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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  February 24, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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>> right now at 10. >> tornado came through 460 now. >> a wild day of warm and deadly tornado tore through southern vir ver and severe storms slam the d.c. area during rush hour. >> tonight "fox5" is on damage patrol. live team weather coverage starts right now. . >> and thanks for joining us tonight. i'm sarah simmons
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in for shawn. here are the latest headlines. first a reported tornado killed three people in the town of waiverly, virginia. in response to damage across the state virginia governor terri mc callive claimed a state of emergency which gives every available resource to storm response and recovery. >> there's more than 1,000 reported power outages across the dmv. bge is reporting most in the dark more than 6300 customers and reg ab national and b wext i airports are reporting flights delays of more than two hours. we learned there's currently no marked train service out of union station at this time. we'll let you know when service resumes. >> we have a team of reporters on storm damage patrol. we want to start with sue palka in the weather center. sue, it was quite a night. >> it surely was, tony, sarah, i cannot belief we're talking about this kind of severe outbreak in february. at one point last
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potentially looked like it could be a snowstorm. we had increedably rotating system move through the region and flash flooding. we'll touch on tornadoes in a moment. one of the flooded streets from cheverly maryland prince george country there's waves in the water as this came down at a rate of 2" per hour and storm drains were overcome not to meping the fact, the ground is saturated. locally this was a big flash flooding story for so many people during the rush hour as they vied to get home. a dangerous situation. now you can see where it's called flash flooding it happens in such a hurry. i'm happy to tell you those flash floodwaters are receding and no current severe warnings in the area and everything is moving along way quickly and we're happy to see. it i've also got to tell you this may have been a historic tornado outbreak in virginia for fatalities never recorded in the month of february.
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as you'll see in just a moment, highly unusual as well. we believe that about 45 homes were damaged or destroyed in evergreen area west of richmon richmond. injuries one missing person and as you hear from caityln in a moment. tremendous damage in waiverly and three fatalities as mentioned. there's a lot of snow on backside of this. we're essentially done with it. we may get a couple more showers. in mountains we may get 1 to 3" of snow. what we're going to be seeing as we go forward is storm system pling out of town. it will get clear and windy overnight and wind will be the big story tomorrow with again maybe a few inches on the west facing slopes of appalachians. it's devastating news out of waiverly, virginia and caityln roth is standing by with that part of the sad and really dramatic day for us, caityln. >> that's rite, sue, so unusual to see such a
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outbreak in february. dangerous any time year and sad news out of waive early and it shows the damage and destruction which includes three fatalities in this small town. we first heard reports of tornado near waverly 3 p.m. this afternoon on 460 like i said small community in southeastern virginia southwest of williamsburg and this video is all courtsey of that town where you see the branches and all the debris strewn about in the streets. like i said there's three confirmed fatalities and at least five structures within the town is reported as damage damaged. although when you take a look at this the video you can tell it's just much more than those five homes. all right. due to the significant debris both route 460 and 40 heading into up to are impassable. reports of flooding and high water coincide with tornado damage and they have flash flooding concerns of their own. virginia state police have been responding to the scene since this afternoon and
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you governor mc callive issued a state of emergency for whoa state of virginia. that does include the town of waiverly. it was under a tornado warping. all this video shows you why the national weather service issues tornado warnings. this is typical tornado damage here behind me. whole side of the home is wiped clean in the town of waverly and "fox5" willing live from the town of waverly virginia and we'll have a live reporter on the scene beginning tomorrow morning on "fox5". tony, back to you. >> caityln, thank you very muc much. fox5 maryland is live in still ver
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caused a major damage for one home. marina. >> it did, tony, fortunately you cannot see anything from the outside. it seems like on the outside structure no damage to this home. but there's a orange sign pos posted on that front door saying do not enter and what you see inside, tells you why. the ceiling of that basement collapsed as one of the two residents that was inside this home at the height of the storm went down to the basement to check the sump pump and essentially that pump checks for all the water that comes into the basement and helps run it off somewhere else avoiding flooding in the basement. as he did just that he sat in a chair the ceiling gave way and collapsed on him. fortunately a second residents in this home was able to call 911. once crews arrived here, however, they first have to check for tab stability of the home before they could geted in and get to that residence. >> occupant of the house was
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with lower extremity injuries. he was alert and conscious at all times and crews worked to confirm the stability of the house and repoof the debris on his legs and brought him out to the outside. >> so good news there. it seemed like the resident seemed fine. there was a large beam that saved the entire home from collapsing. now fire rescue reminds us if you hear any sort of noise or some sort of movement in your home that you don't recognize, especially through storm event like what we saw earlier today, seek higher ground. and then dive them a call. for now reporting live in silver spring, marina morocco, "fox5 local news". >> to the district where some of the most severe flooding was during the height of the storm. "fox5" lauren demarco picks up team coverage now live from southeast. much different picture now lauren. >> it really is. we're standing along bening road southeast right near east capital street driving through prince george
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into the district here and we stopped because we noticed flash flooding and it was really the perfect example of flash flooding. take a look at video. there were at least three cars that were stranded. they blocked traffic lanes until they could be towed away and engine stalled as they drove through essentially a mini rivera long bening road. and we pulled up around 6:15. lightning and rain pour uing down and we stopped because we saw the road was ponding. within minutes it was completely flooded. high water caused a traffic hazard as some drivers stopped to try to avoid it and the majority of them drove through it and they had us holding our breath as we were watching because along with threat of engine stalling out which happened to three cars when we were here there was debris. the water had actually waves in the wind. it was carrying a lost umbrella and plenty of trash and pieces of wood and
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the work zone a few feet away and drivers trying to avoid all that as well as they were making their way through the high water. and we did contact authorities and we saw several first responders pass through on their way to other calls. but this intersection was never closed to traffic. it was completely a mess for an hour. then, just as quickly as the water rose, it receded. we did a live hit before 8 p.m. and it looked like this. i mean, the road back to dry pavement. right now you can see behind me here there were some of these orange barrels and they're from a few feet away if over that work zone. but, still, scattered here across towards the main part of intersection and actually bloc blocking this left-turn lane. so, still a little bit of a mess out here. but it was amazing sarah and tony how quickly the waters rose up and receded. that's what you see in this sort situation with the flash flooding. that's the latest in southeast back to you. >> wow, and
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cars. at that location. they're lucky it could have been worse. >> amazing that white car driving through was coming up over the hood, it's insane. >> let me tell you something you don't know if a sinkhole opened up or anything. you could lose your life doing something like that. >> you could you have to be careful good storm coverage will continue over the next 90 minutes and following other headlines including emotional and heated moment in annapolis as a father of fallen officer fights for change. >> and we all know about metr metro's prog lemz, delays, deadly accidents and a shooting on board a train. find out why a new sure vaiv claims it's the number one transit agency in the nation. >> cereal sales smrumping and millennials may be to blame for this one. wait until you hear why. "fox5" is back in less than three minutes.
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>> dx c. police investigating a deadly shooting tonight. police say adult man was found this afternoon in the 3100
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they was tape to the hospital where pronounced dead. the suspect remains on the loose and police are looking at surveillance have nearby biss is hoping to find clues. >> staying in the district police made a third arrest in connection with a deadly shooting. christopher procter was charged with second degree murder in the death of matthew slonski the 23-year-old american university graduate was getting out of a cab last august near the shaw howard metro station when two groups started shooting at each other. police say he was not the target but simply got caught in the cross fire. emotions ran high in annapolis after maryland law enforcement packed a legislative hearing on drunk driving and demanding passage of noah's law after montgomery county police officer noah liota killed of a suspected drunk driver. it would require breathalyzer ignition locks for those with .08 or higher.
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for those at .15 nearly twice the legal limit. officer liota's father said if noah's law was in effect his son may be alive. >> my son in in the grave because we have not done enough. i have to go and talk to my son at the grave. how wow feel if that was you? >> this is about dozens and hundreds and thousands of people that were killed on maryland highways over the years because of our weak drunk driving laws and weak drunk driving penalties. >> lawmakers have until the end this season in april or this session i should say in april, to get noah's law passed. if not it has to wait again until next year. >> two teenagers arrestsed in connection with a shooting on a metro station will both be tried as adults in the case. 16-year-old hasan graves and 19-year-old andre brody were
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with intent to kill. a 24-year-old man was shot in the back yesterday afternoon as the green line train approached the anacostia station. police believe the shooting may have been the result of an an attempted robbery. and grace was also charged to involvement in armed robbery last december at a 7-eleven in southeast. there's been more than a few stories over the past few years that put metro in a negative light. you may be surprised it's the number one transit system in the country. veronica cleary has the story. >> not new york, not chicago, washington d.c. was ranked as number one city in america for public transportation. now the stud write was conducted by a firm that looks at practicetors like computer he times and number of users and income of those riders n light of study's findings i wanted to hear from you
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♪ . >> d.c. was ranked number one for public transportation. with the red line the way it is? >> what is one word you would use. >> timely, stressful, caisy. not what i expect from top level metro system. >> improving. >> first day overwhelming. >> new to me. [ moan ]. >> this is my metro. >> clean, clean. >> compared to new york hainl orally clean. >> slow. >> that's a good question. >> i guess i could say confusing. >> patient, one word to describe the metro. . >> certain hours almost impossible to find a train. bad. non active. temmental. broken escalators. i really like this system. it's efficient. >> sometimes it's a little slow. i get wher
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>> delayed, savior of the city. >> not as good as landon. >> nuvrptional. >> tir able. >> easy is another wordfy get two. >> it's important that the metro is predictable. >> describe the metro. ♪ i cannot understand the -- i think they hired those guys for having pebles in their mouth. >> general management does not want to give expectations and ridership is tear ibling. look at philadelphia, new york. >> never know what can happen. >> shocking. but my one word would be iffy or ununreliable. >> at metro center, veronica clearly, "fox5 local news". . >> definitely surprised. a lot of people. you see that one guy he was like. >> got a lot of opinions in that short piece. that's good. >> coming up next playing
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catchup that's the name of the game for every gop candidate not named trump. >> is it too late for the other candidates. we're on the campaign trail,
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>> the race for the white house is heating up once again. super tuesday is now less than a week away. >> but some political observe receivers are suggesting after last night's win in nevada it may be too late to catch one gop front runner donald trump. joe waltman has the latest from the campaign trail. >> we love nevada. >> we're winning, winning, winninging. >> donald trump taking a victo victory lap after winning nevada with 40% of the vote and marco rubio and ted cruz 20 points behind second and third respectively. and almost every slais of elector at pie favoring trump, young, old, highly ed kaitd,
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>> and we were big league with evangelicals taken was a good thing. and we've worked very hard. >> simple math becoming a complex problem for trump's competitors. 830 delegates i've times as closest opponent ted cruz. headed to super tuesday primary winner take all florida and ohio some pundits say it's too tlit catch the candidate so many failed to take seriously later on. >> the entire purpose of campaigns is to stop donald trump from becoming nominee. neither of them will do it. >> not putting too much stock on experts marco rubio is keeping eye on prize. >> we feel great about every state opt map we'll pick up delegates in every single one. >> bernie sanders on democratic side also playing catchup trailing hillary clinton by double digits
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three days out from the palmetto state primary. >> we have taken on the political establishment. >> hillary clinton meanwhile pickingp a big political endorsement today from senate minority leader harry reed. in washington, joel waldman. fox news. >> the portrait of a con i'v i'veing, ruthless president is now on display at the smithsonian. i'll pause so you can fill in who you think that is. fictional president frank underwood kevin spacey character on house of cards. he was on hand for unveiling this week. the portrait will be on display until october. new surprise of "house of card cards" hits netflix on march 4. >> exciting i can not wait. >> there you go. >> coming up next sue has an update on severe storms that tore through the area and damage they left behind. >> and coming up later we'll introduce you to the new high school record holder for the indoor mile. wait until you hear how fast he is.
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you won't believe it. and before you head to the break are you ready for oscar's join aka gang annie yu, this friday night for fashion, controversy and celebrity moments from kevin you won't see anywhere else, aka awards this friday night 10:30 here on "fox5".
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>> you're looking at devastating tornado that touched down in the community of waverly. this and other tornadoes propertied emergency in the commonwealth of virginia. about 240 today virginia state police responded storm damage in the town and there were three fatalities. this is the first time we have ever seen fatalities on record in virginia
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february unbelievable damage. and from the looks of it this may be one of the strongest storms weaver ever seen in this unusual month for tornado activity. virginia has had about 15 tornadoes in the month of february most of them weak. we'll wait to see what kind of damage is reported. waverly, ever green, there were at least four that touched down out of many reports we saw that appeared to do a lot of damage on west side of richmond and east side of richmond. that's where waverly is. radar is just about out of here. we'll take maps and also let you know that we do remain under a flood watch for parts of area until 1 a.m. rivers, streams and creeks will run high as we continue runoff from saturated ground. we have 1 to 1 1/2" of rain and what's next? colder air tries to come in. in short term we have fog and it's mild. but we will see a breezy andle cooler day coming with a little bit of snow in the mountains. maybe
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side of the system starts pushing up on western facing slopes of appalachians and for thursday, strong winds expected and what is ahead with the 7 day forecast in a few minute. sarah, tony, back to you. >> we can dry out that would be nice. >> in georgetown streets are filling up with water. >> tish alewis has the latest. >> what a difference a couple hours makes. it's a beautiful night in georgetown. it's continually changing it's beautiful, wet, some parts dangerous. here along the water front, now what i will see fox 5 viewers did contact us saying that the flood walls were not raised. we heard this cater on social media. we decided to come out here and check them out and here is what we found. you can see for yourself that in fact the flood walls have been raised and this is the outcome. so it would have been much worse i can assure you as we all
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back when the flood walls in fact were not raised causing river water to flood several restaurant and also shops even some of the garages and residents out there and that was not the case. and that was good news. what i can tell you when we arrived all of this was flooded and you can see it is no longer is that the no longer the case. i want to you take a look at video that we shot when we did get here shortly after 9:00. and it showed the upper and lower levels here at the georgetown water front completely flooded. and some areas and some parts were impassable and they were actually closed off and there were security guards out here making sure people didn't walk into danger. the lower walkway in fact was completely flooded. since then, we have noticed that the water started to recede on the lower walkway. and again, this is still a far cry from the worst caset
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what we noticed a lot of people are jogging and walking and then stopping short of walking or jogging into floodwaters. what i can tell you out here tonight, though, is that several of the restaurants out here we're talking near farmer fishers and bakers and seafood restaurant and that nature did decide as a precaution to close early due to weather. again what a difference a little bit of time makes. you want to obviously take necessary precautions if you come out and enjoy the weather and scenic view. top yaip sarah, back to you. >> all right now to a "fox5" exclusive the d.c. fire lieutenant accused of neglec neglecttive duty in tragic case of trial child that lieu ten apt was a no show at disciplinary hearing today. >> that child died after choking on grapes last year and the attorney representing guy valentine told a panel of fire official the lieutenant was officially retired and
10:33 pm
longer had authority to judge his actions. >> "fox5" paul wagmer was loued in a hearing the first time in recent memory a member of the leadia was able to witness a trial board proceeding. >> jose arrived just before the hearing began with the promise she would be allowed in. >> it is not sure whether public or private i don't know. >> we would like to come with you. >> if it is public definitely. >> a little after 10 we were told we were in a first in anyone's memory. inside four fire officials decided to judge the case heard from testimony from witnesses six of them all sworn in and for the next three hours the case was laid out with jose questa listening to every word. last march 13 a house guest called 911 to say little martin was choking on grapes. engine 20 with paramedic on board was in the station t
10:34 pm
blocks awe and never dispatched. a breakdown perfect storm of human area, electronic area ror and apathy coming from valentine that heard the call go out and failed to respond. he knew a child was choking and told investigator he would not respond because he was not dispatched. and there's more. engine 20 was not putology the call because new gps tablets installed in engine were disconnected from the system and the dispatchers at the 911 center didn't know the engine was in the station ready to go. up stayed of quick response or warren street it took first responders ten minutes top good there. today for the first time we heard the lieutenant's defense sdmrt charges are not fair or reasonable said brian breingman lieutenant valentine did everything he was supposed to do. you can'tself dispatch. fire department's tablet communication system did something wrong and the system failed. lieutenant never had any problems
10:35 pm
he cannot be held responsible for system failures. jose declined to comment on what he heard so far and let his attorney do the talking. >> i'm very impressed with the agency's presentation of sovdz far. we want to let that process go. his family and me as attorney want to keep page in the process. >> that process was in question until recently when it was learned the fire department never adopted regulations of d.c. city council law that would prevent firefighters facing misconduct charges are retiring. those regulations are now if place and valentine's attorney says his client is already retired. . >> paul wagner, "fox5 local news". >> the fire department's chief of staff amy morro said today valentine is conditionally retired and benefits will noting paid until the outcome of disciplinary hearing is known. >> still to come tonight meet the local
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of the fastest in high school history. >> also ahead a new sure vaiv blames millennials for a slum in cereal sales. why? found out next. >> this may be a major help in picking college major. head hunters say graduates with engineering degree are most employable right now. if that is not what the it on your diploma do not worry they say a strong work ethic and good attitude can also land you that job. winter would on for housing market new home sales tumbling and western part of the country hit hardest and they're falling on a whopping 32% and congrats in order for lexus and buick and naming them most dependable auto makers based on more than calls to 33,000 car owners to find out which ones had the fe fewest problems. meanwhile facebook giving itself a face-lift and it appears that users
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it social media site adding five immotheryes for people to express themselves. now you can click on love, ha ha, wow, sad and angry. >> and of course you can still give the standard thumbs up if you like something. hope you give this business report a thumbs up or better yet a wow! . i'm neal
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services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3.500 hospitals. fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. slash eastern.
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>> this is quite a story johnson and johnson ordered to pay 72 millionto family of a woman that died after ovarian cancer. 62-year-old scak jury fox of alabama died last october. her family claims her cancer was caused by the company's talcum powder they
10:41 pm
it every day for daek aids. johnson an johnson was aware of how dangerous the powder was and did not tell consumers. a spokesperson for the company tells they're considering whether to appeal the verdict. >> and the centers for if disease control is investigating 14 new reports of zika virus being sexually transmitted in at least two cases women were infected by male partners that recently returned from countries where zika is active. the agency did not identify the states where these cases are being investigated. health officials warned transferring the zika virus through sex is rare and mosquito bites remain the main method it's trans mited. they declared it a public health emergency. >> as breakfast goes one would think it doesn't get easier than making a bowl of cereal. take bowl out pour cereal in and pour milling on it. millennials don't see it that way. they say cereal is too much of
10:42 pm
would have to cleanup after ea eating it. meaning putting the bowl and spoon in the sink and running water into it. and it appears today's kids are opting to have breakfast on the go in past 15 years sales of cereal tumbled almost 30%. >> it's too much work. >> too much work. >> three ingredients spoon, bowl, no four. >> like yogurt. >> and that's what since we're always on the go and on the ru runfy have to get something to eat i'm like i can't have that cereal i would love t i guess you can carry it with you and eat it out box or something that would not be too cool. >> no. >> all right. tonight, on "fox5"local news at 11, model christie teeing an is defending her decision to chose baby's gepder while undergoing ivf treatment. what she's saying about the choice she made with husband john legend. >> and top stories damage left behind from today's strong storms. at least three people died in waverly, virginia where a
10:43 pm
tornado touched down. here in dmv flooding issues and team coverage less than 20 minutes away. i would kill for something sweet. wanna split that? no...soooo much fat... don't fight your instincts. with each for 150 calories or less! try our lemon bars, brownies, and cheesecakes. fiber one. are you eating lucky charms? no. this is a dream.
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>> i'm not looking for ward to spring if this is what late february brings. >> strange. >> we did get up to 65 degrees today. and dew point was 61. if this storm had tracked off the coast this would have been 15" of snow. >> wow. wow, wow. >> when you think about it. >> now we're talking about devastating tornado outbreak. i'm not aware ever any touchdowns in maryland but a number of damaging touchdowns in virginia and caityln is standing by to wrap up and kind of summarize what we saw this afternoon. it's draw-dropping. >> it's remarkable any time of year but especially in februar february. severe weather all across virginia, maryland, d.c. and morning city at this hourch the most dramatic images coming ot of the virginia where i believe we had 18
10:47 pm
we showed you this picture during our coverage earlier. jason smith during ever green virginia east of lynchburg area what a large tornado this is. you're talking at least probably ef 2 to ef 3 from looks of this picture and there was significant damage in the ever green area. closer to home southern virginia large, large hail stopz. we hit everything with the severe weather. not just tornadoes but hail, flash floodinging, straight line wind. remarkable. following that we saw so many of these pictures a nice scene after the storm passed in virginia suburbs. out of ashburn. thank you bill from the rainbow. many wide arching rainbow shots and double rainbows at that. nice to see once the storm passed. recapping tornadoes these are all reports confirmed that have come in through the storm prediction center and waverly, virginia with three fatalities and this one 2:30 people which closed route 460 "fox5" willing live
10:48 pm
the picture out of ever green 45 homes damaged or de snroyd this area reports of 7 injuries and one missing person and close toast home a tornado near tabahanac multiple structures damaged and sue we followed this tornado and attached tornado warning all evening long in st. mary and calvert down they and luckily no tornado reports out of southern maryland. >> we're happy for them and devastated for the loss of property and life in waverly. we'll continue to follow what is happening down in virginia as you heard earlier the state of emergency declared by governor for commonwealth glad things are settling down you need this as we continue to see spotty showers north and west and few more east. what a power pack line locally for us. it was a major flash flood threat as the storm drain appeared to be overcome and we talked to paring ger from 34g country fire and rescue and they had what they called a red alert for their staff. beca
10:49 pm
rescues going on this afternoon from the high rapidly rising water an flash flooding. meanwhile the backside of this storm has been huge snow producer parts of michigan and this thing continues to spin and bring snow to mountain areas on order of about 1 to 3". we got high temperatures right before the thunderstorms fired up and really that was what fed the thunderstorms, energy and contrast in temperatures. sometime for a while today a 20 degree spread just across some country suburbs at this hour it is still pretty mild out there, 58. a little bit of fog beginning to show up. and not much cold air at the moment that may take until tomorrow morning and you will probably want to have extra layers around. we'll probably let get to 50 and we should hit that early and fall throughout the rest of the day as winds pick up. we need winds to pick up and get fog out of the area. dense fog advisory issued for a few counties that could get expand. the wind does a number
10:50 pm
fog once it gets going. headlines going forward the storm threat has exited and it will be a very windy thursday on the way. chillier day friday and saturday and nice warm-up sunday and monday and we want to talk about winds tomorrow they will be significant and may gust out of the norm west 30 miles an hour. you want to dress for wind because it will pick that 50 and make it feel colder and feel like in the low 40s. heading on to the two-day forecast, tomorrow's high of 50 will drop during the dane gusts will be noticeable. that means cold are air is in town for friday with temperature of 436789 but at least it's not coming with any kind of attitude like we saw with storms today. we'll probably drop to 45 de dreez and we'll bump up a little tomorrow and winds pick up and that gets rid of most of the fog at 6 or 7 in the morning and tomorrow minimum of cloud and sun and winds out of the west 20 to 30 and temperatures falling off. around the region, it probably won't feel like this even though it looks kind of good considering average high right up
10:51 pm
but we will see that falling temperatures and the cool are day on friday. and hang in there, because i still have good news for the weekend. we will see some milder temperatures coming in on sunday. but we will have to deal with gusty morning tomorrow. no rain. it will be dry. but by 6:00 we're looking at strong winds and even into late thursday and first half of friday i think we'll stay on the blustery side. how about good news? "fox5" accuweather 7-day forecast loving sunday will be a little cooler saturday you saw that and sunday, 60 monday and cooler tuesday at 52. our next chance of rain look like wednesday temperature of 57. that's your weather forecast. sarah and tony back over to yo you. >> thank you, sue. >> a northern virginia high school track star got quite the surprise this morning. this just days after the "new york times" called drew hunter "indisputably the top young distance runner in the united states and one of the fastest in history."
10:52 pm
us the secret to loudoun county teenager success is not just in his running. >> hi. [ cheers and applause ]. >> we're in the weight room loudoun county high school where the boys and girls track teams are joining other friend and family to surprise senior drew hunter named gatorade national boys cross country runner of the year. it's a high-flying celebration. >> everybody looking anxiously at the clock. >> just weeks after hunter soared into the record books in new york. >> yeah, so i broke 4 minutes for the first time and also broke national high school record in the mile. that allen web previously had. it was really cool. >> the same allen web who presented drew this trophy this morning. >> 3:49.93. h
10:53 pm
loudoun county track star and olympia an that is the faster american to ever run the mile. >> it's been a pleasure to watch drew progress and i'm honored to pass the torch to drew to go become the next great american miler. >> and get this, allen's connection to drew's parents goes way back. >> well, mark and joan when i first track coaches and i remember taking my first ice bath after work youdz outside of south lakes high school and later that year joan got pregnant withdrew. >> he's head to oregon for college and worked hard and sacrifice aid lot to get to this point. >> you have to have a lifestyle approach to it to be the best. i normally run between 70 to 75 miles a week. so it's roughly ten miles on average a day. 7 days a week. >> i've had little tiny
10:54 pm
days. nothing severe knock on wood. >> some advice from his parent parents,. >> drew does as i tell everybody all the little things no one else is willing to do and that's why he's here. yeah the running part everybody does. but those things that you know nutrition and sleep and injury prevention. >> yes, eating right and getting enough sleep at night. >> those are really important things and those are two things drew is meticulous about and it's really, really helped him. he doesn't start that way necessarily but over time he has really become very, very careful about how he eats and getting sleep. >> food for thought for all would-be record setters. congratulations, drew, in perc percyville, virginia, bob barnard, "fox5 local news". >> and that's discipline when you're a teenager to eat right and get enough sleep. because you're just young and you know want to have fun. >> other take away his parents must really know what they're doing coaching the other gentleman.
10:55 pm
the watter. >> in loudoun county yeah. >> stay with us we'll be right back. ♪ (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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snrvr we learn from bruce allen robert griffin will be released when nfl business opens next month. one problem though as of now he's the only quarterback under contract. big problem. of course, rg3 lost starting jock to kirk cousins it was a move that paid off for the season. there were reports last week claiming though the contract talks between free agent cousins and skins had broken off without a resolution. there's lot of time in that department. multiple reports say gm has indeed met with cousinsp agency at the nfl scouting combine in indianapolis going on now and jay druden is there too he gave us his take on the qb situatio situation. >> kirk ace agent trying to get something done obviou
10:59 pm
right now we're all in the same position waiting to see bapz. i feel good about it yes, we yes, we would like kirk on our football team. he made serious strides and a lot of improvement throughout the season and we feel great about his up side. and letting him be starter from day one. and ota training camp and then taking a job and running with it see how much he improves. >> the other quarterback colt mccoy he says he wants to keep him around. we'll see if he signs, too, you have to keep kirk cuz ainz round first. 1st and foresgloingt sounds like they'll get it done. >> let's keep low trauma. >> that's what it's all about yeah. >> all right. you got it. >> other news at 11 starts right now. . >> right now at 11:00 at least three people are dead as relentless storms push across the mid atlantic. >> everything is destroyed
11:00 pm
unbelievable. i mean unbelievable. >> severe flooding over takes the dmv. live team coverage of the damage starts now. >> and we do thank you for joining us i'm tony perkins. >> and i'm sarah simmons in for shawn. it was hard to take our eyes off this video that poured into the "fox 5 news" room today in waverly, virginia, at least three people died after a tornado ripped through that area. and waverly is located about 50 miles south east of richmond. >> meanwhile closer to home incredible flooding across the d.c. region some most step ear we saw was in southeast d.c. where cars struggled to make it home during the evening commut commutech the storm is still impacting travel in our region and at national airport arriv arriving flights are delayed two hours and bwi there are also residual delays. dulles airport tells us there are no flight delays that time to report


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