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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  February 28, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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. >> it's a sad day for everybody in this room. it's a sad day for law enforcement. >> now at 6:00, tragedy in prince william county. a police officer killed in the line of duty on her first day. >> we're in deep mourning over the loss of officer ashley guidon. >> we're also learning new details about the suspect sfwl as i understand he's stationed at the pentagon. >> live team coverage of the investigation and a community in grief starts right now. >> good evening, i'm jim lokay in for will thomas. >> and i'm lauren demarco. >> officer ashley guidon was just 29 years
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tonight she's being remembered as a person with a passion for life who wanted to be a police officer. last night she was shot and killed while responding to a call about a domestic dispute. two other officers were also shot. the suspect is in custody and we learned about his background. alex? >> reporter: that's right. today we're getting many more answers about exactly what happened. we're also learning much more about that prince william county police officer who was killed in the line of duty. the police chief talked about her today saying she was an extremely bright young woman who could have chosen to work in many other fields. instead she chose to serve and protect this community by joining the prince william county police department. black bunting
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the prince william county front entrance. a pile of flowers is growing as the department mourns of loss of one of their own killed in the line of duty. >> the prinls william county police department is in very deep mourning over the loss of officer ashley guidon. >> police say she was gunned down by 32-year-old army staff sergeant ronald hamilton. investigators say they recovered a pistol and long-barrel rifle from his home in woodbridge. it began with a fight between sham i will ton and his wife. he had shot and killed his wife. their 11-year-old son was also home but luckily was not hurt. the three officers responding to the call encountered an armed suspect. >> when they
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they approached the front door of the home and the subject inside the home later identified as the accused, opened fire, striking three officers who sustained critical wounds. >> even more tragic is the fact that officer guidon who later died had been sworn into the force just one day earlier. saturday was her first day on the streets. >> in my view there's been too much criticism and disrespect shown for officers across america. this will be a reminder to all of us that they're putting their lives on the line to protect us and we had need to respect them. >> the two other officers that were shot were 31-year-old jessie pempen and 38-year-old david mckeowan who had been with the department for 10 years. hamilton is charged with capital
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first degree murder for the death of his wife. prosecutors may seek the death penalty in this case. >> it's likely but we haven't made this decision yet. this is the third officer shooting. those results resulted in the death penalty. >> reporter: police say hamilton turned himself in once officers swarmed the scene following those shootings. he is expected in court tomorrow. as far as those two officers who were injured, they are still recovering at fairfax innova hospital and we understand they are suffering some pretty serious injuries and it could be a long road to recovery for them. alexandra limon, fox 5. >> having gone through training last year before leaving for personal reasons. today police chief told us why she decided to rejoin the
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>> she felt like she still wanted to do this job. she couldn't get it out of her blood. it was something that she thought she could pour herself to which is why she reapplied and sought to be rehired. she clearly had a passion to serve others in a way that went beyond herself. >> and tonight there's a vigil in woodbridge to honor her life. marina marraco joins us live as the community there reacts. >> tonight the entire county joining forces here to remember and honor that 28-year-old officer, officer ashley guidon. you'll see behind me very similar scene to the police department. purple and black bunting also being put up on this stage. we heard bagpipes practicing earlier tonight and a candle vigil will get underway to remember officer guidon, 28. just hours before she was gunned down, they
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on twitter just before her first and tragically last shift on the job. >> prayers and thoughts go out to her family and loved ones for this sad and senseless death. we are also, as i mentioned earlier, continuing to be prayerfully supportive of our officers who are recovering as well as their families. and i want to extend a very special note of appreciation to our extended law enforcement family, especially those in fairfax county who went far out of their way to support this department, the wounded officers, officer guidon as well. as they were all brought up to fairfax innova hospital. and a second note of thanks to the staff at fairfax innova hospital who went above and beyond in terms of generously giving us space and time and
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dealt with these evoflg events. >> reporter: and tonight here in prick f prince william county officer guidon will be rbed. she held a master's degree in forensic science. back in 2015 she went through police training but withdraw from service for personal reasons until this year. and back out here live tonight, officer guidon will be remembered. she was the fourth police officer in the history of prince william county police department to have been gunned down in the line of duty. marina marraco, fox 5 local news. >> any time an officer is killed in the line of duty, everyone in the law enforcement community feels that loss. what you're about to see is an emotional piece of video shot last late night. it shows dozens of vehicles escorting her body. take a look.
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as i said last night, plan some outdoor activity today so hopefully people did. we did very well temperature wise. let's take a look at where we stand right now. we still h
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60 in dc, 61 at gaithersburg. 64 at martinsburg this hour. so here's a look at the highs today, folks. unbelievable. we hit 65 at reagan national airport. 66 at dulles and 65 at bwi. temperatures at least some 17 degrees above the seasonal average. so a real spring treat from mother nature for us for sure. the winds picked up quite a bit and they're still fairly gusty out there gusting from 18 to 25 miles per hour but that's what brought in the warmer air from the south and they'll continue to be a little bit breezy for tonight and we'll see them pick up a little bit for tomorrow as well. for tonight we're talking 46 degrees, mostly clear skies and breezy. southwest winds from 10 to 15 miles per hour so a mild night also and we're going to start the week off fairly mild as that warmer air
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but we could see early morning showers. i'll have all those details coming up in just a bit. lauren? >> when we come back a look at the other stories making news in our area today. a family tragedy in montgomery county when two cars collide leaving three family members dead. >> the latest in the race for the white house. what hillary clinton's blowout could mean heading into super tuesday. >> getting ready for the oscars. stay with us. . i do everything on the internet. but, it's kind of slow. my friends say i should get fios because it's the fastest. i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better.
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so far no charges have been filed. the presidential candidates are in their final sprint ahead of super tuesday in trying to shore up their support before voters have their final say just 48 hours from now. >> we are not taking anything and we're not taking anyone for granted. >> reporter: it was no surprise that hillary clinton won the south carolina primary this weekend. the surprise was just how big she won crushing bernie sanders by almost 48 points, leading in nearly every demographic. whites, blacks, seniors and men. >> in politics on a given night, sometimes you win sometimes you lose. tonight we lost. >> reporter: sanders says he expects to do will on super tuesday. >> despite what you hear, we don't need to make america great
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again. america has never stopped being great. >> reporter: republican senators marco rubio and ted cruz also hammered trump in the campaign trail on saturday. >> he should sue whoever. >> trump returned fire this morning. >> i think he's a light weight. he couldn't get elected dog catcher if he goes back to florida. >> reporter: trump is well ahead in most of the states that vote this week but rubio says he could still get the nomination even without winning a single super tuesday state. >> you can still be 0 for 15. >> because we're going to pick up a lot of delegates. that's not the plan, by the way. but sure. because we're going pick up a lot of delegates. >> and starting now it is all about the delegates. on tuesday on the republican said about half the delegates needed to be in play for the democrats just about a third. >> so there's a push on
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hill to make your flying experience just a little bit roomier. charles schumer wants to require the faa to have a standard minimum seat. it's dropped from 35 inches back in 1970 to just 16.5 inches today. and speaking of tight kwaerts, an 78-year-old pilot survived this crash. he crashed into some trees when he took off yesterday the engine started to disputer and he decided to turn around but didn't make it. it took rescuers quite some time to get him down. >> he was in very good spirits the whole time there. he was conscious, alert and oriented. the whole incident which lasted almost four hours, i think by the end he was a little anxious to get out, as we all were to get him out of the situation he was in. >> by the way, t
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pilot was very lucky he wasn't hurt in that crash. >> when we come back, remember that cruise ship that ran into a her cane earlier this month? the ship's latest voyage is also being cut short. >> we'll tell you what the theme park is doing starting today.
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workers s
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that broken water main. a 16-inch pipe caused a pretty big sink hole. it is about 10 feet long and 15 feet wide. crews responding say the biggest challenge they're facing is trying to shut the water off. hamilton is closed off between 38th and 39th streets. >> mother nature will not let up on one in particular royal cruise ship. the anthem of the seas got caught in a hurricane. the ship is being forced to return home from its current trip to avoid a severe storm. >> don't want to repeat history. >> that's no fun. >> not at all. >> i'll tell you, people were having fun outside today gwen. >> thumb's up. >> i'm going to take all the credit i can get for this weekend because things are changing into the course of the week. absolutely beaut
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little teaser of spring as i said yesterday. we might as well keep this thing going a little bit. here's a live look outside. you might have kind of had to hag on to your hat a little bit with those winds, but the good news is those winds did bring in all that nice warm air from the south. and we're going to keep that trend going just a little bit. so we're seeing just a few clouds but fairly clear into the course of tonight. here are a look the athe highs for today. look at the numbers. 17 degrees above the seasonal average. we hit into the mid 60 at all three airports today. so i don't think it's anything that anyone is going to complain too much about. and it's still fairly nice outside temperature wise and we still have some of the clear conditions. so here's a look at where our temperatures right now. 60 degrees in our nation's capital, 63 at frederick, 62 at dulles. so we've got that southerly flow kicking in and those winds, yes, a little gusty today.
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and, you know, but we're going to have that sticking around for tonight. 24-hour temperature change. now this is what it is, the difference is between the temperature yesterday at this exact hour versus today and we're actually, look at this, some 6 to even 24 degrees warmer than we were. so, r a nice little treat as i said from spring. winds are currently fairly strong. we will see them start to diminish somewhat once we get into tonight. here's a look at your planner for tonight. we're talking mainly clear skies. we'll have a few clouds at the beginning of tonight and we'll get to mainly clear and by the time we get to the 9:00 hour, it will be 49 degrees, 46 by 11:00. we don't have any 30s to talk about tonight. really comfortable out there. 46 at dc, the same at quantico, 41 at frederick, 44 at hagerstown, 45 at dulles and 43 degrees at mannasas. so
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way to the north, retreated all that cold air has moved up and what's happened is we've got this nice flow that moved in from the south. the good news is it's going to stick around for a little while. we're going to have at least a couple of days where we're going enjoy all this mild air, totally unseasonable of course, and it's going to linger into at least the first couple of days of the week then things are going to take a little bit of a turn. we also have a frontal system that's moving through late tonight. that has a low pressure system is going head off to areas of north eastern canada. but as that cold front as it heads through tonight could give us a little bit of a disturbance. don't be surprised if in the overnight hours maybe anywhere between 6:00 to 8:00 in the morning, you could get a little bit of a sprinkle or light shower. very isolated in nature. we're not talking a heavy downpour or anything of that sort. that system is going to be more to the north of us than anything
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else. just be prepared. a chance of seeing isolated sprinkle or so early morning before we get back to nice conditions and of course, we don't want to forget, we'll be back in the 0s once again. once again change is coming up. we'll let you know what to expect on the weather buffet. >> i'm not complaining about 60s. >> thank you, gwen. if you've been thinking about a trip with your kids to disney, get ready to pay more. amusement park prices are going up. beginning today the park is using a seasonal tiered pricing system for one day prices. customers will pay more during busy times of the year. the cost for a multi-day ticket will be going up but the cost for an annual pass will remain the same. >> listen closely, this applies to you. >> i've heard it's already so expensive. but worth it, i think. the kids love it. >> you don't forget that. >> okay. when we come back we've got an
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a prince william county police officer killed in the line of duty on her first day on the job.
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back now with more on our top story. a police officer from prince william county about being remembered tonight after being killed in the line of duty. >> officer ashley guidon and two
6:27 pm
night while responding to a domestic dispute call. alexandra limon live in mannasas. >> reporter: we are live at the western district station where you can see black bunting draped over this police cruiser in honor of officer ashley guidon. you can also see the flag lowered in her honor. there has been a steady stream of people bringing flowers to the police station. earlier today there was a press conference inside where police say officer guidon was gunned down by this man, 312-year-old army staff sergeant ronald hamilton who is assigned to the pentagon. investigators say they recovered a pistol and a long-barrel rifle from his home in woodbridge. the deadly chain of events began with a fight between hamilton and his wife. he allegedly shot and killed 29-year-old crystal hamilton, his wife, who did have a chance to call 911
6:28 pm
shot. we are also told their 11-year-old son was home when all of this happened. now luckily he was not hurt. the three prince william county police officers responding to this call encountered an armed suspect and they were shot after they arrived. >> officers provided first aid to the wounded officers until fire and rescue stap to get on scene. and the officers were immediately transported to fairfax innova shop. later in the afternoon, officer guidon succumbed to her injuries. >> reporter: the other two officers who were shot are 31-year-old jessie hempen, an eight and a half year veteran and 33-year-old officer david mckeowan who has been with the department for ten years.
6:29 pm
hamilton is charged with capital murder of a police officer and first degree murder for the death of his wife. both officers that was injured are still recovering at fairfax innova hospital. we understand they suffered serious injuries and the chief said it could be a long road for their recovery. hamilton is expected in court tomorrow. reporting live in mannasas, alexandra limon, fox 5 local news. >> tonight a vigil is being held in woodbridge to honor ashley guidon's life. marina marraco is live with more on how the community is reacting to this loss. marina? >> reporter: and lauren, preparations are under way here tonight at this vigil. the stage i'm seeing behind me is just being lit but you'll see here that fire crews from neighboring departments are putting this american flag high up in the sky. the ladders up there honoring fallen officer ashley guidon here. down below you'll see there's also a
6:30 pm
cruiser. it has flowers that lay on the hood of that car and just ahead of that a table with candles that are going to be lit here shortly as well as flowers. this is all going to get under way here shortly and i don't know if we can spin around to the other side here. you'll see the black and purple bunting being put up on this stage. they will come and honor this officer who was on her first and last shift. her family is expected to be here sometime tonight from new hampshire. still no word if they will be present at tonight's vigil but we have heard bagpipes getting ready. we will keep you posted throughout the evening and bring you the latest. marina marraco, fox 5 local news. >> our thoughts and prayers going out to officer
6:31 pm
family. just head to >> we are just days away from super tuesday and gop presidential candidate ted cruz continues his push to get donald trump to release his tax returns. cruz and rubio released partial returns and they want trump to do the same. >> reporter: throughout this primary donald trump has appeared to be nearly i am per veeus to any attack that comes to his way, this new line of attack is one marco rubio and ted cruz are hammering on and hoping to make a dent. yesterday they upped the ante after releasing theirs. there may be some kind of bombshell in there that trump doesn't want to get out. >> maybe he's not as rich as he says he is. maybe it's the case that he has given large sums of money to left wing groups
6:32 pm
partner hood. >> he has a history of business failures and he's portraying himself as a great leader. he's going to make america broke. he argued that he can't release his returns right now even if he wanted to because he's in the middle of being audited by the irs. it's an argument he's continued to make despite the irs's commissioner saying this week there's nothing presenting him from releasing his returns while being audited. >> you can't learn anything about tax returns. it is very unfair. i don't know why, but for some reason the irs audits me virtually every year. >> neither cruz nor rubio handed in their complete returns though both said they would be willing to if the
6:33 pm
as well. >> a ukrainian national who posed as a high school student in pennsylvania is scheduled to appear in court later this week. he is charged with identity theft and facing new accusations of sexual assault and corruption of minor charges. police say he enrolled in a high school using a fake name back in 2012. he joined the school's rotc program and was a member of the national honor society. >> everybody is so surprised. >> he overstayed his visa and while he was enrolled in high school he had a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old girl. he was 22 at the time. >> a man trying to not pay for a train
6:34 pm
ways. splens surveillance video shows him trying to jump the turnstile he now faces a $300 fine. >> we will soon know who's going home with an oscar tonight. >> a look ahead to hollywood's biggest night, coming up.
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6:36 pm
movie fans have had tonight circled on their calendars for quite some time. >> who is most likely to go home with an oscar. adam hausley with more. >> reporter: as the academy awards make their final preps on the
6:37 pm
will be there to celebrate the best. >> i think people will remember because of the diversity issue. that has really dominated this award season. >> reporter: expect host comedian chris rock to address the lack of diversity in film. >> he's going to be funny about it. it will be humorous but it will be biting humor. >> reporter: it's a three-film race between "spotlight," "the revenant" and "the big short." nobody really knows. so this is really a nail-biter this year. >> reporter: in the best
6:38 pm
category expect "revenant"'s star -- and what most people may remember come monday morning is what the stars wore to the show, as many will be dressed to impress. >> the red carpet is such a huge part of the oscars because you want to see how they're dressed. sometimes people just watch the red carpet. >> in hollywood, adam housely, fox news. >> be sure to tune into fox 5 tomorrow morning. kevin mccarthy will have the highlights beginning at 6:58 a.m. kevin is dressed up with his finest and they're rae watching it at home. >> he is so much fun every year. i can't believe he's not there. >> we've talked so much about the diversity issue and i have horrible taste in movies so i usually see
6:39 pm
>> i was saw "straight outta compton" and i was so disappointed it wasn't nominated. >> brody logan was downstairs giving us his own reviews fashion. >> tomorrow is a day that only comes around once every four years. >> and some stores using leap year to give you an excuse on certain things so we'll fill you in on what to expect when we come back.
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tomorrow is no order monday. it is february 29th, leap year. >> and somebody doesn't want a baby to appear tomorrow. leap year comes around every four years. fox. >> reporter: leap day comes every four years. it's a day on which the universe realigns itself with our clocks and
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>> ordering codes to save 20% off your entire meal through march 6th. and leaplings will receive a free entray. >> before you head out, check out things like hashtag leapyear and see what you come up with. you never know, you can score some coupons on your way. >> leap year babies can also take advantage of hotel deals like the forever young package at the melrose georgetown hotel in washington, d.c. the meal includes dinner for two, complete with birthday cake and a cham pain toast. >> it's about special deals and menus. >> several retailers are offering leap day coupon codes. and if you blinked
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jet blue's book before you leap sale. >> they're extremely popular with consumers. >> reporter: jet blue is offering another deal for travel through april 30th. use code winter 16. >> it's a little gimmicky, but it's all about at the end of the day keeping their existing customers happy and attracting new ones as well. >> in nor, jerry willis, fox business. >> so i need to find out, tweet me if your birthday is leap year, whether you like it or not. >> that's a good idea to get it out there. >> i don't think it would be a great idea. i don't know if people like having that birthday. >> they get carded. can't catch up. >> it should be a pretty nice day? >> it's going to be a fan tab lus day. you know that's my word.
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stick around this time. i usually say unwanted house guest. we want it to stick around. and mother nature is going to be hanging in there and giving it to us before it starts to head out. but we are really going to get to enjoy another day or so of this wonderful weather. plenty of sunshine, the weekend yes is definitely going to start on the warm side. we had temperatures today well above seasonal. that's going to continue. can't rule out some early morning isolated showers. i'll show you a system that's going to be responsible for that. mid weak becomes unsettled and then, guys, it's a seasonal reality check as winter makes a return. let's take a look at the numbers, enjoyable today with our daytime high in the mid 60s at all three airports. 17-18 degrees above the seasonal average. not too hard to take at all and still comfortable in terms of those temperatures.
6:46 pm
it's 49 at annapolis, 62 at baltimore, dc at 60. we have 62 to the south at fredricksburg and the same at dulles and hagerstown. speaking of the winds they've been fairly gufrty but they've been responsible for keeping us in warm air. right now winds are gusting from 17-25 miles per hour from the south. and it will still be a little breezy tomorrow and once again you kind of have to take a little bit to get a little bit. so we've got to handle the winds in order to be able to continue to stay in the mild sector. we do have a system that's going to move in, a low pressure system that's going to move in dragging a cold front and we're going to end up in the mid 40s for tonight but i can't rule out that we won't see an odd sprinkle or two with an isolated showers when we get to the early
6:47 pm
your highs tomorrow this should be in the 60s. that system is going to hug more to the north. i am talking about just a few isolated showers, maybe just a sprinkle or two. nothing major for the early hours of tomorrow morning and that's when we get to the partly sunny skies but we're still going to be in that reinforced southerly flow with those 60s. here's 7:00 in the morning tomorrow and we just have some clouds that are starting to move in. but look how this kind of moves across into the 10:00 hour. ridge of high pressure builds in the end of the week. things start to change. by the middle of the week we're going to end up see some rain. and this ridge of high pressure bilz in and we're going see colder air starting t
6:48 pm
here. we have two storm systems to watch when we get to this thursday-friday period. with this cold air we could see some snowfall and a mixture of rain and snow by friday. in the meantime 46 degrees for tonight. tomorrow a very nice 62 degrees. and the fox 5 accuweather 7-day forecast showing you we hang into the 60s on tuesday, get the umbrella handy on wednesday, sun returns thursday and that's the question mark. by thursday night we're going to be flirting with the freezing mark. so with the cold air in place and the resipation, could see a little bit of snow. >> doesn't know what it wants to do. >> we're still in the winter season. >> the taste of spring is pretty nice. >> thank you, gwen. a capital remodel and gorden show -- garden show.
6:49 pm
property brothers jonathan and drew scott attended the event. they haven't done a project yet in the dmv. they say they wouldn't mind bringing their show here. >> we've never done an actual conference in dc. i would love to do a season here. and all people have to do is contact the network and they decide where we go. so if they contact hgtv and say bring the brothers to dc, it might happen. >> there you go. the brothers also have their first book coming out in april. it's called "dream home." >> everybody wants it. >> okay. the capitals are the class of the nhl boasting the best record in the league. >> today they face their stiffest test.
6:50 pm
>> monday is leap day. the extra day only happens every four years. tuesday it's the biggest event of the primary season so far. march 1st is super tuesday. a dozen states and one u.s. territory will hold primaries and caucuses. on saturday six more states will hold nominating contests. wednesday, the supreme court convenes for the first time since justice scalia's death. it's the first abortion case to go before the supreme court in more than 20 years. thursday, expect fire works when the gop candidates face off for the 11th debate in michigan. catch the political showdown only on fox news channel. and that's a look at the week ahead.
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6:52 pm
>> sounds like the capitals are doing pretty good, huh? >> they're doing very well. they're on
6:53 pm
but today a really big match-up in chicago. >> they've been doing really well at home. >> you're just about guaranteed to win if you go see them at the varn center, on the road a little bit different. the caps are running away with the eastern conference. they have to look west for the blackhawks or the class of conference. today's match-up has been billed as a potential stanley cup finals preview. right place, right time. caps lead the league in power play percentage. just not enough. as the caps
6:54 pm
defending champs 3-2 in chicago. >> right after we scored, they gave it right back. that can't happen, we need to be ahead in that period, not behind. >> they're waiting for their chances. they don't just throw away pucks. made a couple of mistakes. >> the caps have already mafd their win total from last year, the wizards are trying to get their heads above water. the wids ards are 4 and 2. today their new lineup faces its toughest test gons the cavs. cleveland without their king. no king, but there is a chief. i'm tryingou
6:55 pm
the wizards up by 9 at the half. from there, then porter, also from wall. going to hit that one too. and then hits one from the elbow. three straight possessions. porter outscored the cavs in the third. they cruise to a 113-99 victory. >> just be aggressive. and it makes our team more complete. without lebron, he makes a more complete team but they still vz kevin love and those guys. we knew we had to jump on it earlier they still made a run and made it a game. >> peyton manning was holding up the lombardi trophy, he was asked if super bowl 50 would be the last game of his career. today we might have
6:56 pm
answer. the denver post is reporting that the sheriff is riding off into the sunset. according to source, manning will announce his retirement by the end of next week. if this is it for manning, he will retire a five time mvp, a 14-time pro bowler and all-time leader with passing, wins as a quarterback. a report surfaced this week that the redskins will use one of their tags on kirk cousins. the difference between the two is the difference between a one-year dale for $19.6 million or $17.5 million. another report this weekend says the redskins haven't ruled out trading cousins which soinds like posturing. the nationals held their first spring training for today. turner
6:57 pm
a one-year $8 million deal with the texas rangers. he reportedly turned down a 7-year, $107 million deal from the nats. quite a bit more than 8 million annually. and some bad news out of baltimore. adam jones the post game cream pies are no more. he explained the decision on twitter saying it's just about safety. no more fun. at the end of the day it's about safety. they can be dangerous so we're being smart. yes. even the bobble head got it. >> there have len some celebrated injuries. >> somebody didn't like it. >> yeah, exactly. >> spring temperatures. >> yes. we start off tomorrow just as we're ending this weekend, with plenty of sun
6:58 pm
in the 06s. >> stay tuned for tonight. >> we'll be back here at 10:00. this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first bowl today.
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again! again! again! again! again? again! again! general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors from our cereals. so you can love cereal... again!
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homer: d'oh! ♪ (clears throat) yes, uh, the students of springfield elementary have each created an alternative energy vehicle. one of which will ensure the future of humanity as determined by a short race across the parking lot. (mumbles): yeah, yeah. and now, uh, what is your car powered by, uh, fat little boy? hydrogen-powered fuel cells. ah, hydrogen-- yeah, yes, wonderful. my car is powered by the wind! oh, how it blows. mine is potato-powered. i keep tell you i'm not a potato. be quiet, hash browns!


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