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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  February 23, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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. right now at 10:00, some wild weather expected around the area tomorrow. not only will we start with some freezing rain in spots, we may end with some strong thunderstorms and flooding i'll have your forecast. >> plus, gun fire inside of a metro train. we're liver with new details about today's shooting. >> and police arrested two teenagers in the blew taling of a mari
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mcdonald's. your news starts right now. >> but we begin tonight with a fox 5 weather alert. the rain continues to come down out there and it is not going to wrap up any time soon. >> thanks for joining us. i'm shawn yancy. >> and i'm tony perkins. >> we may see some thunderstorms and flooding can be an issue. >> most of the action will be tomorrow afternoon at the moment what we have out there is that lingering drizzle and miss and we're watching that closely because there are parts of our area well to the north and west at higher elevations that may get closer down to the freezing mark. we do have freezing rain advisory for some areas i'll show you in a moment. this is all because of a huge storm, it is enormous and it's spinning up a lot of severe weather. fatalities across the deep south. that's the system that's going to be heading in our direction. not doing much
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of the possibility of very light icing in some of the highest elevations around the hagerstown area and cumberland, a freezing rain advisory will go until 6:00 a.m. i'm not thinking that's going to be a really big deal but it doesn't take much to cause problems. so heads up for highest al vacations. what about the rest of our wednesday though? we think the weather will have a moderate impact on your day. here's what we're expecting. for the morning, there will be some rain around, not thunderstorms just more showers. higher elevations you could see some early morning potential. morning fog possible early morning as well. thunderstorms will come after 4:00 for the evening commute. it's possible of some those could be strong with gusty winds bb the threat. we are outlooked for the marginal risk of severe weather. be on the lookout any time after 4:00 we expect a couple of lines to come through. they won't clear
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late. at 10:30 i'll take you hour by hour so you can see when we time those storms coming through the region. tony? >> we are closely monitoring the weather developments in the south. deadly tornadoes have touched down in louisiana and mississippi. at least three people are dead. dozens more are hurt. caitlin roth will join us later in the broadcast with details. >> also tonight breaking news out of nevada where republican voters have begun tonight's caucuses. polls had donald trump with a commanding lead heading into tonight's caucuses. only five candidates remain in the gop race and with governor jeb bush out it is clear who his supporters may turn to. each candidate is trying to stake out their climb. schools shall being used for polling sites and the
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turnout is expected to be higher than usual. there was concern that keeping the schools in session would create a log jam in parking lots and surrounding neighborhoods. fairfax county schools are also closed on super tuesday. >> police in the district are still trying to figure out what led to a shooting this afternoon on a green line metro train. marina marraco has been following this story, joins us live in southeast tonight with the very latest. marina? >> reporter: yeah, and tony, mpd source close to the investigation saying this was not a random act what happened earlier today at the anacostia metro. that single gunshot stemmed from an argument. >> single gunshot wound. >> and a single shell casing found aboard this green line train. >> we identify which side of the station they exit on, snap that real time photo and share it with the metropolitan police
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>> reporter: a 24-year-old man shot on the train as 19-year-old andre brody from northeast dc and the 16-year-old alleged shooter took off on foot only to be stopped moments later. >> this is a true anomaly event i can't recall where a shooting occurred on the train. >> reporter: witnesses near and on the platform positively identified the two suspects believed to be behind the shooting. at the time of the incident a single metro transit officer was posted at the station but was watching over the bus bay. >> we want to assure our riders that we are here for them. and we've got to reassure riders we're here for their safety. >> reporter: now, one piece of good news tonight. about a half hour ago the victims shot today here at the anacostia anacostia station has been areleased police requesting that 16-year-old
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tried as an adult. for new reporting live in anacostia. marina marraco, fox 5 local news. >> a man was found shot to death in a high rise apartment building. tisha lewis joins us live from falls church with the details. tisha? >> reporter: talk about an atypical tuesday for this neighborhood. that man was found fatally shot inside the apartment building behind me on the 23rd floor. we're here at the skyline towers on the 5000 block of seminary road here in falls church. a resident told me off camera that it was in fact a maintenance worker that made the discovery and then contacted law enforcement and the officials. police say fairfax county fire and rescue department initially responded. once it was determined that the victim was beyond unresponsive and actually dead, police were then contacted. all of this unfolded this afternoon
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police described the victim as a man in his early 30s. his identity tonight has not been released. right now police are describing this incident as a death investigation and are turning to the public for help. >> right now we have crime scene on scene, we also have homicide detectives on scene as well as patrol officers and they're conducting canvass and interviewing witnesses at this time. >> reporter: police also say that they do not have information about whether or not the victim was home alone in the apartment alone, nor do they have any information or details about a suspect. tisha lewis, fox 5 local news. >> new details about the assault on a marine veteran at a downtown mcdonald's. today dc police announce the arrest of two juveniles. this afternoon both were in court. the teenaged boys charged with three counts of assault. one of those counts is assault with a deadly
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allegedly kicked christopher marquez. the female suspect faces a robbery charge. matt ackland joins us now with more. >> reporter: let's tell you right off the top the suspects are both juveniles so we are not releasing their identities tonight. during a court hearing this afternoon, there was one person called to the stand. a dc detective who says he worked 16 hours a day recently on this case. he testified about two witnesses and he says they're both giving different stories. the detective told the court once police released the surveillance video to the public, the tips came in and they helped authorities identify the suspects. some of those tips were anonymous. the detective told the court he talked to two witnesses who were at the mcdonald's and saw what led up to the assault. the person called witness 1 in court told the detective he smelled of alcohol and were
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intoxicated. when the victim passed by he said "excuse me, "n" word, and another expletive." the detective said witness two saw the victim being asked by the group about "black lives matter." that witness says the victim didn't respond. that witness later observed the victim being struck. the detective also testified he spoke to the assault suspect who claims the victim became rowdy. he asked "are you a racist" and the victim said "no, i'm not." the suspect then told the victim "we can fight like men outside." he also told the detective he became agitated when the victim smiled at him. >> reporter: the female suspect was identified from someone who saw the video. defense attorneys argued against probable
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the judge said no he found probable cause in the charges against both suspects. by the way i called chris marquez after the hearing. he said he had two glasses of wine before mcdonald's but he certainly was not drunk. and he told me he never used the "n" word or other expletives that night. tony? >> all right, matt. thank you very much. a terrifying ordeal for some students at the university of maryland in college park. six people were robbed at gun point inside a residence hall room. a suspect forced his way inside and showed students a gun. a second sus pekd demanded the student's valuables. >> still to come tonight, disturbing new details about the maryland school volunteer at the center of a child porn investigation. also ahead tonight a local father's mission he lost his son in a car accident last year. how he's using his son's memory to b
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>> apple's feud with the feds sparks a protest. and a little baby girl born in an unusual place in maryland today. an unexpected delivery coming up.
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tonight the suspect in that chimed pornography investigation in prince george's county is facing new charges. doente carraway went before a state grand jury today. he's accused of abusing at least 17 victims. court documents state carraway threatened one of his victims if the child didn't give in to his demands. >> the defendant allegedly took a child out of a classroom to a dressing room in the building and instructed the child to take off his clothes. according to the allegation in the complaint, the child resisted, didn't want to do it. at which point the defendant threat
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comply, the defendant would report in to the principal or the police. >> if convicted, carraway faces a minimum sentence of 15 years in prison for each count. a former basketball coach at a private school in virginia is jailed tonight. george logan iii is charged with having an inappropriate relationship with a student. he was arrested yesterday. he coached students at the highland school. he began sexing with a 16-year-old student last month. he went to the student's home in mannasas where he had sexual contact with her. once the school learned of the charges, he was fired. >> new at 10:00, a father who lost his son in an accident, is pushing for tougher penalties for adults to host drimpging parties. >> this stems from the june 2015 crash that killed 18-year-old calvin
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the teens had been at a party where alcohol was provided. a parent has been at the home at the time. that parent pleaded guilty to furnishing alcohol to minors. he paid the maximum penalty a fine of $5,000 which is 2,500 for each county. i spoke with him tonight who tells me he doesn't feel that penalty is enough for someone responsible for supplying alcohol to teens who were later killed in a crash and he is not alone in this. a delegate and the majority of the montgomery delegation has signed on as cosponsors being introduced tomorrow. it would double the fines and include possible jail time, up to one year for the first offense and two years for the second offense. right now the charge doesn't come with jail time. >> it just was really appalling after the accident. and the individual who was hosting the party that night paid a $5,000 fine and that was very hard for my wife and i
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swol owhen he paid a fine, left as if he was paying a parking ticket. >> testimony will begin tomorrow for the bill which is called alex and calvin's law. that's at 1:00 p.m. tomorrow at the state house in annapolis before the house judiciary committee. there's also a change daurg position for the bill as well. >> the businessman who runs kushgod says he's understood. he is trying to iron out a plea deal on charges of distributing marijuana in the city. he left though without a deal in place. cunningham drives around the city selling music and clothing. he also says he gives away marijuana seeds, pot brownies and other marijuana edibles in exchange for donations. police busted him and an employee last december. >> it is very confusing. i think the court system is still very confused. what's a controlled substance, what's not. people can grow,e
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away. i think this case will put a lot of stuff into the light. >> he hopes to have a deal worked out with prosecutors in the next few weeks. his partner pled guilty to distributing marijuana but will not serve any jail time. >> consumers are getting involved in the fight between apple and the fbi over an order to help unlock an iphone used by one of the san bernardino shooters. organizers urged protesters to carry giant iphone-shaped banners that read "don't break our phones." we're glad apple isn't going to give the fbi a back door. we don't think the fbi should be in our business and i'm very opposed to government surveillance. >> overall the public seems to side more with the fbi. a research
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apple should unlock the eye phone. 38% said they should not, 11% were undecided. >> president obama is trying to make good on a campaign promise to close guantanamo bay once and for all. today he detailed a plan to move detainees. keeping the detention facility open is only hurting america's foreign policy standing. there are currently 91 prisoners being held at guantanamo bay. >> keeping this facility open is contrary to our values. it undermines our standing in the world. it is viewed as a stain on our broader record of upholding the highest standards of rule of law. >> the president's proposal has been delivered to congress. 13 different locations are being considered to house prisoners including south carolina, colorado and kansas. more
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are turning up here in the u.s. >> plus a local baby born in an unusual place this morning. that's not the baby. fitness routine that includes wine. drunk with a straw. fox 5 is back after this.
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tonight we are learning more about the death of supreme court justice antonin scalia. he had been several from several medical issues before he died. he was obese and had coronary artery disease and diabetes. authorities say there was nothing suspicious about his death and his long list of health problems made
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unnecessary. more cases of the zika virus are turning up in the u.s. the centers for disease control and prevention says it is investigation 14 new reports of the virus being sexually transmitted. in at least two of the cases a zika infection was confirmed when their only known contact was sexual contact. the agency did not identify the states where these cases are being investigated. an amtrak train made a special stop in aberdeen. >> she went into labor. the train stopped in aberdeen, firefighters were there to help and within 20 minutes they helped deliver this beautiful 8 pound 5 ounce baby girl. she named her baby chinty charlotte. she chose the name charlotte is to honor a
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her while she was in labor. why a credit card company is ditching passwords for selfies. >> tina fey's new movie premiered tonight in the district.
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we've had another report of a tornado touchdown in the pensacola area. meanwhile locally we don't expect to see showers until later tonight but we certainly have mist, we have drizzle and a little bit of fog out there as well. what should you expect in the morning? let me take you through the future cast so you get an idea of when the heavier rain should be. we'll start you out tonight, we're not seeing much out there. the drizzle doesn't show up that well.
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let me put that into motion again because i want you to see this. it will again begin to develop around our region closer to sunrise, not everyone is seeing rain at 7:00 a.m. notice the pink though out in the western areas. that is a little bit of that freezing drizzle and the reason we have an advisory for those higher elevations. by the noon hour still some good showers around but it is not until we get to about 4:00 that we're going to watch some storms marching from west to east. these could have heavy rain, some could have some damaging winds around 6:00 in the western suburbs through our area by about 9:00. so the time to watch, 4:00 until about 9:00 for those stronger storms. and because they could drop some heavy rain, the entire region will be under a flood watch during tomorrow afternoon right into thursday morning. much more just ahead tony. >> all right, sue. thank you very much. we capping tonight's top stories. we're following the latest developments from nevada.
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the voting will end at midnight eastern. polls heading into tonight's caucuses showed donald trump with a big lead. >> metro transit police arrested two teenagers in connection with a shooting on a metro train. it happened this afternoon as a green line train approached the anacostia station in southeast. the victim was shot in the back and has been released from the hospital. >> and fairfax county police are investigating the death of a man found shot to death at a high-rise apartment building. the victim was discovered inside the skyline towers apartments in falls church. there's no word on any suspects or what led to that shooting. >> tonight a dc man's family is looking for answers and an apology from the city. he died after waiting 19 minutes for an ambulance to arrive. >> in early january 1st responders arrived at the northeast home of albert jackson only to be waived off by dc police. it was a set of circumstances the fire chief called quote an honest mistake. paul wagner first broke t
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story and has more tonight. >> he had a lot more life to live. >> reporter: stacy jackson sat with her mother and brother and wondered if her dad would be alive if first responders had arrived at the home when they were first called. >> people can make mistake, but nothing like this. nobody makes a mistake like this. >> reporter: on sunday, january 3rd, her grandsons noticed her husband was in distress and called 911. but when the first responders arrived on the block, they saw dc police with a man on the ground in handcuffs. mistakenly and without double-checking the address, the crew was told by dc police they weren't needed and drove off. listen now as an official radios the dispatcher at the 911 center. >> advised mpd on the scene and that
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do you need engine 8 to keep responding? >> by now family members were performing cpr and ultimately waited 19 minutes before help finally arrived at the door. so with the help of their lawyer, the family is hoping for answers and a change in the way the city holds its first responders accountable. >> we've seen some of this before, but this one looks like a white wash. no ifs, no ands, no buts. now, maybe i've come up a little bit too strong, but how do you do it when you have family members who are dead and dying and it's not every day, but it's way too often. >> albert jackson was a 69-year-old retired construction worker who had survived some real health scares in recent yoors. his family believes he deserved better. paul wagner, fox 5 local news. >> now, the family's attorney says it is considering filing a lawsuit or the family
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considering filing a lawsuit in maryland where albert jackson was pronounced dead. on the firm's website a petition will soon be created to try and convince the dc city council to change the law so families like the jacksons can get some accountability in court. >> it appears vandals targeted multiple businesses in the same shopping center. they smashed right through the glass in silver spring. the owner of the dunkin' donuts told us thieves broke into her store two weeks ago but this time it does not appear they took anything. >> i guess they came in to take something but obviously they couldn't find anything what they were looking for. it's just unfortunate. i just wish they would stop doing this. i work hard, so go work. you know. it's easier to work than doing all of this crazy stuff. >> they hope surveillance
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>> following a major development. the school board met this evening and has decided to postpone a vote on school boundaries until next year. the board was considering a proposal to close forestville high school and send students to suitland high before next year. parents held a vigil at forestville high. their message to the board was to keep the school open. parents say they are relieved that they will remain open and that the board has tabled plans to deal with school boundaries until next year. coming up next, the car that lets you start the ignition with your smart phone instead of a key. >> also ahead actress tina fey and lorne michaels premiered their comedy and also kanye west "saturday night live" melt down. >> for some people the rent is stilto
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rental prices rising again in january but not as much we've been seen lately. a lot of new apartments are hitting the market. we could be looking at a savings emergency. half of americans have just as much credit card debt as money saved for a rainy day. if you're looking to move, look at the lone star state. the report looking at things like affordability, education and overall quality of life. and all you amateur baker's, you might want to listen up, the girl scouts are bringing back their annual cookie recipe contest. send in your best recipe for any kind of baked goodies using girl scout cookies as ingredients. if your dish is chosen, you could win up to 500 bucks. i'd take the cookies. that's just me. that's business. i'm neef contact shoe tow.
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again! again! again? again! again! general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors from our cereals. so you can love cereal... again!
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volvo is experimenting with digital key technology. it allows drivers to use a smart phone app to start the cars. the same device could be used if it is successful it could become available right here in the u.s. you know the selfies we take, or some of us take, they could soon survey bigger purpose. >> that's right. mastercard wants to introduce what they call selfie
10:40 pm
authentication. the technology which mastercard is says is more secure. the company is reportedly also working on using heartbeat scans, iris scans and voice authentication to replace traditional passwords. >> i think that's great. just trying not to sneeze. all right. if you need an incentive to work out, a british fitness coach may be on to something. bottles of red wine, and after she finishes push-ups, she rewards herself. she posted her video online and already more than 25
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have watched it. tonight on fox 5 local news at 11:00, we hear from university of maryland college part students. so far no arrests have been made in that case. we have the latest from the scene. >> and we are heading back to anacostia in the district. the man was shot aboard a green line metro train today. we'll have the latest in the case coming up at 11:00.
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everything you need to know about life, you can learn from granola. keep it simple. make every piece count. let other people know what you're made of. always be real. don't be fake, don't be artificial, but always be sweet. and of course, wear sunscreen. nature valley granola bars. no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. just good.
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>> that's tina fey in her new movie "whiskey tango foxtrot" it is a true story. the film premiered here in the district tonight. >> our own kevin mccarthy spoke to the actress
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carpet. >> reporter: i'm here at the u.s. navy memorial theory where they're screening "whiskey tango foxtrot." check this out. >> if you were to play this character on an snl stage, how would you approach it? >> i would be more drunk. more overtly drunk, yeah. >> i like that. >> and a wig. a funnier wig than the wig i'm wearing right now. >> obviously the story about the kanye west rapt and you reportedly had to calm him. >> he's done a great performance at dress rehearsal and i think that something had changed because it was a very complicate
10:46 pm
changed something and he saw it and i think he thought it would throw off his performance. >> reporter: you're like the kanye whisperer. what do you say to him? >> he's a brilliant performer and you never know what it takes to go out there and do it. you know. so you don't underestimate it. and my job is sort of appreciate what it takes to go out there. >> reporter: reportedly you don't like when actors break on a show. >> if it's honest, i'm great with it. >> reporter: that debbie downer why don't you like it? >> because somebody wrote it, we rehearsed it, it's an easy way to get the audience on your side. so if it's honest, i'm great with it. if it isn't, i'm less than pp
10:47 pm
about it. >> let me ask you this question. you guys wouldn't let me. the scene when you have to go to the bathroom, you have to get out of the car and you have the camera, what's actually happening on set. is there real gun fire? >> it's not as dangerous but you have to hit your mark because there's gun fire, there's blanks being fired. there is a real explosion, there's a lot of heat and dust from that explosion. yeah, if you were a dumb dumb, you could get hurt. >> for more on my interview turn in on fox 5 tomorrow morning. i'm kevin mccarthy, fox 5 local news. >> we were all wondering if that was her husband or fellow actor on the show. somebody out there tweet us and let us know. >> let's talk about she's a funny lady. >> let's talk about the rain. >> this is a huge system as you know. it's going to spread very warm temperatures this time tomorrow night. i think we could be in the low 60s. it's so strange. but tonight it
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incredibly damaging across the deep south. we've had a number of large, destructive tornadoes. we've got caitlin roth standing by to break down how many storms we've seen and whether or not we have concern. >> it has been a long day for anyone in the southeast. it began this morning in texas and is now ongoing in parts of florida, georgia, and alabama. including a large tornado that just hit the city of pensacola, florida. we've been getting reports of extreme damage in portions of pensacola. obviously more on that to come. look at this video from earlier today. really widespread severe weather including numerous tornadoes around new orleans. where we have video of some water spouts. this is just north of new orleans and there's not one but there's actually thrae if you can tell when this starts to zoom out. there was just numerous ones reported over the water and
10:49 pm
spouts. tornadoes that form over bodies of water. that is a large, large water spouts and along with that there were large tornadoes. i'll show you some of that damage video that we have. several small towns saw a lot of destruction, including the town of convent, louisiana where a mobile home park was hit and unfortunately there there were two fatalities there. this video shows just siding wiped just clean of some of these buildings which is typical tornado damage even though they're still standing, you see just broad brushed buildings and plenty of damage across the gulf coast. this is from several confirmed tornadoes. there were 19 reports in total. i'll go back to the radar, a very large dynamic storm system that still has prompted tornado watches in effect across the gulf coast states right now. here is that line of thunderstorms that moved through pensacola that produced a large tornado as we
10:50 pm
southwest parts of georgia and even though we aren't seeing any more tornado warnings, still severe thunderstorm warnings were issued for damaging wind gusts along i-10. this area still expected to see plenty of severe weather. these are the storm reports that have accumulated throughout the today. 19 tornado reports most focused around the new orleans area up through portions of mississippi and southern alabama. for tomorrow this whole system moves northeastward. this enhanced risk in north carolina but even southeastern virginia very close to that and that slight risk extends to just south of washington, d.c. a marginal risk for some isolated severe weather in washington, but, sue, as you know we still have the heavy rain threat along with the chance of some thunderstorms. so busy day for us tomorrow. >> no doubt. and those thunderstorms that we see could have some strong and gusty winds and the gusts will last through much of the day on thursday. thank you so much and we're really keeping a
10:51 pm
this. very concerned about the situation there. all right. for us this will have a moderate impact in our region. the morning commute once again looks like it will be on the wet side. the evening commute could be a little bit more trouble. higher elevations early on, again, the possibility of very light icing for elevations above a thousand feet in frederick county, washington county. it really looks like they might get down close to freezing. this is more of a better safe than sorry advisory we have. i'm worry about the thunderstorms tomorrow morning. they could have the strong winds. certainly they could drop in some areas over an inch of rain and those winds will definitely last as we go through the night. cumberland, you may get down to about 33 degrees overnight before the warm-up begins and believe me it will get warm but it will take until tomorrow afternoon. i think there will be a very dramatic warm-up between about 2:00 and 4:00 that will continue even into 10:00 at night. we're 43 now. it's n
10:52 pm
west now. anything you see would be less than 0.10 inch ice. easily 63 degrees tomorrow. it can be warmer in some areas. thursday will be a drier day but it will also be windy with temperatures in the mid 50s. a couple of warm days coming. the ground is saturated. if you step on any of the grass it's very spongy. we have a lot of water in the soil. we could get another inch tomorrow so a flood watch is up for those streams, creeks, low lying areas. we'll keep an eye on all of that for you. our latest model guide is keeping physical therapy heavier rain down through lower southern maryland, central virginia. it shows another 0.5 inch for dc. so here's the set-up again a light icing in the morning, the showers and the heavier stuff will occur when the frontal boundary gets a little bit closer. didn't even get a chance to mention the significant snow they're going to g
10:53 pm
that area of low pressure. because this low is tracking far to the west, it's pulling all of the warm air, all of the gulf of mexico moisture and we will have to watch closely southern virginia, north carolina for rotating storms which may be capable of tornadoes. we'll be watching for warnings for tomorrow night. so for tonight 40 degrees, we've got a little bit of mist out there, some fog, more showers late. just wanted to show you that tomorrow easily about 60 degrees, winds out of the southeast at 15 to 25. but when do we hit that 60 degrees? that's important. because it will be later in the day. 8:00 in the morning about 40. by noon 44, by 5:00, 57. as we go forward, just want to show you if we can get through some of this, that we're a little bit on the cool side in the morning. by 1:00 we're beginning to see a big jump up. by 4:00, some places this model is very aggressive showing us mid 60s and even near 70s for
10:54 pm
by 10:00 tomorrow night our model still sees temperatures in the mid 60s. that is a significant storm system and it drops us back down thursday morning near the 40 degree range. on our fox 5 accuweather 7-day forecast. it is a wild wednesday. it settles down nicely as we get closer to the weekend. we think we'll about saturday 46 with lots of sunshine. a nice warm up on sunday with a temperature of 58 degrees. it will be good to see lots of places getting near 60 again. we'll keep that going on monday, tuesday about 52. that is your forecast. shawn and tony back to you. >> the redskins team president opens up about rg3. that's next.
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robert griffin iii will not be back. something that's expected to be made official when the nfl's new business year opens up on march 9th. >> see robert getting an opportunity with another team. i think we've heard from some teams that are interested and i think he's going to have a choice of a couple of teams that will let him excel in the future. he's been a good teammate and a good guy. i know some people on the outside always like to be critical. but his teammates like him, his coaches like him, and he does have some special talents. and we wish him well. >> good words there. peyton mannings name was most associated with the report. but manning who denies the claims and threatens to sue hasn't done so. but one
10:59 pm
zimmerman. today he talked about it for the first and probably last time. >> to think that i guess my integrity and the person that i really am is questioned by someone who has never met me, has never -- doesn't know what i'm about, so i think that was probably the hardest part. by taking these actions, i'm basically letting them into all aspects of my life, unfortunately, that nobody should have access to. but now they do. that's the steps i'm willing to take to show people that i have nothing to hide. >> more later from bruce allen and ryan zimmerman. fox 5 local news at 11:00 starts right now. right now at 11:00, a horrifying day for metro passengers. a man was shot in the back while riding on a train in the district. what we've learne
11:00 pm
teenaged suspects. >> plus, six university of maryland students robbed at gun point inside a dorm room. what police are doing to keep students safe. >> plus some shocking words from ben carson. why the gop contender says that barack obama doesn't understand what it's like to be an african-american. this is fox 5 local news at 11:00. we thank you for joining us. i'm tony perkins. >> and i'm shawn yancy. a rainy day around the dc region and tomorrow could bring even more severe storms. sue palka joins us with the very latest on the forecast. >> so severe storms will likely affect the area sometime tomorrow afternoon after 4:00 that has us keeping a close eye on the weather pattern. this is an enormous storm. you heard a few minutes ago about the tremendous tornado outbreak we've had in the deep south. luckily for us the center of the area of low pressure will


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