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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  February 17, 2016 9:00am-11:01am EST

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straight ahead, digital privacy versus national securi security. apple versus the fbi. the tech giant refusing ag a federal order to unlock a terrorist's cell phone. pho of the government can't crack.em why ceo tim cook is taking aakig stand against what he calls unprecedented action.n a local family demanding dan answers after a family pet diede they blame an electrical issue s at their apartment and they saya the building knew there was a problem. we'll have a live report.por >> i continue to believeelve mr. trump will not be presidentt >> teaming up to take down trump? president obama joiningi the ranks of jeb bush and ted a cruz to target the gop frontnt runner. but that plan could back fire. r we'll tell you why.. and later, football season is over. the drama never ends. why contract negotiationsac between kirk cousins and the washington redskins have brokene down.down good day at 9a starts now.ow. ♪
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hey it's 9:00 o'clock.o'oc you know what time it is.. >> 9:00 o'clock film yes.0 o'oc exactly. >> yeah.>> >> oh, man. ♪ put your hands up. >> you got to focus. f you got look at us this is goodi day dc. it is wednesday, february 17t february 17th. also random act of kindsnessac day. >> is that right.>> is that rig >> >> it would be so nice ifd be someone randomly brought usly bu food. fo >> it would be. >> or coffee randomly. mug is >> anything. >> we can do any of that stuff.t i'm wisdom martin, holly morrisr steve chenevey, maureen umehn u we're all here and ready to go. i did the intros that's my random act of kindsness for of r today. >> thank you wisdom. >> that's all we'll get forl lifetime. >> also ahead this morning how much potholes are costing theine american public if you've hit ye them you know what we're talkin' about and they are continuing te pop up all across the regionn after this harsh winter that we've had so far.we've ha and the big swing inwi i temperatures.ur also taking a big toll on the cars and wallets we'll have livv report for you coming up. up. first, though, how about weh say no more snow or rain for now. no le
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but suburban schools still had d delayed start this morning. mni conditions still pretty chillyrl out there. ou but that warmup, still on the way. allegedly.lege tuck can sack s back with allith the details this morning.or >> good morning. mni >> working for saturday.or s >> yeah, here the deal.h,e mother nature random act of kindsness to all of us today getting a day off from any, you know, anything >> good. >> we'll take it. >> no flooding, no icing, no snow, no winds, actually a little icy in a few spots it s was earlier this morning.s mng keep that in mind much otherwisr a rather quite day for us much m got clouds out there 36 in washington.hiton. annapolis 35 degrees.lis 35 want to point out manassas stils at the freezing mark, and just j got update i'm looking thatng tt appears to be it.appe but we could have icy spot or two particularly north andarlyoh westmont county had problemsbl this morning and those of you in southern maryland where you gotg the six, eight, 10-inches ofes snow couple days ago maybe ao m little ice.little ice. cloud cover, plenty of it to to start the today. the t but it will be quite afternoon.o so again kind of partly sunny e
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shall be in the mid to uppern mi 40s, and a bit of a breeze out of the north and west. nor you want the jacket but again no drama here in the weather worldr for at least a couple of days.fy holly mentioned nice warmup.iceu i'll have a great looking l weekend forecast for you that ya features temperatures well abovo normal in just a minute, guys.ey back to to >> very good. thank you.thank you. all we'll begin this morning withisi our check of the headlines withn some breaking news concerningng that child porn scandal in pornn prince george's county involving former school volunteer deonte carraway police tell fox5 thell5 number of victims is now up to 17. it is unclear where the latestes victim says video taping of sexs acts actually occurred. ocre we do know that some of the t videos were taken at sylvaniania woods elementary school and thee glenn arden rec center. that case is just one ofustn several high profile tasks for r the new police chief in princeei george's county.gege's >> hank stawinski was unanimou unanimously confirmed by countyy council yesterday sworn in withn his family by his side. sid he had been serves as thes t interim chief the last couple op months. i had the chance to talk to himk
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success for his police cheat ofh department. >> the way we judge a policejudc department in prince george's go county now by the absence ofen o crime, not by how effective weee may or may not be seen in be en dealing with it so myself and i know miss also brooks are also o committed to ensuring theseto en thing don't happen in theenn future, that's where our efforte are directed and again that's a' multi disciplinary approach byab joining the police department,ee the state's attorney, county executive, county council and to be quite honest the entirent community in prince george'sin i county. >> referring to the stateso e s attorney angela also brookslsbr brought thus news the 17th7t victim in the child pornographyr case earlier this chief stawinski's father served as prince george's county policp for many he's been with the departmentepn since 1992 i believe. bieve >> all right.>> all r also happening today, d.c. firsr responders on the hot seat justj a few hours the dc council willl hold a performance oversight ovg hearing on the city's fire and ems department.epar d.c. is trying to reform its e
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this week mayor muriel bowser be office announced the deal with w the private ambulance company. m now it will provide help with low-priority calls but this t comes after a bombshell becausee last week when the dcems medicad director she suddenly resigned. juliet saucy wrote a scathing resignation letter saying changc is need in the leadership anddep paramedics and other first f responders.. meanwhile the searchea continues for group of suspectse who attacked a war hero at a dc mcdonald's.donald's. christopher marques iraq veterat who was award add bronze starro for his time in the marines sais he was eating at the mcdonald'sl in chinatown on friday night nht into numerous enter views he vws says several african-american youths began harassing himsing h asking weather quote black livek matter and calling him a raceac that's when marques says one s youths hit him on the head withd gun and then stole his wallet.le marques is a student at american university. d.c. family looking foror answers aft their dog was killed.ed. electrocuted monday night righta outside of their apartmentofheir
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>> fox5's annie yu is live inani vanness where the incident happened and eye annie the pet n owner i mean obviously still upset bow not only the loss of f her pet but maybe even more so how it's all being handled. >> reporter: that's right.sig we just spoke to her again thisi morning and she's not in good shape. but she did spend a few moreewor minutes with us telling us how she's doing and what she plans p to do but before we get to thata i kind of want to lay out the o land here. he. so we're on this public sidewald outside the vanness apartments.t the actual incident took placeop beyond that building on, nn, n courtyard area that runs r parallel to this sidewalk.alk so it's on property here and wew are learning that this isn't the first time dogs have actually aa been shocked on property. ppe let's show i was photo of the dog, eight-year-old beautifuldif rescue dog that had been livingv with the family since she wascew just a little puppy andpy and obviously a family is so so toro over this, and what unsettlingnn many of the residents and theend owners say that this could have
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the residents say there's been e lot of back and forthwith thethe management company since the c summer about this safety issue,s and residents claim that manyham dogs walking through the courtyard area have felt some ft sort of shock and management was made aware of this live currente or stray voltage, full and evene those without dogs are concernee because their children playingcn around this area. so the dog's owner pat kelly pak came out and spoke to us thiske morning. once her dog was hit he bit herr and show us the dog marks andnd started yelping and went a wen completely limp.p her son who is 23 tried givingen the dog cpr but it wasn't enougt to save her savl take a listen. >> people in this building knew what was going on.. they have several e-mails from o the tenants for the last year or more of dogs being shocked andhd get something kind of electricaa current going through them out m where we take our dogs. d this is a dog friendly b
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they say but it doesn't seemoese like they want to address our dogs as living creatures.reates the other night when i wasn i bringing her out, um, she gotten shocked and that's when i thought she had broken her legnl but she hadn't. h she was getting electrocuted.ed she had bit me unfortunatelyorte because she was in so much pain. my son got shocked as well.l a gentleman that was pulling myg son off of my dog got shocked as well. >> reporter: so the managementan team brought out a licenseded electrician out here last nightn and determined that it wasedhat actually a wire within thehe concrete and not an exposed wirw that is the cause of this issue. we reached out to the management team. they have not gotten back to uss yet, but moving forward, pamwa, kelly today will be drivinge dri about an hour or so down to warrington to perform an autopsp on her dog
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northwest. back to you. >> heartbreaking for her.rtbr >> annie, thank you for that.ort >> i've never heard a wire in hd the concrete strong enoughtrong current to actually cause thatae kind of problem.kind of proble >> i was going to x exposed lamm many or landscaped lightingdight things that the wire but inn concrete i've never heard of.ero that is troubling to think you could be walking your dog and d get shock.get shock. >> even your child. eve >> the other people getting shocked is concerning.on >> yeah. >> goodness. all right. right annie yu reporting on thatng ona story. time now 9:09. allison seymour is back with a w check of the on the storiesto maked headlines this morning. mi >> that story does break yourreu heart. can't even look at that.even l thanks guys. first up, it is the fbi versus apple.. apple's ceo tim cook says his company will fight a federal magistrate's order to help the fbi to essentially hack into tho phone of syed farook.ark he and his wife killed 14 peoplo back in december you'll remembem in san bernardino, california.oa it's farook's password keepingdi the fbi from getting informatioi off of his work iphone.
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with special software that woulu undermine encryption by creatine a back door that could could potentially be used on other devices.vice this is a hot button issue herer lots of layers to it but it basically apple is saying sayin they're protecting theirecting customers privacy no matter whow they are so they're not going tg just try to get into this man farook's phone. we want to know was think abouta whether or not cook should helpl the fbi basically hack into thii iphone.ho head over to our facebook page e to take poll or tweet us usingsi the #gooddaydc.. really think about lots of implications.icions meantime a rare moment inmea mexico the pope was visiblys viy upset while he was trying toryg interact with a person in an wheelchair yesterday. yesterday the crowd surrounding him was getting a little too excited. e. you can see it right there. rige he's talking to a man who grabbed his robe and the pontiff had a stern and serious ser response. he could be seeing sane "don'tdo be selfish" the man almost alm pulled the pope over.ope o today is the pope's last day in mexico
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in fairfax county, back here now, it applies to you yourselfs loud pets, leaf blowing, cat mew woing new noise ordinance goesre into effect between 10:00 at 100 night until 7:00 in the morningm on fridays and saturdays it will not be enforced until 11:00 penalties start around $250 and5 they can reach up to $500 if you are not quite enough.. meantime a lot of parentsf p get their kids tested for autism but influential medical pam is i issuing new guidelines to screes for autism spectrum the us preventive task force argues that testing should notdn be universal for all childrenldn yet. the panel says they cannot recommend for or against autismt screening in young children c until they have more evidence that early screening is the academy -- the american amei academy of pediatrics and otherh organizations continue toti recommend screenings for all children. also might want to weigh int on that one that's a hot buttonb
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finally a german short hairedrtd pointer is america's new top dog. his name is cj. he wouldn't best in show at the nation' moves prestigious dog pe competition last night it wast s the 14th west minster kennell club.ub. the three-year-old beat out more than 2700 other entries and 1991 breeds. his grandmother by the way is a champion, too.oo she won the top prize back in 2005.20 and to that i say, what a good boy!y! >> can he catch a frisbee?ee? >> yeah. y >> right. >> i'm stuck on gettingtun ge reprimanded by the pope. could you imagine what thatu would be like.wo >> i thought he did it in such s an eloquent way.t w >> i don't -- no. -- n i don't fault the pope at all. i just think the other person po who was so excited to see the st pope you get in trouble by thehe pope.po >> right.. >> he went gangster on him.anteh >> i think he kind of did go g gangster on him.n him. >> i mean real gangster. out of character.racter >> papal gangster.angste >> okay.kay. thank you allison. allison new proof that we could be onldn th
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cash less society. >> i believe it.>> first though unlikely allies. ae why the president, ted cruz andz jeb bush are seemingly teaming up. what could that potentially --e- take down donald trump.own all right. makes a little more sense now.ow 9:13.9: ♪
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♪ >> we're back at 9:15. funeral and memoriam plans for s the late supreme court justintin scalia have now been set. s forty nine day his body will lih in repose at the supreme court.u his funeral will held thisdhi saturday at the basilica of the national shrine of theine of t immaculate conception.ceio scalia died this past weekendke from heart attack while onk whlo vacation in texas. meanwhile, ask a lee supreme sue court chair draped in black ineb honor of his recent death. there's black drape over the courtroom door. d nags in front of the courthe cou employees is a will be flown atl half staff for 30 days as well.. meanwhile the fight ovary fo placing the late supreme court c justice is reeling reelly rll getting ughly.g >> president obama has reaffirmf his plans to nominate ae a but republicans continue to c stand in the way. w saying they will not consider a nomination until after the presidential election.ction. fox's jackie i bearnaise has tht latest back and forth. >> reporter: president obama oba is not backing down from the fight to replace supreme courtou justice antonin scalia after his death. republicans plan to block any
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believe the next presidentde should pick the nominee. >> we're just not going to movev this nominee because it's goingg allow the next president to filf this seat. sea it's decisive seat on the courtu >> reporter: the president pre believes it is his peer rog gooo tiff to pick a replace many judge and expects a fair senate hearing from this >> the constitution is prettyy clear about what is supposed tot happen now. n when there's a vacancy on thehe supreme court, the president of the united states is to nominate someone.e. >> reporter: the right is nowign point to go a younger senator obama who filibuster president e george w. bush bush's name nation ofn o samuel alito.lito >> he's been totally hypocritical and -- justice alito did a great job at thehe judiciary hearing and he and filibustered and tried to deny o him of having a vote. v >> reporter: republicans rub changed their position sinceione bush presidency they're trying to preve
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liberal active visit judge. >> nothing in american history requires the senate to approve o the president's nomination. presidents don't appoint.nt they >> reporter: president obamant o says there is more than enoughsa time to fill the vacancy but hih term is up. u in new york, jackie ibanez, fox in the meantime theinhe m president is seemingly teaming i up with republican rivals tedale cruz and jeb bush and that is ts take down donald trump.. all three now have publiclylily criticize the the gop front fnt runners bonafide. baf the president made his thoughtss clear during an asian tradesi t submit when asked about then d b campaign.mpgn. the president singled trump out leading trauma top fire back.irb here's that he can change. >> i continue to beef mr. trumpt will not be president.reside and the reason is because i have a lot of faith in the american i people and i think theyhi the recognize that being presidentre is a serious job. job. >> this man has done such a bad job you set us back so far and for him to say that actually isi a great complimen
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to know the truth. >> trump made his comments during an event in southn carolina. had nothing to do with kirkki cousins before this weekend's ws primary. >> he weighed in on that later.. >> a lot to weigh in on that asa well which we will come and youd political experts say theperts y president trashing trump couldmc be good for the republicanss campaign.campai we'll see. >> we'll see. we'll s >> all such politic. >> business as >> all such politic. polic >> none of is a shocker.a ocke >> no.. >> time now 9:19. heartbreaking the law why grease live star have aness gentleman m hudgens could be in legalcod be trouble because of an inn have v gram pos >> first though the redskinsthes breaking off contracttr negotiations with quarterbacker kirk we'll tell you why the two sides can't grow on a deal and what it men's for captain kirk's time in washington.gton. ♪ ♪
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♪ the burgundy and gold quarterback may be fighting has toughest fight behind closedehid doors.doors it cement kirk cuss sips andrksi redskins are butting heads onn salaries. >> you mean money, fighting oveg money? what? >> apparently negotiations on at new deal with cousins they'venst broken off and two sides are noe even close when it come to the c numbers. now on tuesday nfl teams started placing franchise tags on mostsn important free agents. age they have until march 1st toe u designate
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washington could do this witho i considering cousins and here's what all this would mean. all t franchise tag means no one coule sign the player unless it's nonn exclusive which probably won'trl happen.ppen. then another team would have toh give up 21st round picks toicks sign the free agent.e a who would ever give first give t outpatient picks for aoutp quarterback. >> wait, never mine.ever m (laughter). >> if they tag him, he would search be stuck here i'm usingsg fake air quotes stuck here forke one more year for 20 million --- about $20 million. m >> how could he stand it?t? >> it's a poor man's wages. w if he doesn't perform the teamfe could say, goodbye and they'd t' only be out $20 million.20 mlion if kirk cousins does play well, he can end up getting even morer money because he's playing well, or they could tag him again nexn year and have to pay him poor hp wages another 20 million whichw would be about 44 millionhi foro two seasons.ea so he's still -- he wants a long-term deal that's the bottoo line. the more -- that's more than ifi they sign him to long-term deala bottom line cuss sips has dollad amount he thinks he's worth. her the team has their amount. a
9:24 am
find a happy medium because they don't have -- the only other option is curt mccoy. >> like you said they have noaih options.s >> either way kirk cousins isn'u s in a great position. pos >> he's in a best position. pit absolutely. >> tag me what i say. tag m >> right. tag me. >> he actually gets less money if he -- >> no. >> sign as long-term deal.term d >> if you get tagged, about $20 million for one year. >> right. >> that's the only thing you'lln get is one year.geis o >> right. >> long-term say if it was, you know, a five-year deal, $50 million.$5 so you are getting long-term0 en you're getting more money if yof stay on the team for five yearse >> i see. i s >> there's a lot of ---- >> playing witness numbers. nbes salary cap and all that kind of stuff.stuf >> who wants what? >> what most likely happenedy hp kirk's agent said we want -- w-- throw out any number $200 million over the neck fiven years and redskins said we're sd not going to pay you that much u money you only played one year. we're not going to guarantee all that money up front now theyow t basically break off that deal,ta they say, come back
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something else in the meantime they have to decide they haveto the option to pay him for one do year at a ton of money. >> the grand scheme of things both sides really want a a long-term deal, right?l,ht >> they do. they have different price poin points. >> they have different moneyve f amount. >> for the most part mostos players hate the franchise tag. even though it's $20 million fon one year because they want is at long-term deal. deal. >> that's my question. >> they want money for long forl term.. i'm going to play football.ftba. football is not that long i wani to you give me four, five yeariy deal for however much n i want all the money i can get t for four years instead of youou dumping some money in my lap foa one year. >> the risk for kirk next yearxt if they franchise if he goes oue and has amazing year he can makm way more money because he has hs consistency.nsis if he flops next year, then he h gets basically one and d >> he has to live on 20 milliono >> so flacco -- remember joeemee flacco played this game withd te baltimore. >> he got the deal. he >> when his contract -- he wases still under crack.ra they couldn't come to terms on s new deal before the season. andh
9:26 am
super bowl and gets way more w m money. >> okay. >> he won. >> he won that one.that >> if you winly super bowl b everybody wins because fans winf too. >> and the owner wins.heer w >> owners always win.s w >> they never lose.hey ver there's no nfl team that isn't profitable. >> listen we're going to stay os the redskins theme here gone from the field to the side lines right now fine out wait takes tw be a cheerleader and not just ut but you. you. you ever want to be pro footbalb cheerleader? you have your chance right now. how you can join the ranks of the first ladies of footballdies coming up plus rhonda rouse so's emotional revelation to ellen.t. >> potholes not just puttingt dents in your wheels. w wait until you hear how much they're costing the american ari public a year. >> tucker barnes bringing usin good news today. tod can't do anything about thenyth potholes but we can make the condition as little bit nicertlt for if you you're stuck standina outside of your car waiting forg the tow truck. tru more potholes could be poppingso up, though, but the weekendeeke forecast it's a good one. 9:26. 9: ♪
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♪ all right. rig well, look, cold weather mixed m with snow and rain not a good recipe, is it well not a goodood recipe for your car but perfecte recipe for a pothole. potle many drivers across the dmv havh seen plenty already. alrdy. >> triple a issued a warning for drivers. fox5's melanie alnwick is live v in northwest with o
9:30 am
i think we're all feeling theee pain of this, mel. o >> reporter: yeah. rorte it's going to continue becauseeb we know that it is going to get worse probably before it gets gt better. bett take look here. this is what we're talking talki about. this is 40thth brandywine.. this pothole is where probablyrl used to be manhole cover andeove then you get those snowplowsse p that come and they damage the te asphalt and then the water getss in. it freezes and expands. expan pulls more asphalt out and morer cars go on top of i we heard from viewers todayierst saying they had problemsroem throughout d.c., also, someone o toll us 198 in laurel to 295 south ramp is a mess they havees to drive on the shoulder ton th avoid all the potholes there.s t a lot of people toll us also als about beach drive. i did talk with the nationall park service then said they aree expecting more of these issuesse to pop up. they are bringing in extrara contractors over the weekend tot take care of the gw parkway, the bw parkway, suitland parkwayd pw and, yes, beach drive as well. w they're going to put intensive care on beach drive this weekend
9:31 am
working in 12-hour shifts.ur shi it's costing drivers around the area $3 billion every year in damage to their vehicles. vicle and it can ab real big problem. throughout the city we've heard a lot of people talking aboutbot these tire eating terrorists.roi last winter dc filled 19,0000 potholes just from january toana mid march alone.. and that was the tal whole they were done with their pa holee palooza that usually doesn'toest take place until mid or late lat march but they do -- everyonee practice as triage as they gos y through the area. arlington county said that ittyt gets as many as 150 calls every day during this time of year for potholes that need attention.enn now, triple a mid atlantic sayss one in five drivers in the areae are going to end up with someh s damage so bad that they do end o up in a repair shop. sho we're talking about either flat tires, or damaged rims or inimsi some cases your car may even mae need a realignment, and thosehoe re
9:32 am
there is a real cost to those oe us out there on the roads especially people who can'tple n afford. if you've got a high deductiblei you'll have to eat that cost. c. aaa is really kind of pushing on the local government making surr they fully fund their road road maintenance, they say the cost to localal governments to fix a pothole is just $32.st32. so a little easier for theea foe government to fix it than foror those of us have to pay for it r out of pocket. pke i want to show you this isou tsi interesting.inte we talk about this a littlethise earlier.. triple a says it may be unavoi unavoidable sometimes to hitblme those potholes.os you don't want to swerve aroundo them. so make sure you actually don'td brake as you're going through'rn it, drive slowly and keep thoseo wheels straight if you have to t go through, also, properlyrly inflate a tires will help h cushion some of the blow. back to you guys. >> good advice.
9:33 am
>> potholes, prepares, justt money -- time you hit one itt sounds like cha-ching. >> it is.t i >> i'm still reeling from one io hit last my december duct table is too high.high >> looking at a new car becausee of one i hit. >> all right. let's go ahead and check in on weather now.ow mr. tucker hey, tuck.hey, t >> hey, holly. hly yeah, cloud cover and cool temperatures to start your day,y but the weather looks promisingi here the next couple of days.ay. generally pretty quiet weather pattern to look forward freezing temperatures early this morning. not helping with the potholeswi and not helping with icy spothts that we had develop particularlr north and west this morning. thr 32 still hanging out in freezinn mark in manassas but notice juss about everybody in factybody ac everybody else locally hereocalr above freezing good news.d new leonardtown up to 41 degrees.. so we're optimistic we'll get wl into the mid 40s later today. got a lot of cloud cover toer t start your day there's yourhe's cloud cover. and have been a few breaks in bk the clouds and we're starting t see at least some sunshine offie to our south and west. so i think we'll have a partly l sunny afternoon. seeing light
9:34 am
into western maryland and westyn that's our next frontal system. this is going to reinforce the e cool pattern here for the next n couple of days.uplef da high pressure will build in ouro north and winds will stay out of the north and west.h and est keal keep thing on the cool sids here both thursday and fridayri and then a nice warmup. war still looking at a nice warm up should be a beautiful weekendee with high temperatures expectede to be a good 10, 15 degrees5 des above normal around here this ae all right.l right high pressure chilly pattern tht next couple of days. not unpleasant mid to upper 40s with partialh a sunshine. cold tonight.cold ton cool tomorrow and then that aree of high pressure gets to ouretso east and look at the incrediblei weekend we have to look forwardr to with dry conditions. contion forty seven today.rtseven 40 tomorrow. tomorrow. and by saturday and sunday, just very very nice lookingeoo conditions. look at your saturday daytimetie highs forecast.. 60 or better for just about everybody with the exception ofo those of us close to the bay.e y 52 in annapolis look at quantico, manassas,s, fredericksburg, forecast highs in the mid 60s. >> all right.>> a rig no complaining in the weathern
9:35 am
toss it back to you guys. steve?ckste? >> tuck, thank you very much.ouv now you have a way to watch wath mr. president and the first lady live via live stream. str we're not talking aboutut president obama and first ladynt michelle obama we're talkingreal about behind me right hereer mr. president and the first ladf are nesting bald eagles at the u.s. national arbor trio tum. t they've set up a live stream ofv the two eagles who are currently incubating two eagle joining us live in the loft to t chat about what seems to be thet next panda cam dr. richard olsoo the director of u.s. nationall arboretum.arbom good to see you this morning. mg thanks for coming in.ks for cin >> it's a pleasure. pas >> this is quickly becoming a phenomenon in itself. i >> it's pretty exciting thety first time you get to see e this happening in the nation'sio capitol with the symbol of our nation.ti >> the camera has been up foree sometime much this particular pair of eagles their second gooo around in the arboretum, right.t t they first showed up in thers fall of october -- 2014 and01 a built the nest. by the time we realized that wee had to cordoned off the area ana protect them based on federaledl laws and then after they successfully rais
9:36 am
there was a 60% chance theyhae would come back.woac we took the opportunity to partner with a number of organizations like the americant eagle foundation to get camerasr up in the tree while they werel >> how was that process? >> well, we again worked with our volunteer et cetera from oum tree company.ny they climb, 105-foot tree. te. they had to get up in there. the open up some camera views, putit in the cameras. the and put in lightning protectiont a lot of people don't realize ii very important.very importa >> solar powered for the camer cameras. >> the cameras are solar powerew done with alfred state college e from sunni, new york.or >> this is one of two camera cer views that we get and the secons view i think really shows that 105 feet really gives a good a d perspective how high it is.h it >> it's in the middle of ourin iconic t azalea collection and d here at the national arboretum we safeguard important naturalrn resources and the environmentnvn for american agriculture and and work with landscape plants andnd here in this great azalea collection is this iconic symboo of the nation.atio
9:37 am
>> so if we're getting thesere great views from 105 feet up anp we look like we're right in the nest with them, if people comeee visit the arboretum can you seee from the ground? can you see the eagles?theag >> no, not for two reasons.sons one, the angle of view from them ground level it is on awhile owh side and two you can't by lawy l you can't approach the nest andn so we have put up a monitor inn our lobby so any visitor that it come can see live footage. fta >> plenty of other things to s see. >> again, we have 26,000 other0o plants and important impor collections, again, as part of national plant system. which is an important role withr the agriculture research resrc service. >> have you started to getu st feedback in the last couple ofao days? i know our social media a feeds started blowing up as sool as we put the link outow there.. >> i'm here. (laughter). >> very what's been hard we've beend building this behind the scenese hoping that it would work and wk the eagles would return and so now certainly it's created a lot of excitement and what better wa day to announce it than it t president's day fordafor mr. president.pres >> so you are not on eagle on e expert but quickly becoming one
9:38 am
them. so we were just joking about tht soap opera lives of eagles righg now you mentioned this particular pair this is thear seco pnd time they have come bab to the national arboretum.oretum >> correct. >> do they stay together as cans you believe?you >> yeah, they pretty much matehe for life, and they'll return too the nest in this case they added 3 feet to the nest the nest isn probably six or 7 feet tall atlt this point.oi as i understand it this is herer second mate.. the males --the males - >> they typically stay togethero for life except,ing.g. >> except, the males do most ofl the hunting and they'll spelly'e the female on the nest when shen needs a break. b and so if the males are huntingi they're the ones that arethes t exposed to dangers like car c collisions and other incidents.. >> tragic things that happenc th there. but did you mention now iftion n people are watching this there's real until way to if this is ths mail or female they will take wl turns.s. >> right. >> right. >> i certainly can't tell.ta my partners at the americanhemei eagle foundation probably have memorized something that tellsmh them, but it's probably theyhe female. but watch long enough you'll see if they switch up.sw
9:39 am
they're both in the nestth n together. >> yes, they're in the nest thes quite frequently the male wouldd bring back food.brin early on before we went live l there was quite the interesting episodes of what they eat. you'll see -- doing whole doingw biology of the eagles.s. >> brought back a little snack.a >> yeah.>> yea. >> four together the female is larger. >> females tend to be larger.d a they spend most of the time on the nest. n they have larger in terms of weight and wing >> now, the key is, when the babies are born when do we do expect that to >> 35 days from about februar february 10th. they try -- even though the twot eggs were laid several days serl apart they try to incubate theme in way that they hatch pretty pt much at the same time which isci about 35 days. d >> about folks why iowa.hy >> march 9th i guess. gss is that 35 days.s. >> i think so. little longer than that.r thant >> we'll keep watching. watch the website if people want toe t watch at home is what? >> that's a good question.. >> chris, let us know what theue website is.bsit >> visit our website w we have
9:40 am
w.u.s. inform you'll see the link to the stream.m. >> has direct link tn the live cam and there's twohers options two different camerasdif you can keep an eye on there.he thanks for joining us. u >> thank you. y >> cash course in eagle ology eo one ear one. ear one >> it is fascinating.cinain >> i'm excite. >> who knew until >> you like the fact there's drama with our local eagles. loe >> can you >> second partner. >> it's not drama. >> washington is full of drama.a >> real housewives of the orf to borrow tum. tum. >> exactly. >> thanks a lot.>> t still ahead at 10:00 how a little pda may have got grease e live star vanessa hudgens inudni trouble with the law but possibly the quote of the yearho from a living rockte legend aftd he got denied entry to an gramm party. we're checking in with tmz next. time now 9:40.
9:41 am
9:42 am
9:43 am
>> paul mccartney not able to work it out with the door man at tie good's post grammy party.myy we'll have more on that story ii just a minute.ute. first how pda got vanessaes hudgens in some legal trouble. b for details we're turning to t tmz's dac holt live in la.olt good morning to you, dax. you, d >> good morning to you, dax. y,d >> good morning, guys. gd mo how is everyone out there. t >> we're doing good.>> wre finally that wassing off fromff the cold we want to understandnd about this steamy pda got vanessa hudgens in trouble. troe what's going on here? >> yes. so vanessa hudgens spent spent valentine's weekend in sedonaedn arizona beautiful locate.
9:44 am
posting things on instagram, an, one got her into a lot of aot trouble. she post add photo of one of those red rocks out there and it looks like she had either carvec or drawn a heart with her and ha her boyfriend's name in it. >> whoops. >> here's the problem.ers the pe there is a federal lawaw prohibiting anyone from damaging natural surfaces or property of the united states and in thishi case that would be this red rocr and so now there is a criminal investigation into whether orwh not she is going to have to facc a had he tee fine. i know that it could be from $5,000 to as much as -- evenn spent six months in jail overaio >> right. >> it seems like something sokes minor but she immediately pulleu down this photo and the rangers are looking into this wholeo ts thing.g. >> i'm assuming it will just bew a fine. >> hoping. >> no way she's going to jaile'o for six months.nths. >> let's moving on neck the rihanna grammy cancellation she cancelee her performance.rf the original report was that she had that was from her rephi.herep but now w
9:45 am
be something else. somhing els might have been more of a melt m down here. >> well, it's interesting a lott of people we've talk to that tha were both at the grammies andraa then people that are connectedte to rihanna say that she got donn with her rehearsal that day and was very visibly upset about it. she was very loud. she was, you know, kind of just not happy with what had just h gone down. dn so i don't know if there was ies some kind of technical issue orr whether she was just not feelini it or whatever.ter. she shortly bailed on it. her reps came out and shed she'h got she didn't want to ruinon her vocal cords that's why she hadt to l the weird part she's been oneenn antibiotics for the last threesa days. well, we came across video off two days before she was she w performing at the lionell richir benefit concert and she soundedd amazing. >> you know what, dax, i, dax, wonder -- wond >> a lot of -- i wonder what she maybe unmeasured by the factby c adele, lady gaga they were going to perform and maybe scholl here up a little bit. a little b do you t
9:46 am
been a little bit of competitioi and nerve got the better of her? >> i don't feel like rihanna has any nerves about performing witm those peop she performs with them all them she hads has just as much talenl as the other women. wom i don't think she needs to worrw about that. t i just don't know what exactly happened. i think there's a bigger storygy here that may unfold eventually. >> people can go to tomc see her performance at the lionell richie event she didie d sound incredible.und cred but moving on the paul mccourtney story -- -- >> seriously. go ahead. tell them what happened.what ha. >> paul mccartney deniedd attendance at this of all people tigga this is like sack chris livehrie john in the music world what isa going on. ing on >> the most believable video eve sign in a long time.gim we got this yesterday. right after the grammys paul mccourtney who's pretty much the biggest musician in the entire world. he stopped by this after grammya
9:47 am
tigga at argyle nightclub herecr in la and gets to the door and it's him beck who won album of the year last year at grammysys and taylor hawkins from foofighterfoofighters and the tn standing outside the door unseee the t bouncer taking a long timt to let them l the and then they start giving likel this kind of anxious anxiety noy one is getting here you hearr paul how much more vip do youe o have to be to get into this party? i don't understand. and then eventually after ally e couple of minutes they -- the t bouncer apparently says you'ret not getting in.t ge they go back to their car get in their car and leave.eave then we fine out that tigga is inside.insi bow wow is inside. >> bow wow. w >> how did you not let paul mccartney in this club.his >> it makes no sense.t ma >> i'm getting breaking news. >> dax that -- bow wow was still actually inside trying to tosso on the opening of the grammys.. that's what i'm hearing now inow my ear. ear. is that true? can you confirmyn (laughter).(laur) >> still failing at being able e to toss ts it. >> right.
9:48 am
>> no, he ended up going down to another nightclub where thereret was another huge party going ono and he had a great time.. >> dax, i don't know what i'mn' more mad at the fact that paul mccartney wanted to go to ao t party with tigg are a the facthf he wasn't let inform i don'tt know how to feel aboutle this. s i'm just mad at this whole w thing. >> dax, update on your site, sit though.ough >> i'm not sure he was going for tigga. >> right. an after party for the grammy. >> nothing on color site 5:15 p.m. pacific time that saya that the reps are saying he wasw not a mix up, he actually was -- men to go to the mark ronsonark party. is that true? is that confirm confirmed? i don't know where the mark ronson party was. partw that was the weird part becausec there were a lot of parties pars going on, but he was clearlyas trying to get into that one. >> all right. rht dax holt always tmz airs weekdays atkd 3:00 o'clock and 6:30 right heat on fox5.ox5. we thank you for your time.ouri. >> thank you. thankou >> always fun. f >> so tigga never said there'sd' no follow up like saying i saygi probably should have let him in
9:49 am
>> the bouncer no longer working anywhere.he >> can you imagine?? >> no. >> i can't imagine. i can >> like michael jackson stillckl being alive and showing up at a party no, let me check the listl you're not there. there >> i'm trying to picture paul mccartney and his what party are we going to hit now. >> i gave paul mccartneypaccar directions to a gym. g >> really. >> i was in a hotel hallway andy he walked down the hallway heal was asking people where the gym was at this thihot i'm like, what, i run down.unow i start talking to him about black bird playing guitar. gta i asked him for a feet tomorrowe new york i'm in my gym clothes.s >> i just want to go to the gymm >> i'm sorry, man, i love blacka bird. we going to. gng >> you just did a work outt diwk there. >> what? you knew because you u just got done working out.kingut >> i knew because the gymnebeca floor -- yeah, sorry. sorry any way, go ahead. >> thanks kev. thas kev. coming up next, move over we'll' tell you why street hockey has a new mandatory requirement for some dc students and how thehe capitols are helping to make ite happen. that's coming up. u
9:50 am
♪ ♪
9:51 am
9:52 am
9:53 am
♪ >> best class of the day for any d.c. student who's a fan of theo washington c'sapitols.apitols. >> the team is hosting a street hockey clinic at shepherderd elementary school.rychoo fox5's bob barnard is there witt a look what it entails and whynd it's's ngod morning to you, >> reporter: hey, wisdom,isdo guys, good morning.good mning yes, hockey match has broken out here in the gymnasium at shepherd elementary school.y sco you can see these are fifth are graders here getting their firsr crack at street hockey in theint gymnasium even though some ofh o these kids have said they playea before, it's part of a program, a combined effort of the the washington capitals and d.c. pss to bring street hockey into then lives of children here for for physical education purposes.pose joining us is the director oftor health and physical education ea for d.c. ps miriam kenyan. ken >> good morning.m >> good morning.>> >> what was the thinking behindh bringing street hockey into your schools?scho >> well, it's a sport that wet e really han
9:54 am
d.c. in our pe the sticks are expensive.xp it's really hard, a lot of our teachers haven't had the expertise in it and so with the partnership through thep througt capitals, um, we've got training, we've got thee'ot t equipment, we've got everythingh we need to bring street hockeyoc into our schools. our sch >> reporter: do you learn l something besides moving around and the physicality of it? is? there something the kids cank take away from this particularta support.supp >> absolutely.>> in pe we wants students to learl a variety of skills inform sports this striking with longhanded implements you learne striking with longhanded ighan supplements in golf, in hockeync and things like that.e t and so this is just another way for students to, you know, haveh something fun and enjoy and enja hopefully you'll see them, you , know, outside playing with theih peers or joining a >> reporter: awesome miriam. thank you very much.thk yo guys, the sticks, the equipmente here is all been brought to thee school, to every school all 1111 schools elementary, middl
9:55 am
high schools by the washingtonhg joining us is alan may former caps player from the late '80's0 early '90's he's also colorol analyst for the caps thanks fors being with us.being th u >> thanks for having me.nkfor >> tell us the caps reasonings i for wanting to do this.hi >> you know what, hockey is sucs a great physical activity, and d by introducing more and more students to it or children to it you'll grow the game in your neighborhoods.hbor it's a great activity, great way to stay in shape, and if youf don't put a stick in their hande they'll never really understand the game. so this is part of the educatioa every the game and growing it i the dc area.c are >> reporter: you don't have to't have ice, you don't have to be a you is play and learn aboutlen a hockey on a flat surface. surce >> hockey very expensive wineven donating all of this equipmentsi to the school just an excellente introduction. street hockey i know playing as kid growing up in canada, we basically 10 month sport.rt we did it year round.earound. in the summer did he other thini hockey was a way of leave.. street hockey really where iw
9:56 am
>> reporter: give a hip check ac here and there.. >> right? rig >> you know what, that's gone, t away but everything is becomingm little more politically correctt more safe, and you know what,now the kids really love playinglayi this game. >> reporter: i was m alan, m a thanks very much.thanks very mu. >> thank you. >> reporter: it shows. we're seeing it here thisng it morning. guys, pe class at shepherdheer elementary school starting todat and all across the city city introduced to street hockeyoc thanks to the washingtonhi capitals.cata guys? >> i love that. i le th >> that is a great idea.dea. >> thanks.has >> kudos to them.>> k >> i wish i would have learnedu >> ink. >> just to unthe game better. >> and i didn't know anything about hockey at that age. a >> me either. me still ahead at 10:00 why you want to pass the next time t you're offered parmesan cheese.c fighter rhonda rousey reduced to tears during a sit down withn w ellen.el we'll tell you why coming up first though it is coffee timeft on good day d.c. if you've been eyeing or cool good day mugs listen up we a new good day
9:57 am
to give a b selected by random hurry from now you only from now to 11am to enter. it's 9:57 right now.ow. so that's one hour and three and minutes. we will be right back.l good day at 10a coming up next.
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is combined with caring for the world's newest mother? novant health and uva health system are proudly partnering to bring better care to every patient. >> the actor who said he almost pulled a kanye at the grammysys and empire jussie smollett weighs on the nally cole grammym controversy. >> hot on the charts and live in the lot of gospel artist timim bowman, jr. is
10:01 am
song i'm good. >> mega star power helping the current idol contestants inst i their request to win it all.est. we've got a preview of what'siew ahead you.ahead you >> already know this.nois. holly, do you know what it taket to be a redskins cheerleader? e wait until you see what thehe skins cheerleader has in storeno for us. u >> bring it on. the 10a starts right now. ♪ >> bring it on. it that sounds like a cheerleaderlr movie. >> that's right. >> wis, that was the extent ofxn my knowledge right there. >> props much this is for you.. >> do that. do tha >> i need the big bow in my ha hair. j i'm just saying.'m >> you know you're like peoplerk out there like you got that still? >> i still got it. >> this girl. >> i do. i d i actual dollar still have thert pom poms.pom poms >> do you?>> d >> you should. y good yesou. >> you can't give those up. g >> yeivs. >> national treasures g10:01. g0 thanks for staying with us for f the 10a.the 10. i'm steve
10:02 am
and wisdom. we have a lot to get g >> always do.>> always do >> we'll have everything fromthr cheerleaders to good music andnd of course all the dish in theine world of celebrities coming upgp in a few let's check wants 10ing right now. first up how about yourou spaghetti with a side of o sawdust. we have a warning for all of yoo fans of italian dining apparently some of that parmesan cheese you're putting on your yu pasta may be a product of wood.. bloomberg news tested cheeses cs for cellulose revealing all of the cheeses that it testedd contained anti clumping at tiffi made of wood pulp.ulp isn't that appetizing. >> fiber.>> fiber. >> these cheeses were pre p packaged wal*mart, wholefoodsfod and, yes, i'm not familiar with yes. >> yes organic market. mke >> thank you maureen. >> year will come. cheeses makers and real trailerl old bloomberg they weree investigating the test results s further. >> i am surprised that thatrp would show up in ari store likea wholefoods or organic market. wholefoods has really stricty ri rules as to what can be sold
10:03 am
>> i think just --us >> i guess wood is organic. oanc i don't know.w >> that's very true a natural n product. >> disturbing. >> have to decide if that's what you want on your if as. >> cheeses or cheese. chees >> cheese i. >> that's what i like. next up morning news anchor your come to work at 3:00 o'clock in the morning, what if you those so called banker hours enjoysnj them while they last workingorkg nine to five is becoming a thing of the past. >> huh. take that.tahat >> new survey says majority ofy business owners are working morm than 50 hours week.eek. even though the averagehe avera entrepreneur wants to work 41or4 hours week. wk. yeah, okay.y. but it turns out lot of peoplefo need to eliminate unimportantnit tasks at work.tasks at work. if they want to get actual workl done. the number one distract iss answering e-mails. advice from the pros check yourr e-mail more than once and don'tt open no more than once and don'n open e-mail until you're readyey to respond to its content. the second most frequent time tm waster was administrative taskss >> it kind of makess
10:04 am
would be -- people seseem to beb working longer and they are.nd but a lot of that, too, is takek homework.wo >> it is.>> it >> i don't know if it's necessarily that much at thetha office a lot of people atdon'tld reareally have much difference between the office and home anyy more. you take so much work home withe you. >> which i don't like by the the way. >> your smart phone.our smart p. >> unless you can stay at homec without having to go to thetoo office. i know people who do it that.wh >> ooh lot of folks who say thet can get the work done at home. m in that home environment youonmy tend to --te >> get >> live gets in the way at home i >> some people if you can focus, make it work. work. >> yeah. not bad. >> easier commute that's formmeh sure. >> definitely true.ef all right. here's a quick question for youn how much cash do you have inav your pocket right now at this very moment? momen >> me, you want the answer. t >> i want the answer. want >> i havthe $0. $ >> steve says zero. >> holdly.. >> i might have 20 bucks. >> i have are hundred.e h >> what? >> only because i had to do had something. >> i don't know why we're k surprised. >> she's a's aye >> wow! wow >> player an baller. >> i'll bet they're all ones. o
10:05 am
carried around a wallet full off cash. long predicted one day we're all going to be in a cash less it seems like that's becomings m more of reality thanks to smarta fox's dan bowens explains. >> so what i was saying was --- >> yeah. (laughter).ghr) >> so basically -- >> basically because we havee hv smart phones we don't need cash. >> apple wallet and everything like t people just don't necessarilyecs have c >> you need the cash.oud the only reason i do have thatat kind of money i have to payha to something in cash they request requested. >> so you had a hundred lefta hu over because you paid itaid yesterday and you have a hundren today. >> holly figure that out. f >> the thing is foigr me i justt find little little things i lit don't want to use my bang card for. maybe buying a coffee or i saids to you earlier tipping i generally want to give a tip ini cash and not put it on the tip line.
10:06 am
>> like my coffee i buy on the starbucks app when i pay for myy parking i used to have a coine for i pay on my phone app.pp i think it probable sal goodsa idea to always have cash. cash. but i never do.t i ner d >> to do like a dollar or two oo a card seems weird to me. wei >> for them like just give themm a dollar. dollar. >> here's the other thing is. i having to run to the atm to get the money. mon i think a lot of people are ovee that whole if you're out and about runningi around and you're i only got $5$ where i'm going will take 15.5 >> then to you fine the atm your bank or you'll get charge addha fee. i don't want to pay money too take out money.taut m >> right.ig >> my own money, no.n moy, n >> exactly. >> use the car.>> u just use the card unless you gog a bunch of ones. >> i'm the only one carrying cash. odd woman out.. >> third time you brought thatyh up. 1 dollar bill fascination. >> if you get the feeling people around you becoming more andor more self absorbed you might beb right in that case as welle. the book narcissism epidemic narcissism having a grade crowsc view of yourself genuinelyui thinking you are better thanr t everybody else.
10:07 am
>> -- did you just say ofou course maureen.urse mreen >> listen to the baller that.le. view is increasing in the unitet states at a rapid rate andt according to the book, social media is playing a role. r not creating narcissists insteae a platform for narcissists. >> studies show she spent over one hour a day on facebook.n foo they spend over one hour a day d on twitter.tter so it's a chance to postoos pictures of themselves a chancec to go back and look how likesows they get and if they don't geton enough likes, a new picture isti coming and another new picturetu is coming. >> research to see what everybody is else getting likedd more you can create it and it getter more likes for yourself. >> steve, all right genius.. >> you're a narcissist.sst constantly promoting yourself yl stuff helping others has damaging consequences, for f example it might be hard toige maintain relationships or jobsns because you come across as entitled self absorbed as well.l >> i agree. aee >> we do seem to see a lot morer of that these days. that these . >> where is the fine line i fin for some people you have to be b on social media for work. w but it's a fine line between hon
10:08 am
get, you know, i guess work work related >> i think people are overdoingi it. it. you can tell.yo >> i meant to talk to you about that. we'll do that after the show.. >> i'm narcissistic.tic i don't while you talk i'm going to takt pictures of myself right now. >> when people go on and talkndl about themselves want they'rent doing and talk about mundane mua things. you know what i mean. wha >> i used to just enjoy when tht one time a year i got pictureotu from family was the christmashrs car picture.capicture. now it's like --now lik >> every weekend.ryeeke every other day.ay. >> right.>> little jimmy just -- >> um-hmm.m- >> whatever. >> let's move on. this time of year we all a bring many coats, hats, glovesso and scarves with us everywherery we go. which means we are taking up arg more space when we sit down atoa restaurants or coffee shops. it's called winter spreading.pri thdidn't know there was a namew for this. apparently it's called wintercae spreading and some businessesd b say an etiquette needs to be ine place so you don't take too mucc of room and other which is sit i down. >> if you weren't so absorbedore about y
10:09 am
>> it's problem when you fly. because people take their coatsc off. then they put them in they th overhead bin and it tax up space and then there's not enough room for other people with their t carry ons.carryns >> what's the solution? what do you do. >> ask them if you can have the chair that they're taking upan with their coat so you can so yn actually sit in it. >> or if you're on plane i say take your coat off and sit on it or fold it under.nd. >> it's uncomfortable whenablehe you're taking selfies on the one plane right before you take off you can take the selfies don the updates like you're supposed tot >> instead of shaming the persoe look at me i did this the rightg way. >> good point, steve.oo >> i gotd you. >> they are -- >> that was a random act of kindsness.ess. >> narcissistic.>> you see the level that whicht wi they play in terms of themselv themselves. >> all right.>> finally, we talk about this on o facebook earlier this morning.og you've heard the saying age is i just a number. but is this too much? 32-year-old actor henry, seeingg a 19-year-old college student.. >>
10:10 am
>> named tara king.a kin >> in a new interview el magazine 13 year gap doesn't don bother them even though he's taking a lot of criticism.itsm tara is very mature. i'm sure she is.e i and the two have been together e since last year.ea when she was in high school.oo >> right.>>ight >> right now henry is i wouldn't have said that.have henry is gearing up for the up r highly anticipated batman versus super man dawn of justice movie. so what do you think? thi >> do you think that's inappropriate age difference. >> i think he's been schoolingbe her a whole lot.whol >> that's too young. >> it is.s >> just not mature. mat i mean we talk about this. t >> we talk about it earlier.lier >> too young to be mature enougo for an older -- >> you said,, what you said you have to be grown, right? once you're grown. gro >> i do think -- i prefer older men but i think there's ahe's a certain point where i think -- - >> how much >> like 10 years. >> maybe they're just enjoyingoy each other's company for now. nw >> they're not talking aboutng o raising a family.
10:11 am
>> steve.>> >> to each their o >> look at the picture they doi look good together. t >> see.>> see. >> beautiful couple. bea >> visually obviously to me ioul think it's actually morey m physical because they look goodg together. >> maybe she was dating ahe w 45-year-old before this. this >> what do they talk about? >> they're different --if - >> they're not talking. not tkig >> maybe she's -- she an act as well. well. >> she was in high school.n higs >> maybe she wants to break into the business.the business >> there you go.>> >> she's broken all right.l rigt >> i'm sure she does.e es. >> okay. >> you can date whoever you want. that's the bottom line.e >> you can obviootusly.usly >> don't go all polly anna on on >> you can date whoever youwhev want. i'm just saying --m just >> i'll look at us s suspect.ct >> in general there's a maturity >> of course a double standardnd if 32-year-old woman were datinn a 19-year-old guy --- >> she would be cougar licious.s >> i can see it from the guy's perspective.. >> there's no dead fast rule.t l i think you generally have to be at the same place in your life.l >> do you. doou >> you know what i mean? that a can happen at different ages.fe. >> you know what they call itate equally yolked.ol >> b
10:12 am
something more than physical.nh. >> if he's 50 and she's -- she's 50 and he's 63.s 6 nobody cares.body c >> yeah. she was just in high school,hi steve.. >> what do they talk about aut sates. sa get her first job out of school. >> we don know. >> steve. >> i'm just kidding. kidding i'm just giving him a hard time. clearly we have a opinions on on this. this tweet us #gooddaydc.c. >> still ahead the star powerr w being enlisted to help the idoll contestants this year.s th we have a preview of who you'lll see on the show. >> plus the actor who said he almost if you would pulled a wlp kanye.kanye. empire jussie smollett haset h something to say about the natalie cole grammy controversyr as well and rhonda rousey makess a disturbing revelation on ell ellen. celebrity dish coming up next.
10:13 am
(voand exceptional customerity pre-ownservice,les... head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... flip your thinking about buying your next one.
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10:15 am
♪ it is time for our good dayd celebrity let's serve it on up.p. up first a different kind of of kanye story today. now we all remember when kanye n west interrupted taylor swift oi stage at the grammys that wasmm back in 2009. 200 well seven years later, actor a don cheadle had to practice sels restraint when it came to t interrupting taylor swift atr sa this year's grammys. gray this year we saute lore swiftor walk away with honor of album oo
10:16 am
kendrick lamar and guess whatssa don was not pleased. the house of wives star tweetedt i almost kanyeed tonight. hash tag restraint and he taggeg kendrick in the tweet.e tet luckily don remained seated anda only tweeted his frustration. >> well, it's one thing to say i almost did this and just stayuss there and another thing to thi actually walk up on the stage s and steal somebody else's elss moment. because all that was right therg was don cheadle just tweeting.wn >> he's just saying i don't sint agree with who won which a lot t of people said tha >> he didn't get out of that o t chair. >> he was not even close to whae kanye did. >> not even close. eve all right.l rht more taylor news.s. we saute lore walk away withwalt three grammys on monday and yesterday her boo took to inn have a gram to congratulate.atat calvin harris we're talking talg about post add still photo oftio tay tay accepting the honor off album of the year to his april a is it a gram page with thee the caption congratulations to mytua beautiful girlfriend. aww.w. is that now rogers -- nyah rogers in the background orkgun somebody else.body >> i think it is.>> all the way in the back. iin b
10:17 am
>> yeah. >> it might be. wow.wo. >> that dude -- >> he performed for the david dd bowie tribute. tbute. >> oh, did he?>> oh,id >> he was friends with >> that dude is in everything.v. >> he's in everything.e' big time. any way moving on.s y way moving >> that was a sweet thing her boyfriend did. >> it was. natalie cole's familyy lashing out at the grammy awar awards. they're upset that the show theo didn't give the late singer a proper tribute during theributen ceremony.cere. the grammys honored several late musicians with individual tribute performances that nightn including david bowie, maurice white eagles glenn fry cole was also included in the grammys in memoriam montage.tage her son robert said in interview quote she deserves more than aoh minute and a half tribute.bue it was shameless the way they minimized her legacy.egac her sisters also chimed ind in saying, sadly, a forgettableta tribute to natalie cole. col natalie cole won nine grammiesgr in her lifetime and was the first black woman to win bestwis new artist.w rtis she died of heart failure in
10:18 am
wow. >> nine grammys. >> i agree. they should have done something i mean, you know -- summer have been on the list.been o >> we had people tweeting uset about that. i didn't know why the grammysra didn't.dn't. i heard they did some kind of am tribute. i didn't realize it was so sho short. not at the level of the others.s >> that's when you consider thei all of those awards to give outt and it was eight awards givenrd out and the rest of it wast performance. >> interesting.eresng. empire strigose is heigos smollett is weighing in on thehe controversy.ontrorsy. smollett wrote for all you gavev you you should have beene b acknowledged and honored in thee correct way by your musical family and peers.eers shame on those who thoughtho tho otherwise. ot it takes nothing awahey fromyro anyone else's brilliance.nce. we will remember honoree inspecs and love you always queen hashah tag natalie cole only love. >> all right.ll r during the grammys monday nightn lady gaga performed a showrmed s stopping medley of david bowie'w songs in a tribute to the musics icon.ic. the performance was praised byy many but it didn't impress david
10:19 am
duncan jones tweeted that thewet performance was over excited or irrational.onal he was trying to come up withp some other words but was havingg some trouble.ub he didn't like not a fan.noa fa >> whatever happened if youhap don't have anything nice to says don't say anything at all?ing l >> social media was created. >> that gave i was license -- le gave everyone a platform to jusj be >> as soon as you hit thatso as button to hit send it's all outa to the whole world.or >> had they not honored his h father would would he have beene saying then. then. >> exactly. >> honestly people. >> our next story is kanye west. >> >> yay! >> kanye news. kan new after asking mark zuckerberg for $1 billion to solve hissolv money troubles, it seems one seo thing is perfectly clear that kanye's money troubles are tuble different than any unelse's une' money troubles, because peoplesl in massive debt don't just sip s champagne in super expensiveenve july row stores. sre these are photos from tmz of west inside jacob and company exclusive
10:20 am
york city and with watches thatt will set you back a price of a small house.ou it sounds crazy he's talkings about $53 million in debt.eb >> can we just say this? can we ever believe anything kanye sa says?sa? >> he's very provocative.cati he'll do anything to provokeprok people to talk about him. >> this is from new york, right. >> new york. is that the same shirt he was wearing in the rap battle with w kyle mooney. >> it could have i doubt it because it's kanye. >> goodness, steve. >> he probably has 10 of them.. >> right. >> at least.>> a >> at all right.all ri from craze so to sad. cra let's talk about madonna. madonna shared a heartbreaking flashback photo of her son roccc as baby as her custody battledyt with he can husband guy richie r rages on. she's not been -- has not seen s her son in months.on as the 15 year old campaign toso live in london with his father.. the 57-year-old super starr cappinged the image, i miss you. >> aww.>> >> that's had a heartbreakinghar story. clearly there's lot more toore t that. no matter what their celebrity b that's a mom an dad and a sonnd and
10:21 am
wins in that. tt. >> yup. one of the toughest womenesw out there opened up to talk shok host ellen about her suicidal thoughts. rhonda rousey says she thoughtht about killing herself after shes lost her 2015ufc championshipmpo fight to holly holme she sharedd she thought she would would be d nothing without the title belt. it was her relationship withp wt fellow ufc fighter tavis brownib and the idea of being a mom that helped her heal. h h i believe i'm undefeated becausu defeated is a choice. everyone always has losses inn their life but i choose to t always be undefeated.. >> those good powerful wordsoo there. i like that.d hat >> tough to hear that thishis athlete that was so powerful anl on top of her sport that lost l one time and that one loss,ing.n >> that's because she definedhen herself by that.ha so that's -- that's the lesson, right?gh >> athletes go through this allt the time. they have a hard time -- after-- they get away from the l
10:22 am
they have a hard time dealing dg with life.ife. >> you have to have a strongto v mental focus to get to thatt point. any dents in that armor and it's much more than layman person.anp >> you have to lose at some at e point because that really -- iu- think it makes the winning thatg much more joyful but i'm glad id she's over this. i was saying earlier i thoughtho it was unusual to open up at u a ellen about this.hi i'm glad she d it's a lesson fof everyone to learn how to win an how to lose graciously. >> hopefully reach some othersly as well. r >> it did.t di >> thanks, guys.hank guys. holly and maureen you ready todo go? >> who put me in this?ho put me >> you got your dancing shoesani on. we have an outfit for you.. don't worry.or we have it all taken care of.e how to become a redskinsskins cheerleader.rleade. >> first though a check on some those other stories we're stoese working on down in the newsroomn right now. gh i'll have to go downstairs andnr check on those stories. sto i'll be back. ♪
10:23 am
10:24 am
10:25 am
♪ back now at 10:25. let's get you caught up onbau ho what's happening now in theng n news. d.c. police this morninge this r releasing these pictures of area bank robbery suspect. he helped held um united bank u branch on the 1600 block of kcko street northwest.thwe yesterday just before 5:00 inor5 the afternoon.afternon the man did get away with someis money. not sure how much, though. mh, o take a good look. loo if you recognize this guy, give police a call.. fox5 this morning first tong break the news the number of nuo victim in the prince george's county child porn case is now up to 17.7. former school volunteer i was i deonte carraway facing 12 charges in connection with videos he took of young students
10:26 am
engaged in second acts at act elementary school and recryool n center. the newly sworn in police chiefc in prince george's county spoke with us earlier this morning m sharing the news of the latest s victim and explaining where the case against him goes from here. >> at this point is to see if hi was collaborating with anybodybo and how did he finance this.his. those are important questions qo because that leads us to thehe potential for additional victi victims. >> that is the newly crownedly n chief stawinski.awinsk just sworn in yesterday. i he says he's also making sureo s his force and the fbi canan provide services and counseling to the victims they aretims currently aware of and other ano who's may still come for. f all right. still ahead he has hit song on g the gospel charts and live in l the loft we're talking about tit bowman, jr. here to perform, i'm good life on the good day.ooday very catchy.atch >> you're going to like it. eighths chat chi song indeed. se first though the redskins redsk cheerleaders are here live. herl we'll check in with them next nx and find out how you can be onee too. to 10:26 is our ♪
10:27 am
10:28 am
10:29 am
10:30 am
♪ listen. that means it's already time tot start getting ready for the next one. that off season prep isn't justj for the players. pyers starting next month the redskins cheerleaders will begin holdingl prep classes for women who want to join the ranks of the first r ladies of football.ootb now this all leads up to thep actual auditions that then begin in april. apr. we've all seen the ladies moving and shaking on the side lines. but what does it actually take k to be a redskins cheerleader.ler and what will those prep classes entail? for answers we arewerse joined by two people who know k cheerleading much that is rachel and felicia.ia. >> welcome >> good morning.>> >> hi. >> yeah. that is the question.s what does it take? cthan anyny person sign up? any person shoy up? up
10:31 am
you know what, every year wet, e have about 300 ladies come oute to audition to be a redskins cheerleader, and it's such an a difficult process but you knowuo what, it's fun.un we have prep classes going on o right, starting march 1st. so you can learn how to be a toa cheerleader. we've had girls literally withh no dance experience make the the team after doing all of our pree classes.ass >> really? >> i know. >> if you have no danceo d experience why go?encehy g >> seriously. susly 300 come out. how many make it? >> so we have -- felicia was a rookie this season and her class about 14.t1 >> about 14 of us.>> aut 1 >> okay.>> okay. >> i mean that's wilted down aow slight >> it really is. >> you got to shine in thatnen group. so you've got these practice pct sessions coming up what doesoes that entail? e >> how do you take a pom pom? p how do you do a flip. >> what does it entail?tai >> the prep class --p cla >> it's more than that, maureenn >> how do you take a picture with creep poe trying to feeloee you up remark it. >> we have two different thingst going on this year we're to go t tips for successo series
10:32 am
starting march 1st as well a before our dance classes. css we'll be doing things for girlss showing them how to eat right, g how to work out like us, how tow do our hair and makeup like us.. >> okay. >> how to pick the righto pi audition outfit then on top ofhp that during the prep classes,es they're taught by -- i'm teac teaching a class, our directorso are teaching classes and they're taught by girls you get to learn the style of a redskinsedsks cheerleader and we build on auin little technique and you get tot learn a new dance every nighte n and it's a fun way to stay in shape and if you don't -- even - if you don't want to try out take a dance glass what is thehe proper attire for >> something like we have on now. >> really? >> yes. >> i know, right. >> give us some nfl glamour ti tips. >> because there is glout of lo lot of glom nor that goes into t into it. i >> i would say one of things yon wanted to peak sure you alwaysu have full face and makeup. >> always rhee wear lashes.rhee >> the lashes -- that's a good tip. ti >> i'm looking at your lashesoua th
10:33 am
at a thousand. >> bright lipstick, nudeic lipstick. >> we like a burgundy somethingi that matches your skin tone. skn >> hair. do you have to have long hair? ? >> no.. >> actually, no. n >> i don't know you have ever seen a cheerleader without longg hair.ha >> we have two girls this year. >> two. >> >> if you have long hair, lg har though, should you wear it down? >> yes.. >> see. >> if you have long hair should yoi make it full? >> yes. >> she is getting -- she was a cheerleader.rleader are you trying to try out? >> there's an age limit?it >> there is no age limit. >> really?lly? >> as long as you're 18. >> okay. >> i'm a little over 18.8. >> yes. okay. let's talk about seriously inusi terms of your poise.r poise. because i actually -- i'm stan standing a little taller justitl standing next to them.o your shoulders are back. b >> you got -- it's like a regalr pose here. go ahead.go ahead. let's see this. >> how to carry yourself is a redskins cheerleader. >> we're repping the team so yoy always want to look the part.t dress the part. p be the
10:34 am
>> put forward your best you. yu >> i've always wondered a lot of people knock cheerleaders you're just a cheerleader and they want to take away from what you guysg actually dodge it's hard work.d it's dedication and i thinknd t that's one thing we have to makk clear to people that this is not something frivolous that you tha shall go into because you'llseou work hard. >> yes, you are. i learned that my rookie this is hard work. this is not just -- it allt starts as soon as you make theso team. so as soon as you make the teamt you're starting your i have torque, i'm standing nexx four year vet but i'm got to'm t look like like i've been there.. so it starts as soon as you makm the team.e te >> how in shape do you have to be? >> clearly.>>arly >> you know what it's verynow w' physically demanding.. so you will get a sense if youf come to our prep classes how strenuous it can be and you and really build up your stamina.. >> do the pre classes costt something.somethin >> they dodge it's $25 a25 a session.ion. all the information you cannfory actually registers online it'sei on our website and we hold om
10:35 am
tuesday and thursdays alldays a throughout march.ho mar >> just because you go throughyo the prep session doesn't mean you're automatically going getac through the audition? >> oh no, no. >> not at all. >> 300 people can come to the co prep session and only 14 arenl making real quickly you mentioned the redskins style. sle >> right. >> redskins cheerleader style.hy can you teach us a little bit of that? that? >> do you want to us show how ts fluff our pom. >> oh, yes. >> flower our poms. pom >> you have to kind of make a figure eight, there you go. >> we can do that. t >> and then you just smile andmi look pretty at the camera. >> whoo!! >> eat your heart out. out >> give a little head pop.. ready.ready. ♪ >> oh, my god, my arms ares a getting tire. t >> i know. >> no more bingo arms. >> we got it.aswe holly and i at that practice pct session we are so in there.he >> oh, my gosh, shorts
10:36 am
>> maybe i just want the boots.b >> stop laughing, steve andugng wisdom.wi i see you chuckling over there. >> we're offensed we didn't get the offer to fluff any pom. anyp it's okay.ka we understand.nderst >> can we pay $25 to go to thego class, too. class, too. >> i know, right much these gug guys. >> they have bouncers at the b door. >> on behalf of steve, tucker tc and all the other men in this ii building we appreciate youre y efforts every time you step oute on the field.on the field >> thank you. >> i know -- not you two.wo >> he's not talking to us.t tag >> the two in the cheerleader outfits. >> we draw the line right theren >> we appreciate your work.eciar >> it is hard work. i har >> it is hard hd w >> it's great game dayay >> yes. headline there folks wisdom wass actually willing to pay 25 buckc for something.omhi >> wait, steve, i was going getg to you pay for both of.oth o >> i knew there was catch.ere wh still ahead, idol's final season shaping up. sh it will be an epic one. guest mentor who know a thing or two what it takes to get aheadea on idol.on i we'll share their thoughts aboua this final season.inal sn. ♪ >> you're watch
10:37 am
we're back in a moment. ia mome ♪
10:38 am
10:39 am
♪ >> well i hope you've beenho watching american idol and if you have not it's still a greata time to get ons boardst fans aa getting r
10:40 am
duets.duet second round of the final season of american idol takes placees a tonight and fox's michelle polino has a preview of whofho you're going to get to see. >> reporter: american idol's ids top 24 contestants are continu continuing to work with pasto winners and finalists in hopes s of moving on to next week's livl show. >> i keep thinking, oh, my goshg i'm almost i'm almost and i'm this close to the live shows. sh i just have to make it through.. oh, my gosh., my g it's crazy. >> reporter: helping to guidengg the singers on solo numbers duets are chris daute, kelly pickler, jordin sparks, david dd cook, haley ryan heart and constantine moral list.t. >> absolutely surreal to be bact here but really wonderful, too.t like a second home.on home. you know, just really humble tol be a part of television historys the greatest television show ever. ev >> it is one thing to go througo this experience and all the kinn of unique moments that comeom along with that but to get the e
10:41 am
help navigate some of the fresh crop through it is pretty row r warring i enjoy it. >> it's pretty cool.l. it's an honor.or i know what they're goingng through and all the thingsall ts they're feeling. >> ♪ >> reporter: just locate last week the contestants are tryingn to absorb all of the advice tha the former idols are giving th them. >> she said, you know, a lot ofo good singers come out here andnd killed their songs. s they sing it perfectly. you can just tell that in theirt eyes it wasn't real.t r and she said in the judges canud tell that.tell t >> we talked about some of thehe things that i needed to improveo on like smiling with my eyes on stage, 'cause sometimes i canets get a little lost in the song.on >> making sure you're authentic in you're being you. you know, in this process youcey can get sucked into the stresstr and the intensity and thehe different talent that's around but what she was saying likee obviously there's reason whyreas each and everyone of us are are here. >> the
10:42 am
funny he said i have no notesot for you. i'm like oh my gosh really? okay. okay that was pretty cool but i feel like that's what i got from him and be confident in who you aree and just know that you're here for a reason. r >> reporter: see how they do thd wednesday and thursday night onn fox. in hollywood, michelle polino, fox news. ♪ and it airs tonight rightig here on fox at 8:00. idol duets. >> this is where it's going geti really at this point of the season youa start to identify with contestants little bit more.leir start to pick your favorites. >> idol will pull out all the stops. final farewell season it will be goode tv for sure. se. >> i agree.>> i we got good tv coming up becausc we've got the super talented tim bowen, jr., live in our lost. number one on the gospelthpe billboard charts right now.ow >> look at that smile. sle >> singing for us for >> wait a minute. he looks familiar. >> i've seen him here before.ef >> i think he's got a story tott tell.
10:43 am
>> he's good.
10:44 am
10:45 am
♪ all right. 10:45 is the time.10 we've been asking to you share your comments and thoughts with us courtesy of social media
10:46 am
twitter. here we go. he we'll share them rightre now.ign share what you've shared with us. here's the first one apple to should unlock the phont this isn't a parent trying toeny get into a kid's phone butne someone who committed an act oft terrorism.or >> i kind of agree with thatd of one. >> i agree. good i agree as well. special circumstances. il circus >> spent the money and come up.t with new security system.he sect >> right. yeah. >> vanessa gentleman hudgens hus needs to be fined big time for defacing a natural treasure. trs i agree witness but i don't think she's the only one that'sh done that.e >> she does set an example. exa >> i agree.>> i agree. >> get the word out youet shouldn't be doing that. tt beog >> good day d.c. contract talkss breaking off between cousins and skins normal. nor captain kirk wants to be paido p but time -- team can't give him all the money.all thney okay. >> standard play.y >> they'll get it work out and a he'll be your quarterback nextck year. >> just starring watching eaglee cam.m. mr. president and first ladyst l just started a new shift. shi awesome to see them tintack.ta the direor
10:47 am
times if you watch you'll seeous them there together acting like proud parents.prou >> very cool. very >> i'm 32 and wouldn't date wn'd someone under 25. what life experiences can wencen have in common. >> and that's the key.nd thath no mahwah the age is you got too have something in common. com >> my wife is 15 years younger y than me. th we've been married for just u34 years. yes! age is just a number. >> all >> um-hmm.>> um-hmm. >> they're both adults. badul >> right. rig >> here you go. first lady of footballl cheerleaders are the finest init the nfl. n >> nobody will argue with that.h >> nobody arguing with that. wih >> no mention of us, mo. (laughter).(lau >> i thought he included us. >> listen -- they are the finese ladies of good day d.c. >> yes! >> all the time we say we get no credit.redi >> none whatsoever.hatsoe >> only ladies of good day d.c. (laughter).. >> you don't have to read nightt take it on the surface.onhe s >> it's all good. >> we'll take the compliments c when we can. we spent all morning yesterday talking about the grammys and we got a tweet
10:48 am
saying, hey, what about gospel music? we hear you loud andd clear. we respond to your tweets.your today is your lucky day. our next guest at a gospela gos artist from musical dynasty,yn family of musical experts sitting on top of the chart. tha his song "i'm good" peek at number two on the gas pell air l play chart last week and this ls week we want send him to numbero one so get ready to send him toh the top of the charts.he so here to form that hit singlee please welcome tim bowman, jr. . ♪
10:49 am
♪ "i'm go good "♪ ♪
10:50 am
10:51 am
>> wherever you are get up, wala with us like this.e t hey, hey, hey. ♪ ♪
10:52 am
(applause).pp >> we're good. you are good.yo >> come on over.r. >> come on over here. >> that was hot. >> amazing. >> that will stick in your head for the next week or so. o s >> welcome >> good to see you again.d to se >> i was facebook mentioning ann people were like that's my songn i love it. >> if it wasn't before it willnf be now.ow. >> this isn't the first timen'fe you've been here the last time you were here -- her >> with my beautiful wife. >> right there.ight the >> you were talking about the purity pledge.rity ple refresh the memory of theryth viewers. >> look at that smile. >> that says volumes righthat there. >> he's good.>> >> tell you how things are goine well. the just been amazing number onn we didn't expect for ourn't pect marriage to do what it did.t it we got married and then all thii stuff blows up. up but since then, it's just been
10:53 am
amazing because me and my wifeyf have been traveling around therd country speaking about what we a believe in and what we stood for and she even wrote book thatoo a just came out on amazon it's out right now actually on amazon ama best sellers list. >> wow! >> i got good news. >> ut-oh, here we go.e g >> really good news.ll n break it right here on fox5 onox good day. >> i'm good as of yesterday just went number one oil oh the billboards.ards. (applause). >> that's what i'm talking abo about. >> it's a great song. it's a happy song.s it maxi you want to get up andnd dance and i know it's a gospell song, but to me that's really rl important, you want to be happyh you want to praise him. that's what this is >> the whole concept behind itle was just empowering feel goodeeg song for people to just knoww because get discouraged and youd feel you're not good enough to g do all these thing the record ii supposed to empower you thatwery you're good not because of you,f but because god made us all thal way. >> you know what, maybe, too,, t there's a bigger story here, he, because, you know, you talk talk about the purity pledge and thed prmi
10:54 am
you are bergere warred for thatf sometimes you get it back 10k 10 follow.. >> that's the book, man.. >> what do we pay her. h >> they call me pastor holly. >> the bible does say that a mat that finds a wife finds a good d thing. thing. >> amen. >> and he obtains favor with he god. so i really believe i'm walkingi in that that favor. >> you are such an inspirationha especially young people. p you guys went about it your wayr and you stood by that and it a think that's so remarkable toare show people that there is apl different way.wa >> absolutely. >> explain what the purity pledge was based time we did --d we didn't explain it you and you your wife were engaged you waited until -- your wife, your fiance' at the time took a pledge she was 13 said sean s going to have sex until she gots married.marr >> you stuck when i.ou stu >> that was the whole puritywhot pledge.. >> yup. >> they were honest you talk ho about the fact that it wasn'tas easy. >> you were itemed but youdut remain true to your promise. >> have you seen my wife, she'ss beautiful.beau >> she's gorgeous.he >> you'reot
10:55 am
>> you're a beautiful couple. c >> she was also tempted. don't sell yourself short. srt >> i'm so glad you shared thed good news going number one.umbe when you're sitting at number two, knocking on the door rightd here.. >> i heard you say somethingom about my family.abmy f my dad is -- he's had fourour number, ones on the smooth jazz chart.cht. >> pressure.>> press >> my aunt vicky had three or vr four herself on the gospel charh so you have that and my familyfa is so funny. f i'm telling you man, it's a very elite crowd. i got to give you the number one hand. hand >> you're getting from good people. >> good dna. >> what's next for you musical musically. >> i got my album release date.d my whole project will be out may sixth. >> mark the calendar. mthe >> crazy great features. i'm getting ready to go on 16 city tour. t going around the country just tt share the message and let a everybody know that they areha good. good. >> does your wife always travela with you? >> when she can.hen shn but you k
10:56 am
thing >> her book tour to go with hish music tour. tour. th around the country and hasd been doing it since 13. the great thing --ng- >> reunited and it feels soit fs good. >> there you go. >> shout out to two ladies background singers what arend s their names.their n >> camille davis and sonya browa m greatest singers. singers >> nice job, ladies.b, l well done. >> wonderful job. >> listen i'm no marking and music expert i think if you'refy number one before the album oefr comes out, you're doing okay, mm man. man. >> you're doing all right.e al >> remember us when.>> rember that's what we'll say.ll say. >> come back any time.>> c >> thank you so much for havingu me. >> we're so proud of you. sprou >> tucker barnes, what you got y for us? >> hope it's good.opit's >> number one forecast.r one >> i took the purity pledge p right through my teens.ugh my ts >> it wasn't by choice, does byd that count.. >> did not make it to the 20's.. do not lie from front of a manoa of god. >> just do the weather. >> not too late to redeem myse myself. >> forecast lightning willt strike. 47 today. today mix of sun and clouds but we'llw focus on saturday and sunday.una it should be beautiful weekendue both saturday and sunday
10:57 am
sunshine.ns about 60 degrees around here.ron so nice looking end to the week. >> i'm so glad you came here today.
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
♪ ♪ live from new york city, it's the wendy williams show. >> you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. my girls have always turned out. i keep it straight. no chasers. >> now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] >> very nice. thank you for watching.


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