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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  February 23, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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states and other rallies will be held outside of apple stores. >> developing overnight, charlotte, north carolina city council voted in favor of ordinance that provides protections for the lgbt community including restroom choices for transgender people. it allows people to choose restrooms corresponding to the gepder they identify with and in an email north carolina governor said changing policy on restrooms could create major public safety issues and warned the general assembly may step in. >> three are behind bars for attacking their uber driver. justin and lance and jeffery were riding in an uber when they turned on their driver and beat him. the driver cut the ride short on south washington boulevard. they left belongings in the car and smashed the back window before flow throwing a beer bottle in the driver's face. >> i heard too many things about
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them up. >> it's a risk. it's a risk. >> uber has suspended accounts of customers that requested ride and suspect are held without bond. >> over to michigan where an uber driver there arrested over the weekend admits he shot and killed six people. he appeared in court yesterday and is charged with shootin killing two people and he allegedly continued to pick up and drove off passengers in between shootings including this one couple. police say he had no prior criminal record. >> meanwhile, hundreds early fwaed to honor the victims of this shooting rampage in michigan. residents packed the church in downtown kalamazoo for interfaith service last night. after that members of the community headed to bronson park for candlelight vigil. students at western university plan to hold a service to honor the victims. uber is facing tough questions about safety. company is doubling down on safety procedures
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predict the saturday event and they do not believe the safety procedures need to change. >> fairfax released a sketch of a man that broke into a woman's home and sexually assaulted he her. he was last seen wearing a blackjacket and backpack. he broke into a home in the mount vernon region in virginia he threatened the victim assaulted her and took off. if you recognize this man police want to hear from you. >> happening today we could learn new details in child porn scandal in prince george coun county. state and u.s. attorney, prince george county police and fbi are expected to make announcement in the investigation into deanne take caroway. he's the volunteer targeted mutt pl victims. yesterday they announced a student safety task force that goes into effect march first. screening al
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vendors and contractors. >> we're one week away from super tuesday. some presidential hopefuls are in virginia ahead of the primary. john kasich held a town halle vept in fairfax and today he's trying to brush off kit crux people left their kitchen tones campaign with them the comment was not intended to be offensive. bernie sanders is hosting a really in norfolk. he'll discuss a range of issues of getting big money out of politics and making college affordable. >> hillary clinton has pulled ahead of sanders in the race for delegates. fresh off the whip in nevada she has a total of 52 caulks delegates and sanders has 51. clinton's lead gets bigger when you include her super delegate endorsement. super delegate support boosts her number to 503 del goots sapders 70 delegates. if you wouldn't whr
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are unique to the democratic party nomination process. super delegates are combined of every city, democratic law maker and official. they're allowed to back any candidate regardless of election results. democrats have 712 super delegate and make up about 30% of the 2382 delegates needed to win the party's nomination. . >> and meanwhile, on the rep side, marco rubio says top ten ted cruz campaign asked to resign is being used as a fall guy. rick tyler was asked to resign for allegedly spreading a false news story rubio criticized the bible. rubio says cruz is the one responsible if his campaign has created a culture of misleading people in saying things that are not true. the campaign has shown signs of struggle while rubio's campaign has amasked growing support. .
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>> all right. time now to get an update on our weather. and let's talk to the professor gary mc gradey. professor when i sthed earlier i walked outside with no jacke jacket. it was pleasant to me even a two foot walk. >> everybody wants to know wisdom is this the day you come to class, i'm saying. >> gary i take my lessons over the internet because over the web ta informs me it's been a while since you've been to class. i'm checking. >> online gary, online. >> online, we don't do online class. >> that's a problem for me. >> here's what going on out there. temperature. nobody is at freezing or below. that doesn't mean some of these temperatures won't drop down a little further. 37 degrees for martinsburg now. frederick 36. we're seeing a little 43 in town. we're seeing a little mixing perhaps higher elevations ridge tops back out to the west. this is not a lot, obviously, and again, it just seems to be
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a little bit on the east side of 81 and then along 1 and then perhaps back out to the west of 81. listen, this is not a problem for us. we're talking about rain and drizzle and we pretty much isolated that yesterday and this will be a warm storm. highs today, everyone will be above freezing and we'll be stuck in the 40s. upper 30s. lower to mid 40s. showers and looks like later on today it will become a little drizzle out there in spots. and then the heaviest of the rain, and potentially some thunderstorms, will be coming up tomorrow into tomorrow afternoon, snow, all the wintry precip with this one will stay well north and back out to the northwest. erin cuomo apparently feeling better today. here's a look at traffic on tuesday morning. good to you have back, erin. >> good to be back. it was a rough monday. when you wake up the thing i'm worried about is rain moving in can cause slick spots. we're crash free and have ongoing constru
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upper and outer loop between kohl'sville road and new hampshire you see the traffic moving okay and we'll watch for lanes being blocked in active construction zones. i'll let you know if it causes delays before the area clears. let's look at the maps now taking a look elsewhere. you can seat inner loop moving well from river road to connecticut. no problems on 270 as you make your way down to the spur and over in prince george country outer loop we do have debris reported approaching rigs road overpass that's just after i 9 95. caution there. 95 itself looking good and if you happen to have an early morning flight to catch traffic on the way to dulles, bwi and reagan national is quiet. that's a look at traffic. back to you guys. >> just ahead a high ravrking d.c. hop on the other side of the law this morning. >> and trouble for popular flooring company that sold materials linked to cancer. what you need to know on the other side of the break. 4:37 is the time.
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>> this tuesday morning i watch todd go back to a smash at grab at a local dunkin donuts. >> identify on the scene in silver spring, good morning, mel. >> good morning, yeah, it's just dunkin' donuts. take a look. not only do we have dunk up donuts, dollar plus shops. that front door is smashed out and come a little further down here, right behind me the little ceasars pizza
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window, that door also smashed out, too. you can see police coming out of the dollar plus shop now. they're continuing their investigation here. i think we heard perhaps some k-9 units on the the scene as well. we don't have good information at this point. they have not quart ed off the scene yet somebody surprised that things have not been taped off yet and we're getting good access here. looks like they're just beginning this investigation trying to earlier we saw them talking to folks on the scene maybe trying to figure out where employees were and what the motivation may have been it does not appear because it happened overnight, 3:07 this morning does not appear there were any injuries involved. they're trying to figure out exactly if anything was sfolen. was it truly a smash and grab or was it a case of vandalism. and why? why would it be these three
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others along this strip. so again new hampshire avenue, randolph road there's a giant food store up here. pretty busy shopping center. we're just kind of standing by here watching things unfolded and we'll give you new information as we have. back to you guys. >> thanks, mel, also making news this morning a high ranking d.c. official is charged with dwi. authorities say captain paul shellton rear ended a u.s. government vehicle causing a chain reaction crash on i 295 sunday night he was off duty and in his personal car at the time. fortunately no one was hurt and shelton was taken into custody and his blood alcohol content was slightly over the legal limit he is a captain in the 7th distrikt and about on the force since early 90s. his police powers were revoked. .> flooring company lumber liquidators is offering customers free air quality tests after centers from
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found laminate flooring could increase risk of cancer. it's three times higher than previously thought. cdc risks comes from the for mald hide emitted from the tests. if you have their products in your home you can learn what you need do on our web site "fox news". >> why customers may be on happy. we'll explain weather and traffic with gary mcgrady. >> cloud and showers this morning. will we get a wintery mix out there? we'll talk about that. full forecast coming up.
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>> 4:44 or 5ish
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morning. yeah, the weather is nice out. there gary, you're talking about rain moving in. >> it's already here. not necessarily here in city. it's almost here i can see the radar here. it's almost here. some folks we're already getting rain come ago cross. >> the next two days. >> yeah. >> chilly today. warmer tomorrow. >> okay. >> no snow. >> right. >> we've got that. >> it's a mixed bag if you wil will. >> 7 day forecast trending warmer. >> warmer that's right warmer for us. >> couple things to look forward to here. this is not the storm for you. you. >> see purple and pinks and higher elevations getting a mix perhaps. nothing down in the way of city and up and down i 95. the rain is getting closer us to. no doubt this makes things busy for the morning commute and in a little tro
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40 reagan national. it's all wet. nothing is white. we're not talking about slippery conditions from ice or freezing temperatures. because as you can see, big three airports well above freezing this morning. bwi 39, dulles 41, reagan 43. temperatures drop off a little more. not much more with the clouds out there. and showers come in through the day today. temperatures will only be making it up to 45, 46, 47, actually, got to chase the high temperature today it will be difficult. we'll talk mid toll upper 40s across the area. tomorrow we will get up close to 60. it will take all day to do it. we have a possibility with the rain tomorrow, to get into a little bit of thunderstorm activity as well. and here's future cast. pretty much what we're seeing here. rain spreading in. there could be a transition area with the mixture way up north and west, think western maryland and pan handle of west sir vir for that or higher elevations out to the west.
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it doesn't look like a big deal. just rain for us. this will move on through. and it looks like later today transitioning from shower activity to driz m. we'll have cooler air at the surface and it's perfect setup for drizzle. tomorrow morning here's where we see. it again favored area for perhaps an hour or two of something that is not just rai rain. it's maybe mixing of some sleet and snow. again, way out west. maybe a mixture in places north western neighbors. that's it. warm air take over. you see the line here in the afternoon. that's where we're talking about chance for thunderstorms. it looks like still looks to me like the greatest chance of thunderstorms will be to the south of us down through southern maryland. back down to tide water into virginia and central sections of that place. actually it looks like they're out looked for the potential of severe weather. not too far to the south of us as we
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things dry out. thursday looks like it will be a windy day for us. all this rain and moisture coming up from the south here. so we have to get through that. we'll be cloudy today. we'll have showers today. and we're going to have drizzle in the afternoon. and any light mixture will be way out west. and northwest. temperatures will be in the mid 40s or so. tomorrow, we're 58. okay. it's a warm storm. 55 on thursday. with gusty wind on the backside of the storm. we get into friday as a little cooler, 45, mostly sunny, saturday, mostly sunny, 46 and warmed up sunday to 56. mostly sunny. and next monday, again, close to 60 about a shower possible. so, march is coming in look a we're not sure yet. because, march first is not quite on here. did you realize erin cuomo this was february with 29 days? >> i did not. >> here you go. >> holly told me that yesterday. >> oh, by the way it's traffic time with erin. >> hi. >> good morning. >>
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>> and feels like my monday. but it's not it's tuesday. i always call tuesday monday part two any jp way. we have construction top of beltway slowing it down ongoing between coalsdale and new hampshire. traffic despite the kux zone moving along long. outer loop volume is picking up and no maivrping or concerns about slow sgopz for the morning ride. let's take a look at maps. aside from construction zone outer loop debris approaching rigs road overpass after 95. you can see green on the map causing any slow downs. and metro gears up for service. they're on schedule this morning in alexandria. 395 inboupdz looking nice from the beltway all the way to the 14 street bridge. all inbound bridges are quiet. key bridge we're looking good sutland parkway to south capital. no problems on the 11 street, 14 street bridge themselves looking nice and wilson bridge through alexandria moving along long without any problems and prince william 66 eastbound side no delays
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story inbound from buoy and problem free as you make your way bw parkway and 95 dale city. that covers anything. i'll let you know if that's anything else. is that rain i'm hearing or is that just me. >> the air conditioner. >> the air conditioner is on. that answers that question. back to you guys. >> take care. >> 4:51 is the time now. prince george country mother was found not criminally responsible in the death of 3-year-old son. ram eesh asims was found pushing little joy air's body in a park swing two days. sim as period. in court yesterday and pleaded guilty to a charge of involuntary manslaughter. the judge accepted her plea and then determined she was not criminally responsible after doctor's concluded sims suffer from exit fromia. sims mother says getting help for her daughter's mental illness was hard to come by. >> you know it was unfortunate that sometimes you know the symptoms or out cries
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who may be suffering from a mental illness and not everyone city commiting a crime that has proper mental illness needs to be properly evaluated and tweeted and they need to be safe. that means we take it into consideration. >> tash asims hopes her daughter's situation will motivate of state of maryland to help others suffering from mental illness. >> 10,000 being offered for information on the deaths of 13 balanced eagles. birds were found on a farm in maryland saturday afternoon. that's the largest balanced eagle loss in 0 years. wild life officials say poisoning is leading theory at this point and a necrophy will be performed on the birds to find the cause of death. >> a barista shared an experience from starbucks. starbucks barista wrote him a note saying she
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do american sign language so he could have the same experience at starbucks everyone else has. he was overwhelmed and shared how much the gesture meant with with fox 5 veronica cleary. >> note made me happy. he then said to me baiing basically i felt happy she learned to sign asl to speak to me. i felt happy that she wrote me the note. . >> starbucks politely declined our request to dot interview with the barista but says it loves hearing stories of meaningful connections with customers. >> speaking of starbucks the company's new rewards program has customers steamed. >> i was excited to hear. right now you get a star for every purchase you make at starbucks regardless of amount and twelve stars equals a free item. starting in april you need 125 stars each dollar spent worth two stars. move means people who make
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small purchases will have to spend more to get a free item. however starbucks says most customers earn at equal or better rate with the change. >> wait a minute you need 20 0 how many to get a free item. >> every time you go to starbucks right now you get a star. no matter how much you buy. now you get stars based on amount you spend. >> which is fair. >> you can draw a diagram. >> could selfie be the new way to pay for items. master cards want to get rid of pass wards. a scan will verify legitimate selfie when they blink with a photo. it will be rolled out by banks. master card says it's working on other ways to authenticate purchases including monitoring a customer's heartbeat. lot going on. there need a diagram for at
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>> i know. >> and with less than two weeks to go before season four premiere "house of cards" cast were in d.c.. >> they taerj gathered at the national portrait gally to talk about the coming season. they were all there walking the red carpet. the cast says it meant a lot with them to have the premiere here in d.c.. >> i feel like for them to have to here -- i love coming to washington. >> we've been honored to come a fru years and have our launch here. i love d.c.. i have a great affection for this down. i've done a lot of plays here over the years. and, of course, since the series, i have felt so welcomed here. >> and just like any real life president, last night's event also unveiled a presidential portrait of kevin spacey's character. there it is. frank underwood. >> keep it here to "ox
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morning long coming up on good day d.c. jane atkinson will join us liver in the loft coming up at 9:50. >> thanks, guys, listen, out there this morning i don't think they heard you wisdom. would you like to introduce me again. lamb, the professor, gary mcgrady. . >> oh, my gosh. here's what going on this morning. we have a few showers come ago cross. temperatures well above freezing now. we're 43 degrees here. boy we dropped, 42 now in town. and the gaithersburg is 37. frederick another place in the 30s this morning. along i 81 temperatures are still well above freezing. i'll be watching these this morning with the rain coming in. there's still a little room for temperatures to drop. what happens, the rain falls in and through the atmosphere, and it can cool the atmosphere. with rain the temperatures
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get cooler out there. and i don't really expect any problems. you can see real quickly the rain is starting to spread on across. i do expect commuting issues though once this rain just takes a firm grip of us this morning. here's erin cuomo with a look at traffic. >> 4:57 now i'm worried the rain will cause slow downs and rights now prince george country debris cleared rigs road overpass. that's good news for outer commute as you make your way upper loop no problems there. frederick, 270 south that's what we want to see this time of morning. as you make your way down to the spur we don't have any delays reported yet as you make your way through gaithersburg and germantown. 70 look going as well. no problems gw parkway. let's look live aside from frederick you can see things looking nice on beltway out near new hampshire. earlier construction should be cleared by the 5:00 hour. out near coalsdale things are moving fine. that's traffic. back
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>> all right. grab your umbrella. rainy tuesday ahead for all of us. we'll find out how long it will stick around when we talk "weather and traffic on the 5s" beginning at 5:05. first we say


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