space oddity.t we'll have more on that on that performance and the other o
9:37 am
award show coming up in our next hour.hour >> first though it may have beey the 2016 grammys but like tayloy swift said during her openingr performance it was really allas about 1989.t989. the pop princess dominated 20151 on the charts and recordingor academy rewarded her with her second trophy for album of thelo year. that makes her the first woman n to win the prize twice. twi she also picked up two otherp to awards last night. but if you want the person withw the most winners it was kendricc lamar who stole the show and the most hardware. hardw here with a look last night's ns winners who walk away empty ha handed chris richards pop music critic at the washington post.hs before we talk bout winners, i i have been saying leading up tonu the nominees i felt like theik taylor swifts and bruno mars,nor this feels like it came out fouu years ago. a what is the criteria forria for somebody actually winning a wini grammy in 2016? >> the grammy deadlines end toward the end of the year.he y it's basically scheduled sochedd artists can sort of takeort of e advantage of the holiday salesal bump and then also be nominatedm the neck time around that's whyw adele who has this
9:38 am
25 wasn't nominated this year ia came out in time --im >> that will come out next yeary >> yes. >> we'll have to hear helloave a again in 2017? when she winshe for that. that. >> yes, you will because brunoab mars came out in 2014, right? >> at least for a decade. aec >> it seems like it.seemke i >> high school graduation playee that. >> love this song.>> love >> with that said, the winners e and we'll start with the big the names taylor swift swifts and kk lamars.. >> sure. >> deserving in your opinion. >> thai lost swiftn and kendric lamar were up against each otheh in the album of the yearlbum o typically the biggest prize of e the night or considered as such by the taylor swift winning this awarda it was -- i kind of read it as a blow for hiphop music inic i general.ral. only two hiphop artists ever wow this prize ever lauren hill and outcast.tcas many people thought kendrickt kk lamar perhaps winning this prize the grammying might be able to turn around their reputationepat tour snubbing hiphop.ipp that didn't have.idn'tav they went with the industryndus favorite taylor swift who swi w rescued their industry andtr
9:39 am
copies. >> the thing with the grammysths here's a group i'm thinking the cutting edge move on the futuret taylor swift not to takeake anything from her her album was great cep curricula march hiscuh album and i am by no means a raa official there's a social asocia consciousness to this album.snst when you listen to it this guys is talking about things relevanr today that we -- what i thinknk music ought to move you. you know, to action. >> he won five other >> did he. but album of the year.m of t yea this is the feather on the cap e think the grammys could havegrys taken a real opportunity thisppi year to say, listen, we aren, we moving this needle in the wayhe may not be expected we ared putting people on notice it'snoe not business as usual. >> i agree with you completely.t i think kendrick actually actual addressed this his acceptancetnc speech for best rap album. aum he gave out a shout out to snoos and nas.andas he says something like we're all going to live toive this idea that like hiphope hho history made outside of the grammys industrial complex if you will that this is the sortti of music that celebrates itself. >> are they putting that much
9:40 am
that really they deep when theyn decide who will get a grammy? a this is social consciousness oro is it just they're popular, thit one is selling records. ror this is who we're putting out here. he >> as a critic it should be thah deep. >> but is it? >> that's the >> i don't think it is. >> grammy is supposed to be sup voting on excellence. not about sales, not about popularity the resin answer isie the music had social.l. it's about an he can length lent >> however you define excellente >> the voting block is massive m and spread array cross the country.try >> what would you have pick for major categories.or >> album of the year to have been kendrick lamar and toplama prices i believe it was recordtr of the year g that was a surprise because that's the one' that went to mark ronson.son. >> that went to the bruno mars r mork ronson song. son >> i would love to have seen him take one of those top two categories.ri >> what did you think about meghan trainor as best newest ne artist. >> she was
9:41 am
she had the biggest hits the hit most recognizable hits.s i'm a fan of sam hunt the ht country singer who perform p earlier in the program butr he didn't come through with the trophy. >> are the grammys still sti relevant? as a kid this was ts must see tv you watch it for tht moments. i think now maybe i'm just oldy' and i just don't care any more.r but i feel like it's passe.asse >> i'm with you.ith you. i think the reason for that is f because it's an awards show it'' really a performance show, and a cbs is trying to put on a a telecast that is going to keepee so you have basically i thinklyk last night 83 awards given out o but only eight of them given out during 3.5 tell cast.. >> only eight awards given.iv >> they did a few things theses people were honored with this. i >> i thought the same thing when i was watching.ching i haven't watch the grammies in a couple of years.a coup i was almost like what's thee ws neck performance going to bece because they didn't seem to dide focus on the actual awards thath much at all. >> only the awards people caredr about. about. right. if we saw the oscars they justju gave away like the best picturee and best actor and best shortho film wouldn't m
9:42 am
>> to answer the question aboutt the relevance of gherammys i ths personally they're just way too many categories.egs 83 different genre tousle tou brought and prices to give outdi it becomes watered down thehe prize becomes less mean full. otts cars around 20, 25 a a smaller pool and there's res the teach to it because there's thes harder to win un. >> is there a music choice for movies. do you get to vote on anything.n >> i don't it.>> i i just get to vote with my keyy strokes. >> there you go. t >> sometimes can be might pee powerful. >> have you gotten feedbackttenc e-mails this morning overnightvt from the people who read your r column. >> yeah. a lot of people are very kind of a side plot to this whole thing taylor swifts toess acceptance speech she took a dia at kanye >> i loved it.ed >> kanye released a song overone the weekend that saidt said distasteful things about her.s r that seems to be the main conversation.ertion lee trenching in our positions t kanye versus taylor which goeshe back six years to the 2009mva'ss >> the headline i'm taking awayy from this whole thing we'll hav' to see who can beat adele in i
9:43 am
>> apparently she's all righttl the front runner for nexty yea' grammy. gr >> i think so. we didn't get a chance to talk t about pitbull and sophia veerr garr. garr >> just kidding.kiddin >> great performance.foan >> which one of those you like l better i think you know who itho will be. >> pitbull of course.itbullco >> chris, thank you.>> c >> thank you, chris. you, chr >> still ahead in the fox beatt part four of our interview withh kevin mccarthy his visit to thee zest independence day resurgencc and this time he's catching upgp with two characters who haves wv gone through big changes sin the last invasion. invasion time now 9:43. 9:43. back in a moment. moment.
9:44 am
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♪ >> what is it you want us to do die. die. >> that was direct and to thedi point. rel right. that's a clip from the originale independence day and if youce d remember the last time we saw doctor is a coon he was being wi joke out by an alien after itftr used him to communicate witnesss human race. plot twist character actuallycta survived that 1996 movie.ov now you're all in the know.he k he's back for a second invasionn in independence day resurgence.. kevin got a chance to sit down w with the man behind the
9:47 am
scientist brent spinner who has plenty of experience actingg alongside aliens after a long al run as data on star trek thetr next generation he sat downown with, f that's not enough he en also sat down with actress viv v today amount fox the widow of will smith's character. stop it.op >> long introduction ever. >> i think movie is out now. n it wasn't out when i started reading this.his. that character who was hung up she hung up her stripper heelsr in the sequel.he s >> then what happened wisdom.d . >> then what happened, well -- (laughter). >> here's kevin mccarthy. >> there's more -- it is thehe longest.. >> when i was 12-year-old i saty in the theater with my jawh my w dropped to the floor when that f white house elode i'm wondering we're sitting herr onset today.onseda 20 years lat where are we? what can we c expect from this part of thepa o movie when people see this --s - people see this set piece?et pie >> we're actually on the set of the african set.ican set >> we're actually in africa. >> right.>> right. >> it feel like it. i >>e
9:48 am
so good of you to come all thist way for the interview. >> yeah.>> yea >> africa set. in new mexico.. >> that line today we celebratee our independence day -- >> today we celebrate ourebte o independence day!ay >> i want to hear your bestres today we celebrate our our independence day. d >> today we celebrate our independence day! >> whoa! >> got to put some base in the ther (laughter). >> i can be the first sisterrs president you know what i'm saying? yeah, we got to kick k they butt.ut no they ain't coming up in here trying this again 15 years yea later, um-um. (laughter).te >> it's your turn, buddy. bud let me suggest something else. e good all right. >> you know, there was after the film came out, they did a pockec version of independence day anda then they came out with a secons one which was the prequel too independence day that was about dr. oiin and he gone to berkelee and this and that and the otherh how he came to area 51. and i'm thinking if they everyve
9:49 am
play dr. okin. d o >> i'm in.>> >> he just cast you.e just >> couldn't he?ouhe? >> i'm in.n. 20th century fox on the phone. p i'm in. i >> what is the biggest difference in similarity to in shooting the '96 film and now.. >> with the cgi it's now moree advanced.adva so it makes the stunts and makes the stunts a lot easier. whereas before, you know, thereu was couple of times that i willl never forget driving a truck,ck um, which, you know, it was aasa big by the way can you drive stick?i i guess so today.oday (laughter).(lghter) >> you know jumping out --jumpit coming out of a tunnel jumpingli on to like a limb that wasthat hanging there it was just, youes know, it was a lot more -- i had to have confidence in fiscal ins will the. now they have things that canth help you out lot more.ot m you just kind of react to it. so it's more acting internalintl liesing thing. >> okay. o >> all right. independence day resurgence hits theaters in june. j in case you didn't hear me, m brett spinner was in star t
9:50 am
and viv today amount fox she waw in some other -- >> stripper heels.>>pe >> reading this intro. this o i was still reading the intro. stripper heels in the sequel anq taking a job as -- as >> we're >> keep going. >> i'm still reading. >> 9:50. 9:5 coming up next, the late night n host not going to get left out t of the grammys but of coursee from carpool karaoke to brand new addition of meme tweets.e t we'll tell you how they t celebrated. >> what was that other movie brent spiner -- >> viv today a fox was a stripper...
9:51 am
9:53 am
♪ ♪ all right.ight hollywood of course celebratingi music's big night last night, n, and the two -- >> with no prompter >> and the two late night hostso out in la didn't want to be leff out, of course.out, oourse. first up late late show snow shs james corden debuted a brand new carpool karaoke with justinhusti beiber featuring their drive toe the awards ceremony. cer check it out. >> it's not a big deal. big d >> eighths big deal. we already look stupid i
9:54 am
i'm wearing white.ite don't wear the same as th what do you do?you >> i thought it would be kind oi cool. cool >> oh, did you? thought it thot could be cool like a pair of a r waiters and a cruise ship.. >> i didn't have enough time to moisturize. mo >> did you briisng my moisturizz because i left it at your houseu can you apply it while i drive. >> apply it? just on my t zone,n it's going to be a lot -- -- pandemonium when i get out ofett the car. i want to look my best. thank you.ank >> you know the spots.the spo that's it. yeah. thank >> rub it in. rub i >> just on the t zone, that'ss right.rit. >> look. since we're stuck -- should wehd listen to music? >> i'm down.>> d >> yeah. >> yeah. >> ♪ >> i do think those are are brilliant. i laugh every single time. >> ♪
9:55 am
those are fun.arfun. >> favorite song. >> tribute to up town funk.p tow >> i can't get away from that ft and that other >> how is he able to get these t stars to open up they the wayhe they do. >> you know what if he didn'tatd know how to sing, he's such a good singer, they wouldn'ty uldt respect it as much.t m they respect his talent. >> he's jack black.kck he's also musically reallyeall talented but then funny tame.ny >> they have that instantns relation. >> i like >> it didn't make beibere bbe likeable, come on?, me t. for that. >> for that moment -- 4.5 minutes. te >> that moment in time. tha >> brief moment in time. >> hard to beat a man in whitene dinner jacket. jac i'm just saying.. next up jimmy kimmel he used the occasion to debut a new music themed edition of infamous memee tweets. eets now, most are too much foroo muh morning but here are a few of the tamer ones.on >> charily wilson reminds meemis that of old creepy uncle you weren't allowed to be alone wite growing (laughter)
9:56 am
>> drake looks like a ferreta with a baby afro. >> don't unthe world's obsessioi with one direction. what is attractive about littlee boys with gross hair and skinnyy jeans? >> of course. i love how music takes you awaya to another place.ce mumford and sons is playing atsi this restaurant now i'm going tg another restaurant. (laughter) >> pretty funny. >> that's a good one. tha >> inappropriate morning tv. >> i know. kw >> even better. better. >> that's great. let's get the good delivery, t too. >> that's awesome.>> what are your favorite moments m we'll share ours from last night's grama wards.rama stick around for that and we fon want to know what yours are. hit us up with the #gooddaydc. hits and misses. mis red carp show started sunday fon them. >> that's the real show.t's coffee time on good day d.c. iff you've been eyeing our cool goog day mug listen up we have a newa dunkin' donuts mug. m. >> wow. >> wow. >> i know. it is the perfect cup for that great dunkin' donuts coffee heae to fox5
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10:00 am
♪ ♪ the 10a all over this still developing weather storytory unfolding this morning.orng >> snow, ice, now the rain. tucker will give us live updates throughout 10a as it's regions o remains under a flood watch. wch >> trending at 10a grammy'sray' biggest moments. men what was wrong with adele? taylor throats subtle
10:01 am
kanye and what about thoseut the tributes?utes >> plus fab or fail? our version of the fashion policehi assemble to talk grammy fashio fashions. no bad blood blood h maybe a little.. >> the 10a starts right now.ow ♪ >> wait a minute. this just in.ust i this is going to be eligible for grammy again neck year.k yea >> is that right?>> ithat rig >> yes. >> back by popular demand. dem >> it will be playing at my daughter's graduation.n. >> it will be retro there. t >> a throw back.>> >> almost knew again.lmkn >> can't get enough of this son >> you love it.>> you know it. >> awry made it my ring toney ng when wisdom calls. so we can share it together. >> i appreciate that, steve.ate i appreciate that. >> you missed our little pause.u >> my goodness.dn >> we were d >> that's what we do around hee here. >> we want to know of course what your favorite moments from thete grammys last night.ig i'm steve alongside holly,ol maureen and wisdom.. up town funk wouldn't record ofc the year last night.
10:02 am
that's one of the big ones i bie don't think that was much of aaf surprise. >> it's ear warmer.r >> mark ronson and the crew. bruno mars. m >> he had a small part in it. >> one last thing laughter night after the super bowl peopleple didn't know who he was. w now people know he had a big part in that. tha >> upped his resume.e >> before we get to all thisll t music talk we have to talk about the temperatures helping melt all ot that ice that we woke up to buto more rain is on the way. w that means a chance to for flooding.fldi details now tucker barnes joinsi us live with a first check of the forecast.e foreca hey, tuck.y, t >> the first check of theirsthek forecast or like the 35th 35t check of the forecast. forecas >> something like that.omhing >> the first check after 10:00hr a.m. >> thank you holly. thank you so much.h. >> clarity. >> all right. hey, listen, the live shot the t traffic moving a little bit litt better. that is great melting off the ice i.e i we have had widespread reportses of flooding out on the roadwaysw ponding on the roadways.ays. so there's a live look at yourou radar indeed we've got heavy rain across the regioneg
10:03 am
city. out towards crofton, bowie,, annapolis, is a verna park,ar working down into calvert cve county, saint mary's county as a well to the south.o the sou you can't see it under the und t banner there but very heavy rain down in southern maryland andn m this will continue for a fewr fw more see the back side of our rain shield now working into the inth western part of our viewing aree out towards front royal andro ry winchester that's the back edge of it a few more hours of rain i but the rain has been steady ify not heavy in spots and continuei to deal with that.eaha because of that we have a flood watch in effect through tonightt the weather service will liftl that earlier as we'll get we' g sunshine this there's the big picture. picre back side of the rain showershos now working into parts of ourf viewing area and we shall bend l done with the rain by earlyarly afternoon.rnoo i think late morning, early, e afternoon a few more hours of ho rain and then we'll get a chancc to dry it out. we should bring back sunshine and the best part temperatureseu are going to remain in the upper 40s to about 50.ut check out reagan national now, 47 degrees.47 bouncing around a little bit.un well above freezing for severalr hours.urs. bwi marshall now
10:04 am
dulles 36 still trying to getryn the warmer temperatures off tope the north and west just aboutt a everybody now is above freezingz that's great news and asnd a mentioned we should be in thehon upper fours and low 50s laterat today. flood watch i mentioned that int effect through this evening.nin. there's your a* quick look at the seven day forecast* we'll focus more on thveen weee but i just wanted to remindem everybody that we've got we've sunshine to look forward to herh as we get into the middle andhem end of the week.en t all right, guys, heavy rain forn a few more hours.ou things should quiet down.t we should get a chance to drynct the out most importantly meltntt off the ice and snow from fm yesterday. >> thanks, tuck.>> thanks, appreciate it. >> lots to look forward to.ook >> yes, yes, yes. 10:04 it's time to check what is trending, and first up, the biggest night in music.. the 58th annual grammy musicc awards in los angeles was the night of memorable tributes tbu musicians that rocked the the industry --stry >> i was doing hand signalsnals holly.holl >> a little inside baseball. >> it rocked the industry inthe years past honored by today's's stars. st tailor swift ma
10:05 am
the first female artist to winrn album of the year for a secondd time. swift also performed the show'so opening act singing her latestas single out of the woods.oo swift also picked up two othertw awards last night.ig but it was kendrick lamar who wo really stole the show. and the most heart wear for that matter.tter. rapper won five grammysive including best rap album for to pump app butterfly, lamar walkee into the ceremony with the mostt nominations, 11 total. tot >> that's >> it is impressive.ive >> good for him. all right. other winners last nighterst n included up town funk by marky k ronson. i didn't know that was up forw any awardths. i wonder how it goes.t g >> i'm not familiar with it. >> featured bruno they won two awards including ig roar of the year.yea meghan trainor won best newest w artist and ed sheeran thinkingin outloud won song of the year. t >> that's a good song. that's ao >> let's get back to tayloroay swift.sw she's getting a lot of attentioi for her acceptance speech durinr it she waste nod time firing fig back at kanye west who recentlyn dropped a new song with lyrics
10:06 am
her famous.ou. take a listen. >> there are going to be people along the way who will try to under cut your success or take credit for your accomplishmentsn or your fame.. >> now swift oval of obviouslyos didn't name any names but we buw newell i was exact who'll she was talking about.lkinout >> who was she talking about? >> somebody.omebody. >> i'll bet it's mark ronson ann bruno mars.bruno mars. >> everybody is talking aboutdyi them. >> up town funk.wn you know what i loved e fd sheen acceptance feature he pointedeah out his parents for four yearsry they've come here and they saidi maybe next year. >> aww. >> kind of cute. kof c >> in true parent form. >> they were smiling. grammys is a celebration ofratin music from 20 see at times the award show was dominated by tributes.tribut ♪ >> i thi
10:07 am
most anticipated w then people l found out that lady gaga would w homage to david bowie didn'tidn' full medley hits going back frob the early '70's through some ofe the late hits she started way space oddity and ended performance with powerfulowfu version of his landmark songong hero. she really hit several decades c worth of david bowie.. >> channeled him in every way.ay >> that was my only criticism of it always like she felt she wass david bowie to the point ladyoil gaga show and not just davidtav bowie. knit picking the >> okay. o >> the eagles more tributes they played tribute to glenn fry toot the stage to perform take it tai easy and jackson brown who wasas singing with the rest of theof e surviving eagles jackson brown actually coach wrote that song t with glenn fry with this i felti like at the very end they put uu the picture of glenn fry andnn d then they just kind of like wall off. i thought they might have saidei something about it but -- yeah.h >> i guess because of the the history over time the b
10:08 am
between him and don henley justj made me think maybe this was aas chance for don henley to say i miss -- >> it didn't happen.didn >> no. it didn't.idt >> in celebration of leg music legend lionell richie this ihi i loved i cannot find any fd a criticism in this at all.. all star line upsang med of his songs.s. john legend, demi lovato lukeke bryan, meghan trainor, tyreseyrs performing hello to brick house. >> ♪ best part lionell richie jumpedu up out of his seat went up onent the stage and join everybody for a great performance of all nighg long. lo this to me was one of the highfg quits of the show. >> why were they honoring him?og >> it was like the career award. >> like lifetime achievementvemt award.ard. >> yes. exactly. >> i her everyone wanted thewant music to go on all night long.. >> yeah. >> that was really good. >> a good one.. >> you said out of the entiret t sh
10:09 am
given out all -- >> eight.ight >> eight awards out of thehtward entire night.tire that's all you's a you >> that is amazing to me. t m a lot of singing. singi >> all about the >> okay. all right. speaking of performances sowp issues big deal issuesrfs g deal throughout the night highlyhly anticipated performance fell arl little flat when the audiolat wd dropped out during adele'' performance.rf listen toor this. >> ♪ i give you my heart at the door -- >> it was on beat. i first i thought it was like w l remixing this or >> yeah. yea. >> but, no talks big mistake. m >> people also said she lookhe o little confused.litt con if your sound isn't right you're probably looking around someoneo fix this. ts. adele took to twitter to followo apologize for the piano mikes fell on to the piano strings that's what the guitarui sound was. it made a sound out of tune. te completive happens. hpe >> because of it though i'mitugh treating myself to in and out st maybe it was worth
10:10 am
of course she's referring to the popular fast food chain in and out burger.t b you deserve it. why not. >> she still nail the s nai performance. >> she did. big night for justin beiber.r. he walked away with his first fr grammy for best dance roaring for where are you know? is that the name of the song. >> where are you now >> seriously people.>> sious where are you now. >> spell that with a k. >> where are you now? hahnow? h neverly.neverly. >> ♪stly. >> the acoustic version i like the a could you say tick justin beiber was kind of cool.c >> i like accuse ticks incks i general. >> for all the knocks he takes s he's a pretty good mew zig. mew he can play differenceff instruments and he's upright thee good singer.ood er >> he really is. >
10:11 am
every now and again. aga >> the awards handed out duringt the untelevised part of the ceremony.remony. he thank his fans and manager and grammy voters.. >> assuming that nobody knowsy k who will win wouldn't you want justin beiber to be one of theef people that accepts on life tv. >> within his first grammy andst it's follow televised. >> more evidence that this showt is out of touch. tch >> that's what it is.t's how do you not have justin jti beiber on stage getting his first grammy? they know.know >> you would think, right. >> they know. >> somebody knows. >> someone got the got she's got her finger on ther on pulse of what's happening hap beyonce' making a surpriseurpris appearance at the grammys. gmm presenting the award for album a of the year. y but before that, she made a bold statement about herabouter controversial super bowlroverslu performance.rfor she said quote art is the unapologetic celebration of actual cher that was self expression dropping the she explaippned how that art can affect people in a number of a o ways causing some to be moved ad you know last week beyonce'eyce perform her new hit singleingl formation during half time atdu the super bowl.the su a lot
10:12 am
because of it still being talk t about but hopefully she puts its to rest with this.est i doubt it though. >> you know who wasn't theren't last night. n >> one kanye west. >> he's busy panhandlingling apparently.nt (laughter). >> or something like that.someth >> maureen just dropped theen j mike. >> thank you.>> t >> we'll have much more on theme grammys still ahead.d so who nailed it? who failed fe it? we're talking about fashios of course in our own fashion fai this this at a paul wharton wiln join us live to break down then red carp.redp. >> first kanye his latest twitter ran, what's wrong with h rihanna. epic star wars casting news.. the good day celebrity dishish being served up next.p nex
10:13 am
10:14 am
10:15 am
♪ all right.all r it's time for good day celebrity dish. di we'll start with sad news thishi morning.g. the mew segment world has lot ol another star this year.r. pop singer model and actress vanity lead singer of vanity sit died. she passed away at the age off 57. her real name was denises dis matthews was protege of princee all the way back to the '80's. vanity struggled for yours withw drug use and health usery latee to do her kidneys. kidneys she left her party lifestyle les behind and became a christian ci and appeared in a number eve
10:16 am
tv shows and films inn clueing i the last dragon thenn biggest o. singer sheila e tweeted shad sha send my friend in christ gonehre today. miss you dearly you are in hisy arms now. no pain.n. yeah.. vanity from vanity six. s >> so young. young >> yeah. so young. >> yeah. that's sad. let's get back now to music's biggest night talk aboua the grammys of course and verynr high profile absences.ce let's start with rihanna. rih now the super star was schedulel to perform her sg kiss its i better but this morning we'rengw actually hoping she's gettingng better because doctors ordered d her to bedrest or risk damaging her vocal cords if she did go sd through with the performance. it's 48 hours of bedrest for rhe rhe.. i'm sure she'll make it next itn year. she'll make it up i'm sure. also excitement at the big showb that lauren hill would be performing.rfor she nicked the idea. ide her publicist said the grammys announce miss hill's appearancep prima cherry hill and without approval. the statement goes on to say,gos she had concerts all weekend ane
10:17 am
event. t. hill was expected to join thehe weekend's >> question.>> quest >> if you're lauren hill whyl would you not take the advantagv to perform at the grammys and a get back out there. tre. >> unless you feel like you're k not ready. >> here's the thing.erth lauren another her first hitirsh album back in the '80's. >> miss education lauren hilln h she's been on weird stuff.rd i saw her perform about threebot years ago and it was a disasters >> i understand that, wisdom.ism but this is the opportunity nowy make up for all of that.t. >> if you're completely -- ifeli bigger stage. sge >> if you're completely owe livi yous, steve you just are. jt ar. >> that's true. >> it's sad though.t' >> i used to like like hr she was at the top for a hotor h minute and then somethinghe happened. >> everyone expected her to h t dominate charts for a decadertse after that first >> one and done.nd d >> she went away.>> went aw >> she started doing some otherr thing.g. any way, let's talk about guy who loves the limelight.imelig somebody should take kanye'stakn phone and toss it away or changg his twitter password.sw the rapper unleashed anothershea twitter rant last night.ight he asked, pitch
10:18 am
stones and rolling stones not ti comment or quotes -- on quote black music any more. any mor he doesn't want them to say to anything else about it.about he called puff daddy or diddy oo whatever he's calling himself she's days the most cultural ctu figure in his life. l he went on to say he loves white people but they don't understant what it means to be the great-grandson of x slaves west noted the system is designed fof colored people to fail and quote one of our voices is music. oh he also revealed his album a will never go on sale and will l only be available on tidal whicw is a digital subscription based music service. service. that is your --ths yo >> that will help pay the billsl >> kanye update for the day.. >> kanye rant of the day.. >> cuckoo.>> c honestly. >> maybe he can tour with laurew hill. >> sold out concerts everywheres >> kim, come get your husband.. listen, spoiler alert for you star wars fans out there whoho have not seen the most recent movie
10:19 am
so the excitement over episode seven the force awakens haswans barely even settled but starut s wars fans have something knewhie actual toll be pumped about. abo filming already underway for tht next chapter in the star warsr w saga episode eight.ight. a short clip was releaseded yesterday to announce the news.n it shows the director along with cast members mark hamil and daisy ridley. >> wow. wow >> two new cast members.woas >> also announced includingng academy winner dell torro and jurassic park star lauren dern.. wow.w >> star wars episode eight due out in december 2017. 2 >> all right.ll rht wisdom washington do you thinkho mark hamil's s ytory line is goi to be? >> i have no idea steve.a steve >> i was so disappointed withtei him in the last one.m in the las >> he was on there for twore foo seconds.s. >> all that dialogue he had.diah >> all that dialogue.ll tdial >> he nail the look, steve. >> yeah, he did. did >> so much in emotion andnd passion. passio >> the great beard.reateard >> i hope he's clean shaven goog i agree
10:20 am
>> i think he's roll out therele with a the beard.ea he'll be the new ob1. >> we have to years to thinkrs o about it. . >> and talk about it and wealk will. >> a lot. all right.l r hey, full house fans, have a very special anniversary to a celebrate. 25 years ago uncle jesse and becky tied the knot. aww. laurie laugh run took to t instagram to wish her tv hubhu john stamos happy anniversary she wrote quote happyuote h anniversary to jesse and becky celebrating 25 years of marria marriage. waying to kids. k so they are officially now a couple of marital silver foxes. >> all right.ight >> that's one way to keepee hollywood marriage together. >> there you go.>> >> go off tv and still staytay married. >> don't be together much that'h how you stay married. >> make it a tv marriage. >> newlywed love justin theoriur shared a rare valentine's daytiy photo of his wife jenniferfer aniston after they celebrat celb her birthday in new york city.yc he posted this photo of aniston sitting inside
10:21 am
tower trendy restaurants.taants. even they're in paris or they t moved the eiffel tower to newtoe york. >> concourse. >> i'm not quite sure.'m n i think it's safe to say the couple enjoyed their firstirst married valentine's together. tt >> it look like the eiffel tower. i say they're in paris. >> maybe they were in paris the night before and took thatha picture then flew back to newk york. >> or they can have been havingh dinner in new york and let's goo to paris for photo. pto >> there you go. >> let me pose. >> you know right longingly outo the window. w >> did you get that? >> what? >> thinking about our love. >> we are so bitter.. >> caddy. >> any who, thanks guys. 10:21.10 coming up later on how about owa vegetarian dinner options forpts those times you want more than a salad like yummy stuff withff w substance it we'll head into the kitchen witn some help from d.c. dose is ae a ugly start to the week thanks tt the snow, ice now rain coming ug next we'll go on r
10:22 am
>> what do you mean?hat do you ? >> what do i mean? >> ♪ it's always worth remembering... that icing the cinnamon rolls is a privilege not a right.
10:23 am
the power of dough. give it a pop. here in vineland, home of progresso, we love all kinds of chicken soups... but just one kind of chicken. white breast meat chicken every time. so if you're not going to make your own chicken soup tonight, do what we do...make it progresso.
10:24 am
>> we have literally been dealing with everything you can possibly throw into the weather blender over the last 24 hours. temperatures are rising but look at the mess out there right now. heavy rains turning dangerous mix of know and ice into just ra all out slick slushy mess. we'll do our road patrol this t morning and start with bobrtith
10:25 am
bob do you not look like a happh camper this >> reporter: come on.eporter: c i'm sorry. i'll smile. i've got something for youhing blender, though.blder, if you're into collectible howeo about hub caps and license pla plates.. >> bob -- if you're missing -- >> license plate you cleaned upu cars this morning. mor upping the anti every time went see you. report roar i'm taking care ofkf business, people., i'll tell was.i'll t this is not for auction.ucti we'll get this back to you. bac. if this is your license plate eg9874 we found it on the side d of the road.of the r we found this hub cap because ou this guys. the story right now is all these potholes and you'll see cars car coming through here and it's a just doing a number here.rer people getting out of the way ta try to avoid this stretch here.h this is martin luther king, jr., avenue here in southeastthea washington.wa there's a lot of standing water as well. storm drains that are that a overwhelmed so a lot of flooding. there's a lot of potholes ands we'll get soaking wet if this metro bus comes along here, gu guys. so it's gone from
10:26 am
and sidewalks and encrusted cars to -- whoa, a big mess on theon streets because of all thiscaust rain, guys. guys. and that's the situation here, y, right? it's funny. southeast -- southeast washington.shinon my colleague mike thomas is nowo up on beach drive in chevy chase. chas mike, how are things looking upg there? >> hey, bob. good job today by the way.y they you're very hard working man.. okay. let's take look at what's goingt on here.e. we're on beach drive right at eastwest highway here and seeind some of the other effects ofr es what's really was a three-prongg storm. we had the snow yesterday.terd. we had the ice this morning, an, here we go.e go we are starting to see really no more icing here on the roads. r. it's just rain but there's still ice and still sleet piled up onn the side of the roads and roa because of that the water that's falling has really no where to t go. you can see it's start to go t pond up on areas of the beachea drive here. h so still hazardous travel arouno this morning and that will at wt least last until the rain
10:27 am
up as we get closer to the noon hour.hour not just the roads having the he problems here.prob turning the camera over here, all of these dark spots you seey in the snowfall here, that is actually water that's accumula accumulated on top of this -- oo top of grass here f i walk outut and i kind of kick the groundhed here a little bit it's stillsll very march. mch that's because just underneathas the sut rface here it's stills i frozen. we've warm the top layer to mell the ice but it's still frozen underneath.un so the water doesn't havesn hav anywhere to kind of escape. as a result we have somee s flooding here and be cautious if you're hitting y the roads later on thisonhis afternoon. we'll have to deal with theseh e flooding issues and of course o we'll keep you posted all day long on facebook and twitter. ar all right, guys, back inside tos you.u >> mike, can you remembere, c recently any type when we've had official alerts warning us of snow, ice and flooding all within 24 hours? hou >> not in recent memory.emy although i have a feeling that'' not terribly uncommon. uncmo a lot of times when we have thii snow the rain event you get
10:28 am
>> all right. we certainly have seen it all. >> how hard do you have to hit a pothole to knock the license plate off of your car? >> seriously.>> serusly >> i've heard that that can happen.pp. (laughter). >> beyonce', taylor swift, ladyl georgia struck a pose.a up next the good day fashion police has been activated and wd are ready to talk the fashion winners and losers.os back after after this. kathleen matthews: too many nights, i lead the 11 o'clock news with stories of gun violence. and like many of you, my family lived through the beltway sniper crisis. in congress, i'll fight to expand background checks on guns and ammunition, ban assault weapons, and mandate gun safety locks, because too many kids die from accidental shootings. let's show the nra
10:29 am
e not afraid of them; as democrats, as americans, as parents. i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
10:30 am
10:31 am
♪ hello. >> behind the scenes there.ind n >> i i'm hoping someone rolls the prompter for me, chris, if you can help me out. o we talk about the awards fromrds last night's grammy it's timeim for the real judge to go happy.h we're talking about the red t carpet fashion show.ho there's no shortage of thing tot talk about. there's a little bit of everything on display and we're not just talkingdi about the clothes, so which musicians rock it? and which might be singingg the blues this morning? here te share his takes on the best andt the worse fox5 fashion host andd host mr. paul wharton!! >> yes. >> what's up ladies. lad >> how you doing. h d >> you look good.. >> you look red carpet.arpe >> we're very hollywood with wh those kisses. >> you look amazely what's up guys. >> h
10:32 am
>> it is. it is.. >> red carpet was super slick sk last night. before i get tlao those peoplee ya'll look good. g >> thank you.. >> you look good. you lk go don't these ladies look good. >> coordinated.ed what did you think.. >> as a complete overview i wilr say i was surprised by howised y dressed up everyone was.on i thought the grammys aret the supposed to be more funky butfuk these people looked like theyiky were going to the oscars. gng th >> very mature.>> >> i didn't mine at all. >> grammys all grown up.ll grop. >> it was the grammys all grownl up.. >> it like that. t >> it wasn't so grown up where's was the natalie cole tribute.bu. where was earth, wind and fire,, people.. >> ♪ >> we have been getting peopleen online asking about >> that was it.>> tt wa >> we weren't down with that weh were talking fashion. fhi who did you like, who you, w didn't? who did i like? well,? let's see who is up first.pirst i loved taylor swift actually.ct >> let's talk taylor. letalk >> she has grown on me. o very much. this is versachi two piece she s had on bright orange crop top and the flowing pink skirt it i just thought she's reallyeall growing into herself her body looks e
10:33 am
>> if you can rock it, rock it.k >> she can rock it.>> she can r one guy that was really hot onyt shoes last night was stewart s whites man.ites. she was wearing stewart whitesww man shoes and so many othery o ladies were wearing those as wet well. i thought she look great. >> she rocked a new hairstyle. >> keeps it young and fresh she's a grown woman and set letl us know last night. >> this next lady sierra. >> sierra. okay.ok every day the back was out. out the front was down low. the slit was up high. up high. >> i hated this. i hated this. >> you hated it?>> you >> i d here's why. >> why? >> beautiful beautiful girl cutu she seems to always show so mucm skin i don't think she needs tot show this much.uc >> she's a reclaimed let this woman show a little skin. why shouldn't she.n't >> i love that.>> iove alexander goat yea i believe.el i thought it was fantastic. fanc isn't i actually -- i didn't i ' totally love the dress. d i didn't hate it i'm with you iy thought it was a little i thought her hair ---- >> this girl is beautiful.eaiful >> let me tell you something. st >> she was drop dead.rop d >>
10:34 am
got to stan out.toout sierra has a hard way to go.o >> with that >> she is a beautiful girl. >> she is.>> s you know what, who cares? ho c nobody is buying her records.ecs she's got to wear something. sei you know what i mean.u knowt i until she gets married. marr >> selena gomez.ez >> selena gomez another one thae has grown on me.. calvin klein collection. holly is looking like side eye.e >> i thought this was beautifult all i can see a ton of knockf offs and every girl at prom is r going to be wearing it filme wei that's >> i didn't think you're totally right.otly rig >> that's okay. you know what, if sears wants t pick this up, i support that completely.comple i support it completely i loveyl how she -- you didn't like all e the skin on sierra but selena gomez she covered up and you'reu not feeling her >> it was a mature look for herf and i don't mind it. i >> it was mature. >> i do see knock offs coming. c >> that's okay.hat' when the girls get what theyhaty need they can get the originalta calvin klein. klein until then, sears here we come.m >> our next lady here is -- tori kelly. ke >> tori kelly
10:35 am
>> she is in guaari and -- i -- thought this was spec tech.h. >> stunning but it looks likeksk the >> forest green.>> for will she ever get invited to the oscars. >> one thing that caught myhing attention last taylor won ther n award did you see them hand to her. miss tori kell wall not feelinge it. she was like --she wasik >> i hate when that happens. hpe >> i want her off this grammygry stage.stage. >> wow. >> it was really cool. this so -- >> let's talk about her highnesh queen b herself.lf i heard this was actually aas wedding gown.g >> it could be.>>t co whose wedding is that? maureen. >> i was reading online -- >> it's very angelic. ael coming off the super bowl, you b know everybody was a little bita on the edge. oh, lore, what she going to gng wear? beyonce' said let me jusj soften the mood and come in witn angelic whie i thought itug looked fabulous. sheer, it's white, it
10:36 am
scare nobody. >> you're talking about covering up. she's covered up and she lookshl fantastic.ti >> covered up and looksoo fantastic but she showed quite t bit because it was sheer. she >> i thought caylee quo companya did the grammys.e mys she wore something spectacularpc but edgy and fun.. >> caylee quo company sleeve less e she's obviously doing fulll cycles, solid core, she's doingd everything she needs to do todso keep that body right. >> fun and flirty. f >> it's fun and she opted not tt wear the traditional gown. >> yeah.>> >> in place of that one piece ie thought it was w great >> yeah. we got men to talk about.o abo >> i'm sorry, i'm distracted by holly's jewelry.. >> bling, bling. good girl friend got it going on. >> for the grammy segment.or the >> you married well. >> are we doing -- doing -- >> lady gaga.>>y ga this is mark jacobs and i'mobs a thought it was fabulous becausec this is the lady gaga we alla w know and love. she's been doing the hollywood glam thing a lot lately and iynd thought wow what happened to the old lady gaga.lady gaga it came slamming back lastmminbk night, honey.
10:37 am
>> this is not something weometg would wear to the safe way. >> speak for yourself. yours >> this is lady gaga and it'ss the grammys. i thought her performance wasrme off the hook.ofe ho loved it. >> we're doing worst next. w n hit them with the first shot. >> oh, yeah. >> now -->> >> this is somebody named den nd see ya. see >> i do know her.o know i don't know if she's hellof s e kitty.kiy. she a little chanel pin on this is a onsie going wro this is great for netflix and nx chilling but not for the grammys red car it doesn't seem -- >> we're talking about her. talg >> i think if you wear that and you try netflix and chill you'll actually be watching what's onso netflix.tflix >> you know the interestingestig thing and you are right maureenu we are talking about her beforeb i saw this i didn't know who she was. what does she sink. s >> she did do, she's one of theo women who pine neared the skin i bleaching cream all these womena are using now. >> ew.. next. next move on. >> love yourself baby girl.elf g oh my. >> now, this is joy
10:38 am
another one worse dressed list i have no idea. i just looked over at wisdom iis don't know who that is. (laughter). >> we don't know who you are, wo joy but we're talking about you today. because those plastic spikes are scaring everybody.scaring i mean can you imagine -- >> some kind of bondage outfit. >> can you imagine the eyes that were put out sitting next to nt this dress?this dss? >> right. >> i mean -- who wants to sit st behind that. >> i don't know who wants to si behind that. >> two minute warning. warning >> okay great.>>kay >> who is next? >> this is horrible. >> i didn't know big bird was ws going to be grammies.ra >> cam is a country singer. surprise surprise. spr i'm sorry. >> that's prom dress.prom d >> this awful.>> ts aw but she's getting the press that who else would have been talkinv about cam today.out m to that's true f she was in in something black and simple and classic, we wouldn't have been e talking about her.out her. >> nor this next person i'ms neo hearing her name. silala. >> silala. >> i thought gosh
10:39 am
>> z la-la. la- >> i look at this and shed cherc had work.d it's good's gd wo she looks 40 years younger. youg it's not cher. cher did it first and best. this is somebody new doing a knock off. i don't think it really servedy her well. >> little time for the men. f mn let's do men next. next. breeze through this. through t >> weekend in bell hadid thatadt was great in all black and she d was spectacular. >> she would be great as more m tisha adam. >> maybe not so much. >> let's move on.'s mov come on, come on. >> sam hunt.un this is a pale pink dolce and good ban knee he look great herh opted not to do the traditionali black. >> do you like it.>> >> no. >> maureen. >> i don't like the color andd the wrinkles though me off. >> maureen. >> i'm sorry. >> real quickly --eal quickl >> one thing you left outeft o because whoever wears their own diamonds to an awards show.wa >> who did that.ha >> cary underwood.wood >> look her up. her that was her v
10:40 am
gift from her hockey husband.usa >> that's how do you it. >> real diamonds. dia >> i tried to give you theedgive jewelry shine dan you'll pass ii along to cary underwood. >> she's a giver. >> by the way one we did leavewa out johnny depp looked horrible. >> did he. d >> what happened? he finally fn broke. 21 jump street no more. me. >> he did just recently appearya as donald trump. >> okay.>> o maybe that's what it is. 21 jump street on skid road.d r what would you give the fag this year to f.. t wasthought it was a strong b. >> strong b.trg b because i'm an optimist. opt >> i love you. >> i don't like to talk bad bad about people.eo >> any way --- >> wrong show paul wharton. wha you catch me after we'll talke't about it as always our styles s expert. thank you love.ank looking a mazing as always. alw. >> thank you. that's your recap, folks. f steve is cooking up delicu deliciousness in the >> i lost johnny depp look likel the only rock star in the groupg last night. n if we're talking about theut grammys you have to have a rocka star. paul is growing crazy. so sorry. sor invite me in the conversationhec next time. still ahead we're in thee in t kitchen -- i see you over thereh
10:41 am in the kitchen coming up diningg out and skipping the meat. the m what if i told you there wasas something vegetarian, vegan,, gluten free and delicious.elicis we found it and we're going to i make next and you can, too. we'll talk about it. about it. ♪
10:42 am
10:43 am
♪ i forgot my now you're showing me up withe w the good day apron. apr >> i'm sorry. >> you'll do the
10:44 am
lifting this time.e. between meat less monday and fridays in len.. people are going to vegetariansa you're not limited to sal rods.r there are all kinds of options. we're learning thou make them a union mark. good to see you.od to see pre ya. pr how are you. >> i'm good. steve how are you. y >> what's a dose so. >> it has no dough in it. i it's gluten free, it's vegan and of course it's fantastic meaticm less option made out of lentils. >> okay.>> this is the raw material overatr here. >> this is the raw material right here. i'll walk you through this.heu . >> okay. >> it's really simple. it's not intimidating. intimat you can do this at home easily.l we take the yellow lentils. leni this is one type over 80 types t in india.. we soak this in water for abouto four or five hours. hrs it's just lentils. raw lentils soaked in water.ak n >> okay.>> >> i add little bit of ginger.. albinos. >> a little heat.>> a lit >> a little heat. cumen, red chill list if youisif
10:45 am
>> more heat.. >> and parura it in a blender be and then this magic happens. hae it turns into this batter. b >> it's veggies basically we're' blending together.oget >> it's all lentils we're blowing together depending on which additions like.ns every family has their own takek on it this is what i find i likk for my familiarly.rl >> street food as well.tree a comfort food. >> it's a street food. is it's a comfort food. food it's a great food.ood. >> okay.>> oka >> i'm going to go ahead --head >> blend everything up and thish is where the magic happens we turn this batter into something. what are we doing with it.t >> we turn to something yummyhim and delicious i'll make one for you right now. >> i hope you do.o >> so the trick is to have a good crepe it doesn't have to be non sticki but it has to be cast iron ct that's been seasoned or in thist case i do have a hard pan. p we go in circles like this. t >> doing it like you would do aa crepe or another batter. >> exact al crepe. dough so is the indian equivalent of the crepe.nt of >> what would you fill thisthd t with?
10:46 am
doing veggies. if you don't want to do veggiesi could you do something else.eths >> you it's traditionally all a vegetarian from south india which means likely vegetarian vr and dough so is vegetarian.ian. i've seen people add meatddea options.tns what i'm doing right now is is adding toppings. these are chopped onions.ons i'm adding cilantro which noo good indian food should ever be without.out i know there's some people don'n like cilantro.. >> we're covering all base glass if you want to up the anti we have some chopped albinos. albin >> throw it in there.t in there we need to have little heat.t. >> why not? will we actually aa taste the heat from the batterob itself. >> no. batter has no heat to it.o to it does have the chill list ifis in it but very subtle thetle t flavor.flavor. >> okay. the heat really comes from the e albinos if you put it on top.nop but anyone can make this at home depend owing want heat level you like. >> we use olive oil i prefer pre olive >> okay. >> i'll turn up the heat a bithe on this. >> do it. let it go. >> and then this is going tooint turn into a nice golden
10:47 am
pancake. >> i'm guessing you cook it oveo high heat you'll want to cookook these >> you want to cook them quicklk but you don't want the bottom bt burnt and the bottom isn't cook. we'll flip this over in just anj few seconds. >> our burners aren't probablyby as near as hot as what year used to. to >> we have professional crepe ce machine at indian mark.ian m >> of course you d >> this is what i do at home. hm make a mess. mess >> i asked if she can talk and a cook at the same time.e. she's always talking to the kids. yelling at them. behave!! >> i'm yelling at the kids whil doing this. i can make dough so with my eyee clove at this point.oi >> while you're doing this.ou'r what else will we fine at thein restaurant.aurant >> we're going find india hasoig over 80 kinds of dough sos we do just three we do fillings with them as welw it's all vegetarian and we haveh chutneys a sauce that goes onau the side.e >> we also have this huge thingt here. what is this?is
10:48 am
vegetables.. easy enough to make at home.e. >> cauliflower, roved the cauliflower, cabbage granny gnn peas, carrots roasted in theed t oven with little bit of oliveve oil.oi a few cumen seeds and some ginger.gier. that's's set it aside while you're paying the dough is a. saute it and set it aside whilew waiting for the dough so beingei made. >> are we ready to principleo ii this out you're going to flip t it. >> flip it. >> how do you serve >> half man oar indian inian in threes. i'm going to show you how we doo that. you can put the filling inside it. it i guess the equivalent would beb a giant tortilla.tilla. best way i can describe it.. >> so if we were going put goi another filling inside thatde t would we do eight this stage ore before you flipped it over.ou fr >> no we want to flip it becausu we want to cook the onions orr just char them a little bit one top it doesn't taste, you know,, no one really like the taste of ronyons.ons well, i do because that'sseha because i'm indian much that's differ.di we're in the sake of time right now,
10:49 am
your onions are good or not.od o how would you. (it now if we to take this out.. >> voila. and we're going put a littlegoin bit -- >> we are going to put fillingtp in there. there >> we'll put filling in like this. t >> okay. we've got a nice veggies in there. ther flip it over. and now steve is ready to voila. voil >> i am ready to eat. ill smells >> little garnish g garnish onao >> fantastic. >> i'll share this with myshar friends. we're going to sample this.e t i'll zen it back to you guys y y unless you want to come over wac here and eat. comfy? we'll make more.. >> this one is all all m sorry paul, would you like some as aoa peace offering?ering? (laughter). >> paul and i will share.and i s >> he looks like he's hungrys hy there's the information on yourm screen if you head down to unio mark a great place to go if youf have not been to union marketnin you need to get there asap. d.c. dose is which i did not not stop my last time down there. pre ya i'll come back. bac >> yes.>> yes >> you and everyone over here hr you're' friends of d.c. >> i promise that you.
10:50 am
>> there you go, my friend.. >> fight it out over there. 10:49 is the t tim coming up next we're sharing s your reaction to last night's grammys. ♪
10:51 am
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♪ time now 10:53. 1 we've been talking about musicus all morning long but the way wew listen is changing and we're not talking about tidal.t tid we're talking about vinyl.out v i still have some of mine.f min i still got some.ome. >> yeah. in back in the old days.k all right.all right it keeps gaining mo momentum ths for millennials dishing tech fo turn tables.rn ts. fox's julie banderas has more. ♪ roar dose in the u.s..s themselves know that vinyl iss strong and that's format people are buying. >> reporter: in the lastth las decade vinyl records have madeed come back.ack. especially among the younger generation.tion the main turn on for millennials is the fact of holding ag a physical copy of a record in their hands.ds >> they put time into the
10:54 am
sheets into the cover artwork and you can have that with you.u it's not something on computerr screen.scre we're seeing this sort of switcs slowly back to the old analog a ways of doing things in our verr new digital world. world >> reporter: the recordingecor industry association of america says 9 million vinyl albums werr sold in the first half of 2015. this at the same time cd salesal continue to fall. >> there's whole -- whole newhon generation that are just goingng releases are just vinyl andnd digital.ta they're not even doing cd any cy more. >> reporter: the recent deathses of roaring artists like davidvid bowie, glenn fry and natalie cole also putting an extra spini on record sales. vinyl copies of bowie's final'sn album sol out on amazon, and sis of his early albums are getting the vinyl reissue treatment. >> what's retro is cool is c knowledge it's like everythingrg comes full circle.mes fu cir >> reporter: nostalgia for the era of records is being playednd
10:55 am
>> ♪ >> show people how rock and roll makes you feel. >> the new hbo series vinyl chronicles a record label at tht '70's.'7s at last consumer electronicscs sony showed off a record player that turns vinyl who high rosese file.. >> roar players use light orht o laser to read the records.ecords >> even luxury brands like eveke saint laurent are tapping intopi the buzz with products like lik vinyl inspired mascara and a a record store in denver has online university to school neophytes on the history of lp'' and make sure they use the correct terminology.minolo >> records are not called viny vinyls. >> reporter: no new york, julie banderas, fox nnews. >> vinyl definitely has warmere sound it to g this is a good goo one. >> no doubt about it.doub >> a lot me to do this one io th want to read this last wore.e. i remember when grammys used too be awesome, '80s minor swift and beiber real music
10:56 am
and thriller. >> sometimes i think christina t and wisdom are the same. sam >> i think they are.nk they a i think they are. this one steve and wisdom i was disappointed natalie cole did cd not receive a tribute, grammy,rm good day d.c. >> paul wharton.>> paul wh >> amen. >> i was, too.>> >> my favorite moment was gwen stefani's live music video. my daughter was in it. >> congratulations.ns. >> maureen umeh giving me live. kendrick lamar grammys take tak notice d good day d.c.ay d >> all righty.ll r one thing i did notice abouticet vinyl it's a little more a l expensive these days than wesn remember. >> yeah it is. >> if you want to picket up in hey, tuck. >> hi. >> what's next, tuck?uck? >> too warm to snuggle.. >> let's go to the radar. let's do hd radar. radar the rain is still pouring outngt there we're having floodingg issues ponding on the roadways. flood warning in dc untilc until 2:00 o'clock this afternoon anda continue to deal with rain.h rai i feel like i'm in echo chamber. >> purpose pep reign.
10:57 am
>> purple reign.ei >> paul wharton has the coldesto hands ever. >> did you watch sophia vergara last night. >> i loved her. bye ya'll.
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