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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  February 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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conditions will be improving enough. keep it right here and we're going to keep you posted. >> very good. all right. well you are now live at 6:00 on fox 5 local news at 6:00. here we are. you've heard our voices for the last hour. >> caitlin roth, mike thomas and i'm sue palka. obviously we're continuing to follow this situation. it's been a dangerous afternoon for a lot of people who have been on the road as these massive strong storms with scary tornado warnings have been moving on through. but let's give everybody the latest right now and that is we continue to track severe storms but no tornado warnings at the moment. we're under a tornado watch until 7:00. we've had some power outages. >> wouldn't be shocked if we got another report or two of a funnel cloud. we have a front draped across our region. there's a lot of winds tossing and turning in the atmosphere. wouldn't be shocked to see some
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>> we have some tragic news out of waverly, virginia. sussex county, not too far from the williamsburg, area. three fatalities, from what appear to be a very large tornado down there. it closed part of route 460. i understand this is still closed at this hour. >> getting red toy cross -- to cross the border. if you are watching us from your workplace, your office, stay put. you do not want to be on the roads in this situation. >> i think we zwrus saw the severe thunderstorm warning that has been extended eastward into our area. let's put the watches and warnings back into our radar. i think it's
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anne arundel county, calvert county, howard and prince gorge's county until 7:00 p.m. and you can expect the same thing you're seeing in the district right now. a very fast moving but dangerous line of severe thunderstorms capable of producing wind gusts over 60 miles per hour, frequent cloud-to-ground lightning that you're seeing on the bottom of your screen right there. and also very heavy rain. >> the big concern is the wind. that can do tree damage. tremendous lightning display, i believe that's our tower cam looking at oxon hill and we have heard about some power outages as of 5:45, just a little over 1,000. that's not huge, but i bet
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that's going to grow. >> absolutely going to grow without a doubt. this type of scenario. this type of storm scenario packed some extremely gusty winds and we're going to keep seeing this. this storm line is only just starting to enter the juicier air mass where dew points are higher and temperatures are in the 60s. so it's going to continue to power its way off to the east. prince george's county you're kind of in the bullseye with this thing. southern maryland you're not in the clear yet either. storms still off to the west as i take the radar i'll zoom farther south. >> we still have the potential for any tornado warning within the squall line and it looks like we did just get another one issued for caroline and hanover county. that's just outside our coverage area. that's until 6:30 p.m. and that was issued for probably doppler-indicated
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within that cell. this is the area, southeastern virginia that we saw a confirmed tornado near waverly earlier today. also funnel cloud that was spotted. >> we had sent marina marraco southbound. she's currently work her way closer to our region. what are you seeing? >> reporter: we are parallel to the potomac mills mall. woodbridge area. we just saw some very strong bands of rain. we got caught up in some localized flooding and we're trying to head back
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>> and the winds still pretty strong there as well? >> reporter: they are still very strong, but yeah. and i don't know if you see it. the flags on the right-hand side. it's fairly large, it's blowing. yeah, the wind has picked up out here. >> it looks like the winds are pushing you along faster on 95. you mentioned hail. we had a report of hail here in the district. i believe cathedral heights. they said it was rattling hard against the windows. are you finding drivers having trouble on the road or are people moving along as best they can? >> we actually decided to get on route 1 because we didn't want to get caught up in the heavy traffic and excessive speed that you can take on 95. here on route 1 we're seeing more flooding. so if you're on the outer lanes, the drains not picking up a lot of this water so some cars having to stop and we too having to move over and you're seeing
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emergency vehicles here traveling up on south on route 1. not exactly sure what's going on. but we are seeing some cars having to stop because the rain has just picked up such quantity that the drains can't take all that rain and all that water down. and of course then you hit these large patches of water and cars are losing traction. but for the most part everyone just trying to stay at low speed here. rain starting to slow down, but still incessant. so it has not stopped since we've been in prince william county. >> it looks like that lightning show continues for you as well. tremendous amount of lightning with this thing. >> yes. it has not stopped. there you go. we haven't had a lot of thunder. lightning definitely here a big thing. every few seconds one big strike. so we continue to travel northbound here on route 1 back towards the district. >> we thank you for that report. we're going to check in wit
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just joining us, we've been tracking a very severe weather outbreak we know of three fatalities in waverly, virginia, sussex county area. and now some of the strongest of what this storm has to offer is currently moving through northwest dc. it looks like it's pretty strong up towards beltsville, just easing up a little bit towards gaithersburg, clarksburg, reston, alexandria, waldorf and la plata and we still have a few more warnings for some of our eastern counties until about 7:00. >> and the damage reports continue to come in too as we've been tracking this line of storms for the past couple of hours. storm reports of winds gusting over 60 miles per hour in germantown also up to 70 miles per hour in parts of montgomery county. in leesburg loudoun county, tree
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weather service employee. threes down, powerlines down, all of this very common when you have such substantial winds with this storm system moving through. >> let's give people an eta of how much longer we think it's going to be before it's out of here. still think we're good about 7:00 clearing the east side of the beltway. >> yes, absolutely. this storm system is moving very, very quickly east northeast. and you can see most of loudoun county, actually dulles airport i would be surprised if they're seeing anything other than light drizzle at the moment. obviously if they look off to their east they can see the lightning and thunder in the distance. the next half hour to an hour here, things should be starting to improve from west to east. >> we also have some video from the waverly, virginia damage that i just referenced a few minutes ago and we do believe this happened at 2:40 this afternoon. waverly is a community not too
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east of the witch monday area and significant structural damage there. we actually can put up our picture. this was tweeted out a little while ago and really just a terrifying sight. jason smith sharing this from ever green, virginia. we believe this is the same stsy. they had to close parts of route 460 down there in 653. it was spotted moving along route 460. sand again we heard from roccinne geller. there are fatalities. we do not know if they were traveling in a vehicle more information will be coming out on that. but it is devastating news to hear this. it's part of the same outbreak that occurred last night in louisiana, pensacola. we're going to get this thing out of here tonight but if you're feeling unsafe, get to the lowest level of your home, if you don't have a basement, get away to an interior room, a room without any windows, a
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bathroom or a hall way and just ride it out. it will be another 45 minutes or so and we think that many of you will be in the clear. >> that's not true for everybody. i'm talking to those of you from calvert county and st. mary's county. you're still on deck here. there's a lot of activity moving out of the richmond area. if you're watching from saint mary's county you're in the bulls eye of this cluster of thunderstorm that we're going to be continuing to monitor. i think it's about an hour or two away from saint mary's county. >> we are still going to stay some it and monitor this as it moves east of the district into southern maryland and into the eastern shore. >> i even saw a report, did i see almost an inch of rain in the hagerstown area. >> the rain, yeah, is incredibly heavy so i think you're right there was a report. and even this one happened rain measured in 15 minutes enter montgomery county, an in
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rain here in hagerstown as of 6:00 p.m. there's hail, there's just a report, here we go, american university. dime to nickel sized hail. up in frederick county, street flooding. so we've got everything in the mix for the severe weather this evening. wind, hail and flooding. >> we had that product up a little while ago that showed the wind and i want to give people an idea of what is coming through the region. >> this is velocity. this is what we call radar velocity. doppler radar helps us to measure the winds. and how fast they're moving around and what direction. the zrongest winds right now according to our velocity, it's hard to see some this particular image, but i have another image cued behind me. that shows deeper reds -- eastern portions of montgomery county which is where some of the worst of the winds would be at this
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again we did. we have several power outages and we expect numbers to grow as we continue to head through the evening hours here. i'll give you an update on what some of those numbers we were looking at was. this data is almost half an hour old. pepco is reporting nearly 400 customers out. around the frederick area from severe thunderstorms area, 1,200 customers out. and bge in maryland, over 2,500 customers out of power already. >> there's that wind shear that you were showing earlier. and it does correspond. >> it does look a bit diminished which is a good thing, if that's the case. so we usually look at that to see the straight line winds associated with the
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flank of the squall line. but it doesn't seem at least to be too substantial right now. but it's still a concern as we have those active warnings. >> and we know that you are watching, some of you are watching live on facebook and i want to check and see what some of the questions are that people have been asking so we can make sure that we answer those. and let's see, rain is crazy out there. we see kelly is saying that. pepco they were surprised. >> they're starting to get in on that. >> heavy rain in falls church, edgar thank you for that. we know that is going to be a concern as well. >> it looks like you know the whole complex of showers and thunderstorms moving from southwest to northeast straig
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moving up towards baltimore, so really just along 95. and you know, severe thunderstorm warnings are still active and those yellow boxes that you see, i think the latest one up northeast of us through baltimore goes until 6:45 p.m. there is still i think the one for the district is supposed to expire soon. i would expect in the district now is just heavy rain and lightning. that does include arlington, fairfax and prince george's county about to expire. look at the back edge of that storm is already aprechg the west edge of the beltway. the concern will turn to baltimore. they'll start to see the worst of it too. and this is moving pretty far north eastward. southern maryland i know they're under the warning and they'll certainly see some heavier rain and once you cross the bay and get on to the eastern shore, i'm not sure how severe it will be. >> not severe yet. new tornadoes warnings going up
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with this cluster. >> this is the cluster that will be heading up into the southern maryland region. essex, hanover, king william, king and queen counties in virginia just to the north and east of richmond there now dealing with a tornado warning. >> that whole area has seen the tornado warning begin there all afternoon. the instability is still ripe. forget what i said, southern maryland. you want to watch out for this. >> as i'm reading the statement here, it looks like everything is just doppler indicated. so far no confirmed reports out of this particular cluster of tornadoes on the ground. but we did have reports earlier today of tornadoes that did touchdown in virginia. >> we do have lauren demarco on stand by too. lauren is in landover and what are you seeing at this hour? >> reporter: what a difference, right? wh
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half an hour ago or so, it's really coming down. we've been seeing some lightning for sure. we are right now on central avenue, heading inbound away from the beltway heading toward 295, so kind of in the capital heights area. and we've been driving around to see what's going on. >> i thought we lost you, but you're back again. >> reporter: okay. yeah, i was just saying definitely seeing on ponding on the roadways, the rain is coming down hard right now. seeing some people walking around outside, i really hope everybody can get in, because obviously this feels like it's not going to let up any time soon. but it certainly came on fast and we do have the lightning as well. talking with the folks over at the department of emergency management, they are doing all they can to prepare just not really knowing what t
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i think the biggest concern along with flooding is going to be the high winds, potentially damaging and any losses of power. so we've been talking with folks here in prince george's county, but also in the district i talked with chris geldhart and again he said the biggest concern is the wind. at this point it's just watching and waiting to see what's happening. looking at this gas station we're passing by and the water is really ponding, just flooding on to the roads. so certainly a fast-moving storm coming through here. the strange thing is how warm it's been, although now with the rain we've put the windows up. just a few minutes ago it was t-shirt weather out here. >> you were probably close to 62 degrees. we've dropped to 59 in the district. lauren thank you so much. it really is go
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active for you for about the next 30 minutes or so. we also have a live picture from bethesda that we can pull up. we thank bob barnard for his picture. tltion pretty dark there. and also raining really, really hard at the moment as this continues to push through the district right now. and lower portions of montgomery county. we also have -- can we get some information on mannasas and centerville somebody wants to know on facebook. >> we also see it kind of weakening for you. >> they're on back end. probably at the very end of the rain with the storm. and we have seen some impressive rainfall amounts. we've got at least doppler-indicated reports of at least 1-2 inches of rainfall that have come in just west of
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dc. >> almost 2.5 inches of rain as this line came through. and we did have some flash flood warnings out to the west i'm believe i'm seeing in the chat room that a lot of those warnings have expired so far. it looks like there's still one out there for western portions of loudoun county and into northern portions of prince george's county as -- prince william county as well. pepco is reporting over 2,200 without power from pepco. virginia, 6600 without power there from dominion. bge reporting 2,500 without power. the bulk of the storm activity has not yet gotten to southern maryland. >> we do have new severe thunderstorm
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you can never hear it too often. charles, saint mary's, king jovrnlg, stafford until 7:00. i think those are new. >> those are new and that's a new cluster of thunderstorms that's about to cross the river out of virginia and into maryland there. >> another report of penny-sized hail. that's about .75 inch. and we have also had reports of i believe i saw a tree
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further southwestward. >> anywhere in yellow. and we've been following them just about all evening. the past hour. >> out of that tornado warning in virginia. >> i was going to say 48 mile an hour gust in gaithersburg. >> very strong winds coming through with these storms. the storm to the west of richmond does have a better signature for a tornado on it than any i've seen around our area so
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if theres was a tornado, it looks like it would be right in this vicinity. >> let's go to our velocity p maybe and see. >> that's a little west of wsh the previous touchdown was. >> it's a little out of range on the radar that it's set to right there. have you to set it to the richmond roird to see it very well. this cluster of thunderstorms that's creating these thunderstorms at this hour is starting to work its way up towards the northern neck of virginia and cross over into southern maryland. charles county you're not in the clear yet. even though most of saint mary's county has not seen any activity, however thinks are just giting started for
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>> i don't think there's been any change to the tornado watch that our entire region was under. it may be in a few hours we see that get whittled down. still a lot of energy with this line. nothing will change until 11:00 as soon as we find that has changed we'll pass that along. a watch means there are conditions favorable for the development of tornadoes. a warning means one has either been seen or it has been spotted on radar. the signature of a tornado. the moment the more active tornado warnings are closer to the richmond area. wow, all the way down to north carolina. >> that's a long line of severe warnings. yellow is severe thunderstorm
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warning. >> very dynamic storm crossing the area, you're probably seeing signs. we have to wait for this bhoel line to cross. all the energy from the south down in north carolina blows through. the setting of the sun always helps but as we saw from last night, severe weather continued well after dark across the southeast. and it really got going earlier this morning in north carolina and south carolina and has not stopped. >> it looks like there might be a little bit of hail in southeast dc. and if you want we could switch to radar. we'll get in a little bit closer there and we can also pull up our hail product there. >> i want to let you know that reagan national airport did indeed report hail. >> i see why.
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purple blob right over reagan. >> and that was just reported as of one minute ago. probably currently hailing. >> radar is working and the hail product. >> okay, good. hail has been a concern. we've had many reports all afternoon and it looks like also hail cast picking up along 95 and the bw parkway heading out of town there. >> and far eastern montgomery. and that would be corresponding to the stronger winds that you saw just a little while ago too. so that's an active storm up there. it looks like maybe heading toward the laurel area. you could also have some hail implemently, maybe not as much as what we just saw down toward reagan. maybe a little bit of hail for some of you as these storms move through as well. >> orange county in virginia is reporting numerous
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across the county. so we have seen a lot of wind damage so far and we suspect we'll continue to see wind damage as we continue to head. >> and they were under a tornado wag rninthis afternoon. so unknown yet if that was a rotating storm or a straight-line windstorm. but obviously damage reports to be taken seriously and it will be investigated. >> it always takes a while for the damage reports to come in, trees are blocking roads, people can't get in. that's why we heard corrinne geller. it will be a little bit longer as we wait for reports to come in to see if any of these have verified as actual tornadoes touching down other than the one we clearly saw in the waverly area. so still tracking those warnings down to our south. anything new coming in on the damage reports, mike? >> it
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new report come in. one mile south of reagan national. the wind gust of 41 miles per hour. >> speaking of the district. matt ackland is standing by and joins us live. matt, where are you and what are you seeing? >> reporter: hi, sue. i'm at judiciary square. we were down here tho do a court case today. i'm not in front of the camera because we're getting quite a bit of lightning so i'm talking to you from inside the truck. one thing we've noticed the rain has subsided a bit. we're getting some drizzling. it really was
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very, very soon. thank you matt for that report. >> we still have active severe thunderstorm warnings in our area, active tornado warnings down towards our south and west. as the storm cleared our area it's very fast moving. we've got a lot of great pictures with rainbows. if you can wait it out in your neighborhood, it should be quickly for the district. however our attention en
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to the east. prince george's county and anne arundel county. >> we had seen the temperature in dc had gotten up to 58 degrees and down to 58. the we'll be happy to see the temperatures relax. we expect strong winds to continue even though the storm threat will diminish as we go through the next few hours and clearly it has cleared off to our west. so we're most concerned on the 95 corridor and those communities east of 95. because now it's your turn. and i understand marina marraco is ready to join us live with another update and we always like to know where you have traveled to. last word you were on route 1. >> she's been with us through the whole storm. >> reporter: we are actually close to ronald reagan airport 6789 we are trying to head to that direction, but we are in grid lock traffic here on the beltway. we're in alexandria gh


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