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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  March 1, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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william county it's a somber day of friend of family and ashley gwendon. they will prepare to lay thor rest after gunned down by a army sergeant over the weekend. hilton memorial khapen 140000 block of po toe mic mills woodbridge. it begins at noon and is on to the public. make sure to keep it locked to "fox5". we'll have live court or jury range of the service throughout the day. >> a solemn tribute lit up the night sky for officer gwendon. community members lined the street as hundreds of officers escorted her body to a woodbridge chapel. marina morocco has more. >> six miles of red and blue. flashing lights guiding herhurst through the streets of the community she so deeply twoyshdly wish todd pro tukt. >> hard to put to words. >> words lost in
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a community in mourning lined out on the county streets with hands over their hearts and tears streaming down faces of hundreds who did not know officer again done but carried pain of her loss. >> i know she was in for the marines. >> i have a child in the military too. it's sad, so sad. >> to think you know it was by somebody in active duty you know it makes it worse. . >> children too young to understand left flowers and hand written cards that memorial. >> my cousin she wants to become a police officer and seeing stuff like this gets me really scared. because that's my cousin and i love her and wouldn't want this to happen to her. >> display of love and respect is silence and spoke louder and deeper than words could translate. >> incredible. so many people from so many counties came here. >> custom border patrol, staffers
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william. translit police. there were multiple agencies out tonight paying respects. but all in all they're all one. it doesn't matter which patch or county they wear they're doing the same job trying to protect their community. >> marina morrow owe "fox5 local news". >> our coverage continue on and "fox 5 news" ap app. you can learn more about funeral service details there also how to donate to the officer's family. . >> and the gun man ronald hamilton is also accused of shooting and killing his wife crystal. they reportedly got into a fight before she was killed. statistics show one in four women have experienced domestic violence. there are plenty of local support groups for domestic violence survivors. we'll put more information on our web site. >> to friends and family, crystal hamilton they will honor her. the 29-year-old mother was known as christy. a makeshift memorial of flowers,ca
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teddy bears are outside their home. crystal and ronald were high school sweet hearts married for 11 years. >> ronnie seemed like an up right person. when i met him he was just all smiles, very intelligent and very intellectual and i felt like okay, this is a good match for my sister. . >> tonight's vigil will be held at 7 p.m. in front of hamilton home lashmere dmort woodbridge. coming up we'll have christie's sister live here on "fox5". >> and the suspect in the shootings reneighbor jail held without bond this morning. 32-year-old ronald hamilton appeared in court via video conference from jail. he's facing multiple charges including capital murder. he murdered his wife and used a rifle to shoot and kill officer gwendon and wound two other officers. he was convicted after salt teen years ago. >>
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fire in northeast. fire officials say one person was killed on the 4300 block of massachusetts avenue and initial calls for help came around 8:00 last night. so far the victim's name was not released. to politics now. study super tuesday and in a few hours polls in virginia will hop. they on 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.. today is single biggest delegate grab of all the days in primary process. the more than 1400 at stake. 13 states in one territory are participating and polls show hillary clinton leading bernie sanders for the democrats and donald trump xhaepdz his lead among the gop candidates a tacks between he and rubio and ted cruz are cranking up and growing more vicious. >> i used to think that cruz was nasty. he was untruthful and nasty he's more untruthful the other is nasty. >> on theish you've con-artist that i will not stop saying.
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with washington and trump is loud voice and view him as i vessel for that anger. >> here's a look how many delegates at stake for democrats today. a candidate needs 2383 to win and republican map gop candidates have 595 delegates at stake. candidate needs 1237 to win nomination. >> 4:35 is the time now. let's get a check of today's forecast. and i think it will be a good one. >> yeah, it s chilly to start this morning not as mild as yesterday morning but it's not cold. some spoyts guess are down in the upper 20s this morning that won't last long once the sun comes up. let me show you temperatures to give you an idea what is going on. culpeper 31. nass down it upper 20s. dulles below freezing and frederick 37 and here in town sitting at 42. listen a lot of
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the way it's looking to start the day and we'll end up with more clouds late this afternoon the way it's looking here. and some of these streaming out across. and by late this evening and during overnight showers around here. but check this out mar of first 62 degrees. another day in 60s. we were there yesterday. everybody remembers sunday how about that sunday was 65. so today we'll go lower to mid 6 0s and with exception of annapolis, everyone in the region here is at 60 or 60 plus. annapolis, sorry you're only going to stay in upper 50s today. here erin cuomo on this tuesday morning with a look at your commute. hey, erin. >> 4:36 gary weather impacting our tuesday morning drive and so far so good nice and quiet downtown. as you make your way 95 south to alexandria and towards alexandria rather roadwork after seminary road two right lanes closed north and southbound side quiet from the dealt bay toy 14 street bridge. no slow downs there. prince george count
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active work zone. silver hill road. caution there you take it slow lieu that active work zone and 95 northbound as you make your way to maryland before icc right lane blocked and that's for guardrail repair and also prince george county we'll keep you updated and let you know when the work zones clear. watch for beltway up erin outer loop east of georgia avenue and you have covered if anything else pops up. so far aside from construction we're off to a crash free start to morning. back to you guys. . >> 4:37 is the time and happening today the clock is ticking for redskins and the team has until 4 p.m. today to use franchise tag or transition tag on quarterback kirk cousin cousins. franchise tag costs redskins 20 million dollars and gives them exclusive bargaining rights with kirk cousins and transition tag costs them nearly 18 million. it leaves cousins on to other teams that may be interested in his services. >> also help happening today after a year i
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scott kelly is set toe return to earth. and then tomorrow he will fly to houston and welcomed home by nasa. second lady jill biden and his twin brother mark. he spent a record 340 days in space and tweeted this photo last night saying earth i'm coming for you. kelly says he hopes his mission helps lead astronauts to mars some day. >> pretty cool. >> ahead, growing support to make changes tie dangerous intersection in montgomery country, timing now 4:38, back after this
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>> a prince george county bus stop the teen is in critical condition and happened yesterday morning green belt road in green belt. it caused police to lockdown duval high school and one witness tells fox5 she saw two people running from the scene. >> i saw this guy drop down middle road and two young boys running one had a red jacket and back packs on and they peaked out before police arrived and that was the last thing i saw. thebe
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targeted between ongoing dispute and him and gunman. if you have information you're asked to call prince george county police. also in prince george county the school volunteers accused of producing child pornography will face more charges. yesterday a fell grand jury indiet the deanne take caraway on 13 counts of sxlotation of a minor. it involves 11 victims and places a criminal complaint and fewer charges and fewer victim victims. if convicted caraway faces minimum of 15 years in prison for each 13 counts against him. >> the man accused in disappearance and murders of two college students is expected to plead guilty tomorrow in a plea deal jessie matthew junior will plead guilty in the deaths of hanna gram and it makes her imhun for the death penalty. he was arrested for killing hannah gram in 2013 and later charged with morgan harringto harrington's murder in 2009. >> ahead,
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domestic abuse. plus the kids farm at the national zoo closed for safety reasons. we'll find out why after traffic and weather. . >> what an awesome day we'll v fair skies this morning. kind of chilly out there in spots. we'll warm up nice again
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we'll warm up nice again >> happening today a will wuming county police officer will be tried rest this is video from last night as hundreds of officer escorted body of ashley guindon to a woodbridge chapel. she was gunned down by ronald hamilton as responding to domestic violence call. today's funeral to services will be held at hylton memorial chapel and the viewing starts at 10 a.m. and viewing begins
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>> all right. 4:45 is the time on tuesday morning gary mcgrady you said it, it is nice out there. >> it s it's a little chilly in spots, obviously. >> upper 20s. >> not bad for the start of march. >> not at all this is definitely a lamb, not a lion. >> there's no roar. >> in like a lamb out like a sglooin i heard in like a lion out like a lamb. does it work either way. i hope not. i'm so confused there's no roar in the forecast. that's what i'm saying. >> we'll go with that. >> we'll proceed. >> how about that? . >> listen, that's lion king reference. >> there you go. >> little kid. >> have a toddler. >> how many times have you seen lion king. >> too many to count. >> i've seen it a lot too. not in years. dulles 31. you see the difference here. dulles is 11 colder than we are here in the city. bwi marshall down in the 30s as well. 37 degrees. let me show you more numbers.
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it's cold out there. culpeper you dropped off from 31 to 29. mannasas 28, fredericksburg around freezing there. frederick is a little warmer at 37. hagerstown is sitting at 43 and martinsburg 38. here we go across the nation here. binghamton 19. there's a little smith of cold air for upstate new york. pittsburgh is 41. columbus is 35. and chicago is 28. look at st. louis this morning. 53 degrees. there's warm air out there somewhere. we're going to warm up today. okay? we're not under cold air mass. we're under a dry air mass. and with all the sunshine we'll start off with, these temperatures will come up today into the upper 50s and lower 60s for everyone. fair skies. clouds moving in later on this afternoon. it looks like today, couple of things. we start off with a lot of sunshine. we start off cool, 41 or so 8 a.m. some of you will still be in the 30s. ok
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throw, upper 50s lunch time. mid to upper 50s depend where you are. few clouds and a lot of sunshine for first half of the day today. it will be breezy though. not like yesterday. winds 10, 15 miles an hour sustained and occasional gust up over 20 miles an hour. we'll get up to 61 or 62 for a high today. numbers will back off a little bit by 4:00 as the clouds begin to come in just a little bit and take away sunshine. and and, should be a gorgeous sunset out there. breezy conditions right on through the day into the evening hours. 7 day forecast looks like this. one more day in the 6 0s. 62 today. early showers -- really showers come in tonight all right? so passing showers tonight into early tomorrow morning. temperature tomorrow will be cooler. 52. and thursday much cooler, 43. still rain and snow on friday and the reason i have a question mark there is because where will be snow be. will it get down to the district. right now it's looking like
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most of the snow stays north and northwest. high friday 40. clouds saturday. clouds sunday. temperatures in 40s and 50s and i still see 60s and 70s possible next week. there you go. i woke you up, didn't i, erin, hire she is with morning commute. >> i was wide awake 4:49 gary. >> you were daydreaming. >> i was absolutely daydreaming they sound wonderful. taking a live look at beltway in montgomery county new hampshire avenue traffic inner and outer loop light and moving along long fine. keep in mind we have construction affecting lanes by georgia avenue. you may hit slow downs once you hit that point of beltway. we'll switch it for a look at maps. this is roadwork i was telling you about. two right lanes blocked and outer loop two right lanes and georgia and green. we can forward maps for montgomery county to prince george now. 95 northbound side just before the icc the right lane is blocked for guardrail repairs. if you
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not causing major slow downs. be prepared you may tap the brakes through that area. aside from that prings jourj county another work zone. silver hill road eastbound after brand of avenue ongoing construction we've been facing. throughout the works here and then 395 south roadwork after cemetery now northbound side of 395 quiet. that's what we like to see. we tend to get a lot of congestion later in the mornin morning. bottom of beltway inner loop wilson bridge flowing freely metro gearing up for service on time. i'll let you know if anything else changes back to you guys on the desk. >> all right. 4:50 is time push for change in montgomery county nothing dea deadly crash and online petition is now calling for maryland state highway administration to install traffic signal at intersection of pile and river roads me bethesda. three family members were killed in that crash and 1 15-year-old girl critically hurt. police say the car made a left-hand turn to pile road when struck by another car. neighbors say many
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nearby what the whitman hospital. more than 3,000 people signed that petition. >> district of columbia will pay more than 13 million to a man that spent three decades in prison for a crime he did not commit. he was wrong my accused of killing a taxi driver and was exxon rated in 2012 with dna evidence. >> people in mount arie are questioning a person suspectsed at shooting at a car. they drove along woodville road and matta way. all the shots came from the same location. no one was harmed and police say there is no public threat. >> arlington man held without bond this morning in connection with attack on a woman. 19-year-old santos vasquez lopez is charged with abduction and sexually assault. he tried to sexually assault the woman north percentian drive last summer. as he tried to remove the victim's
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hand and he ran off. they're looking into whether he was involved in a series of assaults along the bike trail last summer. >> thousands say good-bye to prince william police officer killed while responding to domestic violence call over the weekend. the man that shot and killed her killed his wife, crystal hamilton. one in four women have experienced domestic violence. here's a look at sometimes to look for. low self esteem. personality changesself blame and fear of come conflict. we spoke to ceo of local domestic violence support group that also shared warning signs. >> they isolate them from family and friends and limit access to funds and they keep pulling away so the person feels very much trapped in a situation. in this society we do a lot of things to plame the victim. what was she doing? maybe if she was different this wouldn't happen? . >> i
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about domestic violence support groups check out our web site >> super tuesday. polls will on in virginia in a few yours, 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. today is single biggest delegate drab grab of all the days in the primary process and more than 1400. 13 states in one territory participating. polls ill hill still leading sanders and donald trump commands least among gop candidates. speaking of trump a scuffle erupted at his rally in virginia yesterday. happened between media photographer and secret service agent. he was covering protesters and was kicked out of trump event. amateur video captured it on tape. photographer was escorted out of the rally being being released. secret service says it is investigating. >> 4:53 now and kids farm at the national zoo closed following discovery of ecoli in some animals. the bacteria
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and one you could during a routine scam next month and also guaranteed kids farm and the zoo's team is working with government health experts and d.c. department of health. most types of ecoli do not cause illness and however some strains can affect the human digestive system. >> terri mc callive vetoed the tebow bill allowing home schooled students participate in public school sports. tebow was home schooled and allow to play for the local high school. this would disrupt the level playing field of school sports competitions. >> having a baby on leap day reports are slim. less than 1% of the population shares a leap day birthday. >> a couple in colorado have two children born on this unique day. . >> it's a major coincidence. >> this is your opportunity reveal the fact
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>> we've been hearing that so much. it was not planned. >> antono is one of almost five million leap year babies in the world. >> wow. >> they have two kids born on leap day. >> yes. >> that is the --. >> have they bought a lottery ticket. >> she should. >> you don't have to buy birthday present for the children except every four years. >> just saying happy birthday every four year. >> you have to buy big gifts. >> ft. kids are hard wore you have to do it either day they insist. >> yeah. >> uh-huh. >> every four years. buy them a gift. >> gary. help us out. >> talking to all those leap kids they do it on the off years all three days. i mean two days. they do it --. >> that's what i'm saying. >> that doesn't seem fair. >> that doesn't seem fair. >> i agree. >> it's smart on their part. >> it is smart. life
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>> leap deer they do it 28, 29 and 1. >> sweet. >> party on. >> you guys make up rules don't you? anything you wanted to do. listen enjoy. those that had leap day birthdays that's fun. 42 degrees here in city now. gaithersburg 36. dulles you're up, up to 33 degrees now. call pep ser down to 29. all these temperatures fluctuating a little bit. depends where you are. it determines how cold you are this morning. it will drop off more out ther there. fair skies, light winds. here's where we go today. how about that? first day in mar of lower 60s. breezy. clouds come in late day and make for gorgeous sun sets. showers tonight. here's erin cuomo back with a look at your traffic. >> well, right now we have breaking news for you 4:56. 801 closed right now in frederick county at park mills road. tractor-trailer earlier crash at that location there's a cleanup underway. you need detour around that
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again finger board is 80. watch foyer that as you head out in frederick. road works continues in the beltway montgomery country up erin outer loop affected east of jorming aand plenty of green on the map we're dealing with a lot of congestion which is good news bw parkway north and southbound you're in great shape and by the icc right lane blocked for guardrail repair. keep to left if you head towards baltimore this morning. and more traffic in just a few. we you have covered for tuesday morning commute. back to you, wisdom. >> all right. when we come back i'll tell you how rookie officer and woman she was trying to save are being remembered this morning. details about the funeral service and vigil rights after the break
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>> right now at five honoring and ring a local officer killed in domestic violence call over the weekend and family and friends are remembering wife of the suspect who was also killed. >> it's tuesday, march 1 also super tuesday. nice warm today if you head to vote. we'll check in with melanie alnwick live at a poling place already this morning we'll get an update from her in five minutes. >> i'm holly morris alongside wisdom martin and maureen umeh. >> we thank you four joining thus tuesday morning. >> today, friend and family will say good guy to pr


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