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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  February 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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greatness.eatn > fingers crossed. > a lot of changes fox5 local news at # # starts right now.ow this is fox5 local news at 11. now 11 1 #, here comes the rain. be prepared for a wet start to your tuesday. and political dirty tricks caused a major shake up for one of the gop presidential hopefuli and say cheese, a major creditri card company will soon require cell selfies instead of passwords to make online purchase pes. your news starts now. n and it is good to have you with us i'm tony perkins and i'm hundreds. right off the top tonight at # 1 an uber driver is recovering after a violent attack in virginia. police say three men, these t three men were passengers when w necessity attacked and beat the driver with a beer bottle. tonight other uber drivers sayvs this is an example w
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concerned for their safety when they're on the job. marina maracco is life in arlington with the latest. >>reporter: sean, those three t men were actually three of six passengers that were riding in n that uber car here in arlington. i'll tell you what, that uber u driver had had enough of their and particulars when he decided to pull over right here on this road in arlington. but before he could, one man apparently reached for the ignition and that's when things turned violent. three woodbridge men are behindh bars after an uber driver's face was cut by a beer bottle latee saturday evening. arlington police say a group of six were acting belligerent andt smelled of alcohol when the driver cut the ride short on south washington boulevard. dustin long congress and jeffrey row and incorporate gram left l their belongings in the car and left not before throwing a beer bottle in the driver's face. this late night attack anotherkn one in a string of high
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publicized leaving drivers worried about their safety. this alexandria uber driver says after watching a california driver's attack on tape he decided to record his rides. the taco bell, the guy beat himt up and the guy recorded it himself so he was protected. he can prove it. now uber put out a statement which reads, quote, uber expects everyone in our community too treat each other with respect and common courtesy. we have a zero tolerance policy for all forms of harassment and abuse we have been in touch with the driver and stand tall on the investigation. > all three men are behind bars. > new developments now now involving a michigan uber driver accused of a deadly shooting rampage in kalamazoo. k the driver admitted he is is re
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people.ople jason dalton showed little lle l emotion during his first court appearance today.ap he ispe charged with killing sig people and shooting two others in a series of random attacks. dalton who was working as an uber continued to pickf@ up and drop off passengers in between shootings, including this couple. i would never expect someone that had just been out killing people to come and pick me up. i half heartedly choked and said you're not the shooter, are you. >> he said, no. i said, are you sure? >> he said, no, i'm just really dalton didn't have any prior criminal record and uber says he passed its background checks. so far police do not have a motive. we want to turn to the weather now rain is going to be moving into our area. it's likely to be a messy morning commute.morn sue palka is in the weather center with the late et.e l it's going to be a while before we see the sun so fasten your seat belts because we thinkink there will be two storms. one tomorrow and then
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one on thursday.y. we're going to be something i for the next couple of days. let me give you an idea of wherr that rain is now because we think it will be in here now especially for the southern suburbs. right now we're not seeing muchg on the radar, but it is down south. it will be closer to our southern suburbs by the time the sun comes up. we also have to keep a close eye on temperatures tonight because it will be chilly.y. i think most places will stayy above freezing, but it's i possible that there will be just enough cold air in the hire elevations and maybe right along the maryland/pennsylvania line.e i don't think it'snn going to lo long and i don't think it's going to accumulate. what we're expecting is a low impact and sometimes just a rainy morning can bog down our morning i think this is going to be rain, a little bit of sleet or snow mixing in to the far northr and west, but no accum
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ground is too warm.s t by the time we get into the afternoon, the heavier steadier rain will be over and we'll feel it's more showers than anything else. a look at temperature right now, most places well above freezing, but we'll continue to watch somh of the spots, especially northsc and west because they will be close to the freezing mark. more on what to expect onct wednesday in just a few minutes. > tony, an emotional case inn charles county involving aving mother charged in the death of her three year old son. last may police say are michigan a syms was found pushing little jay air's body in a park swingak for two days. a judge said she is free to go g home without finding her not responsible. > sarah simmons expound spoke with about the ruling. >>reporter: are michigan a syms is home now given conditional release by a judge.. she has to follow doctor's orders and seek psychiatric treatment and prove that she is doing so. her mot
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that but consistent help was difficult to i spoke to her tonight at her waldorf home.wald she says it was difficult to get state assays terrence for her healthcare. she feels her daughter's casete' was essentially falling through the case. prosecutors remain her mother didn't remain vigilant and his death was preventable. she's trying to move forward on focusing on what she could do in light of jay air's death. >> he's not going to be forgetten. that's my goal in life. in i'm going to make sure this doesn't happen to another family, another child, to another one who is suffering in darkness, alone, through a mental illness. > tash yeah is now taking hern fight to the maryland general assembly. she's pushing for what she calls for as jay air's law. it's currently up for discussion in a house committee. it will address what is lacking in the maryland health system. here's what she had
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recourses that may be needed, funding that may be provided, ways to prevent this type of thing from happening again. a > and something she was really adamant about tonight, ' wantsit people to understand that mental illness is a disease even thougn it is not something you can see like a physical illness. she is also trying to set up a charity called jay air's lee fund. she started a go fund me page helping to raise money for the certification that she needsn th toette good it going. > we have some breaking newsnes out of the district. we have a life picture now. this is near the # #th street bridge. police have shutdown i695 outbound near the 11 1 #th street from m street to n street in northeast. police are investigating atiga situation involving an adult male suffering from a crisis situation. first call came in about
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this evening. heavy police presence there we're old. we will bring you you more information about this as we get it. > fox5 is in montgomery countyu tonight, a mother suspected in the did it persons of her two o young children was once again declared mentally unfit to stand trial. prosecutors asked the judge for a second expert opinion on catherine hoggle. her children jacob and sarah have not been seen since september of 2014. 2 she is charged with neglect and obstructing justice. she is believed to have been the last person to have seen the children. she is due back in court at thet end of april. new at 11, virginia will soon allow more people to legallyly carry guns in the state.. state law enforcements gave approval that would expand the state gun holders. govern material think mackat cullive is expected to sigern te legs into law later this week. fox5 is in fai
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police are intensifying theirsiy search for a man accused of burglary and sex take a good look at this composite sketch of the man police say is responsible. res they say the suspect broke into a woman's apartment on blank inship rode on mount vernon on saturday. he threatened the rick time, assaulted her and then took of f on. if you know anything about theau crime or if you recognize thatoi man you are asked to call police.lice controversy continues over d.c. mayor's muriel bowser plan's to build new homeless shelters in s each of the city's eight wards. tonight a city was held at new canon back test church in northeast. that's ward 5. am people voiced opposition to having a homeless shelter. the goal is to create more space and shutdown the homelesseles shelter at d.c. general. now t a surprising development in the raise for the white house. republican hopeful ted cruz fired his communication director for using dirty tricks agai
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one of crews' opponents.onen rick tile letter retweeted a tweet. his campaign must have the highest standards of integrity. in recent weeks donald trump and of having accused crust' campaign. who was held held knowledgeabled for lying about benicar son, who was held accountable for the commercials on television that they had to '8 down. so again, i think it's a very disturbing pattern of deceptive campaign and flat out just lying to voters. > the drama comes on the eve of the nevada caucuses for the republicans. polls showed donald trump is in the lead. tonight metro is once again on the who the seat after another unflattenning report.. also coming up the mistake the m government says it made about a popular flooring company and the health hazards some of its
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and you use the starbucks rewards program? we'll explain why you might not like the changes the coffee giant is about to make and all the free goodies may end of costing you. we'll be right back.
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> welcome back tonight, this next story may make some metroak riders a little uneasy. a new study by the transit agency say am red light violations are caused by many operators who are daydreaming.ei there have been 47 red light violations on metro since 2012. metro has now hired a neuroscience and safety expert to try to get to the bottom of o the problem. here's how some metro riders reacted to this study. we all daydream at one time or o another, but not here, not on metro. not when you have so many lives, you know, in your hands. so no, they have to do something. metro says it has also recently put additional safety measures a into place to reduce the risk of miscommunication between train operators. it turns out some of the laminate flooring sold by lumber liquidators could up your risk
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of cancer more than previously thought.ght. the cancers for disease control miscalculated the amount of formaldehyde.form it's three times hire than previously estimateed. lumber liquidators is now n offering free air quality tests. you can learn what you need to do if you think you have some oh the products in your home. we've posted a link on fox5 heads up all you tar bucks customers you might get a little seemed over changes to the company's rewards program. yes. right now you get a star for f every purchase you make at tar a bucks regardless otf the amounta 12 stars equals a free item. i >> i like it. > starting in april you'll need 125 stars. >> are you kidding me? > i kid you not. >> each dollar spent is two stars. people who make small purchases will have to spend. most customers will earn rewards at an equal or better rate withw
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>> i'll keep you posted and i'll let you know about that one. some amazon shoppers will have to spend a little more to get free shipping. non amazon members will have tot spend a minimum of 49ed to get that free shipping. that's up from 35ed. prime members you don't have to worry, but you do have to pay a # $9 annual free. fre these things aren't going in our direction. >> no. > mastercard wants to get rid of passwords. the company announced it's going to replace passwords by selfies. it will be roled out by binge banks. a scan require it's by asking people to blink. it will monitor a customer's heartbeat. come how is it going to know my heartbeat from your heartbeat. technology. i ke
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but the heartbeat? > sue palka, let's check in noo with you and find out, when will this rain start coming in? that's what we want to know. >> it's going to be in by sunrise. i agree with you, let's go with the thumb print. speaking of sunrise because that's when we expect our rain come i this is a gorgeous photo taken at the tidal basin. thank you, so much chris, it isi a beautiful picture. p sunshine tomorrow morning at 6:49. there will be a lieutenant more clouds. rain will be beginning. it may not happen in maryland,d, but it will on the way.ay. the temperatures, 40s. most places will be above freezing tonight, but as mentioned just a few minutes ago there could be a little about i of a mix far to the north andnd west but i don't expect it to cause any problems. you may see it on your windshield or a few areas, grass elevations. it is going to be on the cool side, only 44-d
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to 53-degree. a nine drop, definitely chilly.i we warm things up on wednesday,e but a little bit on the wild side because we will have another system coming. it will track in a differentnt direction. maybe we'll have some strong thunderstorms with gusty windswh that will linger into thursday. thursday also about 55-degrees.5 morning showers there.s t and then we're cooler for friday and friday is when we'll likely see the best chance at a goodoo amount of sunshine. it may take all day thursday to get us there. t not much showing up on radar. everything is down to the south but it will be moving in. again i'm not sure you'll see it in the northern and. rain arrives at sunrise. a chillier day, winds out of the northeast at 5 to 10 dropping10 the temperature. t that means only 44 during theg day tomorrow. the rain will be steadier and heavier in the morning. m and it will break up to showers in the afternoon and by tomorrow evening just drizzle, but feeling really
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most places a lot cooler tomorrow than they were today, as you can imagine. and our storm is going to track over to the coast. c not as much snow as you you y might think with this, but thiss will be rain and snow. s i expect everything to melt and no big problems with everything frozen and generally taking over as rain by the time we get to mid to late morning. the showers will continue intone the afternoon, but then here comes storm number two for wednesday. this storm is not going to theot coast, it's going to track up the mountains so the snow will be on the other side of the lowl we're in the warm sector and that means thunderstorms with us potentially with some strong anr gusty winds. there will be some significant snow with this one, though. the track is going to bring b maybe six inches to detroit. more than that potentially as it crosses the lake and that track will send the thunderstorms inos our direction as you can see here on wednesday. there is a possibility as you saw a little while ago that parp of our area could be looking at some strong to maybe even severe storms on wednesday.n we're goig
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your fox5ay forecast and talk about another warm spell which would be thursday. again early showers on thursday, strong winds, though, making it a very blustery day. friday, sunny and breezy.y. into the weekend it looks pretty good and check out sunday with a temperature of 54-degrees. 58 for fredericksburg, 54 for the district and about 55-degrees with some showersh so possible on monday. that is your seven day forecast, jim over to you. > let's talk hockey right now.n when it comes to the second halh of the caps' season there is no place like home. they are 16 and #. that home record is the reason e why we're still on top of the lead. the second game of the four-game home stand with the arizona cyote thinks in town. t the caps made the verizon center a very loud place. let's take it to the second
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period 1-#. april then into third period, alex oak, he has many times. it he makes it look easy. the 39th goal of the year. y 36 seconds later, tomorrow wilson rips a snapshot. mike richards scoring his first goal as a cap. c the caps beat the cyote 's 3-2. miami hosting number 7,, virginia. we take you to the final second of the first half.f. a game high 28 points, but still time left, good at the buzz ir. miami is up five at the break. with three-must minutes to go in the game as they celebrate their son read. he gets his fifth
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virginia down eight they got to within one in the final seconds. they lose 64 to 61. some high school action tonight, st. john's fans they are pumped. the cadets facing deman thus. in the third quarter, anthony drives high up off the glass. he's going to play for maryland. deman that, he banks it in, in the fourth quarter, saint johns' jeffrey do you ton on a steel. he gets the return pass. he gets the lay in. he gets the foul. saint johns defeats demath a, you know what thattance into. i >> why they're going to storm the court. > i like when we get to show off some high school sports. >> the caps are on fire. > that's good stuff. keep the momentum going. >> they're doing some
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rapper 50 cent may not have beem using much sense with some instagram photos he just posted. >> that's right. now a judge wants to talk to him. we're going to show you the photos right now. bring it back. here the photos that he's posted. >> it's him posing with stacks of cash. >> in the refrigerator. money all over the place. now we've seen this before with entertainers.en here's the problem. 50-cent has filed for bankruptcy you may remember. these photos have been broughtn to the attention of the bankruptcy court by lawyers too the creditors to whom --s millions. now a judge has ordered the rapper to explain. > what do you think he's going to say. he's going to say it's monopoly money. > we'll see you tomorrowni
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♪ (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: no doubt about it, the '80's crowd hates kris jenner because she got booed off the stage over the weekend. [booing] >> deafening roar of boos. harvey: did she look shocked? >> no. she was like it wasn't even happening. harvey: you know, that is the advantage of botox. >> there's no expression. harvey: this is me upset. this is me happy. [laughter] >> drake. just one-upped every girl's bar mitzvah by performing at one. >> who is this family? >> ben ashkenazy. harvey: you know what, these are the problems with these bar mitzvahs -- >> here we go again. harvey: i'm sorry, it's ridiculous. >> this guy is worth $100 million. who cares if he spends $2 million at a bar mitzvah. >> he's


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