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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  February 22, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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>> this is fox5 news morning. >> an good monday morning to mog you. live look outside yoright now. w we got some rain in thein forecast, probably not a surprise after yesterday.ay but we're going to talk moreor about weather and of course a of your monday morning commutern coming up in about five minutes.te first though we say goodou morning to you, i'm holly i h morris alongside of wisdomngde i martin and maureen umeh. ume >> thank you for joining us joig this morning.or the search is on for thearch i suspect who broke into a homente and then sexually assaulted assa mom fairfax county.ou >> fox5's melanie alnwick is live in the mount vernon areanon of fairfax county with thewi very latest on this story.his st melanie. >> reporter: good morning,r: g guys. yeah, so this apartment apart complex is just off of richmond highway. hig a lot of busy traffic goes by here.he fairfax county po
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working at this point to develop a composite sketch ofte the suspect and try to figuretor out exactly how he got intont this woman's apartment.part it was the middle of thee night, 3 o'clock in the morning on saturday, aday, a 51-year-old woman was asleepsl when a man broke into her home. ho he threatened her, then sexual assaulted her and ran o she told police the suspecthe st was hispanic, short inhortn stature, about 25 years old yeao wearing a black jacket and carrying a black police say he seemed to knoww the area. >> just a little terrifyingerriy just to hear that -- somebodyom had to deal with somethingh somn like that to that extreme but for the most part, yeah, it's -- i still feel like it's i a pretty safe community. commun. >> reporter: now, fairfax f county k-9s, patrol officers,er detectives and helicoptersel have been canvassing thehe apartment complex and nearbyea streets over the weekend buteekb still no arrest, no more m information on who
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suspect could be.t coe. police are reminding people toeo lock their doors and windows wio and use timers and motion mot sensor lights where they now, the woman was taken to tako the hospital.tal. we're told she was treated for nonlife-threatening injuriesthre but guys as you can imagine tou have that kind of thing happen e in your home certainly theretaie has to be some sort of lingering emotional trauma andua fear fairfax county police arety pice asking anyone withnyone wi information, if they sawhey anything suspicious to pleaseo give them a live in fairfax county, i'mount, melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. >> montgomery county mothernthe who was the last person to best seen with her missing toddlersod is due back in court for a a mental health hearing. hring katherine hoggle who has a a history of paranoidand schizophrenia was declared notdt comment to stand trial back inai september. her children, four-year-old sara and three-year-old jacobdac were last seen more than a year ago while her care. care. hoggle says they are safe but refuses to tell policel p where they are.where they
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begins for the maryland woman accused of killing her her three-year-old son whose body was found in a swing. swi. 24-year-old romechia simmons is facing manslaughter andslaugd child abuse charges.ild police say she pushed her son in the swing for two p days before he was found.was fou an autopsy revealed he diedhe de dehydration and low bodyanlow b temperature. if convicted she faces up to 45 years in prison.son. >> the michigan man accused off killing six people andeople and wounding to others in adi shooting spreeng is expected to make his first court appearance today. a motive for saturday's nearly t seven hours long attack istt still unclear. police say it appears jason j dalton chose his victims atictia random.ndom. the 45-year-old worked as anwo n uber driver and a michigan tv station reports he picked up ap fare in between. he's married with two mried children. after it was reportedter te dalton was an uber driver d attention is turning to theturnt ride sharing company's driverrie screening process.reen fox5's megan dice joins us us now studio with the very
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latest on uber and how it screens its driving.ens its driv >> it's another blow to uberothe one sure to raise new concernson about security for its authorities are looking intokini reports that the suspect jason j dalton may have picked up atp least one can customer betweenme those shootings before he wasor stopped by police.stopd by now, the suspect dalton ato a 45-year-old uber driver and former insurance adjuster who police say had no criminalay had record was arrested ines connection with the shootings after a massive manhunt on the uber web site uber released asea statement confirming dalton was a driver and said he had sah passed a background check.he the detroit free presse detroit reported that.frport the background check also c includes a check on the national sex offender public p web site and national criminalra search and several differentifrt data bases used to flag suspected terrorists n statement uber said "we are "we horrified and heartbroken atrtbt the senseless violence in kalamazoo michigan. michiga our hearts and prayers are with the families of the victims.viims. we've reached out to thehed outt police to help with thelp with e
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can. ." the chief security officer off from uber. ube authorities say they do notot believe what motivated him too target the victims in this t saturday night shootings.hootins dalton is expected to beto b arraigned today on murderurde back to you guys. >> ♪ >> all right, 5:05 time right now. now. what does it say, 46 degrees? ,s that ain't bad for february. feu >> it ain't bad. it >> it ain't bad at all.t ain't >> that's like close to the normal high for february 22nd.y. >> we'll take it. >> normal high february 22ndebr would be about 48 >> doing good. >> this ain't bad, either.s talkingai about -- well, we'relw 45 in town now. that just changed. manassas 39.massas gaithersburg you're 36.'re you can't find a temperaturera on this map that is athais a freezing or below right now. now that could change. cng hagerstown, frederick maybe may even gaithersburg, a couplee other spots could realistically get down to d freeing, okay, so we'll w continue toat
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the streets in some places areee still a little bit wet but theit roads are warm since we've hadad a couple days 60's, 50's and 50a then, you know, we haven't been below freezing in quite awhile. awhile. i don't believe we need tobe worry about any slippery spotsy around here and temperatures will continue to warm up a little bit today. tod it does look like we'ree calling for a mixture of clouds and sun. s it does look like farther farth southern counties -- southern counties, charles countyes you're right on the bubble forn this, prince william county w you'reil right on the bubble for this but looks like below,ks lil that south of that, southern sth maryland and down in throughnhr central virginia we're talkingal about mostly cloudy cki and that may keep your temperatures down just a little bit. we are going to be dry today.ryy we're headed for aboutbout 54 degrees here in town.n t north and west a little cooleroo and again southern places in pls think you're a little cooler, too, because you will probably p stay mostly cloudy today with w just limited amounts of aunts sunshine. so, again that may cap youray cr temperatures just a little bitej but still we are firmly in theie bonus terri
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temperatures, aren't we, with w temperatures for highs in theori upper 40's and the 50's. 50's. storm is coming. cin now, it looks like it's goingt'g to be bringing us mostly rain.ti i'll talk more about that inorha the full forecast that's forec coming up. right now let's get over tove t traffic on this mondayy caitlin roth is in.itli >> good morning, >> visit buy a for special offers.ff >> one day i'll remember that. good morning, gary.od morning, a you know, there is a lot ofs fog outt there, patchy in some spots but fluff for the knights bridge to issue a fogog warning. this is for anyone crossinge cri the potomac. pot dense fog over the river.heiv use caution in this spot.n his otherwise all your otherou other bridges do look we're not seeing any buildups bd or delays on them just beus b aware that there is somee is s patchy fog out there. also f t some areas of road workoad w eastbound silver hill road r near saint barnabas road. this is in prince georgesin p county. we're not seeing any delays because of it but if that'shas where your commute takes youutte watch out for the road workr ro also this just we have a disabled vehicle. vehe this is in montgom
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270 south approaching the no word on if it's taking outakn any lanes. lan. hopefully just pushed over tod e the shoulder but it is out but there. so if you're coming in from frederick northern montgomeryrtn county one on 270 southboundoutn watch out for that. tt. checking metro real quickly.ckl. no alerts to report so it i looks like we are good on all of our area rails.a rai let's go to our cameras realas r quick and we'll show you anhow u updid it on what i believe to b be is the beltway. btw so we have some road work on w o both the inner loop and outerp loops taking out the right lane near colesville road andcod new hampshire avenue.venue. it's both sides of the beltway.bewa both right lanes taken outig because of this road work andht it is still out there. we're stahirting to ss ee someee more volume so expecting maybetm at least minor delays in thatayt section of the beltway.he beltw. all right, that's a look at tt' traffic. more coming up in less than 10 minutes and now we'll send it si back over to wisdom.isdo >> all right. 5:08 is your time.r time. coming up back to business. busn the supreme court justicese coui heading back to work todaytoda with an empty seat. s the battle to find the next t n justice straight ahead.he >> and caught on camera police tr
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crowd outside of a d.c. hear what happened after the break.
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♪ oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-ooh, oh ♪ hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. >> ♪ >> 5:10 is the time. caught on camera chaos outsidema of a bar in adams morganorga racking up shares on social media. take a look. a viewer posted this is videos v on the fox5 facebook page p showing police officers
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getting physical to control aonr rowdy crowd but the incident tht began before cameras were camers rolling. it happened early sundayd ea morning and police say a security officer was trying to subdue one suspect when spect another man came over and ove shoved an officer and assaulted several others. oths. witnesses say things escalated quickly.kl >> 50 cops came rushing aroundd and before i know i looked to lo the left, it was a cop that copa had his gun pointed towards two guys that were facing.. >> two men and a woman were arrested for resisterring resisr officers and assaulting them.ltt the incident is still under u investigation. also happening today, billpe cosby's wife camille iscamille i scheduled to give a depositionn in a defamation lawsuitation la brought against her husband by seven women who accused him of f sexually assaulting themg tm decades ago.s yesterday a federal judge rejected a motion by camilleed a cosby to stop the deposition. ds this is the latest of severalal denied motions her lawyers have filed to prevent her fromrm testifying. the defamation case does not involve the woman in thee womann criminal case ga
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>> supporting apple. ale ahead how people around the can and tree are coming c together to support the techhe t giant in its fight with theit fbi. >> first though traffic and thoi weather on this mondayher thisy morning. hi, gary. hi >> hey, it's not too cold out. o we have a few clouds but ifudsut you have the luxury of seeingee the moon this morning 'causeon o the clouds aren'rnt over your it's gorgeous out there. t bright and shiny. s we'll have your full forecast. f next couple days, big storm is coming. stay with us. you'll want to know all the details.
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>> ♪ >> developing overnight inop montgomery county, a woman isou under arrest accused of crashing her car intntore thent front of beer and wine store theny and then fleeing theeeing scene.scene. happened along northhapp frederick avenue in gaithersburg just before 1:00 a.m. a.m. montgomery county police say cou the woman fled the scene ined the same vehicle she hit the hit building with. police arrested her a short time later.. >> ♪ >> hey, it's a gorgeous moonorge out there this morning.ther it's full. it's full.'s ful technically it's full at 1:19:1 today. i just checked. the official full time but f it's full out there thist the ts morning and it's gorgeous iforou you can see it. i hope it's not masked byasd by clouds and it's really, really l bright out there. caitlintlin earlier mentioned fog warning w on one of the local bridges. i wanted to just check and cck a make sure. i did see a little bit of b o ground fog coming in butter it e wasn't a big deal and the visibility everywhere is at 10 miles or greater so again a little ground fog in spots and again, around the potomacac river wouldn't surprise me sodnr just be careful for that inn p
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reagan national 44 right nownaln so that's pretty cool but it'sli not really cold.ol dulles is 40 and bwi marshall is 41 degrees. so, still noplace is atat freezing or below thisel morning, so unusually mildild weather continues for beautiful today with this highsi pressure coming on comn. we'll have kind of a mixture miu of clouds and sun. temperatures today will makeay w it back up into the 50's.0' and here's the deal on thishi next storm. rm it looks like it's just goingju tost be a rainstorm for us.rmor you know, last week it wask it w kind of going back and forth.ndr it would be rain and then, oh, , hey, there's going to be a goi chance for some snow, maybe aw,y little bit of a mixture. mtu tomorrow morning we're going to watch this real closeal close because there could be a few spots up north and west whereese this could be a little bit of b a mixture.e a xtur but again, i think ain, temperatures are going to be pretty marginal for any marnal problems north and west.nd w here in town and along i-95 i-9 with this, it's just going tongt be rain. the storm will come can up andnp actually looks like the stormhe is going to cutter up to the upo
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west of us and that will keep wp us all rain. all looks like pretty good o today we're dry.e're d. 54 for a high. for tomorrow a chilly rain taking tk over and again we'll watch northwestern neighborhoodsborh tomorrow morning. they'll be right on the bubblehb for a little bit of a mixture. but at this point i don't don perceive a problem here. arobl any problems will be farther f western maryland and higher elevations, okay.ions high pressure is settling in.n. so, it should push most cloud ml cover for the metro north and west to the south. south so we do expect some sunshine today. kind of a mixture of that.xtof looks like we'll start off the t day with some pretty goodoo amounts of sunshine.shine. it will be cool. c temperatures in the mid 40'sure or so at 8:00 a.m.00 a.m still spots in the suburbs in the 30's at 8:00 a.m. mild at lunchtime.chme temperature of 50 degrees.0 a few more clouds.lo and then late today i suspect s we'll be mostly cloudy.lo temperature will be making itllg up into the lower to mid-50's. ' it really does just depend how much in the way of sunshine weee get this afternoon.ft so, tomorrow the chilly rainy comes in. we'll only be 43.
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wednesday. as a matter of fact i thinkr the heavier rain will come in on wedofinnesday, okay.,ka temperature goes back up intoe s the upper 50's, though. early showers thursday,,5 friday we cool off, 45 for a high there.he nothing too terribly cold. maybe latter part of thela weekend into the first part of next week we start to get colder, much colder. cde but that's not even definitive t at this point.oint. erin is out this morning but caitlin is in. >> good morning, gary andmo everyone else.rn you mentioned the fog. f very localized and really justn over the potomac river but rer enough so that we have a fog f warning for the nice bridge nice crossing from king georgeng f county into charles county.o ch so if you are in this section si of southern maryland, crossingd, over into parts of virginia vir either way you've got that fog warning in effect so use s caution foreground for ground e area
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eastbound silver hill road r near saint barnabas road sai you've got road work still out there. doesn't seem to be causing any delays at this point.s p stall already cleared that we mentioned 10 minutes ago 270 ago south approaching the beltway.el that's picked up and we're not n seeing any delays yet on 270n 0 southbound.uthbnd. metro looks good.s g no alerts to report there on the any of the railways you lookhe good. r o ouamgo to our cameras. we've been talking about an area of road work all morningor long on the beltway between university and new hampshirend s avenue. both the inner loop and the lp n outer loop had earlier roader work taking out the right lane. la they have since now both beenbh picked up.cked u you're good to go. g sailing fine both ways on the bn beltway. volume picking up at this hourou but we're not seeing any sin delays from we don't have any other areas of road work. no other accidents or delays to report on 495 or anywhere anh else near the district fortrictr that matter.that mat that's a look at traffic. tff now let's send it back into b the studio with holly, wisdomis and maureen. >> all right, 5:19 is theishe time. ti a heads up for metro
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track work will affect servicecr on the orange blue and silver line. work starts betweenrk smithsonian and federal center station center ci sty. orange and plow trains will p single track and runlo every 15 minutes. then after 8:00, silver linevern trains will only run betweenet ballston and wiehle restonhle rs east stations.tion again, this is for tonight andod tomorrow beginning a 8:00 p.m. p on the orange silver and blue lines.lis. >> the supreme court will beremt back in session today but will return with a vacant seat.acantt the justices will hear orall hr arguments in two cases withoutit their colleague the lateth antonin scalia. president obama says he'llent om nominate scalia's successor soon. soon but senate republicans continue to say they will t block anyo replacements he appoints. posterappoints.ap the bureau obtained aained court order making it easier for to dee crypt an iphone.e. apple is concerned doing so
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would weaken smartphoned we security for everyone. the protests are scheduled forta tuesday outside apple storese ap across the country and outside o of the fbi headquarters in the a district. >> meanwhile on the campaign ong front the democraticont candidates are headed to south carolina. with a week to go until voting t hillary clinton leads sanders s by 24 2 now much that of based on her strength with african-americanh voters who make up 55 percent5 t of the electorate. however, sanders has beenders trying to make in roads among a black voters and insists his his policies are a natural fit fit with them. tm. the primary will be held on saturday. as for the republicanhe rubi candidates, still in s in contention it's on to nevada. frontrunner donald trump isdoldt coming off a huge victory intory south carolina heading intongnt tuesday's caucus.y's ccu but his views on immigrationmmii have alienated the state'state hispanic voter whose areic ver e expected to turn out in record numbers.numbers. his republican rivals couldic ro end up benefiting from latinoat republicans war
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>> a week before the oscars,sc new arguments about the lack thc of diversity in hollywood.wood time now 5:21. we'll be right back.
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>> ♪ >> new eye opening statistics about the lack of diversity inpo hollywood af new report findses films and tv shows are whitetv e washed.waed. nearly every movie studio and tv production company received i a failing grade for inclusion.nn researchers found an epidemicn d of invisibility among women,ib minorities and theil the
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community. the university of southernf so california annenberg school is l expected to release thelethe equality study later today.aterd >> you know were i just realized as i was sitting here. >> what's that? >> this is the last full weekhe of february. fru >> yeah. >> is it? >> yes, it is. >> yes.>> yes. >> next weekend is the 27th and 28th. >> and then it's leap year so monday is the 29th. 29t >> that's right. >> yes. >> so, what you're saying ishay' we made out pretty good.y g >> what i'm saying is peoplem eo we're in the home stretch. set >> yeah. >> now, having said that watch w march numb can um in.numb cm i >> like a lion. >> you had to say it. >> with a roar. >> snow.>>now. >> don't you jinx it. don >> i'm from the going to jinxth it. >> i'm not even going to trygogo and predict it.ic >> it's too soon.. >> actually, there is some -- s there is some evidence on the t long term charts, so to speak, that we could get cold at thed t beginning part of next week.. >> okay, go ahead.he >> it's just it doesn't mean it's meant' necessarily going to
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to be honest with you. you >> i get it. i at least this storm approaching is not going to be b white. it's just going to be wet. b wet >> okay. >> so we're not dealing with aha snowstorm.stor we're just dealing with rainli it looks like. l >> you don't have to shovel the rain. >> not today, no rain today.aiod we're dry.we'rery. chilly this this morn 34 to 44 for the kiddos at pickup time. t after school 45 to 52. to 5 kind of a mixture of cloudsf and sun. here we are this morning on this this february -- fine februaryar morning where no temps in thes t area are below freezing. frein >> fine. >> fine. >> how about that? 44 inbout t4 town i. were continue to drop off ae little bit.tole bit >> okay. >> all right. >> thank you, gary. >> full moon, by the way. >> appnk, reciate it. >> go ahead and check in withchh caitlin in for erin this en morning. how are the roads looking on this monday, caitlin. ctl >> not too bad holly. too bad hy good morning to you.o . that full moon is beautiful.b we have a little bit oflittleito localized fog but for the most m part smooth sailing on themoot roads so far. road work from the overnighthe g has been lifted on the this is colesville road atoadt 495. volume picking up as you see all these headlights coming atig you headed in the o
5:27 am
direction.diio checking new hampshire avenue at the beltway where we also a had a right lane closure earlier this morning.ning road work has been lifted onbeee both the inner loop and the outer loops so moving fine at least for now on the beltway.w n let's go back to our maps and we'll show you that that fog thg warning has been lifted.s been e it was briefly issued for therhe nice bridge. king george county over tonty or charles county and in the and i other direction.otdire however, it's very localized, just sitting over the potomacot and as far as now we're note're getting any reports of anyts of more fog so it has beeneen lifted. you're good to go in both bot directions there. the that's your look at track.r look now we'll send it back intot b the studio to maureen. mreen >> thanks caitlin.nks caitlin an uber driver accused of ad a shooting spree over the t weekend that killed sixle people. we take a look at how the t company screens potential employees. we'll be right back.
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♪ oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-ooh, oh ♪ hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> ♪ >> live look outside on this monday morning. it's wet out there and imo thini we're going stay wet for the wef next couple of days. d good news is it's not going to t be a snowstorm. going to be relatively mild soli we can handle the rain, right? r we'll talk more about weather w and traffic coming up in just un a few. >> all right but first let'sir s get you to some stories thises morning and in the news thisin morning, the search is on for ss the suspect who broke into a bro home and sexually assaulted a a woman. woma this happened in fairfax frf county. >> fox5's melanie alnwick5's mea joins us now lie with the veryhr latest on this story. ois sto very troubling story.. melanie, are you there? what w can you tell us? okay,ay clearly --cl >> some people call this mountet vernon area of fairfax
5:31 am
it's alexandria fairfax county closer down toward mountunt vernon.on. we're in the woodlawn section. this is the woodlawn woo apartments here.apar fairfax county polictme are working to develop a compositete sketch of the suspect andnd they're also trying to figureo g out exactly how this man gotan g into the woman's home. h it was the middle of the night, 3 a.m. saturdayatur morning. a 51-year-old woman was asleep p when a man broke into her he threatened her, thenea sexually assautelted her and ran off. of she told police that the suspect was hispanic, short inrn stature, about 25 years oldea wearing a black jacket andnd carrying a black police say he did seem to be familiar with the area andwi neighbors hope there's an arrest soon. >> awful.ul. we never have things like that happen here.en her >> reporter: now, fairfaxai county k-9s and helicoptersters canvassed the complex andthe oml nearby streets over the weekend with no arrest so far
5:32 am
police are reminding people to t lock their doors and windows ann and use timers and motionnd mot sensors where they can.ors now, the woman was taken toas tn the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries.s. however -- you know, as you a can imagine, this sort ofor thing is absolutely traumatic tt so certainly there would be ashb you can expect some lingering li after effects here police do say as soon as theyy geast a good composite sketch of the suspect they plan to put top fliers out around thed the community. live in mount vernon area off fairfax county, i'm melanie alnwick, fox5 local news.lew >> ♪ >> 5:32 is the time. 5 developing overnight a rough ova start to the day for this t maryland beer and wine store. take a look at this live picture. montgomery county police say aoi woman crashed into the front ihe of it just before one:00 inne:0n the morning along north frederick avenue inederick avenn gaithersburg. police say the woman fled the w scene in the same vehicle thatoa hit the building but policeolic caught up with her a short a s time later and she is now inow custody. >> also making headlines hea today, katherine hoggle is duee back in
5:33 am
health hearing. she was the last person seenn s with her toddlers who haves wh been missing for more than two years. hoggle was declared notre comment to stand trial back inr september. also today the trial begins t for the maryland woman accused of killing her three-year-heold- son whose body was found in a in swing. swing. police say romechia simsechia ss pushed her son in the swing for two days. day and a chaotic arrest outside of a northwest d.c. d.c bar is under investigationes this it was all caught on camera.t om the video shows officerss getting physical to control a cr rowdy crowd. crowd. police say a man had shoved anha officer and assaulted several others.hers. >> the michigan man accused of f killing six people and pple wounding two others in ading t shooting spree is expected toeee make his first court f appearance today. a motive for saturday's nearly n seven hours long attack isttacki still unclear.ill lear police say it appears jason jas dalton chose his victims asms random.and. the 45-year-old worked as ann uber driver. drir. michigan tv station reports he picked up a fare in betweene in the shootings. police say he had no prior n p criminal recd
5:34 am
married with two twd now after it was discovered that dalton was ant a uber driver attention isis turning to the ride sharing company's driver screeninger scg process. fox5's megan dice joins us joins in studio now with the latestat on how uber screens itsreenit drivers. megan, if he don't have any havy criminal background does it really matter how they >> reporter: interestingnteresti point holly. hly another blow to uber one sureonr to raise new concerns aboutut security for its it's alleged he may have mayav picked up one customer between t the shootings before he wasefe e stopped by police on the uber u web site uber released a relse statement confirming daltong d was a driver and said he hadaide passed a background check.dhe according to uber's web siteseb the background check alsod includes a check on the national sex offender publicendb web site and a nationall criminal search and severalnd sr different data bases used tosed flag suspected also important to note uber prohibits both passengers andboe drivers from possessing guns of in you mind a vehicle.aic in a statement the chief t c security for uber said "we are " horrified and heartbroken atbr the senseless vile
5:35 am
kalamazoo michigan our hearts and prayers are with the families of the victims of of this devastating crime and cme those recovering from thehe injuries. we have reached out to thereac police to help with theirith the investigation in any way thatayt we can. c not."." a spokesman declined to say whether he was driving on saturday night. back to you guys. >> time now to talk weatherea and you know february is almost over and if you take take out a couple days in february,er we did pretty good.y goo >> we did.>> if you take out a few days allll winter so far. >> you know what, you'ree right. >> we've done pretty good. >> having said that march issaic right around the corner and we could -- >> i'll just stop right there.he going try to slide under thehe radar right into march andnd then april's here and then it's tax days, the leaves areay, out and then the blossoms andoma then we're good to go. >> that's how you think about it.ut >> okay. >> think about the good stuff. right.ig
5:36 am
then it's going to be 90, think about that.k about that. >> going to love that.lo t kids cutting the. t. >> s. s. >> ain't going to cut itself. >> 44 degrees in town,4 de gaithersburg you're 36. you're up a litbutle no, no, i'mt sorry, you've beene steady at 36.t 3 frederick at 34.t hagerstown at 34. still all temperatures above freezing this morning. m again we dropped off a little ol bit here in town.bit re in tow we have gone from about 47 at 3 a.m., now we're down to 44.4. skies are clearing. car notice the satellite pictureic shear trying to push thengo pu cloudiness to the south. sou i think today most of the cloudiness stays south.ys sou we get some sunshine as we get t going this m it's a full moon out there.he it's beautiful.. 44 degrees by 8:00 a.m. that's in the city. c still colder out in therut i suburbs.subus. we'll top out in the lower to mid-50's. the trend looks like morelooklie clouds this afternoon. ano we're dry today. caitlin roth in with a look atat your traffic on this mondayonda morning.mornin >> gary, good morning to you.oou let's start off way look att of the beltway. honestly it's been p
5:37 am
we had some earlier road workd r on the beltway but take a look right now. this is i believe at the american legion bridge and thehe volume is picking up but we aren't seeing any delays as ael result of it. take another peek aroundeear colesville road at thele beltway. it's still dark, kind of hardd r to z just the headlights and taillights in both directionsn buts you're looking okay.bolooko back to the maps here and h let's take a look at 95 this is where we just have h some volume building, nold n accidents or delays to report d between dale city and 123 here h in virginia. it still looks like it's ine itn the green on our map. our map i expect that to until as wee pick up the morning road work in prince george's gr' county eastbound silver hill road near saint barnabas road watch for that.h fo tha pretty localized but we're not e seeing any delays around it. ari also metro you're looking great this morning. we're not seeing any delays on s any of our railways so if youo do take metro, no problems pbl there. there. all right, that's a look at tha traffic.traffic. holly, back over to you.ack ovo >> thanks, caitlin. thanks, cai when we come back why thatht
5:38 am
university of virginia isa is making headlines again. a >> a quick check on the stocke market before we head to break. break. asian and you're upon stocksu' o up. u.s. futures also up this morning. we'll be right back. we offered women a mystery beauty treatment. what made their skin more radiant? what?! wait! only dove has 1/4 moisturizing cream. smooth dewy skin. dove, your daily beauty treatment for radiant skin.
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brandois heaven in a jar. at's because our gredients come from... brandois heaven in a jar. rmers committed to responsibly urced oils... blended with ingredients like cage-free eggs. mmm. heaven. real ingredients. that's how we're working to bring out the best.
5:40 am
>> lawyers are expected toyers question the woman at the sendom of a now discredited rolling stone article about an allegedna gang ra a
5:41 am
virginia.virginia. a federal judge ordered the woman who is identified in thed article under the pseudo nim jackie to submit to aie to sub deposition. the article said jackie wasas gang raped at a fraternityratey house. her claims were later found toou be untrue. jackie's deposition isieepos scheduled for april 5 closer to home now princee e georges county firefightersunty say a faulty heating and air conditioning system is tos claim blame for a carbonblame aa monoxide leak inside a church. c four people were sickened atned the refreshing spring church crc of god in riverdale park. park. one person was taken to theak t crews with washington gas were called to the scene and eventually fixed the league. the state of virginia is holding dominion virginia virgi power responsible for an oil spill in the potomac riverer earlier this mom the companye has been given a notice ofiven t violation by virginiania environmental regulators.egul it could lead to civil penalties corrective actionss cr and reimburseme
5:42 am
costs.costs. dominion has said it accepts responsibility for the spilllitr and blames a transformer tames failure for the release of around 13,000 gallons of3,00galf mineral oil. the company says more thanmore t 95 percent of the oil, though, was recovered.ecered. >> coming up taylor swiftaylor s writes a big check to help a fellow artist.rtis >> why she's lending a land in l today's fox beat. b first, though, traffic andraff weather. gary. >> i think temperatures outs ou there not too cold. we're in the 30's and the 40'ss4 pretty much area wide. wide. storm is coming tomorrow androw wednesday. looks like it's going to be to wet not white. whi i'll have details for you plusop traffic with caitlin roth. stay with us. we're coming back.
5:43 am
5:44 am
services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3.500 hospitals. fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. slash eastern.
5:45 am
>> ♪ >> developing overnight ael rough start to the day for thiops maryland beer and winernw store. take a look at this live liv picture. montgomery county police say a woman crashed into the fronto tn of the store just before 1:00 a.m. this is along north frederick fe avenue in gaithersburg.r police say the woman then lefthl the scene in the same car that hit the building but they did ty catch up with her a short timert later. now she is in custody. >> ♪ >> hey, we've made it monday morning. clouds kind of in places, pla other places around the areaa have fair skies this morninges m and temperatures not too terribly bad for the latter part of february. o here we are 44 for reagan national.tional. that's cooled a little bit's c over the last few dulles down to 40.o0. bwi marshall 41.arsh out in the suburbs it's ahe subi little colder. some spots especially n
5:46 am
and west have made it down to the 30's this morning.or listen, the coldest of the air e is still way up into canadap in here. buffalo at 29 degrees thisgreesh morning. they're not -- they're nothey'rt having a problem with that. boston 36. still pretty mild down here. and even through the nation's no midsection where you wouldonhe really expect it to be cold again this time of year, dulles -- dulles -- denver is at 32 casper wyoming 31.1. so, right now we're talking about just an absence of arctic air or super cold air anywhere across the 48 states.te futurecast this morning atreca 9:00 a.m. notice the cloud cover.ov we'llly kind of down to the of o south, okay. o and it looks like the clouds c will be stubborn down to theubrd south. that's southern maryland. s maybe even partsou of carlson, n think saint mary's county,saints calvert county, spotsylvaniaa county, stafford county you, std guys are going have a hard havar time getting all of thesef the clouds out of for the most part we'll have'll clouds and sun all day long. lon metro north and west. a the rain is going to stay downtw to the south of us. o u but it will start coming inn tomorrow morning and a
5:47 am
watching the rain come inn ce i tomorrow morning, we'll have hae to watch the temperaturesempratu very, very closely. cse i think some of these numbers up here north and west will bee right around freezing. freezing. i don't believe we're going tobi see a problem. there may be a mix early only o for our northwestern counties,ie northwestern suburbs but subur again, it just -- it doesn't i look like a problem to me.oblemm the roads are going to beads ar fairly warm. we don't have a lot of cold c air feeding into this storm.rm so, really the only thing i -- place i see that there will bel potentially a problem or forfor sure some snow higherr elevations way back out intoo western maryland, panhandle ofle west virginia is that correct,ia sir places likwest virginia v te tomorrow will be in the 30's wil and low 40's. again it's going to be on the cool side and it will bring innn more rain again on now, it will be warmer on warme wednesday as we bring up warmer air from the south androa late wednesday afternoon, wednesday evening this line of f showers maybe a thunderstormst but i think there's a chancek th for a thunderstorm it looksmt
5:48 am
the south though but we will buw be bringing up milder air.der so, today we're in the 50's.0's. dry. sun and clouds. clo tomorrow it's a chilly rain, r 43 degrees in the area and i ina think some places we'll stay in the 30's tomorrow. and we'll jump back up intoto the 50's as we get on inn clouds to the south of us. t that's where the rain is going to be. sun and clouds. c again more clouds south thanoutt what we're going have here in i d.c.c. winds will be out of the t northeast at about five tot atbt 10 miles per hour. another mild day for this time e of year, 54 degrees. a il chilly rain tomorrow.omor close to 60 with the rain on wednesday.wednesday. early showers on thursday butrsa it does look like most of most thursday is dry. we'll have some sunshine,, cooler as we head on into thetoe last weekend of february. febru temperatures for the las last l weekend of february much more mm like february temperatures should be around here butound nothing too terribly cold. caitlin roth is in on this monday morning. she's got your traffic. >> not a bad week.>> not a not off to a bad s
5:49 am no real accidents or delays, orl just your normal congestiononge building as the morning commute picks up.mmutpicks u 66 east, this is where we'veherw got volume building from 234 to 28 in centreville.treville speeds are down to aboutto 32 miles an hour there so your u normal buildup expected. eec staying in prince william county, 95 north this is where t you've got more volume.e. this is between dale city and 123. 12 so, just west of where the woodbridge area is you're seeing your 95g you northbound delays. del let's head to prince georges county. so, this road work has beenk has out here all morning l still there. eastbound silvertbl hill road near saint barnabas road.s we have crews that have beenn there since during theince duri overnight hours. we'll let you know when theyt yn pick up. pi otherwise it doesn't seem to s be causing any delays in this part of prince georges county. c reutter 50 inbound thiroute 50 m kenilworth avenue.thnue. you're seeing some delays. otherwise metro update. u nothing to report.o r you're pretty good if you're talking the rails this morninge and we'll have anotherra updated for your
5:50 am
coming up at 5:55. 5:5 wisdom. wisdom >> thank you very much.ha it was photonk finish as denny hamlin edge out martin m trudeau to win the dayton in aaa 500. it was closest finish insess race history just 100th of af a seconds and then that decidedatd who was going to win thatin race. the win marks the the 35-year-old's first win at daytona while joe gibbs earns his second victory and needsnd v one more to match his super his bowl ring total.otal talk about inspirational.pii this is hassan hawthorne. hawor. he was born without tibias but uses prosthetic legs to walkc ls but he wrestles withoutit anything on the ends of hise ens legs. this week he capped a 40 andped zero season by winning the alabama state championship in the 145-pound weight class. c has san says he plans toan saysp continue wrestling in college: : good for him. >> uh-huh. >> hm people think about flying into that dream is one step closerp r to becoming a reality. reali >> version galactic unveiled uni
5:51 am
the company hopes it will onepew day take tourists to the edge te of it comes months after ann earlier version was kille. >> depends how detailed you gooy on the count but there's's approximately 15,000 parts in a spaceship two and the twond majority of those parts we've w actually built on site here at the spaceship >> the spaceship can fly morelye than 60 miles off the ground. that's considered the boundary t of space. once it is operational the spaceship will be capable of of carrying two pilots and up to up six passengers on board. now f-you're interested it will cost you a deposit of $250,000.$250,000 >> better start saving. >> ♪>> >> in today's fox beat, deadbead pool is the top movie for theier second week in a row.coeek the superhero film starringtarr ryan reynolds took in $55 million at the box officeoxf this weekend. wee kung fu panda three came in in seconds place.ce
5:52 am
and race, the movie about jessie owens that debuted atbud number six.ix >> now, remember that auction that we told you about few youbo weeks ago for a lock of john j lennon's hair? well, get this t it sold for $35,000.3500 the 4-inch lock was saved from a trim the beatles starry sta received on the safety movieedth called how i won the war whichaw was released in 1967. 196 also sold at the auction anti unused ticket from the band's tb first u.s. concert in theu.s. ci district in 1964.964. that went for $30,000. $3000 >> growing support this morning for singer ke$ha ina her legal battle against her producer.r. she's suing over accusationsg he drugs and sexually d assaulted her.ruasd her >> on friday a judge ruledudge against releasing ke$ha from her contact.on now taylor swift is showing sho her support for ke$ha in a big b way. by donating to hundred $50,000 0 towards her legal fees. other stars including lady gaga arianna grande and miley am cyrus have shown their supportes
5:53 am if you were anywhere nearouw the internet this weekend you yu may have noticed the #obamaama and kids was trending. t >> it featured president obamad having fun with kids during asur black history month event butvet it started with this photo.his this is three-year-old clarkr-oc reynolds. that's president obama's touching his cheek. clark and his mother nicole n have from alexandria.m ale the p you can ler was taken byak white house photographer peteus season and quickly went viral.ev several people started sharingta their favorite pictures of picte president obama with kids and used #obama and kids. ks. >> how are you? so nice to see you this may be the cutest t white house visitor ever. 106-year-old jenny mclawrence fulfilled herce f dream of visiting the white v house and meeting theis this video of them meeting was posted to the white houseo th facebook miss virginia did a little a l dance with the first lady.wihe . president asked the the secretke to still dancing, there it is right there, with the moves,
5:54 am
got the moves right there.ight e the president asked her secretes to dancing at age 106 and shehe said just keep moving.ovin >> i love that. >> did you hear when he said he how old are you and she said just 106. 106 >> still moving aground. >> let's do our facebook fan do of the day right now. it is sandra hickman. gorgeous picture.ic 45 years young today.ay. >> yes, she is gorgeous. gorge she's been posting on ourng o facebook page for the pastbook o week in hopes of gettingf picked today because she says s she loves fox5.she ves well, we love you back, sonda hick mann. >> happy birthday to you and bio we hope you have a great day. ad and for your chance to bee to b tomorrow's fan, leave a, leave comment below son d.a.'s photosh on our facebook page. e. >> we're going to have a wetre early start to our week, g right? >> yeah, not today. not t tomorrow and the next day. d but
5:55 am
it could be white. w he could be shoveling it. that's what maureen said. >> with rain you don't have toin shovel it. ysh >> i know there's snow >> rain is easier on your back. ba >> 34 to 54 for the kiddos atidt the bus stop. 34 out in the suburbs to 44 or 4 so here in town and later on lar this afternoon anywheree between about 45 andnd 52 we're going stay dry today. t it will be basically a mixture m of clouds and sun. some places will be a little bit more cloudy than others o and i think the chance of the te more cloudiness conditions condi will be down to the south ofo th us, okay. oka here's your seven-day forecastva real qui 54 degrees today now, chilly rain tomorrow, 43.o, we're back uninto the up areinte 50's with some showers andhowe rain on wednesday.ednesd >> okay. >> 55 on thursday.rsday. going into the weekend last weel weekend of the month,th temperatures will be kind ofat pretty much where thurey should be for this time of year.r. >> okay. >> excellent. excel. >> but march follows close behind. >> yes. >> all right. thanks gary. >> ahead at 6:00 it is a lot
5:56 am
chore ruined the house. ironing clothes. we're going talk to caitlintl first.first. >> hopeful no one is >> i hate that, too, holly, hol don't worry.orry any household chores.ld before we get to that though ahh real quick check of your cr roads. this is a look at 66. a taillights are eastbound and we've got delays buildinglding between 234 and 28.8. so, just volume at this hour.i h getting back to our maps, m we'll show you a couple ofl shou other delays.s. 95 northbound this is just canst congestion between dale city and 123.d 123. again, volume picking up as the morning commute picks up, cm too. still some road work out hereute in prince georges county, eastbound silver hill road r near saint barnabas road. sai that's been out since the bout overnight hours. so, if your commute takes youcoe that way, then are you going g to see some delays although aug we're not seeing anythingg a build right ri that's a look at traffic.. holly, back to laundy >> you might have heard thisight caitlin but it's a lot of o people's least favorite chore.eo ironing >> now there's a solution.'sn. why not have a robot do it forot you. we're going to tell youg ell y exactly how that one works. wors >> plus the wizardar
5:57 am
to have to watch out fe or thiss guy tomorrow night. >> anthony davis and the the few players have ever had thethe feeling that anthony davis didis last night. nig we're going talk about that. >> for real what's up with that una brow. >> that's his fashion.
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.. >> ahead
6:00 am
search for a man who broke into a northern virginia homegii and sexually assaulted a womando inside. we are live with the >> the a senseless tragedy.dy an uber driver under arrest arrs accused in a deadly shooting sht spree in michigan targetingar his victims at random alldom all while reportedly picking up u fares. re we'll hear from some of those te passengers. >> a live look outside on this monday, february dry right now.y dry but definitely some wet stuff s headed our way starting tomorrow. we'll talk weather and of of course traffic as well coming ac up on the 5s beginning at 6:05.6:05 first, though, we say good sayoo morning to you. i'm holly morris in forn for allison seymour.ey >> and i'm steve chenevey. welcome to fox5 news rough start for a beer and beer wine store. montgomery county police say a woman drove into the front ofto the store just beforeor 1 o'clock this morning. this is norte hth frederick aveu in gaithersburg.ersburg. police say the woman then fled e the scene in the same vehicle vc that struck that building. bui police ended up catching upchin with her a short time later.


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