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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Sunday  FOX  February 21, 2016 8:00am-9:01am EST

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thanks for joining us at 8:00. we begin this morning with developing news out of michigan where a deadly shooting happened last night in kalamazoo.
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it took place crashinger barre barrel, ford dealership and outside an apartment complex. a gunman drove around the city shooting at people. it started late last night and sparked a massive manhunt. five people were shot and killed outside cracker barrel and two killed at a dealership and woman fighting foreher life today was shot outside of an apartment complex. >> now to the race for white house couple huge headlines coming out of south carolina and nevada hillary clinton came out top dog and trump wins by a large margin. and bush anouns he was dropping out of the race. >> contest in the presidential race as democrats go head to head in nevada while republicans duke it out in south carolina. >> donald trump becomes first candidate to whip back-to-back races this political season taking top spot in new hampshire
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carolina. >> there's nothing easy about running for president i can tell you it's nasty, mean, vicious, beautiful. [ laughter ]. >> when you win it's beautiful. >> texas senator ted cruz is still fighting near top of pack as winner of iowa caucuses he's only candidate to beat trump so far. >> south carolina. has given us another remarkable result. >> senator marco rubio making a strong showing in south carolina on heels of two major endorsement from governor nikki haley and senator tim scott. >> this country is ready for a new generation of conservatives to guide us into 21 century. >> jeb bush making decision to suspend campaign after results. >> remain optimistic and with right kind of leadership we all need to work to make sure happens america's best days are ahead. >> democrat side hillary clinton takes home a win in nevada caucuses. >> i am so, so thrilled and so grateful
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grateful to all of my supporters out there. >> senator bernie sanders congratulated clinton on trick victory in close race and says he's looking forward to future contest. >> it's clear to me and most observers that the wind is at our backs. >> tuesday the republican caulk us in nevada and democrats vote here on saturday. columbia, south carolina, caroline shivly, fox news >> and we want to you invite us 8:30 this morning a live special that will go into detail about the outcomes in nevada and south carolina. all right. well it's been a beautiful weekend. little taste of spring to make winter bareable and enjoy warmer temperatures again today. we've got changes on the way and caityln joins us now with the details. >> i know annie, good morning, so nice, yesterday, right? >> yes, it was so nice. >> were you outside. >> i mari
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>> i felt like coye go out and get a tan it was nice and warm. i know, beautiful yesterday. in fact high temperatures well into the 6 0s. in d.c. hit 65. mild out there right now. we have rain approaching. so today going to be a pretty different type of afternoon. that being said it will feel like spring. just rainy spring day i guess. satellite and radar shows come policemen of showers headed our way moving through southern ohio and central sections of west virginia and approaching northern virginia and heavy rain imbedded in this and quick moving system. it's got trailing showers behind it meaning we'll probably have the chance to she a shower or two even after the steady rain moves through. and we have rain in the forecast through about this evening. and as a result, flash flood watches posted until 7 p.m. tonight for district, arlingto arlington, fair faxt. loudoun country and back through west require vir. not getting a lot of rain with this. it could be briefly heavy. just ground is so saturated
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additional rainfall and snow melt localized flooding possible northwest of d.c. and heavier showers weaken across the district. temperatures 48 washington and 43 gaithersburg and 47 dulles. mild and comfortable. future cast puts showers in northern virginia by mid-morning in district by noon and then this later this afternoon moving on to eastern shore. much lighter but showers will continue throughout this evening and after 10:00 we may clear out. forecast for today. 55, 11 a.m., mostly cloudy, rain arrives by into. it's approaching by then and showers, temperatures falling back to low 50s through the afternoon. and that's a look at today. i'll have the 7 day forecast with another chance for heavy rain in it. that's still ahead. annie. >> thanks so much, caityln. d.c. police are investigating an act of vandalism directed at their property. saturday, police found eight patrol cars near the 7 pl district station with tires slashed and the cards were
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southeast and investigators believe the slashings happened sometime friday night one tire on every vehicle was cut and video cameras on the police station could help find those responsible. >> nor on child porn and sex abuse investigation in prince george county they're trying to determine if deonta caraway has more victims. 17 children came forward. caraway had cells phones he would handout to children at elementary school and hand the phones at at start of day and ask the children to record themselves conducting sex acts and then collect the phones at the end of the day with the child pornography on them. >> and family and friends of missing d.c. woman gathered for a prayer vigil last night to honor her memory and try to bring new attention to his disappearances. pamela butler was seen alive january 12, 2009 at home on north forth street north west she was supposed to drop by her mother's house and never showed up. police talked with
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exboyfriend and investigated her disappearance and nobody has been charged m family members hold out hope this case ka can be solved. >> we definitely believe somebody knows something. we know somebody knows something. these crimes they don't just happen and they mapen in a vacuum. somebody knows something. eventually somebody will tell us. we want closure. we want somebody to come forward and tell what they know. get in touch with myself, d.c. police department, somebody knows something. >> butler was 47 years old when she wept missing and her family has decided to declare her legally dead. >> and well coming up, fighting for privacy. we'll tell you about the protest planned this week across the country backing up apple after their ongoing feud with the feds. time:08 weep be back.
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>> welcome back protester being planned in cities across the city this week in response for fbi asking app toll make it easier to incents an iphone and gain access in the san bernardino shooter's phone. it's organized the by fight for the fruit fewer and tuesday protest will be held outside apple stores not just in us, uk, hong kong and germany and protest at fbi headquarters after a cart order for app toll create a software system allo allowing police to access a locked phone without deleting
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>> former national security contractor edward snowden is speaking out via skype from russia. snowden says he would be willing to return to u.s. if federal government would garn teen a fire trial. he left the country 2013 after leaking details of secret government ease drops program and he faces serious charges that could put him back behind bars for 30 years. >> funeral services were held over the weekend for the author. she was burried in monroeville, alabama, lea is known for her classic novel to kill a mocking bird. lee died last week at the age of 89. and still ahead a deadly psych loan hits fiji. stay inside at the say.
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>> fox5 megan live in northwest with the preview as the counseled down begins. you're first in line there. >> i'm still first in line. i'm still waiting. >> but we have five days. i mean i could be waiting a while. it's been 54 years
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cars and they will appear again five days saturday at the intersection of 13 and h stree street. and the street cars will run from 6 a.m. to midnight, monday through thursdays and until 2 a.m. fridays and saturdays with no service on days like today. sunday. fruit fewer phase for d.c. streetcar will pick up un yoon station and go to water front on k street. fact about these street cars. no toxic runoff into rivers or emissions because they're clean electric vehicles which is great. will this be noisy no, no more noisy than normal bus the electric motors are relatively quiet. paerm service will begin immediately after a ceremony
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a.m. here and street war kill operate for free because there's nothing better than introductory fairs shortly after. and standing in line at 10 a.m. to ride that streetcar. >> sending it back to you anni annie. >> all right. thanks, megan. >> all right. well fiji declared a nationwide curfew after island nation was hit with ferocious and deadly cyclone there. wind were whipping at 177 miles per hour. cyclone winston is strongest storm to hit the southern hemisphere. you can hear it. >> even though it's different hemisphere it's like hurricane there only difference they ztate differently damaging and awful story for them. >> absolutely. >> good news for us here. locally we have mild temps which is nice. it's a nice break
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but will it stick around do you think it doesn't look leak brutal cold but cooler as we head through the week. and rain on tap today and more rain this week. let's recap yesterday georgous outside. definitely felt like spring. a top of people out and about. it was 65 at reagan national. that was high temperature. 67 dulles and 67 bwi. all across the area and across the mid atlantic to northeast. we had a gorgeous, nice warm afternoon. it's mild. it will be a rainy and mild sunday afternoon. 48 washington now. 49 baltimore and 50s back off west ahead this rain moving in. and satellite and radar shows clouds around here in d.c. and beautiful sunrise and probably not seeing much sunshine today thanks to what is traversing through west virginia now and this area of showers which looks heavy in
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central west virginia those rain showers are moving due east and headed for us. rain moving in the next couple hours. flash flood watch for washington and all points west. this is not necessarily because we're going to get a lot of rain from this you can see it's a small system. but, with weeks of wet weather and snow melt saturated ground. northern virginia, west virginia and including d.c. rain this afternoon could lead to localized flooding. let's time it out for you mid morning moving across 66 and loudoun and fairfax will see rain first. by noon, 1:00 raining in district could be heavy down south and maybe rumbles of thunder. showers will continue through this evening as we move to eastern shore and then later tonight looks like we clear out. rainy sunday afternoon. it doesn't look like a lot. projected rainfall amounts really less than half inch for all of us and again flash flood watch west for where the ground is wet.
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as we head into the workweek. we get a nice break tomorrow after the rain. high pressure moves to and it's cole. not cool, not cold, temperatures in the 40s tomorrow and when you don't have a source of cold air it's not going to produce much wintery weather. that's the case for us tuesday, peps, and into thursday thursday could be a west in -- snow cop find close toss ohio valley and cuxing of the storm moves through wednesday and rain could be heavy at times. wednesday to thursday. forecast for today, 57. couple showers this afternoon. mild. 49 tomorrow. sun and cloud. showers likely ahead of storm tuesday. main event wednesday. it's mild. 55. 48 on thursday with a couple showers and bendy. it will be windy
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week that moves out and showers might mix with snowflakes especially wet of town and looks nice as we end the workweek. that's the 7 day forecast, annie. >> thanks, caityln. still ahead staying connected these days wifi is the norm. we'll have a story straight ahead, time 8:20 be right back.
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many parents consider school a second home for children. and when students go to class parents expect a safe environment. >> there are concerns being raised about wifi in schools. is it safe core lead to serious health consequences, laura evans reports. >> today's technology taking these kids on a virtual trip to the moon. >> this is great wall of china. >> and to myriad other places in the universe. montgomery county schools is the first school system in our area to partner with google to offer the expedition pioneer program and smart phones inside cardboard boxes and an app takes the kids to a location virtually but more assignment is the question of children putting there was a google rep there that said take a few minutes.
8:24 am
>> nor ais member of an organization saying safe tech for schools maryland fighting for safe use of technology in the come. it's not just google sxed daitions that has them concerned it's the whole program in montgomery country. they reachedly purchased 40,000 laptops and chrome books for sfrupts third grid high school and up graded wifi system installing routers or access points some in middle of classroom ceiling over student desks. they're emitting radio frequencies all day long. >> they need to teach students how to show devices. >> chief technology officer for mcps declined an interview with fox5 and in board of education meeting last september he said reducing wifi in school system makes no sense. >> i can got live by precaution arie principle on this count
8:25 am
that says we may not know something we do nothing and hard wire all devices, it makes sense. >> they're misinformed and making a huge mistake compromising the health and safety of the students and of the teachers. >> an expert on bioelectric magnetics dr. debra dave sis founder of environmental health trust a non profit working to protect kindergarten and middle school children from health risks of cell phones and wifi systems. he's done more than 200 studies on the subject and says even relatively low exposure can interrupt normal brain or development in a child. in 2011 world helm organization classified magnetic field and ifew and carson. more and more expert in the field are comi
8:26 am
expressing concern. >> the american academy of pediatrics along with government accountability office or gao are uming fcc to adoment up to state radiation standards current standards are 20 years old and don't account for child's use. in montgomery countsy, laura evans fox5 local news. >> all right. we reached out to fcc with questions and they too declined our requests for interview. but they did release this statement. it said the u.s. has among most conservative standards in the world and as part of routine review of the standards we're soliciting input from multiple stake holders experts including federal health agencies and others to guy assessments. >> russia, italy, switzerland, china, france, bell yum have active policies to reduce wifi expose newer schools. . >> and well that adoes it for us here on "fox" news morning.
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that's a look at local news. stay with us for a full half hour of the hill. we have you covered all things politics after
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>> straight ahead push out and trump wins hillary hangs on. that's all next on "fox5"on the hill. good morning. i'm veronica clearly alongside the hill
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and fox5 tom fitzgerald. let's get to results in south car lane aand nevada. gop primary in south carolina trump wins 33%. rubio came in second. it was basically tie with cruz 22% each. >> in democratic caucuss in nevada hel hill with 53%. bernie sanders 47%. and hillary clinton 53%. we start with republicans in his victory speech donald trump thanked supporters and emphasized his now famous cam pain slogan. >> but, the people are so incredible that i have been saying make america great again and it's going to be greater than ever before. that's the kind of potential we have. greater than ever before. so, so, i want to thank everybody i love you all south carolina we
8:31 am
you. >> with this victory in south carolina the question now is can anyone or anything stop donald trump? listen, if you win new hampshire and you win south carolina, history shows you win the gop nomination. will it happen. >> history has never seen anything quite like this right. i thought about this for sure and he deserves credit and with how many people are still in the race it's hard to say that it is a definite. it certainly is looking like i it. >> it's rubio. strong second. >> that was a good night for marco rubio. we're in this period of time now where we keep being told losing is winning. >> right. >> for marco rubio last night yes he came in second but that was a big win for him. there was a lot of things on the table that screamed ted cruz
8:32 am
ted cruz, ted cruz was really in a strong position especially with evangelicals down in south caroline a marco rubio capitalizeed and was not expecting rubio to do what he did yesterday and coming in second the way he did put the mark on ted cruz no i'm in this lane too and you have to make room for me as well. >> rubio declaring himself it's a three man race now. he made that decision. and one of the take aways i thought about last night was you know what is the relevance of new hampshire. when you have rubio who did poorly in new ham hire and okay circumstance did well let's set the stage it's fun now you saw completely opposite results last night in south carolina rubio doing well and kasich not pulling in much themes. >> what is your take on that? was marco rubio right
8:33 am
night. is this a three person race. >> i think it is. as you said he's got a win. he has not won anything finished fifth in new hampshir hampshire. showed he can take a punch and he record from disastrous debate. will the establishment get behind marco rubio. they don't like trump or cruz but rubio has to get a first place. >> big news for gop side jeb bush gets out of race. >> america thinks boldly and leads without apology. it will be up to the next president to restore leade leadership. i'm proud of the cam pain we've run to un few our country and to add indicate conservative solutions that give americans more opportunity to rise up and reach god given potential. but people of iowa and new hampshire and south carolina have spoken and i really respect their
8:34 am
>> amazing super pack spent over 100 million tlarz. he was front runner last summer out after three contest. >> who ma'am inked the race playing out the way it did. there was talk about is it going to be bush clinton race and the fact that america do we have dynasties right now and one not even really being much of a player. up believable. >> one of the archable things that happened when you looked at jeb bush last night pulling out of the race this was the guy built in a laboratory to be the front runner of the republican party. he had the name. he had the super packs behind him. he had the establishment. it all dissolved under the weight of donald trump. and how the super packs. >> the republican
8:35 am
of the usually it's next man u up. room any was next one he won nomination difficult by won and now bush -- i think question will jeb bush back rubio? >> i don't know. [ laughter ]. >> i think it's likely. they have this interesting dynamic of him formerly being mentor and now taking reigns and knocked him out of the water. it's certainly --. >> you have to watch some of the things you've said. i want to lock a little of what was in the mind of these voters last night. we've about looking at exit poll from last eaching they're tell interesting stories we want to shet light on what is coming down the road. here are people that are angry with the federal government voted last night. donald trump top of 38% and ted cruz 28 and marco rubio and ben carson filling out remainder. what does this say about what donald trump's base is. is it ju
8:36 am
>> there's a lot of anger out there no doubt about it and i think that will continue. people are not satisfied with direction of country. >> the question they're angry with the gop not necessarily mringz in general they feel establishment in gop has not done for them what they expected and that's why with when you talk about jeb being perfect candidate and not working they did not plan for trump. >> let's look what they said last night about who actually decided late. now a lot of these people wept into the polls with no clear choice. rubio came away with 30% of those and decided they would vote. trump 16 and caseic at the bottom. when you walk in poll and left with this question of marco rubio and ted cruz what was it that was able to get marco rubio before they pull the lever or. >> people decided if
8:37 am
trump or not a long time ago. now it was between those two candidates who do i decide if i'm late decidinger. >> and attacks on cruz he's cheater and liar president mat mater. >> governor of south carolina endorsing marco rubio. jeb bush so wanted that. he can taste. it this is whether or not people think immigrants should have legal status and vote went down this way. rubio 31% and cruz 20% and trump one surprising 20% for people that thought democrats should have legal status and kasich at 12%. one hit on marco rubio by ted cruz has been that marco rubio is on to path to citizenship but in this respect it seems
8:38 am
have paid off for marco rubio. >> in some ways the base doesn't trust marco rubio on immigration. and you want rubio. >> interesting thing, trump has been city sized so much for his views about immigration and voters that are looking to trump for answers they're not making it big priority. next up we turn to democrats. just how big will hillary clinton's win last night in nevada play out. >> we'll talk about the senior white house core stopped ept and hillary clinton expert amy barpz.
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>> it's your campaign and it is a campaign to breakdown every barrier that hold you back. we're going to build ladders of opportunity in their place so everyone xhern go as far as as your hard work can take you. >> so there you heard some of what hillary clinton said she took time in her speech to focus on wuping young vot
8:42 am
which she can't seem to connect with or really excite the way bernie sanders has. >> all she had to do was turn around and look at them. the stage was filled with them. you could not miss that stage crowd it was like a tablet of younger faces. it's not a subtle message coming from clinton campaign. >> a big whip for hillary clinton. there was chaos in campaign. sanders felt most up off huge win if new hampshire and do you think that this is the end of bernie sanders or you know he'll be around for a while. remember he races so much money raised 6 million in 24 hours she has moment up right. >> i think it's end for bernie he'll give her a run for mn on super tuesday. when he closed out he deposit mention south carolina he doesn't know it was a lost cause. i thought that was interesting. >> i said a couple weeks ago i thought if you enjoyed bernie sanders in iowa if you enjoyed bernie sanders in
8:43 am
hold on to the memory. when you look at the map and what's laid out coming we'll talk about this in a moment it's hard to see the places bernie sanders goes to start racking up visitoryes especially with the money numbers burning through crash at alarming pace. >> he can attract the african-american vote big in south carolina. if he does not do that i think it will be very difficult. >> joining us from new york, amy white house core stopped ept for the >> good morning amy. >> good morning bob. >> first question i have has hillary clinton righted the ship. >> i think she has. you know, her allies were really looking for a win here. we ran a story this week in the hill that talked about the consternation within the cam pain and they were really looking to whip big here last night ape think they did.
8:44 am
so this is veronica from fox5. one of the things i want to talk to you about is female voters especially young female voters this idea they came out strong with people like glory steinbeck ham to excite that populous and then this young female elector rat seem offended by that. what do you make about that and how can she write the wrong. >> i think what she has to do is focus on the older women. i don't think the we did a story a few months back in the hill that talks about how pro aggressive women want the opinion or whapt decisions to make so i think that's the whole problem. i think she needs to hold the ground with women with
8:45 am
women and she has a problem. there what she did last night was she held her ground. she did attract women by 16% and you see the clinton campaign really talking about that and emphasizing that this morning. i think that's definitely a victory for her. >> amy tom fitzgerald in washington. hillary clinton seems to be exhibiting some of the same problems she did in 2008 up to this point with finding her voice and finding her tone. i want to talk to you about the spirit of this campaign right now. what we saw in that speech out of her last night sounded different that the hillary clinton we heard up until now in 2016. and it sound quieter and direct and sounded more like a general election pitch. did she find something last night that maybe will give voice to where her campaign and own voice goes if here last night? >> i think so. i think what you saw in her speech really was her talking about
8:46 am
we deposit hear that in the speeches before. you know she was actually very disappointed in her publicly she was very said she was grateful and happy about how they did anded in the campaign they were not doing so well. they were not feeling so great about their message and how they were doing. but they do feel really great about their barriers possessage they think it's timely breaking in and that's something i was hearing from her supporters a lot they finally found like that message was happening and look for her toe do more ever that and fouing focus on african americans and all that happened and she's did have knitly had a message problem. i think they feel they're making in-road there. if she can continue on this path and go forward i think this is where she is. she's definit
8:47 am
about where she is right now. >> before we let you go, amy, we want to get your 'rx to what president obama said last week about a possible trump presidency. listen. >> you can believe mr. trump we will not be present and reason is because i have a lot of faith in the american people and i think they recognize that being president is a serious job. it's not hosting a talk show or reality show. and it's not promotion. it's not marketing. and it's hard.
8:48 am
. >> he felz well how hillary clinton is doing and clinching nomination to weapon the white house and whoyt house aids say that's where he is. and i think you know, i think you can see him sort of knock donald trump in campaign appearances he plans to make for her start in the summer and going into the fall. . >> thanks amy for joining us. >> thank you. >> well, nevada and south carolina are in the -- post partially so. time for super tuesday. >> what they do to prepare as several states including virginia are getting set to hold their primaries, we'll be right back.
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8:51 am
>> welcome back to "fox5" on the hill super tuesday is march first it's a big one how big so big we had to put it on the ma map. twelve states in all all delegates awardedthon day. so what does this mean for republicans what does this mean for democrats and let's start since we talked about hillary clinton and where do the republican candidates go super tuesday to derail the frailingt train and trump
8:52 am
>> it's very interesting to see donald trump have these significant victories and everyone is talking about the second place candidate. the second place winner. because they're strategizeing for his demise. they're waiting for him to fall apart. i don't think we're going to see it. and mark owe rubio in florida is that a knockout punch. last night he said put it away anden repeatedly noted jeb is from florida and can we play in south. ted cruz organized in the south and rubio is from the south. a long way to go. establ
8:53 am
bush reporters are going to move to rubio. >> and part this primary super tuesday include virginia. virginia was part of what we call potomac primary eight years ago and it's part of vuper us it. you have terry mc callive life long friend of clip tons and governor of virginia and it's a swing state and it's a purple state. how important is it to the clinton campaign to have terri mc callive sitting in governor mansion in richmond directing operations from the state of virginia. >> i think we see similar affect to nikki haley and marco rubio. clinton could win virginia without his help. i think it will give her the strength of victory she's looking for, bob. >> it would be awfully embarassing bernie sanders making up ground to win virginia. mc callive has to deliver in primary and general. >> we have seen
8:54 am
virginia. northern virginia solidly purple and southwestern part of virginia solidly red. where is the heart and mind of virginia right now when you see the legislature go and republicans to democrat. it's the big question. everybody will be looking at in this primary. >> coming up we'll talk about the top of the hill and bottom. you don't want to miss our prediction. >> we're back we want to talk about top and bottom of hill. notnessly who won the races each week we chat aid little before. >> we didn't want to be too obvious, trump had a good night nikki haley enduce
8:55 am
over bush rubio had a strong performance she's a rising star possible vp. nikki haley top of the hill. >> this is second time nikki haley fired direct hit at trump one being state of union message she implored republicans not to listen to negative voices in the party. you would have to not be liste listening to know that was not directed at donald trump to come out then and endorse rubio the way she has she continues to elevate her own voice within the party and she's going to be a force to be reconed with either you know throughout the remainder of this cam pain and possibly on her own at some point. >> at the end of the day i know second and third place was a tight race with rubio and cruz. but rubio will take that second place. that's how it will go down in books and nikki haley will get a lot of credit for that especially how poorly he did in new hampshire. that's why we put her at the top of the hill. even though she's not running for anything now she's a player in this race. >> she's a player. bo
8:56 am
tough morning for jeb bush right? i mean there's no doubt. >> bottom of the hill. >> as i said before, who thought jeb bush would be out this early and this quickly you know everything that we've seen unpress departmented and when you look at negatives in those exit polls earlier anger at the republican establishment. would better to put the face of republican status on jeb bush. son of former president. he became poeter boy for all of those fears and answeringers of trump voters we saw coming out of the polls blaming republica republicans for their state of mind right now. >> trump did well piping that on jeb. and consistently been against debates calling them low energy and being against establishment. i think jeb can single handedly
8:57 am
demise. >> donald trump has master fully dismissed a whole big you know pile of candidates now. as this gets tighter though can he continue to make use of that though or does it get tougher for him in smaller field. >> i think smaller field is tougher for him and if you're betting against donald trump you're losing until now. huge win so far. i think donald trump is going to be at this point nominee unless things change. you're right if we get down to actually three candidates then it may be, maybe may be, anybody's game. >> and looking at history of winning norm carolina and south carolina being a shore hit for that victor you know we have to see. this race is still --. >> it's a roller coaster. fasten your seat belt. >> thanks so much guys that's if for "fox 5 news" on the hil hill. fox news sunday with chris wallace is next. thank you for joining us today and have a great sunday.
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9:00 am
i'm chris wallace. donald trump wins big in south carolina. where does the republican race go from here? we'll talk with the two top finishers and get the latest from the campaign trail. >> when you win, it's beautiful. we're going to start winning for our country. [ applause ] >> after tonight, this has become a three-person race, and we will win the nomination. [ applause ] >> first, donald trump on the results and his battle with pope francis. >> he actually said that maybe i'm not a good christian or something. it's unbelievable. >> we ask trump if he's truly teflon don. then, senator marco rubio on what's next for his campaign. >> the state of south carolina will always be the place of new beginnings and fresh starts. [ applause ] >> we'll ask rubio


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