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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  February 25, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

5:00 pm >> reporter: hey, sarah, sar laura. this is not a hillside that t i'm standing in front of.front o that's a huge tree stump of an o oak tree that was knocked downwc when these straight line windsin came through damascus hereascus last night. n there's tremendous damage up here.he we're at ridge road and davis mill road.mi roa you might know this as routete 27. 27 as this wind came through damascus, it not only knockednlo this huge tree down but right br over here in front of the t cedar grove store it also took t out other trees as well.el it's just a little bit of the extensive damage up here.. this helicopter video from video skyfox gives you a good idea god of what the wind can do. knocking down dozens treess while cutting others in half.n it was not a tornado accordingcc to the national weatherl service. they called this kind ofth kin weather straight line winds. w skimming just above the groundhe taking out anything in its louis
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said he first heard somethingrdm coming and then looked out thedt window of his second flooror bedroom.beoo >> i just seen like a walle a wl come through. as soon as i seen the wall i i knew i was going to theng t basement.ment >> reporter: you mean a wallr: of clouds. >> clouds, rain, it was heavy rain.rain it was w it was weird feeling in the wei house. i knew it. i went right downstairs.ownsta >> reporter: you went to the wee basement?seme >> yeah, uh-huh. u >> reporter: not a bad move. >> yeah, smart move.mart >> reporter: borgia was luck l co-winds struck with-wds struc tremendous force neck doorce nk knocking down a huge tree inree his neighbor's yard andr's yardd telling a portion of a roofg a o off the house.e hou >> it felt like the house was hw like s >> reporter: wow.>> >> yeah. h. >> reporter: around the backte of the house you can seeee shingles flew off the roof andl there's reason why the w national weather service calls w theseae straight line winds as a if a path was cleared skimmingg along route 27 as it made itse way through damascus. by sunrise tree companies had descended on the
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branches and cutting what they could. fortunately the number ofer of badly damaged homes could be cou countered ocounted on just one . this reminded me he a lot as a t we were driving around up here for the last couple of hours of the derecho from 2012.m 2 the damage then was extensivextn down in the district and distric maryland but there is quite auti bit of damage.of we tried to show you as muchyouc as we could of what was done wae up here but as you drive dri around you see more and more me of it but very, veryy fortunately nobody hurt and i did check with montgomerymo county fire just a few minutesjm ago to make sure that that wasat the case.e case it's just amazing that nobodyhat was harmed. live in damascus, paul wagner, fox5 local news. >> everything's destroyed. unbelievable. i mean, unbelievable.iebl >> absolutely the damage is widespre
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people in waverly, virginia, vir are countering up their losseshe after an ef1 tornado ripped through that town. town. this twister turned deadlywistee killing at least three people po at a mobile home mike thomas joining us now as js with more on this unusual unu winter twister, mike.nt what else have we found outut today? >> reporter: hey, sarah. s very surprising for february.eb. these types of scenarios don't d happen very often this time of the year. the pictures have been pouringeo in nonstop on social mediasoci a since yesterday afternoon and the images are absolutelyutely heartbreaking.tb you can see some behind mesesomb here and some of the strongest n storms of the day tour through t the town of waverly, virginia. i a small town just about 50 miles to the southeast of richmond at about 2:30 p.m. 2:3 wednesday afternoon. now, the national weather service storm assessment teamt t did visit the town early this et morning and did confirm that a tornado touched down at about 2:31 p.m. it remained on thene n ground for approximately 10ly0 minutes and the tornado itself l left a 9-mile long
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instruction and that peak tha strength was as wide as about a three football fields. unfortunately three people didee lose their lives when the when e tornado struck their mobileheirl home with eight additional aio injuries being reported. virginia governor terry mcauliffe did tore the damaged area today. tod during his walking tore he met a man named tim. tim. he lives near the mobile homeob destroyed during the tornadoye and as thed tornado barreled down on waverly tim was testim s driving a new vehicle that his t friend had just bought.t ht he tried to get out of the vehicle but couldn't.ou >> when i closed the doors on ds the car, and i seen the wind t coming i tried to open theon door back. door b the doors wouldn't open backk up. all of a sudden the wind just picked usde up off the ground d d slammed us back down onme the ground. >> reporter: the whole car.r: w >> the whole car lifted up off f the ground. the the wind and debris brokeebs the windows o we laid on the floor of thed or car until the wind just
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everything stopped. >> reporter:. >> it's almost hard to believe until you see it and when you see it from flying iitn on a helicopter the extent of theentf damage and the power, i thinkerk what is just amazing as youou fly miles and miles of trees just clipped in half likeike little match sticks broken ins n half and it was one of thet wao most amazing things to me, the shear power of this tornado.s to >> reporter: now, this stormr: s was actually part of a groupof that was out ahead of the mainhi system that brought us ourur severe weather later during latr the afternoon.the this is that grouping you see.. again there's waverly,er wav virginia down to the south. s let's take you minute by minute here zooming in.te here we go out to 2:31. this is when the tornado was on the ground.onhe g kind of a classic radar signal. you can see a lot of heavy of h rain, lots of the tornado lifted off thed o t ground at about 4:41. 4:4 the good news for waverly isavey this was the worst storm of the day. conditions did improve oncerove that storm moved on. now the national weather service again did make it outai there early this morning to do o some assessments and they assessed that winds were
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100 to 110 miles per hour with u that particular tornado so ittin was on the upper end of the en1 scale which ione -- ef1 scas there were two strongertr tornadoes reported in virginia i yesterday and to give you theou latest on that, sue palka is p standing by down in thein weather center. hey, sue, what do you have foro us. >> mike, it's crazy to thinke,to that we're talking about tornado outbreak in february but to find two reports of ef3 e tornadoes going back to that scale that mike just showedhowe you even stronger symptoms andpt one of them not too far fromo f the washington, d.c. area.gton an ef3 has winds of 136 to 165 miles an hour and theres ann were two reports of those. t one of the most damaging in damn the tappahannock virginia areaaa then did go survey the damagee g there.e. that's on the middle peninsulamn in northern n we were really worried aboutbo this storm yesterday betweenay b 6:05 and 7:05 we were worried w it was going voss crowes intocro saint mary's county.sain it
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cetera signals on radar. signa it had a very long track, tra, 38 miles. mil around king road in essexn es county it may have been an ef3 with winds of 140 miles perles hour.ur numerous injuries and threend modular homes destroyed theres as that storm was movingde on by. another storm that you'veot heard about, this one also producing a fatality in thea town of evergreen which is about 20 miles east of lynchburg virginia.g this one we got pictures of.f. also an ef3 tornado. tor that passed by the town andasby had winds of 136 to 165 mileso an hour. it was a 13-mile path with manih that was missing and thensing later found last night.ig seven injuries.nj we have amazing drone video of that one which we want to show s you as tonight we're just we'ret looking at a couple of showers o in our region. our r nothing to worry about locallyly but this drone video shows you the extent of the damage and we tweeted this picture outur yesterday of that tornado from evergreen and we were just in jt shock that it was
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you can see all the wind w damage the a lot of straight line winde damage as well when you see you the trees all going in theoing i same direction but obviouslyti t we saw the big huge storm, the pictures and the home damage dag tell the story that there were r multiple things going on.s going in this picture you can evenve see trees going one direction dc and some going the otherng the r direction so you know thereio was rotation in thisn storm srm around evergreen, virginia.gini. crazy, crazy day and now wend n turn around after yesterdayte and it's chilly again.ll aga some of you have seen some seen snow flurries around theow region very cold, it's v fery windy and right in the matterhem of just a few hours we've gone g right back to february.oeb so, laura, sarah, an unusual unu day for sure. likely historic tornado t outbreak for the commonwealthor of virginia as well. w glad it's behind us. bd hope we don't have too manyave o more of these days in our future.fu you'll like what i have on thean seven-day forecast.ven- that's coming up in a little ltl while. back to you.o you. >> pretty incredible. preincr quite the roller coaster. coastr t
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the storms causedd widespread damage acrossage montgomery county includingmery one man who was trapped in hispp basement when a wallal collapsed.colld. take a look.k. >> i heard a tremendous crash and my landlord, my roommateoo he is downstairs t-he's lying-hg there. i can't get in because the wall is blocking it. it. >> okay, are you in the samey, house he's in?hous's >> yes. >> you just can't get into thece >> he's in the basemently.asentl >> frightening moments there.tei the victim suffered minor legorl injuries and was taken to the te hospital.hoit fire officials say if you hear any unknown noises, unfamiliar a noises in your home or you'reyom unsure of the stack o stabilityy your home get out and contact ac them immediately.. sarah. >> a row house divided into three apartments is just tooap dangerous to enterar and its tenants are now living in hotels. five people were living inside the units when a crack formedckr and a wall began to give way. the owner says a nearby n construction project andtion prd yesterday's heavy rains caused the wall t
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fox5's matt ackland joins us live from northwest with more. matt, good evening. >> reporter: hi, sarah, goodter: evening to you. what a mess this mes just to give you an idea, this is q and first northwest behind me. you can see d.c. police, they still have q street blocked off for a block.f fo they want to make sure that no one drives through there orhe walks through because theh be house is so unstable.ta we'll show you the front of theo the house in just a but we want to give you the the best view right here from thefre alley. take a look at the side of theif row house right there.w ho you can see some of the wallthew has come down.s con. let me tell you what we arewe told from the owner of theer o house as well as some tenantsna that apparently -- let's take--e you to video and give you aeo av better this is was see right here. two buildings side by side.gse s there's a vacant spot in the t middle where they wereherehey building a house. they basically had to dig outo the basement, dig down below.el well, couple that with all the rain that we had last nht
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and the owner believes that it simply became unstable.e utabl we talked to amy hutchinsonch who went into her room last night. she noticed a big crack in the wall. she was concerned and she warned her neighbors. we caught up with her today ati her hotel where she is now staying. we want you to listen to what she had to say. >> noticed a huge crack in myacn bedroom and it went all theent way down into my window andindow when i went over to investigate more closely i heard a noise and it freakednd me out. so, when i called thed landlord, and then i kind of o just he is -- it escalatedsc from there. i couldn't explain it.uldn't e but it put enough fear into meo that i wanted to get out ofetut the house as soon as possible. >> reporter: by the with ite talked to a d.c. policed.c.po officer not long ago and he ande said that she may have saved sav her neighbors' lives becausese once that crack formed, then a little bit later the walls t w
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she was telling us that's her t' room right there. you might be able to see a little bit of furniture in the side room, hard to see but it is coming officials aren't sure if it's s going to come down allll together but no one is stayingsa in that house tonight. ton here's another issue, sarah sar and laura. we were talking to amy and she s said that this place is very they're staying in hotels're right now, the landlord isanlor paying for that, but if they ify have to move there's simply no affordable places in this in thi neighborhood for what they're wa paying right there, so they're t really in a predicamentdica because they like this lik neighborhood they want to stay a here but finding anotherding ano apartment could be reallyen difficult. by the way, we checked in with w district officials today. they have launched anhed a investigation to find out exactly what has happenedappene here. here and they say they he havee investigators on the scene andsd they should be able to give us s more information in theor future. for now the d.c. police say polc they're going to continue to coe cordon off this block untillocku they get
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fencing has been put in so no one can walk in the front or thf back here just in case the house does fail and more thats d of wall actually comes down.ow so, a big mess for sure. s live in northwest, mattst, m ackland fox5 local news. >> well, tonight new details det about the zika virus.t the zikar >> why infected moms are beingrb told to continue breastfeedingae their babies.eir >> and a gut wrenching video showing adhd from a kid's perspective is going viral and v how it's giving a glimpse into e the struggles some children chid are faced with every day. >> and if you're stuck at thet airport you can learn how to save a life. l find out what local airport is introducing these cpr training kiosks. >> and donald causing divorces? do you think youru ti relationship would last if one of you supported donald trumprtl and the other didn't??id >> we want you to weigh in onign this. that's a very interestingerting question.qution it's caused some discussion indi our morning meeting.our mog meet head to our twitter page
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fox5 d.c. and take our twitter t poll and we'll have the results straight ahead.raighthe >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> in tonight's health watchs women in countries hit by the zika virus arees being told tood continue breastfeeding the
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babies. >> the world health hlt organization recommendsti against mothers switching tos formula due to fears about the e virus. viru they say while the virus has vas been detected in breast milk mik of two mothers, there is no is proof that zika can be transmitted through breastfeeding.edg. zika has been declared aecred a global health emergency. h the virus isea linked to a spiks in babies born with rare birth defects in brazil. b a lot of people arelot of talking about an emotionaltion video that is surfacingfaci >> the video gives viewers a glimpse into the dailyinto the d struggles of kids with adhd.dh now the animated short film is s called falling letters and it ad depicts a day in the life of aef young student with adhd. adh everything from the boy's classroom challenges andenge distractions to social issues ti with his what's really gotten to some som people is the ending of thiss animated video. it shows how much a supportive e parent or caregiver can or actually enhance the lives off these kids with these kinds of disorders.sos. >> travelers they can learn
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life saving skills now whileskii killing some time before a bor blight actually.htctua >> who knew what you could dooud during a layover. layover instructional cpr kiosks are debuting in five airports around the country including bwi. take a look.k. >> each cpr kiosk givesiosk g viewers video to walk youalkyou through the instructions. then there is a practice session and a test with a cpr dummy. the kiosks are paid for by the t american heart association. it says immediate cpr is key k to surviving cardiac arrest which is a leading cause ofng cf death here in the unitedhere states.stes the kiosks will be availableil for use at bwi by mid march. mar you can learn more about themutt at >> really is a great idea. grea. >> yeah.eah. >> imagine one life saved because of that.caus >> and if you have your kids with you, you could even showevs your kids. >> absolutely. >> there's all kinds of's possibilities there. ahere >> absolutely. >> coming up for a kid with a a physical disability, wearingabea the latest fashion trendsion isn't always a possibility.lity. >> so, one popular designeresigr did a little something to change that.change t wee
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cool new collection made for special needs kids. >> house speaker paul ryan r agrees with kanye west and hee makes it known on socialcial media. he will explain. >> ♪ >> bill gates now reacting to beyoncé's formation name drop but his reply not exactly whatla most people expected.e cted. we'll tell you about that coming up. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> bill gates apparently doeses not consider himself as much auc of a success as beyoncéce apparently does.
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she sang that lyric from her new song formation at the super bowl but that's not hows h the billionaire microsoftre m founder learned he was namedhe w in the song. in an interview with wired wir gates says the coworker told t him about the lyrics in an e-mail. e- his response to the shout-out s he said i guess it's nice that a people consider me successful.uc and he went on to say i guess ie i should do a bing search andsea see if there are more uses of us my name that i don't know about. >> i'm sure there are. >> i'm sure there are many. m >> kanye west has made a lot of enemies with his latest lates twitter rants but one personbutr is agreeing with him in a verynv specific way.spific speaker of the house paul ryanl who would think.hi west who recently begged markggr zuckerberg for money on foroney twitter tweeted this the othertr day. "what is your definition ofoufii true freedom? there is nore i true freedom without economic ei ryan saw the tweet and quoted q it respec
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>> the final republican debate r from super tuesday. tonight there are only five candidates in there race. donald trump hasep se i won thf four primary races and somery rs are saying he's like to getiktot the ronica cleary with an update.npd >> donald trump has dominated dn the median the polls from thatma very first day he announced. aod now that we have the debate,ebat we want to give you a recap of p some of donald trump'snald tmp headlines you may have missed me n a recent fox new interview ier mitt romney said there is like l al "bombshell in donaldna trump's taxes." tes romney went on to say that s t trump is "either not anywhere ah near as wealthy as he says hee is or he hasn't been paying beey the kind of taxes we would we expect him to pay or perhapsr pr he hasn't been giving money to o the vets or the disabled likeled he's been telling us he's been doing."g." now, donald trump responded.espo he said -- wit
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said mitt romney who was one of the dumbest and worst worst candidates in the history off republican politics is nowow pushing me on tax dope donald another tweet said i'm goingsai to what mitt romney was totally unable to do. win.n. well, a recent article in thein wall street journal, it wasalit titled till death or donald doo us part. pt. it looked at couples who struggled when one supportse trump and the other doesn't.oe't it says in the article "there's something aboutre mr. trump that makes it hard'sah for people who love him and people who hate him to love each other."ther so i took to twitter to get your thoughts and i asked the question can a couple stay together if one supportse suppor donald trump and the other doesn't.t. 53 percent of you said no way.a. and 47 percent of you said of sf course.cour now, the final headline thatine we want to tell you about itou a comes from a political science professor at stony brookesr university. he created a
5:26 pm
to predict the outcome in ame ia general election, okay, so hey,o looked at donald trump in this because he said he's hads h success in the republican primary and he also looked at these patterns in theres in the electoral cycle so he usedcle se donald trump and he determinedmi with his formula that if trump t goes against clinton, he has aea 97 percent chance of beating ch her and if trump goes againstgat bernie sanders, it's a 99 percent chance he actually al said you could take his his predictions to the bank. >> wow.>> w >> feeling pretty confident about it. we've got this debate tonight tn before soup to us.oup isuper tuesday.r tuda we'll continue to see if he continues to perform as well w as he has in the polls andolls races up to this point.up t >> he keeps going.e kes g nothing can stop him. >> it seems that way it real ita does but it's certainly a funaif race to watch. >> yeah. >> i'll keep you guys updated.op >> thanks ronica. r >> thanks ronica. thanks ro >> 29 days of february. a powerful project created by b three d.c. residents sharing the inspiring stories of
5:27 pm
the creative way they'rehe helping people see a whole newy' picture. >> and the giant star whosetar h hand was mangled in a fireworks accident is suing iui espn for posting his medicalis m records online. hey, jim. j >> spring training in full swing dusty baker getting a getg good look at his sad but what has changed for the new skipper. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 local news atl s 5:00. >> eminent dome plane ismi threatening one family inaten loudoun county. c they could lose several acres sr of their land to a new four-lane road.oa the homeowner is upset as you a can imagine because e
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the state is side with a private investor.atin >> he claims virginia will use quick state power. fox5's alexandria limon hasria more on the ongoing fight that f this homeowner is livingli through. >> reporter: every day the owners of this loudoun county homo watch as virginia department of transportationrtan crews begin construction of a new road and they wait knowingnt it's only a matter of time before 33 cross the propertyy line and seize part of their property whether theer homeowners agree he to it or not.t. >> i've been trying to protect my home and i've been unsuccessful. >> reporter: for years heorter:f has been at the center of a t cn battle over a new four-lane road that will lead a newle a shopping and business the problem is the road will go straight through histraighths 11-acre property in loudoun loun county. >> work
5:32 pm
my american dreams and i did get -- got to that point bypoinb working hard and having goals in my life.e. >> reporter: now he feels he could lose part of thatlose pt f american dream because vdotdot will seize an acre and a half ad of his land for the road butd he will actually lose a total of 4 acres. 4 aes in a statement, the virginia vii department transportation toldto fox5 when a project is being planned, vdot works closely clo with residents and drivers tors take public input into input ino consideration. and also closely with the the homeowners to minimize impacts i as much as possible. much as at one point the road was the rd scheduled to run straight strai through his living room.ivin r >> it was like somebody'sods taking a knife and is stabbingin it in my heart.ea they told me that you have toatv move out. >> reporter: vdot saysdo s they've tried to work withk w this homeowner and have inav fact moved the road so itdo doesn't impact the house. it will now be 100 feet to the o
5:33 pm
his property. p he now has a lawyer that'ss challenging virginia's quicka's take power. >> it's hard to believe buts t virginia law allows the state ts to take an owner's property ppe without telling the owner. o and we're simply asking the ain court to declare that those thas laws are unconstitutional,na that the state should bete required to tell an owner before the bulldozers roll in. . >> reporter: originally thisrigy road was supposed to go over this old abandoned tiny toll ti house but then loudoun county cu purchased the property and ittht wasy declared a historicalca site, meaning the road can no no longer go that direction andrecn it will now go through their t private property instead.ns reporting in loudoun county, cou alexandria limon, fox5 local lal >> homeless, out of work, of feeling helpless.el how do you get back on yourour feet? well, it's a struggleug for thousands of homelessom people here in the nation's he capitol but there are success sc stories. in fact we came across one of them this week and this guy
5:34 pm
pulling up people right beside him with muffins. muf >> i will no network. wno net high no infrastructure.rast >> reporter: tony cassan isassa on a mission to improve hismproh life and he's doing it one it on muffin at a a it's an idea that came to him t in prison. >> while i was incarcerated irai wrote a seven-year plan full ful of ideas for businesses there i had. my probation -- i sent it to my probation officer. offic he called it my manifesto. manis >> reporter: now less thanow lst two years later with thes latere support of central unionon mission in d.c. he's making his dream a reality.. >> mission muffins kind of had a nice sound to it.a ni >> reporter: homeless after hom four years in prison, he foundef the d.c. central mission by a b stroke of luck.keluc the central mission provides p social services medical and mal legal care transitional housing and workforce and development can which nownow includes a class that casson c will be teaching on making muffins and
5:35 pm
>> i have a talent that godlenta gave me and i love food andd and these guys have this need. how can i use this talent? t create opportunities or help to create opportunities fories them. >> reporter: casson says hissis mission isn't to focus on a man's past but to help him h focus on his future.ut that goes for himself and for others.othe >> it's hard for an old guy anly like myself to earn streetn st cred with some of these young but they learn that -- that my y focus was on them and preparing the best mealsest meas possible with the productsible that we had on people who have come to bee bitter and think that there ish nothing in the future for them e can suddenly see, you know what, maybe there is. >> pretty incredible story.tty well, we weren't the only ones' interested in tony's story. we found out about it through t a blog called 29 days of february, a blog of sorts.of sor ang
5:36 pm
project heather hill who washo the photographer -- is the photographer because the project is still going on but prgether they profile onellhey homeless person each day in the 29 days of february andruy it's a beautiful feature abouttt the people who live on the t streets of d.c. who we pass pass every single day.e association tell me a little mea bit more about the 29 days ofda february. fe why did you decide to do this project? what's the point? >> well, i think a lot of usot u just decided, you know, we see e these people every day, every de day as we walk to work, every day as we go grocery shopping, p we see these people and we pe a said, you know, we are tired of not knowing their story. we are tired of avoiding them, , of feeling uncomfortable inforte front of them so we said let'sa just get their story and let's t just share that storyt together. >> and heather, i know you are -- you write the stories thi for each of these people that pl you come across. acr how rewarding has that beent b for you to be writing thesese stories? stor >> it's been very rewarding. rer
5:37 pm
go and hear what they say andhea find a way to piece itpiec together and share that storyhao so other people can come. com >> and you and i talked about how -- how people deal with homelessness. >> uh-huh. >> there's -- tell me in yourin words why you wanted to getwanto involved in this project.nhis >> well, i used to live over o by union station and i wouldtata be walking tndo work and when ie first moved there i noticedt veh wow there are so many peoplee ar here who are experiencingerieing homelessness. i don't know what to do about wd that. and as the days went on and i ai didn't know what to do and iond still see this, i sort of realized i was stopping to seepo it and you're uncomfortable,omfe you're reacting, you feel youeel ashamed. you don't know but you want to know. ow. where do you find those things out? so, this project was a way of stopping the ignoring igg and just saying i see you and sn i'm going to learn a little lit bit about who you are and h
5:38 pm
the way i'd find out someind things that we all can do. d >> and we're showing some of the pictures, too, from the toor blog. tell me where people can see this? hi wang. >> this is on my web site h.. >> i'll post it on my facebook page.. >> these are the differenthese homeless people that aress profiled and tell me what's been the biggest taknde away from you? what have you been b able to learn? what's been's the most surprising thing for you hiwyan.iw >> the stories are not theri t stories that i expected to ge get. we have interviewed someone who was a tv producer forte a long time. and he -- he's almost at 60t a60 now, he is out of a job and heod became homeless.omel we're like that's nothat' something we're expecting toweee hear. or we hear someone who -- who w went
5:39 pm
years old until 18 and we're like that's just crazy, how cra does that happen? we'reppn? always surprised when we go whew out there. the there are no stories that are ta expected stories of homelessness and that's i t think what we learned is that the stories are incredible andbe that they're really wortheall hearing. hearin >> yeah, everybody does have a e story and it remind me -- we talked about this people knoweoe about humans of new york onnsne facebook but it's sorter of it'o like that and you get to knowyoo the people who you're passingoua every single day.ev well, thank you both headerad and hi uan for sharing these t stories and letting me tell m t your story as well.s wel sarah and jim back to you. >> thanks laura.>> hey, it's going to feel --te it's making us feel like it'se ' a little bit more spring as weia talk about the nats. the nat >> there's a caveat.>> yes, we're talking spring we'rei training but wait until yout unt see what it looked like. lik >> really. >> we'll show you why youll should be happy to be wher sey e you are. dusty baker hasn't coached ino the majors since the 2013
5:40 pm
eliminated in the wild cardild r game but he's back at it witht i the today no sign of jayson werth. r he was sick, sent home early he and that may have been a goodveb thing. thing. yes, it was 60 degrees but it was also very windy and you know in florida they're weakheyw people down there. the >> scarf on 60 degrees.n 60 degs okay. okay >> very blustery day down but the true kickoff to spring r training hups and smiles for sme everyone and then danny espinosa, check out that out beard. >> really hot beard. >> leading the facial hairdi the brigade. >> it's 60 degrees.>> got stay warm.go >> i know. >> first spring game scheduled a for next oney wednesday. wednesd what is dusty baker taking to tk get to know his new players. pla >> ask a lot of questions.ue they've told me some things in a short period of time that, you know, i try to listen to t them when they want to talk. so, if they start talk i just jt let them just go.
5:41 pm
people let you know at their >> he's a laid back fellow,backl isn't he? >> i was saying almost fell asleep.ep. >> baseball's fun even duringn n a rain delay.ain just ask george washington whinn delaware state. gw's home opener.. like medieval times.edie is this chicken? we'll know. we'll call eight justing match. riding on the shoulders. shoul zero no,. >> what do you say when yourhe injury doesn't come fromoesn com playing, it comes from that. >> like they won a walkoff wal victory there but they didn't.ey as far as we know there was no bruising here involved. hvolv >> okay. >> it looked okay new yorkwor giants jason pierre-paul suing espn and reporter adam she adamh cantory.nt they tweeted medical recordsec related to the fireworksks accident that mangled hishat right hands and cost him big h b money in a contract extension. n he calls it a breach of privacy but the law holdshe those accountable
5:42 pm
the information not newsin outlets for reporting it.forepo we'll let you know how this h t case goes. g on thursday we ask forsk for your throw back thursday photos usualing the #fox5 tbt. . we're sharing a bitter tweett tbt from robert griff. griffin.n. this was his first touchdown. tn called a little bit of o griffinning right there. >> i remember that.ha >> the irony or coincidence,ence the fact that that happened hap two days after the skins said he's not coming back.'s n >> was it really. w it r >> very creative timing rightimt there. >> i think so, too. i t >> nonetheless kind of brings ks back some memories.baome >> yeah, great picture.reatic thanks, jim.anksjim. >> yes. >> coming up tommy hill hil figurer launches an inclusivelu clothing line for kids with disabilities. according to littleaccord northwest you're never tooou're young to contour.oon the cute photo of the mini kardashian doing her makeup or she's already made up.alrey mad. >> she's two. >> i know. >> sue what do you think.ou thi >> that's terrible and i
5:43 pm
with her. i cannot get the heck ofck o couldn't touring obviously.ring hey, guys, check out these winds. my h this is yesterday around ourr region. germantown maryland you sawylanu the damage up in the dam mat dam can you say region too. rose woods forest 50 so a lota of strong winds acrosscr maryland. mary quantico will a gust ofust of 41 miles an hour.41 m a still a little blustery out bst there but boy we switche stc seasons again. a 65 yesterday. 40's now.40's n what does the weekend hold? e we we'll let you know when fox5ow h local news at 5:00 comes right s >> ♪ >> ♪
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5:47 pm
>> ♪ >> you've had a busy 24 hours.a >> it's been a busy winter butrt a most fascinating w late to see this kind of devastation yesterday but thisei is this el niño effect that we were worried about, it'sut, i tremendous storms that it canrmi produce and probably a likelyik historic tornado outbreak ink in virginia.virginia i've never seen ef 3's in february.brua we did a lot of that.hat. the pictures at the beginningegn our broadcast we have them all m at fox5 d.c. d.c check it out online and we'llndw be showing you some of the s pictures again as we begin oureg 6 o'clock news here in a little bit. b did you see some snow flurrieseo today? you may still see some s later tonight. tonight we have big winds and cold air a coming on in and while therehi will be some accumulation inulao the mountains, enough so thato t there's a winter weathertewe advisory for those west facing slopes, we'll see a few a flurries blowing across the mountains from time to time asfm well. no accumulation. these are some of the rain totals. a few minutes ago i showed youwd the wind reports there we hadree especially damaging straight str line winds across maryland, northe
5:48 pm
particular. a new record for bwi airport picking up 2.61 yesterday.terday reagan got over an inch. dulles .78 and greenbelt overnd 2-inches. our work week, though, luckilyuc for us is going to end on and on chilly note an breezy note bute more importantly a dry note.ry n we really need to dry out. out we saw all that flash flooding yesterday. a two faced weekend is ahead.d e 60's around early next week and our next storm chance is cn wednesday. what is a two faced weekend.ed e it's kind of like two seasons in one short weekend spell.nd sl 45 degrees on saturday, a satura little bit on the chilly side.cs and then a nice warmup formuor sunday, with a temperature ofref 60. 60. we'll keep those 60's goinghose through early next week.early w check this out.ut these are the mondaye the monday temperatures that we'reatur looking at so while we'rehi shivering a little bit today tod monday could be up to 63 degrees.63 66 for fredericksburg, 64 forg,f quantico and around 56 ford 56 f annapolis.pos. so, looking good as we get onn into next week. week. our next storm chance in case i you're worried about it wouldrid be wednesday and a little bitndl
5:49 pm
not snow with that one. o here's some of the snow showers we're seeing tonightonig across the mason dix couldn'tou line i saw some up inaw some up montgomery county earliermery today. a few more coming across interstate 81.te 8 it won't amount to much but muct this is the same storm system. s now we're almost on there almt n backside of it. it's been whirling away and wew are getting the cold side,id this snow, this accumulated too over 6-inches in parts of theth midwest and the weren't great lakes. we'll just get a few snow get a showers out of it and we get g the cold as well. w we're down to 46 here in the h e district. doesn't feel -- doesn't look -lo that bad but when you factorfa in the winds, it definitely deft feels like it's in the 30'st' and we're headed for the 20's 2' tonight. toni so, low 30's at t feeling like 39 in d.c.. overnight 20's in the suburbs. r 30 downtown.ntn. so, remaining gusty. gus winds will be noticeable again tomorrow but a little bitittle t lighter out of the northwestout at 10 to 20. hey, don't be shocked if you see a passing flurry tomorrowom morning as well but the resthe of the day should be mostly bmo sunny and breezy. bre and it will set us up for a chilly start for our fridayur fa setting us up for a prettyor a t
5:50 pm
here's our friday surface. sur high pressure will be buildingud but we'll still have thoseavthoe winds. as the high gets closer its cse will knock the breezes downn and settle things down nicelynil as we head into the weekend. wke last stop tonight a dry chilly saturday, lots of sunshine expected but we love it whent the high gets to the sweet s spot. that brings in the south and sou southwest winds and that pumps p us up foot 60's. 6 feast your eyes on these e comfortable temperatures.ble again we saw that sunday issunds going to be on the warm side.m s monday as well. as we've got a run of days at or above 60 coming includingncng tuesday. wednesday with our chance ofwith rain and then a little biteit cooler on thursday with ayit temperature of 50. looks like we've got somee'veot really good drying days ahead.he don't go anywhere. we'll be right back.
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for a cup of coffee just because you're a woman. so why does congress think it's ok that women get paid 20% less than a man for doing the same job?
5:53 pm
choice for women, and expand paid and family leave. now some politicians will belittle this as a women's agenda. more proof that we just need more women in congress. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message. >> ♪ >> so, major clothinde
5:54 pm
for children with special needs. tommy hill figurer released aura line of adaptive cleaning madeae for children withchil disabilities. the clothing looks the same as s its existing children's childre collection but the pieces have t been modified to include magnets, velcro and adjustablede waistbands so they're easier'r s for kids with disabilities to wear. tommy hill figure teamed up.ed u >> they'll buy tommy hill tommyh figure just to support that. tha it says inclusivity all overllve it. >> people love the brandnd anyway.. >> great. >> meanwhile kim kardashiannw may be the queen of contouringfr but northwest is right there t behind her ready to take the her celeb momma's makeupa's meu artist uploaded a photo of the e two-year-old on his instagrams r showing her face covered iner contour makeup. and the caption reads, when north steals your contouron pallet,
5:55 pm
he ended the post with a row of weary face emojis. emo >> 'cause i'm sure it was very expensive contour makeup. cute, though. >> slaw getting artsy.rt >> coming up first, a tearful aa little boy can't handle his h smilely faced dinner. dinne hear why he says he just can't eat it. mommy.
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
>> what are you going eat for dinner?nn >> i don't know.>> >> it's too cute for me to eatoo that's what he says and thishi is what happens when yous you prepare a meal that's just too cute. cute. zoey it that was too cute? at apparently it was cut w up hotot dogs in the shape avenuehape ave smilely face. you got to make it cute for cuto the kids to keep their the
5:59 pm
thanks for joining us tonightoio at 5:00 fox5 local news at 6:00 starts right now. >> ♪ >> this is fox5 local news at 6:00. >> 24 hours after the storm s pounded the d.c. region we'ree'e seeing downed trees wires and widespread today.reoday i'm tony perkins. pki >> i'm sarah simmons in forfor shaun. sh this is the scene in waverly war southeast of richmond. ricon three people died when a a tornado touched down thered last one of the victims just twoust years old. old. the storm is also being blamedea for a plan's death in appomattox virginia and more than two dozen injuries ins essex county. authorities say the twister destroyed at least 15 homes 1oms and left an eight to 10-mile trail of destruction.trucon. >> it's almost hard to believeol until you see it and when you see from it flying in on thet fi helicopter the extent of thet of damage i think what is just amazing
6:00 pm
miles of trees clipped in half like little match sticksatch s broken in this one of the most amazing things is the shear power.arow >> that's virginia governor govo terry mcauliffe touring thefe devastated area thisva afternoon. 50 national guardsmen have been sent to the area.a. a state of emergency is still in effect in virginia. va. >> sarah the storms alsosls caused damage and flooding in fo the district and across maryland. skyfox was over damascus thisvec afternoon as homeownusersomeoer surveyed the damage and triedndi to clean up. fox5's paul wagner is live is l in damascus tonight.on paul. >> reporter: hey, tony.on look at this tree behind me here, just one of many thaty came down here in damascus damas last night just beforetef 6 o'clock and take a look at this. the steps to the house behind me are now at the top of that t stump.stump. again, just one of many hugey hg trees that came down here lastea night and what the nationalhe no weather service is callingal straight line storms. s kind of reminds you of the derecho from back in


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