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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  February 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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done right. >> fox5 local news at 11 starts1 right now.. this is fox5 local news at 11. 1 snacks for staying with us tonight, i'men demarco and i'm jim lokay. we start tonight with video outside of an adams morgan bar. it's ranking up on social media. take a look. a post on the fox5 facebook showing officers getting physical to control a rowdy crowd. fox5's marina maracco is life with more on what exactly what happened. >>reporter: witnesses say this entire incident played out for ten minutes. ed industry ohio only shows five minutes so we don't know how this all started. witnesses do believe police useu excessive force. police say they arrested individuals who were unrulely and who were
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assaulted their officer,icer including a sergeant. a hard blow of a d.c. police officer in front of a crowd rowdy crowd merely caused a melee on this adams morgan sidewalk sunday morning. >> there was a lot of fights. grim a bracket owns the 18th club heaven and hell along with the next door club columbia station. she says there was a customerr laying on the ground. for nearly two hours he stayed in this fenced in area. a person who knew him approached. according to the person who shos this video, that's when police showed up. police say the man lying on then ground was upset that someone, quote, schmoozed his face. while officers investigated anvs second man became aggressive and assaulted the officers. o th
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300 people out there in then th middle of the street. things quickly escalated. maybe 50 cops came rushing around and before i knew it, i looked to the left. it was a cop that had his gun pointed. police got the choke holds, not really beating them up with w night sticks. s but cellphone video clearlyly shows an officer deploy a baton, causing on of the crowd to react. >> i never saw a customer frightful like that. the police report also states that officers were forced too deploy pepper spray in order to subdue several individuals. ultimately two mens as well as one woman women. all of them arrested for resisting arrest as well as assaulting the officers. all of this incident still s remains under investigation.esti reporting life in northwest
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washington, d.c., marina m maracco. we are going to switch gears.. take a life look outside as we w wrap up what was for the most part some something i sunday. the question is what is in store for your monday morning commute. gwen is here in the weather center with what we can expect. we'ring going to get some dryer weather. the rain hit us today.. it's not a continuous steady rainfall anyway. but it's going to be coming to anen. let's take a look at your maps.r we're going to see most of that cleared out as we move into thee overnight hours. there is a frontal system thatht has moved to the south. right now, a lot more of the heavier rainfall sticking to the forth royal region. seeing a little bit of fog ande we could see a about it of batcf i fog here and there and to the d.c. corridor.r. as i said, as we move into the overnight hours we'll start to see it all heading out. 48-degrees in d.c. and the winds
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about 10 miles an hour.r. we've had a really nice southerly wind flow over this t weekend and that has brought tht warm conditions that we had with temperatures into the 60s yesterday and into the 50s 50s today. right now it's 48 at d.c., 50-degrees to the south at quantico. we've got 46 at manassas, 47 at baltimore, 46 at yap last and 4t # degrees at frederick. 39 for your overnight low. l still a few showers. they'll start to taper off. winds pushing in from the north and we've got plenty sunshine as we start the week and then some changes in the seven-day forecast. i'll have all the details just ahead. fox5 in fairfax county now where a frightening attack is under investigation in mount vernon. police say a man broke into ake hem and sexually assaulted a woman who was asleep in side. fox5's alexandra limon with more on the investigation and the suspect police are now lookingoo for. what's frightening about this t isn't just the fact that there was a sexual
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apartment here on this complexex on black inship street here in r mount vernon, but also the fact that the police say the sus t effect got away and is still on the lose. it was around 3 in the morning saturday a 5 # year old woman was in her apartment sleepingpat when she was aquakenned by an intruder who threatened and then sexually assaulted her. and then he took of on. i kind of feel my heart is with her. fairfax county police say the woman was taken to p the hospiti and investigators canvassed the neighborhood by ground and with a police helicopter. but they had no luck spotting or arresting her attacker. neighbors say the news of the sexual assault is frightening ae well as surprising because they normally feel very save living here. we never have things like that happen here. >> it's a little tier phiing just to hear when
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deal with something like that to that extreme. for the most part, yes, i still feel like it's a pretty savey sa community. it's unfortunate that that would happen to anybody. > right now police only have aa vague description of the suspect, but they are working on a composite sketch.tch. the fairfax county policefa department says that couldx be ready to be release as soon as tomorrow. after that they plan to print it onto flyers and distribute those flyers in this area. one other thing that the victim told police was that the suspect appeared to be familiar with the neighborhood, but she didn'tt recognize him. h so police are asking for morere information from the public. reporting in mount vernon, alexandra limon, fox5 local news > in prince george's county g tonight firefighters have figured out the source ofre a carbon monoxide leak inside of a church. four people went home sick from refr
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park. one person was taken to the hospital. firefighters figured out the carbon monoxide was leaking from a faulty heating and air-conditioning system. workers with washington gashing responded to fix the leak.k. > still ahead at 11, the controversy over the district's new proposed homeless how people make to make their voices heard when fox5 at 11 continues. you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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> fox5 is in the district wher a community meeting is set for tomorrow to talk about the the o location of a homeless setomel shelter in ward 5. 5 you might remember earlier thist month mayor muriel bowser shared details on where she expected to put new homeless shelter. ward 5 kevin mack duffy has been called after. the meeting is along bladenburg northeast. state of dominion is holding dominion oil responsible for the oil spill earlier this month.. the company has been given a notice of violation.lati it could lead to civil penalties, corrective actions and reimbursement for cleanup costs. it blames a transformer failures for the release of around a 13,000 gallons of mineral oil. the company says more than 95 percent of the oil was recovered.vere it was amassments you saw thse
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little birds, they were covered in > it was a big problem for a while. still ahead at 11, a landslide caught on camera. wholly lord. we will tell you what authority think is to blame for this entire mountainside shifting when we come right back. passing
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tonight the island of fuji isf u cleaning up from aevastating cyclone. the storm ravaged fuji on saturday. winds were clocked at more thant 175 miles an hour. the cyclone is to blame for at least x deaths and most of the island was still without electricity. this cyclone was the strongestge storm ever recorded in the southern hemisphere. unbelievable video capturing of a landslide, the falling rocks shutdown the local highway andaa people below had to run for safety. the good news, no reports ofts o injuries. it looks like heavy rains in the area caused that landslide. > wild. fortunately what we've had to deal with is just a little bit of rain. >> we've got some sunshine juste around the korner. i think everybody will be smiling as we head
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>> better than last monday. >> yes, a far cry. let's take a life look outside. you know, we had some rain, kin, of off and on throughout the day. it wasn't heavy, steady rain.y it was not a washout at least. and that's at least some good newses. overall, not too bad at all. a we do have the showers that aree actually going to be taperinging off in the overnight hours here. and that ease at least some good news. take a look you can see some ofo this starting to move out now. some of the heavier rainfall isn to the north and northwest. n the clouds are in full force. you also have the chance of seeing some fog. just be aware of that, also. as far as our headlines are concerned, bright sunshine on monday. two storm systems on the way to watch. a lot cooler when we get into lake week, also. here's the frontal system andals that sunk its bay down from the north. and it was along the front where this
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here is where the action news n right now. we still have a little bit b through d.c. and off to the northeast. as i said, when we move into the overnight hours we're going tong get a break. temperature wise, it was not as warm as it was yesterday. we were serving up the 60s as it was yesterday.rday we hit 71 at reagan national, the same as bwi thurgood marshal. not in the ballpark today, wey, were still in the upper 60s. it was well ahead of where we should be, which is in the 40s.. > 41 at frederick, the same as hagerstown.rsto we've got 45 degrees at winchester this hour and we've got 48-degrees at leonardtown. we've got this northerly flow and that is keeping cooler airr in place and that kind of cooled us today versus the strong southerly flow we had on fridayy and saturday.y. cloudy skies and overnight tonight our temperatures will be into the 40s and e
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once the front is out of the way and we get rid of the rain we have this ridge of high pressuro building in.ding it's going to hold its sted for the sunshine for monday. it's also going to bring in the cooler air. we have two storm systems whichs i mentioned.enti the first one here to the south is going to start to move its way up on tuesday.n it looks like it's going to be fairly rainy on tuesday. we have some of this moving inti the later part of the day and a then lingering into the night.. by the time you get into your evening commute you're going to see quite a about it of rainfall so be prepared for that. the situation is, though, this t cold air should start to get out of the way, but i can't rule out that it might have a little bit of wintry mix to the northwest, but it doesn't look like it's going to be too much more than that. i think it's going to be more of a rain event more than anything else because it looks like the cold air will start to have headed out. the second system is going to bb move in
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period. this one i think the colder airr should be out of the way so we'll have mainly rain.y this one looks like a stronger system so we could see some thunderstorms and some pretty gusty winds.y wi here's a look at tuesday's futurecast, you can see the wet weather filling in across theoss it's going to continue into youu evening commute on tuesday. 39-degrees for tonight, then. once we get into tomorrow we're talking a high of about 50-degrees and your fox5 accuweather seven day forecastse coming up for you.. here's where the temperatures start to dip. take a look. right into next weekend backk into the low 40s. a chance of a storm or two maybe as we head through into the wednesday period.we tomorrow i'vedn got lots of sunshine. so hopefully you'll enjoy it. a reason to look forward to monday. > there you y >> thank you, gwen. coming up next in sports, thes,t nascar begins with the closest finish with the 58 year history of the daytona 500. maryland returns with
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its mind as michigan plays a visit to college park. .
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the headline, who stood in the way of dale earn heart.rt. the most obvious answer, the team performed pretty well in tuneup raises and in qualifying. first, bryce harper hanging out a about it before he reports top spring training. he's in the right place at the right time. chase elliott, the youngest in history, 20 years old. not a good one, it brought out the first caution flag. he spun out and then he slid towards the infield grass where his car nose dived. elliott finished 3
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dale earn heart jr. running sixth, loses control. ashrams into the infield wall if and spins out in the infield grass. he finished 36 and this is thehe first time he didn't finish in 32 raises. a lot of the big jr. fans they were pretty upset there. he'll be fine. he'll be back. 16 laps to go. password goes into the infield. her car is going to go just a about it airborne. the nose of the car is damaged.. patrick finished 35th.. > mat againstic looks like he l was in the lead. but then he comes down to block teammate denny ham line.ine they're the batting and hand license prevails.ce the closestns finish in raise history, just one hundredth of a second.
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their first toy tote a 500 5 within. i haven't got a championshiphamp yet. so this is obviously the biggest win for myself much it's just the circumstances.. i mean, you know, yesterday did i gibbs who found me about 12, 13 years ago. it's his birthday today. happy birthday. to hoops now, maryland wasylan coming off its worst stretch of an otherwise great season with t back to back loss he. minnesota whod been winless, bub today a chance to return to the within column and revenge against michigan. meantime 50 basketball alums.. front and center guard and head coach gary williams as they werorred before the game.a maryland taking control, going on a 17 and 1 run. jared nick instance, three th points there. the terps building a 16-point lead although the lead was whittled down to just five
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the wolverines. w maryland unable to control the rebound. michigan gets the lead, 78-75. but the terps answer, watch this. robert carter, he's going to go down the lane and spin just a little bit.le b two of his team high 17 points,i but maryland holds on. they win it 86-86789 the next game saturday at purdue. george washington in foggy bottom hosting lasalle and today micronner began can relax. sit down. check out the passing, joe mcdonald to tyler kavanagh,anag kavanagh with the lay in. i a game high 22 points. p the sixth time this year with at least 20 points. gw in the half court offense. mcdonald skipping it past inside. he finds cigar ruin owe. cigar reno finds the hoop. the colonials score 52
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the first half. they're 20 and 7, but 13 and 2 at home. george mason with a road test at umass a.m. list against the minute men.minu they rallied in the second halfh 13 points. mason cutting the deficit to three points.e with just two minutes to go, you mass' dan take you clark, gets, the lay in, george mason loses it 70 to 64. in women's action, brenda freezz and six ranked maryland on the road at rutgers. the terps also got a great big performance inside from brianna jones. a rebound and up and under. u what happens, ' gets the lay in. 14 points for her. 11 1 # rebounds. prevails 7 # to 58. winners of 13 of its last 14 games. as we mentioned, bryce harper on
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his way to spring training and so is danny espinosa facial hair. he really upped his game. last year a few man shoe. this year, no way, all the way. probably a nest of baby birds living in there. i want to see how he compares to jason werth. we'll see on tuesday. check out those haircuts ands a facial hair. baseball is around the korner, too. which is so exciting, > president s it. we'll back after the break.
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> this ma be the sweatest, cute house white house visitor ever. 106 year old fulfilled her dream and met the president. the meeting was posted on the t facebook page. the president asked the secret to still dancing at 106 and she said it's all about keeping on moving. why she was there, for black history a month. what an honor for her. consider everything she's seen in her # 06
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>> good move. we've got some sunshine to stara your day on monday, but some wew weather will head in once we geg into tuesday or wednesday.sday but enjoy tomorrow. that does it for us. we are back on tomorrow morning, 4:25:00 a.m. in the meantime, fox5
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- [shouting indistinctly] [bleep] [bleep] [overlapping arguing] - stop, stop. [bleep] [indistinct shouting] [cheers and applause] - that is gonna hurt their zagat rating. probably down to a 23. welcome to tosh.0,


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